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Welcome! I enjoy writing fictions based upon the the human side of MLP, that both contain normal and erotic content. I hope you enjoy!

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Hell yeah, futa and incest. Here's hoping it's well written.

Who's the artist?

Not bad. I enjoyed it 👌

Btw, you spelt “in fact” as “infact” in the first para.

This one is an older version posted under their old name WandererK.

And not bad. Could definitely use some work in the grammar and spelling areas, and some heavy work in PoV changes since the shifts back in time between each character were jarring and immersion-killing, but it wasn't terrible.

Thanks for the feedback. I tend to do that, where I try and express the thoughts and actions of each character, and their reactions to each little thing that happens. Perhaps I need to move on from doing that. :twilightsheepish:

You can do it, but you gotta make it more fluid and it'd have to be from a 3rd Omniscient point of view. It ain't easy.

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