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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 3: Force of Hand


Pinkie Pie’s folks were out of town at a Rock Convention with Maud Pie, and so she had the place all to herself, but she was permitted to have friends over, provided she was responsible and called or emailed to check in.

All the girls were in their pajamas in Pinkie’s big bedroom.

Some of the girls were playing on her game-station.

Sunset was helping Rarity get used to her new deck by giving her pointers and showing what moves she could make.

Pinkie was emailing her parents about the slumber party.

“How are things going? Oki-doki-Lok…!”

Twilight smiled.

“I really wish the other Twilight and Spike were here.” she said.

The girls had called Human Twilight up, saying about the party, but they only got a response that she couldn’t make it, and that she had a special experiment to conduct at home. She wouldn’t even say what it was.

Twilight chuckled, “I remember how I used to lock myself up and work on extra assignments for Princess Celestia.”

Sunset agreed, “I remember those. You’d never want to disappoint her.”

Rarity could only sigh, “It must be so beautiful there in Equestria-- all the magic, and wonder and glamour.” She fell backwards on the huge bed “What I’d give just to have a glimpse of it.”

“Count me in for a piece of that too.” agreed Applejack.

“I bet there’d be lots of nice animals to see.” said Fluttershy.

Twilight agreed, maybe it would be nice for her friends to see her world someday. “When I return, I’ll talk to Princess Celestia and ask if you can visit some time over the summer.”

“Awesome.” said Rainbow.

As the girls continued their slumber party, outside, the two men had parked on the empty street, across from Pinkie’s house, and they could see the lighted window from the bedroom.

“Alright, show time.” said the older brother.

His younger brother handed him a laptop, and then passed to him a strange looking USB link, unlike anything anyone would ever see.

“I don’t understand, brother?” said the younger brother “Can’t we simply put our plan into action immediately? I’m sure the girls would be willing to comply.”

“We could…” replied his brother “…But I would like to show them just how much we mean business, and it wouldn’t hurt to test that girl-- Sunset Shimmer-- ourselves.

We want to be certain she’s the one we seek. She has a rather unusual deck.”

He then held up a duel monsters card, “If I’m right, then she is the key that will unlock our passage to what we deserve.”

Later on, the girls had all turned out the lights and were sleeping tightly. Pinkie Sunset and Twilight shared her big four-poster bed, while the rest of the girls were tucked up in sleeping-bags on air cushions.

Applejack snored softly with her hat over her face.

Rarity softly muttered herself as she dreamed about meeting Loki Prince and being whisked off her feet. “Oh, Loki… This is all so sudden. I… I…” she rolled over and went silent.

Sunset suddenly got up and felt nature calling, and she crept silently to the bathroom down the hall.

By the time she was finished and she left the bathroom, she ran into Twilight in the hall as she came on the stairs.

The two gasped softly,

“You scared me.” chuckled Sunset.

“I had to use the bathroom, but you were in it, so I went downstairs.”

As they both headed back to bed, they noticed Pinkie’s laptop-- while it was closed and charging, and not even switched on, there was a strange, bright glow emitting out from the grooves.

The two girls exchanged looks of confusion, and naturally their curiosity got them as they walked over and Sunset lifted the laptop open.

The light began to get brighter and brighter, which woke up the girls.

“Hey, what’s with the lights?” groaned Rainbow.

“Is it morning already?” asked Fluttershy.

“You are ruining my beauty sleep!” grumbled Rarity.

Pinkie rubbed her eyes, “Hey, what’s with my laptop. I thought I turned it off?”

Suddenly, there were images appearing on the screen, of two dark figures. They were completely black from head-to-toe, like giant silhouettes.

The light suddenly shone brighter and brighter-- the girls had to shut their eyes.

When Sunset looked again, she found herself standing in a strange setting-- a shadowy world with a sky like Outer Space, and dark buildings that all gave an ominous glow.

The ground was dark and misty.

“Where am I?” asked Sunset “Why do I think I’ve seen this place somewhere before?”

