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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 9: Part 1: Cheers and Fears


Earlier, before Rarity had her duel with Karle,

Applejack made it to her dueling destination-- a circus tent, where shows went on at the fair, but there was no circus show today.

Instead, Applejack was inside, and people were seated all around to watch the duel against her and her opponent.

Her opponent had already arrived.

He was a young adult man, with spiky black hair, and wearing thick dark shades. He wore a huge black T-shirt with a big white R on the left side, and brown pants.

“You Applejack?” he asked.

“Eeyup, and you are?”

“Name’s Dick, but everyone just calls me “Robin.”

Applejack took a good look at this guy, and after hearing his pseudonym, she was beginning to think she knew him from somewhere.

Then she saw Robin turn his head to face someone in the front row.

There sat a woman, about Dick’s age, with long red hair, red tannish colored skin, and her eyes were completely green-- even where it was supposed to be white-- and two small red bumps in the middle of her forehead.

She also wore a large purple sweater with a short white skirt, and lovely purple boots.

She winked at Robin, and he winked back at her. Then he turned back to face Applejack, “Okay, I’m, ready for you.”

Applejack was almost mesmerized staring at the green-eyed lady, but then snapped herself out of it. “Um… right… let’s go.”

They prepared their disks, and the virtual system was loaded.

The crowds went wild and cheered on for the duel to begin.

“You can do it, Dick!” the green-eyed lady called.

“Don’t sweat it, Kori.” replied Robin.

Then he and Applejack faced one another.


Applejack LP: 8000

Robin LP: 8000

“I’ll go first…” said Applejack.

Skipping her Draw Phase, she made her move at once.

“Time to work… and the first card I play is GRACEFUL CHARITY. So now I draw three cards, then I get rid of two.”

After she drew, she discarded two monsters, but still had five cards in her hand as from the beginning.

“Now, I summon a critter called BUJINGI BOAR in defense-mode.”

(Def: 1900)

“That’ll do it for me, so let’s what you’ve got.”

Robin stared at the monster deeply, almost as if he was certain Applejack was up to something.

“She wouldn’t just put one monster on the field and no other cards for nothing.” he thought to himself “Well, sometimes the best way to learn about a strategy is to set it off.”

He placed his fingers over his deck, “Now, I draw…”

He looked at all six of his cards, “Now I play a spell just like you did, MAGCIAL PENDULUM BOX.”

“Pendulum?!” said Applejack and then she thought “That means this guy knows how to Pendulum Summon monsters. I better be extra careful now.”

Robin then explained “This spell lets me draw two cards, and if they happen to be Pendulum Monsters I can add them to my hand.”

He drew his two cards; they were indeed monsters, but not Pendulum, so he was forced to send them both to the graveyard, which didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

He turned round and winked to Kori, and she winked at him.

Then he turned back to face Applejack, “Now I activate the ability of my monster--PERFORMAGE TRICK CLOWN!”

“What?” snapped Applejack.

“During the turn it’s sent to my graveyard, I can special summon it right out and onto the field.”

The monster appeared, and seemed to resemble that of a circus clown, which really made the crowds cheer as if they were watching a real circus show.

“There is a couple of downsides however.” said Robin “My monster’s attack becomes zero, and I take 1000 points of damage.”

Robin LP: 8000 -----> 7000

“But it’s all well worth it, because now I can summon forth PERFORMAGE DAMAGE JUGGLER.”

(Atk: 1500)

The crowd cheered again.

Both a clown and juggler were in play, which seemed rather appropriate considering the circus ring.

Even Applejack couldn’t ignore all this and felt Pinkie Pie would love these cards, but still she wondered why this cool and suave guy used such monsters?

Who was he, and who was his lady love that he kept winking to? She just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Now,” said Robin “It’s time to hit the big tops, as I overlay these two Level Four monsters to build the Overlay Network!”

The two monsters leapt up into the air as the portal formed, and the newest monster appeared… actually swinging on a trapeze.


