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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 8: Reckless Rivalry


Masquerade stood where he was, and even though the people couldn’t see his face behind his mask, they could tell his was giving a sour expression.

Rainbow’s features extremely hardened to the point of fury.

“What are you doing here?” she asked rather sternly.

“Me?” said Masquerade, “I’ve had plenty of time to kill since my duel ended. I came over here to be by myself, but what do I find; a convention of kids!”

Rainbow was really starting to lose her cool, but Sunset put her hand on her shoulder telling her to ease off.

“There’s no need to be so mean.” said Fluttershy “There was just a duel here anyway.”

Celery and Alizarin agreed, while still holding hands.

“We may not have won our duels, but at least we’re still together.” said Celery.

His girlfriend nodded, and smiled lovingly at him.

“Aww, that is just so sweet.” said Pinkie, but Masquerade only scoffed, “And just when I thought you couldn’t be more pathetic.”

The couple felt most insulted.

Masquerade then demanded at them, “You both lost your duels, you’re out of the tournament, therefore you have no business being here any longer. So Get Lost!”

“I say!” snapped Rarity “Now you’ve crossed a line, you!”

The couple scoffed at Masquerade, and just went off anyway to enjoy the rest of the theme park, as well as discuss their future.

“Huh! Good riddance…!” Masquerade grunted.

Then he turned round to go find somewhere else to sit and be alone.

“Wait a minute!” snapped Rainbow, and she dashed over to stop in front of him. “I’m not through with you yet!”

He just ignored her and walked past her, making her ears steam with rage.

“Rainbow!” called Applejack “Just let him go, he ain’t worth it.”

“You should listen to your little friends.” agreed Masquerade.

Applejack’s eyes widened, “What did you just say? “Little?”

Sunset calmed her down, and then she spoke severely to Masquerade herself. “What is with you? Why are you always being so rude to people…?”

“Yeah, why can’t we all just get along and be friends?” Pinkie asked, and she approached Masquerade and even offered her hand to him, but he wasn’t the least bit interested.

“No thanks!” he said gruffly, and turned to walk away again, much to Pinkie’s upset.

“But why?” she asked “Why can’t we be friends?”

“I don’t like you-- simple as that.”

Pinkie felt heart-struck.

“That’s not a very nice attitude.” said Fluttershy.

“No, it isn’t.” snapped a voice from behind.

Everyone turned and saw young woman, about the same age as Masquerade. She had long brown hair, peach coloured skin, and wore a blue shirt with a white slick jacket, and a purple windbreaker skit with black stylish boots.

On her left hand, she wore an oddly looking ring with a large green, pyramid shaped diamond.

Everyone gawked at her mysteriously, having never seen her before, and Spike and Twilight especially gawked at her in strangeness.

The lady looked severely at Masquerade and scolded, “You have no right to be talking down to these kids like this.”

“Again with the “Kids?” said Rarity “We are highly respected--”

“Quiet!” snapped Masquerade.


Rarity felt most struck by his tone, and all the girls seemed infuriated, but Masquerade stood facing this woman, and he was far from impressed.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’ve got a lot of nerve telling me what I can or cannot do.”

“The name’s Plight-- Karle “Wits” Plight. They call me “Wits” because I outsmart my every opponent and leave them wallowing in defeat.”

Masquerade only chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” asked Karle.

“Just that you don’t really look like all that much to me.”

Karle didn’t look mad, but only snickered, “Maybe you’d like to find out just how good I really am?” and she hinted at her duel disk.

The girls didn’t know who this lady was, but she seemed pretty eager to duel with Masquerade.

“Yeah, you teach him a lesson.” Rainbow cheered on.

Karle didn’t take notice of her, and just stayed focussed on Masquerade.

Just then however, Applejack’s duel disk beeped, as did Fluttershy’s. Both of them had their duels to get to. So did Karle.

Masquerade said nothing and walked past Karle without a care in the world.

Karle turned back to glare at him until he was out of sight.

Rainbow walked up to the lady and gave her a pat on the shoulder, “Never mind that, creep. He’ll get what’s coming to him soon enough.”

