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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 6: Part 1: Double Thunder Whammy


The Prince Brothers sat in their dark office observing the duels on their monitors.

“It seems the slow process of elimination has already begun.” said Rubeus “Only the strongest duelists will have what it takes to make it through this competition.”

His brother, Loki, agreed, and then asked “What about Sunset Shimmer? Surely she has what it takes?”

His brother nodded, “I see no reason to doubt her.”

He looked at a picture of Sunset as she was on her way to meet her opponent “But first she needs to play her part.

“She may have the power to help us get what we want, but first her power must peak, and hopefully this tournament will do that for us.”

“And if it doesn’t?” asked Loki.

Rubeus snickered, “Oh, she will.” And he pulled out of his pocket none-other than Twilight’s Soul card, and she was still pounding on it from within. “After all, we still have the ultimate bargaining chip to ensure she doesn’t fail.”

The brothers shared a wicked laugh.

Not all of the duels were going on all at once. Magic Land was only so big and had so many ideal locations to duel, and it wasn’t fair to block off non-duelists who came to have fun, which was why every duelist had a time set in their duel disk screens to show them when and where their duel would begin.

Sunset was on her way to meet with her opponent over by one of giant the electrical generators that helped to power the park and all of its lovely attractions, but when she got there-- the area was already clear to make way for the duel, but her opponent hadn’t shown up yet-- she just sat down on the circular stone siding of the fountain and was pondering deeply.

She was thinking back to the duel against those two creeps before Twilight’s soul was taken.

Much as it still saddened her, and she didn’t want to lose focus on her quest to save her, she still kept wondering about that strange world and the magic used and why she couldn’t remember it.

“If I could just figure out what it is, maybe it would really help to know exactly what’s going on.” she thought to herself.

Since she still couldn’t figure out exactly what it was, she tried eliminating what kind of magic it wasn’t.

“It’s not Equestrian magic, I know that. I’d know Equestrian magic anywhere. Wherever that magic is, it came from someplace evil and powerful.

So at least that narrows it down a bit, but that still leaves a wide choice.

Oh, if only Princess Twilight were here, I’m sure she’d know in a heartbeat.”

“Hey there!” called a voice, snapping her out of her trance.

She saw her opponent, Celery Stalk.

“Are we going to duel or what?”

Sunset felt a little embarrassed, but she stood up and was ready to go.

Twilight came along with Spike.

“Look, it’s Sunset.” Spike called.

One of the spectators next to her gasped, “Did that dog just talk?”

Twilight quickly picked him up and chuckled nervously, “No, no he didn’t. You must’ve heard someone else.”

Then she quickly moved away before the lady could question her again.

“Spike…!” Twilight scolded softly.


Still, they both were glad they made it just in time as Sunset and Celery were ready to begin their duel. Lots of spectators huddled around, and Twilight and Sunset spotted each other and waved.

Then Sunset turned to face Celery and noticed he was looking around for someone, but he looked a little sad when he couldn’t find.

“Is everything okay?” asked Sunset.

Celery adjusted his glasses, “I’m okay. Let’s just duel.”

Sunset wasn’t convinced, but with the disks already set and the virtual system ready, it was best they got started.


Celery LP: 8000

Sunset LP: 8000

The five cards were drawn, and Celery went first.

“The first thing I’ll do is discard THUNDER DRAGON from my hand to the graveyard.

This allows me to add two more Thunder Dragons right to my hand.”

“Thunder Dragons?” thought Sunset “I think I’ve seen this move before.”

Celery took his dragons and grinned at them.

“Now I activate POLYMERIZATION, using both my newly acquired dragons.


(Atk: 2800)

The two dragon heads let out a ferocious roar!

“A Fusion Summon!” cried Sunset.

Celery nodded, and then he looked back out into the crowd for someone, but still couldn’t find, and he sighed sadly.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Sunset drew her first card, but she had to ask, “Who are you looking for?”

Celery looked hesitant to answer, but he answered, “Alizarin Bubblegum, but that’s not important now.

Please, go on.”