(Atk: 2500)

The crowds cheered like crazy as the sight of the creature.

“Xyz Summoned already.” thought Applejack “Whoever this guy is, he’s pretty good.”

Then she noticed Robin looking just a little bit sad at the sight of his monster-- the kind of look you had when you lost something very dear to you.

Kori saw this too, and she knew what he was going through. “Oh, Dick…” she murmured softly.

“Hey, are you alright?” Applejack called to him.

Robin quickly shook himself to his senses. “I’m okay, but your monster soon won’t be, especially when I play this Scale 6 card in my Pendulum Zone-- PERFORMAGE FIREDANCER!”

The monster appeared in the light, in a burst of flames.

“Now you’re in real trouble.” said Robin “My Firedancer’s pendulum ability allows me to select one of my monsters, and if it attacks a monster in defense mode, you’ll be dealt piercing damage!”

Applejack grunted in shock, and then Robin entered his battle phase.

“Showtime, Trapeze Magician! Attack that over stuffed pig!”

His monster swung forth hard on its trapeze, and leapt off, diving straight for Applejack’s boar.

(Atk: 2500) VS (Def: 1900)

“I don’t think so!” snapped Applejack “I banish BUJINGI HARE from my graveyard!”

“What?!” snapped Robin.

Applejack snickered, “Good thing I discarded it, because now it protects my boar from being slaughtered this turn.”

The two monsters collided, but as promised, Applejack’s was not destroyed.

“Impressive,” said Robin “But you still take damage anyway.”

Applejack LP: 8000 -----> 7400

Applejack didn’t seem too phased by it all.

“Now then,” said Robin “I’ll end my turn with a facedown card.”

The crowd seemed eager for more, and kept cheering the two duelists on, but Applejack only kept her mind focussed on the duel.

“My draw…”

She took her card, and she really liked what it was. “Now I play PAINFUL CHOICE!”

Kori gawked from the audience, “Oh, no. That card leaves serious trouble.”

Robin agreed, knowing that Applejack was now allowed to show him five cards from her deck, and he would choose one of them and put that card in her hand while the rest went to the graveyard.

Applejack then showed him her cards—all five were Bujin monsters…






All five of those monsters were especially deadly. Those who knew Bunjin cards would hardly know what to do in this situation. Placing any one of those cards into Applejack’s hand would definitely mean danger one way or another, but then sending all the rest to the graveyard, given their specialties, who knew how powerful Applejack would become.

Still, Robin didn’t waste any time at all and pointed to Wolf, “You can keep that one.”

Applejack blinked once, but took her one card and sent all the others to the graveyard while thinking, “He sure seems confident-- the way he made his decision so fast.”

Still, she didn’t let it bother her.

“I say it’s time to mash you into grits, and do that, I summon BUJINGI PEACOCK.”

(Atk: 1800)

Her monster fanned its feathery tail at everyone.

“But it won’t be around for too long.” said Applejack “I’m overlayin’ Peacock and Boar so I can build the Overlay Network.


(Atk: 2400)

Robin gazed up at the new monster, “You really think that’s going to help you?”

“Yes, sir...” replied Applejack “You should know especially since you let me put a whole load of Bunjins in my graveyard. Now I get to use ‘em to harvest me some monster!

For starters, I’ll banish Centipede from the grave, which allows me to target your facedown card and destroy it!”

Her trick worked, and the card was destroyed, but Robin only smiled, “When you destroy REBOUND while it’s facedown, I get to draw one card.”

Applejack only snuffed, “For all the good that’ll do you. Just wait until I use Susanowo’s ability.

By usin’ one overlay unit, I get to move on Bujin from my deck to my graveyard.


Her card disappeared into the graveyard, “And the reason I chose him is so I can use his ability this turn.

By Banihin’ him, my Susanowo’s attack now increases by the amount of your monster’s attack!”

(Atk 2400) -----> (Atk: 4900)

Robin and Kori gawked up at the huge beast and its bulging muscles.