Karle just brushed Rainbow’s hand off her and turned to glare down at her.

“Whoa, what’s up with you?” Rainbow asked.

Karle didn’t answer, and instead walked off warning the girls “Just stay out of my way! This is between me and him!”

Then she went off to find her opponent, whoever it was going to be.

“Well,” snapped Rarity “I say good riddance to the both of them.

Then Rarity’s duel disk began to glow too showing her opponent, making her gasp, “It can’t be!”

The other girls all huddled around and saw the picture on her screen-- it was Karle.

“You’re dueling against her?” asked Twilight.

Rarity didn’t seem to mind a bit. “I shall enjoy this. She had no right to speak to you the way she had, Rainbow Dash.”

Rainbow nodded in agreement, “Wash her out, Rarity.”

“But Rarity,” Sunset cut in “Are you sure you can go through with this? Karle looked pretty tough, and if she’s as good as she says she is, that could mean disaster for you.”

Rarity knew she had a point. She still hadn’t had much time to get used to her deck yet, and she was warned before she entered the tournament in the first place.

“I refuse to back down!” she declared “I made a promise that when I entered this competition that I would do everything I could to help find and free Princess Twilight.”

“Well that’s some fine talk there,” said Applejack “And just know, we’re all there for you in spirit.”

She said that because she had to leave to find her own opponent.

“I guess I better go too.” said Fluttershy. She was sounding rather nervous, and she was nervous.

“You’ll do fine,” said Applejack “Just give it your all; that’s what I’m going to do.”

The rest of the gang planned to go with Rarity, to watch her duel against Karle, as they all wished to see her dueling style, but they promised to catch a view of the other duels via the TV monitors.

Applejack tipped her hat and walked off like a sharp cowgirl, while Fluttershy only tiptoed off like a girl with stage fright.

“Maybe one of us should go with Fluttershy?” suggested Sunset.

Rarity suddenly gasped, “My duel starts in one minute-- must dash!” and then she took off down the road.

“Hey, wait for us!” called Rainbow.

“Ooh, ohh, I wanna see too!” added Pinkie and she hopped along after them.

Sunset sighed and dashed off as well leaving Spike and Twilight to catch up.

Spike whispered to Twilight, “Don’t you think we should tell them?”

Twilight shook her head, “You know this is personal business, Spike. Please, don’t say a thing about it.”

She even bribed him with his favorite brand of doggie treat, and Spike reluctantly concurred.

“Me and my weaknesses…” he grumbled with his mouth full.

Rarity didn’t have to go too far, her challenge was right by the carousel ride, but not too near it, this way all the riders could watch the duel as they went round-and-round.

Karle was already there where Rarity arrived panting heavily, and she did not seem impressed.

“Just my luck-- you had to be my opponent.” Karle scoffed.

Rarity caught her breath and growled softly, but then stood tall and proud and straightened her hair.

“I refuse to let your rudeness get to me that much, though I must know-- who does your tailoring? That outfit of yours doesn’t quite say Tres Chic, but rather lustful, vindictive, and…”

She stopped when she realized the extreme look of seriousness Karle gave her, and she said “I came here to duel, not listen to a lecture on fashion sense.

The sooner I get you out of the way, the sooner I can track down Masquerade.”

Rarity could now tell without asking that Karle had some kind of vendetta with Masquerade, but she did ask, “What troubles do you have with Masquerade?”

But Karle rudely sneered, “That’s none of your business. Now let’s get to work!”

Rarity narrowed her eyes, “Fine then!” she growled, and the two ladies prepared themselves just as Rarity’s friends arrived on the scene.

“The duel’s starting already.” cried Sunset.

Rainbow hollered out, “We’re here for you, Rarity. You show her whose boss!”

Rarity turned over and nodded at her friends, then turned to face her opponent as the system was set.


Rarity LP: 8000

Karle LP: 8000

Their duel was being observed by the Prince Brothers in their dark office.

They were both rather fascinated by the fact that two well dressed, yet dastardly divas were about to dish it out.

However, both brothers were a bit concerned with Karle.