Then, a terrible sight met her eyes; all the girls were standing behind her, all frozen on the spot—motionless like statues, and all their colors were gone.

“Girls…! Girls wake up!”

No response! The girls remained motionless and silent, as if they were cursed by powerful magic.

“Greetings, Sunset Shimmer.” called a voice from behind.

Sunset turned swiftly and saw those two dark figures that appeared on the laptop. She didn’t recognize them, and their voices were ominous and deep.

“There is no need to worry about your friends.” said the shorter figure “They are quite safe, for the moment.”

Sunset clenched her fists and sneered, “Who are you? Where am I? How do you know me?”

“We’ll tell you what we decide to tell you.” hissed the tall figure.

His brother then said “We’ve been observing you and your friends for a long time. We know all about you, your magic, Equestria-- just about everything that goes with it.”

Sunset gasped softly. “You know about Equestria?”

“More than you realize.” replied the tall figure “But never mind that now. We have a little business to discuss with you.”

Sunset wouldn’t hear of this, and tried to summon forth her magic to break whatever curse this was, or confront the two figures.

Unfortunately, her powers wouldn’t awaken.

“Sorry, it’s not that simple.” said the younger brother “This is a special simulation that was created just for this moment.

Your magic, powerful as it may be, has ho affect here. So you won’t be leaving until we let you out.”

Sunset was losing her patience, but realizing her friends were in trouble too, she asked the men, “What do you want?”

“We simply wish to put you through a little test. That’s all.” said the older brother.

“A test?” asked Sunset “What exactly?”

Then she got her answer as a duel disk magically appeared on her left arm, complete with her entire dueling deck already shuffled and inserted.

“You want to duel me?”

“Correct.” answered the younger brother, and he stepped forth with his own duel disk on his arm. “We’ve heard about your dueling style, and would like to see in person. Once the duel is over, we’ll release you and your friends, win or lose.”

“You’ll do that?” asked Sunset “You’ll let me and my friends go, and all I have to do is duel you?”

“Yes!” replied the brothers.

Much as Sunset still didn’t understand all this, and was still perplexed with the world she was standing in-- still wondering why it seemed so familiar to her-- she agreed to the duel.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

The brothers snickered.

“Very good,” hissed the older brother “Begin the match!”

The disks were ready, virtual system set, and cards were drawn.


Sunset LP: 8000

????? LP: 8000

“I shall begin,” said the figure “And I shall start by playing POT OF GREED, so I may draw two more cards.”

While he drew his cards, Sunset thought to herself, “I don’t know who these guys are, or what strategy they use, but whatever it is I just hope I can end this duel quickly so I can help the others.”

“Now, prepare yourself, my dear.” said the figure, “You’ve never seen a strategy like mine.

From my hand, I activate the ability of this monster; DOUBLE-D SWIRL SLIME!”

Sunset gawked.

“When this creature is in my hand, I’m allowed to Fusion Summon using monsters in my hand—without the need of a fusion card.”

“What?! No fusion card?” cried Sunset.

Her opponent nodded.

“I now fuse, my Swirl Slime with DOUBLE-D BERFOMET

I now Fusion summoned… TRIPLE- D ORACLE KING D’ARC!”

(Atk: 2800)

Sunset gazed up at the new monster, and she was ever amazed.

“I shall now place two cards face down, and that ends my turn. Now, it’s your move.”

Sunset grunted softly, “Fine, I draw!”

She looked down at her hand, “Nice!

I’ll use scale 1 STARGAZER MAGICIAN, and Scale 8 TIMEGAZER MAGICAN to set the Pendulum Scale!”

Her two magicians appeared in the magical light tubes of the Pendulum Zone, and the pendulum began to swing between them.

…Then suddenly, it just stopped swinging.

“Huh? What’s happening?” cried Sunset “Why isn’t the pendulum swinging?”

Her opponent was then heard snickering, and motioning at the card he had played, “It stopped because I activated this quick-play card; PENDULUM SHIFT.