“Don’t feel too afraid,” said Applejack “My monster sure is strong, but you’ll only be takin’ half the damage you receive.

Then again, I got this little pal up my sleeve-- BUJINGI SWALLOW.”

“Ah!” cried Robin.

Kori gasped, and the crowds whimpered in fright.

Applejack tilted her hat forward a bit, “When I throw this little birdy out of my hand, it lets my monster attack you twice in one turn!”

Robin growled angrily, “I won’t let you get away with this! Now I use Trapeze Magician’s ability!”


“That’s right! I use one overlay unit, and use it to affect your monster!”

The overlay unit vanished, and Applejack’s monster began to glow.

“What are you doing?” asked Applejack.

Robin snickered “I just allowed your monster to make yet another extra attack this turn.”

“Huh?!” said Applejack “That means my monster can attack three times now?”

Robin nodded, “Yes, but unfortunately it comes with a price-- at the end of the Battle Phase your monster will be destroyed instantly.”

Appljack’s eyes widened.

The audience was chattering away.

“So she loses her monster?”

“Still, she has three attacks.”

“She’ll clock him.”

Kori, however, didn’t seem the least bit nervous, and she thought to herself, “These people are in for one big shock.”

Applejack still couldn’t understand, but decided to make the best of her three attacks anyway, and entered her Battle Phase.

“Bujintei Susanowo, attack that there swinger!”

Her monster shimmered in the light, and dove straight at the Magician, and blasted it into oblivion, sending the shockwaves flying past Robin…

…But he didn’t take any damage.

“Huh?” said Applejack “Why didn’t you lose any life points?”

“Simple,” replied Robin “My magician had another special talent-- one that prevents me from taking any damage form an amount lower than his own attack power.”

Applejack growled.

“Oh, just a minute…” said Robin “When I said another special talent, I really meant two.

Since you destroyed my Magician, I can summon one Performage from my deck, and I choose PERFORMAGE PLUSHFIRE!”

(Def: 1000)

“That’s a Pendulum monster!” said Applejack “Well, no matter. I still have two more attacks! Go Susanowo!”

Her monster attacked, and Robin’s monster was destroyed and sent to the Extra Deck, which made Robin snicker, “When you destroyed my Plushfire, I get to summon yet another Performage from my deck!”

“You gotta be kiddin’ me!” groaned Applejack.

“I kid you not!” thundered Robin “Come forth PERFORMAGE BUBBLE GARDNA!”

(Def: 2000)

“And don’t bother trying to use your third attack, because Gardna’s special ability prevents it from being destroyed once per turn.”

Applejack was at a loss for words, but her mind was going a mile a minute, “I can’t believe it! This guy actually survived all the attacks and didn’t even get scratched.”

Robin then turned to Kori and gave her a thumb up, and she nodded at him.

“Now that your battling is over, your monster is instantly destroyed!”

Applejack looked up, and watched her monster explode, just like that, and the shockwaves going past her nearly knocked her hat off.

“I must admit,” she said “Them there’s some pretty nice creature you got.”

Robin looked down deeply at his cards, “These monsters mean a lot to me.

When I was a boy, my family and I were in the circus. We were all trapeze artists, but then I saw it before my eyes.

My folks were doing their act-- the same act they had done many times without flaw-- but then the ropes snapped, and they fell, and the safety nets didn’t save them-- it fell right through!”

Applejack gasped and held her hand to her mouth.

Robin clenched his fist, “It was no accident! Somebody had sabotaged the ropes. We caught the guy, and he was arrested, but I was without a family, and I had to learn to get on with my life.”

He looked back at Kori again, and she looked sad for him.

“Is that why you duel?” asked Applejack “To avenge the loss of your folks?”

“Oh, no, no… nothing like that.” answered Robin “But believe me, my friends and I entered this tournament for a very good reason.”

“Wait, there are more of you?”

In another part of the park,

Fluttershy made it to her destination, near a Haunted House, which was a fun escape room, filled with all kinds of obstacles, puzzles to solve; basically it was like a real video game you could play by yourself.

