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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 10: Part 2: Lose, Draw or Win?

Author's Note:

I made a serious mistake with Fluttershy's duel last chapter, and I had to make serious corrections and revise part of the duel.

So re-read that duel from the start if you have't already.

*Sighs* Writing out duels like this is rough work, you tend to make a few mistakes when you don't mean to.


Rarity was still upset after losing to Karlee.

Her friends took her to get a cold-squishy, but Rarity had had no less than three already, and didn’t get a stomach ache or even a brain freeze-- which made her friends wonder how she could possibly keep it all down.

“I lost.” she sobbed “I’ve failed.

I’m a Fa-hay-hay-hay-lure!”

Many passers heard her and looked her way, and watched in shock as she polished off another entire squishie in one gulp, and still not even a chill!

Some of the girls felt embarrassed.

“You’re not a failure.” said Sunset.

Rarity wouldn’t accept that one bit. “I lost the duel, and I’m out of the tournament. I’ve let down all of you, and worse than that,” she paused, and trembled with sobs “I let down Princess Twilight.”

Rainbow sighed, knowing there was no talking sense into her right now. She would just have to let it all out and maybe feel better in a while.

“Here, where’s Twilight?” Rainbow asked.

“She went off to the bathroom.” answered Spike “That’s why she left me here.”

Pinkie noticed she had been gone for a while. “She must really have had to go, and she didn’t even have anything. Not even a bite of this delicious cotton-candy.”

She took a huge bite and then showed off her pink teeth, which made Sunset and Rainbow laugh, but Rarity was still in the dumps and she didn’t even look up.

Twilight then came back.

“Did you have to go or what?” asked Sunset.

“Go?” Twilight asked, but then quickly said “Oh, right. Um… yeah, forces of nature, it’s impossible to know when it’ll hit.”

She picked Spike up and placed him in her lap as she sat right next to Rarity.

She began to look very regretful. “I’m so sorry, Rarity.”

Rarity looked up-- her face was stained from her tears, making Twilight wince softly.

“Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!” Rarity cried, and she hid her face behind her long hair, which made both Twilight and Spike look and feel more remorseful than sorry for her.

Spike looked up at Twilight, and she softly shook her head at him.

Spike sighed softly.

“I wonder how Fluttershy and Applejack are doing.” said Sunset.

From either side of the food court were two screens. Each showing images of said duels, and while the girls couldn’t hear much of what was going on, it was difficult to tell which of the duels to watch first.

Back in the circus tent, the crowds were still cheering for the duel, but it wasn’t really known who was rooting for whom, except for Kori.

She even looked down at her left hand and felt a small golden ring over her finger while thinking, “I know you can do this, Dick. You’ve never let me or anyone down yet.”

Applejack again, asked Robin, “Who are you guys, and why are you in this tournament?”

Robin clenched his free fist softly, “I’ll explain later. Right now, let’s just continue.”

Applejack agreed…

Applejack LP: 7400

Robin LP: 7000

…And while she had no monsters in play, she had three cards in her hand, and it was still her turn.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Robin nodded, “Now it’s my turn. I draw…!”

He now had four cards in his hand.

“It’s time!” he declared, “I now, in my other Pendulum Zone, I place Scale 3 PERFORMAGE BALL BALANCER!”

Applejack growled softly as the monster appeared, and the magic pendulum began to swing, between the two monsters.

Robin looked up and declared, “With Scales 3 and 6, I can summon as many Level 4 or 5 monsters I need.

…I Pendulum Summon!”

The portal appeared and four shots of light beamed down, and his monsters appeared—two from the Extra Deck, and two from his hand.”





The crowd cheered wild.

“Look at that!”

“Four whole monsters at once…!”

“This guy really knows his stuff.”

Applejack maintained her cool, but really didn’t like the looks of all those creatures.

“Now,” Robin called “Since my Wing Drainer was Special summoned, his level goes down from 5 to 4, but that’s just what I need…

I now overlay Wind Drainer with Level 4 Plushfire, so I can build the Overlay Network once again!”

The portal appeared and the two monsters leapt up inside of it, making the new monster burst out in a strong flash of light.

“I Xyz Summon PERFORMAGE TRAPEZE MAGICIAN! Take the stage again!”

(Atk: 2500)

“Not that guy again!” groaned Applejack.

“Oh, yes indeed.” said Robin “And remember, thanks to its ability I take no damage to an amount that’s lower than the attack of my monster here.”

