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Kinky writer with a heart of gold! A literal heart of gold, sitting on her desk, somehow it is still pumping blood... Anyone needs a heart of gold?


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The history is already completed, I'm just finishing with editing and revision before posting.
Thanks, I seem to have forgotten it, I'll ad it now!

He had found this kind of people amidst all the known races, they spent years training in simulations and memorizing textbooks, but had no experience about how things really worked once you were out of the planet.

Maybe because they never left the planet?

But are you sure the story is already completed?

Edit: fixed.

Sweet Velvet needs more fanfics :rainbowkiss:

Yes, it's finished. I'm just finishing with the editing and revision.

Thanks, I must have missed that typo ^^

Before I read this, what's the fetish?

A sliver of fear coursed through her as he took a heavy step into her room. It was much too small for the both of them. He stared her down with a spark of rage.
Sweet Velvet swallowed and smiled. “Hey, boss.”

Better smile harder...

“I can make myself really useful,” she gasped, throwing all caution away. “Captain.”

And now is the moment she prenents him with her certification to run the instruments and provide basic maintenance on robots.
Or not.

Two suggestions:
Usually an story is tagged "complete" once the whole story is published; not before.
Instead a quick note in the description is used the story is already completely written.
A fetish list also belongs in the description, so users don't have to ask about it.

Thanks for the suggestions, I have changed those now ^^

"We need to get you some new clothes when we stop to resupply,” Josh said as he put on his pants.
“You say that as if you didn’t love to have me walking around in panties,” Velvet winked with a soft giggle.

She has an good point.

Her smile grew wider, Velvet pinned him down with her eyes. “What do you have in mind, captain?”
[...] “There’s an amazing place near here, do you ponies eat pizza?”
Velvet jumped in the air, her wings flaring open, ripping her coat. “Oh. My. Goddess. Yes!”

Obviously pizza always works; not matter the species, planet or even universe.

At that moment their food arrived, Velvet climbed back to her place, licking her lips as Josh struggled with his pants. The waiter served them without saying a word, but with a knowing smile.

Waiter: "In comparison to some of the hings I had seen before that was very tame."

“You are going to drive me crazy,” he took a long swig of wine, still slightly out of breath.

And you are driving her completely batty.
Not that there's anything wrong with that...

you know, this isn't a half bad story. Its memorable and the sex scenes aren't bad. However I'm curious on Sweet backstory, or rather if her ex-fiance will try to find her, or better yet ponies will notice about this. Another thing I'm curious of, is why its only anal and oral? don't get me wrong, the scenes are good nevertheless, but I would've thought he went to her actual hole instead of her second one. unless pregancy can happen easily for ponies as it does for humans in this fic?

Honestly, you could pull a really good story with this lore and premise if you don't throw it away for porn. I enjoyed the lore more haha. Not saying the clop was bad, it was quite good indeed. Nice fic, have my upvote.


Thanks, I really enjoy creating lore and world-building, for me those are important part to enjoy a story as a whole.


Sweet Velvet's past was left open in case I got the chance to explore it on another commission.

And about the kinks, well that's a bit of suspension of disbelief, there's not much explanation beyond: Both of them enjoy it.

How many chapters is this going to be?

that's it for now, I'm actually talking with the commissioner about a sequel ^^

“Such a hard working mare,” Josh whispered as he came close, his voice rough and vibrating as his fingers moved her panties slightly to the side, teasing her hole.

And you are disturbing her, you ruffian!
Not that anyone would mind...

If they are lucky there might even have been an bounty on Salticidae.

Is the planet name of Tarkus a TiTS reference?

Not that I'm aware, the planet name was chosen by the commissioner

Am I the only Rogue Squadron nerd here? Nice reference boss.

She reached for Josh Sinclair’s tights

You don't have to repeat the dude's name and surname all the time, it gets awkward. And you probably wanted to use thighs, unless the dude wears space leotard to shower.

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