Durring the turn it is played, this spell allows me to target a monster in any player’s Pendulum Zone, and then I can change its Pendulum Scale.”

Sunset then looked in horror as Timegazer Magician went from 8 to a 1, making it the same as Stargazer’s scale.

“Oh, no…!” Sunset groaned in thought, “With both their scales at 1, I can’t Pendulum Summon this turn.”

The older brother then thought silently to himself, “She’s going to have to do a little better if she wants to win this duel.”

Sunset wouldn’t be deterred, “In that case, I’ll summon a monster facedown, in defense-mode.

Then I’ll place one card face down and end my turn.”

“Very well, then.” said her opponent “My draw…!

“Now I summon the Tuner monster, DOUBLE-D NIGHTHOWL!”

(Atk: 300)

“A Tuner monster?” cried Sunset.

Her opponent nodded.

“When Nighthowl is Normal Summoned, I am able to bring forth a Double-D creature from The Graveyard, as long as its Attack and Defense are reduced to Zero!

I choose, Double-D Berformet!”

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 0)

Sunset didn’t like where this was going.

“I now Tune Level 3 Nighthowl with Level 4 Berfomet!


(Atk: 2500)

Sunset was astonished by the Synchro Summon. “A Fusion Monster and a Syncrho Monster…?”

Her opponent ignored her and instead entered his Battle Phase. “King Alexander, I order you to attack and destroy that monster!”

The mighty creature rushed forth, and attacked Sunset’s monster-card-- slicing it in half, just barely missing her, and destroying her Dragonpulse Magician, and sent it to the Extra Deck.

“Now that that’s done,” hissed her opponent “Time for King d’Arc to attack you directly!


His monster complied, and bounded straight at Sunset.

“Hold on!” snapped Sunset “I play the trap MAGIC CYLINDER!

Now not only is your attack stopped, but you’re going to take the damage I would have taken, and that’s a full 2800!”

The magical objects indeed fired a force of power straight at Sunset’s opponent, but much to sunset’s horror, her opponent had a surprise for her as the blast hit him.

“Sorry, but D’Arc’s special ability makes it so that I gain life points from your card’s effect!” and indeed, his life points increased.

????? LP: 8000 -----> 10,800

Sunset was most outraged, but was relieved that she avoided the attack at least, sparing her own life points form damage.

“What’s with this guy and his brother?” she thought “Who are they?”

The brothers both just stood where they were, silent and still as if they were unimpressed with how things were going so far.

“I shall end my turn with one card facedown.” said the dueling brother.

Sunset nodded and then drew her card. She then took a moment to gaze over at her friends who were still frozen in the dark magic, which she still wanted to ponder about.

Still, she had to focus more on the duel at the moment.

“Now that my Pendulum Scale is reset, it’s time I finished what I started last turn.”

The magic pendulum began to swing magically, and Sunset called out to it.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

In three blazes of shooting light, her monsters appeared.




The older brother took a slight interest in those monsters. “That was very impressive, summoning all those monsters at once.” he called to her.

Sunset snickered, “You haven’t seen anything yet.

See, Harmonizing Magician is a Tuner Monster, and when I Pendulum Summon her, I get to call out one Magician monster out of my deck, so long as its effects are negated.


(Atk: 1400)

“But he won’t be around for too long, because I’m Tuning him with Harmonizing Magician so I can create something even more dangerous!

I Synchro Summon Level 7 ARCANITE MAGICIAN!”

(Atk: 400)

“I know what you’re thinking, “Why summon a monster with only 400 Attack Points?

Well, when he’s successfully Synchro Summoned, he gets two Spell Counters, and for each one of them, his attack increased by 1000 points!”

The monster’s two large shoulder pads glowed brightly with the spell counters, and his attack went way up to 2400!

“Yeah, I know…” Sunset said cheekily “Even with that power-boost, he still isn’t strong enough to attack your monsters, but then again... Attack Points aren’t the only way.

Now by removing those spell counter, Arcanite Magician’s attack is reduced back to 400, but in exchange, I can destroy one card for each counter.