“Were you able to find anything, Loki?” asked Rubeus.

His brother looked up from the computer where he had been trying to run a background check on Karle, but he wasn’t able to come up with anything, “No known address. No dueling records. Not even a list of schools or employment.

I’m beginning to think something isn’t quite right about this girl, Rubeus.”

The brothers then made a plan to go down there and do a little investigation of their own.

Meanwhile, Rarity and Karle drew their first cards, and Rarity decided to go first.

“Now, get ready!” she called, “And to begin I shall play the spell OSTINATO.

Since I haven’t a monster in play this magical spell allows me to Fusion Summon using cards in my Deck!”

She grabbed five cards out from her deck and held them up high,






“What?!” snapped Karle “…Five monsters?!”

Images of Rarity’s five dazzling monsters appeared, and they vanished-- merged together in a swirling light creating a new monster.


(Def: 2000)

Rarity’s monster appeared, and hummed beautifully as she sat bathed in sunlight, but Rarity seemed more interested in how fashionably she looked.

“Is she not beautiful?!” she cried

Many of the spectators ogled the lovely sight of the pretty monster; even Pinkie was stunned by its grace. “It’s so beautiful I could cry.”

“Now, I shall place two cards facedown, and enter my main phase, which saddens me to say, I must destroy my Bloom Prima.”

She shut her eyes tight so as not to see-- her monster was glowing brightly and shattered.

“However, I am now permitted to summon forth every creature that I had used to form it!”

Karle’s eyes widened, and Rarity’s friends all gasped.

Rarity’s duel disk then glowed brightly, and a huge beam of light shot out from her graveyard, and all her monsters appeared before her…

“And there you have it…






All five ladies seemed to shimmer and glow as they all stood together, like being in a grand performance, and they rang out their voices loud and clear, which made the crowd applaud and whistle.

“Powerhouse lineup!” cried Rainbow “Rarity just summoned five whole monsters in one turn.”

Sunset agreed, “Not only that, but she summoned all of them without even Pendulum Summoning, or using up too many cards.”

Rarity blinked her eyes cheekily, “And I believe I should mention.

Since Tamtam was summoned with all the other ladies, I am permitted to add Polymerization to my hand.

Also, Elegy-- not only does she protect my ladies from being destroyed by card effects, but as she was special summoned all my fairies will gain 300 attack points.”

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2900)

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 2600) x2

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 2300)

Now Rarity’s turn was over and she was feeling very confident with her move.

Her friends were very impressed as well.

“I can’t believe she did all that.” said Spike.

Twilight agreed, “Looks like all that training and changing cards has really improved her style.”

“Ha!” scoffed a voice “If you call that an improvement, you’re even more pathetic than I thought.”

Rainbow clenched her fists and she and the girls turned round to see Masquerade standing a few feet away from them.

“What are you doing here?” Rainbow asked gruffly.

“Just scanning the competition.” answered Masquerade “Not that it matters anyway, since I’m going to win the whole tournament anyway.”

The girls already took a dislike to his attitude.

“There’s no need to be so boastful.” sneered Sunset “Rarity’s come a long way since she first started dueling.”

Masquerade only snickered, “If you think your friend is unstoppable just because she pulled out a move like that? No wonder you all fail to impress me.”

The girls growled.

“Anyway, be quiet so I can watch the duel.”

The girls scoffed, and Pinkie stuck her tongue out at him.

Now it was Karle’s turn, and she drew her card.

“I have to admit, that’s a pretty impressive move you made, but are you sure it’s the right one?”

Rarity was confused, “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, you summoned five whole monsters, and you think you’re invincible, but you’ve got another thing coming.

Now let me show you how a real duelist does things.”

Rarity didn’t like the way she was insulting her dueling style.

Karle then readied her move,


(Atk: 1400)

“A Lunalight monster?” said Sunset “I’ve heard of these cards, but hardly ever seen them used, but their power is said to rival that of the Melodious ladies that Rarity uses.”

“Is that good or bad?” asked Pinkie.

Masquerade said nothing but gawked at the monster summoned, and then looked behind it at Karle.