Applejack growled.

“And that’s not all. I use his other ability.

He uses one overlay unit, and I choose my Bubble Gardna, so it can attack twice this turn.”

Applejack gripped her cards tightly as Robin entered his battle phase.

“Bubble Gardna, attack her directly!”

The monster bounded straight for her.

“Think again!” snapped Applejack “I banish BUJINGI FOX from my graveyard.”

“What?!” snapped Robin.

Applejack chuckled, “Now all I do is send BUJINGI WOLF from my hand to the graveyard, and then, I don’t take any damage this turn.”

“Ah!” cried Robin.

“Oh, no!” added Kori.

Applejack thought silently, “It’s a good thing I put that critter in my graveyard at the start of the duel. It really saved me this time.”

So, the monster slammed right into Applejack, but she hardly even filched as she felt nothing, and then she flicked the rim her hat, and snickered softly.

Robin was actually impressed, and couldn’t help but smile. “In that case, I’ll place my last card facedown, and end my turn.”

That was it. Nothing else happened-- his Bubble Gardna wasn’t destroyed due to Trapeze Magician’s ability.

“Let me guess,” said Applejack “It’s got a special ability?”

“That’s right,” answered Robin “Once per turn, none of my Performage monsters can be destroyed by battle or effects.”

“That’s a mighty fine trick,” said Applejack “But now it’s my turn.

I draw…!

And I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more times.”

She drew her cards, giving her three in her hand, and she really liked what they were as she peeked over the top of her card, and touched her hat in a sneaky way.

“Now I activate the spell BUJINCARNATION So, I can herd one Bujin out from my graveyard, and another from the banished zone.”

In two shots of light, her two monsters appeared back on the field.


“BUJINGI HARE…” (Atk: 1700)

Robin looked back and forth at the two monsters and thought, “Why would she bring those monsters back? They can’t really do anything to me right now, especially not by themselves.”

Then he gasped at the facedown card by Applejack’s feet, “…Wait a minute!”

“That’s right,” hissed Applejack “Time unveil my trap; BUJIN REGALIA- THE JEWEL!”

Robin, Kori, and all the people in the crowd gasped in awe and shock.

“In order for this trap to work, I needed to have a Rank 4 Xyz Monster to use it with.

Now, I get to attach this here card to Susanowo, and it gets 300 attack points for every overlay unit it’s got.”

“But wait a minute!” Robin called out “You summoned that monster out of the graveyard, so it has no overlay units.”

“True,” said Applejack “But my trap’s got another special effect, “As long as it stays equipped on, once each turn, I change a Bujin from my hand into unit just what my monster needs,


She held up her card, and like magic, it transformed into an overlay unit for her monster.

“But it won’t be staying there too long, because I’m going to use that overlay unit to play Susanowo’s ability, which you should remember, let’s me put a Bujin from the deck to my hand.

So, I think I’ll choose to send another BUJINGI SINYOU to the graveyard.”

She did so at once.

“Let me guess,” said Robin “You’re going to activate its ability to raise your monster’s attack again.”

Applejack smirked as she nodded, “But first thing’s first…

I’ll activate one other ability in the graveyard-- my Bujingi Boar.

By Banishin’ him, I can target one monster you control and switch it into defense-mode, and then its defense becomes Zero!”

“Ah!” cried Robin, and he watched as his best monster was turned to defense-mode. “Not my Trapeze Magician!”

(Def: 0)

“Dick!” cried Kori.

“And that’s not all…” said Applejack “I’ll also banish Ibis from my graveyard too, and lend its power to my Susanowo, so even if your monster in defense-mode, you’ll still take damage from my attack!”

Robin growled, and Applejack entered her Battle Phase.

“Susanowo, attack Trapeze Magician, and I’ll use Sinyou’s special ability to raise your attack to the same attack as the Magician’s-- 2500!”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 4900)

Robin gawked in horrors as the monster came straight at him, and struck his monster hard, making a big flash of light shine right at him.

(Atk: 4900) Vs (Def: 0)

Kori did all the math in her seat, “Wait a minute. Dick won’t take any damage!” she called out “He can’t take any battle damage that’s equal to or less than 2500, and she’s only dealing him 2450.”

Indeed, Robin’s monster wasn’t destroyed, and he took damage, but Applejack only smirked.

“I knew that was going to happen, and I was counting on it, because remember, my monster can attack all your monsters once each turn.”