Only, Fluttershy didn’t like the sight of it; it seemed so scary, and she whimpered softly, The sight of all the fake bats and fake ghosts and low moaning sounds really made her stomach turn.

“Ahem!” hissed a rather deep voice, making her heart skip a beat.

She slowly turned round, and saw a young adult woman, wearing a black turtleneck shirt with a hood, and matching black pants with a long golden band dripping off of her waist.

“Are you supposed to be my opponent?” she asked in a deep and dark voice, and she pulled off her hood revealing her very pale skin, long purple hair, and a small stone in the middle of her forehead.

Fluttershy thought she looked creepy.

“I-- I’m… Fluttershy.” she whimpered.

“Raven.” her opponent hissed at her “Let’s just get this crazy match over with.”

Her hands began to glow with an eerie dark aura along with the stone on her head, making a duel levitating out from behind her and fasten to her arms.

Fluttershy was freaked out, but at the same time astonished, “You… can use magic?”

Raven blinked once at her, “Yes. Don’t you know who I am?”

Fluttershy shook her head, and Raven her eyes “Whatever, let’s just duel already.”

Fluttershy didn’t seem to like the tone in this lady’s voice, but she readied her duel disk.

“Don’t bother saying it…” said Raven “Let’s just go.”

“Okay...” pepped Fluttershy.

Their life points were set…

Fluttershy LP: 8000

Raven LP: 8000

“So, um… who goes first?” asked Fluttershy.

“Do what you want. I don’t care.” sighed Raven “I don’t even like being in this stupid tournament anyway, but my friends dragged me into it.”

Now Fluttershy was starting to feel maybe this lady was troubled deep down, but was obviously not willing to talk about it.

She couldn’t help but ask anyway, “Is there something upsetting you?”

Raven glared at her fiercely, “Just make your move!”

Now Fluttershy was feeling annoyed with her snarking, but she drew her five cards, “Okay then, here goes…!

I summon one monster face-down in defense-mode, and then I place one other card facedown too.”

“Whatever,” said Raven, and she used her power to draw her cards, and another giving her six.

“Now I’ll place two cards facedown, and that’s all.”

Fluttershy blinked and thought, “Why didn’t she summon a monster? Come to think of it, I don’t even know what kind of monsters she uses.”

Raven looked impatiently at her and tapped her foot, hinting for her to make a move.

Fluttershy cleared her throat.

“Now, I draw…! Ha!”

“Did you have to act like that?” Raven asked rudely.

Fluttershy was losing her patience.

“Just for that, I’m going to activate this trap card, BAD REACTION TO SIMOCHI.

Now, every time your life points would increase, this trap card makes it take those points from you.”

Raven barely seemed impressed at all.

Fluttershy narrowed her eyes, “Now I summon another monster in defense mode, and place two cards facedown.”

She ended her turn.

“You know, this game does involve attacking.” Raven said as she drew her next card.

“Oh, I don’t like to use my monsters to attack all that much.” claimed Fluttershy “And believe me, I won’t have to.”

“Thanks for telling me your strategy.” hissed Raven.

Fluttershy felt very silly. She knew fully well not to do a thing like that and blab her strategy out.

“It won’t matter anyway,” said Raven “Especially when I play this Field Spell, PSY-FRAME CIRCUIT!”

The entire area around them began to warp and shift into an electrified dome with all kinds of glowing lines in the air.

“What kind of card is this?” asked Fluttershy.

Raven groaned, she really hated it when she had to explain her cards to her opponent as it made the duel go longer.

“Fine, I’ll explain.” she grumbled “I duel using monsters known as “PSY-Frames,” and they’re Psychic monsters.

With this field spell out, if I special summon a PSY-Frame, I can Synchro Summon imedeatley.”

“You can Synchro Summon?”

“Duh, that’s what I just said.”

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me.” hissed Fluttershy. She was really starting to feel braver and bolder by now, “I play a trap card, GIFT CARD.