So, say goodbye to your kings, because they’re about to be dethroned!”

Indeed, the two huge Kings glowed brightly, and were destroyed in big explosions.

“And I’m not through yet!” boasted Sunset “I have two Level 7 monsters, which I now overlay in order to build The Overlay Network!”

The two monsters vanished in glowing orbs of light, and vanished into a huge, swirling vortex that appeared in the ground.

Sunset then called out as a bright flash emerged from the portal, and her monster appeared…

“With wings so sharp and a shining light
I summon a dragon of great might!


(Atk: 2800)

Her new dragon roared. It’s shone brightly, and two large glowing orbs of light orbited its massive body.

The dueling brother was growing more impressed as he silently thought, “She Synchro and Xyz Summoned in one turn. This could get interesting, but we’ll have to see.

Sunset pointed forth, “Now Odd-Eyes, attack him directly!”

Her dragon complied, and unleashed it’s mighty fury, blasting her opponent hard, and due to Sunset’s two magicians in the Pendulum Zones, traps and spells couldn’t be played until after the Damage Step.

Her opponent lost a full 2800 points…

????? LP: 10,800 -----> 8000

“Now, Dragonpulse Magician, attack him directly!”

The magician sped forth, and blasted the opponent, lowering his score again by a full 1800!

????? LP: 8000 -----> 6200

“Now I’ll place this card facedown, and end my turn.”

Her hand was empty, but she felt much better deep down inside as she looked up at her new monster thinking, “My Odd-Eyes should be able to help me, but I really wish this duel was over. This world’s giving me the creeps, plus it’ll get my friends out of their state.”

“It’s my turn,” called her opponent, and he drew his card.

“I now activate the Continuous Spell, DARK CONTRACT WITH THE GATE!”

Sunset gawked at the gate and asked, “What’s that do?”

Her opponent then grabbed his deck and explained, “As long as this spell is in play, my Dark Contract allows me to add one Double-D creature to my hand, and I chose another Swirl Slime.”

Sunset grunted and clenched her fist knowing that this meant!

“Now then,” said her opponent “I use Swirl Slime’s ability again, fusing it with DOUBLE-D NECRO SLIME.


(Atk: 2000)

Sunset was at first awed by the sight of this new monster, but she couldn’t understand why her opponent would summon a monster weaker than her Odd-Eyes.

Her opponent snickered, “Now I activate the ability of my Necro Slime in the graveyard!

By banishing it, along with Swirl Slime, I can Fusion Summon yet another King Genhis!”

(Atk: 2000)

“Two Flame Kings?” cried Sunset.

Her opponent chuckled, “And the heat is still on.

I activate CALL OF THE HAUNTED, to revive Double-D Berfomet!

Return to me!”

(Atk: 1400)

“And bringing out this creature, I can now use the ability of my Flame Kings.

When a Double-D monster is special summoned, I am then permitted to call out another Double-D from the graveyard.

I choose, Nighthowl!”

(Atk: 300)

Sunset was starting to grow a little nervous.

“Now observe!” called her ooponent “As I Overlay my two Level 6 Triple-Ds to build The Overlay Network!”

As his two monsters vanished, Sunset could hardly believe this at all, “Now he’s Xyz Summoning?!” she cried in her mind.

“I Xyz Summon…” her opponent shouted, “… TRIPLE-D WAVE KING HIGH CEASER!”

(Atk: 2800)

Sunset gawked up at the huge monster floating in the air. She was almost rather impressed that this guy, whoever he was able to Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summon so many monsters.

“You’re speechless I see.” said the older brother “It’s not a surprise really. We know fully well of your desire to operate a strategy like this, just as we observed.”

Sunset still didn’t take kindly to that, “You know, you really ought to have respect for other people’s private lives.

“Ha!” scoffed the dueling brother, “If we did that, then how would we ever seek out those we feel who can help us?”

Sunset still remained unimpressed.

“Very well then,” hissed her opponent “Our monsters may be equal in strength, but that doesn’t matter to me!