“Oh!” cried Robin “You did this to make your monster stronger to attack all mine!”

“Now, you’re getting’ it.” teased Applejack, “But that’s not all. Now that your monster’s had it’s one freebie…

Hare, go get it!”

“Ah!” cried Robin.

Seeing the Hare race for his monster and ready to crush it, it reminded him of that awful day when his family fell-- the trapeze lines snapped and their fell to their doom.

“No!!” snapped Robin “I activate the quick-play, RANK-UP-MAGIC ESCAPE FORCE!”

“What?!” snapped Applejack.

“Ah, of course…” cried Kori.

“I couldn’t save my parents that time, but I can save my monster!” shouted Robin “This spell lets me negate your attack…”

Applejack’s monster was stopped by a wall of blinding light that appeared out of nowhere, forcing applejack to pull her hat over her eyes.

“And now…” Robin called “I get to use my Trapeze Magician to build the overlay network, and summon a monster one rank higher!”

“You what…?!” cried Applejack, and she watched as the monster leapt up into the air, forming the overlay network.

This time, the portal glowed brighter than ever and Robin called to up to it “Go, Rank-Up-Xyz-Evolution!”

His new monster was slowly unveiled as the light faded.


(Atk: 2700)

The crowd awed at the sight of the monster. It was much bigger and brighter looking than the previous creature, and had three overlay units going around it-- thanks to the spell card taking all the units from the previous monster.

“I won’t let you destroy my monster! Not this time!” shouted Robin. He then shut his eyes and thought deeply about his family, but then quickly brushed it off.

Applejack really hated to see him in pain. She would have wanted to go easy on him, but she reminded herself in thought, “I can’t go easy on him. I need to win this duel to help the other girls save Twilight.”

She tipped her hat downward, and narrowed her eyes. “I’m sorry, but I can’t back down myself. My friends and I have our own reasons to win, and I can still attack all your monsters, even if they can’t be destroyed this turn!”

She was right, and Robin was more than prepared to take the hit.

Applejack called to her monster, “Susanowo, attack Bubble Gardna, now!”

(Atk: 4900) VS (Atk: 800)

Her monster’s attack caused a huge wave of light and winds. Not only did Robin cover his eyes from the blindness, but the people in the seats behind him ducked down as well, even Kori.

Without Trapeze Magician, Robin took the halved damage-- 2050 exactly.

Robin LP: 7000 -----> 4950

“No, Dick!” cried Kori.

“And I’m not through yet!” called Applejack, and she ordered Susanowo to attack Trapeze High Magician! “Go, get him!”

(Atk: 4900) Vs (Atk: 2700)

Another collision, another bright flash, and blast of shockwaves, the monster was not destroyed, but Robin still took another halved amount of damage-- 1100.

Robin LP: 4950 -----> 3850

“Now, attack Water Drainer!”

(Atk: 4900) VS (Atk: 2100)

Another shock, another undestroyed monster, and more half damage dealt to Robin-- 1400 points worth.

Robin LP: 3850 -----> 2450

Robin was only just relieved that his monster hadn’t been destroyed, and this really impressed Applejack.

“He was willing to take all that damage just to avoid watching his monster go down.” she thought “This kid really does have some heart.”

Still, she laid her last card facedown, ending her turn. Thus, her monster’s attack returned to its original 2400.

Robin straightened himself up and smiled softly.

“You duel quite well.”

She nodded at him, “Thanks.”

“But still, I can’t afford to lose this duel. My friends and I really need to win this tournament, and it’s going to start now!”

He drew his card and looked at it deeply.

Applejack couldn’t tell what kind of card it was, or if he was thrilled to have it or not.

Still, he placed it facedown without saying anything about it, and just glared at her.

“Now, I activate High Magician’s special ability!

Since I used Trapeze Magician to summon it, I can use one overlay unit, and now my monster gets to attack three times in one turn!”

“Three times!” cried Applejack.

“You heard me!” thundered Robin “This is for my folks!”

And he ordered his monster to attack and destroyed Susanowo.

(Atk: 2700) VS (Atk: 2400)

Applejack LP: 7400 -----> 7100

“My monster!” cried Applejack.

Robin huffed and shouted, “Now, attack her Hare!”

(Atk: 2700) VS (Atk: 1700)

The Hare gasped and shivered at the huge monster came swinging in on its trapeze, and booted it high up into the air, and it exploded, sprinkling shockwaves down onto Applejack.

