by DakariKingMykan

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The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Even the girls enjoy playing the game of Duel Monsters, but they soon find they must participate in a Duel Tournament where they cannot afford to lose considering the many things at stake.

Along the way, they must content with what the game brings-- Change in attitudes, rival duelist, hard to control emotions, reasons why people duel-- all these things that could really test their friendship

Sunset also begins to suspect that something evil may be afoot, an evil that can only be battled by the game!

Episode 1: Who Likes to Duel

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Long, Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian kings and sorcerers played a game of great and terrible power-- combining magic with monsters.

These games eventually lead to violent conquests for power and world dominance, until the magic was sealed away and peace regained.

Now, millennia later a certain card game was built on the legacy of this ancient tale, but what the people don’t realize is that this game still possess great and unbelievable powers to manipulate fates, and even unleash great forces believed to have existed outside the legacy of which it was born.


It was almost Summer Vacation, and Canterlot High was getting ready to close for the break. Exams were all done, and the Equestria Girls gang had all passed.

Many students were making plans to go away, but others were staying behind.

Right now, despite there being no real reason to hang at school with only a day or two left and all the work done, some of the students preferred to hang around, help with the clean ups, and manage summer programs.

The Equestria girls however were in the cafeteria, they were playing a card game called Duel Monsters, which was very popular all over the world, and while many people wouldn’t believe it, even the girls were into the game, some had been even playing longer than others.

Then again, there were some who just didn’t quite understand the concept of the game.

“Rarity, are you going to make a move or what?” asked Sunset.

Rarity looked up from the cards she was holding, “I was just going to.”

Finally she played a monster-- a rather beautiful looking creature, in defense mode.

Some of the other girls whom were spectating did not seem impressed by her move.

“That’s all you’re doing?” asked Applejack.

Rarity glared sourly at her, “Yes, and I see nothing wrong with it. Just look at that monster. She’s so beautiful and elegant with that outfit, and her defense is fairly high, and quite difficult to defeat.”

Sunset nodded, “Yeah, I’ll give you that, but looks and grace won’t save you from this!”

She drew her card, “Now, I set the Pendulum Scale with these two monsters!”

“What?!” snapped Rarity, and then she watched as Sunset summoned a ton of strong monsters to the field all that same time.

With only one monster on the field, Rarity didn’t stand a chance, and Sunset wiped her out, for the umpteenth time.

Rarity could only sigh in dismay, “I can’t believe you beat me again.”

“Aw, don’t sweat it, Rarity.” said Pinkie Pie “You’ll do better next time.”

Twilight shook her head and scribbled in her notepad, “Actually, given the fact she’s lost twelve times in a row… I don’t think that’s likely.”

Rarity now felt worse. The main reason she started playing the game was because all the others had been playing a long time, and while Rarity would usually think such games were trivial and vulgar, she saw how much fun everyone had and wanted to fit in with her friends.

“Whatever am I doing wrong?” she asked “I can’t seem to make proper moves or hold myself out for very long.”

Fluttershy patted her back, “I know how you feel. I felt that way when I first started playing, and it sure felt scary, but Sunset and the others taught me how to get better.”

Sunset wasn’t kidding; she was a pro at this game after only dueling for a year or so.

“We’ll all help you.” said Sunset “And I think we should start by checking your deck.”

Rarity smiled thankfully, and then laid out all her cards on the table for her friends to check. “As you can see I chose only the most beautiful and well-dressed monsters, and for spells and traps I chose elegant weaponry, and mirror cards.

Her friends were unsurprisingly unimpressed with the layout.

“Rarity, nobody can win with a deck like this.” said Sunset “These cards are all different types and don’t mix well together. No wonder you can’t hold out very long.”

Rarity blinked once, “I don’t understand what you mean. I chose all these cards because they best suit me and my style of fashion and grace.”

Applejack shook her head, “And that’s exactly what I’ve been warning you about for a month now-- that ain’t how the game goes.”

The other girls all shook their heads, and Twilight then opened her laptop to show a demonstration program she downloaded.

“You see, when you stack your deck, you should focus on a certain theme. That means your monsters and your non-monster cards all need to work together to help one another.

This allows you to make more moves and open up new possibilities, but because your deck is cluttered with so many mismatches that don’t play well together, your only hope of winning is if your opponent had seriously bad luck with their draws.”

Rarity looked shocked and worried.

“Wow, Twilight,” said Pinkie “You sure know a lot about the game for someone who doesn’t even play it.”

Twilight tipped her glassed, “Well, you don’t watch the game played so many times without learning a few things.”

Spike looked up at her, “But Twilight, you used to--” but he was interrupted when Twilight picked him up laughing “Well, um… I’m sure it’s time for your walk, Spike. You need to use the little doggie’s room.”

“But I--”

They were gone before he could say anything else.

The others all blinked in confusion, but then focussed back on Rarity.

“What should I do?” she asked.

“You just need to restack your deck, and make better choices.” said Fluttershy “We’ll help you.”

“I’m going card shopping after school,” said Sunset “We could all go and hang out later.”

The others agreed, but Pinkie pointed out “You still haven’t found it yet?”

Sunset shook her head, and she held up her deck and looked down at her. Her deck consisted of mostly magician cards, but some dragons as well. “I may be good, but I really want to see just how good I can possibly be.

So I’m trying to master the four summoning arts-- Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Pendulum.”

“That’s a mighty fine goal there,” said Applejack “but I prefer just one or two, that’s why I’ll stick to my Bujing cards. They represent the critters and varmints and other kinds of things you’d see on a farm, and just like on a farm, they all work well together.”

“I don’t know,” said Pinkie as she held up her deck, “I like the Performapals. They always make me smile, and I hope to make other people smile and have fun too.

Fluttershy timidly held up her deck, “My monsters all may be small and weak, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as good.”

This only made Rarity ponder harder at what sort of ways to modify her deck too, “What sort of theme should I use?”

As they all left school that day, they found a duel was going on in the school yard, but unlike the normal tabletop game, it was played with those special duel disks that rendered the cards in holographic 3D.

One of the players was Rainbow Dash. She and her deck of Raid Raptors, just mopped the floor with Flash Sentry.

“No way!” cried Flash.

“Yes way!” gloated Rainbow “I am the queen of games!”

The crowds cheered for Rainbow, even Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna were watching the duel, and they even made a bet on who would win.

Celestia gave her sister a hundred-dollar bill.

“I’ll get even with you.” Celestia grumbled.

“Not if you continue losing, you won’t have anything left.” teased Luna.

The two ladies didn’t mind there being duels on the school ground-- after school hours of course.

The crowds broke up and many of the students headed on their way, including Flash, “I need to practice some more for the tournament.”

“Tournament?” asked Sunset “What tournament?”

Rainbow almost looked shocked and pulled out a pamphlet from her pocket, “I thought you of all duelists would know of the upcoming Duel Monsters Friendship Cup Tournament.”

The girls all took a look at it.

“Ooh, it says it’s being held at Magic Land-- the new theme park that just opened.” chirped Pinkie.

Sunset went on, “And the winner of the tournament gets a cash prize of-- “She paused and gasped “One-Million Dollars?!”

Everyone around went silent.

“Oh, my…! That’s a lot of money!” said Fluttershy.

Rainbow nodded, “And… anyone who participates in the tournament gets one of these rad new, top-of-the-line duel disks.”

Obviously Rainbow had signed up hoping to win that money, but also to show off her mad dueling and gaming skills.

“Sounds like a lot for a Duel Monsters tournament.” said Applajack.

“You guys should enter too.” suggested Rainbow “That way we’ll all have a better chance of winning the money. Imagine what we could do with it.”

Naturally, she was only thinking about throwing a sick party on a yacht or something like that.

Rarity thought it would be neat to buy herself some expensive clothes and live like a Grand Lady like she always wanted.

“I’d rather use that money to help others.” said Fluttershy “And she imagined herself using the money to donate to poor houses, to animal shelters, and even hospitals.

Sunset then passed the pamphlet back to Rainbow.

“Wait, you’re not going to compete?” Rainbow asked.

“Nah, I think we’ve all got a great thing going just as it is. Why change a good thing?”

Applejack and Pinkie agreed.

Rarity would have wanted to enter the tournament, but forgetting she was horribly under-matched and still needed to fix her deck.

“Darling, while I admit the money would be nice,” she said while trying to contain herself “Do you really expect us to compete with the many other duelists who have entered this tournament?”

“Um… yeah…” replied Rainbow.

“Sorry, Rainbow, I’ll pass.” said Sunset.

The other three agreed, and then they went off down the street.

“Hey, wait up.” Rainbow called.

Just because the girls didn’t want to enter the tournament, didn’t mean she didn’t feel like hanging out.

The girls first went to a game-shop where they helped Rarity build a new deck.

Now she now had a Melodius Deck. They were all just as beautiful and fashionable to suit Rarity’s sense, but they also worked much better with spells and traps, and even did great with Fusion and Xyz summoning.

“Want to test it out?” asked Sunset.

“Oh, please, yes.” agreed Rarity.

They would have sat down at a table to play the game normally, but the shopkeeper called to them, “I’ve got a better idea.”

And he held up two new duel-disks, exactly like Rainbow’s duel disk “We’re testing out these disks for the Friendship Cup Tournament, why don’t you go outside and try these for us.”

Rainbow urged the girls to try it, and Sunset practically leapt the idea, while Rarity wasn’t exactly enthusiastic because of the way the disk would look on her arm “Could it simply not be in a more suitable color, and does it have to look rather… dangerous?”

The girls all sighed at her vanity.

Still, eventually, Sunset and Rarity went outside and into the back alley behind the store with the shopkeeper viewing.

Sunset had already locked her disk on her arm and drawn her first five cards, while Rainbow showed Rarity how to get it on, how to insert her cards, and all that.

“This is going to go weird,” Applejack muttered to the others. Pinkie and Fluttershy agreed.

Still, Rarity was ready, “Let us begin.

Sunset nodded, “Ready!”

…And they both shouted, “…DUEL!”

A soft glow emitted from their duel disks, frightening Rarity. “It’s okay,” Rainbow called “It’s just the virtual reality field. It won’t hurt you, but it might ruffle you up a bit.”

This was further confirmed when there, in midair were two score counters showing the players’ life points.

Sunset LP: 8000

Rarity LP: 8000

“Cool.” said Sunset

Rarity didn’t like the sound of being ruffled up, never the less, she decided to go first. “Are you ready?”

“Bring it!” called Sunset.

Rarity nodded.

Since she was going first, her Draw Phase was skipped.


The second she placed her card down on the disk, bright lights flashed before her and the actual monster materialized, and a score showing her attack power…

(Atk: 1600)

The players, as well the other spectators were most amazed by what they had just seen.

“It’s like magic!” cried Fluttershy.

Rainbow only smiled and nodded proudly.

Rarity gawked at her monster and how it seemed more beautiful than she ever could have imagined.

“Um, Rarity…” Sunset called to her “You want to continue?”

Rarity snapped herself back to her sense, “Yes…

Since I have a Melodius creature in play, I can special summon another one from my hand!


(Atk: 1400)

Rarity nearly lost herself again at the sight of her monster, but she stayed strong, “And now I shall attack you--” she paused “Oh, right… I can’t attack on the first turn.”

She felt rather embarrassed and blushed.

Sunset rolled her eyes.

Rarity cleared her throat. “I place one card face down, and end my turn.”

“My turn then.” said Sunset “I draw…!”

She looked down at her six cards, and thought to herself, “Pendulum Monsters: The cards that can be played as either a monster or a special kind of spell card, and allow you to perform a Pendulum Summoning.

That’s why I chose cards like these; they remind me of all the magic I share with my friends.”

She then peeked up over her cards at Rarity.

“I’m going to set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 1 STARGAZER MAGICIAN, and Scale 8 TIMEGAZER MAGICIAN!”

The two mysterious magicians appeared in large tubes of light, with their numbers glowing before them, and a long jewel on a chain swinging back and forth between them.

“Would you look at that!” cried Applejack.

Pinkie, Fluttershy, and even Rarity gawked at the setup with such awe.

“It gets cooler now.” said Rainbow “Now Sunset has the power to summon as many monsters from levels 2 through 7 as she wants.

A strange urge came over Sunset as she looked up at the swinging pendulum, like she had to call out to it.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

From out of the pendulum shot three rays of light that crashed onto the ground, and there appeared Sunset’s monsters…


(Atk: 1800)


(Atk: 2100)


(Atk: 2500)

All those monsters, especially the Odd-Eyes when it roared, made Rarity gawk in shock, and Fluttershy hid behind Applejack.

“I can’t believe she summoned all that in one shot.” said Applejack.

Sunset smirked and said, “Oh it gets far worse than that.” She motioned up at her two magicians up in the pendulum scales “Those guys up there had some sweet special powers they can give me.

When a Pendulum monster attacks, Rarity can’t use any spells or traps until the end of the damage step!”

Rarity gasped and looked down at her facedown card, which would now be useless to her.

Sunset then entered her Battle Phase,

“Oafdragon Magician, attack Solo!”

(Atk: 2100) VS (Atk: 1600)

The might magician rushed forth, and struck Rarity’s monster hard, blowing it into bits of sparkles and pixels that blew past Rarity, making her hair flutter, and Rarity lost the 500 life points in difference.

Rarity LP: 8000 ----> 7500

Rarity didn’t know if she felt more angry or sad that her monster was beaten.

“How could you destroy such a beautiful creature, and wreck her lively clothes?!”

Sunset ignored her whining. “Just watch, I’ll do it again; this time with my Odd-Eyes!”

Her dragon roared proudly and Sunset looked right up at him with pride. “I choose him as well because… well, there’s something about him that makes me feel strong, and mighty from how far I’ve come.”

She quickly got a hold of herself.

“Odd-Eyes, attack Rarity’s Canon!”

(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 1400)

The dragon drew in a huge breath and breathed a huge blast of flames straight at the monster, while Rarity braced for the attack while screaming as the shockwaves zoomed past her.

“And that’s not all!” called Sunset “Odd-Eyes has his special ability! When he attacks a monster, then the battle damage you take is doubled!”

“Ah!” cried Rarity. This meant that she lost 2200 points instead of 1100

Rarity LP: 7500 ----> 5300

“And I still have one monster left!” said Sunset “Go Dragonpulse, attack Rarity directly!”

Rarity screamed as the big monster headed straight for her and zapped her hard with it’s powers and dealt her a full 1800 points!

Rarity LP: 5300 ----> 3500

“My skirt…!” Rarity cried

“My hair…!

Oh, my nails…!”

Sunset and the spectators all groaned at her whining, but suddenly, Rarity looked ferociously angry.

“Sunset Shimmer, much as we are friends, I cannot abide that someone would do that to me, even if it is just part of the game.”

She was starting to show more determination than when they first started, which surprised all the girls.

“I’ll end my turn with one card facedown.” said Sunset “Now it’s your move.”

Rarity nodded “Very well, I draw…!”

“Firstly, I activate the spell card, POLYMERIZATION!


The two monsters leapt out from Rarity’s cards, and jumped into the air, merging in a swirling light.

“Ooh, pretty colors.” said Pinkie.

Rarity smoked, “Just as I combine many wonderful fabrics and items to make beautiful ensembles, I am combining these two creatures to make something extraordinary!


(Atk: 2400)

Everyone gazed up at Rarity’s newest monster—how it shined in the light, and its long hair flowed.

“Nice monster,” said Sunset “Got anything else?”

“As a matter of fact, I have.” answered Rarity “I activate her special ability, which allows me to banish three cards in the discard graveyard, and my Maestra shall receive 200 additional attack points for each one.”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“Three-thousand points?!” cried Sunset.

Rarity snickered, “And that is not all, now I shall play my trap card, MELODIUS ILLUSION!

The power of this trap not only shall protect my monster from any of your spells and trap cards, but it also permits her to attack you twice in the same turn.”

Sunset winced!

“But then again, I’d rather not attack your monsters the way you ruthlessly attacked mine. Instead I shall use this spell care, RAIGEKI!”

Sunset gasped, as did all the others.

“That card destroys all of Sunset’s monsters!” cried Fluttershy.

Many holographic lightning bolts struck all over Sunset’s side of the field, and all three of her monsters were vaporized just like that.

“No! My monsters!” cried Sunset.

Rarity felt very pleased with herself. She was really starting to act not like her usual self.

“Now that I’ve settled that…! Schuberta, I order you to attack Sunset directly!”

Sunset braced herself as the monster unleashed its magic at her—in the form of melodious soundwaves that dealt her a full 3000 points.

Sunset LP: 8000 ----> 5000

“And now, thanks to my Melodious Illusion card, she may attack again!”

Sunset got blasted hard by another song-wave that cut her down another 3000 points.

Sunset LP: 5000 ----> 2000

The spectators, even Rainbow, were almost speechless.

“I don’t believe it.” said Rainbow “Rarity’s dueling great. She could actually win this.”

“Well, don’t count Sunset out yet.” said Applejack “We’ve all faced her before, and she’s got loads of ways of makin’ a comeback.”

Rarity had no cards left, so she ended her turn.

“I can’t believe it.” she said in her mind “I’m actually leading in this duel, and I have the best monster in play. There really is something to all this matching and properness.”

She was really starting to believe that she might actually beat Sunset for the first time.

“It’s my move now,” said Sunset, and she drew her card, and the she smiled.

“You dueled pretty well, Rarity; I’ll give you that, but it looks like I’m going to beat you once again.”

Rarity blinked once.

“You see,” Sunset went on “Pendulum monsters don’t get sent to the graveyard. When they’re destroyed, they get sent to my Extra Deck.”

“I’m quite aware of this!” snapped Rarity “And then, with your Pendulum Scale set, you can bring them all back out again.”

Sunset nodded, “Glad you remember that.

Now, I Pendulum Summon!

“Odd-Eyes…” (Atk: 2500)

“Oafdragon Magician…” (Atk: 2100)

“Dragonpulse Magician…” (Atk: 1800)

All three of her monsters had returned to the field, but none of them were nearly as strong as Rarity’s Schuberta.

“I know what you’re thinking…” said Sunset “Why call out all these guys if they aren’t strong enough? Well here’s your answer…

“I play the spell POLYMERIZATION!”

“Ah!” cried Rarity.

“That’s right! Remember, I can fusion summon as well, and I’m fusing Odd-Eyes with Dragonpulse Magician!

Now make way for a real dragon that had a real bite!”

In swirling flows of light and lightning bolts, Sunset’s monster appeared.

“And there he is-- RUNE-EYES PENDULUM DRAGON!”

(Atk: 3000)

The mighty dragon let out a mighty roar, and Rarity looked up in horror at the creature, biting her lower lip.

“But wait,” cried Fluttershy “…That dragon’s attack points is the same as Rarity’s. If they fight, they’ll just destroy each other.”

Pinkie then noticed something. “What about the facedown card?”

Sunset snickered “That’s the final part of my plan.

I play the quick-play spell, HALF SHUT”

“What?!” Rarity cried!

“Oh, yes,” said Sunset “This card takes your monster and halves its attack points. So your Schuberta just got cut down to size!”

Rarity watched as her monster was enveloped in the light waves and instantly went from 3000 to 1500!

“Well, don’t forget your card’s secondary effect!” Rarity sneered “My monster might be weaker now, but I also cannot be destroyed in battle this turn.”

Sunset chuckled, “I know, and it doesn’t have to be.

See, my Rune-Eyes has a special power, depending on the level Spellcaster monster I fused him with.

Since Dragonpulse Magician was Level 4, Rune Eyes is allowed to make two attacks on a monster this turn!”

Rarity winced “Ta-- Ta-- Two attacks?!”

Sunset nodded and then called up to her dragon, “Let her have it. Rune-Eyes! Attack her monster!”

Rune-Eyes roared, and unleashed its fiery fury, striking Rarity’s monster.

(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 1500)

The monster stood strong, but the flames still sped right past her.

“Your monster wasn’t beat, but your life points still take a beating!” said Sunset.

Rarity LP: 3500 ----> 2000

“No!” cried Rarity.

Sunset snapped her fingers at Rune-Eyes, “Now, attack again!”

Rune-Eyes attacked, and Rarity lost another 1500 points!

Rarity LP: 2000 ----> 500

“And now,” Sunset called “Oafdragon Magician, attack and end this duel!”

(Atk: 2100) VS (Atk: 1500)

Rarity watched as he beautiful monster got struck once more, and the resulting shockwaves sped past her, and wiped out the last of her points.

Rarity LP: 500 ----> 0

There was even a large screen of Sunset’s picture with the word “WINNER” in bright big letters beneath it.

After that, the duel disk automatically shut down and the holograms still on the field faded away.

Sunset was panting softly, while Rarity just stood where she was, completely overwhelmed, and the spectators all fell silent for a moment.

“It’s over?” asked Pinkie.

Rainbow could only go “That was SO AWESOME!! Not as good I could’ve done it, but awesome.”

Sunset approached Rarity, who just stood where she was, looking as if she had seen a ghost.

“Are you okay?” Sunset asked.

“I can’t believe I lost again.” Rarity said ever so softly.

Sunset felt sorry for her, but much to her surprise Rarity smiled, “And I can’t believe I came that close to actually winning.”

Her friends were all amazed by her sudden change of attitude yet again, but at least she was okay.

The girls then went back inside and returned the duel disks to the store-keeper.

“That was awesome dueling out there.” he said, especially to Sunset, “You should join the Friendship Cup.”

Sunset shook her head, “Thanks, but I’d really rather not.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes at Sunset’s response.

“Ah, come on. You should.” said the store-keeper.

Sunset could hardly take any more of this annoyance of people pressuring her into the tournament, and she and the girls left the store to go and get a bite to eat.

The store-keeper let it go and got back to work, but what neither he nor the girls knew was the store security cameras were hacked and bugged, and everything that transpired, even the cameras in the back alley were viewed by two cold strangers in a big dark room.

The two men stood side-by-side.

One was a fully grown young adult male, his brother was a teenager.

“There’s no doubt,” the tall brother said “These girls just may be what we’re looking for.”

His younger brother agreed, “Especially that girl in the black jacket. We’ve been scouting her for a while, and all the tests are positive. She’s originally from Equestria.”

The older brother fell silent and gazed at the image of Sunset, as well as the other girls. “They must participate in our tournament. Only then will we finally be able to get the power we need to restore what was once taken from us.”

“Yes,” agreed his brother “But many of them do not wish to enter. All but one of them has.”

“Well then,” hissed the older brother “We’ll simply have to make an offer that they can’t refuse.”

Episode 2: Old Friend, New Enemy

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The next day, while the girls helped prepare the school for closing for summer, Sunset suddenly got a message from Princess Twilight Sparkle, that made her squeal in the library, “Oh, my gosh!”

“Shhhh…!” hissed several voices, making her blush in embarrassment.

She ran from the library to find the others.

“What’s up?” asked Applejack.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle says she’s coming to visit us today!” answered Sunset.

You can bet the girls were overly excited to hear that, and Flash Sentry, who was passing by couldn’t help but overhear, and his heart gave a leap of joy, but he didn’t go too near the girls, letting them have their moment.

“When is coming?” asked Pinkie “When-When-When-When…?!”

“Tonight, at sundown, after school is closed.” answered Sunset “She says she has lots of free time, and she’d like to come and hang out with us over the weekend before summer starts.

Pinkie went positively crazy with delight, “This definitely calls for a party!”

“Totally!” agreed Rainbow.

“An all ladies night.” added Applejack.

Flash overheard and felt dismayed. Still, he hoped he’d get a chance to at least see Princess Twilight.

So, he went off.

Twilight and Spike we’re delighted, though Twilight still felt it would be a bit awkward to be around her magical counterpart.

“Don’t worry,” Fluttershy said “I know you two haven’t hung out much, but I’m sure you’ll really get along just fine.”

Twilight smiled.

“Maybe she’ll bring her Spike along with her too.” said Spike “I wouldn’t mind asking him what it’s like to be a dragon instead of a dog.”

Rarity only patted his little head, “Darling, I’m sure being a big, scary dragon is nothing compared to being a cute wittle puppy-wuppy… ooo-oooh!”

Spike blushed like crazy, and the girls giggled.

That night at sundown, long after everyone had gone home and the school was empty, the girls all met outside by the statue in front of the school.

Suddenly, the portal glowed, and Princess Twilight appeared-- without her own Spike, sadly, and unlike her human counterpart she let her hair fall down loose, and she wore no glasses.

“Hi, girls!” she cried with delight, and hugs were exchanged back and forth, and when it came to Human Twilight, the two figures stood before one another, both feeling extremely awkward.

One opened their mouth to speak and then stopped, and the other giggled nervously, but finally, they managed to at least shake hands.

“Oh, brother.” groaned Spike.

“Come on, girls,” called Pinkie “Let’s go PARTY!!”

A montage of flicks happened while a song played…


The girls first went to the skate park, Rarity and Fluttershy did ordinary rollerblading on the flat paths while Applejack and Pinkie hit the slopes and jumps.

Naturally, Rainbow enjoyed showing off her mad skating skills by zooming down the slope and doing incredible spins and flips.

Sunset and the two Twilights rolled their eyes as they sat on the sidelines.

Then they all went to a movie, Spike had to stay hidden in Human Twilight’s backpack, but he was slipped a few pieces of popcorn, it wasn’t bad for him.

After that, they all went out for pizza and toasted a cheer to being such good friends.

Then for their final stop, they hit the town arcade, where surprisingly Flash Sentry and his band were on the stage playing the song that was heard.

Flash took a look out at the crowd and could see Princess Twilight with the rest of the gang.

Their eyes met, and she gave him a small wave, and he smiled at her and continued playing the song with his group.

Human Twilight then had to excuse herself to walk Spike so he could go to the bathroom.

“Glad to see things haven’t really changed around here much.” said Princess Twilight.

Sunset agreed, “I bet a lot has gone on in Equestria. It almost makes me feel like visiting there again.”

Twilight placed her hand on her shoulder “You can come and visit whenever you want.”

Sunset smiled.

Just then, the many televisions placed along the walls of the arcade switched from the sports network to a commercial about the upcoming Friendship Cup.

“Friendship Cup?” asked Twilight.

“It’s a Duel Monster’s tournament.” said Sunset. She sounded rather annoyed due to everywhere she went there was talk and fuss about the tournament.

Then again, Twilight found it to be most amazing. She had heard the tales of the game from Sunset’s messages over the months and thought the game to be interesting, especially the use of spell cards.

The announcer even said, “The tournament is held at the Magic Land theme park in Canterlot City, and headed by the two executive owners of the park, Rubeus Prince and his younger brother Loki.”

The images then showed the two brothers. Olympus, being tall, skinny, with short black hair and wearing a pair of thick dark shades, and his younger brother, whom had shoulder length dark grey hair, and had bright blue eyes.

Rarity couldn’t help but fall in love with him on sight.

After all, Loki was just about her age, he was handsome, and obviously very rich and a well-to-do person if he and his brother ran an amusement park.

Applejack snapped her fingers in front of Rarity’s face and waved her hand softly, and Rarity didn’t flinch.

“Eeyup, we’ve lost her.”

Rubeus announced that the tournament was expected to go really well, “We look forward to all those who will be attending, and there’s still time. So sign up while you can.”

Loki agreed, “Many will enter, but only one will win the One-Million Dollar prize. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

His teeth gave a shine, and Rarity positively melted, “It would be so nice…!” she murmured, completely thinking of something else.

She was already thinking reconsidering about entering the tournament if it meant she had a chance to meet Loki in person.

Sunset saw clear through this and sighed in annoyance.

Just then, Flash came by the table, “Um… Hi…” he said.

Twilight looked up at him. Their eyes met again and she felt herself blushing, “Flash, I… um… hi.”

A moment of silence followed, and the girls couldn’t help and want to give the two some alone time. So they left the table so they two could talk. Applejack had to drag the, still, dazed Rarity, and Sunset pulled Pinkie away when it was clear she wanted to pry on the couple.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” asked Twilight.

“Yeah, I guess.” Flash stammered “So… how have you been?”

While the two chatted, the others decided to go play a few games.

“What’s going on over there?” asked Fluttershy, and she motioned over to where a crowd of people we’re huddled around a race-car game.

The girls managed to squeeze their way to an opening and could see it was Rainbow Dash, obviously taking on challengers again to uphold her egotistical title of gaming.

The other guy tried as hard as he could but he couldn’t seem to catch up to Rainbow, and she crossed the finish line after five laps, setting a new speed-record on the games counter.

The crowd cheered and hollered for Rainbow’s umpteenth straight victory.

The other guy sighed, “Man, you’re good.”

Rainbow smirked and gloated, “Why shouldn’t I be, I’m the Queen of Games.”

“Rainbow, there’s no need to gloat over it.” said Fluttershy.

“Yeah, it’s just a game after all.” agreed Pinkie.

Sadly, the girls knew what Rainbow was like when her ego went to her head, and she was indeed unreasonable.

“This is how I roll. This is how I do my thing, and there’s only one word that can best describe me…!”

“Pathetic!” snapped a voice from way over in a corner, which made the crowds gasp and hush instantly.

Rainbow bolted upright and called, “Who said that?!”

She saw in the corner, a strange dude sitting at a table, and crushing his empty soda can in his hand.

He turned round on his stool to face her, and everyone gawked at him, while some gasped in shock.

“Who’s that?” wondered Pinkie.

This guy, whoever he was dressed rather strangely. He wore a dark shirt with a long turtleneck that completely hid every inch of his neck, with matching dark pants and a strong silver belt. A big black overcoat with silver trimmings and sharp edges, soft black gloves with silver, metal bands, slick looking black running shoes, and to top it all off, he wore a black sphere hood that completely covered his head, and a rather spooky looking mask, half black and half grey with odd streaks and circles on it that covered his entire face.

Some of the patrons joked.

“Is it Halloween already?”

“What a crazy getup.”

The young stood swiftly, making them all shut their mouths!

The girls began to feel like something ugly was about to begin as the stranger slowly approached Rainbow.

“The only reason you’re winning so much is because you keep playing against inept players who can barely understand the basics of a game.

That doesn’t make you a skilled gamer-- it makes you a coward.”

“Oh, yeah!” thundered Rainbow “Maybe you’d like to see just how much of a coward I really am?

Have a seat!”

Some of the people in the crowds didn’t cheer, if anything they urged her not to.


“Don’t do it!”

Even her own friends tried to urge her to cease.

“Come on, Rainbow. It’s not worth it.” said Sunset, but Rainbow had made up her mind.

“Nobody calls Rainbow Dash a coward and then doesn’t go unpunished for it.” Then she turned to face the masked guy. “So, are you going to race me or what?”

The guy snickered, “Very well, it will be my pleasure to humiliate you.”

The two gamers sat down in the game seats, and started up the game.

Twilight and Flash came along, “What’s going on?” asked Twilight.

“Rainbow Dash is going to battle this strange guy.” answered Pinkie.

Flash took one look at the dude, and nearly jumped out of his skin in shock, but it was too late to warn Rainbow, the count was on and the race began.

Rainbow rammed on the pedal and steered her virtual car down the track. “Ah, yeah eat my dust you big-- Huh?”

She noticed the other guy was just sitting casually in his seat, with his arms folded. He didn’t even so much as make a reach for any of the controls, and his car remained perfectly still, right at the starting point. The game was even blaring at him “Press Gas Pedal.”

…But the dude just sat there.

He still didn’t reach for the controls even when Rainbow out-lapped him.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” snapped Rainbow “Aren’t even going to move.”

“I will move when I’m good and ready, and not before.” sneered the dude.

Rainbow growled and poured on the gas, not about to let this guy taunt her.

Then, when she out-lapped him again, the guy uncrossed his arms and cracked his knuckles, “Here we go.” and he rammed his foot on the accelerator, making his car take off down the track.

His speed meter just kept going up, and up, and up past the 200s, which was higher than what most people could even get close to, and the speed just kept going up!

The patrons couldn’t believe their eyes, nor could Rainbow!

This guy skillfully steered his car round every bend, every corner with such ease, and his speed just kept increase… to the 300s!

The guys snickered softly as he gained ground, finishing his first lap while Rainbow finished her third, and leaving two laps to go, but the guy was stilling on her, and he finished his second lap in a new record that most people could never reach!

“This can’t be happening!” cried Rainbow, and in her panic she lost control and her car spun out and crashed into a siding which slowed her down badly allowing the guy to pass her on this third lap.

The patrons could not believe their eyes.

“Who is this guy?”

“Where’d he learn to play like this?”

“Why does he wear a mask?”

The guy didn’t seem to take notice in all the chatter about him and just stayed as focussed on the game as ever.

Try as she would, Rainbow couldn’t keep her lead, and the guy’s car passed hers!

“No! I’ve been out-lapped!” Rainbow cried, and in almost no time the guy had finished his final lap making him the winner.

The girls were astounded and shocked, and Rainbow was a mix of angered and humiliated.

“Boom, winning.” the guy taunted.

Rainbow wasn’t willing to let this lie.

“Where did you learn to play like this?” she asked.

“What difference does it make?” said the guy “You’ve already lost, and I’ve proven you wrong.”

Rainbow clenched her fists “Okay then! What do you say we try some other game?”

“Rainbow!” snapped Rarity, but Rainbow refused to heed what she had to say.

“Fine by me.” answered the guy “If you insist on being further humiliated.”

In a montage of flicks, Rainbow and the guy played several other games.

-A combat fighter game

-A Dance simulator

-Air hockey

…Yet each and every one of them, the guy beat Rainbow and got perfect scores so easily as if Rainbow were an amateur.

Most of the patrons were now starting to cheer against Rainbow.

“Look at the “so-called” Queen of Games now?”

“No wonder I lost to her.”

Rainbow’s friends felt sorry for her, and even Twilight was starting to think Rainbow should cool it before she really went crazy.

“I can’t!” cried Rainbow “I can’t just let this creep walk all over me! I’m supposed to be good at all games!”

The guy chuckled softly, “Wow! You’re even more egotistical than I thought.”

Rainbow growled.

“Hey, come on now.” sneered Applejack “There’s no need to be such a sore winner.”

“Yeah, can’t we all just start over and be friends here?” asked Pinkie.

The guy only scoffed, “No thanks, I don’t need friends, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t want it to be a bunch of kids like you.”

Now, all the girls and Flash gasped. Even Sunset was getting cross, “Look, I don’t know who you are, but you certainly have no right to speak to me or my friends this way.”

Though she could see, she could tell the guy was glaring angrily at her behind his mask.

Rainbow then noticed something peeking from out of his coat, “Is that a duel disk?”

The guy then noticed it and pulled it out for all to see. It was golden plated, with silver-linings, meaning this guy was obviously a duelist, and a pro at that.

Rainbow got that look in her eyes and pulled out her own duel disk, “Maybe you’d like to have one last bout.”

The guy only shook his head “Trust me, after everything that’s happened, the last you want is to duel me. Besides, I’d flatten you in an instant.”

Then he headed for the exit, while Rainbow turned bright red and her ears steamed.

“Rainbow, calm down!” said Fluttershy “You’re starting to scare me.”

“Rainbow, you should stop.” said Twilight “There’s no shame in losing a few simple games.”

Rainbow, again, refused to listen, not wanting to let that guy get away with humiliating her that night. So she ran out the doors after him.

“Oh, dear…” said Rarity “I have a feeling this is not going to end well.”

“It’s worse than you think.” said Flash “I think I know who that guy is.”

He got out his cell-phone and showed the girls a website that showed who he was, which made the girls gasp.

“Rainbow…!” Sunset called, forgetting that she had already gone out the doors. “Come on, let’s go find her.”

The gang agreed and rushed outside, only to find Rainbow and the guy were already facing each other and about to duel.

“I honestly don’t see the point to all this,” the guy said “But if it’ll get you off my back, then I’ll duel you.”

Rainbow smirked “That’s better, and here I thought you were just scared of losing.”

“Rainbow Dash!” called Twilight as she and the others came onto the scene, and found several other by-passers were stopping by to watch the duel.

“Rainbow Dash?” said the guy “What kind of a name is that for a girl?”

Rainbow only scoffed “It’s the name of the girls who’s going to kick your can in this match.”

“Rainbow, wait…!” called Flash.

“Keep out of this!” Rainbow called to him, making her friends wince-- the way she was acting so spoiled and angered, it really wasn’t like her.

The disks were ready and the virtual field was set. “…DUEL!!”

Rainbow LP: 8000

????? LP: 8000

“Why don’t you go first,” Rainbow offered “Since you claim to be so good and all that.”

“Are you sure?” asked the guy “You’re going to regret it if I go first, not that it will matter much anyway.”

“I said you go!” yelled Rainbow “What do you want, a written invitation?!”

Fluttershy hid behind her friends feeling frightened at Rainbow’s behaviour. “What’s happening to her?” she whimpered.

“She’s really lost her mind now.” said Sunset.

The guy drew his first five cards, “Well then, here we go.

My first card will be, FOOLISH BURIAL.

…This spell allows me--”

“I know what it does!” sneered Rainbow “It lets you send one monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. I mean, seriously, it’s one of the oldest cards known.”

The guy snickered “If you knew what was coming, you wouldn’t be acting so brash!”

He took a card form his deck and threw it in the graveyard.

“Now, I’ll put another spell in play-- CARD OF SAFE RETURN!

…I trust you know what this does?”

“Yeah, yeah,” scoffed Rainbow “It lets you draw one card every time a monster is summoned from the Graveyard.

Will you just end your turn already?!”

The guy agreed and entered his End Phase.

“That’s weird.” said Sunset “He didn’t play a single monster. Why end his turn now?”

“I think I know why…” said Flash.

The girls all gawked at him, and then turned back to the duel when the guy’s Graveyard began to glow.

“What’s going on?” asked Rainbow.

“What’s going on is the beginning of your defeat!” snapped the guy.

“The monster I discarded was MANTICORE OF DARKNESS.

During the End Phase of the turn he was sent to my graveyard, I’m allowed to discard another monster from my hand, which then allows me to summon the Manticore straight to the field.”

The monster appeared in a blazing flame, spread its wings, and roared!

(Atk: 2300)

Twilight couldn’t believe her eyes, “That monster! It looks so real!”

Sunset assured her “It’s just a hologram. That’s that what those duels disks do to each card.”

“I can’t believe he got a monster that strong on the field already.” said Applejack.

The guy grunted, “Since Manticore came back from the grave, as you pointed out, Card of Safe Return lets me draw one card.”

“Fine.” said Rainbow “Now it’s my move!” but as she prepared to draw her card, the Manticore began to blaze and it just disappeared.

The guy snickered, “You see, I discarded another Manticore from my hand to summon that one, which means I can now send the one on my field and summon the one that’s in my graveyard!”

The Manticore then reappeared.

“Well then, I guess that means I’ll just draw another card.”

He did so.

“Now I think I’ll swap my monsters, so I can draw again…

And again!

…And again!”

He just kept swapping the Manticores and drawing more and more cards.

Rainbow couldn’t believe what was happening, “What are you doing? You’ll run out of cards to draw!”

“That’s a good thing.” said Pinkie “If he runs out of cards to draw, he’ll automatically lose the duel.”

The others however were not convinced, fearing they knew what the guy was up to.

He had nearly depleted his entire deck, when he finally stopped swapping the Manticores.

“And now…!” he sneered “Prepare yourself…!


“WHAAA-AAAT--?!!” screamed Rainbow.

The others all gasped, except for Twilight, as she didn’t really know too much about the game. “What’s going on?” she asked.

“It’s over!” cried Sunset “Rainbow’s lost this!”

Everyone watched as images of the five special cards created the big portal gateway, allowing the giant beast to come forth, hissing and glassing at Rainbow.

“I can’t believe this! I didn’t get to make a single move!” she cried.

Exodia powered up, and the guy ordered, “Exodia… Obliterate!”

WHAAM!! The huge beast fired a massive holographic blast of power that struck Rainbow hard and knocked her down and wiping out all her life points!

Rainbow LP: 8000 -----> 0

All the spectators covered their eyes, groaning and screaming in the light and the shaking!

Then the light and the images all faded, and Rainbow slowly got up, but she was still horribly shocked, while the guy looked at her and said “I told you you’d regret it if I went first, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

If this is all I have to contend with, then the Friendship Cup should be a snap.”

“What?” asked Rainbow “You’re entering the Friendship Cup?”

The guy nodded, “That’s the whole reason I came here, but little word of advice for you and anyone else who’s thinking of entering…

…Go home now, because there’s no way you’ll beat me.

That million dollar prize money is as good as mine.”

Then he turned on his heel and headed down the street, passing by Human Twilight and Spike on their walk, which made Twilight stop dead in her tracks.

Spike would have asked her what’s wrong, but he knew he had to keep quiet in public. He didn’t have to speak anyway as he took a good look at the guy who passed them.

Twilight began to tremble, “It can’t be him!” she muttered.

Spike growled softly.

As for the guy, he turned to look at the two, and then just turned and kept on going thinking, “I think I know that kid from somewhere.”

Twilight felt her stomach turn, and she felt her head as it ached with tons of silent memories from a while back. “I can’t believe he’s really here!”

Then he shock faded to anger and outrage, and Spike could tell exactly what she was thinking. “Do you think you should tell the gang?” he whispered to her.

“No,” she whispered back “This is personal.”

Meanwhile, Flash showed Rainbow the website on his phone of the top ranked pro-gamers in the world, and at the top of the list was the same guy she had just faced-- “Masquerade”

This only made Rainbow feel even more shocked and humiliated, “You mean I just got schooled by the top-ranked gamer in the country?!”

Flash nodded sadly, and Rainbow felt really dizzy with loss and woe.

“Who is he, really?” asked Twilight.

“No one knows.” answered Flash “I’ve heard the stories from other gamers.

Masquerade only appeared five years ago. Nobody knows who he really is, or what his real name is, or why he hides behind a mask, but as you just saw… the guy is a total beast!

In the five years he’s been around he hasn’t lost a game.

He just travels the world competing in gaming tournaments, which is how he makes his earnings, but he’s also rather cold and nasty to people, preferring to keep to himself and alienate others around him.

But like I said, when it comes to games, this guy strikes fear at the very mention of his name. Most people say it’s best to quit and run or he’ll do to you exactly what he did to Rainbow-- leave you wallowing in defeat and humiliation.”

The girls were all so captivated and stunned by such a story.

“Sounds like the guy’s got one heck of a prideful ego.” said Applejack.

“He could also use a better sense of fashion.” added Rarity “That outfit he wore, it simply screamed woe and bleakness!”

Some of the others glared at her telling her to cool it with the fashion talk!

Rainbow was still down in the dumps over the humiliation she had suffered, until Pinkie Pie helped her up. “Come on, let’s all head back to my place for the Slumber Party.”

The girls all agreed, and Rainbow smiled slightly.

Flash had to head home. He didn’t feel right going to an all-girls slumber party, and he wanted to do some serious preparing for the tournament now.

“I’m not going to let Masquerade intimidate me that easily.”

Then he bid the girls goodnight, especially Twilight, and he waved to her as he began to walk away, and she kept staring at him until he was out of sight.

The girls couldn’t help but tease her,

“Flash and Twilight, Sitting in a tree

Twilight felt most embarrassed.

As the girls walked down the street, heading for Pinkie’s place, they were being watched from a car parked on the road by those same two men, and they were planning to follow the girls!

Episode 3: Force of Hand

View Online


Pinkie Pie’s folks were out of town at a Rock Convention with Maud Pie, and so she had the place all to herself, but she was permitted to have friends over, provided she was responsible and called or emailed to check in.

All the girls were in their pajamas in Pinkie’s big bedroom.

Some of the girls were playing on her game-station.

Sunset was helping Rarity get used to her new deck by giving her pointers and showing what moves she could make.

Pinkie was emailing her parents about the slumber party.

“How are things going? Oki-doki-Lok…!”

Twilight smiled.

“I really wish the other Twilight and Spike were here.” she said.

The girls had called Human Twilight up, saying about the party, but they only got a response that she couldn’t make it, and that she had a special experiment to conduct at home. She wouldn’t even say what it was.

Twilight chuckled, “I remember how I used to lock myself up and work on extra assignments for Princess Celestia.”

Sunset agreed, “I remember those. You’d never want to disappoint her.”

Rarity could only sigh, “It must be so beautiful there in Equestria-- all the magic, and wonder and glamour.” She fell backwards on the huge bed “What I’d give just to have a glimpse of it.”

“Count me in for a piece of that too.” agreed Applejack.

“I bet there’d be lots of nice animals to see.” said Fluttershy.

Twilight agreed, maybe it would be nice for her friends to see her world someday. “When I return, I’ll talk to Princess Celestia and ask if you can visit some time over the summer.”

“Awesome.” said Rainbow.

As the girls continued their slumber party, outside, the two men had parked on the empty street, across from Pinkie’s house, and they could see the lighted window from the bedroom.

“Alright, show time.” said the older brother.

His younger brother handed him a laptop, and then passed to him a strange looking USB link, unlike anything anyone would ever see.

“I don’t understand, brother?” said the younger brother “Can’t we simply put our plan into action immediately? I’m sure the girls would be willing to comply.”

“We could…” replied his brother “…But I would like to show them just how much we mean business, and it wouldn’t hurt to test that girl-- Sunset Shimmer-- ourselves.

We want to be certain she’s the one we seek. She has a rather unusual deck.”

He then held up a duel monsters card, “If I’m right, then she is the key that will unlock our passage to what we deserve.”

Later on, the girls had all turned out the lights and were sleeping tightly. Pinkie Sunset and Twilight shared her big four-poster bed, while the rest of the girls were tucked up in sleeping-bags on air cushions.

Applejack snored softly with her hat over her face.

Rarity softly muttered herself as she dreamed about meeting Loki Prince and being whisked off her feet. “Oh, Loki… This is all so sudden. I… I…” she rolled over and went silent.

Sunset suddenly got up and felt nature calling, and she crept silently to the bathroom down the hall.

By the time she was finished and she left the bathroom, she ran into Twilight in the hall as she came on the stairs.

The two gasped softly,

“You scared me.” chuckled Sunset.

“I had to use the bathroom, but you were in it, so I went downstairs.”

As they both headed back to bed, they noticed Pinkie’s laptop-- while it was closed and charging, and not even switched on, there was a strange, bright glow emitting out from the grooves.

The two girls exchanged looks of confusion, and naturally their curiosity got them as they walked over and Sunset lifted the laptop open.

The light began to get brighter and brighter, which woke up the girls.

“Hey, what’s with the lights?” groaned Rainbow.

“Is it morning already?” asked Fluttershy.

“You are ruining my beauty sleep!” grumbled Rarity.

Pinkie rubbed her eyes, “Hey, what’s with my laptop. I thought I turned it off?”

Suddenly, there were images appearing on the screen, of two dark figures. They were completely black from head-to-toe, like giant silhouettes.

The light suddenly shone brighter and brighter-- the girls had to shut their eyes.

When Sunset looked again, she found herself standing in a strange setting-- a shadowy world with a sky like Outer Space, and dark buildings that all gave an ominous glow.

The ground was dark and misty.

“Where am I?” asked Sunset “Why do I think I’ve seen this place somewhere before?”

Then, a terrible sight met her eyes; all the girls were standing behind her, all frozen on the spot—motionless like statues, and all their colors were gone.

“Girls…! Girls wake up!”

No response! The girls remained motionless and silent, as if they were cursed by powerful magic.

“Greetings, Sunset Shimmer.” called a voice from behind.

Sunset turned swiftly and saw those two dark figures that appeared on the laptop. She didn’t recognize them, and their voices were ominous and deep.

“There is no need to worry about your friends.” said the shorter figure “They are quite safe, for the moment.”

Sunset clenched her fists and sneered, “Who are you? Where am I? How do you know me?”

“We’ll tell you what we decide to tell you.” hissed the tall figure.

His brother then said “We’ve been observing you and your friends for a long time. We know all about you, your magic, Equestria-- just about everything that goes with it.”

Sunset gasped softly. “You know about Equestria?”

“More than you realize.” replied the tall figure “But never mind that now. We have a little business to discuss with you.”

Sunset wouldn’t hear of this, and tried to summon forth her magic to break whatever curse this was, or confront the two figures.

Unfortunately, her powers wouldn’t awaken.

“Sorry, it’s not that simple.” said the younger brother “This is a special simulation that was created just for this moment.

Your magic, powerful as it may be, has ho affect here. So you won’t be leaving until we let you out.”

Sunset was losing her patience, but realizing her friends were in trouble too, she asked the men, “What do you want?”

“We simply wish to put you through a little test. That’s all.” said the older brother.

“A test?” asked Sunset “What exactly?”

Then she got her answer as a duel disk magically appeared on her left arm, complete with her entire dueling deck already shuffled and inserted.

“You want to duel me?”

“Correct.” answered the younger brother, and he stepped forth with his own duel disk on his arm. “We’ve heard about your dueling style, and would like to see in person. Once the duel is over, we’ll release you and your friends, win or lose.”

“You’ll do that?” asked Sunset “You’ll let me and my friends go, and all I have to do is duel you?”

“Yes!” replied the brothers.

Much as Sunset still didn’t understand all this, and was still perplexed with the world she was standing in-- still wondering why it seemed so familiar to her-- she agreed to the duel.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

The brothers snickered.

“Very good,” hissed the older brother “Begin the match!”

The disks were ready, virtual system set, and cards were drawn.


Sunset LP: 8000

????? LP: 8000

“I shall begin,” said the figure “And I shall start by playing POT OF GREED, so I may draw two more cards.”

While he drew his cards, Sunset thought to herself, “I don’t know who these guys are, or what strategy they use, but whatever it is I just hope I can end this duel quickly so I can help the others.”

“Now, prepare yourself, my dear.” said the figure, “You’ve never seen a strategy like mine.

From my hand, I activate the ability of this monster; DOUBLE-D SWIRL SLIME!”

Sunset gawked.

“When this creature is in my hand, I’m allowed to Fusion Summon using monsters in my hand—without the need of a fusion card.”

“What?! No fusion card?” cried Sunset.

Her opponent nodded.

“I now fuse, my Swirl Slime with DOUBLE-D BERFOMET

I now Fusion summoned… TRIPLE- D ORACLE KING D’ARC!”

(Atk: 2800)

Sunset gazed up at the new monster, and she was ever amazed.

“I shall now place two cards face down, and that ends my turn. Now, it’s your move.”

Sunset grunted softly, “Fine, I draw!”

She looked down at her hand, “Nice!

I’ll use scale 1 STARGAZER MAGICIAN, and Scale 8 TIMEGAZER MAGICAN to set the Pendulum Scale!”

Her two magicians appeared in the magical light tubes of the Pendulum Zone, and the pendulum began to swing between them.

…Then suddenly, it just stopped swinging.

“Huh? What’s happening?” cried Sunset “Why isn’t the pendulum swinging?”

Her opponent was then heard snickering, and motioning at the card he had played, “It stopped because I activated this quick-play card; PENDULUM SHIFT.

Durring the turn it is played, this spell allows me to target a monster in any player’s Pendulum Zone, and then I can change its Pendulum Scale.”

Sunset then looked in horror as Timegazer Magician went from 8 to a 1, making it the same as Stargazer’s scale.

“Oh, no…!” Sunset groaned in thought, “With both their scales at 1, I can’t Pendulum Summon this turn.”

The older brother then thought silently to himself, “She’s going to have to do a little better if she wants to win this duel.”

Sunset wouldn’t be deterred, “In that case, I’ll summon a monster facedown, in defense-mode.

Then I’ll place one card face down and end my turn.”

“Very well, then.” said her opponent “My draw…!

“Now I summon the Tuner monster, DOUBLE-D NIGHTHOWL!”

(Atk: 300)

“A Tuner monster?” cried Sunset.

Her opponent nodded.

“When Nighthowl is Normal Summoned, I am able to bring forth a Double-D creature from The Graveyard, as long as its Attack and Defense are reduced to Zero!

I choose, Double-D Berformet!”

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 0)

Sunset didn’t like where this was going.

“I now Tune Level 3 Nighthowl with Level 4 Berfomet!


(Atk: 2500)

Sunset was astonished by the Synchro Summon. “A Fusion Monster and a Syncrho Monster…?”

Her opponent ignored her and instead entered his Battle Phase. “King Alexander, I order you to attack and destroy that monster!”

The mighty creature rushed forth, and attacked Sunset’s monster-card-- slicing it in half, just barely missing her, and destroying her Dragonpulse Magician, and sent it to the Extra Deck.

“Now that that’s done,” hissed her opponent “Time for King d’Arc to attack you directly!


His monster complied, and bounded straight at Sunset.

“Hold on!” snapped Sunset “I play the trap MAGIC CYLINDER!

Now not only is your attack stopped, but you’re going to take the damage I would have taken, and that’s a full 2800!”

The magical objects indeed fired a force of power straight at Sunset’s opponent, but much to sunset’s horror, her opponent had a surprise for her as the blast hit him.

“Sorry, but D’Arc’s special ability makes it so that I gain life points from your card’s effect!” and indeed, his life points increased.

????? LP: 8000 -----> 10,800

Sunset was most outraged, but was relieved that she avoided the attack at least, sparing her own life points form damage.

“What’s with this guy and his brother?” she thought “Who are they?”

The brothers both just stood where they were, silent and still as if they were unimpressed with how things were going so far.

“I shall end my turn with one card facedown.” said the dueling brother.

Sunset nodded and then drew her card. She then took a moment to gaze over at her friends who were still frozen in the dark magic, which she still wanted to ponder about.

Still, she had to focus more on the duel at the moment.

“Now that my Pendulum Scale is reset, it’s time I finished what I started last turn.”

The magic pendulum began to swing magically, and Sunset called out to it.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

In three blazes of shooting light, her monsters appeared.




The older brother took a slight interest in those monsters. “That was very impressive, summoning all those monsters at once.” he called to her.

Sunset snickered, “You haven’t seen anything yet.

See, Harmonizing Magician is a Tuner Monster, and when I Pendulum Summon her, I get to call out one Magician monster out of my deck, so long as its effects are negated.


(Atk: 1400)

“But he won’t be around for too long, because I’m Tuning him with Harmonizing Magician so I can create something even more dangerous!

I Synchro Summon Level 7 ARCANITE MAGICIAN!”

(Atk: 400)

“I know what you’re thinking, “Why summon a monster with only 400 Attack Points?

Well, when he’s successfully Synchro Summoned, he gets two Spell Counters, and for each one of them, his attack increased by 1000 points!”

The monster’s two large shoulder pads glowed brightly with the spell counters, and his attack went way up to 2400!

“Yeah, I know…” Sunset said cheekily “Even with that power-boost, he still isn’t strong enough to attack your monsters, but then again... Attack Points aren’t the only way.

Now by removing those spell counter, Arcanite Magician’s attack is reduced back to 400, but in exchange, I can destroy one card for each counter.

So, say goodbye to your kings, because they’re about to be dethroned!”

Indeed, the two huge Kings glowed brightly, and were destroyed in big explosions.

“And I’m not through yet!” boasted Sunset “I have two Level 7 monsters, which I now overlay in order to build The Overlay Network!”

The two monsters vanished in glowing orbs of light, and vanished into a huge, swirling vortex that appeared in the ground.

Sunset then called out as a bright flash emerged from the portal, and her monster appeared…

“With wings so sharp and a shining light
I summon a dragon of great might!


(Atk: 2800)

Her new dragon roared. It’s shone brightly, and two large glowing orbs of light orbited its massive body.

The dueling brother was growing more impressed as he silently thought, “She Synchro and Xyz Summoned in one turn. This could get interesting, but we’ll have to see.

Sunset pointed forth, “Now Odd-Eyes, attack him directly!”

Her dragon complied, and unleashed it’s mighty fury, blasting her opponent hard, and due to Sunset’s two magicians in the Pendulum Zones, traps and spells couldn’t be played until after the Damage Step.

Her opponent lost a full 2800 points…

????? LP: 10,800 -----> 8000

“Now, Dragonpulse Magician, attack him directly!”

The magician sped forth, and blasted the opponent, lowering his score again by a full 1800!

????? LP: 8000 -----> 6200

“Now I’ll place this card facedown, and end my turn.”

Her hand was empty, but she felt much better deep down inside as she looked up at her new monster thinking, “My Odd-Eyes should be able to help me, but I really wish this duel was over. This world’s giving me the creeps, plus it’ll get my friends out of their state.”

“It’s my turn,” called her opponent, and he drew his card.

“I now activate the Continuous Spell, DARK CONTRACT WITH THE GATE!”

Sunset gawked at the gate and asked, “What’s that do?”

Her opponent then grabbed his deck and explained, “As long as this spell is in play, my Dark Contract allows me to add one Double-D creature to my hand, and I chose another Swirl Slime.”

Sunset grunted and clenched her fist knowing that this meant!

“Now then,” said her opponent “I use Swirl Slime’s ability again, fusing it with DOUBLE-D NECRO SLIME.


(Atk: 2000)

Sunset was at first awed by the sight of this new monster, but she couldn’t understand why her opponent would summon a monster weaker than her Odd-Eyes.

Her opponent snickered, “Now I activate the ability of my Necro Slime in the graveyard!

By banishing it, along with Swirl Slime, I can Fusion Summon yet another King Genhis!”

(Atk: 2000)

“Two Flame Kings?” cried Sunset.

Her opponent chuckled, “And the heat is still on.

I activate CALL OF THE HAUNTED, to revive Double-D Berfomet!

Return to me!”

(Atk: 1400)

“And bringing out this creature, I can now use the ability of my Flame Kings.

When a Double-D monster is special summoned, I am then permitted to call out another Double-D from the graveyard.

I choose, Nighthowl!”

(Atk: 300)

Sunset was starting to grow a little nervous.

“Now observe!” called her ooponent “As I Overlay my two Level 6 Triple-Ds to build The Overlay Network!”

As his two monsters vanished, Sunset could hardly believe this at all, “Now he’s Xyz Summoning?!” she cried in her mind.

“I Xyz Summon…” her opponent shouted, “… TRIPLE-D WAVE KING HIGH CEASER!”

(Atk: 2800)

Sunset gawked up at the huge monster floating in the air. She was almost rather impressed that this guy, whoever he was able to Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summon so many monsters.

“You’re speechless I see.” said the older brother “It’s not a surprise really. We know fully well of your desire to operate a strategy like this, just as we observed.”

Sunset still didn’t take kindly to that, “You know, you really ought to have respect for other people’s private lives.

“Ha!” scoffed the dueling brother, “If we did that, then how would we ever seek out those we feel who can help us?”

Sunset still remained unimpressed.

“Very well then,” hissed her opponent “Our monsters may be equal in strength, but that doesn’t matter to me!

King High Cesar, attack Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon!”

The monster complied and zoomed forth to strike.

“Don’t think so!” said Sunset “I activate Odd-Eyes’ ability. Whenever any monster attacks, by using one Overly Unit, I can negate that attack, and when I do, I then get to summon one Odd-Eye creature!”

One of the two glowing orbs vanished into Odd-Eyes, and the dragon began to glow.