King High Cesar, attack Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon!”

The monster complied and zoomed forth to strike.

“Don’t think so!” said Sunset “I activate Odd-Eyes’ ability. Whenever any monster attacks, by using one Overly Unit, I can negate that attack, and when I do, I then get to summon one Odd-Eye creature!”

One of the two glowing orbs vanished into Odd-Eyes, and the dragon began to glow.

“Nice try,” hissed the opponent, “But King Cesar his own ability. By using an Overlay Unit, whenever you try to special summon a creature, that effect is negated and the card source is destroyed!”

“Ah!” cried Sunset and she watched in horror as her dragon exploded, and the pixelated shockwaves zoomed past her!

“You just activated Odd-Eyes other ability!” she shouted “When its destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I get to summon one Odd-Eyes monster right out of my Extra Deck…”

She reached for her Extra-Deck to pull that move off, but King Caesar butt in and blocked her hand with his sword-- despite it being just a hologram.

“Sorry, but I can’t allow that!” sneered the opponent “King Caesar will just his other Overlay Unit and stop your summoning!”

Sunset was beginning to sweat bullets, “I can’t believe this!” she thought to herself “Not only is this guy able to summon all these monsters, but he stops me from summoning my own!

I can’t defend myself this way!”

“There’s one other thing you should know,” called her opponent “When Caesar successfully uses his ability, I can select a Double-D monster and increase its attack by 1800!”

Sunset watched as Befomet and Nighthowl become deadly stronger!

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 3200)

(Atk: 300) -----> (Atk: 2100)

“And let’s not forget his majesty. King Caesar also gains 1800 points for each monster.”

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 6400)

“Sixty-Four Hundred!!” cried Sunset “That’s nuts!”

Her opponent snickered, “Not really, especially considering what’s about to happen!

King Caesar, attack Dragonpulse Magician!”

“Not so fast!” shouted Sunset “I play a trap; XYZ REBORN!

With this trap, I can revive my Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon!”

Her dragon reappeared and roared!

(Atk: 2800)

“And what’s more, the trap itself acts as an Overlay Unit, which I can use to stop your King Caesar’s attack!”

The Overlay Unit vanished, and King Caeser came to a dead stop with his huge club just inches away from striking Sunset.

“Whew!” Sunset sighed “And now, I get to revive an Odd-Eyes monster from the graveyard, and you can’t stop me now!

Welcome back, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

(Def: 2000)

“Very clever.” hissed the opponent “You managed to stop my strongest creature, but I have two more!”

He then ordered his Nighthowl to destroy the freshly revived Odd-Eyes, which it did and Odd-Eyes was sent to the Extra Deck.

“Just as I hoped.” Sunset thought.

“Now!” shouted her opponent “Double-D Berformet will attack yours Absolute Dragon!


(Atk: 3200) VS (Atk: 2800)

Odd-Eyes was destroyed once again as the shockwaves blew past Sunset.

Sunset LP: 8000 -----> 7600

Sunset snapped herself up right, “You forget? By destroying Odd-Eyes, you activated his ability! Now I get to summon an Odd-Eyes monster out of my Extra Deck.”

Her Extra Deck gave off a huge glow of light, “Now I call forth an extra special guy I’ve been saving for such an occasion…

…I summon the Synchro Monster, ODD-EYES METEORBURST DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2500)

Her monster appeared in a great meteor explosion, and roared unleashing a fiery wave.

“And there’s more!” said Sunset “When this guy is summoned, I get to take a monster in My Pendulum Zone and summon it to the field, so come on down Stargazer Magician!”

Her magician leapt out from his light, and landed right on the field.

(Def: 2400)

Her opponent was very impressed, “Summoning a Synchro monster without Tuning. I must say, you are indeed pretty slick.”

Sunset took that as a compliment, “I know how to summon all kinds of monsters too, you know.”

“I can see that,” agreed her opponent, “I end my turn, and with that, all my monsters have their attack power returned to normal.”