Applejack LP: 7100 -----> 6100

“And now, I attack you directly!” shouted Robin “Go Magician!”

The monster swung forth, and bashed Applejack hard, nearly knocking her off her stand, and she lost a full 2700 points.

Applejack LP: 6100 -----> 3400

“Your turn, Bubble Gardna…!” shouted Robin, and he ordered it to attack, and Applejack got bashed once again, and lost 800 more points.

Applejack LP: 3400 -----> 2600

The two duelists stood glaring at each other with a bit of fury in their eyes.

The crowd chattered away.

“Look at them!”

“Neither of them is willing to back down!”

“This is intense!”

Kori was shaking with anxiety, and she tugged on the collar of her sweater a bit to let the air in. “Don’t give up, Dick.” she said softly to herself.

Applejack was ready to make her move.

“I draw…”

She looked at her card.


“What? What is it?” asked Robin

“I Banish Bjingin Crane from my graveyard, so I can special summon this baby…


(Atk: 2000)

“Two thousand points!” cried Robin.

“Eeyup, but that ain’t all, because now I play my face-down, JUST DESSERTS!”

“No!” cried Robin.

“Eeyup, now you lose 500 life points for every monster you have in play. I’d say that’s about 1500 worth.”

Robin LP: 2450 -----> 1050

“Oh, no!” cried Kori “If she attacks now, Dick will be all wiped out!”

“It’s all over for you now!” Applejack thundered as she eyed at Bubble Gardna.

Robin was trembling deeply, and gazed down at his facedown card, and then up at his Magician as if he were struggling with a very painful decision.

“Bujingi Hurme, attack Bubble Gardna and end this duel!” shouted Applejack.

Her monster complied and dove straight for Bubble Gardna.

“I play my trap!” shouted Robin.



“AAAAAH!!!!” wailed Applejack.

“Dick!” cried Kori “You don’t mean--?!”

A magical, metallic ring encased Robin’s Trapeze High Magician.

“My magical ring will now destroy my monster, and we’ll both take damage equal to its attack power!”

“What?!” snapped Applejack “But that means we’ll both lose!”

“I have no choice!” cried Robin “I’m sorry Trapeze, I’m really sorry!”

The ring then glowed brightly and blew the monster up in a big explosion, sending the burning waves at the two duelists and wiping out their scores!

Applejack LP: 2600 -----> 0

Robin LP: 1050 -----> 0

The smoke cleared, and the two duelists were on their knees, and all the dueling images had ceased.

Since it was a draw, neither of them gained nor lost anything duel points. So they both remained at 5%.

“Nellie!” cried Applejack “What a blowout!”

The crowds didn’t cheer or boo either, all because the duel ended in a draw.

Many began to leave the circus tent, complaining that the duel was a draw. They really wanted to see somebody win.

As for Robin, he was still on his knees feeling extremely ashamed with himself.

“Dick!” Kori called as she levitated herself out of her seat and flew over to him, much to Applejack’s astonishment.

“Dick? Honey, are you okay.”

Robin shook his head, “How could I do that-- to my own monster?”

Kori hugged him softly, and Applejack felt pity for the guy, and she walked over to him and extended her hand to help him up.

“I think you could use a soda. My treat…”

Robin and Kori were confused. She was offering them such kindness when a minute ago she and Robin were fighting it all out.

“Duel’s over,” said Applejack “Nobody lost, nobody won, but I can’t stand to see a guy so down in the dumps.”

The couple didn’t wish to impose, but Applejack insisted, and Robin took her hand and got to his feet.

The other girls all watched that on the screen, and then the image faded since the duel was over.

“I can’t believe it was a draw.” said Rainbow “And Applejack was this close to actually winning too.”

“I’m just relieved she didn’t lose either.” said Sunset.

Pinkie Pie on the other hand was deep in thought.

“Is anything wrong?” asked Rarity.

Pinkie scratched her chin; “I know I’ve seen those two before.” she referred to Robin and Kori.

“Oh, no!” cried Spike.

“Oh, no worries, I can figure it out on my phone.”

“Not that,” said Spike “Fluttershy…!”

The others gasped and turned back to face Fluttershy’s duel on the other screen.

Earlier, Fluttershy was still assured of her victory, especially considering Raven had no monsters in play, one facedown, her Brain Hazard card which was now dead stiff on the field with nothing attached to it, and her PSY-Frame Accelerator.