“Nice try,” hissed the opponent, “But King Cesar his own ability. By using an Overlay Unit, whenever you try to special summon a creature, that effect is negated and the card source is destroyed!”

“Ah!” cried Sunset and she watched in horror as her dragon exploded, and the pixelated shockwaves zoomed past her!

“You just activated Odd-Eyes other ability!” she shouted “When its destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I get to summon one Odd-Eyes monster right out of my Extra Deck…”

She reached for her Extra-Deck to pull that move off, but King Caesar butt in and blocked her hand with his sword-- despite it being just a hologram.

“Sorry, but I can’t allow that!” sneered the opponent “King Caesar will just his other Overlay Unit and stop your summoning!”

Sunset was beginning to sweat bullets, “I can’t believe this!” she thought to herself “Not only is this guy able to summon all these monsters, but he stops me from summoning my own!

I can’t defend myself this way!”

“There’s one other thing you should know,” called her opponent “When Caesar successfully uses his ability, I can select a Double-D monster and increase its attack by 1800!”

Sunset watched as Befomet and Nighthowl become deadly stronger!

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 3200)

(Atk: 300) -----> (Atk: 2100)

“And let’s not forget his majesty. King Caesar also gains 1800 points for each monster.”

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 6400)

“Sixty-Four Hundred!!” cried Sunset “That’s nuts!”

Her opponent snickered, “Not really, especially considering what’s about to happen!

King Caesar, attack Dragonpulse Magician!”

“Not so fast!” shouted Sunset “I play a trap; XYZ REBORN!

With this trap, I can revive my Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon!”

Her dragon reappeared and roared!

(Atk: 2800)

“And what’s more, the trap itself acts as an Overlay Unit, which I can use to stop your King Caesar’s attack!”

The Overlay Unit vanished, and King Caeser came to a dead stop with his huge club just inches away from striking Sunset.

“Whew!” Sunset sighed “And now, I get to revive an Odd-Eyes monster from the graveyard, and you can’t stop me now!

Welcome back, Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

(Def: 2000)

“Very clever.” hissed the opponent “You managed to stop my strongest creature, but I have two more!”

He then ordered his Nighthowl to destroy the freshly revived Odd-Eyes, which it did and Odd-Eyes was sent to the Extra Deck.

“Just as I hoped.” Sunset thought.

“Now!” shouted her opponent “Double-D Berformet will attack yours Absolute Dragon!


(Atk: 3200) VS (Atk: 2800)

Odd-Eyes was destroyed once again as the shockwaves blew past Sunset.

Sunset LP: 8000 -----> 7600

Sunset snapped herself up right, “You forget? By destroying Odd-Eyes, you activated his ability! Now I get to summon an Odd-Eyes monster out of my Extra Deck.”

Her Extra Deck gave off a huge glow of light, “Now I call forth an extra special guy I’ve been saving for such an occasion…

…I summon the Synchro Monster, ODD-EYES METEORBURST DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2500)

Her monster appeared in a great meteor explosion, and roared unleashing a fiery wave.

“And there’s more!” said Sunset “When this guy is summoned, I get to take a monster in My Pendulum Zone and summon it to the field, so come on down Stargazer Magician!”

Her magician leapt out from his light, and landed right on the field.

(Def: 2400)

Her opponent was very impressed, “Summoning a Synchro monster without Tuning. I must say, you are indeed pretty slick.”

Sunset took that as a compliment, “I know how to summon all kinds of monsters too, you know.”

“I can see that,” agreed her opponent, “I end my turn, and with that, all my monsters have their attack power returned to normal.”

(Atk: 6400) -----> (Atk: 2800)

(Atk: 3200) -----> (Atk: 1400)

(Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 300)

“What’s wrong?” Sunset teased “Running out of ways to summon?”

Her opponent remained silent, and his brother thought silently, “This girl has no idea-- we’ve only been stringing her along this entire match.

She seems to have some talent, but there’s one other thing she doesn’t know.”

“It’s my turn…” said Sunset, but as she prepared to draw she thought deeply “These guys are acting pretty calm.

Are they planning something really big?

Well, whatever it is, I can’t let them pull it off.

All I have to do is get rid of all the monsters on the field, and it should be clear sailing.”

She looked over at her friends still stuck in their frozen state, and kept in mind that she was dueling for them.

“I draw…!

And I play POT OF GREED, so now I get to draw two cards!”

She hoped whatever she drew would help her.

She took her cards, and looked up over at her opponent. “Time to make a little come back here,

“I use Scale 2 OAFDRAGON MAGICIAN to reset my Pendulum Scale!”

Her new monster took its place in the light of the Pendulum Zone, and the magic pendulum began to swing once more. “Now, I get call out as many monsters from Levels 3 to 7 as I need!” said Sunset, and then she called out to the swinging pendulum once more…

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

In two shots of bright flashes, her monsters appeared.



All five of Sunset’s Monster Zones were full.

All the creatures standing side-by-side and looking ready for action, but the two brothers barely seemed too impressed.

“Now then,” said Sunset “I play the spell POLYMERIZATION!

Go Odd-Eyes!

Go Stargazer Magician!”

The two monsters leapt into the light and swirled together into one!


(Atk: 3000)

The mighty dragon roared as if glowed in a mystical light.

The dueling brother gazed up at the mighty dragon, almost in awe, and Sunset smirked at him.

“Time to say goodbye to all your monsters, because you see… Since I used Stargazer Magician to summon Rune-Eyes, he now gets to attack your monsters three times this turn!”

“Three time?!” cried the opponent.

“Three times!” replied Sunset. “Go, Rune Eyes, attack King Caesar!”

In one huge blast of flames, the mighty dragon struck down the strong king!

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 2800)

????? LP: 6200 -----> 6000

“Now for round two!” called Sunset “Say goodbye to Double-D Berfomet!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 1400)

????? LP: 6000 -----> 4400

The brothers were starting to grow annoyed!

“Now Rune-Eyes,” called Sunset “Take out that Nighthowl-- Attack!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 300)

????? LP: 4400 -----> 1700

The dueling brother braced himself as the shockwaves zoomed past him, and growled angrily.

Now his field was completely empty, and Sunset still had plenty of fight left.

She really felt she was going to do it, and she gazed over at her frozen friends, “Hang on, girls… I’m taking us home!

“Now that you have nothing to protect you,” said Sunset. “Odd-Eyes Meteorburst, attack and end this!”

Her Dragon roared and prepared to attack…!

“Just a moment!” thundered the dueling brother “I activate my facedown quick-play spell, FIEND’S SANCTUARY!”

“Ah!” gasped Sunset.

Her opponent scoffed at her “Without your Stargazer Magician stopping my spells, I now can summon a Metal Fiend Token!”

A little metalic figure then appeared right on the field.

(Def: 0)

Sunset couldn’t believe this-- she was that close to ending the duel, and now she couldn’t. She knew if she attacked that token, it wouldn’t be destroyed, and she would take any battle damage.

“Poor little dear,” hissed her opponent “…That’s what happens when you let your confidence run away with you.”

Sunset took offense to that “You sound like this is all a big game to you.”

The older brother sneered and said “Well, we told you, didn’t we…? This is a test-- a test of your skills and potential.

You have shown quite a few impressions in your summoning, but you don’t put enough effort into it, and your overconfidence holds you back even further!”

Now Sunset felt really offended.

“In case you didn’t realize, I’ve got more monsters, and more life points.” She then called to her opponent “How can you possibly expect to beat me when all you’ve got is that spell on the field?”

“I’ll show you.” answered her opponent, and he drew his card.

“Firstly, my Dark Contract has an unfortunate side-effect. I must take 1000 points of damage when my turn begins.”

The Dark Contract card glowed, and so did the figure as his life points dropped.

????? LP: 1700 -----> 700

“Then there is my Metal Fiend Token.

I would be required to pay 1000 more points to keep it, but since I cannot, I shall destroy it.”

The little token shattered and was gone.

“However, now I am able to use the power of my Dark Contract, allowing me to take a Double-D creature and place it in my hand, and the card I chose is DOUBLE-D SAVANT KELPER!”

Sunset gawked in shock at the card, “That’s a Pendulum Monster!”

“Yes!” sneered her opponent, “You didn’t think I didn’t know how to Pendulum Summon, did you?”

He then placed the creature into the Pendulum Zone, letting it take its place in the light.

Sunset then pointed out, “But your scale isn’t complete, and besides that… you need cards to summon, and you don’t even have any!”

“A technicality I plan to remedy.” Said her opponent and he held up his last card, “I activate CARD OF DEMISE!”

Sunset gasped!

“This power of this spell allows me to draw five new cards.

Of course, in five turns I will have to discard my entire hand, but that won’t be happening!”

He drew five cards into his hand.

“Now then, I’ll now complete the Pendulum Scale with DOUBLE-D SAVANT GALLILEI!”

The two monsters shone brightly in the light, and the pendulum began to swing.

Sunset just couldn’t believe her eyes.

“With the power of this pendulum scale of 1 to 10,” her opponent called “I can now summon monsters form Level 2 through 9.”

The portal appeared in the sky, and three monsters rained down into appear!

“I Pendulum Summon…




Sunset gawked up at the three huge, hulking beasts. They were even larger than her monsters were, but she was more astonished by the fact that her opponent just Pendulum Summoned.

“Now then…” hissed her opponent “When Ragnarok is Special Summoned, his special ability lets me summon one Triple-D from my graveyard!

…Return to me, Gust King Alexander!”

(Atk: 2500)

“And now, I activate this last card that I hold, DARK CONTRACT WITH THE SWAMP KING!

With the power of this card, I now have the ability to fuse monsters that are in my graveyard!”

A drop of sweat rolled down Sunset’s head.

“I now banish form the graveyard both my Flame King Genghis.

I now Fusion Summon a creature of likes you’ve never before…


(Atk: 3500)

Sunset gawked in awe at this new monster and it’s card frame, “It’s a Fusion and Pendulum card? I’ve never seen such a thing!”

“No, we didn’t think you would.” hissed the older brother “But I’m afraid that’s the least of your worries now.”

His brother agreed.

“The first thing I shall do is use King Kaiser’s ability, which lets me destroy both my Contract Cards!”

The two spells exploded in bright blasts, which were then absorbed by King Kaiser himself.

His controller snickered, “Now, for each one destroyed allows my monster one additional attack this turn.

But I’m still not through, because now I use the ability of my Purple Armageddon, an ability that allows me to take your Meteorburst Dragon and destroy it. Then you take damage equal to half of its original attack power!”

“No!” cried Sunset, but she watched in horror as her beloved dragon exploded, blowing waves past her, and her score dropped by 1250!

Sunset LP: 7600 -----> 6350

“And now…” shouted her opponent “On to battle…!”

Sunset monsters and her opponent’s monsters all roared and glared at each other, ready to fight!

“King Alexander, attack Rune-eyes Pendulum Dragon!”

“What?!” snapped Sunset “…But Rune-Eyes is stronger than your monster.”

(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 3000)

Indeed, Alexander only destroyed himself,

????? LP: 700 -----> 200

…But this only seemed to please Sunset’s opponent.

“I now use the ability of Doom Armageddon!” and as he spoke, his monster was glowing brightly.

“You see, when one of my monsters is destroyed, Doom Armageddon gains the attack power of that creature that sacrificed itself!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 5500)

Sunset screamed more fearfully, while her opponent laughed.

“Doom Armageddon, attack Rune-Eyes!”

(Atk: 5500) VS (Atk: 3000)

Sunset LP: 6350 -----> 3850

Poor Sunset was knocked down in the shockwaves of the attack!

“This can’t be happening!” she cried.

“Oh, but it is!” shouted her opponent, and he eyed her final two monsters and readied his King Kaiser, which still had his three attacks to use!

“First he’ll destroy your Dragonpulse Magician!”

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 1800)

Sunset LP: 3850 -----> 2850

“And now your Timebreaker Magician!”

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 1400)

Sunset LP: 2850 -----> 1450

Now Sunset was completely wide open, and there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop the last attack.

“Attack her directly!” shouted her opponent, and Sunset was blasted hard, and sent rolling along the ground!

Sunset LP: 1450 -----> 0

Poor Sunset, she was all frazzled and a little bruised from rolling along the ground and taking so many holographic shockwave hits.

She managed to struggle back onto her feet, but the duel was already over and the images had vanished.

The older brother joined his younger brother. The both of them nodded at one another, knowing Sunset was exactly who they needed for their conquest.

They didn’t tell her this, knowing how she’d react.

“Like I said,” the older brother said to her “You have great potential to master the four summoning arts, but you need to expand yourself, and learn more if you are ever to become the best.

Enter the Friendship Cup, and you will be able to unlock it.”

Sunset growled and clenched her fists, “That’s what this whole thing is about-- Another attempt to get me into that stupid tournament?

I’m sorry, but my answer is “No!” I refuse to have anything to do with it!”

The brothers had reached their limit, and knew they’d have to take a drastic step.

“We tried reasoning with you,” said the younger brother “But if you insist on being difficult, so be it!”

The older brother agreed, and held up a small white card.

“What’s that?” asked Sunset.

“Just something that ought to make you change your groove.” The brother answered, and he held out the card making a bright light flash, forcing Sunset to cover her eyes, and she didn’t see a huge beam of light fire from the card and zap Twilight’s frozen body, actually stealing her soul and dragging it back to the card.

Sunset was horrified when she looked and saw her friend on the card.

“Twilight!” she cried.

Twilight was actually pounding on the card as if she was stuck behind it, and she cried out, “Sunset… Help me!!”

Tears came to sunset’s eyes as the brother laughed at her, and the older brother threatened “Now you have no choice but to enter, if you ever want there to be hope in saving your Princess’ soul!”

The images all began to fade out to white and the brother disappeared.

Sunset kept calling out into the fading scene, “Twilight…



After a flash of white, Sunset screamed as she bolted upright, and each of her friends did the same thing, only to then realize they were all safe in Pinkie Pie’s bedroom, at eight in the morning.

“What a terrible nightmare!” whimpered Fluttershy.

“You had it too?” asked Applejack.

Rainbow held her head, “It felt so real.” she groaned “We all got sucked into the laptop, we couldn’t move…”

“…And… you were dueling, Sunset.” added Pinkie

Sunset nodded.

Rarity sighed in relief, “Thank goodness it was all a dream.”

The girls all agreed…

…Until Pinkie noticed Twilight was not in bed with her and Sunset.

She looked over the side and found her lying on the floor. She looked a little pale, and she was hardly breathing or making a sound.

“Twilight!” cried Pinkie “What happened? Wake up!”

The girls all huddled around her, and put her up onto the bed, but Twilight still didn’t wake up.

There was also a small slip of paper stuck to the leg of her pajamas, which Sunset read…

“That was no dream!

Enter the Friendship Cup, or say goodbye to your Princess!”

The girls all gasped, and then tears came to their eyes. Twilight really had lost her soul to those creeps, and the girls…

…They were all just heartbroken!

Episode 4: For Princess Twilight

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The girls called an ambulance and Twilight was rushed straight to the hospital.

She was now lying in bed while hooked up to life-support and a respirator.

“What’s the deal, Doc?” asked Rainbow.

The man went over Twilight’s charts and read the monitors, “Her breathing is slow, and her blood flow is steady, but she’s just not conscious at all.

To be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The girls couldn’t tell him about Twilight’s soul, feeling he’d never believe them, but seeing their friend lie so still and so helpless.

Fluttershy felt her arm “She feels a little cold.”

“It’s a typical drop in temperature.” said the doctor “People who are unconscious, the temperature fluctuates. It’s not serious.

But I don’t understand why she won’t wake up. For now, it’s best to let her rest, we’ll see what happens then, but I think we should contact her family.”

“No!” Rarity snapped “I mean… No, that won’t be necessary.”

The doctor was confused.

“Um, I think what she means is, we’ll let them know.” said Applejack.

The other girls nodded nervously, and their fib fooled the man which meant their secrets were safe.

“Where’d Sunset go?” asked Pinkie.

Rarity could see out the window of Twilight’s room and saw Sunset sitting on a bench outside the hospital, and you never would have seen her so sad and downhearted!

Poor girl, her mind was spinning in circles with grief and anger, and worse, she knew she couldn’t use any magic to reverse the curse of what happened. She didn’t even know what kind of magic it was they were dealing with, and even still, they didn’t have Twilight’s soul.

“How could this happen?” Sunset kept asking herself “What did Twilight ever do to deserve this?”

Then she remembered what those two creeps had said; “Enter the tournament, or else!”

Sunset rubbed her head in frustration.

That’s when someone approached her-- Human Twilight, with Spike tucked up in her backpack, and they looked just as sad and downhearted as she did.

“Rarity sent me a text. I was ever so shocked.”

“Me too,” added Spike “How did this happen?”

Sunset told them everything, about the two creeps in the strange world, and trapping Princess Twilight in a card.

“All this just to get you to enter the tournament?” asked Spike.

Sunset clenched her fists, “Those blackmailing monsters!” she growled “If only I knew who they were or what magic they were using. I just know it isn’t Equestrian.”

“You don’t know?” asked Twilight.

“Well, it’s more like I don’t remember.” replied Sunset “When I was Princess Celestia’s student, back in Equestria, I studied all kinds of spells, forms of magic, and even magical history.

But it’s been so long since I studied up on such things, and I’ve been here in this world making my new life, I just can’t remember.”

“Can’t you go back to Equestria and look for it in a book?” suggested Spike.

Sunset immediately refused the idea, “I wouldn’t even know where to start looking. It would probably take days, weeks even.

Besides, if I suddenly showed up in Equestria without Princess Twilight, that would raise suspicion. I could never even try to tell them about what happened.

Ever since I’ve reformed, I’ve been responsible of guarding Equestrian Magic in this world, and making sure it isn’t abused.”

She didn’t have to go about how nervous she was, but Twilight thought she was being silly.

“Sunset, I know this feels nerve-wrecking, but we can’t just do nothing about it.”

Spike agreed, “So what are we going to do? And by “We” I mean “You.”

Sunset thought it over, then stood up, and held her head high, “There’s only one thing to do. I’m going to enter the Friendship Cup to save my friend.”

She then thought back to how Twilight helped her see the light from her evil ways, and started her on the path of goodness and friendship.

If ever there was a time for her to repay the favor, this was it, and she sang a song in her mind as a montage of memories zoomed past her—from when she was evil and how Twilight helped reform her.

She looked down at me and she saw a girl
A girl that was lost and quite lonely
She saw past the dark and held out her hand,
And for the first I could see clearly

She wasn’t my foe, she didn’t want to fight
She only wanted to help make things alright
I thought she was crazy, but in the end,
It was clear that I had a friend

A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
With hearts so true I could take it,
A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
I promised to her I would make it.
...My friend to the end.

I won’t let her down, my path is quite clear
I’ve gotta do what I can to save her form the bad
The evil better beware, I’m coming there to save
The best friend I ever had

A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
With hearts so true I could take it,
A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
I promised to her I would make it.

A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
With hearts so true I could take it,
A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
I promised to her I would make it.

...My friend to the end.

The images and the song faded away into her mind.

“Well, I guess I better go and start preparing.” she said, and then she headed on home.

No sooner had she left did the others all come out from the hospital.

“Where’s she going?” asked Applejack.

Twilight told the girls everything.

For the past few days, a week before the tournament Sunset seemed to be spending a lot of her free time focusing on her cards and all the many possibilities they could make.

She didn’t even want to come to Pinkie Pie’s big “School’s Out” party on the last day of school and just kept right on studying and preparing.

Then again, Pinkie Pie had already canceled it anyway, still upset over Princess Twilight’s condition in the hospital.

The other girls visited her practically every day to see if she was doing any better.

“She doesn’t look as pale now.” said Fluttershy.

“We’re doing everything we can to keep her stable,” said a nurse “But that’s all we can seem to do. We just don’t know how to wake her up.”

“Ooh, Ooh, we do,” chirped Pinkie “We just have to get her soul--” she stopped when Rainbow covered her hand.

The nurse was confused, and the other girls grinned innocently.

The nurse shrugged and went off.

“Pinkie Pie,” Rainbow whispered “Don’t spill the beans!”

“Sorry, I just forgot.”

Rarity looked down at Twilight’s motionless body.

Applejack placed her hand on her shoulder, expressing her own sadness for it all too.

“Has anyone heard from Sunset?” she asked.

“No,” answered Fluttershy “She’s too busy preparing for that duel tournament. She even turned off her cell-phone and everything.”

The girls had never known Sunset to be like this-- so focussed, so determined.

The girls decided to go and see her after they had left the hospital.

Sunset lived in a small apartment a few blocks away from Canterlot High, which was no completely closed up for summer.

It was never explained how Sunset payed for her rent, or how she ever came into possession of the apartment to begin with-- and it was best not thought off.

Twilight knocked at the door, “Sunset, it’s your friends.”

No response!

Twilight knocked again, but there was still no response.

“Maybe she’s not home.” said Pinkie.

Rainbow wasn’t convinced and reached for the doorknob and found it was unlocked.

“Rainbow Dash!” snapped Rarity “It is highly rude and unethical to just waltz into somebody’s home.”

Rainbow ignored her and opened the door.

Inside the apartment, it was all one room-- kitchen, living-room, and doorway to the balcony, the bathroom, bedroom, and closet.

However, the place seemed to be a little messy.

Shoes and jackets were fallen on the floor instead of nearly placed or hanging in the closet. The curtains were all drawn shut making it a little dark inside. The kitchen was in a little bit of a mess. The bedroom door was wide open revealing the bed was unmade and the sheeters were draped over the side.

Then, there was Sunset, sleeping on the couch, surrounded by dirty dishes, bags of takeout food and on the coffee table were a whole bunch of cards, strategy guides to the game, and notes Sunset had made of her own.

There was also a musty odor from the lack of cleanliness and the pieces of leftover food lying around which made Rarity want to gag.

“She’s really let herself go over this.” said Spike.

Sunset began to wake up.

“Huh? Girls?” she groaned.

“Your door was unlocked.” said Applejack “We wanted to check in on you, and it’s a good thing we did.”

Sunset realized as if for the first time just how much she had been overdoing it with all this studying.

Naturally, the girls helped her clean up the apartment, and soon it was all spic and span.

“The tournament is tomorrow, and I’ve done nothing but make sure I’m ready for it.” Sunset explained, and she showed the girls her participation badge she had received when she signed up.

The girls all looked back and forth at one another, and agreed to show her.

“Sunset,” said Rainbow “They’ve all agreed to enter the tournament with us.”

“What?” asked Sunset, and she looked at the others, and each of them pulled out a participation badge.

“We signed up too, just today.” said Pinkie.

Sunset couldn’t believe her eyes and ears, “But girls…”

“But nothing.” said Applejack “We may not have wanted to enter this before, but now we got a sure-fire reason to.”

“We’re going to help you save Twilight.” chirped Pinkie.

Sunset began to smile, “Are you sure you want to do this? This is no ordinary tournament. You all saw; there’s something evil lurking afoot. What if it tries to get us again? We could end up just like Princess Twilight.”

She looked at Rarity, “And what about you? You’ve barely gotten used to your new deck yet. You need practice.”

She was starting to fret and panic for her friends’ safety, but Fluttershy approached her, and gave her a huge glare-- The Flutter-Eye Stare, which stunned Sunset into silence.

“Sorry I had to do that,” said Fluttershy “But we’ve made up our minds.”

Rarity agreed, “While I can admit I wish that I had more time to practice before getting involved in such a tournament.” she paused and giggled nervously “The point is, we owe it to Princess Twilight for all she’s done for us.”

Applejack nodded “We’re entering that tournament, and we’re going to look out for one-another too, just like the friends we are.”

All the others agreed, and Sunset proudly put her hand out before her, and each of the girls stacked their hands on top of one another.

Human Twilight placed her hand on top too, though she never showed a participation badge. “I’ll be there for you girls too, even if I’m not dueling.”

The girls were most grateful to her and promised to look out for each other.

Spike wanted to say something, Twilight shook her head at him.

“For Princess Twilight!” said Sunset.

“FOR PRINCESS TWILIGHT!!” cheered the girls.

On the night before the tournament, Sunset woke up in the night to get a glass of milk, only to discover a blank envelope stuck by a magnet onto her refrigerator.

“What’s this?” she wondered.

She knew the girls didn’t leave it, which made her suspect perhaps it was another trap sent by those wicked creeps who took Princess Twilight’s soul.

Had they comeback to blackmail her more, even now that she was going to enter the tournament?

Still, there was only one way to know for sure, and she grabbed the envelope and opened it. Inside were several different colored, but blank Duel Monster cards, and among them was a card that was blank on both sides.

“What are these supposed to be?” Sunset wondered, but there was also a small letter inside, which read:

“Place these cards within your Extra Deck, they will help you to rescue your friend, but leave the completely blank card out until you are truly ready to unleash its power.”

That was it, and Sunset couldn’t have been more confused, and she considered throwing the cards away figuring they were useless, until she grabbed them all in her hand at once, and began to have a strange vision.

Bright flashes of light shone before her eyes,

There she was, dueling, and people were cheering for her, and then she was unleashing a hoard of monsters, but they were only shown in silhouette form and she couldn’t make them out, but regardless, the final flashes were of she and Princess Twilight sharing a hug.

Sunset gasped as the vision ended, and she held her head in shock wondering if what she saw was trustworthy.

She looked down at the blank cards, and reread the letter.

She still wondered who sent the cards to her, but she felt she would have to put her trust in it all.

The big day arrived!

Fireworks were going off in the sky around the Magic World Theme park.

The place was a beautiful sight to behold with many rides and attractions, preferable pink and blue rollercoaster tracks.

There lots of concession stands with loads of food and goodies, and all kinds of carnival games. There were even some people wearing big mascot costumes handing out balloons to little children, and some of them were even singing the Magic Land theme song.

Magic, Magic Magical Land

Let’s all have a magical day

Everyone have some fun

Cuz that’s the magical way!

At one side of the park families and friends were all gathering at one side of the park, but all duelists were instructed by park workers to enter through a side entrance.

All duelists were to show their participation badges as proof of entry, and if they were approved, those without a duel disk were handed one to keep, even after the tournament.

The girls had already shown their badges, collected their disks, and entered the fairgrounds.

“These are kind of neat.” chirped Pinkie

“Told ya.” gloated Rainbow.

Rarity still thought it rather awkward to always be wearing hers, but she knew she’d have to suck it up and get with the program. This was hardly the time to be thinking about fashion sense.

“So, we’ve entered the tournament.” said Applejack “But how do we get Twilight’s soul back?”

Nobody had the answer to that a bit.

“Hey,” Flash called as he rushed up to the girls. He was very surprised to see all of them, except Human Twilight, had entered the tournament. “I thought you all didn’t want to enter?”

The girls hadn’t told him of what happened to Twilight either, knowing he wouldn’t take it well and they didn’t want anyone else to worry and panic.

Instead, they told him that Twilight had to head back to Equestria earlier as there was an emergency that only she could deal with.

“Um, you see…” said Applejack.

“We all just had a sudden change of mind.” said Sunset “We thought we’d all duel together, so that way it increases the odds of us all winning the tournament.”

The girls all went along with the fib and nodded, and Flash bought it.

“I really wish Princess Twilight was here though,” he said “I mean, if she wanted to maybe we could’ve enjoyed the theme park.”

The girls held in soft giggles.

Then, people began to gasp and chatter,

“It’s him!”

“I don’t believe it!”

“He’s really here?”

The girls turned and saw none other than Masquerade entering the area, which was why many of the people were fretting.

Rainbow’s features hardened at the sight of him. In all the chaos and stress that had been occurring she had forgotten about when she lost to him the other night.

She was just about ready to march straight over and give him a piece of her mind, but Sunset held her back and shook her head, telling her not to do it at the risk of getting in trouble.

Masquerade did notice them as he walked by, “It’s those kids again.” he said silently to himself “Oh, well, it just means more jailbait for me.

I’ll crush them along with every other loser.”

He continued walking further along, while Rainbow continued to glare at him, “That guy really steams me up.”

Fluttershy felt a shiver crawl down her back. “He kind of scares Me.” she whimpered

The others just thought of him as an empty threat, but Flash warned them “He’s not the only one.

There are many elite duelists here. They may not look like it, but you have to treat everyone here as a tough contender.”

This deeply worried the girls, preferably Sunset.

Soon, registration was finished, and all the duelists had signed in.

All were instructed to gather, by a huge rollercoaster in the back of the park where the Prince Brothers were waiting to greet them all.

All the spectators at the park were kept behind metal crowd control barriers, but they were permitted to view, and the announcement was broadcast all over the park via TV screens and speakers all over.

“Welcome Duelists! I am Rubeus Prince, headmaster and owner of Magic Land.”

His brother nodded and added, “I am Loki Prince, Co-Director and chairman of events.”

Rarity sighed as hearts danced around her face, “And the man of my dreams.”

Her friends all rolled their eyes.

Rubeus and Loki looked and could see the girls in the crowd.

“Good, they’ve taken the bait.” Rubeus thought “Phase one has been completed.”

He and his brother looked at each other and nodded.

Rubeus then addressed the crowd,

“Welcome to the Friendship Cup Duel Monsters Tournament.

I can see by the many number of participants, this will be an event to remember.”

Loki agreed, “But brother, perhaps we should explain how the tournament works?”

“Indeed so, brother.” said Rubeus.

The Rules were simple, as he explained…

“There may be over one-hundred of you here, but only a total of eight duelists will be able to make it to the final round, and how it’s decided is very simple.

Take a look down at the screen on your duel disks.”

The duelists all looked down, and could see the little monitors which showed their pictures, and a glowing ring with a little trickle of green within it, like a piece of a pie, and with a reading of 5% in the center.

“Those are you Duel Meters, much like a scoring system.

Every time you win a duel, the meter will increase by 10%, but if you lose it will drop by 5%., and as you can see, each of you begins with a score of only 5%, and much as I believe you’ve already guessed, if your duel runs out, you will be out of the tournament.

So duel your best and struggle hard, because only when you have earned a complete 100% on your duel meter, you will be instantly qualified to come to the finals.

You will then return here to this ride, The Cosmic Coaster, to be verified.”

Sunset gazed down at her duel-meter and thought deeply, “Which means if I lose my first duel, I’ll be out of the tournament just like that. I can’t let that happen, I can’t get knocked out just yet until I figure out where Twilight’s soul is.”

She also felt into her jacket pocket, the blank cards she had brought with her.

The duelists all seemed to get the rules, but they all began to ask.

“How do we know who we’re facing?”

“Where do we have to go?”

“Patience!” called Loki “It’s really quite simple,”

The duel screens as well as the TVs all over the park then demonstrated with a kind of slot-machine system.

“Our computer system has registered you all, and will randomly pair up two duelists.

You will then be given the location of where you must travel to in the park for your duel to begin, and what time you should be there.

If you’re late, you’re out; simple as that.”

Rainbow didn’t like the sounds of this, “That means we could end up facing practically anyone at all.”

“Oh, my…” whimpered Fluttershy, and she looked over at Masquerade and thought “I sure hope I don’t have to face him after what he did to Rainbow.”

Rubeus then announced, “And to make it even more interesting, not only will no two duelists face each other twice during the tournament, but we’ve also added a sudden new rule…

…All cards that can bring forth an instant, automatic win are strictly prohibited!”

The duelists all gasped, and many began to complain and whine that it meant they would have to throw out cards they were hoping to use to win the tournament easily.

“And furthermore,” said Loki “Only duels during tournament hours shall count for your scoring.

You can have warmup or friendly duels outside, but they will have no effects regarding your stance in the tournament.”

With all the basic rules understood, Rubeus wished the duelists all the best of luck, “Remember, only one… just one of you… will walk away One-Million Dollars richer.

So take an hour to shuffle and restack your decks according to our rules, because when the sky lights up with fireworks, the first duels of the day shall begin.”

Sunset inserted her deck into her duel disk, along with the blank cards in her Extra Deck.

“Let’s do this!”

Episode 5: The Birds and the Trees.

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The girls all regrouped as they prepared their decks, just like every other duelist.

“Hey!” someone called from the crowd; it was Twilight, with Spike on a leash.

Non-duelists were more than permitted to walk in the dueling areas, and watch any and all duels on the sidelines, as well as screens throughout the park.

“We wondered where you were.” said Sunset.

“I got stuck in line; I had to get a special pass for Spike so I can keep him in the park.”

Spike was wearing said badge on his collar with his dog license, “I kind of like it,” he said “Makes me look handsome, or rich.”

Rarity took a look at the badge, and she seemed unimpressed “Probably not. It doesn’t even bring out the color in your eyes.”

Spike sighed.

“So,” Twilight said changing the subject, and she made sure no one was listening in, “Any luck finding Princess Twilight yet?”

Sunset shook her head, “She’s got to be in this park somewhere, but I’m starting to think those two creeps, whoever they were, won’t give her back that easily.”

Rainbow grunted, “Ugh! If only we just use our magic and ransack this place. Then we’d find where Twilight is more easily.”

“Rainbow Dash, that wouldn’t be very nice.” said Fluttershy “We can’t just break down the theme park like that. Think of how all the people would feel if they saw us doing that.”

Rainbow did picture it, and the thought of she and the others smashing things to pieces wouldn’t do well for their image or their reputations.

“Looks like we’re stuck playing by their rules.” said Applejack “But let me just get my hands on ‘em and I’ll mash ‘em into applesauce.”

“With a cherry on top too.” added Pinkie.

Sunset gazed down at her duel disk, “There’s no other way but to duel it out and hope something comes up.”

The girls all agreed, and soon the fireworks were going off and time for the duels to begin.

Over the park speakers, Rubeus announce, “Attention, duelists. Prepare for your first matches.

Please look down at your duel disk screens.”

All the duelists did as they were told, and the slot-spinner showed them their opponents, and the places to head to for their duels to begin.

“What?” said Rainbow as she gawked down at her screen “I’m dueling against Tree Hugger? I didn’t know she could duel.”

“Of course she can,” said Fluttershy “But you may want to watch out. She’s not as easy as she looks.”

She would have told Rainbow what strategy Tree Hugger used, but she and the others had to head off to find their opponents.

“Good luck girls,” said Spike.

Sunset nodded and then headed off saying, “Time to work.”

Pinkie giggled as she bounced along to find her opponent, “This is going to be so much fun.”

Rainbow only had to head out to the front of the theme park, near the main entrance way, which had an area cleared off by the crowd control barriers.

There, Rainbow already found Tree Hugger, sitting on a yoga mat, and meditating softly-- just soaking in the sunlight and the warm breeze.

“Like, hey there, R.D.” she called to her.

Rainbow stopped and blinked once, “Um, how did you know I was here?”

Tree Hugger opened her eyes, “I could sense the vibrations of your aura, like a honey bee finds the flower’s groove.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes side-to-side, “Um… yeah, or you just knew I was coming.”

Tree Hugger remained sitting down, “So righteous. You’re my first opponent.

I know we have to fight it out, but we can be cool, calm, and collected right? Let the sonic waves bliss out in the wind.

I mean, sure, I entered the tournament because I could totally dig that million-bucks, but I want to put myself through the test. Get in the jive and groove, you know.”

Rainbow didn’t know how much more of his hippie-talk she could take.

“Well, get your groove in gear.” She said as she prepared her duel disk.

The spectators in the crowd were most excited that the duel was about to start, and watched in awe as the virtual system energized.

“Let’s Duel!” shouted Rainbow.

“You’re on!” agreed Tree Hugger.

Rainbow LP: 8000

Tree Hugger LP: 8000

Tree Hugger went first and drew her first five cards.

“I’ll just a monster on the def, and chill out.”

Rainbow gawked at the lone virtual image on the field. “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to do?”

Tree Hugger nodded and remained as smug as ever.

“Okay then,” said Rainbow “I draw…!”

She looked down at all six of her cards, and really smiled at them, having chosen them because of her love of flight and her dream to one day become an air force pilot.

“Here goes…


(Atk: 1700)

Tree Hugger looked up at the snarling bird, and her mood soured a bit.

“Whoa, someone needs to tone it down a skosh.”

Rainbow only scoffed, “Forget toning down, I’m toning it up!

See, when I have a Raidraptor on the field, I get to special summon another one out of my hand.


(Atk: 500)

The two large birds cawed and screeched together, while Tree Hugger only shut her eyes to keep calm and silent.

Rainbow took that as an insult, “Can’t bear to look, huh? Well, that doesn’t stop me from this!

I overlay these two Raid Raptors so I can build the Overlay Network!


(Atk: 100)

Much as the spectators were amazed that she performed an Xyz Summon, they all chattered about.

“Why summon that?”

“It’s barely got any attack points.”

“What’s she thinking?”

Rainbow only snickered, “Don’t be fooled, I can make it stronger, 500 points stronger for every other Winged Beast monster I control.

Though her eyes even open, Tree Hugger knew “Whoa, back up there, girl. That’s your only monster in play.”

“For now, maybe…” said Rainbow “But I still have Force Strix’s special ability.

By using one of its Overlay Units, I’m allowed to add one Raidraptor to my hand.


Then again, since I have an Xyz monster in play, I can summon Lanius right now, which boosts Strix’s attack up.”

(Atk: 100)

(Atk: 100) -----> (Atk: 600)

“Now I think I’ll play a Continuous Spell, RAIDRAPTOR - NEST

Once per turn, if I control 2 Raidraptors, this card lets me fetch another Raidraptor from my Deck or Graveyard, so I’ll take another Fuzzy Lanius!

Then again, since I control a Raidraptor monster, I get to summon it right from my hand! That gives Strix even more power!”

(Atk: 500)

(Atk: 600) -----> (Atk: 1100)

Now the spectators were amazed that Rainbow got three monsters on the field in just one turn.

Now Rainbow was ready for her Battle Phase!

“Raidraptor- Force Strix, attack!”

Her monster lunged forth and struck Tree Hugger’s monster, which was a Sylvan monster!

“Sorry to shake it R.D,” she said to Rainbow “But Sylvan Mikorange’s defense is 1100. It’s a total standoff.”

Rainbow only smirked “Think again!”

“Say what?”

“From my hand, I summon RAIDRAPTOR- LAST STRIX.”

(Atk: 100)

“I could summon it when a Raidraptor on my field enters battle, so long as I have a spell or trap card on the field or in the Graveyard.

Then, not only do I gain 100 life points for each card…”

Rainbow LP: 8000 -----> 8100)

“…But now that I’ve got yet another Raidraptor out, Force Strix just got even stronger!”

“Ah!” cried Tree Hugger, and she saw Rainbow was right.

(Atk: 1100) -----> (Atk: 1600)

Now that Rainbow’s monster was stronger, Mikorange went KAPOW just like that, and the shockwaves blew past Tree Hugger’s threads!

“Not cool, girl!” she said in a low tone, “Just for that, I’m using Mikorange’s special ability.

When it hits the dust, I take a look at the top card on my deck, and if it’s a monster, it goes right to the graveyard.”

She took her card, and it was a monster, so she ditched it.

“Are you done yet?” Rainbow asked impatiently.

“Chill out,” protested Tree Hugger “I like to keep it nice and easy, you dig?

I just discarded SYLVAN HERMITREE, and it lets me pick the top trio of cards on my deck, and put ‘em back in any order.”

After she finished, Rainbow still seemed unamused.

“Even still, you’ve got no monsters protecting you, and I still have three birds to attack with!”

She then ordered all her remaining monsters to attack directly! Each one flew straight past Tree Hugger, and together they dealt her 700 points of damage.

Tree Hugger LP: 8000 -----> 7300

“Major bumming me out here!” she groaned.

Rainbow rolled her eyes.

“I’ll set one card facedown, and end my turn. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Tree Hugger only thought calm and peacefully as she drew her next card, without even looking at it, as she already knew what it was from rearranging her cards.


“Monster Reborn?” cried Rainbow “Uh, oh!”

Tree Hugger then folded her arms in a meditative pose, Sylvan Hermitree, dig yourself up, baby.”

The monster appeared in the form a humongous tree that actually shaded Tree Hugger.

(Atk: 2700)

Tree Hugger than called out to her monster “Hermitree, show me some love, baby. Use your sweet power.

I get to take the top card from my deck, and toss it into the grave, if it’s a monster mind you. Then I draw one card.”

Once again, as she knew exactly what the card was going to be, she pulled off the entire move without even looking-- she knew it was a monster. So she ditched it, and drew her third card, which she also knew what it was.

Rainbow did her best not to try and tremble.

“The monster I ditched was SYLVAN PRINCESSPROUT.” said Tree Hugger “And if she’s tossed like that, I can summon her right out, and upgrade her to the eighth level.”

Her monster appeared.

(Atk: 100) (LV: 8)

“Two Level Eight monsters!” cried Rainbow “But that can only mean--!”

“Right on, girl.” said Tree Hugger “I Overlay these two bodacious babes and build The Overlay Network.


(Atk: 2300)

Rainbow didn’t know if to be scared or laughing, “That has got to be the strangest monster I’ve ever seen.”

Tree Hugger didn’t seem offended much and held up one the card she just drew. “Let’s if you think this is weird.

I play the spell, CONVULSION OF NATURE!”

“Huh?” said Rainbow, and she watched as Tree Hugger went into a meditative like trance, singing,




As she kept singing, magical forces of rain, wind, sun—all kinds of weather struck both her and Rainbow’s decks, right on the disks.

“What’s going on?” asked Rainbow, and then she watched as her entire deck magically floated out from the slot, flipped over, and went right back in again, with the top card exposed.

Tree Hugger opened her eyes, “Yeah, man, I feel way chill now, knowing we both have to play with our decks like this now, so we can totally see what’s coming next.”

Rainbow didn’t like this one bit, and thought to herself, “With my deck flipped over like this, she’ll see every card I draw next, but just the same I can see her cards.

What’s with this girl?”

Tree Hugger then said, “Time for me to groove with my Alsei and his super specialty. Now I get to call the name of a card, and see if it’s my top card. I then either keep it if I’m right, or ditch it if I’m wrong.”

Rainbow’s eyes widened, knowing Tree Hugger could see what her top card was, but much to her surprise “I say “Fissure.” that was her guess.

“Fissure?” snapped Rainbow “But Fissure is a spell card, and that’s a monster card.”

“Chill, I know what I’m doing.” protested Tree Hugger, and she ditched her monster, only then to take it right back again.

“When SYLVAN BLADEFENDER is ditched, I can put her right back in my hand anyway.”

Rainbow could hardly believe this “So you deliberately guessed your card wrong knowing you’d get it back?”

“More than that,” answered Tree Hugger “Alsei now gets to use his other ability. If I ditch a monster out of my hand, he ditches an Overlay Unit, and another card on the field gets ditched!”

“Ah!” Rainbow cried and watched as her Force Strix was glowing and then sent back to her Extra Deck.

Rainbow was ever so angry, and Tree Hugger wasn’t finished yet.

“Now I summon my Bladefender!”

(Atk: 1900)

“Much as I’m not cool with all this battle stuff, I have no choice.”

“Actually, you do have a choice!” snapped Rainbow “I play my trap, RAIDRATOR READINESS!

This trap protects all my Raidraptors so they can’t be destroyed in battle this turn.”

All the Raidraptors glowed with protective shields, but Tree Hugger wasn’t deterred. “Well, sorry to hurt you, but I can still take your life points.”

“Wrong again!” snapped Rainbow “Since I have a Raidraptor in my graveyard, I can banish the Readiness trap so I won’t take damage this turn.”

Rainbow fluttered her eyebrows cheekily.

“Farout,” said Tree Hugger “You’ve protected your monsters from mine.

Okay then, I’ll just two cards down, and hold back a bit!”

She sat squarely on her mat and remained as calm as ever, much to Rainbow’s confusion.

“Whatever,” she said “My Draw…!”

She took her card, which everyone could see was a quick-play spell, thanks to Convulsion of Nature card.

“Since I control at least two Raidraptors, my Nest card activates, letting me take a Raidraptor from my deck and put it my hand.

I choose, RAIDRAPTOR BOSTER STRIX but don’t bother waiting for him because I summon him right now.”

(Atk: 100)

Rainbow had quite a lineup-- four Raidraptors were on her field at once.

“Now I overlay Booster Strix with Fuzzy Lanius and Singing Lanius, to build The Overlay Network!

I Xyz Summon something even worse than before…


(Atk: 100)

The new monster spread its shining wings out and let out such a roar, that Tree Hugger covered her ears.

Rainbow snickered, “And now, he’s going to attack all the monsters you control at once, but first he needs to use his special ability.

By using one Overlay Unit, I can target one special summoned monster you control and then his attack goes up by the attack of your monster!”

Tree Hugger watched as her Alsei glowed along with the Rise Falcon, and Rainbow’s monster got much stronger.

(Atk: 100) -----> (Atk: 2400)

“Not cool.” groaned Tree Hugger.

“Oh, it’s cool, alright.” said Rainbow “Rise Falcon, attack her Alsei!”

The mighty bird swooped down to attack…

…But Tree Hugger smirked “Sorry, R.D, but you set off a trap, PLANT FOOD CHAIN!”


Tree Hugger flicked her threads, “Now my big plant, soak in the peace and get yourself 500 extra points, baby!”

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 2800)

Now Rainbow’s monster was the one in trouble!

“Think again!” snapped Rainbow, and she grabbed a card in her hand and raised it up high, “I activate the quick-play card, RANK-UP-MAGIC REVOLUTION FORCE!”

Tree Hugger’s eyes narrowed!

“I’ll take my Rise Falcon and rebuild the Overlay Network so I can summon a monster one Rank higher that his own!” Rainbow shouted as her monsters rose up into the sky. “Go Rank-Up Xyz-Evolution!


(Atk: 2000)

With the summoning of her new monster, her attack was canceled out.

“Pretty slick, huh?” she asked cheekily.

Tree Hugger simply shut her eyes.

“Yeah, you better shut them.” Rainbow taunted “Because now I get fresh new attack!”

With that she ordered her Falcon to attack Bladefender!

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 1900)

Tree Hugger LP: 7300 -----> 7200

Tree Hugger felt the shockwaves going past her, but she remained as still as ever.

Rainbow couldn’t believe after all this, she was still acting so calm and cool.

“Well, let’s see you try this!” she called to her “I use Strager Falcon’s special ability! By Using an Overlay Unit, I get to destroy one monster you control and deal you damage equal to its original attack points!”

Tree Hugger still didn’t open her eyes, not wanting to watch her monster blow up, but she just reached up and touched a switch on her duel disk.

KAPOW!! Her Alsei was terminated, but Rainbow gawked down at the score as her own life points decreased by 2300.

Rainbow LP: 8100 -----> 5800

“What gives?” cried Rainbow “Why did my life points take the hit?”

Then she could see why as the smoke from the explosion settled. “You played a trap!” she balked, and Tree Hugger nodded and finally opened her eyes, “Thanks to my BARREL BEHIND THE DOOR you took all the damage instead of me.”

Rainbow growled in outrage and humiliation.

“That’s what you get for being mean to the plants.” said Tree Hugger “Karma, R.D. Karma!”

Rainbow clenched her fists, but vowed Tree Hugger wouldn’t get away with this.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and then I’ll switch Last Strix to defense mode.”

(Def: 700)

“Now go!”

Tree Hugger winced at her outburst, “What is happening to you? You’re like, seriously bumming me out. This isn’t the R.D Fluttershy jives on saying is cool.”

A lot of the spectators noticed this as well.

Rainbow was deeply in thought.

The humiliation of her last move just brought on flashes from the other night, when Masquerade completely crushed her, and how some of the spectators taunted her or laughed at her.

Whether this was the case or not, it was how she felt and remembered it.

“I’m not going to be humiliated like that again!” Rainbow thought to herself “Nobody’s going to get in my way! Not Tree Hugger, not Masquerade-- No one!!”

She had already seemed to have forgotten the real reason she was fighting-- to save Princess Twilight.

Tree Hugger drew her next card, which everyone could see was a monster.

“Maybe this little dude I just drew will help keep the peace.


(Atk: 400)

“When this little guy is planted on the field, I take a card off the top of the deck again, and if it’s a monster, I ditch it.”

She could plainly see her next card was indeed a monster, “SYLVAN CHERUBSPROUT. Sorry little guy, I got to throw you out, but in exchange, I summon one little seedling of the first level from my deck.

…So I’ll summon another Cherubsprout.”

(Atk: 100)

Rainbow was growing impatient, “Are you about done yet?”

Tree Hugger maintained her cool, but it was starting to get much harder for her to do so.

“So not through,” she said “Now that my main sprout was dug up, I can take two cards off the deck, and if they’re monsters, they go away.”

Rainbow could see the next two cards were monsters, two of the same kind of monster.

“Righteous!” cried Tree Hugger “Two SYLVAN SAGEQUOIA.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” she groaned.

“I kid you not.” Tree Hugger said as she tossed her monster cards “Just as I fine-tune myself with nature, and animals, I give the same thing with my deck, which is why I know how to work it. It’s like my soul becomes part of them, you know.

Speaking of which, let’s play a little magic called SOUL CHARGE.

Now I get to call up as many of my gang from the grave as I need, as long as I pay 500 life points for each one, and they don’t attack this turn.”

She struck a meditative pose and hummed deeply, and then she called out her monsters, “Grow Sagequoia. Bliss it out, and you join them Mikorange!”

The two giant tree monsters sprouted along with Bladefender.”

(Atk: 2600) x2

(Atk: 1900)

…And Tree Hugger payed her life points for each one, totalling 1500.

Tree Hugger LP: 7200 -----> 5700

The spectators were all amazed.

“Look at her field!”

“She summoned five monsters all in one turn.”

Rainbow folded her arms and sulked.

“See what I mean?” she said to Rainbow “Fine tune yourself with nature and it just goes right with you.

Rainbow could tell what she really meant; she was going to summon even stronger monsters now.

“I overlay my Level 1 Peaskeeper and Level 1 Cherubsprout to build the Overlay Network!”

The two little seedlings vanished into the ground and out popped the new creature,


(Atk: 1800)

“But she won’t be alone. I can’t do that thin, so I now overlay my two Level 7 Tree guys over there.”

The Overlay Network was built once again, this time, in the air, and Tree Hugger’s newest monster appeared in a glowing sunlight.


(Atk: 2800)

This new monsters was stunningly beautiful, the way it spread out its flower-covered wings, and hummed in the light of the sun.

Rainbow covered her eyes with her duel disk.

Tree Hugger only felt light and warm as she soaked in the sun herself.

“Now Princessprite, shake your groove and you use your powers!”

Her monster nodded at her and held out her arms, making herself glow in the sunlight.

“By using an Overlay Unit, she lets me take the top card from my deck, and if it’s a spell or a trap, I get to keep it.”

Rainbow could see, it was a trap, “Wall of Thorns?!” cried Rainbow “That’s not good.”

She knew all about that trap card, if she tried to attack any of Tree Hugger’s Plant monsters, all her attack monsters would be destroyed!

“Now then, Orea, do me your special power.” said Tree Hugger “I use an Overlay Unit from her, and she lets me take a card from the top of my deck, and ditch any Plants I pull.”

Once again, thanks to her Convulsion card, she could see it was a monster, “Cool, it’s SYLVAN KOMOSHROOMO.”

So she tossed it into the graveyard, “And since that just happened, now I can destroy one spell or trap in play.”

Rainbow watch in horror as her trap card was destroyed before she got a chance to use it. “This is not happening!” she cried.

“Sorry, I know it blows.” Said Tree Hugger, “Oh, and I can’t forget, I now have to recall Bladefender back in my hand, but just what I need so my Princesssprite uses her other ability.”

“Ugh, is her turn ever going to end?” Rainbow groaned in her thoughts.

“I send Bladefender to the grave, sorry to do so, but it lets me call up another Sylvan monster, and I know just the guy for it.”

With that, her Alsei had returned to the field and looked ready to get revenge on Rainbow for destroying it last turn.

(Atk: 2300)

Rainbow gawked nervously at the three Xyz monsters that glared at her!

“Like I said,” called Tree Hugger “This Karma.”

She then drew in a huge breath as she entered her Battle Phase. Much as she hated fighting, she still had no choice in this game.

“Alsei, take your revenge. Strike down Stanger Falcon!”

Alsei roared, and rushed forth, stomping down on Rainbow’s falcon hard.

(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 2000)

Rainbow LP: 5800 -----> 5500

Rainbow growled miserably at the sight of her fallen falcon.

“I know it hurts, but it’ll better soon.” said Tree Hugger. “Now, Princessprite, attack’s your Last Strix.”

Since Rainbow’s monster was in defense-mode, She didn’t lose life points, but now she was wide open for Tree Hugger’s third monster.

“Let her have it, Orea. Show her what it means to dis the plants.

…Attack her directly!”

The might beast swopped in and bashed Rainbow hard knocking her down and dealt her a full 2800 points!

Rainbow LP: 5500 -----> 2700

Rainbow’s eyes were flaring with rage!

“That does it!” she thundered as she stood “I don’t care what it takes, I’ll find some way to blow you down!”

Some of the spectators were mystified at her sudden rage and growing poor-sportsmanship, but none as deeply as Tree Hugger.

“What is with you?” she asked “You and I are just fighting a nice duel? Why can’t you just chill out and relax about.”

Normally, Rainbow would probably had listened, but she was so lost in her rage at being humiliated, and wanting so bad to prove herself, she remained as focused and as stressed as ever.

Tree Hugger rolled her eyes, “Whatever.

I’ll end my turn with one card facedown.”

Rainbow thought deeply as she gawked at the facedown card, “I’m just betting that’s the Wall of Thorns.

She may think she’s got me where she wants me, but I’ve got a nasty surprise for her!”

She saw the next card she would draw, and took it.

“First I’ll use my Raidraptor-Nest, and snatch a Raidraptor out of my deck.


But I think I’ll go ahead and play him in defense-mode!”

(Def: 1600)

“And by summoning him, you automatically lose 600 life points.”

Tree Hugger LP: 5700 -----> 5100

Tree Hugger just sat calmly on her mat, which Rainbow took as insulting.

“Now I activate the spell, RANK-UP-MAGIC SOUL SHAVE FORCE!

You say I have no soul, huh? Well think again. It’s time I showed you that I do.”

“Whoa, back up,” said Tree Hugger “I never said you had none.”

“Well, whatever!” sneered Rainbow “I’m going to use plenty of soul in this move.

This spell allows me bring back Stranger Falcon, then I’m allowed to Xyz Summon a Raidraptor that’s 2 Ranks higher using it to build the Overlay Network!”

Her newly revived monster appeared and then vanished up into the sky, forming the huge portal.


(Atk: 2500)

Her new monster roared and screeched, blowing wind past Tree Huger and blowing her threads about, forcing her to actually hold her ground, and hold her bandana on her head.

“She thinks she’s going to outsmart me,” thought Rainbow “But I’m going outsmart her!

I’ll attack with my monster, and she’ll use her Wall of Thorns which will destroy it, and that lets me use its special ability to summon an even stronger Raidraptor from my Extra Deck, and once that happens, she’ll have nothing to protect herself with.

I’ll win this duel in a heartbeat, and then everyone will see how great I am.

I actually wish Masqerarde was watching this.”

Tree Hugger gazed at Rainbow for a moment, and then shut her eyes again, keeping herself calm and easy.

Rainbow entered her Battle Phase, “Say goodbye, Tree Hugger, your plants are about to be clipped!

Arsenal Falcon, attack Princessprite!”

Suddenly, there was a huge roaring sound that sent shockwaves all over Rainbow’s field.

“Hey!” shouted Rainbow, and she along with many of the spectators covered their ears, “What’s going on?!”

She then looked on ahead at Tree Hugger’s field and could see the trap she had played.

“That’s not Wall of Thorns!”

Tree Hugger giggled, “Nuh-uhn, it’s THREATENING ROAR. You actually thought I put a card you saw on the field? You’re even less chilled than I thought.

Still, you can’t make any attacks this turn. I’m not letting you crush my plants that easy.”

The spectators sighed at Rainbow’s blunder.

“She fell for one of the classic bluffs.”

“And to think, I actually thought it’d be cool to duel her.”

“She’s no queen of games!”

Rainbow held her head, groaning and moaning as the taunts and laughter really hurt her! “I can’t lose like this!” she thought painfully “I just can’t! I won’t!”

But really there was nothing more she could do, so he had no choice but to end her turn.

Tree Hugger could see now; that’s what was upsetting Rainbow so much, and she felt rather sorry for her, and angry at how the people were laughing at her.

Now it was her turn, and she drew her card, but really, even though it was clear she had a real to win this all, and even after all the bad attitude Rainbow had shown her-- though it was clear to her why now.

She raised her hand and placed it squarely over her deck.

“What are you doing?” asked Rainbow.

The spectators were all shocked and astonished.

“She’s surrendering the duel!”

“Why, she could’ve won!”

It was official, the duel was surrendered. The images on the field vanished, and the points were transferred. Rainbow Dash now had 15% on her duel meter, and Tree Hugger was out.

“But… why?” asked Rainbow.

Tree Hugger only smiled “I’m chill, that’s why.

See, I came here to play, and chill with others-- I want to have fun, you know, but I can see that’s now what’s shaking here. You’re playing for something more than just a game aren’t you?

I don’t think I can stay in a tournament if things get all drag and woe like this.”

Rainbow then suddenly remembered about Princess Twilight, and felt ready to kick herself for daring to forget it.

She wanted to tell Tree Hugger she didn’t have to surrender-- especially because she had a backup plan all along that still could have won her the match on her own, but it didn’t matter now.

“Tree Hugger, I--” she paused “I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, I do…” said Tree Hugger “Good Luck, R.D, and try to chill out. Don’t let the game rule you.”

Rainbow fell silent, and reflected upon her bad attitude, and how it caused her to duel a bit recklessly.

Maybe the game was starting to get a hold over her in a bad way.

“Tree Hugger…”

But Tree Hugger only smiled, and then picked up her yoga mat; “Blessings.” and then she went off, and while the crowds broke up, Rainbow still couldn’t believe her victory.

She was really thinking of reconsidering her attitude and her focus…

…That is until she could see on a TV monitor, there was already another victory recorded from a while back, Flash Sentry had been knocked out of the tournament already…

…Because he dueled against Masquerade!

Because it was a video replay, it was obvious that Flash got schooled very quickly by him too, but Masquerade refused to stick around and receive any comment, but he did look back to Flash, who looked up at him, but Masquerade simply jerked his head at him, and Flash looked a little made, which led Rainbow to think Masquerade said something horrible, and then he just left like a sore winner.

“He is so going down!” Rainbow grumbled to herself.

Episode 6: Part 1: Double Thunder Whammy

View Online


The Prince Brothers sat in their dark office observing the duels on their monitors.

“It seems the slow process of elimination has already begun.” said Rubeus “Only the strongest duelists will have what it takes to make it through this competition.”

His brother, Loki, agreed, and then asked “What about Sunset Shimmer? Surely she has what it takes?”

His brother nodded, “I see no reason to doubt her.”

He looked at a picture of Sunset as she was on her way to meet her opponent “But first she needs to play her part.