Sunset remembered the story of Celery and Alizarin, from Pinkie Pie, when she paired them up at her job last summer.

She was beginning to sense something was up between the two, but she had to duel right now and thought of figuring it out later.

“I use Scale 1 STARGAZER MAGICIAN and Scale 4 ODD-EYES PENDULUM DRAGON to set the Pendulum Scale!”

The two monsters took their places in the light, and the pendulum began to swing between them.

“Now I can summon any Level 3 monsters as I need!” said Sunset, and she called up to the pendulum.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monster!”

By that, she only summoned one monster, and it appeared in a bright flash of light before her.


(Atk: 1400)

Spike poked his head up from Twilight’s backpack, “Why would she do all that?” he asked softly “Why didn’t she summon anything stronger?”

“I think I know why.” said Twilight.

Sunset grinned “Timebreak Magician’s ability activates. When he’s Pendulum Summoned all alone, his attack is instantly doubled!

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 2800)

Celery seemed a little impressed “Just one problem,” he pointed out “Both our monsters have the same Attack Points.”

“Perhaps.” said Sunset “But Timebreaker has another ability-- He can target one monster you control, and then banish both it and himself from the field until my next turn!”

Timebreaker prepared to use his magic on Celery’s dragon.

“Think again!” called Celery “I activate DE-FUSION!”

“Ah!” Sunset cried!”

Celery adjusted his glasses, “Now I send my Twin-Headed back to the Extra Deck, and then I summon both Thunder Dragons back to the field.”

(Atk: 1600) x2

“Clever move.” said Twilight “By getting rid of his Fusion monster, Timebreaker’s effect gets canceled out.”

Spike, however, wasn’t so convinced, “But why would he summon those monsters in attack-mode? They’re too weak.”

Sunset was fairly impressed herself.

“Fine then, I guess I’ll just have to go the old fashioned way.

Timebreaker Magician, attack!”

Her magician lunged forth, ready to strike one of the dragons down.

“Oh, no you don’t!” snapped Celery “From my hand I discard HONEST!”

“What?!” snapped Sunset.

Celery snickered “Whenever a Light-Attribute monster I control engages in battle, by throwing this card out of my hand, my monster’s attack increases by the total amount of your own monster’s attack until the end of the turn!”

(Atk: 1600) -----> (Atk: 4400)

Sunset covered her eyes as her magician crashed right into the humungous dragon!

WHAMM! Like hitting a brick wall-- the poor little guy fell over backwards and exploded.

Sunset flapped the pixels away from her, “Luckily for me I have Odd-Eyes Pendulum ability, which stops me form taking damage from the attack!”

Celery growled softly.

Sunset nodded and scoffed, “Now, I’ll throw down a facedown, and before I end my turn, I’ll use Odd-Eyes other Pendulum Ability, which allows me to destroy him just like that…”

Odd-Eyes exploded, and went in a streak of light into Sunset’s Extra Deck.

“But now, I get to add one Pendulum Monster straight to my hand, as long as its attack isn’t more than 1500.

…So I choose this one, XIANGSHENG MAGICIAN!”

She placed the card in her hand and felt grateful she had time to add new cards and restack her deck before the tournament began.

“Now I end my turn.”

Celery nodded, and drew his next card, but he then, once more, stopped to search for Alizarin, and still couldn’t see her.

Still, he didn’t want to lose too much focus.

“Now, I sacrifice one Thunder Dragon so I can summon BATTERYMAN CHARGER!”

(Atk: 1800)

The mighty monsters’ body flowed with powerful electrical currents.

“And, since he was summoned, he lets me summon another Batteryman out of my deck, and I choose BATTERYMAN 9-VOLT!”

(Atk: 1000)

The monster appeared, and just like the other one, it, too, had electrical currents flowing through it.

Celery snickered and adjusted his glasses, “With his summoning, I can now add BATTERYMAN INDUTRIALIST STRENGTH to my hand!

“Bust also, my monster’s attack is now doubled!”

(Atk: 1000) -----> (Atk: 2000)

And as for my Batteryman Charger, his attack also increased—300 points to be precise, for every Thunder monster I have!”

