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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 11: We're in this together


The two gangs all regrouped and sat down at two tables next to each other.

Pinkie Pie, finally realizing who this new group was, brought up a song video on her cell-phone, and theme song played as many images were shown of the group fighting crime, and saving people.

“You’re the Teen Titans?!” Rainbow exclaimed.

A couple of the others held her down so as not to draw too much attention from other fair goers.

“This is incredible.” said Sunset “I’ve heard of you guys. You’re from-- what is called…”

“Jump City,” answered Robin “It’s located on the West Coast of California.

Also: We’re not the “Teen” Titans, we’ve all grown up. Now we’re just “The Titans.”

The team decided to reintroduce themselves.

“I’m Dick Grayson, but everyone just calls me Robin. I’m the team leader, and this is my wife.”

She nodded at everyone, “My name is Kori, but I am also called Starfire. I’m from the planet Tameran.”

She and Robin held hands, exposing their wedding rings. Kori had really come a long way since first ever coming to Earth, and she was more accustomed to things now, and she learned to speak better too. She really was a full mature woman.

The large titan removed his hood, “I’m Vic Stone. You can call me Vic or Cyborg.”

The girls were highly impressed and slightly shocked at the sight of him, and Twilight approached him. “A real, fully cybernetic human being-- Fascinating.”

Vic blushed slightly, “Nice to meet you.”

Raven was just sitting on her seat with her eyes closed and her arms folded, “I’m Raven, and that’s all you need to know.”

The girls didn’t like her manners very well, but Kori motioned for them all to come in closer and whispered “Don’t mind her. She’s usually like this; she does it to keep her powers in check. They’re very sensitive to emotion.”

“Oh, my!” whispered Fluttershy.

The blonde girl stepped forth, “I’m Terra. I’ve only been on the team for a couple of years.”

The girls figured that, as there was no sign of Terra anywhere in the song-vid.

“Wait a minute.” said Applejack “Ain’t there supposed to be one more of you?”

She motioned at the video, at a green teammate with pointed ears and had the power to transform into any animal.

The Titans looked a little down, especially Terra. She looked as if she was fighting the urge to start crying.

“Garfield,” said Kori.

Rainbow and Pinkie chuckled softly.

“Garfield?” laughed Pinkie.

“His name is “Garfield?” added Rainbow. None of the others thought it was funny at all.

“His hero name is Beast Boy.” said Robin “He used to be one of us.”

“Used to be?” asked Rarity “What ever happened?”

“We’d really rather not talk about it.” said Kori “It’s not important now anyway.”

Sunset began to sense there was definitely a problem involving friendship, but before she could ask them why, Rainbow asked.

“Wait, if you’re all big time superheroes. Shouldn’t you be out there fighting crime, saving the world and all that stuff?”

“Yeah, why are you here in the Friendship Cup?” added Pinkie.

“We’re in it because we need that prize money.” answered Vic “Our home town is in serious danger, and it’s grown steadily worse over the past few years. People are starving, and the city’s falling to bits.

Some of have left the city, but many more are still living in the streets, surrounded by dilapidated buildings, wrecked streets.

Most of the criminals we used to fight stopped attacking, all there is now is petty theft because it’s Dog-eat-Dog.”

The girls all looked shocked.

“Dog-Eat-Dog? That’s not good.” said Spike, and then he realized his mistake. “Oops!”

Too late! The Titans all gawked at him.

“Um… did that dog just speak?” asked Raven.

“No I didn’t.”

“Spike!” snapped Twilight.

Sunset rolled her eyes, “We may as well come clean with you now.”

“Is this going to take long?” Raven asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll make it short and easy.” said Pinkie Pie, and she took in a huge breath and spoke really fast…

“It all started when this magical portal opened up near our school and Sunset Shimmer came from the land of Equestria, and tried to take over the world with evil powers, and then Princess Twilight Sparkle came, and we all became friends and all got these magic powers we use to help save our school and the world from evil Equestrian magic, which is why we’re The Equestria Girls, and spike got dosed with a little of the magic so now he can talk!”

The Titans all looked flabbergasted.

“Uh… Oooooo-Kay.” said Vic.

Sunset giggled nervously, “It’s hard to believe, but it is true. I’m really a magical creature from another dimension, and all that stuff with the magic is real.”

“Cool.” said Terra. She really meant it to.