“She may have the power to help us get what we want, but first her power must peak, and hopefully this tournament will do that for us.”

“And if it doesn’t?” asked Loki.

Rubeus snickered, “Oh, she will.” And he pulled out of his pocket none-other than Twilight’s Soul card, and she was still pounding on it from within. “After all, we still have the ultimate bargaining chip to ensure she doesn’t fail.”

The brothers shared a wicked laugh.

Not all of the duels were going on all at once. Magic Land was only so big and had so many ideal locations to duel, and it wasn’t fair to block off non-duelists who came to have fun, which was why every duelist had a time set in their duel disk screens to show them when and where their duel would begin.

Sunset was on her way to meet with her opponent over by one of giant the electrical generators that helped to power the park and all of its lovely attractions, but when she got there-- the area was already clear to make way for the duel, but her opponent hadn’t shown up yet-- she just sat down on the circular stone siding of the fountain and was pondering deeply.

She was thinking back to the duel against those two creeps before Twilight’s soul was taken.

Much as it still saddened her, and she didn’t want to lose focus on her quest to save her, she still kept wondering about that strange world and the magic used and why she couldn’t remember it.

“If I could just figure out what it is, maybe it would really help to know exactly what’s going on.” she thought to herself.

Since she still couldn’t figure out exactly what it was, she tried eliminating what kind of magic it wasn’t.

“It’s not Equestrian magic, I know that. I’d know Equestrian magic anywhere. Wherever that magic is, it came from someplace evil and powerful.

So at least that narrows it down a bit, but that still leaves a wide choice.

Oh, if only Princess Twilight were here, I’m sure she’d know in a heartbeat.”

“Hey there!” called a voice, snapping her out of her trance.

She saw her opponent, Celery Stalk.

“Are we going to duel or what?”

Sunset felt a little embarrassed, but she stood up and was ready to go.

Twilight came along with Spike.

“Look, it’s Sunset.” Spike called.

One of the spectators next to her gasped, “Did that dog just talk?”

Twilight quickly picked him up and chuckled nervously, “No, no he didn’t. You must’ve heard someone else.”

Then she quickly moved away before the lady could question her again.

“Spike…!” Twilight scolded softly.


Still, they both were glad they made it just in time as Sunset and Celery were ready to begin their duel. Lots of spectators huddled around, and Twilight and Sunset spotted each other and waved.

Then Sunset turned to face Celery and noticed he was looking around for someone, but he looked a little sad when he couldn’t find.

“Is everything okay?” asked Sunset.

Celery adjusted his glasses, “I’m okay. Let’s just duel.”

Sunset wasn’t convinced, but with the disks already set and the virtual system ready, it was best they got started.


Celery LP: 8000

Sunset LP: 8000

The five cards were drawn, and Celery went first.

“The first thing I’ll do is discard THUNDER DRAGON from my hand to the graveyard.

This allows me to add two more Thunder Dragons right to my hand.”

“Thunder Dragons?” thought Sunset “I think I’ve seen this move before.”

Celery took his dragons and grinned at them.

“Now I activate POLYMERIZATION, using both my newly acquired dragons.


(Atk: 2800)

The two dragon heads let out a ferocious roar!

“A Fusion Summon!” cried Sunset.

Celery nodded, and then he looked back out into the crowd for someone, but still couldn’t find, and he sighed sadly.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Sunset drew her first card, but she had to ask, “Who are you looking for?”

Celery looked hesitant to answer, but he answered, “Alizarin Bubblegum, but that’s not important now.

Please, go on.”

Sunset remembered the story of Celery and Alizarin, from Pinkie Pie, when she paired them up at her job last summer.

She was beginning to sense something was up between the two, but she had to duel right now and thought of figuring it out later.

“I use Scale 1 STARGAZER MAGICIAN and Scale 4 ODD-EYES PENDULUM DRAGON to set the Pendulum Scale!”

The two monsters took their places in the light, and the pendulum began to swing between them.

“Now I can summon any Level 3 monsters as I need!” said Sunset, and she called up to the pendulum.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monster!”

By that, she only summoned one monster, and it appeared in a bright flash of light before her.


(Atk: 1400)

Spike poked his head up from Twilight’s backpack, “Why would she do all that?” he asked softly “Why didn’t she summon anything stronger?”

“I think I know why.” said Twilight.

Sunset grinned “Timebreak Magician’s ability activates. When he’s Pendulum Summoned all alone, his attack is instantly doubled!

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 2800)

Celery seemed a little impressed “Just one problem,” he pointed out “Both our monsters have the same Attack Points.”

“Perhaps.” said Sunset “But Timebreaker has another ability-- He can target one monster you control, and then banish both it and himself from the field until my next turn!”

Timebreaker prepared to use his magic on Celery’s dragon.

“Think again!” called Celery “I activate DE-FUSION!”

“Ah!” Sunset cried!”

Celery adjusted his glasses, “Now I send my Twin-Headed back to the Extra Deck, and then I summon both Thunder Dragons back to the field.”

(Atk: 1600) x2

“Clever move.” said Twilight “By getting rid of his Fusion monster, Timebreaker’s effect gets canceled out.”

Spike, however, wasn’t so convinced, “But why would he summon those monsters in attack-mode? They’re too weak.”

Sunset was fairly impressed herself.

“Fine then, I guess I’ll just have to go the old fashioned way.

Timebreaker Magician, attack!”

Her magician lunged forth, ready to strike one of the dragons down.

“Oh, no you don’t!” snapped Celery “From my hand I discard HONEST!”

“What?!” snapped Sunset.

Celery snickered “Whenever a Light-Attribute monster I control engages in battle, by throwing this card out of my hand, my monster’s attack increases by the total amount of your own monster’s attack until the end of the turn!”

(Atk: 1600) -----> (Atk: 4400)

Sunset covered her eyes as her magician crashed right into the humungous dragon!

WHAMM! Like hitting a brick wall-- the poor little guy fell over backwards and exploded.

Sunset flapped the pixels away from her, “Luckily for me I have Odd-Eyes Pendulum ability, which stops me form taking damage from the attack!”

Celery growled softly.

Sunset nodded and scoffed, “Now, I’ll throw down a facedown, and before I end my turn, I’ll use Odd-Eyes other Pendulum Ability, which allows me to destroy him just like that…”

Odd-Eyes exploded, and went in a streak of light into Sunset’s Extra Deck.

“But now, I get to add one Pendulum Monster straight to my hand, as long as its attack isn’t more than 1500.

…So I choose this one, XIANGSHENG MAGICIAN!”

She placed the card in her hand and felt grateful she had time to add new cards and restack her deck before the tournament began.

“Now I end my turn.”

Celery nodded, and drew his next card, but he then, once more, stopped to search for Alizarin, and still couldn’t see her.

Still, he didn’t want to lose too much focus.

“Now, I sacrifice one Thunder Dragon so I can summon BATTERYMAN CHARGER!”

(Atk: 1800)

The mighty monsters’ body flowed with powerful electrical currents.

“And, since he was summoned, he lets me summon another Batteryman out of my deck, and I choose BATTERYMAN 9-VOLT!”

(Atk: 1000)

The monster appeared, and just like the other one, it, too, had electrical currents flowing through it.

Celery snickered and adjusted his glasses, “With his summoning, I can now add BATTERYMAN INDUTRIALIST STRENGTH to my hand!

“Bust also, my monster’s attack is now doubled!”

(Atk: 1000) -----> (Atk: 2000)

And as for my Batteryman Charger, his attack also increased—300 points to be precise, for every Thunder monster I have!”

“Ah!” cried Sunset.

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2700)

Everyone was so incredibly shocked by what they had seen, especially Twilight, “All this electricity is starting to make me twitch.”

She wasn’t kidding, Spike could feel she really was twitching, and he felt this was serious-- for some secretive reason.

“You better step back a little.” he whispered to her.

Twilight agreed, and moved back until she felt less twitchy.

“That was close.” Spike sighed.

“Impressive isn’t it!” said Celery “That’s why I duel with Thunder Monsters, and it’s appropriate that we’re standing near that generator anyway, just like I was always fascinated with electricity, and how to harness its vast powers to unleash bold new possibilities.”

He entered his Battle Phase.

“Charge it up, Charger, and attack sunset directly!”

His monster unleashed a barrage of lightning bolts straight for Sunset!

“Hold on!” shouted Sunset “I activate the trap PENDULUM SWITCH!”

“Huh?” cried Celery “What’s that trap do?”

Sunset snickered “Once per turn, I can use its power to summon a Pendulum Monster from my Pendulum Zone.

Come on down, Stargazer Magician. Help defend me!”

With that, her monster leapt out of the light, and landed right before her.

(Def: 2400)

Celery grunted, “Very clever, but I can still blow through it!

…Go, Charger!”

His mighty creature Sunset’s magician a thunderous jolt, blowing it up which sent shockwaves blowing past Sunset.

“Sunset’s wide open now!” cried Spike.

“This isn’t good!” agreed Twilight.

Celery then ordered both his remaining monsters to attack Sunset directly, and their combined attacks totalled 3600 points!

KAPOW!! The mighty lightning struck at Sunset, knocking her over. She was hurt, but did her score ever drop!

Sunset LP: 8000 -----> 4400

“I can’t believe I just lost nearly half my life points!” Sunset whimpered in thought.

Celery himself could hardly believe what he had just done, and he felt quite proud of himself.

“I’ll lay one card facedown, and that ends my turn, and unfortunately, I must destroy my 9-Volt monster. He has served me well.”

His monster exploded, and was gone, which also caused his Charger’s attack to drop down to 2400, but it was still his strongest monster.

As Sunset got back onto her feet, she noticed that Celery was looking around again, but still couldn’t find Alizarin, which made him sadder than ever before.

“Okay, no more holding back!” she snapped at him “What is with you and Alizarin? Is there a problem between you?”

Celery looked down and tried to find his words to say.

Earlier on, Pinkie Pie was at the park’s funhouse, which was filled with all kinds of wacky and fun-obstacles, like punch bags, conveyer belts, funny moving animatronic figures, like clowns, and bats…

All of which made Pinkie laugh like crazy, but her favorite was the goofy mirrors, which she enjoyed making faces in and making way poses.

Then she turned and made a scary face right in the face of her opponent-- Alizarin Bubblegum—making her freeze-up in sudden shock.

“Oh! Hiya, Alizarin.” Pinkie said “You ready to duel me?”

“Um… yeah, I guess.” replied her friend.

Pinkie leapt with glee and the two girls took their places on a big empty room with a marble floor, surrounded by regular mirrors that let them see their reflections from so many different angles.

There were no other spectators as they were all inside, and the funhouse was closed off while the duel was in progress, but the people could still view from the TV monitors throughout the park.

The disks were prepared and the virtual system was ready, but Pinkie was still having loads of fun waving at all her reflections.

Then she noticed that Alizaran was looking a little down, and were those tears brimming in her eyes, and Pinkie loathed it when people were sad.

“Aw, what’s wrong?”

Aliz just rubbed the tears from her eyes, “It’s nothing. I’m ready.”

Pinkie wasn’t convinced and folded her arms, “Well then, if you won’t tell me, I’ll just see if my dueling will make you smile.

That’s what my deck and I do.”

Aliz did her best to hide what was troubling her, and the two girls were ready to go.


Pinkie LP: 8000

Alizarin LP: 8000

Pinkie Pie then acted as if she was Ring Master of a circus, and threw her arms out shouting, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Pinkie Pie Performapal Presentation of Positively Perfect Performances… guaranteed to make you smile!”

Aliz blinked behind her glasses.

Spectators outside couldn’t help but chuckle at Pinkie’s weirdness.

Rainbow Dash was one in the crowd, and she couldn’t help but sigh and shake her head in dismay, “Pinkie Pie, get serious, will you?”

“Here goes,” Pinkie said as she drew her five cards.

“I use Scale 1 PERFOMAPAL MONKEYBOARD and Scale 6 PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES SYNCHRON to set the Pendulum Scale!”

Her two monsters took their places, and the pendulum swung back and forth.

Pinkie’s grin widened.

“You didn’t think Sunset Shimmer was the only one that could do it.” she teased, “And, since I used Monkeyboard this turn, his Pendulum ability allows me to grab a Performapal out of my deck, but there’s no need to wait, because I now…

…I Pendulum Summon!”

Two flashed of light shone before her as her two monsters appeared.



Her monsters were all goofy looking animals, and all dressed up like they were in a circus.

Ali’s lips gave a little twitch and she seemed to be smiling.

“Aha, there we go.” said Pinkie “We’re starting to get somewhere, but for now I’ll set my last card facedown, and end my turn.”

Aliz nodded and drew her card, “Here we go!

I play the spell DOUBLE SUMMON, so now I can summon two monsters instead of one.

First, I summon WATTCOBRA!”

(Atk: 1000)

“And now I play the Tuner monster, WATTKIWI.”

(Atk: 600)

Pinkie admired the sight of the two monsters, “Hey, those are Thunder monsters, just like Celery Stalk uses.”

Saying his name made Aliz look way down, almost like she wanted to cry again, and this began to tell Pinkie that something was going on between the two.

Before she could even ask however, Aliz snapped herself upright and continued her move.

“I Tune Level 3 Wattkiwi to Level 4 Wattcobra!”

The two monsters electrically tuned together, making jolts of electricity fly, forming a new monster.

“I Synchro Summon WATTHYDRA!”

(Atk: 1500)

The giant beast, with its many heads, roared at Pinkie, even frightening her monsters.

Aliz adjusted her glassed, “You think that’s scary, wait until he attacks, because his ability allows him to attack you directly, even if you have monsters out!”

“Ah!” cried Pinkie.

Aliz then ordered her monster to go for it, and the Hydra opened all of its mouths, and blasted streaks of lightning past Pinkie’s monsters, and heading straight for her, and struck her with a huge shock.

Pinkie LP: 8000 ------> 6500

Pinkie’s hair was a little static and frazzled, for being struck by holograms.

Aliz chuckled, “And now, because Hydra dealt you damage, I get to banish one card out of my deck, but it returns to me after two turns.

Now I place two cards facedown, and it’s over to you.”

She then began to look sad again, which upset Pinkie greatly, and being a great guesser, she was able to tell what it was.

“Those two can’t be breaking up!” she thought fretfully “After all I did to pair them up?”

And she thought back to when she did just that, when she sang “Coinky-dink World.”


They were such a cute looking couple, and she knew they would probably hit it off if they just noticed each other.

Thankfully, after all of Pinkie’s failed attempts, Celery and Aliz found they both loved the same textbook of electronics, which started a potential relationship with them.

Ever since last summer, it seemed to go smooth.

“Aliz, tell me…” said Pinkie “What’s happening between you and Celery Stalk. You may as well tell me, because you know I can find out for myself.”

Aliz really didn’t think she could, it made her only want to cry even more, but she knew she had to hold it in while she dueling.

“Just make your move.”

Pinkie’s lips curled into a sneer, but then she thought “Well, if I duel just right, maybe I can cheer her up a bit.

Yeah, then she might tell me.”

She drew her card, and then she took the stage again, or rather pretended to.

“And now, Ladies and Gentlemen,” she announced “I’d like to direct your attention to my Perfomapal Odd-Eyes Synchron.

Watch as he bedazzles you with his Pendulum Ability-- one that lets me change my Parrottrio into a Tuner monster, as long as I reduce its Level to just 1.”

The monsters worked their magic in a light show-- one monster glowed, and then the other glowed.

“And now the stage is set to welcome our newest superstar.” Pinkie announced “I tune Level 1 Parrotrio with Level 5 Gumgumouton!”

The two monsters merged together and rose up high as Pinkie’s new monster appeared.

“I Synchro Summon… here to take center stage, METAPHYS HORUS!”

(Atk: 2300)

Her new monster spread out its shining wings, which were further illuminated by all the mirrors in the room, which really made Pinkie grin wide.

“It may not be a Performapal, but it sure makes me smile; how about you?”

She could see Aliz was at least staring up in awe at the creature. That was something.

“Well, then,” Pinkie announced “If that didn’t make you smile, just wait until he uses his special ability!

Since I used a Pendulum monster to Synchro summon him, Alizarin gets to let one of her monster’s join me and my posse here on stage.”

“Huh?!” cried Aliz.

Pinkie snickered, “It’s Quiz Time, folks, and the question is: How many monsters does Alizarin have on her field?”

She paused, and Aliz sweat a bit.

“If you said “Only One” You’re right, and that means she has no just but to give me her Hydra.”

“Oh, no!” cried Aliz, and she watched as her monster switched sides.

The Hydra still roared, and Pinkie take too much of a liking to it.

“Well, since we obviously don’t want him being grumpy, for my next trick, I’ll make the Hydra disappear, as I sacrifice him to bring out our next playing star…


(Atk: 2200)

Her big bear growled, but not too fiercely, and even took a bow.

“And don’t forget,” said Pinkie “I still haven’t Pendulum Summoned this turn… Ha!”

She called up to the Pendulum, and her two monsters from moments ago had reappeared.

“Welcome back… GUMGUMOUTON, and PARROTRIO.”

(Atk: 900)

(Atk: 500)

Now Pinkie had four full monsters in play, and she pretended to be bathed in three spotlights that shone on her.

“And now folks, I give you our Battle Phase, and we’ll start with my King Bear, because when he attacks, not only is he not destroyed by the effects of Spells and traps, but he gains 100 attack points for every Performapal on my stage.

…And I count three!”

(Atk: 2200) -----> (Atk: 2500)

Pinkie ordered the attack, and her bear growled and headed straight for Aliz.

“I play a trap!” she shouted “STORMING MIRROR FORCE!”

“What?!” cried Pinkie.

Huge, violent electrical currents began to strike all around Pinkie’s field, striking each of her monsters hard.

“Say goodbye to your performers, because now they all get sent right back to your hand!” called Aliz, and with that, all of Pinkie’s monsters vanished, while her Synchro card went back to her Extra Deck.

“Electricity can be very dangerous.” said Aliz “Especially when it storms.”

Poor Pinkie, all she had on her field now were her Pendulum Cards and her one facedown, but still she didn’t seem deteered.

“A true performer never gives in until she makes her audience leave with a grin.” She declared “So I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

Then she thought to herself “Aliz is dueling better than I thought she ever would, but I still need to get her to come forward about her and Celery Stalk.”

“It’s my draw now!” said Aliz and took her card.

“First, the card I banished returns to me-- CARD FROM A DIFFERENT DIMENSION.”

“But I thought we had to wait two turns?” Pinkie asked.

“Not with this card.” answered Aliz “When this card is banished, it returns to my hand instantly on my next turn, and then it goes into the graveyard, and the both of us draw two cards.

When dealing with electricity, it’s a good thing to keep reserve power.”

The two girls drew their cards. Now Pinkie held six cards, and Aliz had four.

Aliz’s glasses shimmered, “And now I’ll bring you a real shocker—I discard one card to activate this trap, NON AGRESSION AREA.”

Pinkie gasped loudly “Not the Non Agression Area!” Then she acted dumb, “What’s Non-Aggression Area?”

Aliz rolled her eyes “Now that I’ve played this trap, you won’t be able to summon any monsters on your next turn.”

“Oh.” said Pinkie “…WHAT?!!”

Aliz adjusted her glasses and they shimmered “That’s right. Not a single monster can be played on your field during your next turn.”

Pinkie began to shudder!

“But it gets worse for you.” said Aliz “We’re in for some stormy weather ahead, I activate HEAVY STORM!”

“No! Not Heavy Storm!” cried Pinkie “I can’t stand it when it rains on a parade!”

She braced herself as the violent storm struck the field.

“Say farewell to every spell and trap card you have in play.” Shouted Aliz “And that includes your Pendulum Monsters as well!”

Just as promised, the two monsters were destroyed and sent to Pinkie’s extra deck. Then her facedown trap card was destroyed, but as for the last one…

“Not that one, you don’t!” said Pinkie “And it’s good thing I just set it so I can play it now, HIPPO CARNIVAL!”

With that, three multi-colored hippos appeared; wearing flamboyant costumes and makeup, and they began to dance together as they stepped in front of Pinkie.

(Def: 0) x3

They even shook their booties right before Aliz, much to her embarrassment.

“What are those?” she asked.

Pinkie smiled and answered “…Hippo tokens, and not only are they here to perform in the show, but they’ll protect me too.

Don’t you just love the way they look!”

Aliz looked at the three crazy hippos and felt a small laugh coming, making her lips curl upward into a smile, which pleased Pinkie.

Still, Aliz shook it off, “Hippos or not, they won’t stop me.

I play CARD OF SANCTITY, which lets me draw until I hold six cards.”

Normally the spell let both players draw cards, but because Pinkie already had six cards in her hand, this left her in a tough spot, but allowed Aliz to refresh herself completely.

“Now then!” she said “I summon WATTGIRAFFE!”

(Atk: 1200)

“And I’ll enhance him with this Equip-Spell, WATTCUBE, and it’ll juice up his electrical power 100 points for every Thunder monster in the graveyard, but I’ve got even better idea.

I’ll juice it up even more, by sending Wattcube to the graveyard, which grants my Watt 1000 points!”

(Atk: 1200) -----> (Atk: 2200)

Pinkie gawked at the monster and how powerful it seemed now.

“I’m not worried.” She said “I’ve got my three fulfilled Hippos protecting me.”

Aliz shook her head “They won’t help you, because thanks to my Giraffe’s ability, he can bypass your monsters and strike you!”

Pinke gasped, and then Aliz ordered her monster to attack.

The giraffe galloped over, slinking past the hippos, and gave Pinkie a huge electric shock, that made her skeleton appear under the holographic lights.

Pinkie LP: 6500 ------> 4300

Pinkie was smoldering and let out a tiny cough, blowing a smoke ring out her mouth. “That was shocking.”

Rainbow saw the whole thing on the screen, and sighed, “Oh, Pinkie!” then she called up “Come on, you can’t let her walk all over you like this!”

Aliz nodded, “Now I place one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Pinkie shook the smoke off of her.

“It’s my turn.” she said, and she was about to draw her card, but thought to herself, “I can’t summon any monsters this turn, and if I don’t draw something good, that monster will attack me again, plus, what if Aliz summons another monster that can attack me!”

She looked down at the top of her deck,

“Come on! Please help me, not just for the sake of the duel. I want to help my friend with whatever's bothering her.”

She took her card and looked down at it, and he eyes light up with sparkles.

“Hmm…?” said Aliz.

Pinkie then smiled and took the stage again, “And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce two new performers to join me on stage.

I may not be able to summon any monsters this turn, but I can set monsters in the Pendulum Scale, and so please give a big welcome to Scale 3 PERFORMAPAL LIZARDRAW and Scale 6 PERFORMAPAL EXTRA SLING.”

Her two new monsters appeared in the light, but because Pinkie couldn’t summon, the pendulum itself did not appear, but that didn’t seem to bother her a bit.

“Every good performer has a trick up her sleeve, and I have just the one, and that’s Lizardaw’s Pendulum ability.

Since I have another Performapal in the Pendulum Scale, I’ll destroy my Lizardraw.”

POW! Her monster exploded and went to the Extra Deck.

“…And now I get to draw a card.”

She did so, and liked what she got.

“And now, I’ll use Extra Slinger’s Pendulum ability, which lets me deal my opponent 300 points of damage for every face-up Pendulum monster in my Extra Deck.”

“Huh?” said Aliz.

“Now then, let’s see how many we have.” said Pinkie, and images of her monsters leapt out from her Extra Deck for all to see.

“I count three, which means, my opponent now takes 900 points of damage.”

Aliz growled as her score dropped.

Alizarin LP: 8000 ------> 7100

“Aww, no need to look so down.” said Pinkie “Speaking of down, I’ll put one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Rainbow was impressed as she watched the duel.

“Amazing!” she said in thought “Pinkie found a way to deal damage, and stay strong without summoning a single monster.

But, still… she has a long way to go to win this duel.”

Aliz drew her next card.

“That was a pretty clever move,” she said “But you’re not the only one that can inflict damage like that.”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes.

“I activate WATTCANNON!

As long as this trap is in play, whenever Thunder monsters are summoned, you’ll get zapped for 600 life points.”

“Uh-oh!” said Pinkie.

Aliz nodded, “Now I summon the Tuner, WATTBETTA!”

(Atk: 100)

“And with that summoning, you take 600 points of damage!”

She wasn’t kidding as her trap card was glowing, and shot a shocking-pulse right at Pinkie, making her jump at the shock.

“Ouch!” she groaned.

Pinkie LP: 4300 ------> 3700

Aliz adjusted her glassed, “Now I’ll show you what Electricity can do even more, when I Tune Level 2 Betta with Level 4 Giraffe!”

The two electrical monsters vanished in a wave of thunderbolts, which sparked and boomed as the new monster appeared.

“I Synchro Summon WATTCHIMERA!”

(Atk: 1400)

The monster had a huge lion’s head, and it roared ferociously!

“Nice kitty! Nice kitty-kitty!” Pinkie whimpered

Then suddenly, she got zapped by the Wattcannon, and lost 600 more points.

Pinkie LP: 3700 ------> 3100

“You forgot about my trap, didn’t you.” said Aliz “Well just wait, because not only can my monster attack directly, but if he does, you’ll have to discard one card from your hand to the graveyard!”

Pinkie growled, and then Aliz called out, “Go Chimera… direct attack!”

Her monster roared and soared up high to fire over the hippos and strike Pinkie.

“Not this time!” snapped Pinkie “I play the trap PERFORMAPAL CALL!”

“What? No!” cried Aliz, and she watched as he monster stopped dead in midair, and landed softly next to her.

“That’s what my trap does,” Pinkie explained “It spares me from a direct attack, and then I get to add two Performapals to my hand from my deck, but their defenses have to be less than the attack of your monster.”

She looked through her deck and saw what she wanted almost at once.


Aliz clenched her fist, and had to end her Battle Phase, “I can still do this…” she said grabbing a card from her hand “The spell DE-SYNCHRO!”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes.

“This sends my Chimera back to the Extra Deck,” said Aliz “Then I get to summon the two monsters I used to summon him, so Giraffe and Betta return!”

(Atk: 1200)

(Atk: 100)

“And by summoning these monsters, the Wattcannon will blast your life points down again!”

Pinkie wailed as she got shocked again!

Pinkie LP: 3100 ------> 2500

Aliz scoffed, “And now, I re-tune these monsters, and bring Chimera out once again!”

(Atk: 1400)

“…And of course, you get blasted by the cannon once more!”

Pinkie LP: 2500 ------> 1900

Pinkie’s hair stood straight up and was smoldering.

“Pinkie Pie...!” Rainbow called.

Alzi couldn’t believe how well she was dueling. It seemed she only had to make a few more moves, and Pinkie would be finished.

Still, her sadness caught up with her again, and her tears were falling down her face, and she couldn’t seem to stop them

“Alizarin?” asked Pinkie.

It was really breaking her heart to see someone she knew so broken hearted. “What’s going on between you and Celery Stalk, tell me now!”

Aliz gawked at Pinkie and still didn’t know if she could bring herself to do so.

To Be Continued…

Episode 7: Part 2: A Couple of Bolts

View Online


Celery Stalk and Alizarain Bubblegum…

They had dated a full year since Pinkie Pie helped to pair them up at the Carhop Café.

At Crystal Prep, they would often partner up in science class, study after school together, they went to the movies, got ice-cream or just hung out in various locations.

But then, there was the next semester, and they didn’t have many of the same classes anymore, making it harder to hang out during school hours.

Aliz also had dance-classes to attend because she loved dancing.

Celery also had to work at his family grocery store to pay his intuition to go to college, which meant even less time the couple to see each other outside of school.

Even when they found a moment or two to get together, it wouldn’t last long. Their busy schedules kept getting in the way, and they found themselves becoming distracted that it was hard to concentrate on their curriculums.

So, they talked it over, and thought maybe it would best if they broke up.

It wasn’t official, they were very undecided and felt maybe they didn’t want to, but since then, they felt to awkward to approach each other.

In school, they would see each other in the hall, and maybe exchange a soft “Hello,” pause for a moment and then “See ya.”

The two both felt horrible, and really didn’t know if they wanted to break up or not, but as they felt too awkward to approach one another, it was beginning to look like it was final.

It gave them time to focus on their studies and their work, and they even found time to get into Duel Monsters as it was all the rage.

Both of them had taken interest in Thunder monsters due to their fond of science, and how electricity could be used in many ways to create great power.

Then they both found out that they were both entering the tournament, and they both dueled with identical styles, and it only brought on more awkwardness to them.

By this time, both Celery and Alizarin had said this story to their respective opponents.

Celery looked around again, hoping to see his girlfriend anywhere, and maybe he could show her how much he didn’t want to break up.

“Then you have to tell her!” said Sunset.

“What?” asked Celery.

“Tell her you don’t want to break up. No more awkwardness. No more being afraid of one another.”

Naturally, Celery looked nervous and sweated so badly his glasses fogged up. “I don’t know if I can, and what if it turns out she wants to breakup anyway?”

“That is a possibility.” said Sunset. She didn’t know how Alizarin felt as she was not there with her to comment on it.

So, Sunset proposed, “Look, we’ll let the duel decide.

If I win, you go to her. If you win, you do what you want.”

Celery couldn’t argue with that, and nodded in agreement.

So the duel continued…

Celery LP: 8000

Sunset LP: 4400

“It’s my draw…!” said Sunset and she drew her card giving her four in her hand.

Suddenly, her Extra Deck began to glow, but only she could see it, no one else could.

“What’s happening?” she wondered in thought, and then right before her eyes appeared images of a few of the blank cards she had been given in that mysterious note.

They transformed into new monsters, as if they were calling out to her to play them.

Sunset even remembered what the letter had said when she received the cards,

“They will help you rescue your friend.”

This put her in mind of the whole reason she joined the tournament; to save Princess Twilight, but she still couldn’t understand these cards and why they were suddenly activating.

“Well, then…” she thought “If they want me to play them, I will!”

“Now, I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more cards.”

She drew and readied to make her move with five cards she now held.

“Once again, I’ll set the Pendulum Scale, with Scale 1 DRAGONPULSE MAGICIAN and Scale 8 XIANGSHENG MAGICIAN!”

Her two magicians took their places in the light, and pendulum formed once again.

Sunset smiled “Now I can summon monsters from Level 2 through 7 at the same time!” and she called out to the Pendulum.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

Three streaks of light shone out from the portal, and all of Sunset’s monsters appeared.




All three of Sunset’s monsters stood majestically bathing in the light, wowing the crowds.

“Now that’s a lineup,” whispered Spike “Sunset’s got a whole army on her field now.”

“It’s more than you think.” said Twilight “Just watch and you’ll see.

I use Dragonpulse Magician’s Pendulum Ability!” hollered Sunset “If I have another Magician monster in my other Pendulum Zone, I can discard one card from my hand, and destroy one card you control.”

She ditched a card from her hand, which was a Pendulum monster, and in a flash of exploding sparkles and electrical currents…

“My Batteryman Charger!” cried Celery.

Sunset chuckled, “And don’t forget, I still have my Pendulum Switch, so now, DragonPulse Magician leaves his Pendulum Zone, and joins us on the field!”

(Atk: 1800)

Now sunset had four monsters in play, and ready to play her new cards.

“Here goes something.” she said to herself.

“I play the spell HAMONIC WAVES, which lets me change Timebreaker Magician from Level 3 to Level 4!

Now that that’s done, I overlay Level 4 DragonPulse Magician and Timebreaker Magician.

With these two, I build the Overlay Network!


(Atk: 2400)

Everyone gazed in wonder at the sight of this new creature. It almost resembled Stargazer Magician, only darker and more mysterious-looking.

Twilight was confused. “When did Sunset get that monster?”

Sunset had told her and the rest of the gang about the mystery cards she received, and maybe it was all starting to make sense now.

“That’s a pretty neat monster.” said Celery.

“Oh, it gets even neater than that.” said Sunset “Now I use his special ability-- By using one overlay unit I get to put in my hand one Dark Spellcaster monster from my Deck, Graveyard, or even my Extra Deck.

…So I think I’ll go ahead and take the monster I discarded a moment ago.”

She grabbed her card and showed it to everyone, “Behold, XIANGKE MAGICIAN!”

Celery was starting to fret a little.

“Now that he’s in my hand,” said Sunset “I’ll go ahead and place him in the Pendulum Scale!”

Her new magician took his place and nodded over at his sister monster in the other Pendulum Zone, and she nodded back at him.

“Now I can really show off some Pendulum Power!” called Sunset.

“First: Xinagsheng Magician’s pendulum ability lets me target one Xyz monster and one monster that’s Leve 5 or higher, like my Odd-Eyes.”

The beautiful magician armed her magical bow and fired a lighting arrow straight at Sunset’s field; making a big burst of light that shrouded the two monsters.

“What are you doing?” asked Celery.

Sunset snickered and said “Take a good look…

Now my Timestar Magician’s Rank has become the same as Odd-Eyes’ level-- Seven!”

Celery was confused “That’s it? That’s all you did is increase your monster’s rank?”

Sunset shook her head “How very little you understand the concept of magic; it knows no bounds.”

Then she called up to her other monster “Xiangke Magician, do your thing-- use your Pendulum Ability to change my monster’s rank into a level!”

“Ah!” cried Celery, and he watched as the magic was formed from the glowing magician.

“Two level seven monsters!” cried Spike “This is awesome!”

Sunset’s eyes gave a small twinkle, “I now overlay my Odd-Eyes and my Timestar Magician!

I build the Overlay Netork, and Xyz Summon ODD-EYES ABSOLUTE DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2800)

Her mighty dragon roared and spread out its wings, much to Celery’s fright.

“Now go, Star Gazer Magician!” shouted Sunset, “Attack that Thunder Dragon!”

“What?!” snapped Celery “But my dragon’s stronger than your magician!”

(Atk: 1200) VS (Atk: 1600)

Stargazer was heading directly for what would be certain doom, but Sunset grinned, “Now, I use Odd-Eyes’ ability-- By using one overlay unit, I can stop any monster from attacking!”

With that, her magician skid to a halt, and returned to his normal position.

“And what’s more,” said Sunset “…My Pendulum Dragon returns from the graveyard.”

With that, her second dragon returned and roared!

(Atk: 2500)

“Welcome back, Odd-Eyes.” said Sunset, and then she looked over at Celery. “And remember, When Odd-Eyes attacks a monster; any battle damage you take is doubled!”

“Ah!” cried Celery.

Sunset then ordered her dragon to attack Celery’s Thunder Dragon!

(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 1600)

Celery braced himself as his last monster was destroyed, and he took a big 1800 points of damage instead of 900!

Celery LP: 8000 -----> 6200

“And don’t forget,” called Sunset “My other dragon still hasn’t attacked yet!”

Celery whimpered and watched as Sunset ordered her huge dragon to attack him.

KAPOW!! Celery was knocked back several paces in the explosion, and took a full 2800 points to his score!

Celery LP: 6200 -----> 3400

The spectators cheered for Sunset’s last move.

“Alright!” cheered Spike “Sunset just pulled way into the lead.”

Twilight agreed, “Maybe, but the duel’s not quite done yet. Celery Stalk could still pull off a lucky move.”

Sunset just ended her turn, and she thought to herself “That’s all I can do.”

She looked down at the single card in her hand which was a “Summoner’s Art” spell card.

“This card won’t help me at all, but I can’t let that bother me. My mystery cards revealed themselves to me for a reason, and I have to trust them.

Now I’ve already played one of them, but I still need to play the other! I can’t let it down.”

Celery brushed himself off from the last attack.

“I got to admit that was pretty near. Alizarin would have loved to have seen it too.”

He paused, thinking of her, and still wishing she were here.

He was beginning to think Win or Lose, he should go to her and tell her how he felt, but for now he continued with the duel.

“I draw!”

He looked down at what he drew, and then rolled his eyes back to Sunset.

“Now it’s time for me to show you what I can do.

First, I’ll set one card facedown!

And now, I banish Batteryman 9Volt and Batteryman charger from the graveyard, so I may summon my great power source, BATTERYMAN INDUSTRIALIST STRENGTH!”

(Atk: 2600)

Sunset gawked up at the strong monster, and its electrical energies flowing through it.

“Now I use his special ability.” said Celery “By banishing a Thunder Dragon from my graveyard, I can destroy one monster and one spell or trap that you control!”

Sunset gasped and watched in horror as her Absolute Dragon, as well as her Xiangke Magician were obliterated just like that.

“You just activate my dragon’s ability!” snapped Sunset “When it’s destroyed, I get to summon one Odd-Eyes monster out of my Extra Deck.”

Her Extra Deck glowed brightly and her new monster appeared in that meteor explosion.


(Atk: 2500)

The dragon stood with its flaming wings blazing, but Celery was far from deterred by it.

“Now I activate the card that I drew-- MONSTER RECOVERY!

“What?” snapped Sunset.

Celery snickered, “Now I take my Industrialist, and place him back in the deck. Then I reshuffle and draw five new cards to continue the onslaught.”

With his hand now refreshed, he looked down at his five new cards and really liked what they were.

“Now I play FUSION RECOVERY, which allows me to get back one of my other Thunder Dragons plus Polymerization from the graveyard.

And next I play MONSTER REINCARNATION, so I discard a Batteryman, and get back my other Thunder Dragon.”

Sunset didn’t like where this was going.

“And now,” said Celery “Time for GRACEFUL CHAIRTY, so I draw three cards and then throw two away.”

After performing his trick, he was very pleased with the cards he had drawn.

“Now that I have two Batteryman monsters in the graveyard again, I can once again banish them both to bring out and old friend I happened to have drawn-- BATTERYMAN INDUSTRIALIST STRENGTH.”

(Atk: 2600)

“And you know what that means!”

“Ah!” Sunset cried, and she watched in horror as her Meteorburst Dragon was destroyed, along with her Xiangsheng Magician.

Sunset was beginning to fret, which amused her opponeny.

“I told you,” said Celery “…Electricity can be used for many things.

Now I play POLYMERIZATION so I can fuse my two Thunder Dragons in my hand, and once again I can Fusion Summon TWIN-HEADED THUNDER DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2800)

Celery’s hand was completely empty, but he really didn’t seem too worried.

“Now then, who should I attack first?” Celery joked, and he eyed at the two monsters and then saw the magician monster, “Oh, but of course.”

“Stargazer Magician!” cried Sunset.

Celery snickered and ordered his Twin-Dragon, “Blow it away!”

The mighty dragon bellowed and spewed a thunderous blast…

“I activate my Pendulum Switch card!” shouted Sunset “It lets Stargazer jump back up into the Pendulum Zone and he can escape from harm.”

With that, her magician leapt out of the way and to safety.

“No matter.” said Celery, “I’ll just replay, so I can still destroy your Pendulum Dragon!

Go Thunder Dragon!”

In a strike of thunder, Sunset’s precious Odd-Eyes was destroyed!

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 2500)

Sunset LP: 4400 -----> 4100

“Odd-Eyes-- No!!” she cried.

“And now that you’re defenseless…” said Celery “Go, Industrialist, and attack her directly!”

The monster charged up it’s powerful arms and wires, and unleash a wave of shocking energy at Sunset, making her scream and dealing her a full 2600 points of damage.

Sunset LP: 4100 -----> 1500

Now Sunset was in a really tough spot. She had no monsters, her Pendulum Zone was still broken, and with both monsters still ready to attack, there was very little she could do to stop them with what she had.

Celery was most content with himself, and yet he sighed, still wishing Alizarin was there to see him, and the more he thought of her, the more he hurt inside-- so many good memories, which lead to the near breakup now.

He reached up and rubbed a tear from his eye.

Sunset could see this was getting way to serious, and the sooner the duel ended the better.

It was her turn now, since Celery had no more cards to play, but she stopped and thought deeply.

“I want the duel to end so I can try to help him, but I can’t lose it! If I do, then I won’t be able to save Princess Twilight, but what can I do?

My Pendulum Scale is broken, and worse than that, this Summoner’s Art spell won’t help me by itself.”

She looked down at her duel disk and looked at her Main Deck and then over to her Extra Deck, remembering that other card she had yet to summon, but she didn’t have the necessary card to do it.

She cautiously placed her finger over her next card, “Come on… Come on…!” she thought deeply, and she drew her card.

“Oh…!” she exclaimed.

“What? What is it?” asked Celery snapping out of his trance.

“Well, since you asked.” said Sunset “I play a little magic of my own! I activate DOUBLE SPELL!”

“Oh, no…! Not Double Spell!” cried Celery.

“Oh, yes.” said Sunset “But first, in response its activation, My Pendulum Switch forces Stargazer Magician to jump back onto the field again.”

Her magician did just so.

(Atk: 1200)

“And now, my Double spell kicks in!

All I do is ditch one spell from my hand, and it lets me use any spell that it’s your graveyard.

I think I go ahead and help myself to MONSTER RECOVERY!”

“No!” cried Celery, but his duel disk had shot a beam of light at Sunset’s field showing his own spell card from the graveyard.

Sunset smirked “Now I combine Stargazer Magician into my deck, shuffle, and draw five cards!”

She did just so, and she really loved what she had drawn!

“Perfect!” she said.

“First, I'll set the Pendulum Scale 2 OAFDRAGON MAGICIAN and Scale 8 HARMONIZING MAGICIAN!”

Celery watched as the Pendulum Scale was complete and the Pendulum began to swing.

“Now I can summon as many monsters from Levels 3 through 7 all at once” said Sunset, and she called up to the Pendulum once again…

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

Four blasts of light shone form her Extra Deck and her monsters appeared.





Celery didn’t like the looks of this at all.

“And finally, I play my own fusion card, POLYMERIZATION!”

“What? Oh no!” cried Celery.

Sunset nodded, “I fuse Odd Eyes with Dragonpit Magician, so now I can create a whole new monster!”

The two monsters rose up into the air and merged in swirling lights, and the new monster formed, and Sunset felt that peculiar urge to call out to it again.

“I summon a dragon of powerful might,
May its swirling force win me this fight!


(Atk: 2500)

The new dragon spread out its wings and let out a mighty roar.

A lot of the spectators were chattering about.

“What monster is that?”

“Is it even released yet?”

“Where I can get one?”

Celery gazed up in awe at the mighty beast, and then his Thunder Dragon began to glow, and vanished off the field, “Hey! What happened to my dragon?”

“That’s Vortex Dragon’s ability,” said Sunset “When he’s successfully been summoned, he can send one monster on your field back to your hand, but in your dragon’s case, he went straight back to the Extra Deck.”

Celery was sweating and shivering with fear. His Industrialist was his only monster left.

“Oh, and one other thing…” said Sunset “Harmonizing Magician’s Pendulum effect grants each of my monsters 100 attack points for every Magician I have in my Extra Deck!”

Celery whimpered as he gazed at the image of Dragonpit standing there, glaring at him, and Sunset’s monster’s powered up.

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 2600) x2

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 600)

Sunset then called out, “Now then, Xiangsheng Magician, time for you to strut your stuff.”

I know-- she looks weak now, but her special ability let’s her take on the attack of any other monster I control!”

“Any monster?!” cried Celery, and he watched in horror as the Magician glowed and absorbed the power from the Vortex Dragon.

(Atk: 600) -----> (Atk: 2600)

Sunset snickered “Of course, she still gets an extra 200 point boost thanks to Harmonizing Magician!”

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2700)

Celery was panting heavily with fear and stress!

“Now…” Sunset called “Xiangsheng Magician, attack and destroy that Batteryman!”

The Magician aimed her bow and fired her arrow straight for her target.

“I won’t let you!” shouted Celery “I activate the trap card MIRROR FORCE.”

Sunset gasped.

“That’s right,” said Celery “This trap will harness the power of your attack and electrically send it back to all your monsters, and wiping them out!”

“Wrong!” shouted Sunset.


“I use Vortex Dragon’s second ability! When you activate a card effect, all I have to do is send one Pendulum monster in my Extra Deck back to my Main Deck, and that canceled out the effect of your card and destroys it!”

“No!!” cried Celery.

All of Sunset’s monsters now lost 100 attack points as she had one fewer magicians in her Extra Deck, but it didn’t matter because her attack continued.

(Atk: 2600) VS (Atk: 2600)

The Batteryman was destroyed, and so was the Magician, which made him fret and Sunset smirk.

“Now that I have another Magician in the Extra Deck, my two remaining monster’s get even stronger, and just in time to finish you off!”

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2700) x2

She ordered her Dragon and Magician to attack directly, and with an attack of 2600 each, poor Celery screamed and yowled as the flames enveloped him.”

Celery LP: 3400 -----> 0

Sunset’s “Winner” shot was shone in the images before they all faded away, and the crowds were cheering like crazy.

Sunset’s duel meter increased to 15% while Celery was all tapped out.

Spike howled triumphantly, and his loud howl didn’t seem to bother Twilight at all. If anything, she was clapping rather awkwardly-- slowly, but then she headed over to Sunset.

Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack came along too, having watched the entire duel from afar as they waited for their own duel times.

“Well, done, darling!” said Rarity.

“You go girl.” added Applejack.

“…Yay” peeped Fluttershy.

Sunset was glad it was over, but she was still rather amazed that her new cards pulled through for her.

Still, there many other blank cards she had to uncover, especially the completely blank one.

“Celery!” she then called and she went over to him, to help him up off the ground.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” answered Celery. “That was an awesome duel.”

She smiled at him, “And…” she said “Remember our deal?”

Celery nodded, “I may be out of the tournament, but that doesn’t matter to me now. You’ve opened my eyes.

Alizarin and I have something special. I don’t want to lose that, and I know we can work it out… together!

I’m going to check every last inch of this theme park until I find her!”

“You don’t have to.” called a familiar voice.

Celery turned round and there she was standing behind him.


“You had me at “Sparks.”

Celery was confused. “I didn’t say “Sparks.”

His girlfriend looked up at him, “Well I’m seeing them, because you light up my day.”

The two smiled lovingly, and embraced each other in a huge hug, which wooed the crowds.

Then Pinkie came along dabbing her eyes with a hankie, “It’s just so beautiful!” she sobbed, and she blew her nose.

“Where’d you come from?” asked Applejack.

“She came along with me.” answered Rainbow “I just watched her kick Alizarin right of the duel, and then encourage her to come down here.”

“Pinkie, you won?” asked Sunset.

Pinkie nodded and showed her duel meter which was at 15%.

“What a duel it was…” she said, and her mind flashed back to it all…

Alizarin LP: 7100

Pinkie LP: 1900

Aliz had just finished telling Pinkie the story about her and Celery and their potential breakup.

Pinkie thought it was just heartbreaking, but it was Aliz that finally broke in, fell to her knees, and began to bawl softly into her hands.

“I don’t wanna break up with Celery!” she bawled “I like him so much!”

Pinkie clenched her fists, “That’s all I can stand I can’t stands no more! I’m going to end this duel, make you smile, and then we’re both going to find your boyfriend and set things right with you!”

Aliz looked up, “But--”

“No buts!” snapped Pinkie “I’ll put my very reputation on the line. If I can’t make this work out, why I, myself, may never smile again.

Now wipe those eyes, get up on your feet, and finish your move!”

Aliz could see Pinkie was being extremely serious, so she completely-- wiping her eyes, and stood back up again to finish her move.

“Right, it’s my move, and I’ll set two cards facedown, and that ends my turn!”

Pinkie nodded, “Now it’s my draw…” and she took her card which gave a hand of eight, and she really liked what she drew, and once again took stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please…

We have now reached the grand Finale of this show, and I promised you that smiles will shine at the end of it all, and it all begins with I place this monster in my Pendulum Scale, and that’s Scale 4 PERFORMAPAL TRUMP WITCH.”

The new playful little monster leapt right up and into the Pendulum Zone, making the magic pendulum swing once again.

“And while I’m at it,” said Pinke “I’ll now sacrifice two of my Hippo Tokens, in order to summon a new member of our performing party!

…Please give a big welcome to, Ta-da, PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES DISOLVER!”

(Atk: 2000)

This new monster seemed rather dark and eerie looking, not much of a thing to make you want to smile.

“Now that that’s done,” said Pinkie “Watch as I… Pendulum Summon all the Level 5 monsters I need!”

The portal opened wide and she summoned two monsters from her hand!



Now Pinkie had four monsters in play.

“Now then,” said Pinkie “I draw your attention to Dissolver as he uses his Pendulum ability that allows me to fuse monsters I control without the need of Polymerization or any fusion card.”

“What?!” snapped Alziran.

“I fuse Dissolver himself with Gum Gummouton!

Now making its debut on our stage…


(Atk: 2900)

Her dragon stomped on the field, and pointed a huge bazooka gun, which gave Aliz a bit of r a fright.

Pinkie grinned cheekily, “And now come the real fireworks.” she announced “My newest monster has a special power that when he’s summoned, I get to deal Aliz 200 points of damage for every card that’s out!”

“What?!” snapped Aliz “Every card?!”

“That’s what I said.” Answered Pinkie “And unless I’m mistaken, there happens to be, eight cards in play, which deals you, how many points is that…?”

Aliz whimpered and said “Sixteen hundred…?”

Pinkie looked up at her new monster and chuckled warmly at his appearance, figuring Sunset would’ve loved to have seen this creature.

“But that’s not all,” Pinkie announced “Next: My Trump witch, uses her Pendulum ability, so not only can I fusion summon again without a fusion card,

“What?” cried Aliz “But you can’t-- That’s not--” but too bad for her, it actually worked, and

Alizarin LP: 7100 -----> 5500

“But wait, we’re not through yet, folks.” said Pinkie “My monster’s got another special power.

Since he was summoned using a Pendulum Monster, I can now destroy one monster my opponent controls, and then she takes damage equal to that monster’s attack power!”

Aliz gasped! Her Chimera was her only monster!

POW!! Pinkie’s monster fired it’s bazooka at it, and it was destroyed instantly, and the shockwaves flew past her dealing her another 1400 points of damage.

Alizarin LP: 5500 -----> 4100

“I won’t let this happen!” growled Aliz “I activate my face-down, WATTKEEPER.

This trap lets me revive one Watt monster in my graveyard, and I choose, Watt Giraffe!”

(Atk: 1200)

“Since I summoned a Thunder Monster, you now take another 600 points of damage from my Wattcannon!”

ZAP! Pinkie got jolted once again

Pinkie LP: 1900 -----> 1300

“And now I can use my other facedown card, “shouted Alize “Activate INFERNO RECKLESS SUMMON!

Since I summoned my Giraffe, I now can summon two more, and you get to summon any replicas of yours monsters.”

Her two Giraffes appeared,

(Def: 100) x2

But Pinkie didn’t have any replicas of her monsters to summon. She had only one of each card in her deck, as it was her way of keeping all her cards so they’d feel special to her.

“Well then,” called Aliz “Now you get shocked with another 600 points!”

And indeed, Pinkie got zapped again!

Pinkie LP: 1300 -----> 700

Aliz was most confident with herself, as she looked down at the last card in her hand, which was an Honest, just like Celery had played.

“This should work.” she thought to herself “Pinkie won’t be able to resist attacking my Giraffe in attack mode, and when she does I’ll use Honest’s effect to increase his attack, and that’ll make it 1200 attack points stronger, which will wipe out the rest of Pinkie’s life points.”

Pinkie brushed the smoke out of her hair, but remained as smiling as ever, “Sorry about the delay folks. Now, on with the show!

Now I use Performapal Trump Witch’s Pendulum Abbility, which also allows me to fuse my monsters without using a fusion card!”

“Again?!” cried Aliz.

“Oh, yes!” cheered Pinkie “Now I fuse my Light Phoenix with my Gatlinghoul!

I Fusion Summon a monster to take the stage like no other!

Introducing, the one and only… PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES METAL CLAW!”

(Atk: 3000)

Her new dragon stomped on the field and let out a mighty roar.

Pinkie smiled as she looked up at him, thinking that Sunset would love this monster.

“But hold your applause folks, because there’s more!

Now, hold onto your seats people, because I’m going to play my absolute, number one, favorite card in the entire dueling world.”

She held that very card up, and shouted, “Da-Da-Da-Dun… it’s SMILE WORLD!”

Aliz was confused, and even more so when happy, smiling colorful pictures began to appear and floated around all over the place!

“What’s going on?” asked Aliz, but then she couldn’t help but smile a little as the faces floated past her, and tickled her “What is this?”

Pinkie smiled widely, “See, I told you I’d get you to smile, just like the card says, but then again, all of our monsters are smiling too, because now their attack power increases by 100 points for every creature that’s in play.

“Huh?!” cried Aliz, and she realized there were five monsters in play-- her three Giraffe’s, Pinkie’s dragon and her remaining Hippo Token.

This meant that all monsters gained 500 extra attack points.

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3500)

(Atk: 1200) -----> (Atk: 1700)

Her Hippo Token didn’t matter as it was still in Defense-Mode.

“But wait!” said Alize “Why power up all the monsters?”

Pinkie shrugged “It’s just how the card works, but then again, I can power-up Odd-Eyes even more.

All I have to do is banish SKILL SUCCESSOR out of my graveyard, and he’ll gain 800 extra attack points!”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 4300)

“Skill Successor?” snapped Aliz “But you never had that in your graveyard.”

Pinkie giggled “Sure I did. Remember when you played Heavy Storm? You sent it blowing away.”

Aliz growled, but she was still confident deep down that her Honest strategy would still prevail.

“Now then,” said Pinkie “I have one final magic trick to pull.

For the Grand Finale; I reach up my sleeve and activate the spell THAT WACKY MAGIC!”

“Wacky what?” asked Aliz.

“Wacky Magic.” answered Pinkie “It forces me to banish all the cards out of my graveyard, but it gets worse for you! You see, for each one I banish, each one equals 300 defense points, which equals 600 points.”

“So?” asked Aliz, but then she watched as her three Giraffes began to glow, and they shattered away just like that.

“My monsters…! What happened to them?”

“Oh, didn’t I mention?” Pinkie cheekily asked, “Since your monsters all had less than 600 defense points, they all had to go bye-bye.”

Aliz gasped, and realized her entire strategy was squashed, and she was wide open to Pinkie’s dragon now.

“Oh, and one last thing…” Pinkie called “When my Odd-Eyes attacks, all monsters I control gain 300 more attack points.”

(Atk: 4300) -----> (Atk: 4600)

Aliz looked up, and lowered her arm. She knew she was finished, and yet… she couldn’t help but smile, much to Pinkie’s delight.

Aliz then nodded at her, telling her to go on with it.

Pinkie agreed and called up to her monster, “Odd-Eyes… bring this show to a close, with a direct attack!”

Her monster complied, and gave a huge stomp before charging at Aliz, and swiping her hard with its huge metal claw, and wiping her out.

Alizarin LP: 4100 -----> 0

Aliz then looked over at Pinkie, and Pinkie bowed to her and winked “Show’s over. Smiles win.”

That was the end of the flashback.

“After that, we talked for a moment,” said Pinkie “Alizarin said she knew had to find Celery Stalk and tell him she didn’t want to break up.”

Rainbow nodded, “I saw the duel happening on the TV screen, and led them both here.”

Everyone then stopped and gazed at the happy couple as they were gazing into each other’s eyes, and embraced again.

The rest of the crowds had already parted and gone about their business, but the girls were all enamoured with what they saw.

“It’s so beautiful.” said Rarity.

Sunset agreed “They may be out of the tournament now, but they’re still in love, and that’s important.”

The girls all smiled and agreed.

“…How pathetic!” called a deep voice from behind.

The girls turned, and the couple looked and saw none other than Masquerade.

Episode 8: Reckless Rivalry

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Masquerade stood where he was, and even though the people couldn’t see his face behind his mask, they could tell his was giving a sour expression.

Rainbow’s features extremely hardened to the point of fury.

“What are you doing here?” she asked rather sternly.

“Me?” said Masquerade, “I’ve had plenty of time to kill since my duel ended. I came over here to be by myself, but what do I find; a convention of kids!”

Rainbow was really starting to lose her cool, but Sunset put her hand on her shoulder telling her to ease off.

“There’s no need to be so mean.” said Fluttershy “There was just a duel here anyway.”

Celery and Alizarin agreed, while still holding hands.

“We may not have won our duels, but at least we’re still together.” said Celery.

His girlfriend nodded, and smiled lovingly at him.

“Aww, that is just so sweet.” said Pinkie, but Masquerade only scoffed, “And just when I thought you couldn’t be more pathetic.”

The couple felt most insulted.

Masquerade then demanded at them, “You both lost your duels, you’re out of the tournament, therefore you have no business being here any longer. So Get Lost!”

“I say!” snapped Rarity “Now you’ve crossed a line, you!”

The couple scoffed at Masquerade, and just went off anyway to enjoy the rest of the theme park, as well as discuss their future.

“Huh! Good riddance…!” Masquerade grunted.

Then he turned round to go find somewhere else to sit and be alone.

“Wait a minute!” snapped Rainbow, and she dashed over to stop in front of him. “I’m not through with you yet!”

He just ignored her and walked past her, making her ears steam with rage.

“Rainbow!” called Applejack “Just let him go, he ain’t worth it.”

“You should listen to your little friends.” agreed Masquerade.

Applejack’s eyes widened, “What did you just say? “Little?”

Sunset calmed her down, and then she spoke severely to Masquerade herself. “What is with you? Why are you always being so rude to people…?”

“Yeah, why can’t we all just get along and be friends?” Pinkie asked, and she approached Masquerade and even offered her hand to him, but he wasn’t the least bit interested.

“No thanks!” he said gruffly, and turned to walk away again, much to Pinkie’s upset.

“But why?” she asked “Why can’t we be friends?”

“I don’t like you-- simple as that.”

Pinkie felt heart-struck.

“That’s not a very nice attitude.” said Fluttershy.

“No, it isn’t.” snapped a voice from behind.

Everyone turned and saw young woman, about the same age as Masquerade. She had long brown hair, peach coloured skin, and wore a blue shirt with a white slick jacket, and a purple windbreaker skit with black stylish boots.

On her left hand, she wore an oddly looking ring with a large green, pyramid shaped diamond.

Everyone gawked at her mysteriously, having never seen her before, and Spike and Twilight especially gawked at her in strangeness.

The lady looked severely at Masquerade and scolded, “You have no right to be talking down to these kids like this.”

“Again with the “Kids?” said Rarity “We are highly respected--”

“Quiet!” snapped Masquerade.


Rarity felt most struck by his tone, and all the girls seemed infuriated, but Masquerade stood facing this woman, and he was far from impressed.

“I don’t know who you are, but you’ve got a lot of nerve telling me what I can or cannot do.”

“The name’s Plight-- Karle “Wits” Plight. They call me “Wits” because I outsmart my every opponent and leave them wallowing in defeat.”

Masquerade only chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” asked Karle.

“Just that you don’t really look like all that much to me.”

Karle didn’t look mad, but only snickered, “Maybe you’d like to find out just how good I really am?” and she hinted at her duel disk.

The girls didn’t know who this lady was, but she seemed pretty eager to duel with Masquerade.