“Ah!” cried Sunset.

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2700)

Everyone was so incredibly shocked by what they had seen, especially Twilight, “All this electricity is starting to make me twitch.”

She wasn’t kidding, Spike could feel she really was twitching, and he felt this was serious-- for some secretive reason.

“You better step back a little.” he whispered to her.

Twilight agreed, and moved back until she felt less twitchy.

“That was close.” Spike sighed.

“Impressive isn’t it!” said Celery “That’s why I duel with Thunder Monsters, and it’s appropriate that we’re standing near that generator anyway, just like I was always fascinated with electricity, and how to harness its vast powers to unleash bold new possibilities.”

He entered his Battle Phase.

“Charge it up, Charger, and attack sunset directly!”

His monster unleashed a barrage of lightning bolts straight for Sunset!

“Hold on!” shouted Sunset “I activate the trap PENDULUM SWITCH!”

“Huh?” cried Celery “What’s that trap do?”

Sunset snickered “Once per turn, I can use its power to summon a Pendulum Monster from my Pendulum Zone.

Come on down, Stargazer Magician. Help defend me!”

With that, her monster leapt out of the light, and landed right before her.

(Def: 2400)

Celery grunted, “Very clever, but I can still blow through it!

…Go, Charger!”

His mighty creature Sunset’s magician a thunderous jolt, blowing it up which sent shockwaves blowing past Sunset.

“Sunset’s wide open now!” cried Spike.

“This isn’t good!” agreed Twilight.

Celery then ordered both his remaining monsters to attack Sunset directly, and their combined attacks totalled 3600 points!

KAPOW!! The mighty lightning struck at Sunset, knocking her over. She was hurt, but did her score ever drop!

Sunset LP: 8000 -----> 4400

“I can’t believe I just lost nearly half my life points!” Sunset whimpered in thought.

Celery himself could hardly believe what he had just done, and he felt quite proud of himself.

“I’ll lay one card facedown, and that ends my turn, and unfortunately, I must destroy my 9-Volt monster. He has served me well.”

His monster exploded, and was gone, which also caused his Charger’s attack to drop down to 2400, but it was still his strongest monster.

As Sunset got back onto her feet, she noticed that Celery was looking around again, but still couldn’t find Alizarin, which made him sadder than ever before.

“Okay, no more holding back!” she snapped at him “What is with you and Alizarin? Is there a problem between you?”

Celery looked down and tried to find his words to say.

Earlier on, Pinkie Pie was at the park’s funhouse, which was filled with all kinds of wacky and fun-obstacles, like punch bags, conveyer belts, funny moving animatronic figures, like clowns, and bats…

All of which made Pinkie laugh like crazy, but her favorite was the goofy mirrors, which she enjoyed making faces in and making way poses.

Then she turned and made a scary face right in the face of her opponent-- Alizarin Bubblegum—making her freeze-up in sudden shock.

“Oh! Hiya, Alizarin.” Pinkie said “You ready to duel me?”

“Um… yeah, I guess.” replied her friend.

Pinkie leapt with glee and the two girls took their places on a big empty room with a marble floor, surrounded by regular mirrors that let them see their reflections from so many different angles.

There were no other spectators as they were all inside, and the funhouse was closed off while the duel was in progress, but the people could still view from the TV monitors throughout the park.

The disks were prepared and the virtual system was ready, but Pinkie was still having loads of fun waving at all her reflections.

Then she noticed that Alizaran was looking a little down, and were those tears brimming in her eyes, and Pinkie loathed it when people were sad.

“Aw, what’s wrong?”

Aliz just rubbed the tears from her eyes, “It’s nothing. I’m ready.”

Pinkie wasn’t convinced and folded her arms, “Well then, if you won’t tell me, I’ll just see if my dueling will make you smile.

That’s what my deck and I do.”

Aliz did her best to hide what was troubling her, and the two girls were ready to go.


Pinkie LP: 8000

Alizarin LP: 8000

Pinkie Pie then acted as if she was Ring Master of a circus, and threw her arms out shouting, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Pinkie Pie Performapal Presentation of Positively Perfect Performances… guaranteed to make you smile!”