The other Titans were just as impressed, and not really all that shocked-- considering all the many adventures they had over the years-- they were more than used to it by now. Very few things really surprised them.

“Well, if your girls are super heroes, why are you all in this tournament?” Terra asked.

The girls felt they could explain to the Titans, knowing they’d understand.

“We’re trying to save a friend.” answered Sunset, and she explained about the two evil creeps, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and how her soul was magically sealed within a card.

“All that just to get you to enter a tournament you didn’t want to come to?” asked Robin.

“Dude…! That is just way out of line!” grumbled Vic.

“Well, who are these guys, and why do they want you in the tournament so bad?” asked Robin.

“I don’t know.” replied Sunset “All I know is, we need to stay in this tournament.”

Rarity and Fluttershy looked down, as they were both out of the tournament now.

Raven only looked slightly pitifully at Fluttershy, feeling just a little bad more for defeating her and being so hard with her.

Spike patted Twilight’s ankle, and gave her a soft look, but she shook her head and put her finger to her lips.

“Hey!” Pinkie hollered “I got a neat idea: Why don’t we all help each other out? We’re all superheroes, and we all have our reasons for being in this tournament.”

The Titans and the girls all thought about it.

“I’m all for it.” said Rainbow “After all, working with The Titans-- how much more awesome can that be?”

Sunset and Robin both thought it over. The girls didn’t care that much about the prize-money. They were only in the tournament to save Princess Twilight, as well as stop those two creeps from whatever it was they were up to.

Even with Rarity and Fluttershy were out of the tournament, the rest of the duelists still totaled nine altogether, increasing the odds that some of them would make it to the final round of the tournament.

“Alright, we’ll do it.” said Sunset.

“Agreed,” said Robin, and he shook her hand on it, “You help us, and we’ll help you; Heroes to Heroes.”

Pinkie giggled with glee, “This is so exciting.”

It wasn’t until about sundown that the duels were finally over for the day, and there was an announcement over the Park Intercom, by Rubeus Prince.

“Attention, all duelists!

The first round of the Friendship Cup Tournament has come to an end, and on behalf of my brother and I, we wish to congratulate those who dueled well and are still in the tournament, and we hope to see you all again tomorrow for round two, and do not be late.”

All the TV screens through the park showed the leader boards.

There were over one-hundred duelists that were participating, and now only half the duelists were remaining who still had duel points.

Those that didn’t make it, their pictures were marked with big X’s-- Fluttershy and Rarity being among them, and they both felt embarrassed.

At least the five Titans were all still in the tournament, as well the remaining girls, with the exception of Twilight who wasn’t competing.

Applejack and Robin were still in because their duel was a draw.

Unfortunately, Karle’s picture was on the board as well. She naturally was still in the tournament after defeating Rarity.

Rarity’s temper seethed. “That horrible, ungrateful, spoiled wretch!” she thundered “I sincerely hope she doesn’t make it any further.”

Rainbow growled furiously.

“I’m glad you agree with me, Rainbow Dash.” said Rarity.

“Not that,” said Rainbow, and she pointed up at the board at another duelists picture.

“Masquerade.” hissed Applejack.

The other girls sneered at the picture as well.

Terra recognized his picture too, “That’s the guy who caught my card for me. He just ran off without even letting me thank him.”

The girls thought this was perplexing.

“He didn’t even call you names, or chew you out?” asked Fluttershy.

Terra shook her head, “Why would he do that?”

The girls told the Titans about Masquerade, and how he was the Number-One Gamer in the country, and a very disgruntled attitude to boot.

“I still owe that guy a rematch.” grumbled Rainbow.

Vic looked stunned, “And I thought the guy was just an urban myth.”

“And to think,” said Terra “He just caught my runaway card for me.”

Sunset cautioned the Titans, “Word of Advice: Best to stay away from him. He has no intention of being friends with anyone; though I really wish I knew why.”

Raven relaxed back in her seat, “Sounds more like a kid who seriously needs to grow up and get over himself.”

Many of the others agreed.

Still, the tournament was over for the day, and the two groups decided to head off.

The Titans actually had a super high-tech, and very fancy looking RV, which Rarity gawked at with bedazzlement in her eyes.

“Oh, my... I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Built it myself.” said Vic “It also converts into a jet.”

He demonstrated by holding out a remote control and clicking it, and the RV indeed converted into a supersonic jet, which the girls, and passers-by.