“Yeah, you teach him a lesson.” Rainbow cheered on.

Karle didn’t take notice of her, and just stayed focussed on Masquerade.

Just then however, Applejack’s duel disk beeped, as did Fluttershy’s. Both of them had their duels to get to. So did Karle.

Masquerade said nothing and walked past Karle without a care in the world.

Karle turned back to glare at him until he was out of sight.

Rainbow walked up to the lady and gave her a pat on the shoulder, “Never mind that, creep. He’ll get what’s coming to him soon enough.”

Karle just brushed Rainbow’s hand off her and turned to glare down at her.

“Whoa, what’s up with you?” Rainbow asked.

Karle didn’t answer, and instead walked off warning the girls “Just stay out of my way! This is between me and him!”

Then she went off to find her opponent, whoever it was going to be.

“Well,” snapped Rarity “I say good riddance to the both of them.

Then Rarity’s duel disk began to glow too showing her opponent, making her gasp, “It can’t be!”

The other girls all huddled around and saw the picture on her screen-- it was Karle.

“You’re dueling against her?” asked Twilight.

Rarity didn’t seem to mind a bit. “I shall enjoy this. She had no right to speak to you the way she had, Rainbow Dash.”

Rainbow nodded in agreement, “Wash her out, Rarity.”

“But Rarity,” Sunset cut in “Are you sure you can go through with this? Karle looked pretty tough, and if she’s as good as she says she is, that could mean disaster for you.”

Rarity knew she had a point. She still hadn’t had much time to get used to her deck yet, and she was warned before she entered the tournament in the first place.

“I refuse to back down!” she declared “I made a promise that when I entered this competition that I would do everything I could to help find and free Princess Twilight.”

“Well that’s some fine talk there,” said Applejack “And just know, we’re all there for you in spirit.”

She said that because she had to leave to find her own opponent.

“I guess I better go too.” said Fluttershy. She was sounding rather nervous, and she was nervous.

“You’ll do fine,” said Applejack “Just give it your all; that’s what I’m going to do.”

The rest of the gang planned to go with Rarity, to watch her duel against Karle, as they all wished to see her dueling style, but they promised to catch a view of the other duels via the TV monitors.

Applejack tipped her hat and walked off like a sharp cowgirl, while Fluttershy only tiptoed off like a girl with stage fright.

“Maybe one of us should go with Fluttershy?” suggested Sunset.

Rarity suddenly gasped, “My duel starts in one minute-- must dash!” and then she took off down the road.

“Hey, wait for us!” called Rainbow.

“Ooh, ohh, I wanna see too!” added Pinkie and she hopped along after them.

Sunset sighed and dashed off as well leaving Spike and Twilight to catch up.

Spike whispered to Twilight, “Don’t you think we should tell them?”

Twilight shook her head, “You know this is personal business, Spike. Please, don’t say a thing about it.”

She even bribed him with his favorite brand of doggie treat, and Spike reluctantly concurred.

“Me and my weaknesses…” he grumbled with his mouth full.

Rarity didn’t have to go too far, her challenge was right by the carousel ride, but not too near it, this way all the riders could watch the duel as they went round-and-round.

Karle was already there where Rarity arrived panting heavily, and she did not seem impressed.

“Just my luck-- you had to be my opponent.” Karle scoffed.

Rarity caught her breath and growled softly, but then stood tall and proud and straightened her hair.

“I refuse to let your rudeness get to me that much, though I must know-- who does your tailoring? That outfit of yours doesn’t quite say Tres Chic, but rather lustful, vindictive, and…”

She stopped when she realized the extreme look of seriousness Karle gave her, and she said “I came here to duel, not listen to a lecture on fashion sense.

The sooner I get you out of the way, the sooner I can track down Masquerade.”

Rarity could now tell without asking that Karle had some kind of vendetta with Masquerade, but she did ask, “What troubles do you have with Masquerade?”

But Karle rudely sneered, “That’s none of your business. Now let’s get to work!”

Rarity narrowed her eyes, “Fine then!” she growled, and the two ladies prepared themselves just as Rarity’s friends arrived on the scene.

“The duel’s starting already.” cried Sunset.

Rainbow hollered out, “We’re here for you, Rarity. You show her whose boss!”

Rarity turned over and nodded at her friends, then turned to face her opponent as the system was set.


Rarity LP: 8000

Karle LP: 8000

Their duel was being observed by the Prince Brothers in their dark office.

They were both rather fascinated by the fact that two well dressed, yet dastardly divas were about to dish it out.

However, both brothers were a bit concerned with Karle.

“Were you able to find anything, Loki?” asked Rubeus.

His brother looked up from the computer where he had been trying to run a background check on Karle, but he wasn’t able to come up with anything, “No known address. No dueling records. Not even a list of schools or employment.

I’m beginning to think something isn’t quite right about this girl, Rubeus.”

The brothers then made a plan to go down there and do a little investigation of their own.

Meanwhile, Rarity and Karle drew their first cards, and Rarity decided to go first.

“Now, get ready!” she called, “And to begin I shall play the spell OSTINATO.

Since I haven’t a monster in play this magical spell allows me to Fusion Summon using cards in my Deck!”

She grabbed five cards out from her deck and held them up high,






“What?!” snapped Karle “…Five monsters?!”

Images of Rarity’s five dazzling monsters appeared, and they vanished-- merged together in a swirling light creating a new monster.


(Def: 2000)

Rarity’s monster appeared, and hummed beautifully as she sat bathed in sunlight, but Rarity seemed more interested in how fashionably she looked.

“Is she not beautiful?!” she cried

Many of the spectators ogled the lovely sight of the pretty monster; even Pinkie was stunned by its grace. “It’s so beautiful I could cry.”

“Now, I shall place two cards facedown, and enter my main phase, which saddens me to say, I must destroy my Bloom Prima.”

She shut her eyes tight so as not to see-- her monster was glowing brightly and shattered.

“However, I am now permitted to summon forth every creature that I had used to form it!”

Karle’s eyes widened, and Rarity’s friends all gasped.

Rarity’s duel disk then glowed brightly, and a huge beam of light shot out from her graveyard, and all her monsters appeared before her…

“And there you have it…






All five ladies seemed to shimmer and glow as they all stood together, like being in a grand performance, and they rang out their voices loud and clear, which made the crowd applaud and whistle.

“Powerhouse lineup!” cried Rainbow “Rarity just summoned five whole monsters in one turn.”

Sunset agreed, “Not only that, but she summoned all of them without even Pendulum Summoning, or using up too many cards.”

Rarity blinked her eyes cheekily, “And I believe I should mention.

Since Tamtam was summoned with all the other ladies, I am permitted to add Polymerization to my hand.

Also, Elegy-- not only does she protect my ladies from being destroyed by card effects, but as she was special summoned all my fairies will gain 300 attack points.”

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2900)

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 2600) x2

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 2300)

Now Rarity’s turn was over and she was feeling very confident with her move.

Her friends were very impressed as well.

“I can’t believe she did all that.” said Spike.

Twilight agreed, “Looks like all that training and changing cards has really improved her style.”

“Ha!” scoffed a voice “If you call that an improvement, you’re even more pathetic than I thought.”

Rainbow clenched her fists and she and the girls turned round to see Masquerade standing a few feet away from them.

“What are you doing here?” Rainbow asked gruffly.

“Just scanning the competition.” answered Masquerade “Not that it matters anyway, since I’m going to win the whole tournament anyway.”

The girls already took a dislike to his attitude.

“There’s no need to be so boastful.” sneered Sunset “Rarity’s come a long way since she first started dueling.”

Masquerade only snickered, “If you think your friend is unstoppable just because she pulled out a move like that? No wonder you all fail to impress me.”

The girls growled.

“Anyway, be quiet so I can watch the duel.”

The girls scoffed, and Pinkie stuck her tongue out at him.

Now it was Karle’s turn, and she drew her card.

“I have to admit, that’s a pretty impressive move you made, but are you sure it’s the right one?”

Rarity was confused, “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, you summoned five whole monsters, and you think you’re invincible, but you’ve got another thing coming.

Now let me show you how a real duelist does things.”

Rarity didn’t like the way she was insulting her dueling style.

Karle then readied her move,


(Atk: 1400)

“A Lunalight monster?” said Sunset “I’ve heard of these cards, but hardly ever seen them used, but their power is said to rival that of the Melodious ladies that Rarity uses.”

“Is that good or bad?” asked Pinkie.

Masquerade said nothing but gawked at the monster summoned, and then looked behind it at Karle.

“Now I use Chick’s special ability, which lets me send one Lunalight monster from my Extra Deck to the graveyard, and Chick takes on that monster’s name.”

“Huh?” said Rarity.

“Oh, yes,” chuckled Karle “And I think I’ll discard LUNALIGHT SABRE DANCER.”

“Oh, boy.” whispered Spike “That’s not good. I know what that card can do.”

The girls looked his way, and were careful not to give away Spike’s secret so they spoke softly.

“What does it do?” asked Rainbow.

As Spike whispered to the girls, Masquerade couldn’t help but noticed them all huddling around Twilight and her knapsack. He didn’t bother to question what was going on as he wasn’t too interested, however, he did keep looking Twilight.

“I keep thinking I know her from somewhere.” he thought silently. Then he turned his gaze back Karle’s Lunalight on the field feeling there was some connection.

Twilight looked over at him, but couldn’t tell he was looking at her because of his mask, but she did narrow her eyes angrily at him, while the others were all wide-eyed and shocked when Spike told them what Karle’s discarded fusion monster could do!

“We’ve got to warn, Rarity!” cried Pinkie.

“We can’t,” said Sunset “Sideline help isn’t permitted. Rarity’s going to have to be ready on her own.

That is… if she even knows.”

Now the friends were really concerned, knowing Rarity was still practically a freshman at dueling.

“Now then,” said Karlee “As I said, my Chick now takes on the name of the monster I just discarded.


Rarity growled, “You can Fusion Summon.”

“That’s right,” said Karle “So now I fuse my Chick with LUNALIGHT CRIMSON FOX.


(Atk: 2400)

The monster pirouetted onto the scene.

Rarity was almost as mesmerised at the rest of the crowd was, “Such a beautiful outfit.” she cried “It’s like something out of an opera, or a first-class Broadway theater.

Why the sight simply screams out “Elegance.”

Karle smirked, “Well I’m glad you like it, but you might want to pay attention to your strongest monster.”

Rarity looked up and saw her Mozarta and how it was glowing.

“What’s happening to my Maestra?”

Karle snickered, “It’s simple: Since I sent Crimson Fox to the graveyard with a card effect, it targets one monster you control and strips it of all its attack points.”

“Ah!” cried Rarity, and watched as Mozarta lost all but 300 of her attack points. “It’s a good thing I have Elegy’s power bonus helping her.”

“But not by enough.” hissed Karlee. “Oh, I should mention that Kalieido Chick also has ability to use, one that lets me get back Polymerization.”

She took her card out of the graveyard and placed it in her hand.

“And something else you may want to know-- My dancer is allowed to attack all your monsters this turn, twice each time actually.”

“What?!” snapped Rarity.

Karle snickered and then entered her battle phase, “And what’s more, every time she does attack, you’ll lose 100 life points!

Now go, Cat Dancer, attack Mozarta!”

As promised, because the monster declared an attack, Rarity’s points dropped.

Rarity LP: 8000 -----> 7900

And she was about to lose even more if the attack struck her, now, weak monster.

“I think not!” snapped Rarity, “I activate FLASH FUSION!”

Karle grunted, and Rarity smirked.

“This spell allows me to instantly fuse monster I control, provided I destroy it during the End Phase of the turn.

Now I fuse Mozarta with Opera!”

The two ladies nodded at one another and leapt into the swirling light as the merged together.

“I Fusion Summon,” Rarity shouted as her new monster appeared “Behold my ladies well-dressed lady-- BLOOM DIVA THE MELODIOUS CHOIR.”

Her new monster looked cute, and gave a playful little musical hum, and it received the 300 attack point bonus as well.

(Atk: 1000) -----> (Atk: 1300)

“Smart move,” said Twilight “By doing that, Rarity got her monster off the field before it could be attacked. She really has learned well.”

The others all agreed.

Rarity narrowed her eyes and smirked, “The best part of this maneuver is, since I used my Opera to Fusion Summon, all my Melodious ladies cannot be destroyed for the remainder of the turn.”

Karle snickered, “So, that doesn’t mean I still can’t attack, and thanks to your move, I now get a replay.

Cat Dancer attack, destroy that Elegy!”

Her monster complied and leapt its way over.

“Since my monster attacked, you take another 100 points of damage.”

Rarity LP: 7900 -----> 7800

Rarity’s monster was about to get crushed.

“No!” snapped Rarity “I play the trap SHIFT!”


“The power of this trap allows me to redirect your dancer to attack any other monster I choose, and choose my Bloom Diva!”

The monster jumped back and then headed straight for Bloom Diva as promised.

“And, you should know,” said Rarity “If you attack her, you take all the battle damage that I would have.”

The monsters were about to make contact.

“Oh, really…? Guess again!”


“You fool! They call me “Wits” for a reason, because I use them, and I use the spell DE-FUSION!”

“No!” cried Rarity.

“Now I send your Bloom Diva off the field, and the two monsters you fused her with return to the field.”

With that, Rarity’s monster vanished, and she once again summoned Mozarta and Opera to the field.

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2900)

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 2600)

“And once again, because the number of monsters on your field changed, I get another replay.

Even though your monsters can’t be destroyed, I can still damage you!”

Rarity sweat bullets and tugged on her collar, feeling like she was about to faint.

Karle’s battle carried out as so, and every time she attacked, Rarity lost an additional 100 life points!

First she attacked Tamtam twice, and while Rarity was safe as her monster was in Defense-Mode, she still took 200 points of damage.

Rarity LP: 7800 -----> 7600

Then Karle attacked Elegy twice!

(Atk: 2400) VS (Atk: 2300)

The battle combined with the effect cost Rarity another 400 points.

Rarity LP: 7600 -----> 7200

“Hang tough, Rarity!” Rainbow called to her “You still have all your monsters.”

“Yeah, you’ll win this duel yet.” added Pinkie.

Karle glared over at the girls and showed disdain for their cheering, but she remained concentrated. “I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn.”

Rarity managed to get a hold of herself and stood tall.

“That was close.” she thought to herself “My life points could have taken a huge hit were it not for all my power bonuses.

So now is my chance to fight back!”

She drew her next card.

“I, once again, activate POLYMERIZATION, Fusing Sophina with Tamtam, and combine their exquisite beauty along with their harmonizing voices.”

The two ladies sang together, like angels in a choir, and merged together.

“Wow! Those ladies really know how to put on a show.” said Pinkie

“I Fusion Summon!” Rarity shouted “Welcome back, BLOOM PRIMA THE MELODIOUS CHIOR!”

(Atk: 1900) -----> (Atk: 2200)

The crowd realized and chatted about that it was the same monster Rarity summoned at the start of the duel.

“She may have gotten the power bonus from Elegy, but in addition, she also gains an extra 300 attack points for each card I fused her with, giving her 600 more attack points!”

(Atk: 2200) -----> (Atk: 2800)

“And furthermore, since I used Tamtam in the fusion, her ability activates, allowing me to weaken one Melodious monster’s attack by 500, and deal you 500 points of damage.”

Karle only laughed hysterically.

“What, may I ask, is so funny?” asked Rarity.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not going to be that simple.” said Karlee “Especially when I play this trap card, SHADOW BALANCE!”

“Ah!” cried Rarity.

“No! Not that!” cried Sunset.

“Why? What does it do?” asked Rainbow.

Sunset hesitated at first, “That trap allows Karle to destroy monsters Rarity has until she has the same number of monsters as she does.”

The friends all seemed worried!

“I’m afraid that shall not be working for you.” said Rarity “Or have your forgotten that Elegy protects all my special summoned monsters from being destroyed by card effects?”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten!” snapped Karle “Remember, I have wits, and I also have this facedown card-- BOOK OF MOON!”

Rarity gasped.

Karle snickered and said “Your Elegy only protects monsters from being destroyed, but that’s not what I’m doing. I’m using this spell to turn her face down into Defense-Mode.”

“No!” cried Rarity, and she watched as her monster flipped over and was out of sight, which caused all her monsters to lose their 300 attack power bonus, but not that it mattered now.

“Now that she’s unable to protect you,” hissed Karle “Do your thing, Shadow Balance, and wipe out her monsters!”

Rarity watched in horror as her monsters, including her Bloom Prima, were blown to bits in the shadowy scales, leaving her with only with her Opera Diva left, and its original attack of 2300, now that Elegy was gone.

Rarity felt dizzy and her head was spinning.

“My ladies…! My beautifully well-dressed performers and their lovely ensembles, all crushed to pieces!”

Her sadness then switched to anger as she glared at her opponent.

“You will pay for this! Mark my words!”

Karle only flicked her long hair back, “Somehow, I doubt that. Now move!”

Rarity growled and gnashed her teeth softly!

“I won’t let her make a fool of me. I promised my friends I would help them rescue Princess Twilight, and I will!

I won’t let anything stop me!”

She put her foot forward and said, “Since you sent Bloom Prima to the graveyard, you activated her ability, allowing me to add a Melodious creature from the graveyard to my hand.

I choose to take Tamtam.”

She took her card, “While I may no longer be able to use Tamtam’s ability due to the missed timing, I now have a whole new plan.”

Karle scoffed “Plan all you like, it won’t make a difference. As Masquerade would tell you, you’re just being plain pathetic.”

Rarity growled fiercely.

“She’s right!” said Masquerade.

“Who asked you?” snapped Rainbow.

“Nobody, but it’s the truth. Your friend has been playing recklessly and underestimating her opponent, and given the fact that she obviously hasn’t been dueling long, I’d feel rather embarrassed to be seen in the company a lousy duelist like her.

Frankly, I feel sorry for those who already bother.”

The girls were furious that he dared to say such things.

“Rarity’s our friend!” snapped Sunset “And whether you understand it or not, we’re with her all the way-- No matter what.”

“That’s right!” balked Rainbow “Maybe you’d understand better if you actually had friends or acted friendly.”

Masquerade only scoffed, “Friendship is just plain stupid, and I have no need or desire for it!”

Pinkie never felt so sore! It was like someone had just thrown a flaming knife right in her soul. “How can say such things about friendship?!” she whined, but Masquerade refused to answer and focussed more on the duel.

“Now then,” said Rarity “Since I have recovered Tamtam, and I shall summon her at once.”

(Atk: 1000)

“Why bring that little weakling out again?” asked Karle “You know I’m just going to blow her down again.”

Rarity snuffed “Please don’t be rude and allow me to finish!

Thank you…

Now then, since I have a Melodious creature in play-- two mind you—I am now able to summon forth CANNON THE MELODIOUS DIVA.”

(Atk: 1400)

“Now that my choir is in position, it is the perfect time to play this Continuous Spell—FORTISSIMO!”

The magical spell unleashed a wave of musical notes, in a beautiful tune that shrouded Rarity’s monsters, and they all hummed along to the theme.

“Ahh… music to my ears.” said Rarity “Especially since my Opera now gains 800 attack points until my next turn.”

Karle growled softly.

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 3100)

“And as if that isn’t enough, Fortissimo has another eloquent effect-- one that allows me to send it to the graveyard, in exchange to fuse monsters I control.

So now, I fuse together Cannon and TamTam.

I Fusion Summon my all time, stimulating sensation of fashion and song-- SCHUBERTA THE MELODIOUS MAESTRA!”

(Atk: 2400)

Sunset gazed at the monster she had faced once before, and it looked just as elegant as before the way it stood in the spotlight and sang a beautiful note.

“That’s so magical.” said Pinkie.

Spike couldn’t help but howl softly at Rarity’s pretty monster, much to Twilight’s annoyance.

“There’s something else you want to know,” said Rarity “Since I used Tamtam for a fusion summon, her special ability allows me to weaken Opera’s attack by 500, In exchange for dealing you 500 points of damage.”

Karle growled as Rarity’s monster grew weaker…

(Atk: 3100) -----> (Atk: 2600)

Then the image of Tamtam emerged formed the graveyard and sang a sonic wave right at her, dealing her said damage.

Karle LP: 8000 -----> 7500

“Am I supposed to be impressed by such a lame move?” asked Karle “You just weakened your monster.”

Rarity smirked, “So I did, but that is not the only move I can make.

You see, Schuberta has a special power that allows me to banish three cards in either player’s graveyard to increase her own attack, and I choose to remove the three monsters in your graveyard!”

“No!” cried Karle, and she watched as all three of her monsters left the graveyard and were gone.

Twilight seemed almost upset by the move, but then again she was rather impressed.

The others were all relieved as well.

“Now Rarity doesn’t have to worry about that Fusion monster’s ability.” said Rainbow “She’s got this duel won!”

Masquerade didn’t want to admit it, but he was feeling a bit impressed with Rarity’s move, but he wouldn’t believe she was going to win until she actually won.

Rarity smirked, “Now my Maestra’s attack increases by 600 points-- 200 for each banished card.”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“Now, Schuberta… attack that eerie-- yet well-dressed-- dancer!”

Her Maestra complied, and leapt up high to sing her solo.

“Oh, and one final thing…” called Rarity and she held up the last card in her hand “SCORE THE MELODIOUS DIVA!

By sending this card out of my hand, I now have the ability to take any monster you control, and reduce its attack to nothing!”

“Ah!” cried Karle, and watched her only monster lost all its power right before her eyes, just in time as Rarity’s monster blasted it clear off the field in a melodious tune!

(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 0)

The shockwaves and pixels, making her long hair flutter in the winds.

Karle LP: 7500 -----> 4500

Karle growled fercily.

“But I’m not through yet!” shouted Rarity “Opera, unleash your beauty and attack directly!”

Her monster nodded, and drew in a soft but deep breath and unleashed a songful soundwave that struck Karle hard, and dealt her a full 2600 points.

Karle LP: 4500 -----> 1900

Rarity snickered, and her friends cheered, except for Twilight and Spike, both of them gazing over at Karle.

“How come you guys aren’t cheering?” asked Pinkie.

“Yeah, Rarity’s totally going to win this.” added Rainbow. “Just one more attack and, that diva’s going down.”

But Twilight shook her head, “I don’t think Rarity’s going to make it.”

Sunset turned and gave a slight gawk, but then she realized Twilight had a point, “The duel’s not quite over yet, and all it can take is one draw.”

Rainbow and Pinkie snuffed and didn’t believe such a draw was possible.

Suddenly, they heard Karle laughing.

“What are you laughing at now?” Rarity asked.

Karle glared at her, “You sure have done well, but not well enough, especially since you were playing so recklessly and using up all your cards like that.

You’ve left yourself wide open!”

Rarity felt insulted, and didn’t let it bother her, “I still see no way that you can win, all you have in your hand is Polymerization, and you have no other cards on the field.”

Karle gazed down at her card, “True, but you’ve never faced a player like me.”

She held up her disk and motioned at her deck.

“Like I told you before, they call me “Wits” because I’m smarter than you think, and the way I’ve calibrated my deck, the odds of me losing this duel are next to nothing.

It all depends on what I draw next.”

With that, she laid her fingers upon her next card and pulled it out.

“Well, well, I play POT OF GREED, so I may draw twice more!”

Rarity looked on as Karle drew. Then her eyes widened when Karle grinned at her.

“And my wits have triumphed yet again.” boasted Karle. “I play the spell BURIAL FROM A DIFFERENT DIMENSION, which allows me to return all the monsters you banished back to my graveyard!”

“What?” asked Rarity “What ever can you hope to accomplish by doing that?”

Karle snickered “This…!

I place LUNALIGHT WOLF in my Pendulum Zone!”

“What?!” cried Rarity.

“The Pendulum Zone?!” exclaimed Sunset “But that means, she knows how to Pendulum Summon as well!”

The new monster took its place in the glowing tube of light.

Naturally, the magic pendulum did not appear, as Rarity pointed out, “But you require a second monster in your second Pendulum Zone. You can’t Pendulum Summon like this.”

“Who told you I was even going to?” asked Karle “All I need is to use Wolf’s Pendulum Ability, and this duel is mine, because her ability lets me Fusion Summon simply by banishing the correct monsters from my graveyard!”

“From you graveyard?!” cried Rarity.

“That’s what I said.” answered Karlee “So now, I banish Cat Dancer and Crimson Fox.


(Atk: 2800)

The new monster landed on the field, and glared ferociously at Rarity’s monsters, growling like the panther-lady she was.

“Huh!” said Masquerade “Looks like your friend’s about to get a one-way trip to the loser-zone.”

The girls all gawked at him.

“What are you talking about?” asked Pinkie.

Twilight looked regretful at what she was about to say, “He’s right. I’m afraid Rarity’s doomed.”

Spike shut his eyes tight and slipped down into the backpack, “Tell me when it’s over.” he said sadly.

Rarity couldn’t understand this. How could she lose when her monsters were still strong and her life points were high?

…Until Karle explained, “Remember on my first turn, I sent Lunalight Sabre Dancer to the graveyard.”

Rarity did remember, in a flashback!

“Well,” hissed Karle “Now I activate her special ability-- by banishing her from the graveyard, my Panther Dancer’s attack now rises-- by 3000 to be precise!”

Rarity began to stammer, “Ah-- Eh-- Did you just say “Three-thousand?!” but she could see for herself, the monster got stronger.

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 5800)

Rarity felt her dizziness coming back to her again.

“And that’s not all!” Karle called to her “My Panther Dancer has an ability that allows me to attack all your monsters twice, but they aren’t destroyed.”

That was it! That was all she had to hear!

Rarity did the math in her head, “At 5800 attack points! If neither of my monsters are destroyed, and if that monster attacks them multiple times…”

She fell to her knees!

The girls all felt their hearts sinking with hers.

“It’s all over-- she doesn’t have a chance.” said Sunset.

“No way!” cried Rainbow. “It can’t be!”

“Rarity!” hollered Pinkie.

Karle gave Rarity the kill gesture-- dragging her finger across her neck, “Bye-Bye!”

Then she ordered her monster to brutally assault Rarity’s, with two hits to Opera, and one hit to Schuberta, Rarity was all wiped out.

The life point counter didn’t even bother to show.

Rarity just sat there on her knees with her head hanging low as the shockwaves went past her.

Her duel meter was also empty, and an image on the screen went dark and flashed a red circle with the words “You’re Out!” in big white letters.

“I lost.” Rarity sobbed as her tears began to fall “I’ve failed!”

With the duel over, the crowds began to breakup as everyone went about their business, but Rarity’s friends dashed over to her.

“Rarity…” Sunset said as she got down and hugged her softly.

“I’m so sorry.” said Pinkie.

Rarity felt so miserable, and Karle merely scoffed “That’s what you get when you challenge someone as smart as I am.”

The girls angrily glared at her.

Then Karle began to walk off with 15% on her duel meter, and she passed Masquerade warning him, “You and I will duel eventually, but right now I have better planning to do.

Just be prepared to lose!”

Then she was gone, and Masquerade didn’t seem the least bit intimidated, but rather annoyed.

“Being pathetic is nothing to be proud about.”

Rainbow looked up crossly at him and balked, “Is that all you have to say?!”

“Yeah,” agreed Pinkie “Can’t you see our friend is upset?”

Masquerade only taunted, “I don’t feel sympathy for anyone, especially not for a bunch of losers.”

Then he walked off, leaving the girls, particularly Rarity, feeling deeply offended, and while Rainbow would have taken great pride than to march over there, and tackle the guy to the ground, Rarity was more important.

The girls continued to comfort her, and Sunset couldn’t help but look up as Masquerade walked off. It was becoming obvious now, even to her that he was not willing to open up to the girls and their friendship…

…But why?

…And what about Karle? Who was she, and what was with her and her nasty attitude, especially towards Masquerade.

All this would have to be dealt with much later.

Episode 9: Part 1: Cheers and Fears

View Online


Earlier, before Rarity had her duel with Karle,

Applejack made it to her dueling destination-- a circus tent, where shows went on at the fair, but there was no circus show today.

Instead, Applejack was inside, and people were seated all around to watch the duel against her and her opponent.

Her opponent had already arrived.

He was a young adult man, with spiky black hair, and wearing thick dark shades. He wore a huge black T-shirt with a big white R on the left side, and brown pants.

“You Applejack?” he asked.

“Eeyup, and you are?”

“Name’s Dick, but everyone just calls me “Robin.”

Applejack took a good look at this guy, and after hearing his pseudonym, she was beginning to think she knew him from somewhere.

Then she saw Robin turn his head to face someone in the front row.

There sat a woman, about Dick’s age, with long red hair, red tannish colored skin, and her eyes were completely green-- even where it was supposed to be white-- and two small red bumps in the middle of her forehead.

She also wore a large purple sweater with a short white skirt, and lovely purple boots.

She winked at Robin, and he winked back at her. Then he turned back to face Applejack, “Okay, I’m, ready for you.”

Applejack was almost mesmerized staring at the green-eyed lady, but then snapped herself out of it. “Um… right… let’s go.”

They prepared their disks, and the virtual system was loaded.

The crowds went wild and cheered on for the duel to begin.

“You can do it, Dick!” the green-eyed lady called.

“Don’t sweat it, Kori.” replied Robin.

Then he and Applejack faced one another.


Applejack LP: 8000

Robin LP: 8000

“I’ll go first…” said Applejack.

Skipping her Draw Phase, she made her move at once.

“Time to work… and the first card I play is GRACEFUL CHARITY. So now I draw three cards, then I get rid of two.”

After she drew, she discarded two monsters, but still had five cards in her hand as from the beginning.

“Now, I summon a critter called BUJINGI BOAR in defense-mode.”

(Def: 1900)

“That’ll do it for me, so let’s what you’ve got.”

Robin stared at the monster deeply, almost as if he was certain Applejack was up to something.

“She wouldn’t just put one monster on the field and no other cards for nothing.” he thought to himself “Well, sometimes the best way to learn about a strategy is to set it off.”

He placed his fingers over his deck, “Now, I draw…”

He looked at all six of his cards, “Now I play a spell just like you did, MAGCIAL PENDULUM BOX.”

“Pendulum?!” said Applejack and then she thought “That means this guy knows how to Pendulum Summon monsters. I better be extra careful now.”

Robin then explained “This spell lets me draw two cards, and if they happen to be Pendulum Monsters I can add them to my hand.”

He drew his two cards; they were indeed monsters, but not Pendulum, so he was forced to send them both to the graveyard, which didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

He turned round and winked to Kori, and she winked at him.

Then he turned back to face Applejack, “Now I activate the ability of my monster--PERFORMAGE TRICK CLOWN!”

“What?” snapped Applejack.

“During the turn it’s sent to my graveyard, I can special summon it right out and onto the field.”

The monster appeared, and seemed to resemble that of a circus clown, which really made the crowds cheer as if they were watching a real circus show.

“There is a couple of downsides however.” said Robin “My monster’s attack becomes zero, and I take 1000 points of damage.”

Robin LP: 8000 -----> 7000

“But it’s all well worth it, because now I can summon forth PERFORMAGE DAMAGE JUGGLER.”

(Atk: 1500)

The crowd cheered again.

Both a clown and juggler were in play, which seemed rather appropriate considering the circus ring.

Even Applejack couldn’t ignore all this and felt Pinkie Pie would love these cards, but still she wondered why this cool and suave guy used such monsters?

Who was he, and who was his lady love that he kept winking to? She just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Now,” said Robin “It’s time to hit the big tops, as I overlay these two Level Four monsters to build the Overlay Network!”

The two monsters leapt up into the air as the portal formed, and the newest monster appeared… actually swinging on a trapeze.


(Atk: 2500)

The crowds cheered like crazy as the sight of the creature.

“Xyz Summoned already.” thought Applejack “Whoever this guy is, he’s pretty good.”

Then she noticed Robin looking just a little bit sad at the sight of his monster-- the kind of look you had when you lost something very dear to you.

Kori saw this too, and she knew what he was going through. “Oh, Dick…” she murmured softly.

“Hey, are you alright?” Applejack called to him.

Robin quickly shook himself to his senses. “I’m okay, but your monster soon won’t be, especially when I play this Scale 6 card in my Pendulum Zone-- PERFORMAGE FIREDANCER!”

The monster appeared in the light, in a burst of flames.

“Now you’re in real trouble.” said Robin “My Firedancer’s pendulum ability allows me to select one of my monsters, and if it attacks a monster in defense mode, you’ll be dealt piercing damage!”

Applejack grunted in shock, and then Robin entered his battle phase.

“Showtime, Trapeze Magician! Attack that over stuffed pig!”

His monster swung forth hard on its trapeze, and leapt off, diving straight for Applejack’s boar.

(Atk: 2500) VS (Def: 1900)

“I don’t think so!” snapped Applejack “I banish BUJINGI HARE from my graveyard!”

“What?!” snapped Robin.

Applejack snickered, “Good thing I discarded it, because now it protects my boar from being slaughtered this turn.”

The two monsters collided, but as promised, Applejack’s was not destroyed.

“Impressive,” said Robin “But you still take damage anyway.”

Applejack LP: 8000 -----> 7400

Applejack didn’t seem too phased by it all.

“Now then,” said Robin “I’ll end my turn with a facedown card.”

The crowd seemed eager for more, and kept cheering the two duelists on, but Applejack only kept her mind focussed on the duel.

“My draw…”

She took her card, and she really liked what it was. “Now I play PAINFUL CHOICE!”

Kori gawked from the audience, “Oh, no. That card leaves serious trouble.”

Robin agreed, knowing that Applejack was now allowed to show him five cards from her deck, and he would choose one of them and put that card in her hand while the rest went to the graveyard.

Applejack then showed him her cards—all five were Bujin monsters…






All five of those monsters were especially deadly. Those who knew Bunjin cards would hardly know what to do in this situation. Placing any one of those cards into Applejack’s hand would definitely mean danger one way or another, but then sending all the rest to the graveyard, given their specialties, who knew how powerful Applejack would become.

Still, Robin didn’t waste any time at all and pointed to Wolf, “You can keep that one.”

Applejack blinked once, but took her one card and sent all the others to the graveyard while thinking, “He sure seems confident-- the way he made his decision so fast.”

Still, she didn’t let it bother her.

“I say it’s time to mash you into grits, and do that, I summon BUJINGI PEACOCK.”

(Atk: 1800)

Her monster fanned its feathery tail at everyone.

“But it won’t be around for too long.” said Applejack “I’m overlayin’ Peacock and Boar so I can build the Overlay Network.


(Atk: 2400)

Robin gazed up at the new monster, “You really think that’s going to help you?”

“Yes, sir...” replied Applejack “You should know especially since you let me put a whole load of Bunjins in my graveyard. Now I get to use ‘em to harvest me some monster!

For starters, I’ll banish Centipede from the grave, which allows me to target your facedown card and destroy it!”

Her trick worked, and the card was destroyed, but Robin only smiled, “When you destroy REBOUND while it’s facedown, I get to draw one card.”

Applejack only snuffed, “For all the good that’ll do you. Just wait until I use Susanowo’s ability.

By usin’ one overlay unit, I get to move on Bujin from my deck to my graveyard.


Her card disappeared into the graveyard, “And the reason I chose him is so I can use his ability this turn.

By Banihin’ him, my Susanowo’s attack now increases by the amount of your monster’s attack!”

(Atk 2400) -----> (Atk: 4900)

Robin and Kori gawked up at the huge beast and its bulging muscles.

“Don’t feel too afraid,” said Applejack “My monster sure is strong, but you’ll only be takin’ half the damage you receive.

Then again, I got this little pal up my sleeve-- BUJINGI SWALLOW.”

“Ah!” cried Robin.

Kori gasped, and the crowds whimpered in fright.

Applejack tilted her hat forward a bit, “When I throw this little birdy out of my hand, it lets my monster attack you twice in one turn!”

Robin growled angrily, “I won’t let you get away with this! Now I use Trapeze Magician’s ability!”


“That’s right! I use one overlay unit, and use it to affect your monster!”

The overlay unit vanished, and Applejack’s monster began to glow.

“What are you doing?” asked Applejack.

Robin snickered “I just allowed your monster to make yet another extra attack this turn.”

“Huh?!” said Applejack “That means my monster can attack three times now?”

Robin nodded, “Yes, but unfortunately it comes with a price-- at the end of the Battle Phase your monster will be destroyed instantly.”

Appljack’s eyes widened.

The audience was chattering away.

“So she loses her monster?”

“Still, she has three attacks.”

“She’ll clock him.”

Kori, however, didn’t seem the least bit nervous, and she thought to herself, “These people are in for one big shock.”

Applejack still couldn’t understand, but decided to make the best of her three attacks anyway, and entered her Battle Phase.

“Bujintei Susanowo, attack that there swinger!”

Her monster shimmered in the light, and dove straight at the Magician, and blasted it into oblivion, sending the shockwaves flying past Robin…

…But he didn’t take any damage.

“Huh?” said Applejack “Why didn’t you lose any life points?”

“Simple,” replied Robin “My magician had another special talent-- one that prevents me from taking any damage form an amount lower than his own attack power.”

Applejack growled.

“Oh, just a minute…” said Robin “When I said another special talent, I really meant two.

Since you destroyed my Magician, I can summon one Performage from my deck, and I choose PERFORMAGE PLUSHFIRE!”

(Def: 1000)

“That’s a Pendulum monster!” said Applejack “Well, no matter. I still have two more attacks! Go Susanowo!”

Her monster attacked, and Robin’s monster was destroyed and sent to the Extra Deck, which made Robin snicker, “When you destroyed my Plushfire, I get to summon yet another Performage from my deck!”

“You gotta be kiddin’ me!” groaned Applejack.

“I kid you not!” thundered Robin “Come forth PERFORMAGE BUBBLE GARDNA!”

(Def: 2000)

“And don’t bother trying to use your third attack, because Gardna’s special ability prevents it from being destroyed once per turn.”

Applejack was at a loss for words, but her mind was going a mile a minute, “I can’t believe it! This guy actually survived all the attacks and didn’t even get scratched.”

Robin then turned to Kori and gave her a thumb up, and she nodded at him.

“Now that your battling is over, your monster is instantly destroyed!”

Applejack looked up, and watched her monster explode, just like that, and the shockwaves going past her nearly knocked her hat off.

“I must admit,” she said “Them there’s some pretty nice creature you got.”

Robin looked down deeply at his cards, “These monsters mean a lot to me.

When I was a boy, my family and I were in the circus. We were all trapeze artists, but then I saw it before my eyes.

My folks were doing their act-- the same act they had done many times without flaw-- but then the ropes snapped, and they fell, and the safety nets didn’t save them-- it fell right through!”

Applejack gasped and held her hand to her mouth.

Robin clenched his fist, “It was no accident! Somebody had sabotaged the ropes. We caught the guy, and he was arrested, but I was without a family, and I had to learn to get on with my life.”

He looked back at Kori again, and she looked sad for him.

“Is that why you duel?” asked Applejack “To avenge the loss of your folks?”

“Oh, no, no… nothing like that.” answered Robin “But believe me, my friends and I entered this tournament for a very good reason.”

“Wait, there are more of you?”

In another part of the park,

Fluttershy made it to her destination, near a Haunted House, which was a fun escape room, filled with all kinds of obstacles, puzzles to solve; basically it was like a real video game you could play by yourself.

Only, Fluttershy didn’t like the sight of it; it seemed so scary, and she whimpered softly, The sight of all the fake bats and fake ghosts and low moaning sounds really made her stomach turn.

“Ahem!” hissed a rather deep voice, making her heart skip a beat.

She slowly turned round, and saw a young adult woman, wearing a black turtleneck shirt with a hood, and matching black pants with a long golden band dripping off of her waist.

“Are you supposed to be my opponent?” she asked in a deep and dark voice, and she pulled off her hood revealing her very pale skin, long purple hair, and a small stone in the middle of her forehead.

Fluttershy thought she looked creepy.

“I-- I’m… Fluttershy.” she whimpered.

“Raven.” her opponent hissed at her “Let’s just get this crazy match over with.”

Her hands began to glow with an eerie dark aura along with the stone on her head, making a duel levitating out from behind her and fasten to her arms.

Fluttershy was freaked out, but at the same time astonished, “You… can use magic?”

Raven blinked once at her, “Yes. Don’t you know who I am?”

Fluttershy shook her head, and Raven her eyes “Whatever, let’s just duel already.”

Fluttershy didn’t seem to like the tone in this lady’s voice, but she readied her duel disk.

“Don’t bother saying it…” said Raven “Let’s just go.”

“Okay...” pepped Fluttershy.

Their life points were set…

Fluttershy LP: 8000

Raven LP: 8000

“So, um… who goes first?” asked Fluttershy.

“Do what you want. I don’t care.” sighed Raven “I don’t even like being in this stupid tournament anyway, but my friends dragged me into it.”

Now Fluttershy was starting to feel maybe this lady was troubled deep down, but was obviously not willing to talk about it.

She couldn’t help but ask anyway, “Is there something upsetting you?”

Raven glared at her fiercely, “Just make your move!”

Now Fluttershy was feeling annoyed with her snarking, but she drew her five cards, “Okay then, here goes…!

I summon one monster face-down in defense-mode, and then I place one other card facedown too.”

“Whatever,” said Raven, and she used her power to draw her cards, and another giving her six.

“Now I’ll place two cards facedown, and that’s all.”

Fluttershy blinked and thought, “Why didn’t she summon a monster? Come to think of it, I don’t even know what kind of monsters she uses.”

Raven looked impatiently at her and tapped her foot, hinting for her to make a move.

Fluttershy cleared her throat.

“Now, I draw…! Ha!”

“Did you have to act like that?” Raven asked rudely.

Fluttershy was losing her patience.

“Just for that, I’m going to activate this trap card, BAD REACTION TO SIMOCHI.

Now, every time your life points would increase, this trap card makes it take those points from you.”

Raven barely seemed impressed at all.

Fluttershy narrowed her eyes, “Now I summon another monster in defense mode, and place two cards facedown.”

She ended her turn.

“You know, this game does involve attacking.” Raven said as she drew her next card.

“Oh, I don’t like to use my monsters to attack all that much.” claimed Fluttershy “And believe me, I won’t have to.”

“Thanks for telling me your strategy.” hissed Raven.

Fluttershy felt very silly. She knew fully well not to do a thing like that and blab her strategy out.

“It won’t matter anyway,” said Raven “Especially when I play this Field Spell, PSY-FRAME CIRCUIT!”

The entire area around them began to warp and shift into an electrified dome with all kinds of glowing lines in the air.

“What kind of card is this?” asked Fluttershy.

Raven groaned, she really hated it when she had to explain her cards to her opponent as it made the duel go longer.

“Fine, I’ll explain.” she grumbled “I duel using monsters known as “PSY-Frames,” and they’re Psychic monsters.

With this field spell out, if I special summon a PSY-Frame, I can Synchro Summon imedeatley.”

“You can Synchro Summon?”

“Duh, that’s what I just said.”

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me.” hissed Fluttershy. She was really starting to feel braver and bolder by now, “I play a trap card, GIFT CARD.

This trap would make you gain 3000 of your life points, but because my Bad Reaction to Simochi is still in play, you lose those points instead.”

Raven only smirked wickedly, “I think not!”


“By playing that trap card you helped me. I get to special summon a Tuner known as PSY-FRAMEGEAR EPLISON from my hand.”

(Atk: 1500)

Fluttershy gawked at the stranger looking monster. “I’ve never seen a card like that before.”

“That’s too bad,” hissed Raven “Because it also allows me to call out a PSY-FRAME DRIVER from my deck!”

(Atk: 2500)

Just then, Fluttershy’s Gift Card trap began to glow eerily, and it was shattered and gone.

“What happened to my trap card?” she asked frantically.

“That’s Epsilon’s special ability;” answered Raven “When he’s special summoned, he negates the activation of the trap you play, and destroys it.”

Fluttershy began to shudder nervously again.

“And don’t forget my field spell.” said Raven “PSY-Frame Circuit allows me to use both my monsters to Synchro Summon right away, so I tune my Level 2 Epslilon with Level 6 Drvier.”

The two monsters leapt up high and merged together in synchronization with an electrical pulse and powerful waves of energy creating the new monster.


(Atk: 2800)

Fluttershy gawked up at the fierce looking creature. She shuddered under its huge shadow.

Raven then entered her battle phase, “I’ll attack that first monster you set on your first turn.”

Fluttershy’s monster was revealed, “That’s my PRINCESS OF TSURGI.”

The Princess was destroyed instantly.

“When you flipped her up, you activated her special ability which will deal you 500 points of damage for every spell and trap you have in play.”

Raven had three cards on the field, and that made her score drop by 1500 points.

Raven LP: 8000 -----> 6500

She just stood there with an unimpressed expression on her face. She didn’t look or feel the least but worried.

She ended her battle phase.

“Now I use Framelord’s special ability.

I banish him off the field, which also allows me to banish one card in your hand.”

“What? Oh, no!” cried Fluttershy, but the only card in her hand just disappeared like that, despite the fact there was no magic involved in the game-- it was all holograms.

“On my next Standby Phase, both cards will return.” Raven said “Not that it’ll matter anyway.

Now I’ll end my turn with a face-down card!”

Fluttershy nervously drew her next card, and then thought to herself,

“I don’t get it? Why did she banish her monster off the field? Now she has nothing to protect herself with.

But then again, she has three facedown cards now.”

She saw what she had drawn and she knew had no choice but to play it.

“I play the spell CARD OF SANCITY.”

The card’s glow spread across the field, which made Raven growl at the sight of it, and she hid beneath her hood.

“Don’t be scared,” said Fluttershy “We both get to draw now until we each hold six cards in our hands.”

“I know that!” snapped Raven “I just don’t really like the light all that much. Can you please just make your move so I can hurry and get out of here!”

The players drew their cards, and Fluttershy still couldn’t understand Raven at all, but rather than try to coax it out of her, she concentrated on her cards.

“Now I summon a monster called SUNLIGHT UNICORN!”

(Atk: 1800)

Raven snickered, “Thanks…”


“Because you normal summoned a monster and I don’t have any in play right now, you’ve allowed me to summon this-- PSY-FRAMEGEAR ALPHA.”

(Atk: 500)

“Oh, no!” cried Fluttershy.

“Oh, yes…” sneered Raven “Now I also get to summon out another Framegear Drvier from my deck!”

(Atk: 2500)

“And you know what happens now…”

Fluttershy tugged on her shirt collar nervously, and Raven nodded and motioned at her field spell, “PSY-Frame Circuit lets me Synchro summon using these monsters again!

Level 1 Alpha, Level 6 Driver… Go!”

The two monsters tuned up, and the same special effects shone as the monster appeared.

“I Synchro Summon PSY-FRAMELORD ZETA!”

(Atk: 2500)

The monster looked just as fierce as the other one did, but Raven didn’t say or do much else after that, causing Fluttershy to stall and wait a few moments.

“Will you make your move already?” Raven huffed.

Fluttershy snapped to her senses, “Okay, then.

I use my Unicorn’s special ability-- I get to look at the top card on my deck, and if it happens to an Equip Spell card, I can place it straight in my hand.”

She looked at her card “Perfect! It’s PREMATURE BURIAL.”

She placed it in her hand, giving her six cards once again.

Now I reveal my facedown Tuner monster, BUTEN!”

(Atk: 200)

“But now I also play this spell card, FALLING CURRENT, which lets me change his level to 3!”

Raven didn’t seem phased at all from what was obviously coming her way.

“Now then,” said Fluttershy, “I tune my Level 3 Buten to my Level 4 Unicorn!

I Synchro summon a most daring, yet gentle of beasts-- ANCIENT FAIRY DRAGON!”

The mighty dragon appeared and spread out her sparkling wings, and she only gave a gentle wail rather than a fearsome roar.

(Atk: 2100)

“Nice summon,” hissed Raven “But too bad for you-- you’re monster won’t be staying here long.”

“What?” asked Fluttershy.

“I activate Zeta’s special ability!” thundered Raven, “During either player’s turn, I can banish my own monster, and one Attack Monster you special summoned until my next turn!”

“No!” cried Fluttershy, but she watched as both monsters left the field. “My dragon…! But I worked so hard to play it!”

“Yeah, hurts, doesn’t it?” mocked Raven.

“I’ll place two cards facedown, and that ends my turn.”

“About time!” sneered Raven, and she used her powers to draw her next card levitating her hand of six cards right before her.”

She peeked through them at Fluttershy, “What is with this kid? Why does she keep staring at me like that?

Now I really hope I end this duel soon and get out of here.”

“First,” she declared since it is my Standby Phase, both my Framlords return to the field.

(Atk: 2500) x2

Fluttershy’s Dragon also returned.

(Atk: 2100)

And she also got the card that was banished from her hand last turn, giving her six cards in her hand once more.

“Now I can get you!” called Fluttershy “I reveal my trap card, which is another GIFT CARD!”

Raven growled as she looked up, and Fluttershy smirked, “I know you can only cancel out my cards if you have no monsters in play. So now, you would get 3000 points, but my Simochi card reverses that.”

“Nice try…!” Raven sneered.


“From my hand, I activate the quick-play spell TWIN TWISTERS!

All I do is discard one card from my hand, and I can destroy two spells or traps on the field.”

“Ah!” cried Fluttershy, and she watched her Simochi card, and one of her facedown cards were blown off the field.

“And of course, that means your Gift Card only grants me life points now.” said Raven.

Raven LP: 6500 -----> 9500

Fluttershy growled.

“Now then…” said Raven “Let me show you how much it pays to actually think before you act!”

Fluttershy’s teeth chattered.

“Once again, I activate the ability of my Framelord Zeta, which lets me banish both him and your dragon again!”

Fluttershy watched in horror as her monster vanished once more along with Raven’s.

“And now, my monster will return, with help from his trap card, BRAIN HAZARD!

It lets me revive one banished Psychic monster, but if the Brain Hazard is destroyed, then my monster will go too, but it won’t matter to me, because now I enhance him with this equip card, BIG BANG SHOT!

Not only does it boost his power by 400 points…”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 2900)

“But if I attack a monster in defense mode, you get dealt piercing damage!”

Fluttershy was really starting to freak out, and Raven entered her Battle Phase.

“Oh, and by the way…” Raven called “My field spell has another special magic I didn’t mention.

When a PSY monster battles, I can discard one PSY-FRAMEGEAR DELTA, and my monster’s attack goes up by the amount of his attack power—1200!”

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 4100)

“Forty-One hundred points!” cried Fluttershy.

Raven snuffed, “Zeta, attack this kid directly!”

“Oh, no you don’t!” snapped Fluttershy, “I activate my trap card, MAGIC CYLINDER!”

“Ah!” cried Raven.

Fluttershy snickered, “Now your monster’s attack will be stopped, and you’ll take the damage that I would have.”

The monster was getting closer and closer to Fluttershy’s trap. Raven had to act quickly!

“I don’t think so.” said Raven “I play the continuous trap, PSY-FRAME ACCELERATOR!”

“Ah!” cried Fluttershy.

Raven smirked “As long as this trap remains in play, once every turn, I can pay 500 life points…”

Raven LP: 9500 -----> 9000

“…Then I can banish Zeta off the field until my next turn, which stops my attack!”

Her monster vanished and was gone, meaning Fluttershy’s trap had nothing to target now. So, it was vanquished.

“Now that that’s settled,” hissed Raven “Omega, attack her directly.

You won’t be able to escape from this!”

Her monster lunged forth and prepared to give Fluttershy a huge blast.

“Oh, yes I will!” said Fluttershy “I play SCAPEGOAT, which summons four fluffy little Sheep Tokens to my field to protect me.”

The four cute little tokens appeared out from the card, hoping and bleating about.

(Def: 0) x4

Raven thought they were disgusting rather than cute, so she destroyed only one of them, and then ended her turn.

Fluttershy nodded, and was very relieved that she was able to survive this turn.

“Now, I draw…”

She took her card, giving her four in her hand.

“Now it’s really time for me to take control of this duel.

And I’ll start by playing the card I got last turn-- PREMATURE BURIAL!

“Firstly, I have to pay 800 life points…”

Fluttershy LP: 8000 -----> 7200

Now I can summon back my faithful Starlight Unicorn from the graveyard!”

Her monster appeared in a flash of bright light.

(Atk: 1800)

“You see,” said Fluttershy “My deck is built in ways that not only make it so I hardly ever have to battle, but it also helps to protect me and leave me with many options to try.”

Raven still didn’t seem the least bit amused.

“Uh-huh,” said Raven “Is this the part where I’m supposed to be scared?”

Fluttershy looked up at her monster, “Hmm… I don’t really know.” Then she snapped herself to her senses.

“I now use his special ability to look at the top card on my deck.”

She looked, and lucky her, it was another Equip Spell, “Perfect! It’s my, just the spell I need.”

She kept in her hand for the moment.

“But right now, I’d like to play another spell card; LIGHT-WAVE TUNING!”

From the card image shined a bright light that really irked Raven.

“More of those Light Cards?!” she groaned as she covered her eyes.

“Oh, yes.” said Fluttershy “And the light from this powerful spell lets me turn my unicorn into a Tuner monster for this turn, and that’s just what I need.

Now I tune him with my three other Sheep Tokens! Now I’m going to summon a monster that’s even better than ever!”

The four creatures leapt up high and merged together forming Fluttershy’s newest creature, which was even brighter and more shining than her Ancient Fairy Dragon!


(Atk: 2100)

Her monster spread its wings and hummed rather than roared, and then it instantly grew weaker, by 1800 points.

(Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 300)

“What happened to your monster?” asked Raven “How come it just got weaker?”

“My Wyvern has a rather unusual ability,” answered Fluttershy “Since my life points are lower than yours, she loses attack points equal to the difference in our scores, but I can change that easily.

I play the Equip Spell that I got-- D.D.R- DIFFERENT DIMENSION REINCARNATION!”

“Huh?” cried Raven.

“All I do is discard one card, and now I get to summon one monster that was banished.

You see, even in a deck like mine I just may have to banish a few monsters here and there, but I’m reviving a monster that you caused me to lose!”

With that, her Aincient Fair Dragon reappeared on the field next to her Wyvern.

(Atk: 2100)

The two monsters almost even looked alike. They even looked at one another and nodded.

“Uh-huh...” Raven said in a low tone, “Is this the part where I’m supposed to be scared.”

“Oh, you will be.” said Fluttershy “Especially considering the monster that I just discarded is HEARALDIC BEAST LEO!”

“What?!” snapped Raven!”

“That’s right!” sneered Fluttershy “Now, I banish Leo out of the graveyard to use his ability.

I can target my Wyvern, since her attack points are different from her original attack power, and then I can target your Omega, and cause it to lose attack points equal to the difference that my Wyvern is down by.”

Raven stiffened “But that’s 1800 points!”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 700)

Raven hated the sight of this, and thought to herself, “I don’t dare use my trap to banish my monster this time. I’ll be far too wide open!”

Fluttershy, was feeling very confident with herself.

“And now, I’ll use my Ancient Fairy Dragon’s special ability, which allows me to destroy one field spell that’s in play.”

“Ah!” cried Raven, and she watched as her PSY-Frame Circuit card was vanquished, and the field images around the two duelists warped back to normal.

“And now,” said Fluttershy “Not only do I gain a one-thousand life point boost…”

Fluttershy LP: 7200 -----> 8200

“But I also get to take a Field Spell of my own from my deck, and I’ll play it right away.”

On the screen on her duel disk was complete list of the images of every single card she had. She scrolled through it, and touched the very card she wanted, which then poked out from her deck instantly, and as soon as she snatched it, the deck automatically was shuffled in the disk itself.

“I activate the field spell, ARRAY OF REVEALING LIGHT!”

“Ah!” Raven cried, feeling surprised for the first time in the duel.

The entire field began to alter again, this time taking on the form of stark dark environment, with a glowing floor, and a sacred seal in the center.

Fluttershy loved the sight of it, and then looked up at Raven as she explained, “With this field spell, I can declare one monster type, and any monster that is that type is forbidden to attack during the turn it gets summoned.”

Raven growled softly.

Fluttershy then declared, “I choose “Psychic!”

The seal on the ground began to glow brightly, and cast its light across the entire field, and Raven, once again, hid in her hood.

“This is really starting to annoy me!” she grumbled.

“Well then,” hissed Fluttershy “Much as I don’t usually like to attack, I guess sometimes even I have no choice but to do it.”

Really, she hated sending her own monsters in battle, but she was willing to be brave and face it when she had to.

“Ancient Fairy Dragon, attack Framelord Omega!”

(Atk: 2100) VS (Atk: 700)

Raven screamed as the bright explosions made her shut her eyes tightly, “AAAAH, THAT LIGHT!!!”

Raven LP: 9000 -----> 7600

Fluttershy smiled wickedly, “And now that my life points are higher than yours, my Wyvern’s attack goes up by the difference in our scores.”

(Atk: 300) -----> (Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 2700)

“Wyvern, attack Raven directly!”

Her big monster opened its huge mouth and shot a bright pulse of light that struck Raven hard and nearly forced her back a few paces!

Raven LP: 7600 -----> 4100

Fluttershy actually felt pretty awful for having assaulted her like that, even though she knew it had to be done.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

That’s when Raven angrily peered through her hood. Her eyes were glowing red softly, which scared Fluttershy. It felt as if she was staring into the face of some evil creature.

“What’s going on?!” she cried.

Raven then calmed down, and held her hands together, whispering softly, “Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos.”

She breathed deeply, and then opened her eyes to a whimpering Fluttershy.

She felt ashamed of what had just happened, and didn’t mean to scare her like that.

“What are you?” Fluttershy asked.

“I’d really rather not say.” replied Raven “But know this, much as I don’t like this game, I will not lose this duel.

There’s a lot riding on this for me and my friends.

So get ready!

I’m coming at you with everything I’ve got now!”

Her eyes glowed softly again, making Fluttershy nervous.

To Be Continued…

Episode 10: Part 2: Lose, Draw or Win?

View Online


Rarity was still upset after losing to Karlee.

Her friends took her to get a cold-squishy, but Rarity had had no less than three already, and didn’t get a stomach ache or even a brain freeze-- which made her friends wonder how she could possibly keep it all down.

“I lost.” she sobbed “I’ve failed.

I’m a Fa-hay-hay-hay-lure!”

Many passers heard her and looked her way, and watched in shock as she polished off another entire squishie in one gulp, and still not even a chill!

Some of the girls felt embarrassed.

“You’re not a failure.” said Sunset.

Rarity wouldn’t accept that one bit. “I lost the duel, and I’m out of the tournament. I’ve let down all of you, and worse than that,” she paused, and trembled with sobs “I let down Princess Twilight.”

Rainbow sighed, knowing there was no talking sense into her right now. She would just have to let it all out and maybe feel better in a while.

“Here, where’s Twilight?” Rainbow asked.

“She went off to the bathroom.” answered Spike “That’s why she left me here.”

Pinkie noticed she had been gone for a while. “She must really have had to go, and she didn’t even have anything. Not even a bite of this delicious cotton-candy.”

