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This comment is more for your disclaimer for your story not this chapter (which was... fine if not a little cliche). Remember this is the comment section not the blind praise section. If someone writes a nasty comment you ignore it you do not delete it, let people see it for what it is. If you go and make a comment graveyard in your comments section that will only look ill on you. Especially after outright saying that you will delete hateful comments which will spur people to do just that. Also keep in mind that a lot of new writers take all criticism as hateful so if you delete comments people don't know if it's just someone being dumb or you being petulant and some might ignore your story out right for stuff like that. Just some food for thought.

Your friendly neighborhood TinMan

If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all. If you want to help fix something in the story, please let me know.

I find that authors who have to say the first sentence almost always consider both sentences to be one in the same.

Thanks for the advice. Being new to this is a lot more than I could have ever thought.

Not a bad first story. There are quite a lot of critics here on fimfiction, so don't feel bad. They're just trying to give honest criticism.

Dont let the like ratio get to you. Keep on writing! It took me over thirty stories to get where I am now, and all of those old stories are deleted. It takes some time.

Read some really good stories that you like. See how they write their stories, and you'll start to mimic it into your own. Inspiration will take over.

Stories usually have trouble with one thing most of the time and that is pacing. Either it moves too fast, or too sluggish. I have the same problem.

I know it can take a little while to write a chapter. Even a thousand words can be daunting. However, the longer the chapter you write, the more traction and better pacing occurs.

Keep writing. I'll give any honest criticism and help I can give. Ill follow the story for any new chapters to see if I can help out!

Praise the Sun.
- IncandescentSolaire

This was a cute beginning I want to see where this goes.

Update: It is going to take me longer to finish this story. Been busy with school and everything else. And this virus is making things more difficult. Please be patient with me. I think this story will be a short one, I might have another chapter in by christmas. Hope everyone has a great day.

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