(Atk: 6400) -----> (Atk: 2800)

(Atk: 3200) -----> (Atk: 1400)

(Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 300)

“What’s wrong?” Sunset teased “Running out of ways to summon?”

Her opponent remained silent, and his brother thought silently, “This girl has no idea-- we’ve only been stringing her along this entire match.

She seems to have some talent, but there’s one other thing she doesn’t know.”

“It’s my turn…” said Sunset, but as she prepared to draw she thought deeply “These guys are acting pretty calm.

Are they planning something really big?

Well, whatever it is, I can’t let them pull it off.

All I have to do is get rid of all the monsters on the field, and it should be clear sailing.”

She looked over at her friends still stuck in their frozen state, and kept in mind that she was dueling for them.

“I draw…!

And I play POT OF GREED, so now I get to draw two cards!”

She hoped whatever she drew would help her.

She took her cards, and looked up over at her opponent. “Time to make a little come back here,

“I use Scale 2 OAFDRAGON MAGICIAN to reset my Pendulum Scale!”

Her new monster took its place in the light of the Pendulum Zone, and the magic pendulum began to swing once more. “Now, I get call out as many monsters from Levels 3 to 7 as I need!” said Sunset, and then she called out to the swinging pendulum once more…

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

In two shots of bright flashes, her monsters appeared.



All five of Sunset’s Monster Zones were full.

All the creatures standing side-by-side and looking ready for action, but the two brothers barely seemed too impressed.

“Now then,” said Sunset “I play the spell POLYMERIZATION!

Go Odd-Eyes!

Go Stargazer Magician!”

The two monsters leapt into the light and swirled together into one!


(Atk: 3000)

The mighty dragon roared as if glowed in a mystical light.

The dueling brother gazed up at the mighty dragon, almost in awe, and Sunset smirked at him.

“Time to say goodbye to all your monsters, because you see… Since I used Stargazer Magician to summon Rune-Eyes, he now gets to attack your monsters three times this turn!”

“Three time?!” cried the opponent.

“Three times!” replied Sunset. “Go, Rune Eyes, attack King Caesar!”

In one huge blast of flames, the mighty dragon struck down the strong king!

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 2800)

????? LP: 6200 -----> 6000

“Now for round two!” called Sunset “Say goodbye to Double-D Berfomet!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 1400)

????? LP: 6000 -----> 4400

The brothers were starting to grow annoyed!

“Now Rune-Eyes,” called Sunset “Take out that Nighthowl-- Attack!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 300)

????? LP: 4400 -----> 1700

The dueling brother braced himself as the shockwaves zoomed past him, and growled angrily.

Now his field was completely empty, and Sunset still had plenty of fight left.

She really felt she was going to do it, and she gazed over at her frozen friends, “Hang on, girls… I’m taking us home!

“Now that you have nothing to protect you,” said Sunset. “Odd-Eyes Meteorburst, attack and end this!”

Her Dragon roared and prepared to attack…!

“Just a moment!” thundered the dueling brother “I activate my facedown quick-play spell, FIEND’S SANCTUARY!”

“Ah!” gasped Sunset.

Her opponent scoffed at her “Without your Stargazer Magician stopping my spells, I now can summon a Metal Fiend Token!”

A little metalic figure then appeared right on the field.

(Def: 0)

Sunset couldn’t believe this-- she was that close to ending the duel, and now she couldn’t. She knew if she attacked that token, it wouldn’t be destroyed, and she would take any battle damage.

“Poor little dear,” hissed her opponent “…That’s what happens when you let your confidence run away with you.”

Sunset took offense to that “You sound like this is all a big game to you.”

The older brother sneered and said “Well, we told you, didn’t we…? This is a test-- a test of your skills and potential.

You have shown quite a few impressions in your summoning, but you don’t put enough effort into it, and your overconfidence holds you back even further!”

Now Sunset felt really offended.

“In case you didn’t realize, I’ve got more monsters, and more life points.” She then called to her opponent “How can you possibly expect to beat me when all you’ve got is that spell on the field?”