Aliz blinked behind her glasses.

Spectators outside couldn’t help but chuckle at Pinkie’s weirdness.

Rainbow Dash was one in the crowd, and she couldn’t help but sigh and shake her head in dismay, “Pinkie Pie, get serious, will you?”

“Here goes,” Pinkie said as she drew her five cards.

“I use Scale 1 PERFOMAPAL MONKEYBOARD and Scale 6 PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES SYNCHRON to set the Pendulum Scale!”

Her two monsters took their places, and the pendulum swung back and forth.

Pinkie’s grin widened.

“You didn’t think Sunset Shimmer was the only one that could do it.” she teased, “And, since I used Monkeyboard this turn, his Pendulum ability allows me to grab a Performapal out of my deck, but there’s no need to wait, because I now…

…I Pendulum Summon!”

Two flashed of light shone before her as her two monsters appeared.



Her monsters were all goofy looking animals, and all dressed up like they were in a circus.

Ali’s lips gave a little twitch and she seemed to be smiling.

“Aha, there we go.” said Pinkie “We’re starting to get somewhere, but for now I’ll set my last card facedown, and end my turn.”

Aliz nodded and drew her card, “Here we go!

I play the spell DOUBLE SUMMON, so now I can summon two monsters instead of one.

First, I summon WATTCOBRA!”

(Atk: 1000)

“And now I play the Tuner monster, WATTKIWI.”

(Atk: 600)

Pinkie admired the sight of the two monsters, “Hey, those are Thunder monsters, just like Celery Stalk uses.”

Saying his name made Aliz look way down, almost like she wanted to cry again, and this began to tell Pinkie that something was going on between the two.

Before she could even ask however, Aliz snapped herself upright and continued her move.

“I Tune Level 3 Wattkiwi to Level 4 Wattcobra!”

The two monsters electrically tuned together, making jolts of electricity fly, forming a new monster.

“I Synchro Summon WATTHYDRA!”

(Atk: 1500)

The giant beast, with its many heads, roared at Pinkie, even frightening her monsters.

Aliz adjusted her glassed, “You think that’s scary, wait until he attacks, because his ability allows him to attack you directly, even if you have monsters out!”

“Ah!” cried Pinkie.

Aliz then ordered her monster to go for it, and the Hydra opened all of its mouths, and blasted streaks of lightning past Pinkie’s monsters, and heading straight for her, and struck her with a huge shock.

Pinkie LP: 8000 ------> 6500

Pinkie’s hair was a little static and frazzled, for being struck by holograms.

Aliz chuckled, “And now, because Hydra dealt you damage, I get to banish one card out of my deck, but it returns to me after two turns.

Now I place two cards facedown, and it’s over to you.”

She then began to look sad again, which upset Pinkie greatly, and being a great guesser, she was able to tell what it was.

“Those two can’t be breaking up!” she thought fretfully “After all I did to pair them up?”

And she thought back to when she did just that, when she sang “Coinky-dink World.”

They were such a cute looking couple, and she knew they would probably hit it off if they just noticed each other.

Thankfully, after all of Pinkie’s failed attempts, Celery and Aliz found they both loved the same textbook of electronics, which started a potential relationship with them.

Ever since last summer, it seemed to go smooth.

“Aliz, tell me…” said Pinkie “What’s happening between you and Celery Stalk. You may as well tell me, because you know I can find out for myself.”

Aliz really didn’t think she could, it made her only want to cry even more, but she knew she had to hold it in while she dueling.

“Just make your move.”

Pinkie’s lips curled into a sneer, but then she thought “Well, if I duel just right, maybe I can cheer her up a bit.

Yeah, then she might tell me.”

She drew her card, and then she took the stage again, or rather pretended to.

“And now, Ladies and Gentlemen,” she announced “I’d like to direct your attention to my Perfomapal Odd-Eyes Synchron.

Watch as he bedazzles you with his Pendulum Ability-- one that lets me change my Parrottrio into a Tuner monster, as long as I reduce its Level to just 1.”

