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Ah yes. The d20. Decider of fates for so many kinds. Fun Fact: In my first ever D&D campaign, my character came into possession of a Deck of Many Things. And then proceeded to have the absolute luckiest time possible with it. Like no joke, the very first draw was 2 cards, the first draw was a card that let him basically say that some action that occurred recently never happened, and the second card summoned the Avatar of Death. So he undid the action of summoning the Avatar. (The DM had some custom effects in the Deck.) I bring up the Deck for a reason: as it's an RPG Eroquestria using d20s, might it be possible for an Erotic Deck of Many Things to exist in it?

Now there’s an idea, I might use it later

You mean Chaos magic? lIke what draconequi use. sounds fun.

One could also use that Concept for spells and items, adding random chances to something, in Exchange for making it more powerful


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So I can suggest for anything to happen in the chapter right now? And is it okay for me to use a virtual dice? And I too also like the idea of a erotic version of the Deck of Many Things and if you do decide to that idea here some my ideas that you could use with that idea:
The Rod of Power - It will change a female character's vagina into a huge cock with watermelon size balls and if it is a male character then it will just enlarge his junk to hyper size.
Bimbo Realty or The Mark of a Bimbo(a continuity manipulating curse) - It will alter realty to change a female character a sluty and busty bimbo with full plump lips and her IQ will drop. And due to the reality change nobody will notices that there was even a change (including to the one who been altered) and only remembering the one that was change always was been a dumb bimbo(including one who was change).
Love at First Fight - In the next encounter the monster or challenger will fall in love with the one that activate the card.
You Are What You Fight - Will cause the one who activate it to transform into the same species of the monster that they fight in their next monster encounter (monsters like Dragons, Orcs, Minotaurs, Demons etc).
Acceptable Negotiation - Within any next negotiations or bargains will cause the opposing party to automatically accept any conditions and terms of the agreement without question (no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing it is) from one who activate it. Like trying to negotiate a peace treaty with a race that was invading a village and you only offer them some gold coins and sex and they must stay in the village and protect it as them serving their community service to the village and for just for laughs or curiosity added that they must be always naked while they serve their community service and they will automatically accepted it. Or it can be use for getting free items or weapons from a shop or getting a free night at a inn all by just offering sex.
Gear Swap - Will swap all gear and weapons of the one who activate it with a enemy from the enemy's party by random in their next battle doesn't matter what gender, size or species both party are or they are wearing and enemy and his party members will now believe that the enemy's swap gear is the enemy's normal gear that he or she have always been wearing despite the fact that the gear doesn't fit their body or know how to them. Like if the user is small a female that was wearing small skimpy girly magical girl outfit and the enemy was a huge hyper endowed lion beastman warrior that was only wearing a jockstrap and some boots but when they suddenly swap all of their gear the small female is now one wearing the lion beastman's musky and sweaty jockstrap and boots while the huge lion beastman now wearing small girl's small skimpy and girly magical girl outfit with the small miniskirt not able to cover his crotch which exposing that he is also wearing small girl's small skimpy and lacy panties but they are now being stretch out by the lion beastman huge balls(only his balls were able fit to into them and his huge cock couldn't fit them) stretching her panties into a thin thong that basically floss between his butt-cheeks while the rest of his huge body stretch the rest of her outfit. But despite the fact that the swap clothes do not fit him the lion beastman will believe without question that the small skimpy girly outfit is his outfit that he alway worn and remember that he always this outfit in battle but this only effects the enemies so the user(including her allies) and everyone else are fully aware of the gear swap and that their gear originally theirs. But it is possible for the user to get their gear back by defeating the enemy(dropping the gear as loot) but if the enemy escape it before defeated then the user's original gear becomes the enemy's gear permanently even they rencounter the enemy and defeat them the gear won't drop as loot and the gear they got from the enemy are permanently theirs(till they change gear) they can still change gear even sell off the ones that they got from enemy for gold. So basically you better hope that don't have anything good equip if you activate this card.
Naked Past, Present, Future or Nude Past, Present, Future or You Always Been Naked(a continuity altering/manipulating clothes and erasing curse) - This one is a curse that make user permanently unable to wear any form of clothes by putting a curse that erase any clothes that try to put on and not that the curse can also erase all of their clothes throughout entire their timeline from in their past, present, Future and as it erase user's clothes in the past altering it thus making that he or she have never wore clothes before but it doesn't change any of their actions or interaction of others around them in their past except for being naked(like doing stuff like acting they're wearing clothes or armor are still there even commenting on like they are there even though they are clearly wearing nothing. And in the past they're completely unaware of the fact they're naked and even though others around them are aware of it their actions and interactions with the user in the past doesn't change. The user is unaware of their nakedness in the past till the present when the user first activate the curse which when they will become aware of the curse and become aware that they have been all this time up to the current time and become embarrass due to now knowing that many people have seen the user in all of her naked glory. And due to the user now not able wear any form of clothing including armor they can't get any stats and effects from clothes. This idea was from a adult fantasy comic and if you don't fully understand how this curse works I can PM you the comic so you can get a good idea of it.
Body Invading - Will cause the user's certain body parts (like the boobs, butt, feet, vagina, lips or cock if female have a cock or if the user is a male) to get possess by beings that help or hinder them in combat. I got some pics of this concept if you want see them.
Walking in The Skin of your Allies - Will cause the user to swap species randomly with a member within their party.
Changing of Class - Will cause and allow the user to change into any different class by random (the class restrictions of genders being remove) meaning that male character can randomly become a class that is only allow to female characters but they're now restricted to wearing gear only belonging to that class thus wearing girls clothing and armor.
Gender Gear Change - Will cause the user now only able to wear gear and armor that opposite of the user's gender like a huge male barbarian-like warrior is now only able wear small skimpy girly gear for female characters but they can still use any weapon though.
That all I can think of it but I might post more later so what do think of them? And just let me know if you want some more details/info on some of them. And I'm very sorry for posting you this huge wall of texts but when I get a interesting idea in my head I have to write them down before I forget them.