“Now I use Chick’s special ability, which lets me send one Lunalight monster from my Extra Deck to the graveyard, and Chick takes on that monster’s name.”

“Huh?” said Rarity.

“Oh, yes,” chuckled Karle “And I think I’ll discard LUNALIGHT SABRE DANCER.”

“Oh, boy.” whispered Spike “That’s not good. I know what that card can do.”

The girls looked his way, and were careful not to give away Spike’s secret so they spoke softly.

“What does it do?” asked Rainbow.

As Spike whispered to the girls, Masquerade couldn’t help but noticed them all huddling around Twilight and her knapsack. He didn’t bother to question what was going on as he wasn’t too interested, however, he did keep looking Twilight.

“I keep thinking I know her from somewhere.” he thought silently. Then he turned his gaze back Karle’s Lunalight on the field feeling there was some connection.

Twilight looked over at him, but couldn’t tell he was looking at her because of his mask, but she did narrow her eyes angrily at him, while the others were all wide-eyed and shocked when Spike told them what Karle’s discarded fusion monster could do!

“We’ve got to warn, Rarity!” cried Pinkie.

“We can’t,” said Sunset “Sideline help isn’t permitted. Rarity’s going to have to be ready on her own.

That is… if she even knows.”

Now the friends were really concerned, knowing Rarity was still practically a freshman at dueling.

“Now then,” said Karlee “As I said, my Chick now takes on the name of the monster I just discarded.


Rarity growled, “You can Fusion Summon.”

“That’s right,” said Karle “So now I fuse my Chick with LUNALIGHT CRIMSON FOX.


(Atk: 2400)

The monster pirouetted onto the scene.

Rarity was almost as mesmerised at the rest of the crowd was, “Such a beautiful outfit.” she cried “It’s like something out of an opera, or a first-class Broadway theater.

Why the sight simply screams out “Elegance.”

Karle smirked, “Well I’m glad you like it, but you might want to pay attention to your strongest monster.”

Rarity looked up and saw her Mozarta and how it was glowing.

“What’s happening to my Maestra?”

Karle snickered, “It’s simple: Since I sent Crimson Fox to the graveyard with a card effect, it targets one monster you control and strips it of all its attack points.”

“Ah!” cried Rarity, and watched as Mozarta lost all but 300 of her attack points. “It’s a good thing I have Elegy’s power bonus helping her.”

“But not by enough.” hissed Karlee. “Oh, I should mention that Kalieido Chick also has ability to use, one that lets me get back Polymerization.”

She took her card out of the graveyard and placed it in her hand.

“And something else you may want to know-- My dancer is allowed to attack all your monsters this turn, twice each time actually.”

“What?!” snapped Rarity.

Karle snickered and then entered her battle phase, “And what’s more, every time she does attack, you’ll lose 100 life points!

Now go, Cat Dancer, attack Mozarta!”

As promised, because the monster declared an attack, Rarity’s points dropped.

Rarity LP: 8000 -----> 7900

And she was about to lose even more if the attack struck her, now, weak monster.

“I think not!” snapped Rarity, “I activate FLASH FUSION!”

Karle grunted, and Rarity smirked.

“This spell allows me to instantly fuse monster I control, provided I destroy it during the End Phase of the turn.

Now I fuse Mozarta with Opera!”

The two ladies nodded at one another and leapt into the swirling light as the merged together.

“I Fusion Summon,” Rarity shouted as her new monster appeared “Behold my ladies well-dressed lady-- BLOOM DIVA THE MELODIOUS CHOIR.”

Her new monster looked cute, and gave a playful little musical hum, and it received the 300 attack point bonus as well.

(Atk: 1000) -----> (Atk: 1300)

“Smart move,” said Twilight “By doing that, Rarity got her monster off the field before it could be attacked. She really has learned well.”

The others all agreed.

Rarity narrowed her eyes and smirked, “The best part of this maneuver is, since I used my Opera to Fusion Summon, all my Melodious ladies cannot be destroyed for the remainder of the turn.”

Karle snickered, “So, that doesn’t mean I still can’t attack, and thanks to your move, I now get a replay.