This trap would make you gain 3000 of your life points, but because my Bad Reaction to Simochi is still in play, you lose those points instead.”

Raven only smirked wickedly, “I think not!”


“By playing that trap card you helped me. I get to special summon a Tuner known as PSY-FRAMEGEAR EPLISON from my hand.”

(Atk: 1500)

Fluttershy gawked at the stranger looking monster. “I’ve never seen a card like that before.”

“That’s too bad,” hissed Raven “Because it also allows me to call out a PSY-FRAME DRIVER from my deck!”

(Atk: 2500)

Just then, Fluttershy’s Gift Card trap began to glow eerily, and it was shattered and gone.

“What happened to my trap card?” she asked frantically.

“That’s Epsilon’s special ability;” answered Raven “When he’s special summoned, he negates the activation of the trap you play, and destroys it.”

Fluttershy began to shudder nervously again.

“And don’t forget my field spell.” said Raven “PSY-Frame Circuit allows me to use both my monsters to Synchro Summon right away, so I tune my Level 2 Epslilon with Level 6 Drvier.”

The two monsters leapt up high and merged together in synchronization with an electrical pulse and powerful waves of energy creating the new monster.


(Atk: 2800)

Fluttershy gawked up at the fierce looking creature. She shuddered under its huge shadow.

Raven then entered her battle phase, “I’ll attack that first monster you set on your first turn.”

Fluttershy’s monster was revealed, “That’s my PRINCESS OF TSURGI.”

The Princess was destroyed instantly.

“When you flipped her up, you activated her special ability which will deal you 500 points of damage for every spell and trap you have in play.”

Raven had three cards on the field, and that made her score drop by 1500 points.

Raven LP: 8000 -----> 6500

She just stood there with an unimpressed expression on her face. She didn’t look or feel the least but worried.

She ended her battle phase.

“Now I use Framelord’s special ability.

I banish him off the field, which also allows me to banish one card in your hand.”

“What? Oh, no!” cried Fluttershy, but the only card in her hand just disappeared like that, despite the fact there was no magic involved in the game-- it was all holograms.

“On my next Standby Phase, both cards will return.” Raven said “Not that it’ll matter anyway.

Now I’ll end my turn with a face-down card!”

Fluttershy nervously drew her next card, and then thought to herself,

“I don’t get it? Why did she banish her monster off the field? Now she has nothing to protect herself with.

But then again, she has three facedown cards now.”

She saw what she had drawn and she knew had no choice but to play it.

“I play the spell CARD OF SANCITY.”

The card’s glow spread across the field, which made Raven growl at the sight of it, and she hid beneath her hood.

“Don’t be scared,” said Fluttershy “We both get to draw now until we each hold six cards in our hands.”

“I know that!” snapped Raven “I just don’t really like the light all that much. Can you please just make your move so I can hurry and get out of here!”

The players drew their cards, and Fluttershy still couldn’t understand Raven at all, but rather than try to coax it out of her, she concentrated on her cards.

“Now I summon a monster called SUNLIGHT UNICORN!”

(Atk: 1800)

Raven snickered, “Thanks…”


“Because you normal summoned a monster and I don’t have any in play right now, you’ve allowed me to summon this-- PSY-FRAMEGEAR ALPHA.”

(Atk: 500)

“Oh, no!” cried Fluttershy.

“Oh, yes…” sneered Raven “Now I also get to summon out another Framegear Drvier from my deck!”

(Atk: 2500)

“And you know what happens now…”

Fluttershy tugged on her shirt collar nervously, and Raven nodded and motioned at her field spell, “PSY-Frame Circuit lets me Synchro summon using these monsters again!

Level 1 Alpha, Level 6 Driver… Go!”

The two monsters tuned up, and the same special effects shone as the monster appeared.

“I Synchro Summon PSY-FRAMELORD ZETA!”

(Atk: 2500)

The monster looked just as fierce as the other one did, but Raven didn’t say or do much else after that, causing Fluttershy to stall and wait a few moments.