“Incredible.” said Twilight.

Then it was converted back into an RV.

“If you’d like to look inside, you’re all more than welcome.” offered Robin.

The girls couldn’t say no, and were all invited inside by the Titans.

Inside, it did resemble a normal RV.

There were five bunk beds on either side in one area, and a kitchen, sofas, chairs, and table, but just as Robin had promised, there were control panels, and monitoring stations with high tech computers linked to a satellite network.

“It must’ve cost a fortune to make all this.” remarked Spike.

“Eh, piece of cake for me.” said Vic “Especially with all the confiscated electronics and gizmos obtained from crooks through the ages.”

Pinkie loved the looks of everything, and reached up to press a big button on the console, only for Raven to slap her hand and glare at her while scolding her, “Don’t… Touch… Anything…!”

Poor Pinkie felt like a weak kid being confronted by a bully, and Raven went over to her bed and sat down, passing by Applejack and Fluttershy.

“Emotions or not, that girl needs to lighten up.” Applejack whispered.

Fluttershy agreed, but then she noticed Raven glaring angrier than ever at them. “I think she heard you.”

Raven only pulled the curtains shut.

Twilight was so enamoured by the RV and stuff, “And I thought I was a wiz at electronics and math.”

Vic felt flattered. “If you want, we can give your girls a ride home.”

“Oh, we don’t want to bother.” said Fluttershy.

“It’s no bother.” said Kori “New friends help new friends, don’t they?”

The girls couldn’t argue with that, and they were rather tired from all the walking and dueling they had been doing all day.

“Buckle up everyone.” said Vic as he sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine.

Sunset then asked “Mind if we take a little detour first? There’s one thing we all have to check on.”

Vic agreed.

Soon, the RV was parked across the street from the hospital, where the girls visited Princess Twilight, whom was still bed and unconscious.

The titans came in to see her, and they were most surprised at the two Twilights.

“She looks just like you.” said Terra.

Sunset didn’t bother explain. She was fixated on her unconscious friend.

“The Doc says she’s doin’ fine.” said Applejack “She just won’t wake up, is all.”

Fluttershy and Rarity felt really bad with themselves.

“We’re sorry, Twilight. We have failed you.” said Rarity.

“No, we haven’t failed.” said Fluttershy “We’re all still trying to help, and with our new friends, The Titans, we will get your soul back.”

The girls all agreed.

Raven touched her hand to Twilight’s head and shut her eyes, concentrating deeply. “It’s true; her soul really is missing. I can’t make any psychic-connection with her.”

The Titans felt sorry for the girls, and especially for Princess Twilight.

“Whoever did this to her can’t be up to any good.” said Robin.

“I’ve been trying to figure it out myself,” said Sunset “I know I’ve seen the kind of magic that was used before, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Well, why not go in reverse logic?” suggested Kori “If you can’t figure out what it is, figure out what it isn’t. That’ll help narrow the field.”

Sunset lay awake in her apartment that night, making a list of all the kinds of magic she knew those two guys used weren’t.

“It’s not Equestrian. It’s not Draconiqui. It’s definitely not Everfree either.”

She felt very frustrated and wished she could go back to Equestria to comb through the archives, only remind herself it would take too long, and she didn’t wish to worry the ponies back there of what happened to Twilight.

“This is hopeless.” she sighed.

She looked at her deck on the nightstand next to her bed, and pulled out all the cards that were still blank and remembering the message that came with them.

For now, all she could do was trust whoever sent them to her, and just keep on dueling.

Meanwhile, the Prince Brothers were still wide awake, and doing some calculations.

“Well, the first day was a success.” said Rubeus “But we’re still a long way off from our goal.”

“Patience, brother.” said Loki “We’ve waited a long, long time for this. It almost makes the wait worthwhile.”

Rubeus snickered “You always were the brains of the family.”

Loki nodded, “Speaking of which, come here and look what I’ve discovered about that duelist-- Karle Plight.”

His brother came over the screen, and looked at all the images Loki had.

“Interesting.” said Rubeus “That girl us more clever than I thought.”

Loki agreed, “Regardless, she’s breaking the rules of our tournament. Should we have her dismissed?”

“No.” insisted Rubeus “This could prove useful, so we’ll let it slide for now.”

Loki couldn’t understand his brother sometimes. He always came up with these unusual side-twists to their plans, which often worried him.

“If you say so, brother, I trust your judgement.”