Cat Dancer attack, destroy that Elegy!”

Her monster complied and leapt its way over.

“Since my monster attacked, you take another 100 points of damage.”

Rarity LP: 7900 -----> 7800

Rarity’s monster was about to get crushed.

“No!” snapped Rarity “I play the trap SHIFT!”


“The power of this trap allows me to redirect your dancer to attack any other monster I choose, and choose my Bloom Diva!”

The monster jumped back and then headed straight for Bloom Diva as promised.

“And, you should know,” said Rarity “If you attack her, you take all the battle damage that I would have.”

The monsters were about to make contact.

“Oh, really…? Guess again!”


“You fool! They call me “Wits” for a reason, because I use them, and I use the spell DE-FUSION!”

“No!” cried Rarity.

“Now I send your Bloom Diva off the field, and the two monsters you fused her with return to the field.”

With that, Rarity’s monster vanished, and she once again summoned Mozarta and Opera to the field.

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2900)

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 2600)

“And once again, because the number of monsters on your field changed, I get another replay.

Even though your monsters can’t be destroyed, I can still damage you!”

Rarity sweat bullets and tugged on her collar, feeling like she was about to faint.

Karle’s battle carried out as so, and every time she attacked, Rarity lost an additional 100 life points!

First she attacked Tamtam twice, and while Rarity was safe as her monster was in Defense-Mode, she still took 200 points of damage.

Rarity LP: 7800 -----> 7600

Then Karle attacked Elegy twice!

(Atk: 2400) VS (Atk: 2300)

The battle combined with the effect cost Rarity another 400 points.

Rarity LP: 7600 -----> 7200

“Hang tough, Rarity!” Rainbow called to her “You still have all your monsters.”

“Yeah, you’ll win this duel yet.” added Pinkie.

Karle glared over at the girls and showed disdain for their cheering, but she remained concentrated. “I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn.”

Rarity managed to get a hold of herself and stood tall.

“That was close.” she thought to herself “My life points could have taken a huge hit were it not for all my power bonuses.

So now is my chance to fight back!”

She drew her next card.

“I, once again, activate POLYMERIZATION, Fusing Sophina with Tamtam, and combine their exquisite beauty along with their harmonizing voices.”

The two ladies sang together, like angels in a choir, and merged together.

“Wow! Those ladies really know how to put on a show.” said Pinkie

“I Fusion Summon!” Rarity shouted “Welcome back, BLOOM PRIMA THE MELODIOUS CHIOR!”

(Atk: 1900) -----> (Atk: 2200)

The crowd realized and chatted about that it was the same monster Rarity summoned at the start of the duel.

“She may have gotten the power bonus from Elegy, but in addition, she also gains an extra 300 attack points for each card I fused her with, giving her 600 more attack points!”

(Atk: 2200) -----> (Atk: 2800)

“And furthermore, since I used Tamtam in the fusion, her ability activates, allowing me to weaken one Melodious monster’s attack by 500, and deal you 500 points of damage.”

Karle only laughed hysterically.

“What, may I ask, is so funny?” asked Rarity.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not going to be that simple.” said Karlee “Especially when I play this trap card, SHADOW BALANCE!”

“Ah!” cried Rarity.

“No! Not that!” cried Sunset.

“Why? What does it do?” asked Rainbow.

Sunset hesitated at first, “That trap allows Karle to destroy monsters Rarity has until she has the same number of monsters as she does.”

The friends all seemed worried!

“I’m afraid that shall not be working for you.” said Rarity “Or have your forgotten that Elegy protects all my special summoned monsters from being destroyed by card effects?”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten!” snapped Karle “Remember, I have wits, and I also have this facedown card-- BOOK OF MOON!”

Rarity gasped.

Karle snickered and said “Your Elegy only protects monsters from being destroyed, but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m using this spell to turn her face down into Defense-Mode.”

“No!” cried Rarity, and she watched as her monster flipped over and was out of sight, which caused all her monsters to lose their 300 attack power bonus, but not that it mattered now.