“Will you make your move already?” Raven huffed.

Fluttershy snapped to her senses, “Okay, then.

I use my Unicorn’s special ability-- I get to look at the top card on my deck, and if it happens to an Equip Spell card, I can place it straight in my hand.”

She looked at her card “Perfect! It’s PREMATURE BURIAL.”

She placed it in her hand, giving her six cards once again.

Now I reveal my facedown Tuner monster, BUTEN!”

(Atk: 200)

“But now I also play this spell card, FALLING CURRENT, which lets me change his level to 3!”

Raven didn’t seem phased at all from what was obviously coming her way.

“Now then,” said Fluttershy, “I tune my Level 3 Buten to my Level 4 Unicorn!

I Synchro summon a most daring, yet gentle of beasts-- ANCIENT FAIRY DRAGON!”

The mighty dragon appeared and spread out her sparkling wings, and she only gave a gentle wail rather than a fearsome roar.

(Atk: 2100)

“Nice summon,” hissed Raven “But too bad for you-- you’re monster won’t be staying here long.”

“What?” asked Fluttershy.

“I activate Zeta’s special ability!” thundered Raven, “During either player’s turn, I can banish my own monster, and one Attack Monster you special summoned until my next turn!”

“No!” cried Fluttershy, but she watched as both monsters left the field. “My dragon…! But I worked so hard to play it!”

“Yeah, hurts, doesn’t it?” mocked Raven.

“I’ll place two cards facedown, and that ends my turn.”

“About time!” sneered Raven, and she used her powers to draw her next card levitating her hand of six cards right before her.”

She peeked through them at Fluttershy, “What is with this kid? Why does she keep staring at me like that?

Now I really hope I end this duel soon and get out of here.”

“First,” she declared since it is my Standby Phase, both my Framlords return to the field.

(Atk: 2500) x2

Fluttershy’s Dragon also returned.

(Atk: 2100)

And she also got the card that was banished from her hand last turn, giving her six cards in her hand once more.

“Now I can get you!” called Fluttershy “I reveal my trap card, which is another GIFT CARD!”

Raven growled as she looked up, and Fluttershy smirked, “I know you can only cancel out my cards if you have no monsters in play. So now, you would get 3000 points, but my Simochi card reverses that.”

“Nice try…!” Raven sneered.


“From my hand, I activate the quick-play spell TWIN TWISTERS!

All I do is discard one card from my hand, and I can destroy two spells or traps on the field.”

“Ah!” cried Fluttershy, and she watched her Simochi card, and one of her facedown cards were blown off the field.

“And of course, that means your Gift Card only grants me life points now.” said Raven.

Raven LP: 6500 -----> 9500

Fluttershy growled.

“Now then…” said Raven “Let me show you how much it pays to actually think before you act!”

Fluttershy’s teeth chattered.

“Once again, I activate the ability of my Framelord Zeta, which lets me banish both him and your dragon again!”

Fluttershy watched in horror as her monster vanished once more along with Raven’s.

“And now, my monster will return, with help from his trap card, BRAIN HAZARD!

It lets me revive one banished Psychic monster, but if the Brain Hazard is destroyed, then my monster will go too, but it won’t matter to me, because now I enhance him with this equip card, BIG BANG SHOT!

Not only does it boost his power by 400 points…”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 2900)

“But if I attack a monster in defense mode, you get dealt piercing damage!”

Fluttershy was really starting to freak out, and Raven entered her Battle Phase.

“Oh, and by the way…” Raven called “My field spell has another special magic I didn’t mention.

When a PSY monster battles, I can discard one PSY-FRAMEGEAR DELTA, and my monster’s attack goes up by the amount of his attack power—1200!”

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 4100)

“Forty-One hundred points!” cried Fluttershy.

Raven snuffed, “Zeta, attack this kid directly!”

“Oh, no you don’t!” snapped Fluttershy, “I activate my trap card, MAGIC CYLINDER!”