“I’ll show you.” answered her opponent, and he drew his card.

“Firstly, my Dark Contract has an unfortunate side-effect. I must take 1000 points of damage when my turn begins.”

The Dark Contract card glowed, and so did the figure as his life points dropped.

????? LP: 1700 -----> 700

“Then there is my Metal Fiend Token.

I would be required to pay 1000 more points to keep it, but since I cannot, I shall destroy it.”

The little token shattered and was gone.

“However, now I am able to use the power of my Dark Contract, allowing me to take a Double-D creature and place it in my hand, and the card I chose is DOUBLE-D SAVANT KELPER!”

Sunset gawked in shock at the card, “That’s a Pendulum Monster!”

“Yes!” sneered her opponent, “You didn’t think I didn’t know how to Pendulum Summon, did you?”

He then placed the creature into the Pendulum Zone, letting it take its place in the light.

Sunset then pointed out, “But your scale isn’t complete, and besides that… you need cards to summon, and you don’t even have any!”

“A technicality I plan to remedy.” Said her opponent and he held up his last card, “I activate CARD OF DEMISE!”

Sunset gasped!

“This power of this spell allows me to draw five new cards.

Of course, in five turns I will have to discard my entire hand, but that won’t be happening!”

He drew five cards into his hand.

“Now then, I’ll now complete the Pendulum Scale with DOUBLE-D SAVANT GALLILEI!”

The two monsters shone brightly in the light, and the pendulum began to swing.

Sunset just couldn’t believe her eyes.

“With the power of this pendulum scale of 1 to 10,” her opponent called “I can now summon monsters form Level 2 through 9.”

The portal appeared in the sky, and three monsters rained down into appear!

“I Pendulum Summon…




Sunset gawked up at the three huge, hulking beasts. They were even larger than her monsters were, but she was more astonished by the fact that her opponent just Pendulum Summoned.

“Now then…” hissed her opponent “When Ragnarok is Special Summoned, his special ability lets me summon one Triple-D from my graveyard!

…Return to me, Gust King Alexander!”

(Atk: 2500)

“And now, I activate this last card that I hold, DARK CONTRACT WITH THE SWAMP KING!

With the power of this card, I now have the ability to fuse monsters that are in my graveyard!”

A drop of sweat rolled down Sunset’s head.

“I now banish form the graveyard both my Flame King Genghis.

I now Fusion Summon a creature of likes you’ve never before…


(Atk: 3500)

Sunset gawked in awe at this new monster and it’s card frame, “It’s a Fusion and Pendulum card? I’ve never seen such a thing!”

“No, we didn’t think you would.” hissed the older brother “But I’m afraid that’s the least of your worries now.”

His brother agreed.

“The first thing I shall do is use King Kaiser’s ability, which lets me destroy both my Contract Cards!”

The two spells exploded in bright blasts, which were then absorbed by King Kaiser himself.

His controller snickered, “Now, for each one destroyed allows my monster one additional attack this turn.

But I’m still not through, because now I use the ability of my Purple Armageddon, an ability that allows me to take your Meteorburst Dragon and destroy it. Then you take damage equal to half of its original attack power!”

“No!” cried Sunset, but she watched in horror as her beloved dragon exploded, blowing waves past her, and her score dropped by 1250!

Sunset LP: 7600 -----> 6350

“And now…” shouted her opponent “On to battle…!”

Sunset monsters and her opponent’s monsters all roared and glared at each other, ready to fight!

“King Alexander, attack Rune-eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

“What?!” snapped Sunset “…But Rune-Eyes is stronger than your monster.”

(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 3000)

Indeed, Alexander only destroyed himself,

????? LP: 700 -----> 200

…But this only seemed to please Sunset’s opponent.

“I now use the ability of Doom Armageddon!” and as he spoke, his monster was glowing brightly.

“You see, when one of my monsters is destroyed, Doom Armageddon gains the attack power of that creature that sacrificed itself!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 5500)

Sunset screamed more fearfully, while her opponent laughed.

