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I'm Sparkles and I'm big fan of Sci-Fi things and I'm not a writer


In Year of 567, The Inventor Electric Spark creates first Equidroid ever and demonstrates it to Celestia itself while proposing the idea of Equidroids replacing Ponies in different work fields. Being not happy with whole ordeal, Celestia says no and the Inventor is forced to forget about his creation and leave it behind

Time goes on, and Equidroid boots up for second time in year 1004 and sets a new directive which will make him into something more that Equidroid

"Figure out who I am"

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 6 )

I like this, but it desperately needs an Editor

Thanks for your feedback! I'm aware that I need one, but I'm kind-of on my own here
thought I would appreciate some flaws that at least you noticed

...I don't think you want me to point these things out as a Commentator

Comment posted by Sparkles404 deleted May 15th
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