That’s a pretty long suggestion, and it looks like you took the time to write most of it out. I don’t mind it being in the comments, I would just prefer the descriptions be 1 or 2 short sentences while the longer form version be a PM


Okay. I new to how this works but here goes. (I roll a 14.)
The dungeon is a huge labyrinth and the party get lost within. Rarity encounter a huge and hyper endowed male Minotaur wearing only a small ragged loincloth that doesn't cover his cock and balls which is so big that it drag on the dungeon's floor. And due to Rarity not knowing how to use her magic in this world she run and the Minotaur chases after her but he eventually catch Rarity and have his way with her. Afterward the Minotaur take her back to his tribe that live in the dungeon for them to also have their way with her.
Tell me is it too long? If so then I can shorten it down.

It’s fine, got pretty close to being a bit too long

Any idea huh? well here goes.
( roll a 3)
The Boon
The local ruler call's for the party to embark on a quest for them, however the boon given is far too meager, a attempt to argue for a bigger boon leads to the group spending a night in the castle's bondage dungeon.

admittedly this idea is based off of a episode of Bikini Warrior's, which itself is a sexy parody of Dragon Quest game's.

Got to say that i really like your idea, though it dose remind me of a couple thing's. . .

(Roll a 4)
Dog's Day
The cavern is home to a large pack of anthro dog creature's, while the party is trying to find a way out Rarity make's a wrong turn and ends up sliding down a slope and into a large group of dog men who decide to use her for breeding, meanwhile Rainbow and the rest of the party has noticed her disappearance and decide to capture a few dog men and tries to get the information out of them with pleasure.

The reason i didn't specify what type of dog men is thanks to know of many different type's (Gnoll, Diamond Dog's, and Japan's version of the Kobold)
You wouldn't believe how many times i tried to re-roll this only to keep getting 4, 3 or 2 again and again.

It happens, sometimes the dice don’t seem to like you

some players are even known to put their dice in a “box of shame” if they roll a 1 four to seven consecutive times

Yeah, personally i wouldn't of mind it that much but i didn't want it look like i was just posting low numbers.


(Roll a 17)
There was a large golden statue some kind of completely naked busty goddess with six arms that appear to be pleasing her on a large dildo on a stone chair in the room that almost as tall as the room(the golden statue was sitting a stone chair) and it seem to be a statue of worship. Twilight examined the golden statue but when she or someone else touch it the golden statue suddenly came to life and when she get up from the stone chair revealing that wasn't a dildo but is actually her large cock. Its turn out the stone chair was for sealing the living golden goddess statue in place by her large cock and now that they broke the magic seal she finally free. Now free the living golden goddess statue that is now standing as tall the room plans to defeat Twilight's group and turn them into her sex slaves. During the battle the golden goddess was wielding huge her golden cock as a blunt weapon using it as a staff/club but Twilight's group eventually defeat the giant golden goddess resulting in her crumbling into dust then they move on to the next room.
I will PM you some names for the female Minotaur later.

