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Gen Zero: Journey Of The Betrayed Human. - Neutral Boy

Twilight and her friends discover a lost book called Gen Zero that holds a mysterious dark history before the arrival of Megan and the events leading up to the first Sonic Rainboom.

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Prologue: Doubts of our peace.

Inside the home of Twilight's castle, a portal in the book room is activated.

Two ponies named Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer have appeared out of the portal before it closes. Twilight is helping her friend walk over to a couch. She uses her magic to lift her up and put on the couch with before covering her with a nice cozy blanket.

She walks into the kitchen to pour some water in her cup and a warm wet rag for her friend. She walks back to her friend and places the rag on Sunset's forehead as she thinks back from her short in the human world.

"What happen to you Sunset?" Twilight says in concern.

Earlier. . .

Twilight arrived in the human world out of the portal statue after having read an urgent message in Sunset's book. Turns out one of her human friends wrote to her about Sunset having a sudden tantrum and she's lashing out at everyone in the cafeteria, including her magic.

Thinking that something's wrong, she runs toward the Canterlot High School.

She makes it inside and moves around, ignoring the students greeting her and only focusing on finding her friend to see what's wrong. She eventually finds the cafeteria room and enters it to find a lot of messes of drinks & food on the floor.

Twilight spots her friend Sunset Shimmer in the corner of the room, only to see Sunset in a messed up way she's in. Her hair's been messed, a few torn up clothing, and her face looked like she hasn't gotten much sleep. For some reason as well, she's holding some kind of book that didn't get damaged and she's just whispers & murmurs to the book.

Twilight slowly walks over to her friend and asks in a concern tone.

"Sunset, are you okay?"

Hearing Twilight's voice, Sunset moves her head at Twilight and spoke in her shaky voice.

"It's fine. It'll all be fine. No, everything's not fine. They did this to us. History is all lying to us. There never have been any peace at all. Harmony and Chaos destroyed all the balance. Death keeps on counting the body of bloodshed. Make it stop, just please make everything stop Twilight. I don't anyone to keep bothering me. Just leave me and my past alone. It's a nightmare, it's all a big brutal nightmare that I just want to end. . ."

Twilight notices that her friend's body is shaking and perhaps need some comfort. Sighing to herself, she nods and picks up Sunset off the floor.

"Come on, I'll take you to my home to rest in."

Present. . .

Back inside Twilight's castle, Twilight glances over to Sunset sleeping on the couch.

She also looks at the book and see title 'Gen Zero', but the bottom of it is missing.

"Maybe this book can answer my questions."

Later on, Twilight asked her assistant/brother Spike to go get the girls and tell them to meet her inside the Cutie Map room. Eventually, her friends including Starlight Glimmer enter in her home and relax in the Cutie map room while they have food to chew on.

Twilight, on the other hand, didn't even touch her food and rests her on the circle map table.

One of her friends named Rarity notice Twilight didn't eat anything.

"Something wrong Twilight dear? You haven't ate any of your food." Rarity says to her.

Twilight's eyes look up to see her friends stopping their meal and look at her.

She sighs and tells her friends on what's been bugging her.

"Sunset's sleeping on the couch after having a very bad in the human world."

Her friends's eyes eyes widen and Applejack decide to speak up.

"What happen to Sunset? Is she okay sugarcube?"

Twilight sighs and just shakes her head no.

"Not really Applejack, Sunset hasn't been feeling alright when I went to go pick her up after receiving an urgent message. Before entering the portal with Sunset, my human friends were telling me everything. They said it all started a week ago when Sunset pulled out a book from her backpack. Fluttershy told Sunset on where did she get that weird book and her response was that she bought it in the Canterlot castle library."

Twilight uses her magic to pick up a fork and use it to pick up a piece of pancake before putting it into her and chew on it then swallows it.

"Since then, they were concerned when Sunset is keeping her distance away from everyone and also failing in her test grades. One day, when they tried to tell Sunset on what's bothering her, one of the bully students tried to take the book away from her. Only it grew worse when Sunset unexpectedly snapped and punch the bully's face, knocking him out cold. Everyone was fleeing out of the cafeteria, some of the students thinking that the old past Sunset is back. That's why I thought it would be best to take her with me to rest for a while, hopefully she can feel better and tell me of what's wrong."

Twilight then places the book on the cutie map, showing it to her friends.

"This is the book Sunset was reading in the human world. I checked in on some records of any 'Gen Zero' book series in the Canterlot library, but for some reason there were no records of them. The worse thing is the book's pages are all blank and no author's name, except for the title of it on the front."

Twilight opens the book with her hooves and shows the pages, confirming there was not a single word or sentence inside.

"Do you Sunset erased those pages or what?" Rainbow says scratching her head.

"I don't think so Rainbow."

"Well then, what do you suggest?"

Twilight hums for a moment until she thought of something that could a good idea.

"I could actually send a message to the princesses to come over tomorrow. I'll notify Princess Luna to see if she can help Sunset in her dreams while Celestia and my sister-in-law Cadence help me look for any records of this book."

Twilight uses her fork to take a piece of cooked egg and eats it.

"For now, let's just enjoy some good meals together."

Author's Note:

Hey everyone and my fellow followers, how's it going? Sorry it took so long. I had to deal with some things and also busy with starting over on a couple of my games cause I just felt like it. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoy a happy Halloween.

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