The monsters worked their magic in a light show-- one monster glowed, and then the other glowed.

“And now the stage is set to welcome our newest superstar.” Pinkie announced “I tune Level 1 Parrotrio with Level 5 Gumgumouton!”

The two monsters merged together and rose up high as Pinkie’s new monster appeared.

“I Synchro Summon… here to take center stage, METAPHYS HORUS!”

(Atk: 2300)

Her new monster spread out its shining wings, which were further illuminated by all the mirrors in the room, which really made Pinkie grin wide.

“It may not be a Performapal, but it sure makes me smile; how about you?”

She could see Aliz was at least staring up in awe at the creature. That was something.

“Well, then,” Pinkie announced “If that didn’t make you smile, just wait until he uses his special ability!

Since I used a Pendulum monster to Synchro summon him, Alizarin gets to let one of her monster’s join me and my posse here on stage.”

“Huh?!” cried Aliz.

Pinkie snickered, “It’s Quiz Time, folks, and the question is: How many monsters does Alizarin have on her field?”

She paused, and Aliz sweat a bit.

“If you said “Only One” You’re right, and that means she has no just but to give me her Hydra.”

“Oh, no!” cried Aliz, and she watched as her monster switched sides.

The Hydra still roared, and Pinkie take too much of a liking to it.

“Well, since we obviously don’t want him being grumpy, for my next trick, I’ll make the Hydra disappear, as I sacrifice him to bring out our next playing star…


(Atk: 2200)

Her big bear growled, but not too fiercely, and even took a bow.

“And don’t forget,” said Pinkie “I still haven’t Pendulum Summoned this turn… Ha!”

She called up to the Pendulum, and her two monsters from moments ago had reappeared.

“Welcome back… GUMGUMOUTON, and PARROTRIO.”

(Atk: 900)

(Atk: 500)

Now Pinkie had four full monsters in play, and she pretended to be bathed in three spotlights that shone on her.

“And now folks, I give you our Battle Phase, and we’ll start with my King Bear, because when he attacks, not only is he not destroyed by the effects of Spells and traps, but he gains 100 attack points for every Performapal on my stage.

…And I count three!”

(Atk: 2200) -----> (Atk: 2500)

Pinkie ordered the attack, and her bear growled and headed straight for Aliz.

“I play a trap!” she shouted “STORMING MIRROR FORCE!”

“What?!” cried Pinkie.

Huge, violent electrical currents began to strike all around Pinkie’s field, striking each of her monsters hard.

“Say goodbye to your performers, because now they all get sent right back to your hand!” called Aliz, and with that, all of Pinkie’s monsters vanished, while her Synchro card went back to her Extra Deck.

“Electricity can be very dangerous.” said Aliz “Especially when it storms.”

Poor Pinkie, all she had on her field now were her Pendulum Cards and her one facedown, but still she didn’t seem deteered.

“A true performer never gives in until she makes her audience leave with a grin.” She declared “So I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

Then she thought to herself “Aliz is dueling better than I thought she ever would, but I still need to get her to come forward about her and Celery Stalk.”

“It’s my draw now!” said Aliz and took her card.

“First, the card I banished returns to me-- CARD FROM A DIFFERENT DIMENSION.”

“But I thought we had to wait two turns?” Pinkie asked.

“Not with this card.” answered Aliz “When this card is banished, it returns to my hand instantly on my next turn, and then it goes into the graveyard, and the both of us draw two cards.

When dealing with electricity, it’s a good thing to keep reserve power.”

The two girls drew their cards. Now Pinkie held six cards, and Aliz had four.

Aliz’s glasses shimmered, “And now I’ll bring you a real shocker—I discard one card to activate this trap, NON AGRESSION AREA.”

Pinkie gasped loudly “Not the Non Agression Area!” Then she acted dumb, “What’s Non-Aggression Area?”

Aliz rolled her eyes “Now that I’ve played this trap, you won’t be able to summon any monsters on your next turn.”

“Oh.” said Pinkie “…WHAT?!!”

Aliz adjusted her glasses and they shimmered “That’s right. Not a single monster can be played on your field during your next turn.”