“Doom Armageddon, attack Rune-Eyes!”

(Atk: 5500) VS (Atk: 3000)

Sunset LP: 6350 -----> 3850

Poor Sunset was knocked down in the shockwaves of the attack!

“This can’t be happening!” she cried.

“Oh, but it is!” shouted her opponent, and he eyed her final two monsters and readied his King Kaiser, which still had his three attacks to use!

“First he’ll destroy your Dragonpulse Magician!”

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 1800)

Sunset LP: 3850 -----> 2850

“And now your Timebreaker Magician!”

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 1400)

Sunset LP: 2850 -----> 1450

Now Sunset was completely wide open, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop the last attack.

“Attack her directly!” shouted her opponent, and Sunset was blasted hard, and sent rolling along the ground!

Sunset LP: 1450 -----> 0

Poor Sunset, she was all frazzled and a little bruised from rolling along the ground and taking so many holographic shockwave hits.

She managed to struggle back onto her feet, but the duel was already over and the images had vanished.

The older brother joined his younger brother. The both of them nodded at one another, knowing Sunset was exactly who they needed for their conquest.

They didn’t tell her this, knowing how she’d react.

“Like I said,” the older brother said to her “You have great potential to master the four summoning arts, but you need to expand yourself, and learn more if you are ever to become the best.

Enter the Friendship Cup, and you will be able to unlock it.”

Sunset growled and clenched her fists, “That’s what this whole thing is about-- Another attempt to get me into that stupid tournament?

I’m sorry, but my answer is “No!” I refuse to have anything to do with it!”

The brothers had reached their limit, and knew they’d have to take a drastic step.

“We tried reasoning with you,” said the younger brother “But if you insist on being difficult, so be it!”

The older brother agreed, and held up a small white card.

“What’s that?” asked Sunset.

“Just something that ought to make you change your groove.” The brother answered, and he held out the card making a bright light flash, forcing Sunset to cover her eyes, and she didn’t see a huge beam of light fire from the card and zap Twilight’s frozen body, actually stealing her soul and dragging it back to the card.

Sunset was horrified when she looked and saw her friend on the card.

“Twilight!” she cried.

Twilight was actually pounding on the card as if she was stuck behind it, and she cried out, “Sunset… Help me!!”

Tears came to sunset’s eyes as the brother laughed at her, and the older brother threatened “Now you have no choice but to enter, if you ever want there to be hope in saving your Princess’ soul!”

The images all began to fade out to white and the brother disappeared.

Sunset kept calling out into the fading scene, “Twilight…



After a flash of white, Sunset screamed as she bolted upright, and each of her friends did the same thing, only to then realize they were all safe in Pinkie Pie’s bedroom, at eight in the morning.

“What a terrible nightmare!” whimpered Fluttershy.

“You had it too?” asked Applejack.

Rainbow held her head, “It felt so real.” she groaned “We all got sucked into the laptop, we couldn’t move…”

“…And… you were dueling, Sunset.” added Pinkie

Sunset nodded.

Rarity sighed in relief, “Thank goodness it was all a dream.”

The girls all agreed…

…Until Pinkie noticed Twilight was not in bed with her and Sunset.

She looked over the side and found her lying on the floor. She looked a little pale, and she was hardly breathing or making a sound.

“Twilight!” cried Pinkie “What happened? Wake up!”

The girls all huddled around her, and put her up onto the bed, but Twilight still didn’t wake up.

There was also a small slip of paper stuck to the leg of her pajamas, which Sunset read…

“That was no dream!

Enter the Friendship Cup, or say goodbye to your Princess!”

The girls all gasped, and then tears came to their eyes. Twilight really had lost her soul to those creeps, and the girls…

…They were all just heartbroken!

Author's Note:

-Hey, come on... what finer way to force the girls to compete and hold up the Yu-Gi-Oh tradition?

Those D/D and D/D/Ds sure are hard to understand, and I hate when I have to use cheap moves to tip the duel like that, but what choice do I really have when I'm too far to go back?

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