Rubeus nodded, and the two brothers adjourned off, showing Spike was on the computer screen they were viewing.

The next day, the girls all met up back at the park with their duel disks and their decks ready.

Rarity and Fluttershy came too. Though they were both out of the running, they preferred to be brave and be there to give moral support to their friends.

“Are you okay, Sunset?” asked Fluttershy.

Sunset looked as if she hadn’t slept too well, and she yawned, “I was up working late. I’m still no closer to finding the answer.”

“I’m sure we’ll figure it out somehow.” said Rainbow “Any sign of the Titans?”

“No, but we’re early anyway.” said Applejack “Dueling won’t start for another hour, and the folks are still coming.”

The girls decided to head on in and maybe grab a snack before the duels began.

“Aren’t you coming, Twilight?” asked Pinkie.

“Uh… in a minute.” answered Twilight “Spike needs to go to the little doggie’s room.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I do.” said Spike, and he began to act like he needed to go “Ooh! I think it’s coming…!”

Twilight pulled Spike along on his leash, disappearing around a corner, and they were gone, much to Pinkie’s confusion.

Inside the park however, there was trouble happening.

Five, big and very bad punk duelists, who had lost their duels and were out of the tournament, were confronting a meek duelist who was still in the tournament, demanding he hand over his duel disk and all his cards so they could use them to get back into the game.

“You can’t have my duel disk.” the guy cried “You lost the tournament and you can’t re-enter. It’s against the rules.”

The bullies only laughed.

“Too bad!” sneered the leader “We make our own rules! Now hand over your duel disk and all your cards, or we’ll just take them!”

The poor kid looked frightened.

“Aww, did we hurt his wittle feewings?” another bully mocked.

“Enough!” snapped the third, and he grabbed by the collar “Hand ‘em over! Now!”

The bullies all seemed to gang up on him, and looked ready to pummel him to the ground.

“Hold it right there!” shouted a voice.

The bullies looked round. “Well, look what we've got here.” the fourth bully snickered “A bunch of little girls to play with.”

The girls all looked cross, and Sunset demanded “You leave him alone!”

The last bully laughed and cackled like he was having a heart-attack “That’s cute. No, really, that’s super cute. Um… are we supposed to be afraid?”

The girls only looked crosser.

“You five already lost your duels, and you have no right to pick on other duelists!” sneered Rainbow.

The bullies were so lost, that the meek duelist they were picking on saw his chance and got away.

“Great! An easy picking gone.” grumbled the leader, “Ah, well, he was just one, now we have six.”

“Don’t you try any games with us!” sneered Fluttershy “Really, please don’t!”

The leader laughed at her whimpering “How cute, you think you’re so tough! Now give us your duel disks and all your cards right now. We’ve got a tournament to win and a-million bucks to claim.”

“Never!” shouted Rarity “I suggest it is you five who should leave right away.”

“Or what?!” snapped the leader, and his cohorts all stood by his side sneering and looking ready for something nasty.

“…Or you’ll have to deal with me!” said someone from behind.

The bullies all turned round and nearly shuddered at who it was.

The girls were surprised too.

“Masquerade!” cried Sunset.

He stood there with his arms folded, hissing at the five horrid teens, “When you have to rely on pushing people and stealing to win your duels, you disgrace the entire dueling world and all that it stands for.

…And besides… I have very little patience for scum like you!”

“What’d you say?!” sneered one of the bullies

“I think this kid's asking for a beating!" said another

The leader approached him “Look here pal. We’ve heard about you, and we’re not impressed. You and your broomstick arms don’t look so tough to me.”

Masquerade only stood where he was stiff as ice, “Is that so? Perhaps you’d like to prove it-- show me how much of a man you really are.”

The leader snickered “You want to duel me? I’ll duel circles around you.”

“Ha!” snapped Masquerade “You couldn’t beat me if I was blind-folded and handcuffed, and to prove it,” he motioned at the other four bullies “…I’ll duel all five of you at once!”

The bullies and the girls all gasped in shock.

“Duel all five of them at once?!” cried Rarity, and she felt she was going to faint.

“He’s crazy!” added Rainbow.

The bullies all began to laugh, especially Matt. He was laughing like a hyena that had too much to drink at a pub.

“You want to duel all five of us? Okay, I knew you were insane, just by the way you wear that stupid mask all the time like some disgruntled superhero, but come on…!”