She took a huge bite and then showed off her pink teeth, which made Sunset and Rainbow laugh, but Rarity was still in the dumps and she didn’t even look up.

Twilight then came back.

“Did you have to go or what?” asked Sunset.

“Go?” Twilight asked, but then quickly said “Oh, right. Um… yeah, forces of nature, it’s impossible to know when it’ll hit.”

She picked Spike up and placed him in her lap as she sat right next to Rarity.

She began to look very regretful. “I’m so sorry, Rarity.”

Rarity looked up-- her face was stained from her tears, making Twilight wince softly.

“Don’t look at me! I’m hideous!” Rarity cried, and she hid her face behind her long hair, which made both Twilight and Spike look and feel more remorseful than sorry for her.

Spike looked up at Twilight, and she softly shook her head at him.

Spike sighed softly.

“I wonder how Fluttershy and Applejack are doing.” said Sunset.

From either side of the food court were two screens. Each showing images of said duels, and while the girls couldn’t hear much of what was going on, it was difficult to tell which of the duels to watch first.

Back in the circus tent, the crowds were still cheering for the duel, but it wasn’t really known who was rooting for whom, except for Kori.

She even looked down at her left hand and felt a small golden ring over her finger while thinking, “I know you can do this, Dick. You’ve never let me or anyone down yet.”

Applejack again, asked Robin, “Who are you guys, and why are you in this tournament?”

Robin clenched his free fist softly, “I’ll explain later. Right now, let’s just continue.”

Applejack agreed…

Applejack LP: 7400

Robin LP: 7000

…And while she had no monsters in play, she had three cards in her hand, and it was still her turn.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Robin nodded, “Now it’s my turn. I draw…!”

He now had four cards in his hand.

“It’s time!” he declared, “I now, in my other Pendulum Zone, I place Scale 3 PERFORMAGE BALL BALANCER!”

Applejack growled softly as the monster appeared, and the magic pendulum began to swing, between the two monsters.

Robin looked up and declared, “With Scales 3 and 6, I can summon as many Level 4 or 5 monsters I need.

…I Pendulum Summon!”

The portal appeared and four shots of light beamed down, and his monsters appeared—two from the Extra Deck, and two from his hand.”





The crowd cheered wild.

“Look at that!”

“Four whole monsters at once…!”

“This guy really knows his stuff.”

Applejack maintained her cool, but really didn’t like the looks of all those creatures.

“Now,” Robin called “Since my Wing Drainer was Special summoned, his level goes down from 5 to 4, but that’s just what I need…

I now overlay Wind Drainer with Level 4 Plushfire, so I can build the Overlay Network once again!”

The portal appeared and the two monsters leapt up inside of it, making the new monster burst out in a strong flash of light.

“I Xyz Summon PERFORMAGE TRAPEZE MAGICIAN! Take the stage again!”

(Atk: 2500)

“Not that guy again!” groaned Applejack.

“Oh, yes indeed.” said Robin “And remember, thanks to its ability I take no damage to an amount that’s lower than the attack of my monster here.”

Applejack growled.

“And that’s not all. I use his other ability.

He uses one overlay unit, and I choose my Bubble Gardna, so it can attack twice this turn.”

Applejack gripped her cards tightly as Robin entered his battle phase.

“Bubble Gardna, attack her directly!”

The monster bounded straight for her.

“Think again!” snapped Applejack “I banish BUJINGI FOX from my graveyard.”

“What?!” snapped Robin.

Applejack chuckled, “Now all I do is send BUJINGI WOLF from my hand to the graveyard, and then, I don’t take any damage this turn.”

“Ah!” cried Robin.

“Oh, no!” added Kori.

Applejack thought silently, “It’s a good thing I put that critter in my graveyard at the start of the duel. It really saved me this time.”

So, the monster slammed right into Applejack, but she hardly even filched as she felt nothing, and then she flicked the rim her hat, and snickered softly.

Robin was actually impressed, and couldn’t help but smile. “In that case, I’ll place my last card facedown, and end my turn.”

That was it. Nothing else happened-- his Bubble Gardna wasn’t destroyed due to Trapeze Magician’s ability.

“Let me guess,” said Applejack “It’s got a special ability?”

“That’s right,” answered Robin “Once per turn, none of my Performage monsters can be destroyed by battle or effects.”

“That’s a mighty fine trick,” said Applejack “But now it’s my turn.

I draw…!

And I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more times.”

She drew her cards, giving her three in her hand, and she really liked what they were as she peeked over the top of her card, and touched her hat in a sneaky way.

“Now I activate the spell BUJINCARNATION So, I can herd one Bujin out from my graveyard, and another from the banished zone.”

In two shots of light, her two monsters appeared back on the field.


“BUJINGI HARE…” (Atk: 1700)

Robin looked back and forth at the two monsters and thought, “Why would she bring those monsters back? They can’t really do anything to me right now, especially not by themselves.”

Then he gasped at the facedown card by Applejack’s feet, “…Wait a minute!”

“That’s right,” hissed Applejack “Time unveil my trap; BUJIN REGALIA- THE JEWEL!”

Robin, Kori, and all the people in the crowd gasped in awe and shock.

“In order for this trap to work, I needed to have a Rank 4 Xyz Monster to use it with.

Now, I get to attach this here card to Susanowo, and it gets 300 attack points for every overlay unit it’s got.”

“But wait a minute!” Robin called out “You summoned that monster out of the graveyard, so it has no overlay units.”

“True,” said Applejack “But my trap’s got another special effect, “As long as it stays equipped on, once each turn, I change a Bujin from my hand into unit just what my monster needs,


She held up her card, and like magic, it transformed into an overlay unit for her monster.

“But it won’t be staying there too long, because I’m going to use that overlay unit to play Susanowo’s ability, which you should remember, let’s me put a Bujin from the deck to my hand.

So, I think I’ll choose to send another BUJINGI SINYOU to the graveyard.”

She did so at once.

“Let me guess,” said Robin “You’re going to activate its ability to raise your monster’s attack again.”

Applejack smirked as she nodded, “But first thing’s first…

I’ll activate one other ability in the graveyard-- my Bujingi Boar.

By Banishin’ him, I can target one monster you control and switch it into defense-mode, and then its defense becomes Zero!”

“Ah!” cried Robin, and he watched as his best monster was turned to defense-mode. “Not my Trapeze Magician!”

(Def: 0)

“Dick!” cried Kori.

“And that’s not all…” said Applejack “I’ll also banish Ibis from my graveyard too, and lend its power to my Susanowo, so even if your monster in defense-mode, you’ll still take damage from my attack!”

Robin growled, and Applejack entered her Battle Phase.

“Susanowo, attack Trapeze Magician, and I’ll use Sinyou’s special ability to raise your attack to the same attack as the Magician’s-- 2500!”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 4900)

Robin gawked in horrors as the monster came straight at him, and struck his monster hard, making a big flash of light shine right at him.

(Atk: 4900) Vs (Def: 0)

Kori did all the math in her seat, “Wait a minute. Dick won’t take any damage!” she called out “He can’t take any battle damage that’s equal to or less than 2500, and she’s only dealing him 2450.”

Indeed, Robin’s monster wasn’t destroyed, and he took damage, but Applejack only smirked.

“I knew that was going to happen, and I was counting on it, because remember, my monster can attack all your monsters once each turn.”

“Oh!” cried Robin “You did this to make your monster stronger to attack all mine!”

“Now, you’re getting’ it.” teased Applejack, “But that’s not all. Now that your monster’s had it’s one freebie…

Hare, go get it!”

“Ah!” cried Robin.

Seeing the Hare race for his monster and ready to crush it, it reminded him of that awful day when his family fell-- the trapeze lines snapped and their fell to their doom.

“No!!” snapped Robin “I activate the quick-play, RANK-UP-MAGIC ESCAPE FORCE!”

“What?!” snapped Applejack.

“Ah, of course…” cried Kori.

“I couldn’t save my parents that time, but I can save my monster!” shouted Robin “This spell lets me negate your attack…”

Applejack’s monster was stopped by a wall of blinding light that appeared out of nowhere, forcing applejack to pull her hat over her eyes.

“And now…” Robin called “I get to use my Trapeze Magician to build the overlay network, and summon a monster one rank higher!”

“You what…?!” cried Applejack, and she watched as the monster leapt up into the air, forming the overlay network.

This time, the portal glowed brighter than ever and Robin called to up to it “Go, Rank-Up-Xyz-Evolution!”

His new monster was slowly unveiled as the light faded.


(Atk: 2700)

The crowd awed at the sight of the monster. It was much bigger and brighter looking than the previous creature, and had three overlay units going around it-- thanks to the spell card taking all the units from the previous monster.

“I won’t let you destroy my monster! Not this time!” shouted Robin. He then shut his eyes and thought deeply about his family, but then quickly brushed it off.

Applejack really hated to see him in pain. She would have wanted to go easy on him, but she reminded herself in thought, “I can’t go easy on him. I need to win this duel to help the other girls save Twilight.”

She tipped her hat downward, and narrowed her eyes. “I’m sorry, but I can’t back down myself. My friends and I have our own reasons to win, and I can still attack all your monsters, even if they can’t be destroyed this turn!”

She was right, and Robin was more than prepared to take the hit.

Applejack called to her monster, “Susanowo, attack Bubble Gardna, now!”

(Atk: 4900) VS (Atk: 800)

Her monster’s attack caused a huge wave of light and winds. Not only did Robin cover his eyes from the blindness, but the people in the seats behind him ducked down as well, even Kori.

Without Trapeze Magician, Robin took the halved damage-- 2050 exactly.

Robin LP: 7000 -----> 4950

“No, Dick!” cried Kori.

“And I’m not through yet!” called Applejack, and she ordered Susanowo to attack Trapeze High Magician! “Go, get him!”

(Atk: 4900) Vs (Atk: 2700)

Another collision, another bright flash, and blast of shockwaves, the monster was not destroyed, but Robin still took another halved amount of damage-- 1100.

Robin LP: 4950 -----> 3850

“Now, attack Water Drainer!”

(Atk: 4900) VS (Atk: 2100)

Another shock, another undestroyed monster, and more half damage dealt to Robin-- 1400 points worth.

Robin LP: 3850 -----> 2450

Robin was only just relieved that his monster hadn’t been destroyed, and this really impressed Applejack.

“He was willing to take all that damage just to avoid watching his monster go down.” she thought “This kid really does have some heart.”

Still, she laid her last card facedown, ending her turn. Thus, her monster’s attack returned to its original 2400.

Robin straightened himself up and smiled softly.

“You duel quite well.”

She nodded at him, “Thanks.”

“But still, I can’t afford to lose this duel. My friends and I really need to win this tournament, and it’s going to start now!”

He drew his card and looked at it deeply.

Applejack couldn’t tell what kind of card it was, or if he was thrilled to have it or not.

Still, he placed it facedown without saying anything about it, and just glared at her.

“Now, I activate High Magician’s special ability!

Since I used Trapeze Magician to summon it, I can use one overlay unit, and now my monster gets to attack three times in one turn!”

“Three times!” cried Applejack.

“You heard me!” thundered Robin “This is for my folks!”

And he ordered his monster to attack and destroyed Susanowo.

(Atk: 2700) VS (Atk: 2400)

Applejack LP: 7400 -----> 7100

“My monster!” cried Applejack.

Robin huffed and shouted, “Now, attack her Hare!”

(Atk: 2700) VS (Atk: 1700)

The Hare gasped and shivered at the huge monster came swinging in on its trapeze, and booted it high up into the air, and it exploded, sprinkling shockwaves down onto Applejack.

Applejack LP: 7100 -----> 6100

“And now, I attack you directly!” shouted Robin “Go Magician!”

The monster swung forth, and bashed Applejack hard, nearly knocking her off her stand, and she lost a full 2700 points.

Applejack LP: 6100 -----> 3400

“Your turn, Bubble Gardna…!” shouted Robin, and he ordered it to attack, and Applejack got bashed once again, and lost 800 more points.

Applejack LP: 3400 -----> 2600

The two duelists stood glaring at each other with a bit of fury in their eyes.

The crowd chattered away.

“Look at them!”

“Neither of them is willing to back down!”

“This is intense!”

Kori was shaking with anxiety, and she tugged on the collar of her sweater a bit to let the air in. “Don’t give up, Dick.” she said softly to herself.

Applejack was ready to make her move.

“I draw…”

She looked at her card.


“What? What is it?” asked Robin

“I Banish Bjingin Crane from my graveyard, so I can special summon this baby…


(Atk: 2000)

“Two thousand points!” cried Robin.

“Eeyup, but that ain’t all, because now I play my face-down, JUST DESSERTS!”

“No!” cried Robin.

“Eeyup, now you lose 500 life points for every monster you have in play. I’d say that’s about 1500 worth.”

Robin LP: 2450 -----> 1050

“Oh, no!” cried Kori “If she attacks now, Dick will be all wiped out!”

“It’s all over for you now!” Applejack thundered as she eyed at Bubble Gardna.

Robin was trembling deeply, and gazed down at his facedown card, and then up at his Magician as if he were struggling with a very painful decision.

“Bujingi Hurme, attack Bubble Gardna and end this duel!” shouted Applejack.

Her monster complied and dove straight for Bubble Gardna.

“I play my trap!” shouted Robin.



“AAAAAH!!!!” wailed Applejack.

“Dick!” cried Kori “You don’t mean--?!”

A magical, metallic ring encased Robin’s Trapeze High Magician.

“My magical ring will now destroy my monster, and we’ll both take damage equal to its attack power!”

“What?!” snapped Applejack “But that means we’ll both lose!”

“I have no choice!” cried Robin “I’m sorry Trapeze, I’m really sorry!”

The ring then glowed brightly and blew the monster up in a big explosion, sending the burning waves at the two duelists and wiping out their scores!

Applejack LP: 2600 -----> 0

Robin LP: 1050 -----> 0

The smoke cleared, and the two duelists were on their knees, and all the dueling images had ceased.

Since it was a draw, neither of them gained nor lost anything duel points. So they both remained at 5%.

“Nellie!” cried Applejack “What a blowout!”

The crowds didn’t cheer or boo either, all because the duel ended in a draw.

Many began to leave the circus tent, complaining that the duel was a draw. They really wanted to see somebody win.

As for Robin, he was still on his knees feeling extremely ashamed with himself.

“Dick!” Kori called as she levitated herself out of her seat and flew over to him, much to Applejack’s astonishment.

“Dick? Honey, are you okay.”

Robin shook his head, “How could I do that-- to my own monster?”

Kori hugged him softly, and Applejack felt pity for the guy, and she walked over to him and extended her hand to help him up.

“I think you could use a soda. My treat…”

Robin and Kori were confused. She was offering them such kindness when a minute ago she and Robin were fighting it all out.

“Duel’s over,” said Applejack “Nobody lost, nobody won, but I can’t stand to see a guy so down in the dumps.”

The couple didn’t wish to impose, but Applejack insisted, and Robin took her hand and got to his feet.

The other girls all watched that on the screen, and then the image faded since the duel was over.

“I can’t believe it was a draw.” said Rainbow “And Applejack was this close to actually winning too.”

“I’m just relieved she didn’t lose either.” said Sunset.

Pinkie Pie on the other hand was deep in thought.

“Is anything wrong?” asked Rarity.

Pinkie scratched her chin; “I know I’ve seen those two before.” she referred to Robin and Kori.

“Oh, no!” cried Spike.

“Oh, no worries, I can figure it out on my phone.”

“Not that,” said Spike “Fluttershy…!”

The others gasped and turned back to face Fluttershy’s duel on the other screen.

Earlier, Fluttershy was still assured of her victory, especially considering Raven had no monsters in play, one facedown, her Brain Hazard card which was now dead stiff on the field with nothing attached to it, and her PSY-Frame Accelerator.

She on the other hand still had her Ancient Fairy Dragon and her Ancient Sacred Wyvern, which was now extremely powerful due to the large difference in the life point scores.

Fluttershy LP: 8200

Raven LP: 4100

(Atk: 6200)

But Raven was far from deterred. “I’m not letting you win this duel, and nothing is going to stop me!”

Fluttershy found this most confusing, “I thought you hated this game. I really don’t understand you.”

Raven looked madder than ever, but she seemed to be struggling to keep her temper in check.

Then she snapped her eyes wide open, “Don’t think that just because you’re this much ahead means you’ll win.

Anything can happen.”

She sounded so dark, so creepy, like she knew something was going to change the duel around, but Fluttershy felt she was just trying to taunt her. So she ignored the threat.

“I’ll just end my turn.

All she had was one card in her hand, and it was pretty useless, but she still didn’t feel too worried, with her life points super high, her monsters mighty and strong, and Raven low on options… she really felt her victory was assured.

“My turn!” sneered Raven “I draw…”

She gazed down at her two cards, and really liked them.

“Since it’s my Standby Phase, my PSY-Framelord Zeta returns to the field!”

(Atk: 2500)

“Don’t forget,” called Fluttershy “The Array of Revealing Light Spell card prevents Psychics from attacking on the turn they are summoned.”

“I’m aware!” grumbled Raven “But I get to use his special ability anyway, which removes itself and your Fairy Dragon off the field once again.”

Fluttershy shook her head “Not this time you don’t.

A couple of turns ago, you sent a facedown card from my field to the graveyard with your Twin Twisters.


Now all I have to do is banish it out of my graveyard, and that will cause your monster to lose its special abilities this turn, so you won’t get to banish my monsters this time.”

As the trap was banished from her graveyard, it gave off a menacing glow that shrouded Raven’s monster, rendering its powers useless.

But Raven didn’t seem to mind that at all.

“I figured you’d try that.”

“Huh?” cried Fluttershy.

“You told me you’ve stacked your deck so it can protect you in many ways, as well as deplete my score without having to attack so much.

I figured you’d try a stunt like trying to null my monster’s abilities.”

Fluttershy sweat a little bit.

Raven snickered “Attacking isn’t the only way to win a duel. You should know especially. The way you’ve been going at it. So, I’ll just take a page from your book.

“…I activate my PSY-Frame Accelerator!

By paying 500 life points, I can banish Zeta from the field again.”

Raven LP: 4100 -----> 3600

“What?” asked Fluttershy “Why would you do that? You just made my Wyvern even stronger now.”

(Atk: 6200) -----> (Atk: 6700)

Raven snickere, “Because now I have another trap to play…BAD LUCK BLAST!”

“Huh?!” cried Fluttershy “What does that trap do?”

Raven grinned sinisterly “It makes us both take damage equal to half of your Wyvern’s attack power.”

“Oh!” Fluttershy cried “But she has 6700 points! That means we both take...” she paused and counted it up “…3350 points of damage?!”

Two powerful shots fired from the trap, blasting at the two duelists.

Fluttershy LP: 8200 -----> 4850

Raven LP: 3600 -----> 250

Fluttershy was most confused. “What did she do that for?” she wondered in thought “She may have caused us both damage, but she’s barely got any life points left. Plus, my Wyvern’s attack is off the charts!”

What is she thinking?”

“If you’re wondering what I’m thinking, lowering my life points like this, I’ll show you!” hissed Raven.

“You see, I don’t just deal in Psychics, I also deal in dark arts, and magical artifacts, and even spells.”

She grabbed a card in her hand, “Like this-- POT OF AVARICE!

It lets me send five monsters in my graveyard back to my deck, and then I shuffle and draw two cards.”

She did all that, and gazed at her three cards.

“It’s all over for you, because now I set the BLACK PENDANT spell card on the field, facedown!"

"Facedown?" wondered Fluttershy.

"And then, I activate this spell, REVERSAL QUIZ!”

“A quiz?” said Fluttershy “What kind of quiz?”

“Oh, it’s not a quiz for you, it’s for Me.” said Raven “First I need to get rid of all the cards in my hand and on my field.”

Fluttershy watched as Raven’s entire field was swept clean in dark waves.

“And now,” snapped Raven “All I have to do is guess if the top card on my deck is a Monster, Spell, or Trap.”

Fluttershy felt a chill run up her spine.

Raven softly placed her fingers on the top card, “I’m guessing that it is a Monster!”

She quickly turned the card over…


Fluttershy winced in horrors, but nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen.

“Since I called it right,” said Raven, “Our life point scores now switch!!”

Fluttershy gasped long and loudly as she watched the score switch before her eyes.

Fluttershy LP: 4850 -----> 250

Raven LP: 250 -----> 4850

“No! No…!!” cried Fluttershy.

Raven smirked “And now, since Black Pendant was sent tot he graveyard, you take 500 points of damage!"

"What?! No!!" cried Fluttershy "That means I lose!"

Fluttershy LP: 250 -----> 0

Raven stood where she was, not looking a bit impressed or thrilled, while Fluttershy stood frozen with devastation.

Then she looked down at her duel disk, which showed her duel meter empty.

She began to shiver as tears came to her eyes and she made her trademark squeaking noise!

“I… I lost!” she sobbed.

Her friends saw the whole thing on the screen.

“Fluttershy!” peeped Sunset.

“She lost,” said Rainbow “She’s out of the tournament!”

“I can’t believe it!” cried Pinkie “She was doing well too.”

“Oh, Fluttershy!” sobbed Rarity. She really felt bad for her friend.

Twilight and Spike felt sorry for her, and thought that Raven character was a real witch for the way she seemed to be taking it, almost as if she had no sympathy for Fluttershy at all.

“Come on, let’s get over there.” suggested Twilight.

The others all agreed, and headed off for the haunted house.

Raven then began to walk off, still disgusted and far from impressed, but then she ran into one of her friends.

He was a tall and really buff looking guy, but he wore a big grey sweatshirt with pockets and a hood similar to Raven’s, and he also wore a pair of matching grey track pants.

His hands and his shoes seemed metallic, and one of his eyes glowed red with in his hood.

“What do you want, Vic?” asked Raven.

Her friend just looked at her grimly and motioned back towards Fluttershy.

“You know why we came to this tournament, Rae, but that’s no excuse to be such a sore winner.”

Raven sighed and rolled her eyes, “Fine.” And she walked over to the devastated Fluttershy.

Fluttershy looked up and saw Raven extend her hand to her, “Good game.”

Fluttershy wiped her eyes, and hesitated at first, not really because she lost, but rather she was still a bit creeped out by Raven’s darkness, and what kind of creature she was.

“It’s okay,” said Vic “Believe me; you can trust her, and me.”

Fluttershy shakily raised her hand and softly placed it in Raven’s, stuttering, “Um… Good game?”

“Fluttershy!” called Sunset as she and the gang came up to her, but could see things were already going okay.

Applejack came along with Robin and Kori, who were just on their way to the food court.

“Vic, Raven.” Robin called.

The two groups had all gotten together, and after exchanging a few how-do-you-dos and all that.

Pinkie Pie leapt up, “I know who you guys are now.”

Everyone looked at her with a few concerned looks.

As the gang walked off to talk, they were all observed by Masquerade, and he was trembling with incredible rage and shock.

“It can’t be…!” he grumbled “Not them! What are they doing here?!”

Then to make matters worse, a single card just dropped down in front of him.

He picked it up and gawked at it. “Change of Heart…?”

Then, its owner came running up to him.

“My card!” she cried.

“That voice!”

He turned round and saw-- a young adult girl with long blonde hair, a black shirt with a yellow T in a circle on her chest, and yellow pants, brown gloves, strong hiking boots, and big belts with pouches around her waist. She also wore a burgundy jacket with yellow strips forming rings around the upper-sleeve, and atop her head she wore a pair of goggles with dark-blue lenses.

“Thanks for catching my card. It blew away when I was shuffling my deck.”

The guy just handed her the card slowly like some kind of sinister creature, but then he took a few steps back and dashed off.

“Weird…” said the girl.

Then she heard Robin call out to her, “Hey Terra, come on, we’ve some new friends we want you to meet.”

Terra waved over to him, and then she looked back to find that stranger in the mask, but he was already out of sight.

Masquerade had ducked down behind a large dumpster, and he felt much stressed out. “I can’t believe it! Now, she’s here too?!”

His stressed then became obvious fury and struggling within himself.

“It doesn’t matter now.” he whispered softly as he clutched his chest “I’ll not let this, or those morons stop me.”

Episode 11: We're in this together

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The two gangs all regrouped and sat down at two tables next to each other.

Pinkie Pie, finally realizing who this new group was, brought up a song video on her cell-phone, and theme song played as many images were shown of the group fighting crime, and saving people.


“You’re the Teen Titans?!” Rainbow exclaimed.

A couple of the others held her down so as not to draw too much attention from other fair goers.

“This is incredible.” said Sunset “I’ve heard of you guys. You’re from-- what is called…”

“Jump City,” answered Robin “It’s located on the West Coast of California.

Also: We’re not the “Teen” Titans, we’ve all grown up. Now we’re just “The Titans.”

The team decided to reintroduce themselves.

“I’m Dick Grayson, but everyone just calls me Robin. I’m the team leader, and this is my wife.”

She nodded at everyone, “My name is Kori, but I am also called Starfire. I’m from the planet Tameran.”

She and Robin held hands, exposing their wedding rings. Kori had really come a long way since first ever coming to Earth, and she was more accustomed to things now, and she learned to speak better too. She really was a full mature woman.

The large titan removed his hood, “I’m Vic Stone. You can call me Vic or Cyborg.”

The girls were highly impressed and slightly shocked at the sight of him, and Twilight approached him. “A real, fully cybernetic human being-- Fascinating.”

Vic blushed slightly, “Nice to meet you.”

Raven was just sitting on her seat with her eyes closed and her arms folded, “I’m Raven, and that’s all you need to know.”

The girls didn’t like her manners very well, but Kori motioned for them all to come in closer and whispered “Don’t mind her. She’s usually like this; she does it to keep her powers in check. They’re very sensitive to emotion.”

“Oh, my!” whispered Fluttershy.

The blonde girl stepped forth, “I’m Terra. I’ve only been on the team for a couple of years.”

The girls figured that, as there was no sign of Terra anywhere in the song-vid.

“Wait a minute.” said Applejack “Ain’t there supposed to be one more of you?”

She motioned at the video, at a green teammate with pointed ears and had the power to transform into any animal.

The Titans looked a little down, especially Terra. She looked as if she was fighting the urge to start crying.

“Garfield,” said Kori.

Rainbow and Pinkie chuckled softly.

“Garfield?” laughed Pinkie.

“His name is “Garfield?” added Rainbow. None of the others thought it was funny at all.

“His hero name is Beast Boy.” said Robin “He used to be one of us.”

“Used to be?” asked Rarity “What ever happened?”

“We’d really rather not talk about it.” said Kori “It’s not important now anyway.”

Sunset began to sense there was definitely a problem involving friendship, but before she could ask them why, Rainbow asked.

“Wait, if you’re all big time superheroes. Shouldn’t you be out there fighting crime, saving the world and all that stuff?”

“Yeah, why are you here in the Friendship Cup?” added Pinkie.

“We’re in it because we need that prize money.” answered Vic “Our home town is in serious danger, and it’s grown steadily worse over the past few years. People are starving, and the city’s falling to bits.

Some of have left the city, but many more are still living in the streets, surrounded by dilapidated buildings, wrecked streets.

Most of the criminals we used to fight stopped attacking, all there is now is petty theft because it’s Dog-eat-Dog.”

The girls all looked shocked.

“Dog-Eat-Dog? That’s not good.” said Spike, and then he realized his mistake. “Oops!”

Too late! The Titans all gawked at him.

“Um… did that dog just speak?” asked Raven.

“No I didn’t.”

“Spike!” snapped Twilight.

Sunset rolled her eyes, “We may as well come clean with you now.”

“Is this going to take long?” Raven asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll make it short and easy.” said Pinkie Pie, and she took in a huge breath and spoke really fast…

“It all started when this magical portal opened up near our school and Sunset Shimmer came from the land of Equestria, and tried to take over the world with evil powers, and then Princess Twilight Sparkle came, and we all became friends and all got these magic powers we use to help save our school and the world from evil Equestrian magic, which is why we’re The Equestria Girls, and spike got dosed with a little of the magic so now he can talk!”

The Titans all looked flabbergasted.

“Uh… Oooooo-Kay.” said Vic.

Sunset giggled nervously, “It’s hard to believe, but it is true. I’m really a magical creature from another dimension, and all that stuff with the magic is real.”

“Cool.” said Terra. She really meant it to.

The other Titans were just as impressed, and not really all that shocked-- considering all the many adventures they had over the years-- they were more than used to it by now. Very few things really surprised them.

“Well, if your girls are super heroes, why are you all in this tournament?” Terra asked.

The girls felt they could explain to the Titans, knowing they’d understand.

“We’re trying to save a friend.” answered Sunset, and she explained about the two evil creeps, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and how her soul was magically sealed within a card.

“All that just to get you to enter a tournament you didn’t want to come to?” asked Robin.

“Dude…! That is just way out of line!” grumbled Vic.

“Well, who are these guys, and why do they want you in the tournament so bad?” asked Robin.

“I don’t know.” replied Sunset “All I know is, we need to stay in this tournament.”

Rarity and Fluttershy looked down, as they were both out of the tournament now.

Raven only looked slightly pitifully at Fluttershy, feeling just a little bad more for defeating her and being so hard with her.

Spike patted Twilight’s ankle, and gave her a soft look, but she shook her head and put her finger to her lips.

“Hey!” Pinkie hollered “I got a neat idea: Why don’t we all help each other out? We’re all superheroes, and we all have our reasons for being in this tournament.”

The Titans and the girls all thought about it.

“I’m all for it.” said Rainbow “After all, working with The Titans-- how much more awesome can that be?”

Sunset and Robin both thought it over. The girls didn’t care that much about the prize-money. They were only in the tournament to save Princess Twilight, as well as stop those two creeps from whatever it was they were up to.

Even with Rarity and Fluttershy were out of the tournament, the rest of the duelists still totaled nine altogether, increasing the odds that some of them would make it to the final round of the tournament.

“Alright, we’ll do it.” said Sunset.

“Agreed,” said Robin, and he shook her hand on it, “You help us, and we’ll help you; Heroes to Heroes.”

Pinkie giggled with glee, “This is so exciting.”

It wasn’t until about sundown that the duels were finally over for the day, and there was an announcement over the Park Intercom, by Rubeus Prince.

“Attention, all duelists!

The first round of the Friendship Cup Tournament has come to an end, and on behalf of my brother and I, we wish to congratulate those who dueled well and are still in the tournament, and we hope to see you all again tomorrow for round two, and do not be late.”

All the TV screens through the park showed the leader boards.

There were over one-hundred duelists that were participating, and now only half the duelists were remaining who still had duel points.

Those that didn’t make it, their pictures were marked with big X’s-- Fluttershy and Rarity being among them, and they both felt embarrassed.

At least the five Titans were all still in the tournament, as well the remaining girls, with the exception of Twilight who wasn’t competing.

Applejack and Robin were still in because their duel was a draw.

Unfortunately, Karle’s picture was on the board as well. She naturally was still in the tournament after defeating Rarity.

Rarity’s temper seethed. “That horrible, ungrateful, spoiled wretch!” she thundered “I sincerely hope she doesn’t make it any further.”

Rainbow growled furiously.

“I’m glad you agree with me, Rainbow Dash.” said Rarity.

“Not that,” said Rainbow, and she pointed up at the board at another duelists picture.

“Masquerade.” hissed Applejack.

The other girls sneered at the picture as well.

Terra recognized his picture too, “That’s the guy who caught my card for me. He just ran off without even letting me thank him.”

The girls thought this was perplexing.

“He didn’t even call you names, or chew you out?” asked Fluttershy.

Terra shook her head, “Why would he do that?”

The girls told the Titans about Masquerade, and how he was the Number-One Gamer in the country, and a very disgruntled attitude to boot.

“I still owe that guy a rematch.” grumbled Rainbow.

Vic looked stunned, “And I thought the guy was just an urban myth.”

“And to think,” said Terra “He just caught my runaway card for me.”

Sunset cautioned the Titans, “Word of Advice: Best to stay away from him. He has no intention of being friends with anyone; though I really wish I knew why.”

Raven relaxed back in her seat, “Sounds more like a kid who seriously needs to grow up and get over himself.”

Many of the others agreed.

Still, the tournament was over for the day, and the two groups decided to head off.

The Titans actually had a super high-tech, and very fancy looking RV, which Rarity gawked at with bedazzlement in her eyes.

“Oh, my... I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Built it myself.” said Vic “It also converts into a jet.”

He demonstrated by holding out a remote control and clicking it, and the RV indeed converted into a supersonic jet, which the girls, and passers-by.

“Incredible.” said Twilight.

Then it was converted back into an RV.

“If you’d like to look inside, you’re all more than welcome.” offered Robin.

The girls couldn’t say no, and were all invited inside by the Titans.

Inside, it did resemble a normal RV.

There were five bunk beds on either side in one area, and a kitchen, sofas, chairs, and table, but just as Robin had promised, there were control panels, and monitoring stations with high tech computers linked to a satellite network.

“It must’ve cost a fortune to make all this.” remarked Spike.

“Eh, piece of cake for me.” said Vic “Especially with all the confiscated electronics and gizmos obtained from crooks through the ages.”

Pinkie loved the looks of everything, and reached up to press a big button on the console, only for Raven to slap her hand and glare at her while scolding her, “Don’t… Touch… Anything…!”

Poor Pinkie felt like a weak kid being confronted by a bully, and Raven went over to her bed and sat down, passing by Applejack and Fluttershy.

“Emotions or not, that girl needs to lighten up.” Applejack whispered.

Fluttershy agreed, but then she noticed Raven glaring angrier than ever at them. “I think she heard you.”

Raven only pulled the curtains shut.

Twilight was so enamoured by the RV and stuff, “And I thought I was a wiz at electronics and math.”

Vic felt flattered. “If you want, we can give your girls a ride home.”

“Oh, we don’t want to bother.” said Fluttershy.

“It’s no bother.” said Kori “New friends help new friends, don’t they?”

The girls couldn’t argue with that, and they were rather tired from all the walking and dueling they had been doing all day.

“Buckle up everyone.” said Vic as he sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine.

Sunset then asked “Mind if we take a little detour first? There’s one thing we all have to check on.”

Vic agreed.

Soon, the RV was parked across the street from the hospital, where the girls visited Princess Twilight, whom was still bed and unconscious.

The titans came in to see her, and they were most surprised at the two Twilights.

“She looks just like you.” said Terra.

Sunset didn’t bother explain. She was fixated on her unconscious friend.

“The Doc says she’s doin’ fine.” said Applejack “She just won’t wake up, is all.”

Fluttershy and Rarity felt really bad with themselves.

“We’re sorry, Twilight. We have failed you.” said Rarity.

“No, we haven’t failed.” said Fluttershy “We’re all still trying to help, and with our new friends, The Titans, we will get your soul back.”

The girls all agreed.

Raven touched her hand to Twilight’s head and shut her eyes, concentrating deeply. “It’s true; her soul really is missing. I can’t make any psychic-connection with her.”

The Titans felt sorry for the girls, and especially for Princess Twilight.

“Whoever did this to her can’t be up to any good.” said Robin.

“I’ve been trying to figure it out myself,” said Sunset “I know I’ve seen the kind of magic that was used before, but I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Well, why not go in reverse logic?” suggested Kori “If you can’t figure out what it is, figure out what it isn’t. That’ll help narrow the field.”

Sunset lay awake in her apartment that night, making a list of all the kinds of magic she knew those two guys used weren’t.

“It’s not Equestrian. It’s not Draconiqui. It’s definitely not Everfree either.”

She felt very frustrated and wished she could go back to Equestria to comb through the archives, only remind herself it would take too long, and she didn’t wish to worry the ponies back there of what happened to Twilight.

“This is hopeless.” she sighed.

She looked at her deck on the nightstand next to her bed, and pulled out all the cards that were still blank and remembering the message that came with them.

For now, all she could do was trust whoever sent them to her, and just keep on dueling.

Meanwhile, the Prince Brothers were still wide awake, and doing some calculations.

“Well, the first day was a success.” said Rubeus “But we’re still a long way off from our goal.”

“Patience, brother.” said Loki “We’ve waited a long, long time for this. It almost makes the wait worthwhile.”

Rubeus snickered “You always were the brains of the family.”

Loki nodded, “Speaking of which, come here and look what I’ve discovered about that duelist-- Karle Plight.”

His brother came over the screen, and looked at all the images Loki had.

“Interesting.” said Rubeus “That girl us more clever than I thought.”

Loki agreed, “Regardless, she’s breaking the rules of our tournament. Should we have her dismissed?”

“No.” insisted Rubeus “This could prove useful, so we’ll let it slide for now.”

Loki couldn’t understand his brother sometimes. He always came up with these unusual side-twists to their plans, which often worried him.

“If you say so, brother, I trust your judgement.”

Rubeus nodded, and the two brothers adjourned off, showing Spike was on the computer screen they were viewing.

The next day, the girls all met up back at the park with their duel disks and their decks ready.

Rarity and Fluttershy came too. Though they were both out of the running, they preferred to be brave and be there to give moral support to their friends.

“Are you okay, Sunset?” asked Fluttershy.

Sunset looked as if she hadn’t slept too well, and she yawned, “I was up working late. I’m still no closer to finding the answer.”

“I’m sure we’ll figure it out somehow.” said Rainbow “Any sign of the Titans?”

“No, but we’re early anyway.” said Applejack “Dueling won’t start for another hour, and the folks are still coming.”

The girls decided to head on in and maybe grab a snack before the duels began.

“Aren’t you coming, Twilight?” asked Pinkie.

“Uh… in a minute.” answered Twilight “Spike needs to go to the little doggie’s room.”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, I do.” said Spike, and he began to act like he needed to go “Ooh! I think it’s coming…!”

Twilight pulled Spike along on his leash, disappearing around a corner, and they were gone, much to Pinkie’s confusion.

Inside the park however, there was trouble happening.

Five, big and very bad punk duelists, who had lost their duels and were out of the tournament, were confronting a meek duelist who was still in the tournament, demanding he hand over his duel disk and all his cards so they could use them to get back into the game.

“You can’t have my duel disk.” the guy cried “You lost the tournament and you can’t re-enter. It’s against the rules.”

The bullies only laughed.

“Too bad!” sneered the leader “We make our own rules! Now hand over your duel disk and all your cards, or we’ll just take them!”

The poor kid looked frightened.

“Aww, did we hurt his wittle feewings?” another bully mocked.

“Enough!” snapped the third, and he grabbed by the collar “Hand ‘em over! Now!”

The bullies all seemed to gang up on him, and looked ready to pummel him to the ground.

“Hold it right there!” shouted a voice.

The bullies looked round. “Well, look what we've got here.” the fourth bully snickered “A bunch of little girls to play with.”

The girls all looked cross, and Sunset demanded “You leave him alone!”

The last bully laughed and cackled like he was having a heart-attack “That’s cute. No, really, that’s super cute. Um… are we supposed to be afraid?”

The girls only looked crosser.

“You five already lost your duels, and you have no right to pick on other duelists!” sneered Rainbow.

The bullies were so lost, that the meek duelist they were picking on saw his chance and got away.

“Great! An easy picking gone.” grumbled the leader, “Ah, well, he was just one, now we have six.”

“Don’t you try any games with us!” sneered Fluttershy “Really, please don’t!”

The leader laughed at her whimpering “How cute, you think you’re so tough! Now give us your duel disks and all your cards right now. We’ve got a tournament to win and a-million bucks to claim.”

“Never!” shouted Rarity “I suggest it is you five who should leave right away.”

“Or what?!” snapped the leader, and his cohorts all stood by his side sneering and looking ready for something nasty.

“…Or you’ll have to deal with me!” said someone from behind.

The bullies all turned round and nearly shuddered at who it was.

The girls were surprised too.

“Masquerade!” cried Sunset.

He stood there with his arms folded, hissing at the five horrid teens, “When you have to rely on pushing people and stealing to win your duels, you disgrace the entire dueling world and all that it stands for.

…And besides… I have very little patience for scum like you!”

“What’d you say?!” sneered one of the bullies

“I think this kid's asking for a beating!" said another

The leader approached him “Look here pal. We’ve heard about you, and we’re not impressed. You and your broomstick arms don’t look so tough to me.”

Masquerade only stood where he was stiff as ice, “Is that so? Perhaps you’d like to prove it-- show me how much of a man you really are.”

The leader snickered “You want to duel me? I’ll duel circles around you.”

“Ha!” snapped Masquerade “You couldn’t beat me if I was blind-folded and handcuffed, and to prove it,” he motioned at the other four bullies “…I’ll duel all five of you at once!”

The bullies and the girls all gasped in shock.

“Duel all five of them at once?!” cried Rarity, and she felt she was going to faint.

“He’s crazy!” added Rainbow.

The bullies all began to laugh, especially Matt. He was laughing like a hyena that had too much to drink at a pub.

“You want to duel all five of us? Okay, I knew you were insane, just by the way you wear that stupid mask all the time like some disgruntled superhero, but come on…!”

Masquerade stepped forth and readied his duel disk.

“I think he’s serious.” said Robyn.

“Yeah, seriously demented.” said Gary. “Let’s do this! If we’re all against him, he won’t stand a chance.”

Masquerade didn’t look the least bit afraid.

“What are you doing?!” Sunset called over to him “You can’t duel them all at once like that.”

“Be quiet!” he snapped at her.

Sunset and the girls winced in anger.

“These kids are nothing. Just you watch!”

“We’ll show you who the kids are!” sneered the leader

The duel was ready to begin, and the rules were quite simply for a duel like this.

Even though it was five-to-one, both sides still began with 8000 life points. Masquearde would go first, and then one of the five opponents would get to make their own move before going back to him.

All five of the bullies would share monsters and other cards, meaning if even one monster was in play, Masquerade wouldn’t be allowed to attack directly.

Still, he didn’t seem concerned in the least.

“Are you pigs ready yet?” he asked rudely.

“Bring it on!” sneered the leader.

The scores were set and the virtual system was ready.

Masquerade LP: 8000

Bullies LP: 8000

The bullies all drew their hands of five cards, and they all liked what they had; all of them feeling Masquerade wouldn’t have a chance.

The girls all watched with deep concern.

“How can one duelist faceoff against five at once?” wondered Applejack.

“Well, we’re about to find out.” said Pinkie.

Masquerade drew his five cards, “I’ll start by activating the POT OF GREED, so I may draw two more cards.”

He now had a full hand of six cards.

“Now then, I’ll activate the DOUBLE SUMMON card. So now I get to normal summon twice this turn.”

“Oh, wow! Two monsters!” mocked the leader “Like we don’t know what the card does! Just make your move fast. I’d like to be kicking your miserable butt by the end of the day you masked retard!”

“As you wish,” hissed Masquerade “I summon forth PROTECTOR OF THE SANCTUARY.”

(Atk: 1100)

“Huh? The Protector?” cried one of the bullies.

Masquerade snickered “This is the start of your punishment.

…I activate the spell CARD DESTRUCTION!”

The bullies all gasped in horror.

“No way!”

“He can’t do that!"

Sunset gawked in awe, “What a move!”

“What do you mean?” asked Fluttershy.

Sunset explained “Card Destruction forces all the players to send all the cards in their hands to the graveyard, and then they get to draw the same number of cards that they were holding before.

But The Protector of the Sanctuary has a special ability that forbids the opponents from drawing cards outside the draw phase!”

Masquerade chuckled, “Isn’t that nice-- you all got your monster lesson for today.”

The girls all growled angrily.

Regardless the bullies were now all trembling with fear. They were all forced to discard their entire hands to the graveyard, while only Masquerade got to refresh his hand.

“Well, that was pitiful.” he said “Now, since I can summon twice this turn, I’ll sacrifice my Protector, to summon my ever-faithful MANTICORE OF DARKNESS!”

(Atk: 2300)

His monster spread its wings and roared like the beast it was, frightening the bullies.

Rainbow glared at the monster, remembering how it was the same creature that brought her defeat when she faced Masquerade before…

…and yet, she thought, “Wait a minute! He can’t use his Exodia since it’s been barred from the tournament, but then again this isn’t a tournament duel.

What’s he planning?”

Masquerade scoffed, “Now I’ll lay two cards facedown, and that ends my turn.”

He looked at the trembling bullies, and was really getting a kick out of seeing them squirm.

“What’s the matter? I thought you said you could duel circles around me.

Well… I’m waiting, or are you ready to run like the cowards I’ve exposed you as?”

The leader felt only a slight bit of his will return, but he shakily drew one card.

“I summon a monster in defense mode. That’s all I can do.”

“Really, that’s all?” taunted Masquerade “Well I play the trap RAIGEKI BREAK!”

“Ah!” cried the leader, and the other bullies gasped and wailed.

Masquerade snuffed, “I discard one card from my hand, and this trap destroys that pathetic monster you just played.”

Surely enough, the bullies' one and only card was destroyed.

“This can’t be happening?!” the leader wailed.

The girls were a mix of astonished and horrified at Masquerade’s incredible skill.

“I can’t believe it!” cried Applejack “It’s five-to-one, and he crushin’ them all like rotten apples.”

Even Sunset couldn’t deny, “He may have a bad attitude, but that doesn’t make him any less of a powerful duelist.”

The leader had no choice but to end his turn, and that’s when Masquerade’s graveyard began to glow.

“What are you doing now?” asked one of the other bullies.

“Just as I promised,” answered Masquerade “I’m taking you all down right here and now, but first I’ll activate this trap card, BACKFIRE!”

The bullies all gasped.

“That’s right, I’d be gasping too if I were you, but thankfully I’m not, because now whenever a Fire-Type monster I control is destroyed, you’ll all take 500 points of damage.”

The bullies growled.

“Now, then, I activate the special ability of the monster I just discarded-- NEFARIOUS ARCHFIEND EATER OF NEFARIOUSNESS!

During my opponent’s End Phase, if it’s in my graveyard, I can destroy one monster I control, and summon it out of the graveyard, and since I only have one monster…” he motioned at his Manticore.

His monster roared and exploded in a blaze of flames, and the small beast summoned itself from the graveyard.

(Atk: 1500)

“And since my Manticore was a Fire-Type monster…”

The Backfire card glowed, and the unleashed a barrage of holographic flames at the bullies, draining their life points as promised.

Bullies LP: 8000 -----> 7500

“Are you done yet?” asked one of the bullies.

“No, I’m not.” snapped Masquerade “You see, now that Manticore is in the graveyard, I can use his special ability, by swapping my Archfiend Eater with him.”

The two monsters switched places, and Manticore returned to the field, roaring and blazing madder than ever.

Rainbow gasped “I know what he’s doing! It’s just like when he faced me-- he’s going to keep swapping back and forth.

He’ll use Archfiend to destroy Manticore, and deal the creeps 500 points of damage, then swap Archfiend to get Manticore back out again, over and over, and over until…!”

The bullies all screamed as they were consumed in holographic flames, wiping out all their life points just like that, and they each flopped onto the ground with their cards falling all around them!

Whatever guts they had ten minutes ago was all shattered, and replaced by fear and trembling, and even close to tears.

Masquerade stood tall and loomed over the creeps. “Now I suggest you losers beat it before I really get angry, and do more than just clock you in a duel!”

The disgraced bullies didn’t even bother to gather up their cards and just fled screaming like babies.

The girls were all still in total shock at what just happened.

“Hey, free new cards.” said Pinkie, and she began to gather them all up.

“Girls…” called a familiar voice.

The girls snapped out of their trances and saw Robin and the Titans coming towards them.

Masquerade saw them, and clenched his fists tightly, and he began to walk off, but Terra noticed him.

“Wait!” she called as she dashed up to him, but he ignored her and continued to walk away.

Rainbow, using her super speed, dashed right up in front of him. “Hey, she’s talking to you!”

“Get out of my way!”

The Titans finally began to realize what a jerk he was acting like.

“I just wanted to say thank you for catch my card yesterday.” said Terra.

Masquerade just huffed, and turned away from her to walk another way, but Rainbow blocked him again.

“Rainbow!” snapped Sunset, “Never mind him.”

The other Titans gawked at him.

“So you’re this legendary pro-gamer we’ve heard so much about.” said Robin.

The other man turned to face him, “That’s right. The name is “Masquerade, and right now I have better things to do than waste my time here with you kids!”

Everyone took offense to that.

“Yo’ man, there’s no need to be lippy.” said Vic.

Kori agreed “You should be more respectful towards others.”

Masquerade only snuffed “I don’t care what others think about me, and I certainly don’t care if your feelings are hurt by my rudeness.”

Now everyone was really getting mad! Rainbow especially, she wanted nothing more than the march straight over there, pull off his mask, and really give him a sock to his face, but she resisted the urge, not wanting to get into trouble that’d she’d probably be expelled from the tournament, and she couldn’t afford that.

“All I wanted to do was thank you for catching my favorite card.” said Terra.

Masquerade only faced her, and though he was wearing his mask, Terra could almost feel he was glaring at her with extreme fury, but rather than answer her, he just turned and walked away.

“What a jerk.” grumbled Raven.

Kori agreed, “I’ve never seen such a spoiled-sport.”

“We told you.” said Rainbow “That guy’s seriously got a good beating coming his way, and hopefully, I’m the one to give it to him.”

The teams decided to head off as the dueling announcements would soon be made.

However, they had been observed by Karle. “If anyone’s going to duel Masquerade, it’s going to be me and me alone!”

Episode 12: Part 1: Star Raging

View Online


Soon, many other duelists arrived, and the announcement was made for all of them to report to the center of the park for instructions.

Rubeus and Loki were not present this time, and their faces were merely shown on a large TV monitor.

“Good morning Duelists.” Rubeus announced “Welcome to Day two of the tournament.”

Rarity was more enraptured at the sight of Loki-- gawking at him with red hearts in her eyes. “Soon, my darling, very soon.” she mumbled.

“Is she okay?” asked Raven.

“Don’t ask,” said Applejack.

Loki then spoke up over the monitor, “As you are aware, only the top eight duelists who reach 100% first shall make it to the finals of this tournament.

Yesterday, you all fought valiantly and now only half of you remain, which is why today there will be a slight new twist in the duels.”

Rubeus nodded and explained as the images were shown on the screen.

“For starters, your duels will be selected at random, but this time, if you should win the duel, you will receive an instant 20% on your duel meter instead of 10.

However, as an added bonus-- for those of you who may win consecutively. If you happen to win a second and consecutive duel today, you will be awarded an extra 5% bonus.”

Everyone looked down at their duel disks, meaning those who won their duels today, their points would rise to 40% in the ratings, putting them about halfway to the finals.

“However,” said Rubeus “If you lose your duel, you’ll be drained 10% instead of 5.”

Applejack and Robin gasped. They each still had only 5% from their duel yesterday. If they didn’t play their cards right, they’d both be out of the running today.

“Duel your very best,” said Loki “And good luck to you all.”

The screen faded showing a ten minute countdown to the first duels of the day.

That’s when Twilight finally caught up with the group.

“Hey, what’d I miss?” Twilight asked.

“Oh, not too much.” said Sunset.

“Nope,” agreed Pinkie, and then she spoke really fast, “Just Masquerade beating up a bunch of bullies, giving us all a hard time, being a jerk and walking off, and then the announcement of getting a lot of points for dueling and some of us may get these bonus points to get us way ahead.”

Twilight and Spike both blinked once.

“Uh… yeah.” said Spike.

“I wonder who we’re all going to duel today.” said Kori.

Applejack and Robin hoped they wouldn’t be duel each other again, since neither of them could afford to lose or have another draw.

“I don’t think you two will be facing each other.” said Twilight “Tournaments like these usually never pit the same opponents against each other twice.”

“Well that’s good to hear.” said Robin.

“Don’t forget,” said Sunset “All the duelists who are here are bound to be much tougher than those we faced yesterday, and we still hardly know what kinds of decks and strategies they use.”

Fluttershy shuddered nervously, “Maybe being eliminated early isn’t so bad.”

“Well, the scoring system does make a little sense.” said Twilight “At the current rate things are going; having to divide only eight finalists among all the many duelists here can be tricky.”

Regardless of this, the duelists all prepared their disks and loaded their decks.

Sunset checked her Extra Deck to make sure all her cards were there, including the ones that were blank.

No sooner had she checked were the first duels of the day ready to be announces, and all those who would be dueling were instructed over the park intercom to look at their duel disk screens for their opponents and the location of the duel.

Kori was among the first duelists to be dueling that morning, and her duel disk went off.

Her screen was shuffling pictures of her opponents, and as luck would have it, she would be dueling none-other than, “…Masquerade?!” much to her and the others shock.

“No way!” cried Rainbow.

“You’re facing that creep?” asked Raven.

“Looks like it,” said Kori “I have to go meet him by the Bumper Cars.”

The others had heard that the bumper cars were all decked up like mini spacecraft, and the setting looked like an intergalactic zone.

“You should feel right at home there.” Terra joked.

Kori smiled, but the girls felt worried for her.

“Are you sure you want to face him?” asked Spike “That guy’s as powerful as he is a jerk, and that says a lot.”

“I don’t have a choice.” replied Kori “Besides, I’d sort of like to confront him again on the attitude he gave.”

Unfortunately, Sunset had her own duel waiting, and so did Rainbow Dash.

“Ah, man!” groaned Rainbow. She really wished she could go with the gang and, hopefully, see Kori mess Masquerade up, but her priorites of staying in the tournament were more important.

“Kick his butt.” she said to Kori.

While Sunset didn’t take too kindly to going too far with rudeness, she mere wished Kori “Good luck. Let us know how it turned out.”

She and Rainbow then headed off, on their separate ways, while the rest of the gang followed Kori to her destination.

“I love Bumper Cars.” chirped Pinkie, and she acted like she was driving one, making the noses, and pretending to crash, and she giggled hysterically…

…Much to Raven’s annoyance, “Do we have to bring her along?” she grumbled.

Vic put his hands to lips telling her not to be rude.

The bumper cards were closed off for the moment for the duel, and all the cars were parked in neat rows along the sides of the arena.

Spectators were already gathered around the sides and anxious for the duel to begin.

Kori and the others arrived, and found Masquerade standing in the middle of the arena with his arms folded, waiting for his opponent.

“Huh!” he grunted “Just my luck; I get to face you first!”

Features hardened within the gang.

Kori remained calm and marched right into the arena. Her green glared squarely at him, “I don’t know what’s crawled up your back, but what right do you have to be such a jerk to people?”

“That’s none of your business.” sneered Masquerade “I treat whoever I want however I see fit and all I see right now is you losing to me and looking like a fool.”

Robin was losing his patience already. No one talked to his wife like that.

“Get in there and kick his clocks, babe!” he hollered to Kori.

Masquerade chuckled, “How cute. You brought a whole bunch of fans to watch you fall as well.”

Kori clenched her fists, “That’s enough, Masquerade! I have no intention of losing to you, and do you know why, it’s because I have friends, and I have a reason to duel. Something I very much doubt you understand.”

“Oh, I understand, I just don’t like or care about such things.” hissed Masquerade “You can fight for whatever little causes you want, but me, I’m only out for myself, and I’ll go for things in my own way.

Now let’s get started so I can beat you already!”

Kori said nothing but readied her deck and disk.

“You can do it, Kori!” cheered Rarity.

“Give it your all, sugar-cube.” added Applejack.

“Yay, Kori.” Fluttershy peeped very softly.

Vic and Raven on the other hand were more concerned with Masquerade.

“What is with that guy?” wondered Vic “He’s lucky somebody doesn’t go over there and pound him already.”

“Actually, that might not be a bad idea.” said Raven “A good smack to the face may do him a world of wakeup.”

Twilight and Spike thought she was being a little too harsh.

“Still,” said Twilight “If only we knew who he really was, then maybe we’d figure out why he’s such a pain to people.”

Vic decided to try and scan the guy-- see if he could make a DNA match. So he focussed his mechanical eye on him, and booted up his wrist-com, but as he tried to zoom in on Masquerade, the systems crashed.

“What the--?” cried Vic “I can’t scan him.”

He tried again, and his system crashed a second time. “Something’s jamming with my systems. I can’t get a lock on him.”

“What?” said Spike “How can that be?”

“Let me try something,” said Raven, and she shut her eyes, and held her hands together, concentrating hard to make psychic-contact with Masquerade’s mind, only for the magic to suddenly cease before it could reach him.

“I can’t…!” said Raven “I can’t make contact with him. It’s like something’s blocking my powers out.”

Twilight and Spike gawked at one another, and then over at Masquerade just as the duel began.

Kori and Masquerade had drawn their cards and the virtual system was ready.


Kori LP: 8000

Masquerade LP: 8000

“I’ll go first,” said Kori.

“Whatever, just move!” grunted Masquerade.

Kori growled softly, “I summon STELLARKNIGHT VEGA!”

(Atk: 1200)

Masquerade glared at the creature.

“Tellarknights…!” said Twilight “I’ve heard of those cards; they draw their powers from the very stars.”

Robin nodded, “That’s why Kori chose them, because she’s from outer space and she often star gazes.”

“That… and her nickname is “Starfire” said Vic.

He then asked Twilight, “Say, how come you aren’t dueling in the tournament if you know so much about the game.”

Twilight hesitated a moment and answered, “I know about the game, but I just never had time to play it.”

Spike hung low inside her backpack and shook his head grimly.

Kori grinned “Thanks to Vega’s special ability, I can summon another Tellarknight from my hand, and I choose SATELLARKNIGHT ALSAHM.”

(Atk: 1400)

“And when she’s summoned, you instantly take 1000 points of damage.”

Masquerade only stood where he was with his arms folded as Kori’s monster zapped him in starlight and his score dropped.

Masquerade LP: 8000 -----> 7000

“Ye-Ha! That’s takin’ it to him.” cheered Applejack.

“Go, Kori!” added Pinkie “I can’t believe she’s damaged him on her first move.”

Robin smiled “Oh, it gets better. Just watch.”

Kori then raised her hand, “Now, I overlay these two level four monsters, to build the Overlay Network!”

The two monsters vanished as the portal formed, and Kori’s new monster appeared in a dazzling cascade of star clusters.

“Behold the power of the stars!” Kori shouted “I Xyz Summon DARKTELLARKNIGHT BATLAMYUS!”

(Atk: 2600)

Her monster seemed rather pretty, and dark, but Masquerade still stood as he was, as if he was completely unimpressed by this creature.

Kori took offense to this, but didn’t call him out on it.

“Now, then,” she said “I use Batlamyus’ special ability. By using one overlay unit and sending a card form my hand to the graveyard, I can Xyz Summon once again using her alone.

So I rebuild the Overlay Network!”

The magical portal appeared again, and Kori’s monster vanished into it, which spouted out the new monster.


(Atk: 2500)

The girls were all confused.

“But that monster’s weaker than her other monster was.” said Pinkie “What is she thinking?”

“Don’t worry,” said Robin “She’s done this before, and I’ve seen what happens.”

Kori then placed two cards facedown, ending her turn, and leaving her hand empty.

“Is that all you’ve got?” asked Masquerade.

Kori glared angrily at him.

Masquerade then drew his card while thinking, “Crushing her will be a lot easier than I thought.”