She on the other hand still had her Ancient Fairy Dragon and her Ancient Sacred Wyvern, which was now extremely powerful due to the large difference in the life point scores.

Fluttershy LP: 8200

Raven LP: 4100

(Atk: 6200)

But Raven was far from deterred. “I’m not letting you win this duel, and nothing is going to stop me!”

Fluttershy found this most confusing, “I thought you hated this game. I really don’t understand you.”

Raven looked madder than ever, but she seemed to be struggling to keep her temper in check.

Then she snapped her eyes wide open, “Don’t think that just because you’re this much ahead means you’ll win.

Anything can happen.”

She sounded so dark, so creepy, like she knew something was going to change the duel around, but Fluttershy felt she was just trying to taunt her. So she ignored the threat.

“I’ll just end my turn.

All she had was one card in her hand, and it was pretty useless, but she still didn’t feel too worried, with her life points super high, her monsters mighty and strong, and Raven low on options… she really felt her victory was assured.

“My turn!” sneered Raven “I draw…”

She gazed down at her two cards, and really liked them.

“Since it’s my Standby Phase, my PSY-Framelord Zeta returns to the field!”

(Atk: 2500)

“Don’t forget,” called Fluttershy “The Array of Revealing Light Spell card prevents Psychics from attacking on the turn they are summoned.”

“I’m aware!” grumbled Raven “But I get to use his special ability anyway, which removes itself and your Fairy Dragon off the field once again.”

Fluttershy shook her head “Not this time you don’t.

A couple of turns ago, you sent a facedown card from my field to the graveyard with your Twin Twisters.


Now all I have to do is banish it out of my graveyard, and that will cause your monster to lose its special abilities this turn, so you won’t get to banish my monsters this time.”

As the trap was banished from her graveyard, it gave off a menacing glow that shrouded Raven’s monster, rendering its powers useless.

But Raven didn’t seem to mind that at all.

“I figured you’d try that.”

“Huh?” cried Fluttershy.

“You told me you’ve stacked your deck so it can protect you in many ways, as well as deplete my score without having to attack so much.

I figured you’d try a stunt like trying to null my monster’s abilities.”

Fluttershy sweat a little bit.

Raven snickered “Attacking isn’t the only way to win a duel. You should know especially. The way you’ve been going at it. So, I’ll just take a page from your book.

“…I activate my PSY-Frame Accelerator!

By paying 500 life points, I can banish Zeta from the field again.”

Raven LP: 4100 -----> 3600

“What?” asked Fluttershy “Why would you do that? You just made my Wyvern even stronger now.”

(Atk: 6200) -----> (Atk: 6700)

Raven snickere, “Because now I have another trap to play…BAD LUCK BLAST!”

“Huh?!” cried Fluttershy “What does that trap do?”

Raven grinned sinisterly “It makes us both take damage equal to half of your Wyvern’s attack power.”

“Oh!” Fluttershy cried “But she has 6700 points! That means we both take...” she paused and counted it up “…3350 points of damage?!”

Two powerful shots fired from the trap, blasting at the two duelists.

Fluttershy LP: 8200 -----> 4850

Raven LP: 3600 -----> 250

Fluttershy was most confused. “What did she do that for?” she wondered in thought “She may have caused us both damage, but she’s barely got any life points left. Plus, my Wyvern’s attack is off the charts!”

What is she thinking?”

“If you’re wondering what I’m thinking, lowering my life points like this, I’ll show you!” hissed Raven.

“You see, I don’t just deal in Psychics, I also deal in dark arts, and magical artifacts, and even spells.”

She grabbed a card in her hand, “Like this-- POT OF AVARICE!

It lets me send five monsters in my graveyard back to my deck, and then I shuffle and draw two cards.”

She did all that, and gazed at her three cards.

“It’s all over for you, because now I set the BLACK PENDANT spell card on the field, facedown!"

"Facedown?" wondered Fluttershy.

"And then, I activate this spell, REVERSAL QUIZ!”

“A quiz?” said Fluttershy “What kind of quiz?”

“Oh, it’s not a quiz for you, it’s for Me.” said Raven “First I need to get rid of all the cards in my hand and on my field.”

Fluttershy watched as Raven’s entire field was swept clean in dark waves.

“And now,” snapped Raven “All I have to do is guess if the top card on my deck is a Monster, Spell, or Trap.”