Masquerade stepped forth and readied his duel disk.

“I think he’s serious.” said Robyn.

“Yeah, seriously demented.” said Gary. “Let’s do this! If we’re all against him, he won’t stand a chance.”

Masquerade didn’t look the least bit afraid.

“What are you doing?!” Sunset called over to him “You can’t duel them all at once like that.”

“Be quiet!” he snapped at her.

Sunset and the girls winced in anger.

“These kids are nothing. Just you watch!”

“We’ll show you who the kids are!” sneered the leader

The duel was ready to begin, and the rules were quite simply for a duel like this.

Even though it was five-to-one, both sides still began with 8000 life points. Masquearde would go first, and then one of the five opponents would get to make their own move before going back to him.

All five of the bullies would share monsters and other cards, meaning if even one monster was in play, Masquerade wouldn’t be allowed to attack directly.

Still, he didn’t seem concerned in the least.

“Are you pigs ready yet?” he asked rudely.

“Bring it on!” sneered the leader.

The scores were set and the virtual system was ready.

Masquerade LP: 8000

Bullies LP: 8000

The bullies all drew their hands of five cards, and they all liked what they had; all of them feeling Masquerade wouldn’t have a chance.

The girls all watched with deep concern.

“How can one duelist faceoff against five at once?” wondered Applejack.

“Well, we’re about to find out.” said Pinkie.

Masquerade drew his five cards, “I’ll start by activating the POT OF GREED, so I may draw two more cards.”

He now had a full hand of six cards.

“Now then, I’ll activate the DOUBLE SUMMON card. So now I get to normal summon twice this turn.”

“Oh, wow! Two monsters!” mocked the leader “Like we don’t know what the card does! Just make your move fast. I’d like to be kicking your miserable butt by the end of the day you masked retard!”

“As you wish,” hissed Masquerade “I summon forth PROTECTOR OF THE SANCTUARY.”

(Atk: 1100)

“Huh? The Protector?” cried one of the bullies.

Masquerade snickered “This is the start of your punishment.

…I activate the spell CARD DESTRUCTION!”

The bullies all gasped in horror.

“No way!”

“He can’t do that!"

Sunset gawked in awe, “What a move!”

“What do you mean?” asked Fluttershy.

Sunset explained “Card Destruction forces all the players to send all the cards in their hands to the graveyard, and then they get to draw the same number of cards that they were holding before.

But The Protector of the Sanctuary has a special ability that forbids the opponents from drawing cards outside the draw phase!”

Masquerade chuckled, “Isn’t that nice-- you all got your monster lesson for today.”

The girls all growled angrily.

Regardless the bullies were now all trembling with fear. They were all forced to discard their entire hands to the graveyard, while only Masquerade got to refresh his hand.

“Well, that was pitiful.” he said “Now, since I can summon twice this turn, I’ll sacrifice my Protector, to summon my ever-faithful MANTICORE OF DARKNESS!”

(Atk: 2300)

His monster spread its wings and roared like the beast it was, frightening the bullies.

Rainbow glared at the monster, remembering how it was the same creature that brought her defeat when she faced Masquerade before…

…and yet, she thought, “Wait a minute! He can’t use his Exodia since it’s been barred from the tournament, but then again this isn’t a tournament duel.

What’s he planning?”

Masquerade scoffed, “Now I’ll lay two cards facedown, and that ends my turn.”

He looked at the trembling bullies, and was really getting a kick out of seeing them squirm.

“What’s the matter? I thought you said you could duel circles around me.

Well… I’m waiting, or are you ready to run like the cowards I’ve exposed you as?”

The leader felt only a slight bit of his will return, but he shakily drew one card.

“I summon a monster in defense mode. That’s all I can do.”

“Really, that’s all?” taunted Masquerade “Well I play the trap RAIGEKI BREAK!”

“Ah!” cried the leader, and the other bullies gasped and wailed.

Masquerade snuffed, “I discard one card from my hand, and this trap destroys that pathetic monster you just played.”

Surely enough, the bullies' one and only card was destroyed.

“This can’t be happening?!” the leader wailed.

The girls were a mix of astonished and horrified at Masquerade’s incredible skill.

“I can’t believe it!” cried Applejack “It’s five-to-one, and he crushin’ them all like rotten apples.”

Even Sunset couldn’t deny, “He may have a bad attitude, but that doesn’t make him any less of a powerful duelist.”