(Roll a 7) No pit or water sources? darn
In the center of the room is a stature of a demonic male and angelic woman locked into both combat and intercourse, Twilight goes to read the inscription while Rainbow and Fluttershy looks around the room, however from the other side of the room a mare in a hooded robe enter's the room and spot's the intruder's, quickly summon's forth a pair of Succubi/Incubi before running out of the room to no doubt get aid.

(The demonic figure and angelic woman can be anyone you want, it is up to you, heck you could even change the genders if you want)

(roll a 5)
While trying to figure out how to get to Rarity, a unaware Applejack and Pinkie are ambushed by a pack of Diamond Dog's, cloth's are damaged in the ensuing battle

I think you need more rule for this kinda rp story liked let say...what kind of dice rolls you want us to rolls, liked it the a good roll something good happens but it the a bad roll something bad happens right?

I tell everyone they just need to roll a 20-sided die, for now, I might add some other dice later

Ok but you need to add a lists of numbers of each dice rolls from the lowest to the highest rolls (from 1 to 20) and add in two special rolls liked someone roll a 7 which is a luckily number when somebody else roll a 13 which unluckily number.

By the way is there going to be lots of transformation scenes in this?

Since everyone is rolling with suggestions about things that could happen for the next chapter, I’m mostly treating it like a DM/GM making decisions behind the screen. That said, I will endeavor to give some target roll numbers moving forward. And I thank you for your input, what else would like to say regarding the story? Any suggestions of your own for future chapters?

How about adding a second d20 dice for 1 of each groups liked this.

(I’m roll a 11 for RDG)
Rainbow Dash and her group enter the room of what used to be a armory and find three items that will suit theirs needs, the Bow of Storms, the Crown of Knowledge, and the Amulet of Beasts.

(I’m roll a 10 for RG)
both Rarity and Brass have now find the way to unlock that living door and behind is another room with has is most beautiful thing they’s ever seen, the Armor of Purity.

in case you don’t know, those items have theirs own unique powers and will given theirs users new abilities, the Bow of Storms will give it user a ability to shootout lighting arrows, when the Amulet of Beasts will give it user a ability to turn into any animals and beasts the user will want to become (your desire if transformation will anthro version or not) and you can guess what the other two can with theirs users and you know which items will go to who.

I wanted to thank you for hearing out of my “adding more then one dice” idea. And now I give you one of my good rolls, when I’m say good rolls I’m mean my very bad rolls! I start with the lowest to highest.

(I roll 3 for aj&pp)
both applejack and pinkie pie are ambush and defeat by same group of creatures that turn that pour female into that living door. The group using the same curse on applejack & pinkie turning them into living doors also and place them to where’s three brokering doors are at, placing aj on left when placing pp on right and after that’s the group leave them, in few moments till someone enter room those two already forgotten who’s they’s one’d are and only called themselves as lefting (one was applejack) and righting (one was pinkie pie).

(I roll 5 for rarity group)
rarity and her two new friends (if they’s find the way to undo that living door curse) enter the room in what look liked a big fights broke out with ever weapons on floor and at the center of room is the most savage monster they’s ever seem (you put what monster it is) it roar and attack them, when the group trying to fight the monster rarity (without any knowledge of any combat spell) fall on down when the creature jump on her and put it big paw on rarity and roar on her face, when it is getting for the kill rarity trying finding way for her to escape, she reach out her only one free arm when her other arm trying to push the beast paw out of her, rarity free hand touch on what feel like a wooden thinking it the stick her take it swing it at the monster head, It roar in pain the beast pull it huge paw out of unicorn and roll on it side few feet way from her. When rarity got back on her hoofs she feel the true weight of what her holding, rarity look at object in her hand she realize that the sticke she holding is really a wooden handle of a large axe she every seem and thinking on how impossible she just swing the large weapon but noticing there are blood on the large axe head rarity turn her head toward the monster again she saw that she cut a large slash mask on it face where one of it eyes has been, looking back on herself rarity realize she is also cover in the beast blood she also freak out till she saw middle of her dress has been ripped out (long with three large claws masks but she wasn’t forcing on that) rarity have shocked looked on her face till it changed to looked of rage, she turn toward the monster everyone including the monster are shock on how must fury showing on unicorn, cover in blood, large rips in middle of dress and so angry they’s can see on rarity that both her mane and her tail have more wild looked and saw something on her teeth that should not be there, using both hands rarity carrying large weapon nobody’s but brass, saw a burning red aura cover axe head is now cover rarity till she also show same burning red on her eyes. Swing the Axe of Rages on her side rarity charge toward monster with largely war cry she ever make. Few moments later after rarity kill that beast she under go some changes when fighting beast her mane and tail still wild looked but they’s purple color are starting to grow some red highlights liked they’re absorptive bloods she battling the monster, when rarity is breathing slowly she is showing her teeth and with them are four canines teeth with largely two at the bottom of her jaw, and lasting rarity pure white fur coat is slowly turning into a greenish-yellow when her muscle grow a bit and her eyes are glowing but still red in color. (You can already guess on what rarity turning into?)