Pinkie began to shudder!

“But it gets worse for you.” said Aliz “We’re in for some stormy weather ahead, I activate HEAVY STORM!”

“No! Not Heavy Storm!” cried Pinkie “I can’t stand it when it rains on a parade!”

She braced herself as the violent storm struck the field.

“Say farewell to every spell and trap card you have in play.” Shouted Aliz “And that includes your Pendulum Monsters as well!”

Just as promised, the two monsters were destroyed and sent to Pinkie’s extra deck. Then her facedown trap card was destroyed, but as for the last one…

“Not that one, you don’t!” said Pinkie “And it’s good thing I just set it so I can play it now, HIPPO CARNIVAL!”

With that, three multi-colored hippos appeared; wearing flamboyant costumes and makeup, and they began to dance together as they stepped in front of Pinkie.

(Def: 0) x3

They even shook their booties right before Aliz, much to her embarrassment.

“What are those?” she asked.

Pinkie smiled and answered “…Hippo tokens, and not only are they here to perform in the show, but they’ll protect me too.

Don’t you just love the way they look!”

Aliz looked at the three crazy hippos and felt a small laugh coming, making her lips curl upward into a smile, which pleased Pinkie.

Still, Aliz shook it off, “Hippos or not, they won’t stop me.

I play CARD OF SANCTITY, which lets me draw until I hold six cards.”

Normally the spell let both players draw cards, but because Pinkie already had six cards in her hand, this left her in a tough spot, but allowed Aliz to refresh herself completely.

“Now then!” she said “I summon WATTGIRAFFE!”

(Atk: 1200)

“And I’ll enhance him with this Equip-Spell, WATTCUBE, and it’ll juice up his electrical power 100 points for every Thunder monster in the graveyard, but I’ve got even better idea.

I’ll juice it up even more, by sending Wattcube to the graveyard, which grants my Watt 1000 points!”

(Atk: 1200) -----> (Atk: 2200)

Pinkie gawked at the monster and how powerful it seemed now.

“I’m not worried.” She said “I’ve got my three fulfilled Hippos protecting me.”

Aliz shook her head “They won’t help you, because thanks to my Giraffe’s ability, he can bypass your monsters and strike you!”

Pinke gasped, and then Aliz ordered her monster to attack.

The giraffe galloped over, slinking past the hippos, and gave Pinkie a huge electric shock, that made her skeleton appear under the holographic lights.

Pinkie LP: 6500 ------> 4300

Pinkie was smoldering and let out a tiny cough, blowing a smoke ring out her mouth. “That was shocking.”

Rainbow saw the whole thing on the screen, and sighed, “Oh, Pinkie!” then she called up “Come on, you can’t let her walk all over you like this!”

Aliz nodded, “Now I place one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Pinkie shook the smoke off of her.

“It’s my turn.” she said, and she was about to draw her card, but thought to herself, “I can’t summon any monsters this turn, and if I don’t draw something good, that monster will attack me again, plus, what if Aliz summons another monster that can attack me!”

She looked down at the top of her deck,

“Come on! Please help me, not just for the sake of the duel. I want to help my friend with whatever's bothering her.”

She took her card and looked down at it, and he eyes light up with sparkles.

“Hmm…?” said Aliz.

Pinkie then smiled and took the stage again, “And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce two new performers to join me on stage.

I may not be able to summon any monsters this turn, but I can set monsters in the Pendulum Scale, and so please give a big welcome to Scale 3 PERFORMAPAL LIZARDRAW and Scale 6 PERFORMAPAL EXTRA SLING.”

Her two new monsters appeared in the light, but because Pinkie couldn’t summon, the pendulum itself did not appear, but that didn’t seem to bother her a bit.

“Every good performer has a trick up her sleeve, and I have just the one, and that’s Lizardaw’s Pendulum ability.

Since I have another Performapal in the Pendulum Scale, I’ll destroy my Lizardraw.”

POW! Her monster exploded and went to the Extra Deck.

“…And now I get to draw a card.”

She did so, and liked what she got.