“Just a moment!” snapped Kori “I activate the trap card GAMBLE!”

Masquerade growled softly, and a magical holograph coin appeared in the center of the field.

“What’s going on now?” asked Pinkie.

“It’s easy,” explained Robin “That coin will toss, and Kori has call Heads or Tails, and if she calls it wrong, he next turn gets skipped.”

The girls gasped.

“Oh, don’t worry. She never misses at this. Just watch.”

The coin began to spin very fast, and Kori glared at it very deeply with her sharp alien eyes.

“I call “Tails!”

The coin stopped on “Tails.”

Kori smirked, “Now I can draw five cards which will refresh my hand.”

Masquerade was not impressed, “If you’re finished…

…I play the spell PATHEISM OF THE MONARCHS!”

Kori blinked once, and all the others realized from the card what kind of deck Masquerade was playing.

“By sending one Monarch spell or trap from my hand to the graveyard, I can draw two cards.”

When he was finished ditching and taking cards, he still had six in his hand, which was exactly what he started with.

“And now, I can banish the Patheism card from my graveyard, to reveal three other Monarch cards, and then you pick one of them to go into my hand, but it won’t be a tough choice.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kori.

“Use your eyes!”

Large images of the three cards were shown before Kori, and they were all the same card; THE MONARCHS STORMFORTH!

It wouldn’t matter which card she picked, so Masquerade just took on anyway and shuffled the other two into his deck.

“Well now, I wonder what card I should play.” He teased “Oh, of course-- the card I just got-- THE MONARCHS STORMFORTH!

Now if I intend to tribute summon a monster this turn, I can use one of your monsters to sacrifice instead of my own.”

“Ah!” cried Kori.

“He can’t do that!” cried Fluttershy “Can he?”

“That’s what he just said he could do.” said Raven. “What a dirty trick.”

Masquerade huffed, “Now, I sacrifice your own weak Xyz monster!”

Kori watched as her monster vanished in a glow of light, and transferred to the other end of the field.


(Atk: 2400)

Kori looked up in shock, but then snickered.

“What’s so funny?” asked Masquerade.

“Oh, it’s just that when you sent my monster to the graveyard, you activated her special ability, which lets me summon a Tellarknight from my deck.


(Atk: 1900)

“And when she’s summoned, her attack power instantly increases by 500 points.”

(Atk: 1900) -----> (Atk: 2400)

“Would you look at that!” cried Pinkie.

“Both their monsters have the same attack power.” said Fluttershy “Masquerade wouldn’t dare attack now, or he’ll only destroy his own monster.”

Masquerade however, only laughed. “You really think I should be scared? My monarch still has his own ability to activate. When he’s tribute summoned, I can send one card on your field to the top of your deck and out of my sight!”

Kori growled, and the spectators all gasped.

“I don’t think so!” said Kori “I activate the trap, SKILL DRAIN!”

“What?!” snapped Masquerade.

“I pay 1000 life points…

Kori LP: 8000 -----> 7000

“Now my trap negates the effects of all the monsters on the field!”

The monarch stopped glowing, and Kori’s monster remained strong since it had already powered up before the card was played.

“How predictable.” scoffed Masquerade.

“What?” sneered Kori.

“I saw you yesterday on the duel monitors, and I saw a good deal of your cards, and your duel style, and it’s pretty lame.”

Kori was really starting to get angry. Her green eyes were glowing with rage.

“I’m warning you, don’t push me!”

“Ooh, she has a temper too.” mocked Masquerade “Well maybe a little magic will help.

I activate the field spell, DOMAIN OF THE TRUE MONARCHS!”

“Huh?” cried Kori, and she and everyone else watched as the bumper car arena morphed into the scenes of a dark and foreboding realm with urns, and large shadowy figures glaring at the players.

Fluttershy shuddered and hid behind Applejack, whimpering “Tell me when it goes away!”

Applejack rolled her eyes, “It’s just a hologram.”

Spike was trembling softly in Twilight’s backpack, and she reached behind and pet him softly.

Raven rather liked the bleak and darkness she saw. “That seems like a neat card, but what does it do?” she asked.

Masquerade heard her and taunted, “How pathetic. You enter a tournament this big and you don’t even know what this card does?”

Raven gnashed her teeth.

Still, he explained anyway, “With the field like this, as long as I have no monsters in my Extra Deck, and only I control a tribute-summoned monster, then you don’t get to summon monsters out from your Extra Deck.”

“Ah!” Kori cried.

The groups gasped.

“But that’s not all.” hissed Masquerade “My tribute monster gains 800 attack point when it attacks your monster. So, good luck blocking this!”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 3200)

“…Raiza, attack now!”

(Atk: 3200) VS (Atk: 2400)

His powerful monarch lunged forth and struck Kori’s monster with such force, and sent shockwaves flying past her

Kori LP: 7000 -----> 6200

The Titans were outraged while the girls were worried.

“Now I’ll place two cards facedown and end my turn.” said Masquerade “My Monarch’s attack returns to normal, but even so, nothing you have will stop me!

You may as well give it up while you can.”

“I won’t!” yelled Kori “You may be dueling for yourself, but for your information, some of us entered this tournament with good cause, like saving our crumpling hometown.”

Masquerade only scoffed, “You not only think like a fool, you talk like one.”

Kori and the Titans took offense to his arrogance.

Spike growled at him from Twilight’s backpack but kept well-hidden down.

“I hear many things in my travels. I know of Jump City, and the way it crumpled. All you’re doing is wasting your time.”

“How can you say such a horrible thing?!” yelled Kori.

“Just telling you the facts.” sneered Masquerade “No one’s interested in saving that dump-heap, and as far as I see, those people brought it on themselves.”

The girls were feeling their bloods boiling.

“Why that low-down, dirty, ragged scoundrel!” grumbled Rarity.

“Sorry to say, but he does have a small point.” said Vic “No one is trying to help Jump City bounce back.”

“But… but… why would they do such a thing?” asked Fluttershy “Don’t they know people are starving or ailing?”

The Titans all hesitated to answer, and Masquerade taunted them, “Yes, go on, explain to them why your hometown is crumpling wreck it is now. I’d like to hear this myself.”

“No!” snapped Kori “First we duel, and then we’ll explain why.”

“Whatever,” said Masquerade “…It’s your move.”

Kori agreed and drew her sixth card, and she thought, “This should work. If I play my cards just right, I’ll be able to bring out my heavy hitter, and then I’ll show this guy a thing or two about respect.”

While she thought about this, the thoughts and images of a large and shadowy creature was shown behind her, but only she could see it, as it was her own thoughts.

“Now I activate a spell card in my graveyard; GALAXY CYCLONE.

By banishing it, I now can destroy one face-up spell or trap that’s on the field. So your Monarch World is about to go down in flames!”

A fierce cyclone emerged from Kori’s duel disk and bounded straight at the field spell image, vaporizing it and causing the images of the domain to shatter.

“Thank goodness,” sighed Fluttershy “Those shadows gave me the creeps.”

“And now that your field spell is gone,” said Kori “I play the spell RE-XYZ, which allows me to Xyz Summon an Xyz monster from my graveyard using creatures in the graveyard!”

Masquerade only grunted softly.

“I overlay Rigel and Ashlam. With these two level four monsters, I build the Overlay Network!”

The spirits of her two monsters appeared and worked their magic once more to bring forth an old friend of Kori’s.

“And just like that,” she hollered “Welcome back DARKTELLARKNIGHT BATLAMYUS!”

(Atk: 2600)

The girls were amazed.

“She just summoned back her Xyz Monster!” cried Pinkie.

“Yeah, but don’t forget,” Applejack pointed out, “That Skill Drain card is still in play, so it can’t use its special abilities.”

Robin only smirked, and the noticed his wife looking back and smirking at him, meaning she knew what she was doing.

Then she turned back to face her opponent.

“Now I’ll play a little field spell of my own, behold the power of the stars as I play HEXATELLARKNIGHT!”

The field began to transform again, this time taking on the form of a glowing field of light with images of knights on flying steeds hovering around all over the place.

“The power of this spell grants my Tellarknight Xyz monsters an additional 200 attack points for every overlay unit attached to them.”

She looked up at her monster, and its two units, which raised its attack right up to 3000!

“Is that supposed to scare me?” taunted Masquerade.

Kori only smirked “Maybe, and maybe I’ve got where that came from, because now I equip my monster with this-- STELLARKNIGHT ALPHA!

This spell not only protects my monster against your card effects, but it also boosts his attack up another 500 points.”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3500)

“Now let’s see you get out of this one! Batlamyus, attack now!”

Her monster complied and flew straight towards the monarch.

Masquerade chuckled “You fell right into my trap!”

“What?!” cried Kori.

“Activate WABAKOU! It prevents my monsters from falling battle, and I also take no damage either.”

Kori grunted, and the others were all outraged.

“I can’t believe he got out of that!” said Vic.

“That’s Masquerade for ya,” said Applejack “He always seems to be prepared for anything that may come his way.”

Pinkie sulked softly, “But still, Kori’s monster is stronger, and Masquerade’s monsters can’t use their own effects anyway.”

“Maybe,” agreed Twilight “But I wouldn’t count Masquerade out just yet. He’s always ready to make a bounce back at any time.”

Robin was softly muttered under his breath, “Come on, Kori, just hang in there. You can do this!”

“Anything else you’d like to do?” hissed Masquerade.

“Yes!” sneered Kori “I’ll lay one card facedown.

And now--”

“And now I play my other facedown card!” shouted Masquerade, “Activate POP-UP!”

“Huh?” cried Kori.

Masquerade snickered “If you were thinking of Xyz Summoning again, you’re mistaken, because this spell allows me to activate a field spell in my deck.

Can you guess which one that is?”

Kori shuddered softly.


The field was clouded in shadows as the light dimmed, and the two fields merged together to form a twisted and eerie looking landscape.

“Oh, no!” whimpered Fluttershy “Those creepy shadows are back.”

Raven was growing most annoyed with all her whimpering. “And she claims to be a superhero…” she muttered softly.

Masquerade was really pleased with his move, “Didn’t you hear what I said a few minutes ago? I saw your duels over the TV monitors, and I know your deck and your strategy.

You’ve made your deck so you can block many monster effects, and still find ways to use your own effects to your advantage.”

Kori growled and clenched her fist.

“I know what you were up to. You were planning to Xyz Summon a creature called STELLARKNIGHT CONSTELLAR DIAMOND, and you were planning to do that by using its own ability to use your Batlamyus and all of its overlay units.”

Kori was starting to sweat.

Masquerade nodded, “That’s what I thought.”

The others were all livid.

“That isn’t fair!” shouted Terra “He knows exactly what cards she uses, why, it’s practically cheating!”

“Yeah!” growled Pinkie, but alas all the others knew the truth.

“It’s not really cheating.” said Twilight “The TV monitors do give away what the duelists use after all. Anyone can see them.”

Spike smacked his forehead with his paw, “Ah, man!” he groaned “And Masquerade switches his deck around a lot so there’s no way to tell what he’ll throw at you until it happens; just like Flash warned us.”

Raven gazed over at Masquerade, “I hate to admit this, but he sure is slick and resourceful.”

“How is Kori supposed to beat him then?” asked Applejack.

“She’s not!” snapped Masquerade “Just like the rest of you kids, you should’ve run away while you had the chance.

I’m in this tournament to win it, just like all the many others I won beforehand, and nothing and no one is going to stop me!”

He seemed so furious, so determined to take Kori down-- like a person with a grudge.

Many of the other spectators were growing freaked out, and some of them left the area feeling this guy was way too creepy.

To Be Continued...

Episode 13: Part 2: A worthy cause?

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The girls and the Titans had never seen someone so full of hate, arrogance, and determination to take someone down.

Vic and Raven, again, tried to scan Masquerade with their powers and/or equipment, but were unable to do so as if something was blocking them out.

Twilight then gazed straight at the guy with great curiosity, but was also trying to get a good look at him almost like Raven and Vic were.

Spike knew what she was really doing, but he suspected she wasn’t going to get anything out of this either.

Masquerade then held his head trying to keep calm and not let his temper go over-the-top.

“Are you alright?” asked Kori.

“I’m fine!” he growled at her “You just worry about yourself!”

Masquerade LP: 7000

Kori LP: 6200

He drew his card.

“And I banish from the graveyard another PATHEISM OF THE MONARCHS!”

Kori remembered how he had discarded to play that card first time.

“You know how this goes.” he teased her “I choose three Monarch cards, you pick one, and it goes in my hand, but as usual I’ll just take three of the same kind so you’ll have no choice but to give me what I need.”

He showed her three identical, continuous spell cards, and knowing Kori would pick one of them anyway, he simply put it in his hand and shuffled the others back into the deck.

“Now I play my spell, MARCH OF THE MONARCHS, and as long as this spell in play, monsters I control that were tribute summoned can’t be targeted or destroyed by other card effects.”

Kori narrowed her eyes.

“While we’re at it,” hissed Masquerade “I use MYSTICAL SPACE TYPHOON to destroy your Skill Drain!”

“No!” cried Kori, but her trap shattered before her eyes, which unlocked monster effects again.

“And now I’ll tribute Raiza in order to summon EREBUS THE UNDERWORLD MONARCH!”

(Atk: 2800)

The new monster was extremely dark-looking, and nasty, even for Raven’s taste in darkness.

“Wait a minute,” Kori pointed out “That monster has eight stars. I thought you were supposed to use two monsters for that.”

Masquerade snickered “Pitiful as always!”

Kori growled.

“I can summon this monster simply by offering a tribute-summoned monster lie Raiza.

Oh, and since he was summoned, I can now send two different Monarch cards from my deck to the graveyard.”

He grabbed his two cards and tossed them instantly.

“And now, my Monarch’s special ability activates, which allows me to Shuffle one card on the field into your deck!”

Kori’s eyes widened, and watched as her beloved Xyz monster was sent away, back to her Extra Deck!


“No, Kori!” cried Robin.

“She’s wide open!” cried Twilight.

Rarity felt faint!

Masquerade shouted to his monster, “Erebus, attack directly!”

The monarch lunged forth, and ready to strike.

“No!” shouted Kori “I activate the trap XYZ REBORN! This brings back my Stellarknight Delteros, and gives it an Overlay unit.

And it also gains a power bonus from my Hexatellarknight!”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 2700)

“No matter,” scoffed Masquerade “Your monster is still weaker than mine, and my own field spell makes my monarch stronger when it fights a monster.”

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 3600)

The monster headed straight at Kori’s newly resurrected monster.

“Too bad it won’t work.” said Kori “My Hexaterallerknight has one other power; when a Terllarknight Xyz monster is targeted for an attack, I just send one tellarknight card from my hand to the graveyard, and I can negate the attack!”

Surely enough, the attack was stopped.

Masquerade growled softly behind his mask.

“Whew!” cried Pinkie “That was too close.”

“You’re telling me.” agreed Applejack.

Even Kori was relieved that she managed to avoid disaster.

“Fine,” said Masquerade, “I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

“It’s my turn,” said Kori “I draw…!”

She liked what she had, and she looked over at Robin with a proud look on her face.

Her husband nodded at her.

“Now,” she shouted “I summon SATELLARKNIGHT ALTAIR!”

(Atk: 1700)

“And when she’s summoned, I can bring back Vega from the graveyard.”

(Def: 1600)

“And when Vega is summoned, she allows me to summon one Stellarknight form my hand, so come forth, SATELLARKNIGHT CAPPELA!”

(Atk: 1100)

Everyone looked in amazement at Kori’s field of four monsters. Some of them began to chatter…

“She’s got this won.”

“No way Masquerade can beat her now.”

Masquerade only remained calm and thought, “That’s right, keep telling yourselves that. It’ll only make my crushing her all the sweeter like she deserves to be.”

Terra kept gawking at him and how he was keeping so still and calm after he almost had a complete meltdown, and his rudeness towards others, and scoffing at noble causes like saving Jump City…

“This guy really has a lot of issues.” She thought “It’s almost as if he hates humanity itself, but why? What drives him to behave this?”

Masquerade noticed she was gawking at him and snapped, “What are you looking at?”

She winced, and then narrowed her eyes at him in anger.

Kori didn’t like his attitude, and cleared her throat gaining his attention.

“I activate Cappella’s special ability. Since I have three Tellarknights, if I plan to Xyz Summon with them, I can make their levels become 5!”

Surely enough, each of her monsters gained a level.

“Aren’t you forgetting?” hissed Masquerade “You can’t summon form your Extra Deck because of my Domain card!”

“Oh, I’m aware.” replied Kori “That’s why I use Delteros’ ability, by using it’s overlay unit, I can target one card on the field and destroy it, so your field spell’s about to be vanquished once again!”

Masqerade growled softly, and watched as his field card was destroyed, and the shadows went away once again.

“Perfect!” cried Rarity “Now she is able to Xyz Summon again.”

“Tell us something we don’t already know.” grumbled Raven.

The girls sneered at her.

Kori raised her hand up high, “I overlay my three level 5 Tellarknights to build the Overlay network!”

All three of the monsters leapt into the portal, and the in a great streak of light, Kori summoned a great big monster of such power and glowing.


(Atk: 2700)

“And don’t forget her power-boost from my field spell.”

(Atk: 2700) -----> (Atk: 3300)

The girls gazed in awe at the sight of the new monster.

“Way to go, Kori!” Robin hollered.

“Booyah! Girl’s cookin’ with gas now!” added Vic.

Masquerade was only slightly impressed. “So you managed to summon your top-contender after all.”

Kori nodded, “My friends and me, we really studied hard to compete in this tournament. We studied and practiced at Duel Monsters for several months until we felt we were ready, and that’s how I stacked my deck just right so it would help me no matter what.

I now play the spell XYZ-GIFT! It lets me detach two overlay units from my Constealler, and then I can draw two cards.”

Once she drew her cards, She entered her battle phase, “Constellar Diamond, attack and destroy Erebus!”

Her monster complied, and lunged for the Monarch.

“Nice try!” said Masquerade.


“I activate the trap, ESCALATION OF THE MONARCHS!”


Masquerade snickered “This allows me to tribute summon even if it isn’t my turn.

So, I’ll tribute Erebus, in order to summon ZABORG, THE MEGA MONARCH!”

(Atk: 2800)

His new monster roared and pounded its big chest as lightning bolts struck all around it.

“Why summon that?” asked Kori “It’s still weaker than my monster.”

“And you said you studied the game.” he mocked “When Zaborg is tribute summoned, his ability lets me destroy one monster you control.”

“Ah!” cried Kori, and she gawked up at her Constellar Diamond.

“And there’s one other thing,” hissed Masqerade “Since your monster happens to be a Light-Type, this means that we both will have to send monsters from our Extra Decks right to the graveyard equal to your monster’s level or rank.”

Kori whimpered.

“But then again,” said Masquerade “I don’t even have an Extra Deck, so you’ll be the only one losing cards.”

“No!” shouted Kori “I won’t let this happen, so I play from my hand the quick-play spell STELLARKNIGHT SKYBRIDGE!

It lets me take my Contellar and sends it back to the Extra Deck!”

Her monster vanished just in the nick of time.

“Then, I get to summon one Tellarknight monster from my deck, and I choose SATELLARKNIGHT SIRUS!”

(Atk: 1600)

“When this monster is summoned, I can take five Tellarknight monsters out of my graveyard and shuffle them into my deck, and then I can draw one card.”

She did just so and now she had three cards in her hand.

“So you dodged me again?” teased Masquerade “Do you actually plan on winning this duel? I don’t think so. All you’ve done up to now is just waste my time!”

Kori glared furiously at him, and her eyes glowed brightly with rage “You’ll think differently, thanks to the card I just drew…”

She held her card up high “Take this-- the quick-play spell, EGO BOOST!”

“Ah!” cried Masquerade.

“Now, by the power of the stars, my monster’s attack increases by 1000!”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 3500)

Masquerade growled angrily.

“Ah, yeah!” hollered Pinkie “That’s the way to drain him out!”

“Masquerade ain’t going to get out of this one.”

Kori then called to her monster, “Attack, Delteros!”

Masquerade wasn’t able to block the attack this time.

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 2800)

Kapow! The mighty monarch had fallen, and its remains fled past Masquerade who was growling in outrage while his life points dropped!

Masquerade LP: 7000 -----> 6300

“And I’m not through yet!” hollered Kori “Siruis, attack him directly!”

Masquerade braced himself as the other monster came over and socking him hard in his arms, dealing him a full 1600 points.

Masquerade LP: 6300 -----> 4700

The crowds cheered for Kori, and figured she was something else altogether.

The girls were cheering wild as well, and even the Titans were shaking their fists high, while all Raven could do was smile ever so slightly, and barely visibly.

As the smoke cleared, Masquerade stood where he was, and he began to laugh loud and sinisterly.

“Why is he laughing like that?” Fluttershy asked in a wimpy voice.

Even Pinkie knew when the sound of laughter like that was not good in the least.

“What are you laughing at?” asked Kori.

He stopped laughing and glared at her through his mask. “…Nothing, absolutely nothing!”

Kori blinked once.

“You honestly think that just because you made a few lucky moves that you’ve cornered me?”

Kori did her best to keep her cool.

“Don’t listen to him!” called Robin

“He’s just full of hot air.” added Vic.

The others were not so sure, especially the girls.

Masquerade stared squarely at Kori, “You say you’ve been studying this game for months?”

“Yes,” answered Kori “What’s your point?”

Masquerade snickered, “You know, there’s a reason I became the master gamer that I am now. I studied more than just a few months, and I also don’t let petty things get in the way like emotions or, charity cases.

But most of all, I don’t let people get in my way and tell me what to do or how to do it!”

The girls and the Titans all felt lividly insulted and felt he was being very selfish and cold-hearted.

“Friendship, charities, helping people-- these things never got me anywhere.” sneered Masquerade “I discovered a long time ago the only real person you can depend on is yourself, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for nothing but lies and foolishness that will walk all over you.”

“That’s not true!” protested Kori “My friends and I have accomplished many things because we believe in each other, and we were always there to help one another.

Together, there’s not an obstacle that we can’t overcome.”

“You tell him, girl!” hollered Vic.

“We’re with you on that, sister.” added Applejack.

The others all agreed and cheered Kori on, but Masquerade could only scoff, “And just when I thought you all couldn’t be more pathetic!”

The gang’s features hardened.

“You claim that you can overcome any obstacle; is that why you’re here competing in a dueling tournament, just to save a crumpling city that can’t be saved and isn’t worth saving?”

Kori finally lost the last of her patience, “Shut up!” she thundered “How dare you say such things! I promise you, I’ll make you suffer for that!”

“Then what are you waiting for? It’s still your turn after all.”

Kori trembled with rage.

“Don’t let him get to you, Kori!” called Robin “He’s just trying to distract you! You can do this!”

His wife agreed, “I can, and I will defeat him!

I’ll start by bringing out my great monster once again!

I can activate its own special ability from my Extra Deck, and use my Delteros to call it out!”

Surely enough, the Overlay Network was recreated, and the monster vanished making way once more for Kori’s best creature.


(Atk: 2700) -----> (Atk: 2900)

“And I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

“And about time too!” balked Masquerade, and he drew his card.

“Now I’ll show you just how much my own ways get me as far as I need to be.

I activate the effect of a trap that’s in my graveyard, THE PRIME MONARCH!”

“What?!” cried Kori.

“By banishing one other Monarch spell or trap from my graveyard, I can summon this trap as if it were a monster.”

(Def: 2400)

The girls were astonished.

“He played a trap card as a monster?” asked Fluttershy.

“He can’t do that!” cried Pinkie Pie.

“Oh, sure he can.” said Twilight “There are number of special kinds of trap cards in the game that can actually be summoned as monsters, which help increase your options.”

The titans were also astonished. In all their months studying the game, they hadn’t seen anything like this before.

Masquerade snickered, Kori was smirking at him.

“That’s a pretty clever move, but unfortunately, I have my own facedown card,” she clicked on her duel disk to activate her card, but it wouldn’t activate.

“Huh? What’s going on?” she cried as she looked down at her duel disk screen, which kept flashing, “Error!”

Masquerade laughed, “Just as I predicted. You tried to activate TELLARKNIGHT GENESIS, didn’t you?”

Kori shuddered softly at how he was able to guess what her facedown card was.

Masquerade shook his head pitifully “I told you, I’ve seen your cards, and I know how they work.

You planned to use that card to destroy spells and traps I control up to the number of Tellarknights you have in play, but unfortunately for you my Prime Monarch card isn’t treated as a trap card while in its monster form, and therefore, you cannot activate your card, because you must destroy two cards on the field.”

Kori couldn’t believe this at all, nor could her friends.

“Well,” hissed Masquerade “At least I can still play my card, MONSTER RECOVERY!”

“Ah!” Kori cried.

“No!” shouted Robin.

The girls and the other titans watched nervously.

“Now I can add my “monster” back to my deck, and then I shuffle and draw five new cards.”

Kori was starting to sweat, much to his delight.


(Atk: 800)

“And when he is summoned, his special ability permits me to Tribute Summon in addition to my normal summon!”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” thundered Kori “My Constellar Diamond will put a stop to this by using its own ability.

When a Dark-Type monster activates its powers, by using one overlay unit, that monster’s effect is negated, and the monster itself is destroyed!”

Masquerade grunted as he watched his monster shatter in a cloud of darkness, just like that.”

The spectators all cheered for Kori, thinking she was in the clear now. Even her friends hollered from the sidelines.

“Way to go!” called Vic.

“She’s got him now!” added Applejack.

But Masquerade only chuckled, “Predictable as always.”

“Hmm?” said Kori

“You’re nothing but an amateur compared to me, and now I’ll show you why.

I activate the spell DARK WORLD DEALINGS. Now each of us draws one card, and then we discard one card.”

Kori didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing, but she was force to comply and did as she was told, still having only one card in her hand.

“Now then,” hissed Masquerade “I’ll activate Eidos’ ability.”

“You what?!” cried Kori.

“That’s right; he has more than one trick up his sleeve, just like me!

Now I banish him from the graveyard, which allows me to summon the monster I just discarded, since it has 800 attack points and 1000 defense points.


(Def: 1000)

Kori gawked at the little monster while Masquerade snickered.

“And when she is summoned, she allows me to summon a creature with the same attack and defense as she does from my deck!”

“Ah!” cried Kori.

“So, I think I’ll summon another Edios!”

(Def: 1000)

“I don’t believe this!” wailed Rarity “He’s really making a large comeback?!”

Masquerade called to her “Oh, I’ve got more than this planned. After all, since Edios was summoned, his ability allows me to Tribute summon once more!”

Kori clenched her fist nervously.

“I sacrifice both my squires in order to summon the card that’ll bring you down-- CAUIS THE MEGA MONARCH!”

The ground shook violently as dark smog burst up from below, and new monster appeared and roared out loud, frightening some of the spectators.

(Atk: 2800)

Kori looked up at the huge hulking beast, and Masquerade snickered, “I should tell you, when he’s summoned out, one card on the field is instantly banished!”

Kori looked down in front of her, and her facedown Tellarknight Genesis was shattered!

“Well, then…” hissed Masquerade “Now that I have nothing to hold me back, I’ll give my monarch are little spell for himself-- the equip-spell MEGAMORPH, which will double his attack power since my life points are lower than yours!”

Kori groaned as the monster became so incredibly strong!

(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 5600)

“Fifty-six hundred?!” cried Spike.

“This isn’t good!” added Twilight.

Masquerade then ordered his charged up monster to attack Constellar Diamond.

“No!” shouted Kori, and she quickly threw her last card to the graveyard “You forget, by discarding a Tellarknight from my hand, your attack is negated.”

Masquerade snickered, “Of course I do, and I was counting on it.”


“Thanks to you, I can play this from my hand, DOUBLE OR NOTHING!”

Kori gasped!

“No, not that!” cried Pinkie “What is that card anyway?”

“A very powerful spell!” answered Twilight “When a monster’s attack is negated, a player can use that card so that monster can attack once more, but its current attack power is doubled!”

Everyone gasped in extreme horror and watched as the monster gained so many attack points!!

(Atk: 5600) -----> (Atk: 11,200)

Kori stuttered and stammered at the sight of all that power.

Masquerade looked at her and dragged his thumb across his throat saying she was finished!


He monarch let out a huge roar and thrust its mighty fist forth, destroying Constellar Diamond in a massive explosion, and sending Kori sailing backwards, screaming and hitting the back of the arena.

…All her life points didn’t stand a chance!

Kori LP: 6200 -----> 0

“KORI!!” shouted Robin, and he leapt into arena, dashing to his fallen wife, followed by the others.

“Are you alright?” cried Rarity.

They helped Kori sit upright. She felt woozy and looked a little frazzled, but she was more upset than hurt.

She checked her duel meter, and she was back down to 5% while Masquerade had collected his 20% for winning, plus 5% for consecutively winning his second duel in a row, giving him a full 40% and that much closer to the finals.

He gawked at her and scoffed, “And you said there’s not an obstacle you can’t overcome with friendship, but this is what happens when an amateur goes against me.

…Later, Troq!”

Kori gasped, and felt as if a burning knife had struck her in the chest.

The other titans gasped hard as well, but the girls didn’t know what was just said.

“Why you--!!” Robin would have loved nothing more than to leap over and give Masquerade the beating a lifetime, but Masquerade had already left, and Vic held him back. “Dude… Dude, settle down! He’s not worth it!”

Robin could barely contain his rage, but even his wife reached up to him, “Dick, don’t… it won’t help.” her voice sounded very shaky, either from the duel wearing her out, or she was devastated from the insult.

“What did he just call her?” asked Applejack “Trek… Track…?”

“Troq.” replied Kori “It means “Nothing.”

The girls were confused, “If it doesn’t mean anything, why did he call you it?” asked Fluttershy.

“No,” said Raven “It means “She is nothing” He pretty much just called her “Worthless.”

The girls all gasped.

Kori nodded, “It’s an intergalactic slang used against alien races like mine—by those who feel we’re inferior, weak, and not worth much.”

The girls felt awful for Kori, and ever so outraged at Masquerade too.

Robin especially hated Masquerade now, and vowed he would pay… somehow!

Still, he and the other Titans couldn’t help but wonder how he could’ve possibly known the term “Troque?”

Still, for now, it was best not to think about; Kori needed a soda, and some time to recover from her shame and insult.

Terra was the only one still wondering about Masquerade, wherever he was. Never had she known a person so ruthless, so uncaring, and so mean!

“What is with that guy?” she wondered.

As for Masquerade, as he walked through the park, he thought silently as he clutched his chest, “That actually felt pretty good. I haven’t felt like this in years.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling so great lately.

We’ll see though.”

Epsiode 14: Past Mistakes of an Ailing City

View Online


On their way to the concession stands, the gang saw on the TV monitors that Rainbow Dash was dueling, and ordered her mighty Raid Raptors to crush her opponent, and she won her second and consecutive duel, earning her 40% as well.

“Well, looks like Rainbow did well.” said Fluttershy.

She still felt a little down that she was out of the tournament, and Rarity placed her hand on her shoulder sharing her pain and humiliation.

Her humiliation worsened when she looked up at another screen to see another duel had concluded, and the winner was Karle!

“Why that rotten, no-good, dirty--”

“Whoa, whoa, easy girl.” said Vic “What’s got you so worked up.”

“Oh, Rarity’s just upset because she lost to Karle,” said Pinkie.

“Pinkie Pie!” snapped Rarity, and the other girls gave her a bad look.

“What? That’s what happened.”

Spike looked up at the monitor showing a slight bit of happiness that Karle had won another duel and was closer to the finals, but Twilight gave him a small nudge telling him to be careful and tone it down.

Spike stayed down in her backpack.

“Um, I’ll catch up with you guys later.” Twilight said to the others “I have to head to the bathroom.”

Then she went off.

“Gee, she sure has been going an awful lot lately.” said Applejack.

The others all brushed it off and continued on.

Soon, Twilight rejoined them, and let Spike out of her backpack on his leash so he could walk around.

On her left hand, she seemed to have an unusual tan-line-- like from a ring-- around one of her fingers, which none of the others actually noticed.

Rainbow Dash joined them all as well.

“Ah, yeah…! Who’s the duelist?” she cheered for having won her duel, but her happiness soon turned sour when she learned that Kori had lost to Masquerade.

“Okay, not feeling so cool anymore.” she groaned. “Was he just as bad to you all?”

“Actually, I’d say he was worse.” said Applejack “…Like a big bear with a sore head, and an attitude to boot.”

The Titans were still livid with him too for disrespecting noble things like Friendship, Charity, and helping others.

Everyone sighed, still wondering what was up with that guy.

“Hey. What’s with the long faces?” called a familiar voice.

Everyone looked up, and Twilight couldn’t believe her eyes, “Bro?”

Shining Armor smiled from the other side of his cart of goods.

“What are you doing here?”

“What does it look like? School’s out and I need a summer job. I can’t sit at home all day.”

“Luckily, he has some help too.” said another voice, as his wife Cadance joined him wheeling her own cart of goods as well.

Suddenly she gawked at the other group, “Oh, my-- Are you…The Teen Titans?”

Robin put his hand up, “Just “Titans” actually, but yes we are.”

Cadance suddenly felt like a groupie girl meeting her favorite rock-band.

“This is so exciting! I can’t believe you’re really here-- all of you.”

“Neither can we.” grumbled Raven.

As expected, both Cadance and Shining Armor questioned what the super heroes were doing in the tournament.

“They’re trying to save their city.” said Spike “It’s all crumpling and falling down, and no one seems to want to help them.”

Cadance thought that was terrible, as did the rest of the Equestrian Gang.

“Haven’t you thought of asking the U.S Government to help you?” asked Shining Armor.

“Yes, and we did,” answered Kori “But they turned us flat down. All cities across the country did. They refused to help us and left Jump City to its fate.”

The girls gasped in horror.

“Is that what Masquerade meant when he said no one would help you?” asked Twilight.

The Titans all looked downhearted, revealing it was true. No city in the world, no charity, not even rich millionaires were willing to lift a finger to save Jump City and the ailing people still in it.

“But that… that’s…” Rarity just couldn’t find the words of how horrible that sounded.

“That’s why we’re here in this lousy tournament.” said Raven “All this fuss over a lousy card game? It’s so demeaning. So, childish! That’s why I’m not fond of being here or playing this game.”

The girls felt awful for the Titans.

“But why would no one want to help you?” asked Pinkie “If I was rich, I’d give you all the money you need, even money I didn’t have.”

Terra smiled and thanked her for it.

“Yeah, um, can we have an answer now?” asked Rainbow “Why isn’t anyone interested in helping Jump City?

Don’t tell me it’s because so many monsters and bad guys attack that place, I’ve heard the stories.”

“Nah, it’s nothing like that at all.” said Vic “J.C faced some of the meanest guys around, and in the end they always lost to us, and we all rebuilt and moved on.”

“But that, was the problem.” said Robin “The people of the city went too far with development, and renovation.”

To make the story easier to understand, Vic typed up on his wrist-com some old images of how Jump City looked over five years ago.

It once was a beautiful metropolis on the west coast of America. It had everything anyone could ever want-- shopping malls, dance clubs, a beautiful city park, an amusement park at the pier by the beaches-- despite the many bad guys and villains the Titans ever fought that threatened everything, it was a great place to live.

The images then showed of the Titans, with Beast Boy, and without Terra, battling their many foes—suffering great injury and getting along a little well.

Then the images stopped. Vic hadn’t record that much-- only the basics.

Terra was relieved he didn’t record her own history, feeling the girls wouldn’t understand even more, and really not wanting to reflect upon it again.

“That’s how you lived your lives?” asked Rainbow.

“What do you mean?” asked Kori.

“Well, that’s just it.” replied Rainbow “You’re hardly being praised or credited, or treated like the most popular people of all. What’s with that?”

“Yeah,” agreed Pinkie “We’ve saved the world just as much, and we’re well known throughout the world. I’ve forgotten the many birthdays I was invited to.”

“Oh, we get our recognition.” answered Vic “Signature T-shirts, coffee-mugs, action figures, like that, but that’s not what being a hero is about.”

“He’s right,” added Robin “Being a hero isn’t about praise and glory and fame, it’s about doing the right thing and helping others. A little congratulation here and there is fine, but don’t let it go to your heads.”

The girls still found it shocking.

“I never thought Super Heroes had it like that before.” said Rarity

“Well of course they do.” said Terra “Most of them don’t even choose to get powers or become heroes. It just happens, and usually at a terrible price.”

Raven nodded, “Being a hero and having super powers is more of a curse than a gift, and it’s usually Pain and Suffering that drives a hero to become one-- so others don’t have go through all that.”

Fluttershy felt like crying, “That’s so sad.”

Applejack patted her back softly, “But that doesn’t explain how your city got so messed up.” she said

“It was because of overdevelopment and renovation.” answered Robin.

He explained how he and the other Titans, along with their allies worldwide participated in a long battle against The Brotherhood of Evil.

Then upon their returning to Jump City, months later, they noticed all the many changes in the city.

-The video store they loved to buy and rent their movies and electronics from had closed down and was all boarded up.

-The Candy Store, Book Shop, Beauty Salon, Auto-Parts store-- they were all gone to make way for a giant office complex.

-Even the amusement park had been abandoned and the city was planning to scrap it all and turn it into a shipping dock for boats.

“That doesn’t seem like much a reason for all this chaos.” said Cadance.

“Yeah, things are changing all the time, it’s how progress is made.” agreed Shining Armor.

“That’s what we thought too,” said Kori “We were all willing to accept and move on, and what was more-- we even were joining in with the changes, we helped support them.”

The story went on to say the Titans were getting involved in the big businesses involved in Jump City. They were planning to buy stock shares, start a few companies themselves, or make business deals.

They were all growing up, and felt it was time to start acting like adults-- let go of the past, and really do some honest work for the world.

Only, one of the Titans did not share this ideal-- Beast Boy.

He was infuriated with the changes, and refused to adjust or get over that the world was changing and he had to grow up.

He wouldn’t even accept offers of a lifetime-- chances to make millions of dollars

“I’ll have no part of this business.”

“These changes are ridiculous. The city was doing just fine before they all happened.”

It was in vain that the Titans tried to reason with him that changes could be good, and that they could make dreams come true.

His response: “Changes can be good, but not these kinds. They are costing the city its soul, and I want no part of it! If anything, you guys should be with me than against me if you care.

I’m serious! The more the city changes the worse it’s going to get!”

More fights and more arguments ensued, which lead to silent treatments, cold-shoulders, and major falling outs.

The girls were shocked. This sounded like a serious problem between friends.

“Sounds like he was being selfish.” said Twilight “Only thinking of himself.”

“Is that why he ran away?” asked Fluttershy “Didn’t you ever try to make it up to him?”

“How could we?” asked Raven “He was so intolerable, we didn’t even care that he was gone, at least not then.”

Rainbow Dash began to feel this was getting out of hand, and she asked Terra “Why didn’t you say something about it?”

Terra hesitated and was feeling a great sickening feeling deep down inside her, “I… I wasn’t part of the team when that happened. I didn’t know Beast Boy left town, and when I found out, I was pretty upset.”

The others all looked at her shamefully, as if they knew something that wasn’t said yet.

Robin then sighed, “As the months passed, we all felt maybe we had been a little hard on him, and we wanted to apologize and maybe work this out…

But we had no idea where he had gone or what had happened to him. Vic couldn’t scan for him, and Raven wasn’t able to make psychic-contact with him, it was as if he didn’t want us to find him.”

The other Titans all looked down, and Terra looked on the verge of tears.

“He used to be so happy.” Terra said “He used to be smiling a lot, he would tell these great jokes, and get into a little mischief at times.”

Raven shook her head and muttered, “Why anyone likes him for that is beyond me.”

Rarity could see in Terra’s eyes, the very deep and fathomed emotion, and she dared to ask “Was there something special between you two.”

Terra nodded and confessed “We were close, very close.”

She told her story of how she was a runaway with unstable powers.

Then she met the Titans, and took quite a shine to Beast Boy. He gave her courage, extended trust to her, and was willing to help in any way that he could.

And when she thought he had betrayed her secret-- of her powers being unstable—she accused him of breaking his trust and just bailed on him.

Only to return months later, fully in control of her powers, but in reality she was a sleeper agent, sent by the Titans’ enemy, Slade.

Yet, in all that time, she and Beast Boy were really close, they even went on an actually date to the amusement park, but it was there the truth was revealed-- Terra was a traitor, and Beast Boy understandingly told her off, and she ran back to Slade.

The next time she appeared to the Titans, she was their enemy, and they fought madly, until Beast Boy confronted her and apologized for being wrong, and helped her fight for control over the madman’s grip on her.

Together, they defeated Slade, but the battle had caused an underground volcano to erupt, and would destroy the city.

Terra knew the only way to stop it, and ultimately redeem herself.

After bidding a tearful goodbye to Beast Boy…

“You were the best friend… I ever had.”

She unleashed so much of her geo-kinetic powers, that she petrified the entire volcano-- turning herself into a stone statue in the process.

Some of the girls had tears in their eyes for such a sad story.

“But what happened after that?” asked Spike.

Terra was nervous to say anything next, and even then, the second she opened her mouth to say anything, Twilight interrupted, “Wait, we’re getting off topic here.

I thought we were talking about why Jump City fell, not why Beast Boy left the team.”

The Titans concurred, and Robin explained, “As time went by, it turned out that Beast Boy was right.”

Beast Boy had warned the Titans about too many changes.

More and more places in Jump City were being demolish, closed down, or changed into something else.

-The dance club was converted into a warehouse for delivery storage.

-The video arcade and skate-park had been demolished and converted into a parking lot for yet another office building.

-The Titans’ favorite pizza joint was closed down and being converted to a travel-agency.

-Even the city park was being demolished to make way for a steel mill.

“Oh, my goodness!” cried Fluttershy “What about all the animals who lived there?”

“They were all captured and taken out of town.” answered Kori “But still, it was a horrible thing to finally realize.”

The Titans went on saying they tried to look for places-- like new pizza points, or fun places to hangout… but there weren’t any left.

Anything that was fun or relaxing had been absolved from the city, to make way for more industries, more workplaces, business, and other things that only involved work.

When Titans complained to the mayor of Jump City, it turned out he approved of all the changes, for he was a greedy man who really enjoyed profit, and felt that people needed to grow up and live in the real world.

“It’s time to leave childish things behind, and really make a difference.” he put it.

He was trying to turn the city in the world’s biggest and bustling place of business, and at the time, lots of people still agreed with all this, thinking it would cool to make so much more money.

But then things started going downhill.

The children of Jump city were miserable! No place to have fun or hangout. Nothing to do but work-work-work!

Rather than appeal to the understanding of a child’s point of view, the mayor had declared a new law: That no one under the age of 14 was allowed to live in Jump City. Too young to work and have jobs.

“Okay, this is officially sickening!” groaned Rainbow.

“How despicable!” agreed Rarity.

Pinkie held herself back to keep herself from puking. “If my town started to turn like that, I’d have high-tailed it out there immediately.”

“That’s what some of the people began to do.” said Vic. “Many of them had families of little ones, and it was either kick them out of the city so you can stay and make loads of dough, or be kicked out with them.”

“Not like they had much of a choice either.” added Raven “Many homes and old apartments were being demolished to make new roadways, strictly for employees of the big businesses.”

The Titans went on saying that more and more people fled Jump City, angry at the disgrace it had become.

They themselves had to stay behind, as this was their jurisdiction, and they had to stay to fight crime, which had also gone downhill.

The city had become so boring, most kinds of villains saw no reason to even try and cause mayhem. Others simply didn’t bother because of the Titans, having had crossed paths with them before, and deeming them undefeatable due to the many feats they had accomplished and all the large enemies they had beaten before.

By the time the people, or the mayor himself had realized the mistakes they had made with all their greed and foolishness, it was too late. The damage was irreversible!

So many people had fled the city that business was starting to decline due to lack of workers, and the inability to keep up.

As a result, businesses went bankrupt; including the Titans’ stocks and deals, and the entire city had fallen into serious decline!

Buildings were abandoned, and dilapidated.

Streets fell into disrepair and were full of potholes and crevasses making them dangerous to drive along, not that it mattered, gasoline and fuel had become scarce due to the lack of power and funding.

Cars couldn’t work. Neither could boats nor aircraft. This meant that all people remaining in the crumpling city were forced to stay and live in the poverty that was created.

Jump City was surrounded by ocean, and desert. Just the very thought of attempting to escape on foot or swim was suicidal.

Very few places of work and industry were still available-- low-class jobs that offered less than minimum wage, such as fast food, demolition, or security.

The city was a broken mess, and it was all because of peoples’ greed and selfishness, not to mention the price people had paid for change.

The Titans still remained behind to try and breed life back into the city and maintain order so the people wouldn’t start wailing on and looting from each other.

Vic couldn’t build all the things had in Titans’ tower-- solar panels, high tech gizmos and gadgets-- due to lack of raw material, underfunding, and inability to secure any as he couldn’t leave the city or abandon his peace duties.

Food in the town was very hard to come by, so each Titan took turns venturing forth in search of ways to revitalize Jump City and save the people.

The others did the same by writing letters to other cities and even the U.S government to help them recover, only to be horribly rejected every time!

Worldwide news of Jump City’s blunder and decline had outraged so many people across the country, not to mention survivors who had fled the city before the big crash, and taken up new lives in said states and towns confirmed this.

No one was obligated to or wished to help the people or the city at all.

“You brought this on yourselves!”

“Why should we help you? You’ll just abuse the power like you did before.”

“You forced me and my family to run out of town!”

Even the president of the United States declared his unwillingness to aid and assist in the people’s cry for help.

“Though it is against my basic and moral principles, the fact remains: the people of Jump City turned whole lives upside down, destroyed environments, and endangered many people more for the sake of greed and stupidity.

We shall leave Jump City as it stands, as a reminder of the mistakes people have made, and while it is true, the march of progress must continue forth, there is such a thing as going too far and being consumed by baffling urges such as greed and power.”

Even millionaires or rich tycoons like Bruce Wayne weren’t willing to help, and they could spare large sums like pocket-change.

“This isn’t my mess, and I refuse to clean it up.”

“These people dug their own graves. I’ll save my money for those who really need it, other than greedy folks that abuse power.”

So the city remained as it was-- ailing, crumpling, and the people continued to live in the darkness they had created.

It was only a matter of time before the people starting fighting each other for food, profits, valuables, things like that.

The Titans knew order had to be maintained, so they took charge of the city as the new High Council.

Robin was Mayor, and he and Starfire got married and started calling each other by proper name.

Raven helped the sick and injured by using her powers to heal them, and Vic continued all he could to make the best of whatever materials he could find within the city limits and devise ways to help the people.

-A small conversion unit to turn ocean water into drinking water, or capturing rain water in vast quantities.

-Growing vegetables in small farmyards to help feed the people.

Terra eventually rejoined the Titans as a permanent member, and she used her powers to help fix up the roads or clear away crumpling debris.

The city was still in serious decline, and needed funding and aid from the outside world.

The High Titan Council realized they would have to bring in money from other sources since the Americans would not help.

That’s how they found out about the Friendship Cup Duel Monster’s tournament and its prize of One-Million dollars, which they could desperately use.

So they began to study and practice the game, and called up their friends-- The Titans East-- to watch over Jump City while they were away.

They all entered the tournament to increase the odds of at least one of them winning it all and claiming the prize.

Then they could invest it in stocks from other nations, gamble a little at casinos, which they hoped would help increase it and make vast fortunes that would be enough to restore Jump City to the metropolis it once was-- filled with a balance of work and play once more.

…The rest was history.

All the Titans were looking downhearted and ashamed, knowing they played a small part in the collapse of their city by making deals and going along with the renovations.

The girls, Spike, and the two adults were positively flabbergasted.

At first they were shocked and appalled by the fact that Jump City was in danger, but now they knew why, they didn’t really know what to think!

Some of them thought back to what Masquerade had said during the duel…

“There’s no sense in saving a city that people don’t even want to save. You’re just wasting your time.”

Rainbow decided “I’ll still help you. I’m not going to let that creep get the better of us.”

Even though it sounded like she was only doing it to get back at Masquerade, she really meant it.

“So the people made some mistakes. That’s no reason to leave them to suffer like that.”

“You’re right!” agreed Pinkie “I can’t stand by and see so many frowns when I could be seeing smiles.

I’m in too.”

Rarity and Fluttershy, though out of the tournament, agreed to help all they could.

“We can start charity donations.” said Fluttershy “Help the animals and the people.”

“Quite right!” agreed Rarity “And I can donate half of the earnings of the outfits I sell to the noble cause.”

Applejack and Twilight offered to help too, Applejack planned to just donate whatever she could, and raise donations, but Twilight didn’t bother to say what she had planned how to get the money.

Spike had an idea of what she was up to, and while he approved of the thought, he still didn’t like the way she was going at it, especially for the initial reason.

“You can count on us.” said Shining Armor.

Cadance agreed “We’ll do whatever we can to help.”

Robin looked up smiling rather lovingly at them all, “Thank you.”

The others all felt the same, and even Raven, she was actually smiling properly too.

Terra on the other hand was the only one still lost in deep thought, and looking rather sad as she gazed down at a single card from her deck.

Not even when her duel disk began to notify her that her net duel was being selected did she even stir.

Pinkie poked her couple of times, and still she didn’t even flinch. If anything, two tears fell from her eyes just missing the card in her hand.

Pinkie then blew a party noise maker just in her face, actually surprising her out of her trance. “Whoa! What? What is it?”

“Wake up girl! You got a duel to take.” Vic said pointing at her duel disk.

Some of the others began to have their incoming duels as well-- Raven Applejack, Vic, and Pinkie.

There was no way the entire gang could be all together to give support in so many places at once.

Shining Armor and Cadance couldn’t come; they had their jobs to do.

So, it was decided the duelists would go their own separate ways, while those who weren’t dueling would remain behind, not to mention get some much needed snacks while they watched the duels on the park screens.

“Remember, we’re all in this together.” said Applejack “For Princess Twilight, and Jump City.”

“Booyah!” agreed Vic.

The other duelists agreed, and off they went in their own separate ways.

“I hope they all do well.” said Fluttershy.

“We all do,” agreed Kori, and she looked down at her own duel disk-- at the 5% she had on her duel meter.

She was starting to doubt that if she could catch up again or not, but she refused to give up knowing too much was at stake.

Her husband placed his hand over hers giving her comfort that she needed, which made her smile.


Sunset’s duel, aginast a random boy who had summoned a SATELLITE CANNON was coming to an end.

She called up to the magic Pendulum that was swinging above her head, between her Stargazer and Timegazer Magicians!

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monster!”

In a flash of light, she only summoned one monster that she needed, “There he is, ODD-EYES PENDULUM DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2500)

The mighty dragon roared loudly.

“Ha!” remarked the opponent “That dragon is Level 7. My Satellite Cannon can’t be destroyed by monsters Level 7 or below.”

Sunset only smirked, “I don’t need to destroy your monster, I just have to hit it, especially with its attack at Zero.”


“And thanks to Odd-Eyes’ special ability, you’ll take double the damage from my own attack!”

The boy began to panic, realizing he wouldn’t survive such an attack with only 4900 life points left.

“No, there must be something I can do!” he panicked “I know-- my face-downs.”

“Sorry,” called Sunset “My two magicians in the pendulum zone prevent you form activating spells or traps during the battle phase.”


Sunset then called to her mighty dragon, ordering it to take flight and wipe out the Satellite. It did so in one blaze of its fiery breath.

KAPOW!! The mighty machine exploded, and Sunset’s opponent took a huge 5000 points of damage, wiping him out, and earning Sunset another victory.

“Wow! You’re good.” said the opponent.

Sunset winked at him, “Not so bad yourself.”

The two bid each other a friendly goodbye, and Sunset walked off with 40% on her duel meter.

“I didn’t think I was going to win that one.” she thought to herself, and she looked at her duel disk-- right at her Extra Deck, “Strange, none of the other blank cards revealed themselves to me, but why?”

She decided not to worry about it now. She was wondering more how the others were doing and decided to go find them.

Episode 15: Magic Tricks

View Online


Pinkie Pie’s duel was being held right by a gift shop where people could get all kinds of souvenirs-- T-Shirts, caps, mugs, small toys-- the usual.

“Okay!” Pinkie said to herself as she put a sweatband around her head, cracked her knuckles and readied her duel disk, “Bring on whoever it is, and I’ll give them a show to remember.”

Then she remembered that she was alone, and none of her friends were there with her, which made her a little bit sad, but she remembered the promise made-- that everyone would be watching.

She had to focus now, and she stood ready to duel.

“It’s show time…!” she called out, but she found that her opponent was still nowhere to be scene.

“Hello?” she called “Opponent, where are you?”

Then she grabbed a megaphone out of hammer space and yelled “HEY!! ANYONE SEEN MY OPPONENT ANYWHERE?”

Many of fairgoers felt shaken by her sudden outburst, but suddenly, there was a huge puff of smoke coming from the shop entrance, and there, dressed in her usual wizard garbs was Trixie.

Her sudden appearance and the smoke alerted many fairgoers and spectators to start huddling around.

“I am The Great and Power Trixie!” she announced “I am the mistress of magic, the idol of illusion, and the soon-to-be champion of this Duel Monsters tournament.”

She stood with her arms out and her cape fluttering in the wind expecting applause, but all she got was a crowd full of chatting people thinking she was showing off way too hard.

Now she just felt plain embarrassed.

“Hey, come on!” Pinkie called to everyone “I think she’s got great enthusiasm, and I’m going to duel her. We’ll both give you a show you won’t forget.”

Much as Trixie appreciated the gesture, she merely scoffed “The Great and Powerful Trixie works best alone. I need no assistance to bedazzle the crowds and bring excitement of awes.

Prepare yourself, for my grand finale promises to make your hopes and chances of winning vanish into thin air.”

Pinkie, being Pinkie, felt excited by such words and jumped up and down giddily, “How are you going to do that? Tell me.”

Trixie raised an eyebrow and couldn’t believe the way she was behaving like this was some sort of joke.

“You dare laugh at me? Well, let’s start dueling and then we’ll see who laughs at whom.”

“Fine by me,” said Pinkie “At least everyone will be happy.”

The crowd seemed to applaud Pinkie’s optimism, much to Trixie’s annoyance, but the two girls were ready, and set, and both seemed to take positions like standing on a stage, and both shouted, “LET THE SHOW BEGIN!!


Pinkie LP: 8000

Trixie LP: 8000

“Let the true star go first.” said Trixie, and she drew her five cards.

“I shall use my magic powers to make two creatures appear within the Pendulum Zone-- Scale 2 MAJESPECTER UNICORN-KIRIN and Scale 5 MAJESPECTER RACCOON-BUNBUKU!”

Her two monsters appeared in the light, and the pendulum began to swing.

Pinkie gawked at the two monsters while thinking, “Those monsters don’t have any Pendulum Effects. What is she up to?”

“And now…” shouted Trixie “The Great Trixie shall use her magic to Pendulum Summon as many level 3 and 4 creatures as she needs.”

Three shots of light rained down from the sky, and her three monsters appeared.




All the monsters made funny little noises, and Pinkie they were cute and adorable.

“Aww, Hi there.” she cooed at them, and the monsters actually acted shy and embarrassed-- even though they were just holograms!

Trixie’s lips curled into a sneer, “Marvel at them if you will, but the magic is not through. Each one of my creatures activates their special abilities due to being summoned.”

All three Majespecters began to glow.

“My Crow allows me to add one Majespecter Spell card from my Deck to my Hand.”

With that, she flicked through the selection menu on her screen and chose her very card, which popped straight out from her deck for her to take it, and once she had it, the deck automatically shuffled.

“I choose MAJESPECTER STORM, but I shall worry about it later.

For now, my Fox allows me to ensnare a Majespecter Trap Card.”

She grabbed her next card, “Excellent-- MAJESPECTER GUST!”

Pinkie was starting to feel her enthusiasm beginning to shake.

“And finally,” hollered Trixie “The specialty of my Toad allows me to instantly set one Majestpecter Spell or Trap on the field straight from the deck.”

“What?!” snapped Pinkie “Just set it like that.”

“Yes, and I choose MAJESPECTER TORNADO.”

The card just instantly appeared right before her.

“That shall do for now. My turn is complete.”

Pinkie drew her card, and then her lips curled into a smile. “That was a pretty neat move. I can’t wait see what else you can try.”

Trixie blinked once, still baffled at Pinkie’s optimism, and she thought silently, “You have not yet begun to see the magic and mystery that my deck can unleash.”

She then gazed at all the spectators whom still seemed to be paying more attention to Pinkie than herself, and she was the magical one here.

“I will win this duel.” Trixie thought “And I shall continue to win every duel and bedazzle the crowds, so that, finally, I will gain the respect and viewing public I richly deserve.”

Pinkie looked at her six cards, and liked what they were. Then she held out her arms and addressed to the people, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to perform for you a little magic of my own. So prepare to be wowed!”

Trixie was unimpressed, but Pinkie made her move.

“I set the Pendulum Zone with Scale 2 PERFORMAPAL CAMELUMP, and Scale 8 PERFORMAPAL SKULLCROBAT JOKER!”

Just like before, the two monsters rose up into the light, forming the Pendulum in between.

“Now I get to Pendulum Summon as many monster monsters from levels 3 through 7 as I need.”

She summoned three monsters…




All her monsters roared, clicked, and growled before the crowds, which earned them thunderous applause, much to Trixie’s irate.

“Thank you, Thank you!” Pinkie hollered “Now that the welcome wagon is here, let’s perform a little magic of our own.

Starting off with Gold fang! Since he was special summoned, all my Perfomapals gain an extra 200 attack point boost for this turn.”

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2000)

(Atk: 2200) -----> (Atk: 2400)

“You call that magical?” scoffed Trixie.

Pinkie snickered, “Sure do… but I’m not through yet, because now I activate Camelump’s Pendulum ability-- by targeting my King Bear, all of Trixie’s monsters now grow weaker by 800 defense points!”

“Ah!” cried Trixie.

(Def: 1500) -----> (Def: 700)

(Def: 1000) -----> (Def: 200)

(Def: 500) -----> (Def: 0)

“But that’s not all,” teased Pinkie “Now my Kaleidoscorp uses his ability, one that allows my King Bear to attack every special summoned monster my opponent controls.

And by the way, Camelump’s Pendulum ability also makes it so that if my monster attacks a defending monster, then my opponent will get hit with piercing damage!”

Trixie growled, and then Pinkie entered her battle phase.

“Now King Bear, let’s give the people a good performance, Wipe out all those monsters, and swipe up Trixie’s life points!”

Her bear roared, and bounded straight for the opposing monsters.

“And by the way…” Pinkie hollered “When King Bear attacks, his power increases by 100 points for every Perfomapal monster I have.”

(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 2700)

With attack power that high, Trixie was bound to lose some serious points with all her monsters so weak, but she was prepared for this.