I can tell you what I my roll for rainbow group but I do that later ok?

I back now so here is my last roll.

(I’m roll unluckily 13 for RDG)
in the same room where rainbow and other was at after dealing with theirs slime clone, a mush bigger slime got the drop on them with only rainbow got out the way when the blob got both twilight and fluttershy in it tendrils and put them in it sliming body, when rainbow trying not to get caught and standing out of reach of it tendrils when thinking the way on how get two of her friends out that thing, Inside the big slime both twilight and fluttersly are finding what’s to them the best fucking of theirs life time when the blob doing something to them by putting some of it slime inside of them. After Rainbow Dash defeat the large slime blob using lighting arrows (if her has them?) the blob blowup and spread it slime everywhere leaving both twilight and fluttersly on floor, rainbow goe over and seen they’re alright but stop when she noticed something not right with those two, they’s have dumb looked on theirs faces and rainbow only thought are “are there faces glowing green?”

At the end both twilight sparkle and fluttersly have melted down and reformed into figure less slime ponies with no memories of who’s they’s one are and you deside what happens after that word ok?

So....where is rest of my ideas?

I said might, and chances are if/when I get around to using them they will be in a later chapter. Because, as I said before, the ideas were decent you just didn’t meet the DC with your rolls

Dice Criteria, also known as target roll numbers

It happens, sometimes the dice just don’t like you

But still it unlucky number.

I’m always open to suggestions

I’m sure you’ll come up with something, just follow the rules of the story/game


I see that you use the friendly Slave Knight idea and now I can't wait to see what establishment that Lily Whisper and the Slave Knight will build in the future that will help aid the adventurers on their many others quests and adventures ahead.


It's good to see that you are still continuing this story. I will post my suggestions soon. And sorry for not posting anything in your birthday post.


So now I can suggest a idea for a boss battle? I thought you would first have everyone back together before having them encountering the dungeon's boss. Or is it just a mini boss not the main dungeon boss? And I forgot to mention this in the previous chapter that I think that nobody find out that Rarity and Rainbow Dash are not from Eroquestria verse (including Pinkie Pie even though she giving off vibes that make them think that she knows the truth. But in reality she doesn't it just Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie). And I found the anthro shemale dog monster secretary part being pretty good but I was expecting them to battle her first but I really like the part of Twilight doing a sexualize and lewd ritual thus it make up for the missing battle scene. But who knows we might the anthro shemale dog Secretary monster fighting abilities in action in the future. And if you want I can give the shemale dog Secretary monster a name.

We're getting to the point where everyone regroups, hopefully. but right now, the main group is coming up on a mid-boss, some time in the next 2 or 3 rooms. I'm wondering if any of the readers will suggest names for the newest addition to the group or it will be on me. As for Pinkie, it's Pinkie, chances are she's already aware something is not quite on point with Rainbow and Rarity from her perspective. That said, I am personally wondering what the Rainbow and Rarity of this universe would likely be up to while the Rainbow and Rarity we've been mostly following have been doing their things, especially since it seems this world's Rainbow is almost as prepared as Pinkie Pie in almost any universe.


I can't wait to see what plans you have for the next few chapters.


Hey, man it's been awhile I was beginning to worry that this story might go on hiatus. And I see that you're using that erotic game show idea. So I have to roll three times, one for each challenge idea (and deciding what punishments or penalties the losers in the challenge get), and who takes part in them, and along with who and how they win and loses (even deciding what the prize will be)?


Okay. I'm about PM you my suggestions soon. Sorry taking very long time to post to suggestions the story update caught me off guard and I was busy dealing a few things. And due to me being a little out of swing of things my suggestions might be a little longer then usual so sorry about that.


Sorry for taking so long to post. A lot of stuff was happening but I will be PMing you my suggestions soon.

It's fine, with some current events it makes sense

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