“Ah!” cried Raven.

Fluttershy snickered, “Now your monster’s attack will be stopped, and you’ll take the damage that I would have.”

The monster was getting closer and closer to Fluttershy’s trap. Raven had to act quickly!

“I don’t think so.” said Raven “I play the continuous trap, PSY-FRAME ACCELERATOR!”

“Ah!” cried Fluttershy.

Raven smirked “As long as this trap remains in play, once every turn, I can pay 500 life points…”

Raven LP: 9500 -----> 9000

“…Then I can banish Zeta off the field until my next turn, which stops my attack!”

Her monster vanished and was gone, meaning Fluttershy’s trap had nothing to target now. So, it was vanquished.

“Now that that’s settled,” hissed Raven “Omega, attack her directly.

You won’t be able to escape from this!”

Her monster lunged forth and prepared to give Fluttershy a huge blast.

“Oh, yes I will!” said Fluttershy “I play SCAPEGOAT, which summons four fluffy little Sheep Tokens to my field to protect me.”

The four cute little tokens appeared out from the card, hoping and bleating about.

(Def: 0) x4

Raven thought they were disgusting rather than cute, so she destroyed only one of them, and then ended her turn.

Fluttershy nodded, and was very relieved that she was able to survive this turn.

“Now, I draw…”

She took her card, giving her four in her hand.

“Now it’s really time for me to take control of this duel.

And I’ll start by playing the card I got last turn-- PREMATURE BURIAL!

“Firstly, I have to pay 800 life points…”

Fluttershy LP: 8000 -----> 7200

Now I can summon back my faithful Starlight Unicorn from the graveyard!”

Her monster appeared in a flash of bright light.

(Atk: 1800)

“You see,” said Fluttershy “My deck is built in ways that not only make it so I hardly ever have to battle, but it also helps to protect me and leave me with many options to try.”

Raven still didn’t seem the least bit amused.

“Uh-huh,” said Raven “Is this the part where I’m supposed to be scared?”

Fluttershy looked up at her monster, “Hmm… I don’t really know.” Then she snapped herself to her senses.

“I now use his special ability to look at the top card on my deck.”

She looked, and lucky her, it was another Equip Spell, “Perfect! It’s my, just the spell I need.”

She kept in her hand for the moment.

“But right now, I’d like to play another spell card; LIGHT-WAVE TUNING!”

From the card image shined a bright light that really irked Raven.

“More of those Light Cards?!” she groaned as she covered her eyes.

“Oh, yes.” said Fluttershy “And the light from this powerful spell lets me turn my unicorn into a Tuner monster for this turn, and that’s just what I need.

Now I tune him with my three other Sheep Tokens! Now I’m going to summon a monster that’s even better than ever!”

The four creatures leapt up high and merged together forming Fluttershy’s newest creature, which was even brighter and more shining than her Ancient Fairy Dragon!


(Atk: 2100)

Her monster spread its wings and hummed rather than roared, and then it instantly grew weaker, by 1800 points.

(Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 300)

“What happened to your monster?” asked Raven “How come it just got weaker?”

“My Wyvern has a rather unusual ability,” answered Fluttershy “Since my life points are lower than yours, she loses attack points equal to the difference in our scores, but I can change that easily.

I play the Equip Spell that I got-- D.D.R- DIFFERENT DIMENSION REINCARNATION!”

“Huh?” cried Raven.

“All I do is discard one card, and now I get to summon one monster that was banished.

You see, even in a deck like mine I just may have to banish a few monsters here and there, but I’m reviving a monster that you caused me to lose!”

With that, her Aincient Fair Dragon reappeared on the field next to her Wyvern.

(Atk: 2100)

The two monsters almost even looked alike. They even looked at one another and nodded.

“Uh-huh...” Raven said in a low tone, “Is this the part where I’m supposed to be scared.”

“Oh, you will be.” said Fluttershy “Especially considering the monster that I just discarded is HEARALDIC BEAST LEO!”