“Now that she’s unable to protect you,” hissed Karle “Do your thing, Shadow Balance, and wipe out her monsters!”

Rarity watched in horror as her monsters, including her Bloom Prima, were blown to bits in the shadowy scales, leaving her with only with her Opera Diva left, and its original attack of 2300, now that Elegy was gone.

Rarity felt dizzy and her head was spinning.

“My ladies…! My beautifully well-dressed performers and their lovely ensembles, all crushed to pieces!”

Her sadness then switched to anger as she glared at her opponent.

“You will pay for this! Mark my words!”

Karle only flicked her long hair back, “Somehow, I doubt that. Now move!”

Rarity growled and gnashed her teeth softly!

“I won’t let her make a fool of me. I promised my friends I would help them rescue Princess Twilight, and I will!

I won’t let anything stop me!”

She put her foot forward and said, “Since you sent Bloom Prima to the graveyard, you activated her ability, allowing me to add a Melodious creature from the graveyard to my hand.

I choose to take Tamtam.”

She took her card, “While I may no longer be able to use Tamtam’s ability due to the missed timing, I now have a whole new plan.”

Karle scoffed “Plan all you like, it won’t make a difference. As Masquerade would tell you, you’re just being plain pathetic.”

Rarity growled fiercely.

“She’s right!” said Masquerade.

“Who asked you?” snapped Rainbow.

“Nobody, but it’s the truth. Your friend has been playing recklessly and underestimating her opponent, and given the fact that she obviously hasn’t been dueling long, I’d feel rather embarrassed to be seen in the company a lousy duelist like her.

Frankly, I feel sorry for those who already bother.”

The girls were furious that he dared to say such things.

“Rarity’s our friend!” snapped Sunset “And whether you understand it or not, we’re with her all the way-- No matter what.”

“That’s right!” balked Rainbow “Maybe you’d understand better if you actually had friends or acted friendly.”

Masquerade only scoffed, “Friendship is just plain stupid, and I have no need or desire for it!”

Pinkie never felt so sore! It was like someone had just thrown a flaming knife right in her soul. “How can say such things about friendship?!” she whined, but Masquerade refused to answer and focussed more on the duel.

“Now then,” said Rarity “Since I have recovered Tamtam, and I shall summon her at once.”

(Atk: 1000)

“Why bring that little weakling out again?” asked Karle “You know I’m just going to blow her down again.”

Rarity snuffed “Please don’t be rude and allow me to finish!

Thank you…

Now then, since I have a Melodious creature in play-- two mind you—I am now able to summon forth CANNON THE MELODIOUS DIVA.”

(Atk: 1400)

“Now that my choir is in position, it is the perfect time to play this Continuous Spell—FORTISSIMO!”

The magical spell unleashed a wave of musical notes, in a beautiful tune that shrouded Rarity’s monsters, and they all hummed along to the theme.

“Ahh… music to my ears.” said Rarity “Especially since my Opera now gains 800 attack points until my next turn.”

Karle growled softly.

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 3100)

“And as if that isn’t enough, Fortissimo has another eloquent effect-- one that allows me to send it to the graveyard, in exchange to fuse monsters I control.

So now, I fuse together Cannon and TamTam.

I Fusion Summon my all time, stimulating sensation of fashion and song-- SCHUBERTA THE MELODIOUS MAESTRA!”

(Atk: 2400)

Sunset gazed at the monster she had faced once before, and it looked just as elegant as before the way it stood in the spotlight and sang a beautiful note.

“That’s so magical.” said Pinkie.

Spike couldn’t help but howl softly at Rarity’s pretty monster, much to Twilight’s annoyance.

“There’s something else you want to know,” said Rarity “Since I used Tamtam for a fusion summon, her special ability allows me to weaken Opera’s attack by 500, In exchange for dealing you 500 points of damage.”

Karle growled as Rarity’s monster grew weaker…

(Atk: 3100) -----> (Atk: 2600)

Then the image of Tamtam emerged formed the graveyard and sang a sonic wave right at her, dealing her said damage.

Karle LP: 8000 -----> 7500

“Am I supposed to be impressed by such a lame move?” asked Karle “You just weakened your monster.”