“And now, I’ll use Extra Slinger’s Pendulum ability, which lets me deal my opponent 300 points of damage for every face-up Pendulum monster in my Extra Deck.”

“Huh?” said Aliz.

“Now then, let’s see how many we have.” said Pinkie, and images of her monsters leapt out from her Extra Deck for all to see.

“I count three, which means, my opponent now takes 900 points of damage.”

Aliz growled as her score dropped.

Alizarin LP: 8000 ------> 7100

“Aww, no need to look so down.” said Pinkie “Speaking of down, I’ll put one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Rainbow was impressed as she watched the duel.

“Amazing!” she said in thought “Pinkie found a way to deal damage, and stay strong without summoning a single monster.

But, still… she has a long way to go to win this duel.”

Aliz drew her next card.

“That was a pretty clever move,” she said “But you’re not the only one that can inflict damage like that.”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes.

“I activate WATTCANNON!

As long as this trap is in play, whenever Thunder monsters are summoned, you’ll get zapped for 600 life points.”

“Uh-oh!” said Pinkie.

Aliz nodded, “Now I summon the Tuner, WATTBETTA!”

(Atk: 100)

“And with that summoning, you take 600 points of damage!”

She wasn’t kidding as her trap card was glowing, and shot a shocking-pulse right at Pinkie, making her jump at the shock.

“Ouch!” she groaned.

Pinkie LP: 4300 ------> 3700

Aliz adjusted her glassed, “Now I’ll show you what Electricity can do even more, when I Tune Level 2 Betta with Level 4 Giraffe!”

The two electrical monsters vanished in a wave of thunderbolts, which sparked and boomed as the new monster appeared.

“I Synchro Summon WATTCHIMERA!”

(Atk: 1400)

The monster had a huge lion’s head, and it roared ferociously!

“Nice kitty! Nice kitty-kitty!” Pinkie whimpered

Then suddenly, she got zapped by the Wattcannon, and lost 600 more points.

Pinkie LP: 3700 ------> 3100

“You forgot about my trap, didn’t you.” said Aliz “Well just wait, because not only can my monster attack directly, but if he does, you’ll have to discard one card from your hand to the graveyard!”

Pinkie growled, and then Aliz called out, “Go Chimera… direct attack!”

Her monster roared and soared up high to fire over the hippos and strike Pinkie.

“Not this time!” snapped Pinkie “I play the trap PERFORMAPAL CALL!”

“What? No!” cried Aliz, and she watched as he monster stopped dead in midair, and landed softly next to her.

“That’s what my trap does,” Pinkie explained “It spares me from a direct attack, and then I get to add two Performapals to my hand from my deck, but their defenses have to be less than the attack of your monster.”

She looked through her deck and saw what she wanted almost at once.


Aliz clenched her fist, and had to end her Battle Phase, “I can still do this…” she said grabbing a card from her hand “The spell DE-SYNCHRO!”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes.

“This sends my Chimera back to the Extra Deck,” said Aliz “Then I get to summon the two monsters I used to summon him, so Giraffe and Betta return!”

(Atk: 1200)

(Atk: 100)

“And by summoning these monsters, the Wattcannon will blast your life points down again!”

Pinkie wailed as she got shocked again!

Pinkie LP: 3100 ------> 2500

Aliz scoffed, “And now, I re-tune these monsters, and bring Chimera out once again!”

(Atk: 1400)

“…And of course, you get blasted by the cannon once more!”

Pinkie LP: 2500 ------> 1900

Pinkie’s hair stood straight up and was smoldering.

“Pinkie Pie...!” Rainbow called.

Alzi couldn’t believe how well she was dueling. It seemed she only had to make a few more moves, and Pinkie would be finished.

Still, her sadness caught up with her again, and her tears were falling down her face, and she couldn’t seem to stop them

“Alizarin?” asked Pinkie.

It was really breaking her heart to see someone she knew so broken hearted. “What’s going on between you and Celery Stalk, tell me now!”

Aliz gawked at Pinkie and still didn’t know if she could bring herself to do so.

To Be Continued…

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