“Not so fast!” she shouted “You seem to have forgotten about the trap I had played-- MAJESPECTER TEMPEST!”

“Oh, I didn’t forget.” said Pinkie “I just wasn’t worried because my King Bear can’t be destroyed by traps.”

Trixie smirked, “Then perhaps it is fortunate for me I am not destroying it!”


“My trap requires me to tribute my Toad Gama, and then I may banish one monster you control!”

“Banish?!” cried Pinkie, and much to her horror, her beloved bear vanished off the field before it could finish its attack!

The crowd seemed surprised and upset by it all too.

“I can’t believe it.”

“She would’ve made a huge dent in those monsters.”


The booing was thrown at Trixie, which really angered her.

“Hey! Don’t boo her.” Pinkie called “She pulled off a really neat move there.”

“I am used to this sort of treatment.” groaned Trixie.

Pinkie gawked at her.

“I try and I try to earn the respect of those around me, and in the end I am seen no more than a lowly fink-- a fraud that couldn’t please even a circus of laughing people!”

She referred to her attempts to show off as an amateur magician and illusionist-- performing sleight-of-hand magic tricks, and escape stunts.

While some were fairly impressed by her skill, many others were far from-- claiming they understood how the tricks were performed and giving them away which resulted in fewer people showing interest in not only Trixie’s shows, but Trixie herself.

Pinkie felt very sorry for Trixie.

“You should feel sorry!” Trixie balked “All that I ever hear these days is how powerful and enchanting the Equestria Girls are, and their “real magic”

Well I refuse to be the figure of ignorance and playing second-fiddle.

I am here to show the people what I can really do.

So continue your move!”

Pinkie could see straight through Trixie now, and as much as she understood the frustration and apparent loneliness she was feeling, she had a great idea of the main cause of most of her trouble-- her overbearing attitude and her need to show off.

“Trixie, listen to me…” but Trixie cut in, “I am not interested in what you say or do, other than finishing your move.”

Pinkie frowned angrily, but thought calmly, “Well, it looks like I’ve really got my work cut out for me. Trixie really needs to learn to chill and have fun, and I’m going to give it to her.”

She cleared her throat, “Sorry about the delay folks, now on with the show!

Since my lead performer just took a sudden lunchbreak, I guess it’s up to his backup crew.

Gold Fang, attack and destroy the Crow!”

(Atk: 2000) VS (Def: 700)

Trixie couldn’t stop the attack this time, and her monster was brutally destroyed, but of course she didn’t lose any life points, and her monster was sent to the Extra Deck.

“Are you finished imposing yet?” asked Trixie.

Pinkie snuffed “I’ll throw one card facedown, and now I’m finished. So it’s intermission time.”

“Intermission, Ha!” scoffed Trixie “Let me show you how a real performance is made.

I draw…!”

She didn’t like the card she had drawn, “I’m going to need more than this if I am to take this imitation of a performer down.

Luckily, every good magician keeps a trick or a card up her sleeve.”

Being the sneaky girl she was, she performed a very slippery trick in which it seemed she was grabbing the card she just drew, but what the people couldn’t see was she had actually swapped it out for another card she was keeping under the cuffs on her sleeve.

“And now,” she hollered “The Great and Powerful Trixie will wow you with the magic of DARK HOLE!”

“Ah!” Pinkie yelped.

“The magic of this powerful cosmic force shall obliterate every monster that is in play!”

The swirling black hole appeared above the field, actually making everything go dark as all the monsters were sucked up into the menacing vortex and were gone.

The powerful explosions and the sight of the vortex caught the attention of Sunset, whom was passing by on her way to rendezvous with the rest of the group.

“What’s going on over there?” she wondered.

Well, of course she knew it was a duel, and she couldn’t resist to see who was dueling, and she didn’t even have to go over there…!

A TV monitor showed her the duel.

“Pinkie Pie…!”

The blast had ceased and the field was clear of all monsters, but not for long.

Trixie spread out her cape declared, “And now I invite you all to marvel in the wonders that is The Great and Powerful Trixie, and she magically makes her monster’s reappear, through the magic of Pendulum Summoning!”

In a bright flash, all three of her monsters returned to the field.




“They’re back!” cried Pinkie, and then immediately she began to clap with glee. “This is so exciting!”

Trixie gnashed her teeth softly, “Ahem!

Now that my monsters have been summoned yet again, their special abilities allow me to gain more cards.

“With my Crow, I add to my hand the spell MAJESPECTER CYCLONE!

With my Fox, I shall take the trap MAJESPECTER TEMPEST!

And the aid of my Toad shall let me set the trap MAJESPECTER TORNADO on the field yet again!”

Pinkie grumbled softly. “This is incredible.” she thought “Not only did she re-summon all her monster’s but she’s strengthened her hand with a whole load of cards, and I know what that Tornado card does already too.”

Trixie snickered, and also felt relieved that no one suspected the trick she had just pulled, and she entered her battle phase.

“Now I attack you directly with my Crow!”

The crow cawed loudly and flew straight for Pinkie like a missile.

“Nice try,” called Pinkie “I have a trap too-- PERFOMAPAL PINCH HELPER!”

“What?!” snapped Trixie.

“Now I get to negate your monster’s attack, and summon one Performapal from my deck, with effects negated.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the ever faithful, and cute to the bone, PERFORMAPAL SPLASHMAMMOTH!”

(Def: 2300)

The playful little elephant creature trumpeted and waved to the crowds, which thundered with applause.

Rather than be annoyed with the praise she was getting, Trixie only laughed wickedly.

“An amazing feat, but it shall not compare for next trick.


“Oh, no!” cried Pinkie.

“Oh, yes!” sneered Trixie, “Now by tributing my Crow to the Extra Deck, I am able to destroy your monster instantly!”

Pinkie watched as her monster got swept away by a menacing tornado, and it was gone.

Sunset saw the whole thing on the monitor.

“Hang tough, Pinkie Pie!”

Trixie cackled more like a witch than a wizard now, “And with that, I shall continue my assault with my remaining assistants.

Toad-Ogama, Fox-Kyubi…


The two remaining monsters gave Pinkie a tongue-lashing and head-bashing, and with their combined powers, she lost a good 2800 points!

Pinkie LP: 8000 -----> 5200

“Wow! That was a nice hit.” she said with glee.

Trixie’s eye twitched, “You’ve just lost more than a quarter of your life points, and you take it with happiness and joy?”

“Duh.” said Pinkie “I try to take all things with joy and smiles, and maybe you should too.”

Trixie blinked once, “I know all about smiles and joy. Why do you think I try to give them to the people, and yet they continuously treat me as a nightmare out of a hat?”

“Well, with an attitude like that, it’s no wonder they do.” said Pinkie “You need to make yourself happy before you can make others happy.”

“Enough!” bellowed Trixie “I will earn the respect I crave in my own way, by taking you down in this duel.”

She placed two cards facedown, ending her turn.

“Make your move so that I may continue to bedazzle my public.”

Pinkie scowled, but drew her card. “I’m not beat yet.” she said in thought “Somehow I will get through to her, and make her realize her approach of things is wrong.”

She gazed at her one card, and then carefully considered what she was up against.

She knew the Majestpecter Tornado would banish one monster she played, and she also knew there were two other traps on the field, but she didn’t know what they did.

She only knew that with her Skullcrobat Joker in the Pendulum Scale, the summoning of her monsters couldn’t be negated, so it was still safe to summon.

“Well, I guess sometimes they best way to learn all about a trap is to set it off.” she thought.

She pretended to stand in spotlight, taking the stage. “And now folks, for Act Two, my monsters shall reappear before your eyes, and just as better than ever.

…I Pendulum Summon!”

Four flashes of light shot down as her monsters appeared.





The audience cheered-- astonished that she summoned that many monsters at once-- and Pinkie bowed to her public, much to Trixie’s irate.

“Just you wait!” she thought angrily “No one upstages me!”

“Now, I activate Splashmammoth’s ability.” said Pinkie “He allows me to Fusion Summon without using a fusion card.”

“I think not!” snapped Trixie “I activate the trap MAJESPECTER TORNADO!”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes.

“Once again,” Trixie hollered “I tribute my Crow which banishes your Splashmamoth out of sight!”

Pinkie watched, and her mammoth let out a mournful trumpet as it went away.

“Aww…!” Pinkie groaned “You didn’t have to do that. I was just try have some fun.”

Trixie only flicked her hat and looked smug.

“Well,” snapped Pinkie “There’s still something else I can do, I tune my Level 2 Odd-Eyes Synchron with my Level 4 Gold Fang!”

Trixie watched as the two monsters transformed into beads of light and merged together forming the new monster.

“I Synchro Summon…” Pinkie hollered “Ladies and Gentlemen, a big welcome to my friend METAPHYS HORUS!”

(Atk: 2300)

The monster spread out its shining wings, wowing the crowds in its lamination.

But then, Trixie snickered, “You have just played into my second trap.”



“What does that even do?”

Trixie smirked, “Watch now if you will, as the power I have unleashed will transport my Unicorn-Kirin out of the Pendulum Zone to here on the field.”

With that, her monster leapt down from the light, landing right next to her.

(Atk: 2000)

“Ta-da…! And now that my assistant has made his appearance, he will show your monster to the exit!”


“I activate Unicorn-Kirin’s special ability, which requires two volunteers-- My Raccoon-Bunbuku, and your Horus…

With a simple count to three-- 1… 2… 3… and POOF!!” the second she said that, the two monsters vanished off the field.

“And there you have it! My creature is back in my hand, and yours is back in the Extra Deck.”

Pinkie was finding it harder to maintain her cool.

“Ah, well. The show must go on, and it will. I still have my other two performers.

…Gold Fang and Kaleidiescorp!

Gold Fang still gained 200 attack points when he was summoned.”

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2000)

“And now I get to use Kaleidiescorp’s ability, which will let my Gold Fang attack all your monsters at once!”

“I think not!” snapped Trixie.

“Oh, no, not again!” groaned Pinkie.

“Activate MAJESPECTER TEMPEST! All I am required to do now is tribute my Toad-Ogama, and the power of your monster is negated, and the creature shall be destroyed!”

Pinkie’s monster exploded in a flash and went straight to the Extra Deck.

“No problem.” said Pinkie “At least I still have my Gold Fang.”

Trixie grunted, knowing she couldn’t stop the attack this time.

“Go, Gold Fang, attack Fox-Kyubi!”

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 1500)

Trixie shielded herself from the shockwaves with her cape and growled as her life points dropped.

Trixie LP: 8000 -----> 7500

“Why you…!”

But the crowd seemed to enjoy it, and cheered for Pinkie.

“That’s’ showing her!”

“Way to stick it to the show off!”

More and more taunting from the spectators really made Trixie turn red with rage!

Pinkie didn’t like this one bit.

“Stop! Stop it!” she hollered to the crowd “Don’t tease her. She and I are fighting and awesome duel here. Can’t you be happy for both of us?”

The people began to laugh at her.

“Is she for real?”

“She’s actually defending the fink?”

Pinkie couldn’t believe her ears.

“You see how it is.” said Trixie “No one ever respects me! No matter how hard I try, I can never gain the public I desire, while you, on the other hand, are simply rewarded for your smiles and your partygoers.”

“That’s not true.” protested Pinkie “Well… I mean, I guess it is a little true, but that’s not the point! You still have to change your own attitude!

You can’t just keep demanding the people respect you. Respect is something you have to earn.”

Trixie scoffed “What do you think I’ve been trying to do with my magic shows and bits of illusion?! And it never works!

But I can assure you, all that will change. It can and it must, when I win this duel.”

Pinkie couldn’t believe how stubborn Trixie was being, but she still remained determined to try to help her-- at least make her smile instead of raging and shouting.

For now she had no choice but to end her turn.

Sunset continued to watch the duel on the screen, and really felt the rage Trixie was showing. It reminded her of how she used to be-- mean, evil, power-hungry.

“Trixie needs a serious wake-up call.” she thought “Come on, Pinkie. You can do this. Show her like you showed me-- how it means to have fun, and friends.”

“It is my draw!” shouted Trixie and she took her third card.

“I play POT OF GREED so I may draw twice more!”

She looked down at all four of her cards, and was a little displeased.

“I cannot allow her to Pendulum Summon again on her next turn.” she thought to herself “I will not allow her to again another unfair advantage over me.”

She sneakily performed her card switch again-- dumping off the two cards she had drawn, and didn’t want, exchanging them for two others out of her sleeve, which no one seemed to notice.

Sunset watched, and noted how Trixie moved her hand over her cards to take them, and even though she hadn’t exactly seen the card switch, she would know this from anywhere-- having done the same thing from her mean-girl days when she played regular card games against victims she would make bets with for easy money.

“She’s cheating!”

She couldn’t let this happen, and tried to rush over to stop the duel, but there was so many people huddling around to watch she couldn’t get in.

“Excuse me!

Pardon me!

Somebody let me in!”

All she got was a soft nudge from a spectator, “Scram, girl! Don’t push.”

Sunset then tried to call Pinkie on her cell-phone, only to get her answering-message, forgetting that Pinkie turned her phone off when dueling so she wouldn’t be distracted.

She knew she couldn’t holler out, no one would hear her over the chattering and cheering crowd.

“I’ve got to stop this… somehow!”

“And now,” Trixie hollered “Behold the awesome magic of Trixie, as I play the magic of the spell WAVERING EYES!”

The field was shrouded in a dark veil of winds, loaded with searing and wicked eyes.

Pinkie couldn’t help but shudder, for her Pinkie Sense was telling her, “Something’s about to go nasty, I can feel it.”

Trixie snickered, “As you should, for the magic of my spell will now make all monsters in the Pendulum Zone disappear.”

The winds blasted across the field, shattering all both Pinkie’s monsters out of the Pendulum Zone.

“This can’t be happening?!” cried Pinkie.

“Oh, but it is.” hissed Trixie “And now, I shall explain the further conditions of my magic spells.

Since I have destroyed two Pendulum monsters, I am able to activate two special powers from this card of mine.

The first of which is you shall lose 500 of your life points!”

“Ah!” cried Pinkie, and her score dropped just like that.

Pinkie LP: 5200 -----> 4700

“Second…” said Trixie “I am able to magically make a Pendulum monster go from my Deck to my hand.”

She quickly snatched the card she needed, “I choose MAJESPECTER CAT-NEKOMATA!”

The crowd all began to whimper and feel scared for her. “I now reset my Pendulum Zones with Scale 2 MAJESPECTER CAT-NEKOMATA, and Scale 5 MAJESPECTER RACCOON-BUNBUKU!”

Pinkie shuddered with fear as the monsters rose high into the light, and knowing what was coming her way now.

“And now,” shouted Trixie “I shall Pendulum Summon all the monsters levels 3 through 4 as I need!”

Once again, in three flashes of light that rained down from above, her three monsters appeared once more.




The four monsters glared Pinkie down, and she couldn’t smile at them this time.

“I take it you are aware,” said Trixie “I am now able to grab three new cards out of my deck.

One spell to my hand-- MAJESPECTER SONICS…

One trap to my hand-- MAJESPECTER TORNADO…

And one trap set on the field-- MAJESPECTER TEMPEST!”

Now Pinkie was really starting to panic, much to Trixie’s amusement, and she could even hear the spectators talking.

“Hate to say it, but that girl sure knows how to duel.”

“What’s her secret?”

“How is she so good?”

She felt that her plan was working, and that she was finally going to get the respect she craved.

She tipped her hat and called to Pinkie, “Now, You remember the power of my Unicorn-Kirin!”

Pinkie gulped.

“That’s right, I select my Raccoon-Bunbuku to leave its place in the Pendulum Zone, and join the cards in my hand to perform my next vanishing act…

…Say goodbye to your monster!”

Pinkie watched as her Kalediscorp vanished in a flash of light, beaming as a card back into her hand, and leaving her with only her Gold Fang left.

“This isn’t good!” she cried.

“On the contrary: it is very good… for me!” said Trixie “You see, now that my Raccoon is in my hand, I shall Normal Summon him to the field.”

(Atk: 1200)

Five monsters!

…Five extremely powerful monsters, glaring Pinkie down and looking ready to blast her to bits.

“And furthermore,” said Trixie “Summoning my new creature allows me to take another Raccoon from my deck and place it into my hand.”

She grabbed her card, and glared at Pinkie. “I’m afraid it’s all downhill for you now, my dear, especially when I cast the spell MAJESPECTER STORM!

I sacrifice my Crow, and your Gold Fang will disappear!”

“Ah!” cried Pinkie, and in a flash of light, her last monster disappeared leaving her with only her trap card left and nothing else.

Trixie smirked “Time for the Grand Finale, as I order my Raccoon to strike you directly!”

The Raccoon began to rush its way towards Pinkie, ready to pounce.

“Not so fast!” she shouted “You forget about my Pinch Helper trap card? Now I can stop your attack, and summon one Perfromapal from my deck to defend me!

So… please give a big and warm welcome to PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES DISOLVER!”

(Def: 2600)

Her monster stood strong and tall as it defended her. Pinkie really thought she’d be safe from the remaining monsters, but she was wrong.

“Nice try,” hissed Trixie “But every good magician is ready for such situations.”

Pinkie sweated softly.

“From my hand, I cast the spell MAJESPECTER SONICS, which shall double the attack-power of my Fox for the remainder of the turn!”

(Atk: 1500) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“Three-Thousand?!” cried Pinkie.

Trixie snickered, and then ordered her Fox, “…Attack!”

Pinkie’s last line of defense was crushed, and she was totally wide open.

The spectators all felt worried and panicked for her.

“She’s wide open!”

“She’s going to get hit hard!”

They were right; Trixie still had three remaining monsters, and she ordered them all to attack her.

First the Raccoon, and then the Toad, and finally the Unicorn… altogether, Pinkie took a whopping 4500 points of damage!

Pinkie LP: 4700 -----> 200

Pinkie was knocked off her feet by the three monsters when they had hit her, and she just barely managed to get back onto her feet, while Trixie laughed at her!

“I guess that’s a wrap for you.” she taunted “No matter what you draw on your next turn, absolutely nothing can spare you from humiliation and disgrace.

You may as well make it easier on yourself and surrender to me.”

Much as Pinkie really didn’t want to believe that, how could she not?”

“What can I do?” she thought “Trixie’s played this duel so perfectly-- almost too perfectly.

Then again, there’s no way I can get out this. Those two traps will vanquish any monster or card effect I try to play, and with only 200 life points left…!”

She was starting to feel very weak inside, as if her smiles had actually failed her, but then again she knew she wouldn’t be out of the tournament if she lost the duel anyway.

“I guess I may as well just face the facts and do the right thing.”

She slowly moved her hand to place it over her deck and surrendered, much to the crowd’s horror, and Trixie’s delight…!

Suddenly, the holograms began to flicker and wave, and the field was starting to power down.

“What is this?” shouted Trixie.

“This duel is over!” shouted a voice.

Everyone turned in the direction the voice came from and saw none-other than the Prince Brothers, along with park security, and the brothers’ looked horribly displeased.

“What are they doing here?” Pinkie wondered.

Rubeus called out to the crowd, “This duel is canceled due to a disqualification!”

The crowd gasped and were confused, but then Loki announced straight at Trixie, “You are hereby disqualified for improper conduct.

The winner of this match by default is Pinkie Pie!”

More gasps followed, and Trixie was horrified. “You cannot disqualify me!” she shouted as she angrily shook her fists, only for cards stuffed up her sleeve to suddenly fall out and onto the ground.

Pinkie gasped.

Trixie nervously tried to cover the cards with her cape, but her charade was well-broken!

The crowds were horrified and furious.

“She cheated!”

“She’s a liar and a fraud!”

Boos and hoots were thrown at her.

Trixie fell to her knees in shame.

Pinkie approached her, and she did not seem please either. “Trixie… how could you?”

“We’ll show you how.” said Loki, and he held up his phone, “Out duel disks are connected to the tournament computer, which help us keep track of what cards are played and which cards a duelist holds.”

Trixie growled, and then watched guiltily as the recorded images showed how she swapped her cards for good ones to ensure her victory.

Rubeus stepped forth and spoke severely to Trixie, “If there is one thing we won’t tolerate… it’s cheating!”

Trixie felt sick with nervous feelings and humiliation.

“You are hereby disqualified and out of this tournament and I suggest you leave this theme park at once, or we’ll escort you out by force!”

Trixie felt every one of those words strike her like a burning knife.

Loki then addressed Pinkie Pie, “And as for you, now only shall you receive your promised 25% for a consecutive win, we also award you an extra 15%, which your opponent had.”

Pinkie looked down on her duel meter, and surely enough she now had 55%, more than half way to the tournament finals.

Much as she would be pleased with all this, she still looked down at Trixie with shame, disappointment, and confusion.

“I thought we told you to leave.” said Rubeus.

The security team stepped up as a warning to her, prompting Trixie to get up and run off in tears.

“Wait! Trixie…!” Pinkie called, and she chased after her.

Sunset saw her after the crowds had broken up, “Pinkie Pie, wait up!” she called and began to chase after her and Trixie.

The brothers watched as they went along.

“Why go after that cheater?” wondered Loki.

Rubeus continued to eye the girls until they were out of sight-- preferably at Sunset, and his lips curled into a wicked grin.

“…For the very reasons we admire about them.”

Loki looked at his brother, and then caught on, but said nothing, and just grinned as wickedly as Rubeus.

Episode 16: Show off the smiles.

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Trixie had dashed out of the park and ran through the parking lot; the sounds of all that laughter and taunting still echoed in her brain.

She finally stopped at a lamppost to catch her breath and wipe her tears.

“I have never so humiliated in my life!” she thought to herself, “I don’t think I can ever show my face in public again.”

“Trixie…!” Pinkie called to her.

Her head snapped up and she saw Pinkie running towards her.

Trixie picked up here heels and dashed off, ducking behind a car as Pinkie ran past the area.

“Whew!” she sighed, only then to mysteriously find Pinkie was right next to her.

“Hey, there...”

Trixie jumped and ran off again, this time taking refuge behind a large dumpster at the edge of the parking lot, only for Pinkie to leap out from the dumpster.

“Come on, Trixie, can’t we just talk?”

Trixie’s response was taking off again, only to run straight into Sunset whom had been following her and Pinkie.

WHAMM!! The two girls were down on the ground with stars spinning around their heads, and Pinkie walked up to them.

“Are you two okay?”

“Just peachy.” groaned Sunset.

Trixie growled and turned away from them, “Leave me alone! You won, I have lost! I am nothing but a useless, cheating has-been.”

Pinkie couldn’t deny the cheating, but she hated anyone who beat themselves up the way Trixie was.

“Snap out of it!” she said coldly, “It’s no wonder you couldn’t earn any respect. I was trying to tell you that before-- you need to change your groove, people you can be likable without showing off and bragging so much.”

Trixie stubbornly ignored her.

Then Sunset lifted her chin, “Trixie, trust me. I know how it feels, and you should know that.”

Trixie knew of Sunset’s evil ways and all that magic and stuff, but she brushed it all off as, “And look at you; you gained all the popularity, all the friends, fame, and glory to go with it.”

“That’s not the point!” snapped Sunset “I earned friends because I was willing to try, and believe me, I didn’t think anybody would want to be my friend after all I did.

Trust me, it’s not about being popular, or cool, it’s about understanding and being understood.

The sooner I began to understand other people, the sooner they understood me, and the better things got and I could get along better with everyone.”

Trixie still felt unmoved.

“The point is: you gave up to easy,” said Sunset “You and Pinkie could have fought a great duel, not for personal glory, but for fun and enjoyment.”

Trixie was still unmoved. “I don’t believe you!”

Sunset was growing cross.

“Hey,” said Pinkie “What if Sunset and I duel each other, and then you’ll see.”

Sunset agreed to the idea.

Trixie sighed and she checked her watch-- she still had time before… something.

“If I agree to watch this, will you let me be?”

The girls agreed, only because they really felt that they were about to set a good example from this.

They all walked over into a clearing and Sunset and Pinkie prepared their disks, which recognized that this was just an ordinary duel outside the tournament.

“I won’t be going easy on you, Pinkie.” Sunset called.

“I don’t want you to.” said Pinkie with a smirk, and then she pretended to take the stage again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, an important announcement…

Since our last show of smiles was unexpectedly canceled out, we have an encore performance and a complete do-over.

That’s right folks-- you get two shows for the price of one.”

Sunset giggled softly, but she did admire Pinkie’s enthusiasm, but Trixie only rolled her eyes as the girls drew their cards.


Sunset LP: 8000

Pinkie Pie LP: 8000

Pinkie then announced, “As hostess, I’ll begin. So on with the show, and I summon PERFORMAPAL TRUMP WITCH!”

(Atk: 100)

“And now marvel in her magic as she makes herself disappear, but grants me POLYMERIZATION right into my hand.

But Rather than play it right now, I have a better move in mind; the spell card HIPPO CARNIVAL, which lets me call out three lovely hippo tokens to dance for you all.”

(Def: 0) x3

Her three hippos danced like hula girls, much to Trixie’s annoyance and she didn’t seem to want to smile at all.

Pinkie wasn’t deteered in the least.

“Now I’ll place one card facedown and end my turn. So it’s over to you, special guest.”

Sunset nodded. “Here we go!” she hollered and she drew her card.

Even though Sunset had dueled Pinkie before, she knew she couldn’t get too cocky with herself, and did wonder what she was planning and why she didn’t make a stronger move.

There was only one way to find out.

“Now, I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 3 XIANGKE MAGICIAN and Scale 8 XIANGSHENG MAGICIAN.”

The two magical creatures took their places in the light.

“Now I can summon monsters form level 4 through 7 all at once.” said Sunset, and she made her trademark call up high.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

Three shots of light rained down from above and her monsters appeared.




The three magicians stood in a row glaring at Pinkie’s hippos.

Trixie felt that was a little impressive as she thought, “Interesting, she summoned three magicians all at once, perhaps I should have used a deck similar to that.”

Pinkie looked at the Dharma-Eye Magician, “I don’t think I’ve seen that one before.”

Sunset smirked “Oh, I’ve always had him, just never actually drew him, but now that he’s here, you’re in big trouble.

During the turn he’s Pendulum-Summoned, all my magicians can’t be destroyed by any of your card-effects.”

Pinkie narrowed her eyes, and Sunset entered her battle phase.

“Go my magicians, destroy those three Hippos!”

The magicians all charged forth.

SMASH!! “There goes one!” hollered Sunset.

KAPOW!! “That’s two and only one to go!”

BOOM!! The last token was destroyed.

Rather than being upset, Pinkie only giggled, “Nice move, Sunset.”

Sunset nodded thankfully at her, and both girls looked over at Trixie, who was still nowhere near smiling, but at least she was still watching the duel.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn. So it’s over to you, Pinkie.”

Pinkie nodded, “Now, I draw!”

She now had four cards in her hand, and she looked over at Trixie, “Watch this, I’ll show you how to get rid of cards you don’t want in a better way.”

Trixie snuffed.


It lets me show you these two Performapals in my hand, and then I shuffle them into my deck, and then I get to draw three cards.”

She replenished her hand, and liked what she had, which really made her smile wide.

“And now,” she announced “Taking the center stage, please welcome my newest little star, PERFORMAPAL SEAL EEL!”

(Atk: 100)

Her newest monster barked like the seal it looked like, and clapped its cute little flippers.

Trixie was confused, “Why would she play a monster that weak?”

Sunset was wondering the same thing, “Does this monster have some super ability?”

“Okay Seal Eel,” said Pinkie “Show ‘em what you can do.”

Her monster complied and bounced over to Sunset’s side of the field, curling around her, which tickled slightly, but then Sunset watched as he creature slapped its tail against her facedown card.

“What the--”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” teased Pinkie “But now that facedown card is useless for the rest of the turn.”

Sunset growled softly.

“And now,” chirped Pinkie “It’s magic time, folks, as I play POLYMERIZATION!

I merge Seal Eel with Odd-Eyes Dissolver in my hand!”

Her Seal went to the Extra Deck, but her Dissolver went straight to the graveyard as it was not originally on the field, which she didn’t seem to mind.


(Atk: 2900)

Her monster stepped forth, into a spotlight and tipped his hat to everyone, and there was the sound of applause despite there being only three people in the area.

“How does she do that?” Sunset wondered.

Trixie unfolded her arms, and looked forth with blooming interest, which amused Pinkie.

“If you think he’s amusing now, just watch as his special ability activates.”

With that, her monster reached behind him and pulled out his huge bazooka, and pointed it straight at Sunset.

“Uh, oh!” cried Sunset “I remember this-- I lose 200 life points for every card on the field!”

“You’re correct!” called Pinkie “And I count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… 6 cards on your field, and 1, 2 on mine, for a total of eight cards, and if my math is correct, you lose a whopping 1600 life points!”

POW!! The Blast was fired, hitting Sunset hard. She groaned and moaned to maintain her balance as her score dropped.

Sunset LP: 8000 -----> 6400

“And that’s not all…” called Pinkie “Since I summoned Gatlinghoul using a Pendulum Monster, I can destroy one monster you control, and then you’ll take damage equal to that monster’s attack power.”

Sunset gasped, “My Oafdragon Magician…!”

KAPOW!! It exploded in a bright flash, and Sunset lost yet another 2100 points.

Sunset LP: 6400 -----> 4300

“Amazing…!” thought Trixie “She’s destroyed nearly half her opponent’s life points and she has barely attacked at all.”

Pinkie snickered, and then entered her battle phase.

“Now Ghoul, attack Dharma-Eye Magician!”

(Atk: 2900) VS (Atk: 2000)

Sunset groaned softly as she watched her poor magician met its doom, costing her 900 more life points.

Sunset LP: 4300 -----> 3400

Now Trixie was really starting to view the duel as somewhat intriguing.

“This is incredible.” she thought “She’s nearly wiped Sunset out in just one turn, and without having to dishonestly swap her cards.”

She then looked over at Sunset, “How is she ever going to make a comeback from this. I could never do this in her position unless I cheated.”

Pinkie ended her turn, “What did you think of that, Sunset?”

Sunset smiled “I have to admit, that was pretty smart, and you kept the number of cards on your field low, which makes my Xiangsheng Magician’s Scale drop to 4 so I can’t Pendulum Summon.

…But don’t think I’m out just yet.

…I draw!”

She silently thought as she gazed at her card, “I’ve got to get that monster off the field, otherwise Pinkie will wipe me out for sure, and there’s only one monster I have that can help me in this situation.”

“It’s time!” shouted Sunset “I activate the field spell SKY IRIS!”

Trixie and Pinkie both looked up and watched as the field was cast in a hue-glow, and with the shadow of an Odd-Eyes Dragon overhead.

Sunset snickered, “The power of this field special prevents my monsters in the Pendulum Zone from being destroyed by card effects, but that’s not all…

Once per turn, I can also destroy one card I have in play.”

She looked up at her Dragonpulse Magician, and he looked back at her, and nodded, understanding what she was doing.

“I destroy Dragonpulse, and then in return, Sky Iris allows me to grab a special card out of my deck-- my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.”

Pinkie chuckled, “Nice card, but you still can’t summon him; not with your Pendulum Zone disabled.”

Sunset smirked, “Not for long, because now it’s time for me to change my own odds.”


“What is she talking about?” wondered Trixie.

“I play a trap, HOPE FOR ESCAPE!

Since my life points are much lower than yours, I can pay 1000 of those points…”

Sunset LP: 3400 -----> 2400

"Then I can draw one card for every 2000 points of difference between us.”

She got to draw two more cards, increasing her options even more.

Trixie was astonished.

“Now I play POT OF GREED, so I get to draw two more cards!

And now, watch as I cast a little magic of my own with the help of PENDULUM SHIFT, which lets me change Xiangsheng Magician’s pendulum scale back to 8 again!”

“Uh-oh!” cried Pinkie.

Sunset snickered, and shouted out clearly to the swinging pendulum, “…I Pendulum Summon!”

Four beams of light shot down from high up, and her monsters appeared.





All four monsters stood glaring at Pinkie, and while Pinkie was alarmed by all this, she couldn’t help but smile, “This could be a huge comeback after all.”

Trixie watched in astonishment, and was speechless too.

“And now…” hollered Sunset “I play a card that should look familiar-- POLYMERIZATION!

Fusing my Odd-Eyes with Dragonpulse… I Fusion Summon ODD-EYES VORTEX DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2500)

The mighty dragon appeared and roared loudly, making gusts of wind fly past Pinkie.

Sunset flicked her hair, “When my dragon is summoned, I can target one monster you control, and send it back to your hand!”

“Oh, no!” cried Pinkie, but she was forced to watch her ghoul vanish off the field, right back to her Extra Deck.

“I’m not going to let you get me that easy!” called Pinkie, I activate the trap GRAVITY BIND, and with it all monsters that are higher than level 3 can’t attack!”

“Think again!” shouted Sunset.


“When a card effect is played, Odd-Eyes uses his other special power, one that lets me shuffle my Timegazer Magician back into my main deck, and cancels out the effect of the card, destroying it too.”


Poor Pinkie was left completely defenseless, and with a big swarm of monsters glaring her down too.

Sunset entered her Battle Phase, and ordered all three of her monsters strike Pinkie directly.

Poor Pinkie was zapped by magical stars, pelted by a magical glare, and fried by the dragon’s burning flares-- all costing her a combined total of 6600 life points!

Pinkie LP: 8000 -----> 1400

Pinkie was black from was smoke, and coughed out a small smoke-ring.

She shook off the supposed smoke, and shouted “WOWIE!! I’ve never seen a comeback like that before.”

Sunset felt flattered.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

The two girls looked over at Trixie.

“You see?” said Sunset “I didn’t even have to cheat to make it all happen. I just tried my best.”

Trixie could see this, and then looked over at Pinkie. “How can she get out of this?” she wondered in thought “Even after she draws, that Vortex Dragon can stop any card effect she plays.”

Pinkie really felt that Trixie was finally starting to see, and could already tell what she was thinking.

“Just know this, Trixie,” she said “Even if I don’t draw exactly what I need, I know I’ve fought a good duel, and that’s all that matters.”

Sunset nodded proudly.

“Besides,” Pinkie thought silently “Sunset can only use that Dragon’s effect if she sends a Pendulum Monster out of her Extra Deck, but all she has left her Pendulum Dragon and I don’t think she’ll want to give up that.

But then again, she has three monsters in play, and she would probably want to risk it anyway.”

She drew her card, and liked what it was, and it was a perfect way for her to be sure things would work.

“Now I activate RAIGEKI, which will destroy all the monsters you control Sunset.”

“Don’t think so!” sneered Sunset “I use Vortex Dragon’s ability, but sending my Odd-Eyes back to the deck, I can stop your card and destroy it like that.”

Pinkie snickered, “Silly, I was prepared for you no matter what.”


“I played that card as a distraction, so I could activate this spell, ROLL OF FATE!”

Sunset gasped, and then a magical virtual Dice Block appeared.

“Whatever number the die rolls, I get to draw that many cards, only then I have to banish the same number of cards from the top of my deck.”

The roll was a 4.

“Alright!” cried Pinkie and she drew her four deserved cards, and banished four others.


(Atk: 1800)

“And when he’s summoned to the field, I get to add one Performapal into my hand from my deck.”

She flicked through the selection on her duel disk screen.


Now it’s your time to shine, Monkey-Boy, I place you in the Pendulum Zone!”

As soon as her playful little pal entered the light, the image began to glow with a brighter light.

“What is happening now?” asked Trixie.

Sunset clenched her fist, “When it’s activated, Pinkie now has the power to put another Performapal into her hand.”

“The lady in the front is correct.” said Pinkie, and she snatched out yet another card from her deck, “I choose PERFORMAPAL GOLD FANG, whom I also place in the Pendulum Zone.”

Her monster took its place in the light, and both monsters looked at each other from afar and nodded.

“But don’t be fooled, I don’t intend to Pendulum Summon.” Pinkie said “I haven’t the correct monsters to do so.”

Sunset and Trixie each blinked once with deep curiosity at what she was planning.

Pinkie then pretended to take the stage again. “Now then folks, we hope you all enjoyed our little show, but now it all ends here.

Thanks to the power of this spell card-- SUPER POLYMERIZATION!”

Sunset gasped “Super Polymerization!”

“I’ve not seen that card before.” said Trixie “What does it do?”

Pinkie snickered, “First, I need to discard in order to play it, but now I get to perform a very special summon, using my monsters or Sunset’s monsters, or either one!”

Sunset watched in horror as her Vortex Dragon began to glow along with the Skullcrobat Joker.

“I don’t believe this!”

“Oh, believe it,” called Pinkie as the two monsters began to merge, “I Fusion Summon PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES METAL CLAW!”

(Atk: 3000)

Sunset gazed up at the Odd-Eyes dragon as it roared at her. This was her first time actually seeing it being played as a hologram.

“It’s incredible!” she said with awe.

“You think so?” asked Pinkie “Well, I’ve got one last trick to share with everyone, the spell SMILE WORLD!”

Her favorite card, which filled the field with colorful smiling faces like in a painting, which tickled the two players, and all the monsters.

“What sort of magic is this?” asked Trixie “I… I can’t help but--” she couldn’t finish as her lips curled into a loving smile, which made the other girls both grin and giggle with delight.

“It’s my kind of magic; the magic of smiles.” answered Pinkie “And the power of this smile card will increase the attack points of all the monsters in play by 100 points for every creature there is in play.”

With that, all the monsters each gained 300 additional attack points.

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3300)

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 2300)

(Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 2400)

Trixie was still confused, “Why would you increase the attack power of your opponent’s monsters?”

Pinkie smirked, “Well, for one thing, my Odd-Eyes has a special ability that increases his own attack power, by 300 to be exact.”

(Atk: 3300) -----> (Atk: 3600)

“Odd-Eyes, attack Dharma Eye Magician!”

The dragon roared, and stomped its way over to Sunset’s side of the field, ready to trounce her monster to bits.

“And now…” Pinkie called “I activate this last card in my hand—RUSH RECKLESSLY!”

“Ah!” cried Sunset.

“What’s that?” wailed Trixie.

“…Oh, just a quick-play spell,” said Pinkie “One that makes my monsters 700 attack points stronger!”

(Atk: 3600) -----> (Atk: 4300)

“It’s so strong!” cried Sunset.

Pinkie nodded, “And that’s not all, even though my attack won’t wipe you out by itself, my Gold Fang still has his Pendulum Abbility, which will deal you 1000 additional points when your monster is destroyed!”

Sunset’s eyes widened, and she did the math in her head, “If this attack hits it’ll wipe me out!”

“Take a bow!” Pinkie called “This show is over.”

“Not yet it isn’t!” snapped Sunset.


“I activate the trap DAMAGE DIET!”


“Thanks to this trap, I only take half the battle damage!”

(Atk: 4300) VS (Atk: 2300)

Her magician was destroyed, and the shockwaves zoomed past her, but she only took 1000 points of damage.

Sunset LP: 2400 ----->1400

“Oh, well… at least you still take 1000 points of damage.” said Pinkie

POW!! A ray of light shot out from the tiger’s mouth, striking Sunset and lowering her score.

Sunset LP: 1800 -----> 400

Sunset looked up from shielding herself, and sighed in relief that she was safe.

As for Pinkie, she had no choice but to end her turn, which returned her dragon’s attack back to its original 3000.

“I got to admit, that was a pretty slick way to avoid my attack.” said Pinkie.

“Thanks,” said Sunset “But wait until you see what else I can do.

…It’s my draw!”

Trixie looked bwteen the two girls and thought, “They’re dueling so fercily, and yet they still manage to keep their cools, and they don’t resort to trickey.

…Maybe I was wrong about this whole thing.”

Sunset took her card.

“Now, you remember my Sky Iris card, now I get to destroy my Oafdragon Magician, in exchange for add my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon to my hand!”

Once all was said and done, Sunset now had three cards in play, the same number of cards as Pinkie had.

She looked up at the pendulum, and it was swinging perfectly.

“Since I don’t control more cards than you, Xiangsheng Magician is Scale 8, so now I can summon monsters from levels 4 through 7 all at the same time.

…I Pendulum Summon!”

Four shots of light flashed, and her monsters appeared.





All those monsters roared and posed tall and proud, but not one of them were strong enough to take out Pinkie’s Odd-Eyes.

“They may not be strong themselves, but that can all change.” said Sunset “Especially when I play this, HARMONIC WAVES!”

It lets me Target my Oafdragon Magician and make his level become 4 for this turn.”

Pinkie clenched her first, knowing where this was going.

“With my level 4 Dragonpulse and level 4 Oafdragon, I build the Overlay Network.”

Trixie and Pinkie watched as the two monsters vanished through the portal, and the new monster appeared.


(Atk: 2400)

Trixie marveled at the sight of the new monster, believing it to be the most handsome spellcaster she had ever seen.

“Now, I use his ability!” said Sunset “By using one overlay unit, I can add one Magician monster to my hand, as long as it’s a dark type.


Pinkie had never seen Sunset use that monster before.

“What’s that do?” she playfully asked.

“I’ll show you, but first I need to summon him. So I’ll tribute my Timestar Magician and My Dharma Eye Magician!”

“What?!” snapped Trixie “But they were both good monsters!”

Nevertheless, the monster had appeared on the field.

(Atk: 2400)

She motioned at the second card that was in her hand, and pretended to take the stage herself, “Ladies and gentlemen, as special guest I would now like to show you the magic of trying hard and believing in yourself and what it can do.

I play the spell ODD-EYES FUSION!”

“Huh?!” cried Pinkie “Where did you get that?”

“Oh, I’ve always had it, just never had a chance to play it yet.” answered Sunset “But watch now as I fuse Odd-Eyes with Dragoncaller.

I Fusion Summon my old faithful friend, RUNE-EYES PENDULUM DRAGON!”

(Atk: 3000)

Her dragon roared and its powerful ring sparked with glowing energy.

The two dragons glared at one another fiercely.

“What’s Sunset thinking?” thought Pinkie “Both our monsters have the same attack power. So if they attack, they’ll both destroy each other, but then Sunset gets dealt 1000 points of damage from my Gold Fang, and that’ll wipe her out.”

Suddenly, she gasped, “…Unless!”

Sunset nodded, knowing what Pinkie was thinking, “Unless I activate the hidden ability of Dragoncaller Magician.

Since I fused him to make Rune-Eyes, when Rune-Eyes attacks a dragon type monster, his attack power is automatically doubled!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 6000)

“Uh, oh!” cried Pinkie.

“Rune-Eyes, Attack!” shouted Sunset.

Her dragon unleashed its flames, blowing up Pinkie’s dragon.

Pinkie screamed as the flames zoomed past her, and she was all out of points!

Pinkie LP: 1400 -----> 0

Trixie watched with wide-eyes, almost unable to blink at what had just happened.

The images all vanished and the field was clean.

Sunset called over, “Pinkie, you okay?”

Pinkie looked up over her arms, smiling wider than ever. “That… was… INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely wild! Give it up for Sunset Shimmer!”

She suddenly realized there was no one else watching other than Trixie, and she blushed in embarrassment, “Sorry, can’t help myself.”

Trixie finally managed to snap herself to her senses and rubbed her eyes.

“Now do you see?” asked Sunset “Neither one of us had to cheat or act cool. We respected each other, and we fought a great duel.”

Pinkie nodded softly “You can learn to be just like us, Trixie. It might be the greatest thing you’ll ever do.

Of course you still have to make up for all the bad things--”

Sunset put her hand on Pinkie’s shoulder quickly hushing her form saying too many of the wrong things.

Trixie hung her head low, looking as if she really didn’t know what to do or try.

“It’s up to you.” said Sunset “Take all the time you need to think, but we’ll always be here for you if you decide to try.”

Trixie looked up at them and gave a soft smile, “Thank you, but I must go for now.”

Then she turned and walked off through the parking lot, heading for the street.

“Do you think we got through to her?” asked Pinkie.

“I hope so.” said Sunset “I just really hope she considers trying. No one should go down the same path that I did.”

Right then, her duel disk began to glow.

“What’s that?” asked Pinkie.

Sunset saw the glow was coming from her Extra deck, and out popped one of the blank cards, which was becoming visible.

Pinkie and Sunset both gawked at it.

“Would you look at that.” said Pinkie.

Sunset was astonished at this new monster, and yet she wondered how she unlocked it just now.

“We’ve got to go show the others.”

Pinkie agreed, and the two ran off, back into the park.

A good thing they had, for they would not have wanted to see what Trixie was up to.

She walked down the street, and checked her watch again, and then, she saw a large dumpster outside a café, and crept over to the other side, into the alley where no one would see her.

There, she found a guy in a large trench coat waiting for her.

“I did what you asked! Now where is my money?”

The man grunted, but reached into his pocket and handed her a large wad of cash.

“Pleasure working with you.” she said as she pocketed the cash and left.

The goon then reached up and touched a device in his ear, reporting to his employers-- The Prince Brothers-- that the operation was a success.

“Paying that girl to cheat and be disqualified was a smart move.” said Rubeus.

Loki scoffed, “What some humans would do for cash, but at least our experiment worked.”

His brother agreed “Sunset Shimmer and her friends might be the key to our goal, but we are still a long way off.”

Loki then happened upon an idea, “Brother, perhaps a test of her current skills will be in order?”

Rubeus nodded, “…Agreed.”

Episode 17: Part 1: The Terrible Two

View Online


Earlier, while all that stuff was happening with Trixie,

Terra’s duel was going to take place inside The Tunnel of Love.

Of all the places to have a duel, Terra really didn’t seem so keen on it. Just standing there, looking at it and all the romantic couples getting off the ride, walking arm-in-arm and looking so happy.

She clutched her chest which ached on the inside as painful memories began to fly through her head.

Suddenly, there was an announcement made by the ride operator, “Attention please! This ride is temporarily closed for a tournament duel.

All riders please leave the line and report back here later.

The two duelists competing will board the craft at the ride entrance.

There were two boats side by side in the little canal at the starting point, and Terra wiped away any tears that were on her face, strengthening herself for the duel.

She boarded one of the craft, and her opponent was not far behind.

“Well, well, look what we’ve got here?” said a familiar voice that made Terra’s head snap upright, and she turned to see who it was-- a young woman about her age, with red hair and freckles, who gave her a very sour look.


This was someone Terra knew from not so long ago.

“So, the deserter returns.” Jackie sneered “I thought I’d seen the last of you when I left JC.”

Terra’s features hardened and she clenched her fist.

The operator started the boats, and took them deep into the tunnel.

The two girls passed by loads of beautiful scenery-- flowery meadows, with cute swans and dummy cupids, hearts pained all around.

Since the ride was partially shut off there were no sound effects and no motion of the robotic displays, but the lights were still on, and the duel would be viewed inside from the in-ride security cameras.

The boats then made it into the center of the ride, which was a display of a large cave with large beautiful gems lining the walls, and they sparkled in the lights making the place ever so romantic

Rarity saw it on the screen, and she honestly couldn’t tell what she admired morel the gems or the romantic scene.

She immediately imagined herself, in an elegant canoe with golden edgings. She herself was lying on a set of cushions, wearing an elegant sea-blue gown, and the boat was being rowed by Loki prince, in a dashing suit, and gazing down at her saying…

“All these gems can never amount to glittering loveliness that is you, Rarity.”

Rarity swooned, “Oh, darling.” And the two leaned forth for a kiss…

…In reality, Rarity was kissing her own hands, but then snapped her to her senses.

Rainbow shook her head pitifully,

The others decided to leave her with her thoughts, and concentrate more on the duel.

“Look!” cried Robin and he pointed at another screen, “Vic’s duel is about to start too.”

Vic’s duel was taking place by the old Strength-Tester carnival game-- where you grabbed the big hammer, pounded the little knob, and tried to make it ring the bell at the top.

His opponent was a girl with dark skin and black hair, named Jillian, and she too looked as rude as Jackie, and for good reason, she was her best friend, and knew who Vic was.

“Fancy seeing you here, Cy-Brat!” she growled rudely.

Vic felt most insulted, “Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you. I was hoping you’d have learned by now ever since you left JC, but I guess you haven’t.”

Jillian curled her hand into an O-shape, “You see this? This represents how much I care!”

Vic sighed angrily but softly.

“Who are those two girls?” asked Fluttershy “They don’t look very nice.”

“Jackie Amber and Jillian Dionne.” answered Kori, she paused a moment choosing her words carefully, “They once lived in Jump City, and they knew Terra before she joined our team, but those two girls had nasty attitudes towards things they didn’t like, and if they didn’t like it, they didn’t like you!”

The girls all gasped in shock, and could tell by the girls stern expressions on the screen that they were just as nasty as promised.

Spike growled at the images and barked softly.

Twilight hushed him, but she also didn’t take a good liking to the girls and their sneering. “Even the Crystal Prep students never looked that stern.”

“Meh, I bet their not as tough as they look.” said Rainbow.

Rarity wasn’t so sure, “Never judge something by just how it looks. After all, an ordinary stitch alone can seem stronger than it looks."

The other girls all looked at Twilight, and she nodded, “It’s true, I used to experiment with it myself.”

The duels were about to begin, and it was a good thing that while the gang could see the images, they couldn’t hear what was being transpire as the screens gave no audio.

…And a good thing too so they couldn’t hear all the trash talk.

“So, still hanging out with the wrong people I assume.” Jackie taunted Terra, referring to the Titans.

“They are NOT losers!” Terra growled “They’re my friends; the best friends I’ve ever had.”

Jackie only rolled her eyes in annoyance “Whatever. Let’s just duel so I don’t have to look at you anymore.”

“Fine by me!” sneered Terra.

The disks were ready, and cards were drawn.


Jackie LP: 8000

Terra LP: 8000

And at the very same time Jillian and Vic began to their duel as well.


Jillian LP: 8000

Vic LP: 8000

Looking between one screen and to the other, the gang could barely keep up with which duel to view at the most, but they all hoped their friends would win.

“I’m up first.” said Terra “And I summon GEM-ARMADILLO!”

(Atk: 1700)

“And when it’s summoned to the field, its special ability lets me add one Gem-Knight monster from my deck to my hand.


“Are you done yet?” Jackie asked rudely.

“No, I’m not!” snapped Terra “Now I activate GEM-KNIGHT FUSION, which allows me to fuse Gem-Knight Lazuil with Gem-Knight Lapis!”

She held up her two cards, and the images of the two monsters emerged and began to merge together.


(Atk: 2400)

Her new monster shimmered in the cavern lights, illuminating her dark robe and veil, almost as if she were made of a precious metal.

Rarity’s eyes shimmered at the sight of it on the screen.

“I’ve never seen such a creature and so elegantly dressed too.” she said “Why it’s almost as beautiful as any of my Melodious monsters.”

The others were inclined to agree, and Spike had to ask, “Let me guess: Terra chose those cards because their like her in some ways.”

Robin nodded, “The main monsters are Rock-Types, just like Terra has the power to control earth, and when used wisely, they can unleash many great or terrible things.”

Kori softly tapped his leg with her foot under the table, telling him not to go any further with the explanation.

The others noticed this however, and suspected there was still something they weren’t quite telling them yet.

Before any of them could ask,

“Look!” cried Fluttershy, pointing at Terra’s duel.

Terra’s graveyard was glowing softly.

“Now what?” snapped Jackie “Are you ever going to end your turn? I’d like to be kicking you sometime this century!”

Terra growled softly, “When Lazuli is sent from my hand to the graveyard. I can add Lapis back to my hand.”

“Fine, just end your turn!!”

“Not just yet!” snapped Terra “I have another card to play-- MISCHIEF OF THE TIME GODDESS!”

Jackie looked confused, and Terra called to her monster “Lady Lapis, attack now!”

“WHAT?!!” screamed Jackie, and before she knew it, the monster had bombarded her with a shadowy blast, dealing her a full 2400 points of damage.

Jackie LP: 8000 -----> 5600

“That was for insulting my friends!” sneered Terra.

“Whoa-Whoa-Whoa, back up here!” snapped Rainbow “How could she attack when it’s the first turn?”

“Because of the Time goddess card.” answered Twilight “It skips to the next turn instantly so Terra can conduct her battle phase right away.”

The others all watched with astonishment.

“I’m not through quite yet.” said Terra, "Armadillo, direct attack!"

Jackie braced herself as the monster rammed right into her, nearly knocking her out of the boat and dealing her 1700 more damage.

Jackie LP: 5600 -----> 4100

“Now I activate my lady’s special ability!”

“Not more!” whined Jackie.

“Yes, more!” thundered Terra, and she cleared her throat, and she reached for her deck “Once per turn, I can send a Gem-Knight from my Deck to the graveyard and deal you an instant 500 points of damage!”

“Ah!” cried Jackie.

Jackie LP: 4100 -----> 3600

Terra snuffed “Now I’ll place one card facedown and end my turn.”

Meanwhile, Jillian and Vic had drawn their first cards.

“Ladies first…” Jillian insisted “And I play GRACEFUL CHARITY, I draw three cards and discard two.”

When she finished her drawing and discarding, she still had five cards in her hand as from the start, but was grinning wickedly.

“Now I activate the spell NECROID SYNCHRO!”

“What’s that do?” asked Vic.

Jillian snickered, “It lets me banish the two monsters I just sent to the graveyard, GALAXY SERPENT and ALEXANDRITE DRAGON,

Now I get to Syncrho Summon a special kind of monster from my Extra Deck!”

Vic blinked once and narrowed his eyes in concern, and in a bright flash of light, the monster appeared.

“And there it is,” said Jillian “…STARDUST CHARGE WARRIOR!”

(Atk: 2000)

Vic was most astonished as he thought, “She summoned a Synchro Monster without even playing any regular monsters first.”

Jillian then snuffed, “What? Are you just going to stare at it like some geek?”

Vic growled.

“When my monster is summoned I also get draw one card. Then I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn, just for you.”

Vic was having a hard time maintaining his patience.

“You know if you don’t knock it off with that attitude of yours, some pretty bad things could happen to you.”

“Yeah right!” sneered Jillian “At least me and Jackie were smart enough to leave Jump City before it crashed and burned. So I don’t think anything too bad has happened.

Now make your move!””

“Gladly.” snapped Vic and he drew his card.

“Time for me and my bots to party I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 1 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O SIX, and Scale 10 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O FIVE!”

Two cute little robot monsters appeared in the tubes of light, and the pendulum began to swing.

“You think those puny little brats will scare me?” taunted Jillian.

“They’re not brats; they’re bots.” corrected Vic “And just you wait, because I get to summon as many level 2-9 bots as I need… and here they come!!”

In three shots of light, three small bots appeared on the field.




The three playful robots stood armed and ready, but Jillian was far from impressed.

“So now you’ve summoned even more lame toys,” she mocked, and then laughed “Like I’m supposed to be scared?”

Vic only smirked and said, “Sure you are, once you get a gander at their abilities.

“Since Double-O Two was summoned, I get to add a Deskbot to my hand from the deck.”

He grabbed his card, “But there’s no need to wait, I’ll summon it right now!


(Atk: 500)

“And summoning him out lets me call out another Deskbot from the deck to join the party… so here comes another Double-O Two!”

(Def: 500)

…Five little robots, all standing in a line and glaring fiercely over at Jillian’s side of the field and looking ready to do some damage.

“Of course, since I summoned Double-O Two, that means I get to add a Deskbot to my hand again, and I choose DESKBOT DOUBLE-O SEVEN.

…But now comes the really fun bit, because some of these little guys get stronger for every machine monster I have in play-- 500 Attack and Defense Points to be exact.”

“Say what?!” snapped Jillian.

“That’s right, Double-O One here gains 500 attack points for every machine monster I have, but then again, both Double-O Twos grant all my machine cards 500 more points to all other machines except themselves, and since I got two of ‘em, that means all my machines gain 1000 extra points!”

Jillian tried to do the math in her head, but just left it up to the score counter for that, and surely enough, the little robots not only gained so much attack points, but they grew in massive size.

Double-O One gained 2500 attack points for its normal ability, plus an extra 1000 from the Double-O Twos, for a total of 3500 hundred extra points!

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 4000)

“…FOUR-THOUSAND POINTS?!!” shrieked Jillian.

The gang watching the duel on the screen were as shocked as she was.

“Holy Jetpacks!” cried Rainbow “That little guy just went for puny to mega-sized!”

“My goodness!” said Fluttershy “I can’t believe he did that.”

Kori and Robin smirked.

“That’s not all,” said Robin “The other two bots now gain attack-power too.”

He was right…

Double-O Nine and Double-O Three each gained 1000 attack points.

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 1500) x2

Jillian gawked so widely, you’d think her eyes would pop out from her head!

“Not so puny now, are they?” said Vic with a smirk “Machines may not look like much, but if handled by the fight kind of person, there’s nothing they can’t do. That’s why I use them.”

Jillian finally snapped herself out of her trance.

“Well, then, they won’t mind if I do this…

…Activate the trap ZERO GRAVITY!”

“Ah! No, way!” cried Vic.

“Yes way!” sneered Jillian “Now all monsters on the field change their battle positions.

(Def: 1300)

(Def: 3500) x3

(Atk: 500) x 2)

“Dang…!” Vic sneered in thought “My heavy hitters are all in defense-mode, and my Double-O Twos don’t get the power bonus!”

“So much for your so-called machines, Cy-Butt!” sneered Jillian.

Vic felt his head throbbing with rage at her rudeness.

“I warned you to knock it off with that, and now you’re going to pay for it!”

“You and what army…?”

“The one right in front of me!” snarled Vic “See, you may have caught me off-guard with that trap of yours, but you used it too quickly, and you’re not the only one that can Synchro Summon.”

Jillian growled.

“Now, I tune Level 1 Double-O One to Level 9 Double-O Nine!”

The two bots changed into orbs of light and began to spin round, and around, unleashing a new monster.

“Now I Synchro Summon, the top line of the bot-boys, DESKBOT JET!”

(Atk: 500)

Jillian gawked up at the huge ship in shock, “No fair! Who said you got to Synchro Summon?”

Vic shook his head pitifully at the ungrateful young lady, “Never you mind about that, and just worry about his ability.

For one thing, he gains 500 attack points for every Deskbot I’ve got still in play, and I count four.”

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 2500)

“But then again, thanks to my Double-O Twos, he gains another 1000 points.”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 3500)

Jillian growled angrily.

“Oh, and I’m still not finished yet.” said Vic “Double-O Three has an ability as well, which lets me target one Deskbot I control and gain yet another 500 attack points for all the deskbots I control.

So my jet just got even stronger!”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 5500)

“But I also have another ability to use.”

Jillian groaned and rolled her eyes, “Are you ever going to finish?”

Vic ignored her whining and carried on his move, “One per turn, my jet can destroy one Deskbot I have in play.”

He looked over at Double-O Three.

“Sorry little guy, got to do what gotta do.”

The little bot nodded at him, and it exploded, which also weakened all the Deskbots by 500 points.

“And now,” said Vic “I can destroy one of your face-up cards, and I’ll give you two guesses who!”

Jillian didn’t have to guess.

Her Charge Warrior exploded right before her, and the flares sped past her, leaving her wide open.