Rarity smirked, “So I did, but that is not the only move I can make.

You see, Schuberta has a special power that allows me to banish three cards in either player’s graveyard to increase her own attack, and I choose to remove the three monsters in your graveyard!”

“No!” cried Karle, and she watched as all three of her monsters left the graveyard and were gone.

Twilight seemed almost upset by the move, but then again she was rather impressed.

The others were all relieved as well.

“Now Rarity doesn’t have to worry about that Fusion monster’s ability.” said Rainbow “She’s got this duel won!”

Masquerade didn’t want to admit it, but he was feeling a bit impressed with Rarity’s move, but he wouldn’t believe she was going to win until she actually won.

Rarity smirked, “Now my Maestra’s attack increases by 600 points-- 200 for each banished card.”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“Now, Schuberta… attack that eerie-- yet well-dressed-- dancer!”

Her Maestra complied, and leapt up high to sing her solo.

“Oh, and one final thing…” called Rarity and she held up the last card in her hand “SCORE THE MELODIOUS DIVA!

By sending this card out of my hand, I now have the ability to take any monster you control, and reduce its attack to nothing!”

“Ah!” cried Karle, and watched her only monster lost all its power right before her eyes, just in time as Rarity’s monster blasted it clear off the field in a melodious tune!

(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 0)

The shockwaves and pixels, making her long hair flutter in the winds.

Karle LP: 7500 -----> 4500

Karle growled fercily.

“But I’m not through yet!” shouted Rarity “Opera, unleash your beauty and attack directly!”

Her monster nodded, and drew in a soft but deep breath and unleashed a songful soundwave that struck Karle hard, and dealt her a full 2600 points.

Karle LP: 4500 -----> 1900

Rarity snickered, and her friends cheered, except for Twilight and Spike, both of them gazing over at Karle.

“How come you guys aren’t cheering?” asked Pinkie.

“Yeah, Rarity’s totally going to win this.” added Rainbow. “Just one more attack and, that diva’s going down.”

But Twilight shook her head, “I don’t think Rarity’s going to make it.”

Sunset turned and gave a slight gawk, but then she realized Twilight had a point, “The duel’s not quite over yet, and all it can take is one draw.”

Rainbow and Pinkie snuffed and didn’t believe such a draw was possible.

Suddenly, they heard Karle laughing.

“What are you laughing at now?” Rarity asked.

Karle glared at her, “You sure have done well, but not well enough, especially since you were playing so recklessly and using up all your cards like that.

You’ve left yourself wide open!”

Rarity felt insulted, and didn’t let it bother her, “I still see no way that you can win, all you have in your hand is Polymerization, and you have no other cards on the field.”

Karle gazed down at her card, “True, but you’ve never faced a player like me.”

She held up her disk and motioned at her deck.

“Like I told you before, they call me “Wits” because I’m smarter than you think, and the way I’ve calibrated my deck, the odds of me losing this duel are next to nothing.

It all depends on what I draw next.”

With that, she laid her fingers upon her next card and pulled it out.

“Well, well, I play POT OF GREED, so I may draw twice more!”

Rarity looked on as Karle drew. Then her eyes widened when Karle grinned at her.

“And my wits have triumphed yet again.” boasted Karle. “I play the spell BURIAL FROM A DIFFERENT DIMENSION, which allows me to return all the monsters you banished back to my graveyard!”

“What?” asked Rarity “What ever can you hope to accomplish by doing that?”

Karle snickered “This…!

I place LUNALIGHT WOLF in my Pendulum Zone!”

“What?!” cried Rarity.

“The Pendulum Zone?!” exclaimed Sunset “But that means, she knows how to Pendulum Summon as well!”

The new monster took its place in the glowing tube of light.

Naturally, the magic pendulum did not appear, as Rarity pointed out, “But you require a second monster in your second Pendulum Zone. You can’t Pendulum Summon like this.”

“Who told you I was even going to?” asked Karle “All I need is to use Wolf’s Pendulum Ability, and this duel is mine, because her ability lets me Fusion Summon simply by banishing the correct monsters from my graveyard!”