The leader had no choice but to end his turn, and that’s when Masquerade’s graveyard began to glow.

“What are you doing now?” asked one of the other bullies.

“Just as I promised,” answered Masquerade “I’m taking you all down right here and now, but first I’ll activate this trap card, BACKFIRE!”

The bullies all gasped.

“That’s right, I’d be gasping too if I were you, but thankfully I’m not, because now whenever a Fire-Type monster I control is destroyed, you’ll all take 500 points of damage.”

The bullies growled.

“Now, then, I activate the special ability of the monster I just discarded-- NEFARIOUS ARCHFIEND EATER OF NEFARIOUSNESS!

During my opponent’s End Phase, if it’s in my graveyard, I can destroy one monster I control, and summon it out of the graveyard, and since I only have one monster…” he motioned at his Manticore.

His monster roared and exploded in a blaze of flames, and the small beast summoned itself from the graveyard.

(Atk: 1500)

“And since my Manticore was a Fire-Type monster…”

The Backfire card glowed, and the unleashed a barrage of holographic flames at the bullies, draining their life points as promised.

Bullies LP: 8000 -----> 7500

“Are you done yet?” asked one of the bullies.

“No, I’m not.” snapped Masquerade “You see, now that Manticore is in the graveyard, I can use his special ability, by swapping my Archfiend Eater with him.”

The two monsters switched places, and Manticore returned to the field, roaring and blazing madder than ever.

Rainbow gasped “I know what he’s doing! It’s just like when he faced me-- he’s going to keep swapping back and forth.

He’ll use Archfiend to destroy Manticore, and deal the creeps 500 points of damage, then swap Archfiend to get Manticore back out again, over and over, and over until…!”

The bullies all screamed as they were consumed in holographic flames, wiping out all their life points just like that, and they each flopped onto the ground with their cards falling all around them!

Whatever guts they had ten minutes ago was all shattered, and replaced by fear and trembling, and even close to tears.

Masquerade stood tall and loomed over the creeps. “Now I suggest you losers beat it before I really get angry, and do more than just clock you in a duel!”

The disgraced bullies didn’t even bother to gather up their cards and just fled screaming like babies.

The girls were all still in total shock at what just happened.

“Hey, free new cards.” said Pinkie, and she began to gather them all up.

“Girls…” called a familiar voice.

The girls snapped out of their trances and saw Robin and the Titans coming towards them.

Masquerade saw them, and clenched his fists tightly, and he began to walk off, but Terra noticed him.

“Wait!” she called as she dashed up to him, but he ignored her and continued to walk away.

Rainbow, using her super speed, dashed right up in front of him. “Hey, she’s talking to you!”

“Get out of my way!”

The Titans finally began to realize what a jerk he was acting like.

“I just wanted to say thank you for catch my card yesterday.” said Terra.

Masquerade just huffed, and turned away from her to walk another way, but Rainbow blocked him again.

“Rainbow!” snapped Sunset, “Never mind him.”

The other Titans gawked at him.

“So you’re this legendary pro-gamer we’ve heard so much about.” said Robin.

The other man turned to face him, “That’s right. The name is “Masquerade, and right now I have better things to do than waste my time here with you kids!”

Everyone took offense to that.

“Yo’ man, there’s no need to be lippy.” said Vic.

Kori agreed “You should be more respectful towards others.”

Masquerade only snuffed “I don’t care what others think about me, and I certainly don’t care if your feelings are hurt by my rudeness.”

Now everyone was really getting mad! Rainbow especially, she wanted nothing more than the march straight over there, pull off his mask, and really give him a sock to his face, but she resisted the urge, not wanting to get into trouble that’d she’d probably be expelled from the tournament, and she couldn’t afford that.

“All I wanted to do was thank you for catching my favorite card.” said Terra.

Masquerade only faced her, and though he was wearing his mask, Terra could almost feel he was glaring at her with extreme fury, but rather than answer her, he just turned and walked away.

“What a jerk.” grumbled Raven.

Kori agreed, “I’ve never seen such a spoiled-sport.”

“We told you.” said Rainbow “That guy’s seriously got a good beating coming his way, and hopefully, I’m the one to give it to him.”

The teams decided to head off as the dueling announcements would soon be made.

However, they had been observed by Karle. “If anyone’s going to duel Masquerade, it’s going to be me and me alone!”

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