“What?!” snapped Raven!”

“That’s right!” sneered Fluttershy “Now, I banish Leo out of the graveyard to use his ability.

I can target my Wyvern, since her attack points are different from her original attack power, and then I can target your Omega, and cause it to lose attack points equal to the difference that my Wyvern is down by.”

Raven stiffened “But that’s 1800 points!”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 700)

Raven hated the sight of this, and thought to herself, “I don’t dare use my trap to banish my monster this time. I’ll be far too wide open!”

Fluttershy, was feeling very confident with herself.

“And now, I’ll use my Ancient Fairy Dragon’s special ability, which allows me to destroy one field spell that’s in play.”

“Ah!” cried Raven, and she watched as her PSY-Frame Circuit card was vanquished, and the field images around the two duelists warped back to normal.

“And now,” said Fluttershy “Not only do I gain a one-thousand life point boost…”

Fluttershy LP: 7200 -----> 8200

“But I also get to take a Field Spell of my own from my deck, and I’ll play it right away.”

On the screen on her duel disk was complete list of the images of every single card she had. She scrolled through it, and touched the very card she wanted, which then poked out from her deck instantly, and as soon as she snatched it, the deck automatically was shuffled in the disk itself.

“I activate the field spell, ARRAY OF REVEALING LIGHT!”

“Ah!” Raven cried, feeling surprised for the first time in the duel.

The entire field began to alter again, this time taking on the form of stark dark environment, with a glowing floor, and a sacred seal in the center.

Fluttershy loved the sight of it, and then looked up at Raven as she explained, “With this field spell, I can declare one monster type, and any monster that is that type is forbidden to attack during the turn it gets summoned.”

Raven growled softly.

Fluttershy then declared, “I choose “Psychic!”

The seal on the ground began to glow brightly, and cast its light across the entire field, and Raven, once again, hid in her hood.

“This is really starting to annoy me!” she grumbled.

“Well then,” hissed Fluttershy “Much as I don’t usually like to attack, I guess sometimes even I have no choice but to do it.”

Really, she hated sending her own monsters in battle, but she was willing to be brave and face it when she had to.

“Ancient Fairy Dragon, attack Framelord Omega!”

(Atk: 2100) VS (Atk: 700)

Raven screamed as the bright explosions made her shut her eyes tightly, “AAAAH, THAT LIGHT!!!”

Raven LP: 9000 -----> 7600

Fluttershy smiled wickedly, “And now that my life points are higher than yours, my Wyvern’s attack goes up by the difference in our scores.”

(Atk: 300) -----> (Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 2700)

“Wyvern, attack Raven directly!”

Her big monster opened its huge mouth and shot a bright pulse of light that struck Raven hard and nearly forced her back a few paces!

Raven LP: 7600 -----> 4100

Fluttershy actually felt pretty awful for having assaulted her like that, even though she knew it had to be done.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

That’s when Raven angrily peered through her hood. Her eyes were glowing red softly, which scared Fluttershy. It felt as if she was staring into the face of some evil creature.

“What’s going on?!” she cried.

Raven then calmed down, and held her hands together, whispering softly, “Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos.”

She breathed deeply, and then opened her eyes to a whimpering Fluttershy.

She felt ashamed of what had just happened, and didn’t mean to scare her like that.

“What are you?” Fluttershy asked.

“I’d really rather not say.” replied Raven “But know this, much as I don’t like this game, I will not lose this duel.

There’s a lot riding on this for me and my friends.

So get ready!

I’m coming at you with everything I’ve got now!”

Her eyes glowed softly again, making Fluttershy nervous.

To Be Continued…

Author's Note:

That's right, I think you know who Masquerade is now, but please don't blab if you do, for those who have never seen Teen Titans before, I'd like to keep those who haven't see that show a little on edge.

Also, know YOU know who Masquerade is, but the question is, how long will it take the characters to know? Remember, characters don't see everything like you viewers do. Let the fic carry on, and it'll become clear in time.

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