Fluttershy felt a chill run up her spine.

Raven softly placed her fingers on the top card, “I’m guessing that it is a Monster!”

She quickly turned the card over…


Fluttershy winced in horrors, but nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen.

“Since I called it right,” said Raven, “Our life point scores now switch!!”

Fluttershy gasped long and loudly as she watched the score switch before her eyes.

Fluttershy LP: 4850 -----> 250

Raven LP: 250 -----> 4850

“No! No…!!” cried Fluttershy.

Raven smirked “And now, since Black Pendant was sent tot he graveyard, you take 500 points of damage!"

"What?! No!!" cried Fluttershy "That means I lose!"

Fluttershy LP: 250 -----> 0

Raven stood where she was, not looking a bit impressed or thrilled, while Fluttershy stood frozen with devastation.

Then she looked down at her duel disk, which showed her duel meter empty.

She began to shiver as tears came to her eyes and she made her trademark squeaking noise!

“I… I lost!” she sobbed.

Her friends saw the whole thing on the screen.

“Fluttershy!” peeped Sunset.

“She lost,” said Rainbow “She’s out of the tournament!”

“I can’t believe it!” cried Pinkie “She was doing well too.”

“Oh, Fluttershy!” sobbed Rarity. She really felt bad for her friend.

Twilight and Spike felt sorry for her, and thought that Raven character was a real witch for the way she seemed to be taking it, almost as if she had no sympathy for Fluttershy at all.

“Come on, let’s get over there.” suggested Twilight.

The others all agreed, and headed off for the haunted house.

Raven then began to walk off, still disgusted and far from impressed, but then she ran into one of her friends.

He was a tall and really buff looking guy, but he wore a big grey sweatshirt with pockets and a hood similar to Raven’s, and he also wore a pair of matching grey track pants.

His hands and his shoes seemed metallic, and one of his eyes glowed red with in his hood.

“What do you want, Vic?” asked Raven.

Her friend just looked at her grimly and motioned back towards Fluttershy.

“You know why we came to this tournament, Rae, but that’s no excuse to be such a sore winner.”

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes, “Fine.” And she walked over to the devastated Fluttershy.

Fluttershy looked up and saw Raven extend her hand to her, “Good game.”

Fluttershy wiped her eyes, and hesitated at first, not really because she lost, but rather she was still a bit creeped out by Raven’s darkness, and what kind of creature she was.

“It’s okay,” said Vic “Believe me; you can trust her, and me.”

Fluttershy shakily raised her hand and softly placed it in Raven’s, stuttering, “Um… Good game?”

“Fluttershy!” called Sunset as she and the gang came up to her, but could see things were already going okay.

Applejack came along with Robin and Kori, who were just on their way to the food court.

“Vic, Raven.” Robin called.

The two groups had all gotten together, and after exchanging a few how-do-you-dos and all that.

Pinkie Pie leapt up, “I know who you guys are now.”

Everyone looked at her with a few concerned looks.

As the gang walked off to talk, they were all observed by Masquerade, and he was trembling with incredible rage and shock.

“It can’t be…!” he grumbled “Not them! What are they doing here?!”

Then to make matters worse, a single card just dropped down in front of him.

He picked it up and gawked at it. “Change of Heart…?”

Then, its owner came running up to him.

“My card!” she cried.

“That voice!”

He turned round and saw-- a young adult girl with long blonde hair, a black shirt with a yellow T in a circle on her chest, and yellow pants, brown gloves, strong hiking boots, and big belts with pouches around her waist. She also wore a burgundy jacket with yellow strips forming rings around the upper-sleeve, and atop her head she wore a pair of goggles with dark-blue lenses.

“Thanks for catching my card. It blew away when I was shuffling my deck.”

The guy just handed her the card slowly like some kind of sinister creature, but then he took a few steps back and dashed off.

“Weird…” said the girl.

Then she heard Robin call out to her, “Hey Terra, come on, we’ve some new friends we want you to meet.”

Terra waved over to him, and then she looked back to find that stranger in the mask, but he was already out of sight.

Masquerade had ducked down behind a large dumpster, and he felt much stressed out. “I can’t believe it! Now, she’s here too?!”

His stressed then became obvious fury and struggling within himself.

“It doesn’t matter now.” he whispered softly as he clutched his chest “I’ll not let this, or those morons stop me.”

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