“From you graveyard?!” cried Rarity.

“That’s what I said.” answered Karlee “So now, I banish Cat Dancer and Crimson Fox.


(Atk: 2800)

The new monster landed on the field, and glared ferociously at Rarity’s monsters, growling like the panther-lady she was.

“Huh!” said Masquerade “Looks like your friend’s about to get a one-way trip to the loser-zone.”

The girls all gawked at him.

“What are you talking about?” asked Pinkie.

Twilight looked regretful at what she was about to say, “He’s right. I’m afraid Rarity’s doomed.”

Spike shut his eyes tight and slipped down into the backpack, “Tell me when it’s over.” he said sadly.

Rarity couldn’t understand this. How could she lose when her monsters were still strong and her life points were high?

…Until Karle explained, “Remember on my first turn, I sent Lunalight Sabre Dancer to the graveyard.”

Rarity did remember, in a flashback!

“Well,” hissed Karle “Now I activate her special ability-- by banishing her from the graveyard, my Panther Dancer’s attack now rises-- by 3000 to be precise!”

Rarity began to stammer, “Ah-- Eh-- Did you just say “Three-thousand?!” but she could see for herself, the monster got stronger.

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 5800)

Rarity felt her dizziness coming back to her again.

“And that’s not all!” Karle called to her “My Panther Dancer has an ability that allows me to attack all your monsters twice, but they aren’t destroyed.”

That was it! That was all she had to hear!

Rarity did the math in her head, “At 5800 attack points! If neither of my monsters are destroyed, and if that monster attacks them multiple times…”

She fell to her knees!

The girls all felt their hearts sinking with hers.

“It’s all over-- she doesn’t have a chance.” said Sunset.

“No way!” cried Rainbow. “It can’t be!”

“Rarity!” hollered Pinkie.

Karle gave Rarity the kill gesture-- dragging her finger across her neck, “Bye-Bye!”

Then she ordered her monster to brutally assault Rarity’s, with two hits to Opera, and one hit to Schuberta, Rarity was all wiped out.

The life point counter didn’t even bother to show.

Rarity just sat there on her knees with her head hanging low as the shockwaves went past her.

Her duel meter was also empty, and an image on the screen went dark and flashed a red circle with the words “You’re Out!” in big white letters.

“I lost.” Rarity sobbed as her tears began to fall “I’ve failed!”

With the duel over, the crowds began to breakup as everyone went about their business, but Rarity’s friends dashed over to her.

“Rarity…” Sunset said as she got down and hugged her softly.

“I’m so sorry.” said Pinkie.

Rarity felt so miserable, and Karle merely scoffed “That’s what you get when you challenge someone as smart as I am.”

The girls angrily glared at her.

Then Karle began to walk off with 15% on her duel meter, and she passed Masquerade warning him, “You and I will duel eventually, but right now I have better planning to do.

Just be prepared to lose!”

Then she was gone, and Masquerade didn’t seem the least bit intimidated, but rather annoyed.

“Being pathetic is nothing to be proud about.”

Rainbow looked up crossly at him and balked, “Is that all you have to say?!”

“Yeah,” agreed Pinkie “Can’t you see our friend is upset?”

Masquerade only taunted, “I don’t feel sympathy for anyone, especially not for a bunch of losers.”

Then he walked off, leaving the girls, particularly Rarity, feeling deeply offended, and while Rainbow would have taken great pride than to march over there, and tackle the guy to the ground, Rarity was more important.

The girls continued to comfort her, and Sunset couldn’t help but look up as Masquerade walked off. It was becoming obvious now, even to her that he was not willing to open up to the girls and their friendship…

…But why?

…And what about Karle? Who was she, and what was with her and her nasty attitude, especially towards Masquerade.

All this would have to be dealt with much later.

Author's Note:

The Anti-brony in me is pleased that Rarity lost,

But as an understanding guy to those who like Rarity, I know it was harsh, but remember, there will only be EIGHT finalists in the end, and all the girls cannot go.

So, who's going to make it, and who's not?

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