“Now who has who?” Vic teased, and then he ordered his Jet to attack Jillian directly.

The Jet loomed over her and powered up its weapons to fire.

“Yeah right,” sneered Jillian “I play another trap-- DEFENSE DRAW!”

“Ah!” groaned Vic.

Jillian snickered, “Go ahead zap me; it won’t lay even a mark.”

The blast was fired, and she just stood there and took it as if it was nothing as promised.

“Ha!” she then scoffed “Now as an added bonus, I can draw one card.”

Vic was actually astounded, “Still, this duel ain’t over by a longshot. I’ll play one card facedown, and that’s all.

Now all my jet gets weaker, but it’s pretty tough.”

(Atk: 5000) -----> (Atk: 2000)

Jillian didn’t seem the least bit concerned. Now she was ready to strike back hard.

Jackie was ready to do the same thing to Terra.

“It’s my move,” she snarled “And I draw!”

She grinned at what she had, and sneered at Terra, “It’s time somebody put you in your place for siding with weirdos.”

Terra clenched her fist angrily, but then quickly calmed herself; not wanting to unleash her powers in the cave.

“Now,” shouted Jackie “I summon the Tuner Monster, RED RESONATOR!”

(Atk: 600)

“A tuner?” cried Terra.

“Oh, yeah,” hissed Jackie “And since I summoned it,

I get to summon Level 6 RED WARG, as long as I cut its attack power in half.”

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 700)

Terra groaned softly.

“And that’s not all,” growled Jackie “Now I activate form my hand INFERNO RECKLESS SUMMON!”

“Huh?” said Terra “But that card…!”

“That’s right,” cut in Jackie “It lets me summon two more Wargs to the field.”

Her two monsters appeared in a blazing flare.

(Atk: 1400) x2

“Yeah, well don’t forget,” said Terra “I get to summon monsters too. So, I’ll play two more Gem-Armadillos!”

(Atk: 1700) x2

Still, Terra was confused as she thought, “Why would she let me summon more monsters. I’ve got a bad feeling about this!”

Jackie snickered and then held up her hand, “I tune level 2 Red Resonator with one level 6 Red Warg!”

The two monsters burst into flames that rose up into the air and merged together.


(Atk: 3000)

The mighty, blazing beast, it flexed its searing claws, flapped its burning wings and gave a might burning roar that echoed along the cave!

Terra gawked up at it shuddering softly, which amused Jackie.

“Yeah, I’d be scared of him too, especially considering what kind of special power he has.

Once per turn, he can destroy all special summoned monsters with an attack less than his own, and for each one destroyed, you’ll take a 500 point smack to your life points.”

“Each one!” cried Terra, and she finally realized the danger she was in!

The dragon gave a huge flap of its wings, sending a burning wave to her side of the field, which destroyed her Fusion monster as well as the other four special summoned monsters, and the flames pelted at her life points-- 2500!

Terra LP: 8000 -----> 5500

Terra looked up and was cross, but at least she still had one Armadillo on the field.

“You won’t have that one monster for long!” Jackie called, and she entered her battle phase “Scarlight, attack Gem-Armadillo!”

The dragon opened its huge mouth, and unleashed a blazing flame straight for Terra’s monster, and it was toasted!

(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 1700)

…and poor Terra braced herself as the flames shot past her again!

Terra LP: 5500 -----> 4200

Jackie laughed, rather manically, “Too hot to handle, huh?”

Terra was not amused.

Jackie then placed two cards facedown, ending her turn threatening, “Soon I’ll roast the rest of your life points away, and it’ll serve you right for what you’ve become: a good-for nothing hero-wannabe of a lousy town and betraying me and Jillian!”

Terra’s eyes widened “Jillian’s here too?”

Jillian roared at Vic as she made her move,

“Now, I play DRAGON SHRINE! It lets me send once dragon monster from my deck to the graveyard, but if I happen to send a Normal Monster to my graveyard, I can send another dragon monster.”

She flipped through her selection. “I’ll send LABRADORITE DRAGON and TROOP DRAGON.”

Vic gawked at her wondering what she was up to now.

Jillian snickered, “Now I have another spell to play; SOUL RELEASE, and with it, I’ll banish all three monsters that are in my graveyard.”

“What?” snapped Vic “Why would you do that?”

Jillian’s features hardened, “Wow! You’re stupider than I thought, and I thought you were “The brains” being the Titans.”

Vic felt most insulted. “Watch it, girl! You really don’t want to push me!”

“Too bad,” snapped Jillian “That’s exactly what I’m going to do, starting with this… HA!!



Jillian snapped her teeth together viciously, “Now by paying 2000 life points…”

Jillian LP: 8000 -----> 6000

“…I can summon all the banished monsters I need, and you don’t summon any becuase you haven’t got any!”

Vic felt his inner systems starting to go crazy as a dimensional portal appeared, and in five flashes, all the monsters appeared.

“And there they were,” hissed Jillian.

“GALAXY SERPENT…” (Atk: 1000)



“TROOP DRAGON…” (Atk: 700)


Vic clenched his fists softly, fearing what was coming next.

“Still think you can teach me?” sneered Jillian “Well, I’m about to teach you!

I tune level 2 Galaxy Serpent with level 2 Troop Dragon!


(Atk: 1900)

Vic gawked at the monster, “Hey, that’s both a Synchro and a Tuner monster.”

“That’s right,” sneered Jillian “Now can you find your nose?!”

Vic growled.

Jillian snuffed, “Now I’m going to unleash a creature of such fury, I’ll send you crying for your mama!

I tune level 4 Phonon with my level 6 Charge Warrior!”

Even the spectators watching the duel nearby were astonished that she was tuning a Synchro Monster with another Synchro Monster.

Even the gang watching the duel on the screen were feeling nervous as the monster appeared in a flash of light and dust!


(Atk: 3000)

The mighty dragon was glowing in golden light shimmering so bright, Vic covered his eyes.

“That’s one bright brute.”

Jillian snickered, “I’m still not done yet.

Now I activate CARD OF DEMISE, so I draw until I hold five cards, but in five turns I have to discard my entire hand.

Now that that’s all clear, I’ll tune my last two monsters-- Alexandrite Dragon… Labradorite Dragon… Go!”

“Not again!” groaned Vic, but it was…!


(Atk: ?)

The second dragon growled and hovered alongside the first dragon.

Both dragons glared at Vic’s monsters.

“This can’t be good.” whimpered Vic.

“Oh, it’s very good-- for me anyway.” and she held out the cards in her hand “You see my new dragon gains 800 attack points for every card that I’m holding and stays that way.”

(Atk: ?) -----> (Atk: 4000)

Vic growled, and thought softly, “So that’s why she refreshed her hand. Now look at that thing; it’s way strong!”

“What’s wrong?” Jillian taunted “No longer the big brave hero?”

Vic gnashed his teeth, and before he could protest, Jillian called out “Well, let me put you out of your miserable misery like you should be!

I play MONSTER REBORN, which I use to get back my Stardust Charge Warrior!”

(Atk: 2000)

Vic looked between the three strong Synchros, and felt he was in big trouble.

“And BTW,” said Jillian “My Charge Warrior can attack all special summoned monsters on your field!”

“Ah!” cried Vic and he gawked at the Double-O Twos-- his weakest monsters in play!

“That’s right! You’re going down!” sneered Jillian, and she entered her battle phase.

“Charge warrior, attack the first Deskbot Double-O Two!”

The warrior charged forth, and the poor little Deskbot was destroyed.

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 500)

Vic braced himself as the bits of scrap flew past him. “Oh, yeah, well I activate the trap REDUCTION BARRIER!”

“You what?” snapped Jillian.

Vic smirked “Now, any and all battle damage I take this turn is reduced to one-tenth of what it was, so I only take 150 points of damage from that attack!”

Vic LP: 8000 -----> 7850

“Think I care?” scoffed Jillian, then she called to her monster, “Stardust, attack the other Double-O Two!”

With one swing of its fist, the warrior pounded the Deskbot into scraps!

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 500)

…and Vic took another 150 points!

Vic LP: 7850 -----> 7700

Vic growled as he clenched his fist, while Jillian only laughed, “So much for those Tin-Twerps, and now that they’re gone your overgrown plane there loses some serious attack points!”

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 500)

“Ah, man!” cried Vic.

Jillian snickered and ordered her warrior to destroy it, which it did with such ease!

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 500)

Vic LP: 7700 -----> 7550

Now Vic was wide open, and the two large dragons were still glaring down at him, and growling fervidly.

“Get him boys!” Jillian thundered, and her two dragons let out fierce blazes of flames straight at him.

Vic yelled as the brightness and the shockwaves struck him, but thanks to his Reduction Barrier, he didn’t take too much damage.

From 4000 became only 40, and 3000 became 30, for a total of 70 points of damage.

Vic LP: 7550 -----> 7480

“Whew!” he sighed “Talk about a close call!”

Jillian was furious that all three of her monster, strong as they were, hardly left a mark.

She roared as she put two cards facedown, ending her turn.

“Yo’, girl, chill out.” said Vic.

“Shut up!” balked Jillian “You think this is over? It’s just beginning! My three big boys here will roast you to ashes, like you and the rest of that dork-fest team of yours deserve.”

“Don’t go insulting my friends!” growled Vic.

“Why shouldn’t I?” snarled Jillian “Because of you and your team twats, you cost us our friend, and you brainwashed her into becoming something she didn’t want to be.

You know what I’m talking about don’t you?”

Vic knew exactly what she was talking about…

To Be Continued…

Episode 18: Part 2: Who Has Whom

View Online


The gang continued to watch both duels, and despite they couldn’t hear any words being said over the screens, they did not like the directions they had taken.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such aggravated ladies before.” said Rarity “They seem so infuriated as if they wish to cause a real war.”

Robin and Kori both glared at each girl on the screens, “Those two haven’t changed at all.” said Robin.

Kori agreed, “I just hope Terra and Vic beat them both-- teach them a lesson in respect for all the trouble they cause.”

Rainbow almost dreaded to ask, “Just how much trouble did they cause?”

Kori and Robin chose their words carefully.

“Well, we never saw them all the time,” said Robin “But they used to attend a High School in Jump City. We once went there and gave speeches on city productivity and ways to improve while all the changes were coming in.

We also did speeches on what it meant to be a super hero-- How to avoid trouble, what to do in a situation, or how to rely on us if things got bad.”

His wife agreed, “But we saw those two girls, and they were just as nasty as we promised.

They shot spitballs at fellow students.

Tripped up a nerdy kid in the hallway and laughed at him just because he wore glasses and had braces.”

Twilight blinked in shock, “That’s awful,” she said “I got made fun of at Crystal Prep, but I was never attacked physically.”

“Oh, they go in trouble for it.” said Robin “They got detention after school and stuff like that, but they never learned sense.”

Kori agreed, “Even when out in the streets on outings we saw them.

They would write graffiti on walls.

Insult people who were different than they were.

They were only so close to becoming lowly criminals.”

The girls and Spike were livid with such behaviour, and could now see the girls as nothing more than lowly bullies that needed to be taught a lesson.

“I wish I knew what they were saying now.” Spike said as he looked up at the screens.

In the cave, Terra was still backed into a tough spot, with that huge Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend glaring at her, and no monsters on the field to protect her.

Terra LP: 4200

Jackie LP: 3600

“What’s wrong,” Jackie taunted “Too scared to make a move, or is it finally sinking in that you’ve sunk to a new low?”

Terra was getting angry!

“Ooh, did I strike a nerve?” teased Jackie “Serves you right! It was already weird enough you have to have to those super powers like any other freak, but siding with them? Why Jillian and I ever hung out with you is beyond me.”

“That’s enough!” Terra snarled “I can’t help who I am and how I came to be, and you have no right to insult me over it, or anyone for that matter.

Both you and Jillian should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Jackie just yawned “Just make your move already!”

“Fine, I will!” snapped Terra “I draw!

And I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more cards.”

She looked down at her two new cards next to her Gem-Knight Lapis, and really liked them as she looked over them at Jackie with a cheeky smirk.

“Now I play the continuous spell BRILLIANT FUSION!

And get this: I get to make a fusion summon using Gem-Knight monsters in my deck!”

“What? Right from the deck!” snapped Jackie.

“That’s what I said.” hissed Terra “So now, I’ll send two Gem-Knights to my graveyard…



As she ditched her cards from her deck, the spirits of the two monsters appeared and vanished right into the graveyard, making a glow of light shine form the Brilliant Fusion card.


(Def: 0)

“What? Zero defense-points?” asked Jackie.

“That’s the downside to my Brilliant Fusion,” answered Terra “The monster I summon loses all its attack and defense points, but at least it still gets to keep its abilities.”

“And just what abilities are they?” asked Jackie.

“You’ll see, but for now, I activate the effect of my GEM-KNIGHT FUSION in the graveyard.

All I have to do is banish one Lady Lapis Lazuli, and I can add it to my hand.”

Jackie didn’t look impressed at all.

“Now,” snapped Terra “I’ll activate my Gem-Knight Fusion, fusing, Lapis in my hand with another Sapphire that I just drew.

So I can fusion summon another Aquamarine.

(Atk: 1400)

Jackie gawked at the monster, and laughed like a hyena. “You call that overgrown crystal moron a monster?

My dragon will make burnt cinders out of it.

“Not likely!” snapped Terra “Now I activate the trap FRAGMENT FUSION!”


Terra smirked, “This trap lets me banish three Gem-Knights that are in my graveyard!”

With that, the spiritual images of her Sapphire, Lapis, and Lazuli appeared behind her and then began to merge together in a ray of bright light.

“Now I can fuse them to create an extra special monster!”

The light shone so brightly that it lit up the entire cave, and the reflation of the waters made it almost too bright to look at.

Jackie covered her eyes, but Terra quickly snapped on her goggles to wear the glare down.


(Atk: 3400)

The light faded, and there stood her super strong monster, and it glared threateningly at Jackie’s dragon.

“Ooh,” scoffed Jackie “Very impressive… Not!”

Terra snuffed, “You’re going to regret saying that, because she has an extra special ability that I’m proud of!

…All I do is sacrifice Aquamarine, and then, I’m allowed to summon a Gem-Knight Fusion Monster without a single summoning requirement!”

Jackie’s eyes bulged as a beam of light shot straight out from Terra’s Extra Deck, and another monster appeared right next to her lady.


(Atk: 2900)

“Yeah, so what?” snapped Jackie.

Terra raised her goggles resting them on her forehead, “So what? I activate another special ability!

You see, when my Aquamarine is sent from the field to the graveyard, I can target one card you have in play and return it to your hand… like your dragon!”

“Ah!” cried Jackie, and her Red Dragon began to glow.

“Don’t think so, I play the trap SAFE ZONE!”

Terra gasped and watched as a powerful barrier formed over the dragon, shielding it from the power of her monster effect.

“Too bad, so sad,” mocked Jackie “As long as my Safe Zone is in play, my Scarlight Dragon can’t be targeted by any card, and it also can’t be destroyed by effects or by battle.”

Terra growled.

“Well, I’m not beaten yet, and I can still do you some damage, especially since my Master gains 100 attack points for every Gem-Knight in my graveyard, and that’s 400 extra points.”

Four images of monsters-- Aquamarine, and a Gem-Knight that she discarded a while back when she summoned her first Fusion monster-- appeared behind her Master.

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 3300)

“Master Diamond attack Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!”

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 3000)

The attack only cost Jackie a mere 300 life points…

Jackie LP: 3600 -----> 3300

Since her monster wasn’t destroyed, she hardly felt anything of the attack at all, and just stood in her boat with her arms folded and a sour expression on her face.

“Now,” Terra shouted “It’s your turn Lady Diamond. Attack!”

(Atk: 3400) VS (Atk: 3000)

Another weak attack which only cost Jackie another 400 points…

Jackie LP: 3300 -----> 2700

“Oh, wow,” Jackie scoffed “You’ve lowered my score. Congratulations, Lamo!”

Terra growled and ended her battle phase.

“Now I activate Gem-Knight Fusion’s ability again-- by banishing my Gem-Knight Alexandrite, I get to put it in my hand again, and play it right away…!

“Huh?” said Jackie.

“I Fuse all three Gem-Knights on my field, to Fusion summon another Gem-Knight Master Diamond!”

(Atk: 2900)

Jackie’s eyes widened, “Wait a minute, you just sent even more Gem-Knights to your graveyard.”

Terra nodded, “Good, you’re paying attention, and naturally that means he’ll gain 100 points for every one of them.

So let’s see how many there are now.”

The spirits of all her monsters in the graveyard rose up behind her and her Master, totalling six in all, which made the master gain 600 additional points, far more than the Scarlight dragon

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 3500)

Jackie was most outraged, but Terra chuckled, “Also, I just sent my other Aquamarine to the graveyard. So now his ability allows me to send one card on the field to your hand, like the Safe Zone card!”

“Oh, no!” cried Jackie, and her trap vanished off the field and the card went back to her hand.

“And correct me if I’m wrong,” said Terra “But doesn’t the Safe Zone have a drawback, whereas if it’s removed from the field, then the monster you attached it to goes down?”

“Yes, it does,” answered Jackie “…Too bad it won’t be.”


“Now I discard from my hand, the monster RED GARDNA!”


Jackie snickered, “Too bad for you! See, since I control a Red Dragon Archfiend monster, when you play any card effect, I can discard Red Gardna and my monster can’t be destroyed by card effects this turn!”

Surely enough, her dragon was shrouded in a barrier of flames that shielded it from being destroyed by the Safe Zone card’s power.

Jackie laughed “You think it’s that easy to destroy my monster? You’re as pathetic as you are abnormal!”

Terra was really getting annoyed with all the sneering and insults thrown at her, but she had no cards left to play at all, and had no choice but to end her turn.

“That’s what you get when you’re brainwashed by a bunch of lunatic freaks!” Jackie sneered “Now, me and my dragon are going to crush you like you deserve to be!”

Jillian was giving Vic the same harsh tone as well.

Jillian LP: 6000

Vic LP: 7480

“Terra was once our friend! She was perfectly normal, and then she had to get these weird powers to move rocks, and you idiots brainwashed her to leave us and join your stupid team, especially that green pile of slime!”

Vic had to do all he could to keep himself from going up to the loudmouth girl and slapping her for such ilk!

“You are so going to get it for that!” Vic growled “Terra can’t help it that she has powers, just as I can’t help the way I am either.”

“Sure you can,” sneered Jillian “You can kill yourself. Then the world doesn’t have look at a metal freak like you.”

Finally, she had gone too far!

“Oh, that is it!!” thundered Vic “You are so going down for this, and it starts now!”

He drew his card.

“I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more cards.”

Jillian hardly seemed impressed.

“And now I play HEAVY STORM!” shouted Vic.

“What?!” snapped Jillian.

“Ah, yeah, this baby here is going to do a huge number on all the spells and traps on the field.”

Jillian growled and braced herself as the strong virtual winds blasted every spell and trap off the field, including the two Deskbots in Vic’s Pendulum Zones.

Jillian growled most angrily as she looked up, “Are you crazy? You messed up my hair and my jacket!”

Vic shook his head pitifully, “You should worry less about that and more about what I just did.

See, when Deskbot Double-O Five is destroyed and knocked out of the Pendulum Zone, I get summon one Deskbot out of the graveyard.”

The field began to quiver as light shone from the ground.

“And I choose to bring back my main man, or rather main bot, DESKBOT JET!”

(Atk: 500)

The mighty ship was back, and looking raring to go as ever.

“Why waste your time to bring that hunk of junk back?” asked Jackie “All of my monsters can crush it to bits.”

“Read the card, girl,” Vic sneered at her “Remember, my jet gains 500 extra attack points for every Deskbot I got including its own self.”

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 1000)

“Then again, I still can use Double-O Six’s ability.

When he’s destroyed and knocked from the Pendulum Zone, I get to take a Deskbot out of the graveyard, and put it in my hand; and who better than Double-O Nine.”

“Yawn!” scoffed Jillian “Are you about done yet?”

Vic narrowed his eyes at her and cleared his throat. “Now I reset the Pendulum Zone with Scale 1 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O EIGHT, and Scale 10 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O SEVEN!”

“Oh, no, not again!” groaned Jillian as she watched the two bots take their places, and the pendulum began to swing.

“Yes, again,” called Vic “I Pendulum Summon…!”

Three blasts of light shot down from up high and the three monsters appeared!




Jillian growled, “So, you summoned four of those dumb bolt-heads; Big whoop!”

Vic chuckled, “Four…? I don’t think so. You see, since I summoned three Deskbots all at once, I can summon one more right out of the graveyard. DESKBOT DOUBLE-O ONE!”

(Atk: 500)

Jackie clenched her fists.

The metal plating on Vic’s face shimmered in the sunlight, “But wait, there’s even more!”

Jillian glared at him.

“When Double-O Six is special summoned, I can target one monster you have and change its battle position!”

Jillian stepped forth, “Oh, no you don’t! I activate the ability of my Stardust Spark Dragon.

All I do now is banish my Phonon Dragon in the graveyard, and now for the rest of this turn, my dragon is unaffected by any of your card effects.

So there!”

Vic waved his index finger at her, “Uhn-uhn-uhn, who said I was targeting that dragon?”

Jillian’s head snapped up right, and then she realized, “My Ascension Dragon!” and it switched into defense-mode before her eyes.

(Def: 3000)

“You know you really should wait to see what I do before you do anything.” Vic scoffed at the rude girl, earning him a sneer from her.

“Now, what should I do next?

Ah, I have it, I’ll tune Double-O One with Double-O Nine like I did before, and Synchro summon another DESKBOT JET!”

(Atk: 500)

The two ships hovered side-by-side, almost as if they were living creatures acknowledging one-another.

“And now, I use its special ability!” shouted Vic “All I do is destroy Double-O Five, and this allows me to summon a Deskbot out of the deck…

…So I’ll summon another DESKBOT DOUBLE-O TWO!

(Def: 500)

“And since he was special summoned, you know what that means; another Deskbot comes my hand from the deck, and then I’ll just summon it out to play.


(Atk: 500)

Jillian was really growing angry with all the Deskbots that were appearing on the field like this and she angrily thought, “If this guy doesn’t end his turn soon, I’m absolutely going to freak!”

“Finally, the gang’s all here.” said Vic “Now let’s tally up the points.

My two Jets gain 500 attack points for every Deskbot card I have in play, including their own selves.”

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“Fine, so they’re stronger now,” shouted Jillian, “WILL YOU JUST GET ON WITH IT!”

“Really?” snapped Vic “You don’t want to know more.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Well, too bad, because you ought to know that Double-O Seven and Double-O Six gain 500 points for every Deskbot in my graveyard, and in my Extra Deck!”

“WHAT?” cried Jillian and she saw the images of six different Deskbots huddling behind Vic and his forces, which made his two bots attack powers rise by 3000 points.

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 3500) x2

“And that’s not all.” said Vic “Remember Double-O Two’s effect? He grants all my machines an extra 500 points except to himself!”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 4000) x2

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3500) x2

Jillian began to whimper in fear, “This is so not cool!”

“Like I’ve been saying,” Vic scoffed “This is what you get for being such a disrespectful and loudmouthed brat!”

Jillian was panting angrily, and Vic then entered his Battle Phase.

“Deskbot Double-O Seven, attack Asciension Sky Dragon!”

(Atk: 4000) VS (Def: 3000)

The bot rushed over and gave the mighty dragon a huge jolt from its lasers, actually blowing it to smithereens

“Big deal, my monster was in defense-mode anyway.”

“Actually,” said Vic “Double-O Seven deals you damage even if your monster is in defense mode.”


Jillian LP: 6000 -----> 5000

Jillian was outraged, but then she snuffed “By destroying my dragon, you activated his special ability, now I get to summon all the monsters I used to Synchro Summon it.”

“Say what?” snapped Vic, and he watched as Jillian brought out two previous monsters she had used before.

“Welcome back…



“…So there, Cy-Bore!”

Vic only smirked, “Uh, you shouldn’t be gloating, because I’m not done blasting yet.

Now my Deskbot Jet will blow away you Stardust Charge Warrior!”

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 2000)

Jillian growled and watched as the jet aimed its powerful blasters, and fired, blowing the monster clear off the field, and the force of the blast nearly knocked Jillian off her feet.

Jillian LP: 5000 -----> 3500

“And now,” hollered Vic “My other jet will blow out your

“Boo-Yah! That’s how we do it!” cheered Vic, much to his opponent’s irate.

“But I’m not through yet, Now Jet Number two attacks your Stardust Spark! Go get him, bot!”

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 3000)

Jillian screamed as the blast was fired, and her dragon exploded throwing the shockwaves right at her.

Jillian LP: 5000 -----> 3000

She turned red in the face, but then calmed down instantly.

“You just activate my dragon’s ability-- when you destroy him; I get to summon one Dragon Synchro monster that I banished…

…So welcome back PHONON PULSE DRAGON!”

(Def: 800)

Vic snuffed, “Not this time you don’t! Double-O Six will blow it away so you can’t use it.


As promised, his Deskbot destroyed the newly revived monster, and Jillian was not the least bit pleased.

Rainbow cheered for joy, “Whoa! Vic’s really cooking with gas now.”

Kori was pleased that Vic was kicking some serious dueling action, but neither she nor Robin were cheering too hard.

“The duel isn’t over yet.” said Robin “Vic just used up the last of his attacks.”

Fluttershy noted how cross Jillian looked. “I don’t like the looks in her eyes. What do you think she’s planning?”

“Whatever it is, I do hope it doesn’t prevail.” said Rarity.

“So do I.” agreed Kori.

Then she looked at the other screen, at Terra’s duel.

Terra had no choice but to end her turn, allowing Jackie to take hers, but still the mean girl was taunting and hooting her.

“You let yourself become brainwashed by those Titans, and you became one of them.

It’s people like you that make me sick of the world and what it is.”

“That’s enough!” Terra shouted, making the cave shake a little due to her powers.

She calmed down quickly, “Don’t you say another horrid thing about The Titans. They never brainwashed me, I made my own decision: I decided who my real friends are! They understood me, for me, and that’s more I can say about you or Jillian!”

Jackie’s head throbbed “Why you stinking little twit!”

“No!” snapped Terra “It took me awhile to see through to you two, and I’m glad I did. You were kind at the start, but all you ever did was bully people you didn’t like, and you made outrageous claims that the world would be better off without people like them.”

“And I still stand by that!” growled Jackie “If people want to be accepted, they should act normal, and look normal, like me, and like Jillian!”

Terra opened her mouth to protest.

“Forget it!” snapped Jackie “It’s my turn now, and I draw!”

She drew her card rather forcefully.

“Ha!” she shouted and then glared over at Terra, “Time the big hurt!

True, my Scarlight Dragon can’t destroy your monster because it has more attack points that he does.

So, I’ll rely on something else!”

Terra blinked once.


(Atk: 100)

“And when Chain Resonator is summoned while I have a Synchro Monster out, I’m allowed to summon a different resonator from my deck to the field.

See, you’re not the only one that can call upon monsters from the deck!”

Terra grunted softly.

“So now, I summon DOUBLE RESONATOR!”

(Atk: 0)

“Wait! Two tuner monsters at once?” asked Terra.

Jackie snickered, “The summoning I’m about to perform requires two tuner monsters. Bet you didn’t see that coming!”

Terra didn’t like the sounds of this at all.

“Now,” Jackie shouted “I tune Level 1 Double Resonator and Level 1 Chain Resonator to my Level 8 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!”

The three monsters all went up in flames and their remains rocketed into the sky, and merged together making a big explosion that lit up and shook the whole cave, and Terra donned her goggles again to cut down the glare of the light.


(Atk: 3500)

The huge dragon appeared out from the fire, spreading its huge wings, and roaring like the beast it was, which echoed along the cave and shook the waters.

Terra steadied herself to avoid falling out of her boat.

“Wait,” she said “That dragon has the same attack power as my Gem-Knight.” But then she gasped “Wait, does it have some super ability?”

Jackie smiled an evil looking grin, “It sure does, an ability that lets me obliterate every single other card on the field!”

“Ah!” Terra cried.

“Do you stuff, Tyrant!”

The mighty dragon roared, and unleashed its fury, wiping out every single other card in play, including Jackie’s own facedown card.

“I activate my trap now!” Jackie shouted “REINFORCMENTS, which will boost my Tyrants attack by 500.”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 4000)

All the cards were now wiped out, and Terra was totally defenseless.

“Oh, no!” cried Fluttershy “I can’t watch!”

Rarity did all she could to hold herself steady with the stress, and breathed into a paper-bag.

Spike ducked down, burying his face in Twilight’s lap.

Twilight patted him softly, but even she felt bad for Terra, as did all the others.

“Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend, attack now!” shouted Jackie.

Terra knelt down in her boat, and grabbed the sidings to brace herself as the dragon unleashed its blazing flames straight at her, making her scream!

Terra LP: 4200 -----> 200

The smoke cleared and Terra was panting heavily. Her outfit and her hair seemed a little ruffled from the force of the attack.

Jackie laughed like an evil psychopath. “So, you still think you stand a chance huh?

Face it! You’re friends suck, you suck, and anyone who is abnormal sucks, and as soon as I kick your life points to zero, Jillian and I will be one step closer to getting our hands on that prize-money.

Only proper people like us deserve it anyway!”

The entire gang watching the duel were as outraged as Terra seemed.

“There’s got to be something she can do!” said Rainbow.

“Yes, but what?” cried Rarity “She hasn’t any cards in hand, or in play, and what can she possibly draw that would stop that awful creature?”

Kori and Robin, held hands softly, both feeling bad for Terra and the spot she was in.

Things only then got worse as they all looked back to the other duel.

“It’s time!” Jillian hissed “Time for me to teach you the lesson you won’t soon forget about messing with folks like me, you freak!”

Vic didn’t bother protest and merely folded his arms.

Jillian snuffed at him and drew her card, giving her three in her hand, and she looked up over the top the cards with a nasty glare.

“Say goodbye, Metal-man! I play the spell LEVEL LIFTER.

I’ll discard one level 1 dragon out of my hand, and then the two monsters that I’ve got in play become that very level!”

Now both of her monsters were level 1, much to Vic’s confusion.

“What’s she up to?” he wondered in thought.

Jillian let out a roar as she raised her arm up high, “Now, I tune both my level 1 dragons together!”

The two dragons leapt up high, and transformed into two little orbs, and together they formed a monster that was a machine type rather than a dragon.

“I Synchro Summon FORMULA SYNCHRON!”

(Atk: 200)

“A Machine type?” said Vic.

Jillian snickered, “I’m not all dragons in this deck, and besides you said machines can do wonders.

Well this machine lets me draw one card.”

She liked what she got when she drew.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better draw…” she gloated, and she revealed what the card was to Vic.

“It’s Necroid Synchro!” cried Vic.

“Ah, yeah…” said Jillian as she played the card, “And just like you saw, I get to banish two monsters that are in my graveyard, and Synchro Summon what they would make.

Go Galaxy Serpent…

Go Alexandrite Dragon!”

The spirits of the two monsters appeared in midair and then transformed into glowing lights that merged together.


(Atk: 2000)

Vic couldn’t believe the monster he had destroyed was back again!

“And remember,” said Jillian “I get to draw one card when this bad boy is Synchro Summoned.”

She drew her card, “Nice!”

Vic didn’t like the sound of that.

“Here comes another blast from the past; DIMENSION FUSION!”

Vic growled, because now it meant Jillian could pay another 2000 life points and summon the banished monsters she had just used.

Jillian LP: 3000 -----> 1000

“Ready or not, here they come!

GALAXY SERPENT…” (Atk: 1000)


“And I’ll tune them to summon my last Charge Warrior!”

(Atk: 2000)

“…Which means I get to draw another card.”

She was really enjoying how much she was stalling to finish her turn, “How does it feel,” she taunted “…Waiting so long for a turn to end!”

Vic didn’t bother to reply.

“Well, see how you like this, HARMONIC WAVES, and I’ll use it to turn my newly summoned Charge Warrior to level 4, so now I have everything I need to summon my heaviest hitter!”

“Ah, man, I don’t like where this is going!” Vic said in thought.

Jillian then crossed her arms together in front of her, “I tune Formula Synhcron, and my two Stardust Charge Warriors!”

The three monsters all rose up into the sky. All their levels totaled twelve!

The biggest and brightest of lights flared up overhead. Then, a large shadow of an enormous creature appeared.

“I Synchro Summon… from the depths of outer space-- the most deadly creature you’ll ever see in your life-- SHOOTING QUASAR DRAGON!”

(Atk: 4000)

The dragon was so huge that, from where Vic was standing, it was hard to see it all in view at once.

The dragon let out a fierce roar, and its body shimmered like the stars!

“Yeah, so what?” said Vic “I mean, sure, that’s a pretty slick looking creature and all.”

“Oh, it gets sweeter.” said Jillian “See, my dragon is allowed to attack as many times for every non-tuner monsters I used when I summoned it.”

Vic’s eyes widened, “That means you can attack twice in one turn!”

Jillian chuckled, “And I still have one last card to play…

…The Equip spell MEGAMORPH!”

“Ah, snap” cried Vic “That doubles your dragon’s attack power!”

“Yeah, that’s right!” mocked Jillian “Now guess what happens next!”

(Atk: 4000) -----> (Atk: 8000)

The gang was horrified for Vic.

“That monster!” cried Rainbow “Its attack is way off the charts!”

“No, Vic!!” cried Robin.

“He’s going to get wiped out!”

Jillian gave Vic a big thumb down, “It’s adios for you, loser!”

Vic lowered his arms, unable to believe this. “It can’t be! I don’t believe it!”

Jillian then entered her battle phase, and called to her monsters, “Shooting Quasar, destroy Deskbot Double-O Seven!”

(Atk: 8000) VS (Atk: 3500)

The dragon flew way up high, and unleashed a blazing white trail of hot energy, which collided with Vic’s little bot blowing it to scraps!”

The power of the dragon was so incredibly strong, that it knocked Vic back hard!

Vic LP: 7480 -----> 2980

Then he looked up, and saw the Dragon looming over him and his remaining monsters. It still had one attack left!!

Jillian grinned wickedly, and ordered her dragon to destroy a Deskbot Jet!

KAPOW!! That one attack pretty much consumed all of the machines, and poor Vic wailed as the violent attack shook him on the ground!

Vic LP: 2980 -----> 0

“VIC!!!” Robin and Kori cried!

The girls and spike were devastated!

All the spectators nearby were just as shocked and horrified.

Jillian didn’t even give him any mercy and shot him while he was already down!

Jillian then didn’t waste any time, and turned on her heel to walk away, but not before blowing a raspberry at him. “Bye-Bye bolt-brain. Thanks for the win.”

Then she was gone with her 40%, and leaving Vic with only 5%.

Almost everyone felt sorry for Vic, but he still got to his feet and just stood there with his head drooped forth slightly, and his fist clenched hard!

Then he looked at the Strength-Game, which was still unattended due to the duel.

He looked way up at the bell, and pretended it was his goal-- to help Jump City recover, and save the people.

“I’m not going to give up.” he promised to himself “I’ll never give up! I’ll keep on fighting with everything I’ve got!”

Not even reaching for the big hammer, he just pounded the lever spring with his bare fist and sent the knob all the way up, ringing the bell in a huge DING!!


Many of the people who were still watching him cheered him on!

Rarity had tears in her eyes for his strength and bravery.

Fluttershy too!

“Wow!” said Rainbow “That’s got to be one of the bravest, coolest dudes I’ve ever known, and I don’t know many guys.”

Twilight and Spike smiled, and then Twilight looked at Terra’s duel.

“Hey, look!” she cried, and the others saw and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Terra had bolted upright onto her feet and had a look of sheer determination in her eyes.

Jackie blinked once.

“No way… Don’t tell me you’re actually going to try and duel this out. You can’t win!”

Terra placed her hand over her next card.

“You’re wrong! It’s not over until it’s really over.” she paused and thought deeply “…Someone… very special taught me that-- that’s there’s always hope, and it’s never too late for things to change.”

Jackie knew whom she was referring to, “You still think of, him?”

Terra didn’t bother to answer her and just drew her one card, and she gawked at it.

Her eyes nearly filled with tears at the very sight of it.

But then she turned to Jackie with a stern expression, “I activate the spell CHANGE OF HEART!”

“Ah! Impossible!” Jackie shouted.

“This card lets me take control of one of your monsters until the end of the turn, and it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what monster I want.”

In a quick switch, Jackie’s Tyrant Dragon moved over to Terra’s side of the field, and glared down at its former master with a blaze of fury in its eyes.

“No!!” cried Jackie “How can-- This is! You can’t do this to me! You can’t beat me! Not with my own monster!!””

Terra eyes flashed yellow as the cave rumbled softly.

“Watch me!”

Jackie whimpered, and then Terra shouted, “Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend… Attack her directly, and wipe her out!!”

The mighty dragon blasted Jackie so hard, that she fell over the side of the boat and into the shallow waters.

Jackie LP: 2700 -----> 0

“She did it!” cried Rarity “She won!”

Spike howled in cheer, and the others began to go wild for her. Even though they still felt a little bad for Vic.

“Hey,” Sunset called as she and Pinkie came up to the gang.

“What’s going on? What are we cheering for?” asked Pinkie.

The others explained about the situation, and while Sunset and Pinkie felt bad for Vic, at least he was still in the tournament, and Terra winning with just one draw-- that was incredible!

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.” said Pinkie, and so, she actually did both.

She laughed with joy, and then spun around weeping and dabbing her eyes with hankie.

The others all chuckled, but then Rainbow looked up at the screen, “Hey, look at Terra.”

The others looked up and saw that Terra didn’t seem too happy, even though she had won. She looked as if she was going to cry as the two boats slowly moved out of the cave, heading down the tunnel of love.

“I think we better get over there.” said Sunset.

The others agreed, and rushed off.

Episode 19: Feeling Crushed

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Raven had ordered the finishing move on her opponent.

“PSY-Framelord Omega, direct attack!”

Her monster attacked, and took the rest of her opponents’ life points, earning her a second, consecutive win, and 40% on her duel meter.

“Whoa, you’re good.” said the guy.

“Thanks, I guess.” Raven said with a forced smile, but really she was not enjoying herself, and she just walked off.

Poor Raven, still couldn’t find in herself to enjoy the game for the fun of it. Then again she and her friends weren’t dueling for fun anyway.

Then she left to go find her friends, and she saw them all heading towards the Tunnel of Love exit which was right near where she had her duel.

She saw a soaking wet Jackie get off the boat first, and she met up with Jillian.

The two went off immediately, arguing about what had happened, but then out came Terra on a second boat, and she was staring down grimly at a single card in her hand.

She dashed over and joined the gang.

“Hey, what’s happening?”

Terra looked up sadly with a near expressionless look on her face.

“You didn’t win, huh?”

“No, she did.” replied Sunset.

Raven then realized why Terra was so grim, and she rolled her eyes, “She’s thinking of him again.”

Kori and Robin both could tell now that had to be the reason.

More confirmed than ever when they saw the card Terra was looking at was “Change of Heart.”

“Okay, what is going on here?” asked Rainbow “I get you like that card and all that but why get so droopy in the chops about it?”

Terra took in a deep breath and finally answered, “Every time I play this card, I think of Garfield.”

“You mean Beast Boy?” asked Pinkie.

Terra nodded, and the sad expression on her face as she looked down at the card again told sunset enough.

“You were more than close, weren’t you?”

The other three titans nodded, and Robin confirmed it, “Garfield and Terra used to date.”

The girls seemed speechless, until Rarity spoke up, “How romantic?” but then she realized “But wait, if he’s not here, and he ran away.” she gasped “Then… it… ended in tragedy?”

Terra looked up and stammered softly, “Well… yes, you could say it did.” she paused long and chose her words carefully “…We broke up.”

Pinkie Pie sniffled sadly, “Aww, that’s so sad!” she sobbed.

“That really is.” agreed Fluttershy.

Kori, Robin and Raven sighed.

“The breakup was a large push to why Garfield abandoned Jump City and left us.” said Kori.

Remembering all this, and more, made Terra hurt inside, and her tears began to fall again, but Pinkie and Fluttershy cuddled with her to comfort her.

“What did you guys break up over?” Pinkie asked.

“Pinkie Pie!” snapped Twilight “Don’t ask a thing like that! It’s not really our business anyway why they broke up.”

Terra agreed, “It won’t matter anyway. He’s been gone for five years, and I really miss him.”

She looked down at the card in her hand again, “This card reminds me of him, and all the good things we did and shared, and how he taught me to believe in myself and not be afraid… ever after I--”

She quickly stopped herself.

“You what?” asked Pinkie “Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!”

“Pinkie Pie!” snapped Rarity “Don’t pressure her.”

Sunset had a sneaky feeling there was a lot more going on than Terra and the Titans were actually telling.

But before she could ask…

“YEE-HAW!” Applejack cried as she came up to the gang. “Guess who just won herself a good heap of duel points?”

“Let me guess.” said Pinkie “…It was you!”

Applejack showed her duel disk of 15%.

“Awesome!” exclaimed Rainbow, and the two girls slapped a high five.

Then Vic came along, “Sounds like a party here. What did I miss?”

“Oh, nothing, really…” Terra said, hoping the girls would let go of the subject, and thankfully they did.

“Sorry you didn’t win, Vic.” said Robin “We saw it all.”

Vic just smiled, “Hey, I’m still in this, I can make a comeback. At least I hope I can.”

Twilight got out a calculator from her backpack and did some equations, “Well that is possible. There’s still sixty or so duelists left in the tournament, many of which are on the verge of elimination.”

Applejack looked at her low duel meter, “How am I ever going to get this baby up to 100%?”

Kori felt the same, she was down to her last 5% and so was Robin. If either of them lost one more duel, they’d be out of the running.

Still, at least a lot of them were doing great, especially Pinkie Pie, who had the highest duel score of 55% thanks to Trixie’s little stunt.

“Lucky me…!” Pinkie squealed with glee “Just a couple more duels and I can go to the finals.”

“That’ll help out a great deal.” said Sunset “With at least one of us in the finals it gives us hope to saving Twilight.”

“…And getting the Prize-Money we need for Jump City.” Raven pointed out.

“Yes, that too…”

Spike then pointed out, “Too you all can’t go to the finals. Then you’d win the prize for sure.”

The others thought it would be nice, but they knew it wasn’t possible since only the first eight duelists to achieve 100% would qualify.

“I’m worried…” said Fluttershy.

“What are you worried about?” asked Rainbow “You’re not even in the tournament anymore.”

“I’m just worried about the rest of you,” replied Fluttershy “What if along the way you end up facing each other?”

A long silence followed with everyone looking shocked and upset at the thought.

Applejack and Robin looked at one another, remembering their duel, even though it ended in a draw and they were both still in the tournament.

Raven also looked at Fluttershy and was beginning to feel guilty deep down of having eliminated her-- she didn’t let her face show it.

“There’s no way around that.” said Kori “We’ll just have to duel our very best I suppose.”

Vic agreed “It’s all we can do, and we can agree it’ll honorable, and we can see which of us should really go to the finals.”

“Darn tootin’.” said Applejack “Still, it seems to me like this tournament’s getting a little out of hand.”

Sunset clenched her fist, remembering those two dark figures who took Princess Twilight’s soul. That was how this whole thing started in the first place.

“Some Friendship tournament this is turning out to be.” she thought to herself “Everyone’s getting so tense, and so many duelists we’ve faced haven’t been really been dueling for fun and excitement, but desperation or just plain tormenting others.

Even the girls and I are here to try and save Twilight’s soul from two evil creeps who forced us into this tournament, but we still don’t know who they are or what they really want from us.”

She then reached into her Extra Deck and pulled out all the cards, half which were now revealed, including her newest card.

“And I still don’t get these cards.

Why was I given them, and why do they only seem to reveal themselves to me at certain times?

More importantly: Who sent them to me in the first place?”

“Sunset,” Twilight called to her “Are you okay?”

She snapped out of her trance, “Just thinking.”

Suddenly, Robin’s duel disk activated. He was being called for his next duel.

Everyone huddled in around him to see who it was, and the randomizer showed his opponent, and the girls were ever shocked.


The titans looked up.

“That’s your principal?” asked Terra.

“Wow,” said Vic as admired Celestia’s picture, preferably her long multi-color streaked hair “Now that’s a dame.”

Raven nudged him.

“What? I think she’s pretty.”

Still, the girls were amazed and very surprised.

“I never knew Principal Celestia was a duelist.” said Rarity.

“This is wicked.” exclaimed Rainbow.

“…Glad you think so.” said a familiar voice. Everyone looked round and there stood Celestia, with her hair hanging long and loose as usual, but rather than her usual suit she was wearing white skirt, and purple blouse with a dark blue blazer with while lapels.

“Hello ladies…” she said to her students.

The girls were still shocked, and Robin and Vic couldn’t help but gawk at her from head-to-toe-- she was that lovely to them.

Of course Robin had to stop when Kori began to look angry.

The girls all stammered and tried to find their words, but Celestia could tell what they were thinking.

“It’s my summer vacation too. Even I enjoy a break from all the school work and boredom.”

“We get that,” said Sunset “But since when do you play Duel Monsters?”

Celestia figured that would be asked, and told the story.

“Until last year, when the school first started, I thought the game was silly, and I felt it was a huge distraction, so I forbade any and all elements of the game during school hours.

Naturally, several students ignored my warnings, and those who were caught had their cards confiscated by me, as well as a week’s detention.

Anyway, one day I was walking along the hallways, when I noticed a single card on the floor.

I picked it up, and then when I looked at it, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I was so fascinated by it, that I actually started to study the game in my spare-time, which lead to actually try it.

I never realized how much fun the game was, not to mention how much math and coordination went into it, almost like a good way to brush up on academics.

While I still didn’t allow it to be played during school hours, I made the expectations of allowing a Dueling Club, or games sessions.

…And I’ve been dueling ever since.

I joined this tournament to challenge others, and who knows? That million-dollar prize would help give Canterlot High some funds, as well as few other charities I sponsor.”

The girls were amazed and impressed, but then suddenly, Celestia was amazed by the sight of the others, “The Titans? I’ve heard of you.”

Robin shook her head, “I’m Robin. I’m your opponent.”

Celestia shook his hand, but then she giggled while prancing around, “This is so exciting! I can’t believe I’m meeting the Titans, and I get duel one of them!”

The entire gang felt awkward at her prancing and acting like a teenager at a rock concert.

“Is she always this eccentric?” asked Terra.

“You should see her at the Friendship Games.” joked Twilight.

Celestia finally got a hold of herself, and even though she and Robin had met, they still had to proceed to their arranged dueling sight, as was the rule.

The location was right near the ferris-wheel, where surprisingly, the operator turned out to be Vice Principal Luna.

“Okay, now I’ve seen everything.” joked Rainbow.

Luna was not a duelist, but she was working as a summer job.

“Summer may be fun to all of you, but it is important to maintain income.” she stated. “Hello sister.”

Celestia nodded grimly at her, “Luna, I still think you ought to give this game a try. It changed my life.”

“Thank you but no.” Luna said as she closed the ride down and help part the crowds away for the duel to begin. “Just the same, I’ll be rooting for you.”

Celestia sighed, but then she turned ready to face Robin.

All the friends were on the sidelines watching the duel from upfront.

“Who should I root for?” wondered Pinkie, and she kept looking back and forth between the two players.

“Robin, of course,” said Kori “I understand what Celestia is doing is noble, but Jump City needs that cash more.”

“So why hasn’t anyone told her yet?” asked Raven.

A moment silence followed.

“Should we tell her anyway?” asked Fluttershy.

“No, we mustn’t.” cried Rarity “Look at her, she seems so excited and happy to be having all this fun and delight. The truth of what we’re dueling for would only crush her.”

Sunset agreed, “Not to mention she doesn’t know about Princess Twilight either. She only thinks she went back to Equestria.”

“You never told her that either?” asked Terra.

“Shh, keep it down!” snapped Applejack “If anyone else finds out, there could be panic and wild running all over.”

Sunset agreed, “This is our battle to fight, and we just want to keep it low.”

She still worried what if Princess Celestia found out about what happened to Twilight? Would she hold her responsible for what happened?

Would she ever allow Twilight to come back to the human world?

…Or worse! Would she order Sunset back to Equestria to face reprimanding?

She honestly didn’t know how much longer she could go on with this charade!

Regardless, Robin and Celestia were ready to go.

“Good luck to you.” said Celestia.

“Sure, you too.” replied Robin, but he silently thought, “I’m going to have to duel my hardest. If I lose this duel I’m out of it.

But I can’t let that get to me.”

He looked down at his deck, and felt his family’s spirits emanating from them. “I know you’re all here with me. Let’s put on a show to remember!”

Disks were ready, cards, drawn; Robin and Celestia faced one another.


Robin LP: 8000

Celestia LP: 8000

The friends watched most anxiously, while Luna still thought little about the game.

“It’s show time…!” shouted Robin.

“Hey, that’s my line!” called Pinkie.

“…I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 2 PERFORMAGE BUBBLE GARDNA and Scale 6 PERFORMAGE FIRE DANCER!”

The two monsters appeared in the Pendulum Zones, in streams of fire and bubbles, which Pinkie thought was pretty entertaining.

“It’s just like me and Performapals.”

“Eeyup,” agreed Applejack “This guy’s deck is pretty close to yours, sugar cube, and just wait until he really gets going.”

“Now,” shouted Robin “I’ll summon as many monsters from levels 3 to 5 as I need.

…I Pendulum Summon!”

Three shots of light blasted onto the field, and his monsters appeared.




Celestia was highly impressed, “So that’s Pendulum Summoning?”

“Yes,” replied Robin “What, you can’t do it yourself?”

Celestia shook her head “No, I’ve never tried it before. I’ve often thought about it, but it just never worked for me.”

The others were concerned about the way she was talking.

“Why is she telling him that?” wondered Kori “She shouldn’t give away her duel strategy.”

“We don’t even know what her strategy is yet.” said Sunset “Just because she says she can’t Pendulum Summon doesn’t really mean anything. A deck doesn’t have to Pendulum Summon to be strong.”

Robin continued with his move.

“Well, you’ve seen me Pendulum Summon, and now watch this.

I overlay level 5 Sandwhichman and my level 5 Cup Tricker. With these two monsters, I build the Overlay Network!”

The portal appeared as the two monsters up and vanished into it, and the new monster appeared swinging on its high trapeze.


(Atk: 2700)

Celestia gawked up at the amazing monster with astonishment.

Luna was a little impressed too, and so were the rest of the gang.

“Now I’ll place one card facedown, and that ends my turn.”

His hand was empty, but he felt confident with his move.

“Well, that’s Dick’s move,” said Kori.

Rainbow agreed, “I wonder what Celestia’s got for him.”

Celestia nodded, “Now, I draw!” she hollered and drew a sixth card.

She gazed down at what it was, and the corner of her eye shimmered.

“Now I’ll show all of you the card that got me into the game.

I activate the Field Spell CELESTIA!”

Expressions of shock, amazement, and awe erupted from everyone, and the field began to warp, and take on the scene of deep space, but with a colorful aura emitting from the starts—almost the same colors as Celestia’s hair.

“There’s an actual card called “Celestia?” asked Rarity.

“That’s amazing.” said Fluttershy “Now I can see why Celestia would be into the game. I wouldn’t mind if there was a card called “Fluttershy.”

The others sighed softly.

“Still,” said Twilight “Now we know-- Celestia must use Wyrm-Type monsters, because that’s what that card supports.”

Celestia snickered “Twilight’s right, but right now I have a monster to summon, but first I’m required to send two fire monsters from my hand to the graveyard.”

“What?” snapped Robin “What are you doing?”


(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 3200)

Robin gawked at the horrible creature in shock, “That’s a level 9 monster!”

The friends could hardly believe it either.

“She brought out a level 9 monster on her first turn?” cried Rainbow “That’s just sick, and cool.”

Celestia took that as a compliment, “And there’s more I’m afraid.

Since I used two fire monsters to summon my king, his special ability allows me to banish one card you have in play!”

“Ah!” cried Robin, and he watched with horrors as his big strong monster vanished off the field. “…Trapeze High Magician-- No!!”

Kori held her hand to her lips, “Oh, Dick…!”

Robin stood there shaking, as the loss of his creature reminded him of the loss of his family.

“There was no way he could’ve stopped that.” said Applejack. She remembered facing that monster before, “Trapeze High Magician could’ve used its ability to prevent itself from being destroyed, but Celestia banished it, and there was no defense for that.”

The others all felt bad for Robin.

Celestia noticed his downwardness, “Are you alright?”

Robin bravely held up his head and smiled, “Good move, please go on.”

Celestia nodded and entered her battle phase.

“Vanisher, attack Performage Plushfire!”

Her king nodded, and rushed forth, stomping on Robin’s little monster.

“When Plushfire is destroyed, its ability activates allowing me to summon one Performage monster from my deck…


(Atk: 1200)

Celestia narrowed her eyes, “That’s impressive, but this duel’s not over yet.”

She laid one card facedown, ending her turn. “Go ahead.”

Robin nodded and he drew his next card.

“Perfect!” he hollered “Now I activate the trap PENDULUM BACK!”

Then he pointed up at his monsters in the Pendulum Zone, “With this trap, I can go into my graveyard and snatch two monsters whose respective levels are in between the scales.

Which means, Wing Sandwhichman and Cup Tricker return to my hand.”

Celestia clenched her fist, “That means you can summon them all back to the field.”

Robin nodded, “But before I do, I’ll sacrifice my Water Dancer, in order to summon PERFORMAGE WIND DRAINER!”

(Atk: 2100)

Celestia blinked once and thought, “Why would he just tribute summon that monster when he could easily Pendulum Summon it?”

Then she gasped, “Wait…!”

Robin snickered, “Now… I will Pendulum Summon!”

In Four flashed of light, he summoned four monsters all at once.





All five of his monsters stood together in a line.

“Clever,” said Sunset “First he sacrifices his Pendulum Monster, and then he can summon it right back to summon so many monsters.”

Pinkie giggled, “And now he’s got five whole monsters in play. It’s a regular circus. This is so exciting!”

Luna didn’t seem as enthusiastic, “Well, I must admit, that was clever to summon all those creatures, but not one of them can beat my sister’s king.”

“Don’t’ count my husband out yet,” said Kori “I’m sure he knows what he’s doing…

…I hope.”

Robin then entered his battle phase…

“Now, Water Dancer, attack Vanisher!”

“What?!” snapped Celestia “But your monster can’t beat my king!”

“I know. It’s all part of my plan.”

(Atk: 1200) VS (Atk: 3200)

Celestia’s monster countered the attack with ease, and Robin’s monster was destroyed.

“I activate Bubble Gardna’s Pendulum ability, so I only take half the battle damage from this attack!”

Robin LP: 8000 -----> 7000

“And it’s all worth it, because when Water Dancer is destroyed, it lets me target your monster and switch it into to defense-mode!”

“Ah!” cried Celestia, and indeed, her big strong king changed modes.

(Def: 1900)

Robin’s mask shinned as he grinned wickedly, “Time to avenge my magician.

…Wind Drainer, attack!”

His monster complied and dove straight at the King.

“…And by the way, I’m activate Fire Dancer’s Pendulum ability, which allows my monster to deal you damage even if your monster is in defense-mode!”

Celestia growled in shock as the attack struck.

(Atk: 2100) VS (Def: 1900)

Celestia LP: 8000 -----> 7700

“Celestia’s wide open now!” cried Spike.

“This can’t go well!” added Twilight

Robin then called to his other three monsters, “Sandwichman, Cup Tricker, Plushfire, give the lady a show to remember-- attack her directly!”

The three monsters all acted like the circus performers that they resembled; hopping up onto each other, swinging about, and combining all their powers into one colossal attack that struck Celestia hard.

She braced herself, and her long hair fluttered in the winds of the attack, and she lost a good 4000 points.

Celestia LP: 7700 -----> 3700

“Sister!” cried Luna.

The light had faded, and Pinkie and Rainbow took one look at Celestia-- her hair was all puffed out like a cotton ball, and her jacket was a little wrinkled-- the girls held in a laugh.

Luna gave them all a strict look.

Celestia shook herself back to normal.

Her shiny hair shaking like that made Vic ogle at her again, “Mmm-mm, smokin’.”

Raven nudged him softly and gave him and angry glare, “Ease off, cowboy.”

Celestia was impressed, “So you willingly took a little damage, and dealt me a whole lot more. You really did your homework.”

Robin smiled only softly. The truth was, he hated having to sacrifice his Water Dancer like that due to his deep inner-pain.

“Are you alright?” asked Celestia.

Robin straightened himself out, “I’m fine. I end my turn.”

“Very well,” said Celestia “I draw…!

And I play POT OF GREED so I can draw two cards.”

She drew her cards, giving her three in her hand, and she really liked what they were.

“And now I play the trap CALL OF THE HAUNTED!”

Robin cringed softly.

“Now I can summon one monster in my graveyard, and I choose a monster I discarded last turn, MAGMA DRAGON!”

(Atk: 1600) -----> (Atk: 1900)

“When Magma is special summoned, I can special summon a Wyrm-Type monster out of the graveyard in defense-mode, but its effects are negated.”

“Any Wyrm-Type?” cried Robin.

Celestia snickered, “Please give a big royal reception for the return of his highness, TRUE KING AGNIMAZUD, THE VANISHER!”

(Def: 1900)

“It’s back!” cried Robin.

“And I’ve got more to come.” said Celestia “I’ll sacrifice my Magma Dragon so I can summon GIANT PAIRFISH!”

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 2300)

This single card seemed to be two monsters-- two fish like creatures, swirling together and gazing lovingly at one another.

“Aw, that looks so cute.” said Pinkie Pie, and she waved to the cute monsters, forgetting they were only holograms.

“Now I use the special ability,” said Celestia “By sending this monster in my hand to the graveyard, I can summon one level 4 or below Wyrm-Monster from my deck to the field…

…I choose the Tuner-Monster, AL-LUMI’RAJ!”

(Atk: 1600) -----> (Atk: 1900)

“A Tuner!” cried Robin.

Luna was confused, due to her ignorance of the game. “I don’t understand.”

“It means that Celestia can Synchro Summon.” said Sunset.

Kori whispered under her breath, “…Hang in there, Dick.”

“Now,” hollered Celestia, “I tune level 3 Al-Lumi’Raj with level 6 Pairfish…”

The two monsters formed into orbs, and lifted up high in the space background of the field spell, creating a large burst of light forming the new monster.


(Atk: 2800) -----> (Atk: 3100)

This new creature looked like a cross between a dragon and a griffin, but it let out a mighty screech, which made some of the spectators cover their ears.

Celestia only looked up at her monster and smiled at it,

“And now I’m going to show another special power of my Celestia field card.”


“You see, not only does it make my Wyrm monsters stronger, but once per turn I can banish three Wyrm monsters from my graveyard…”

The images three of her monsters-- her Pairfish, her Magma Dragon, and her Al-Lumi Raj-- they all vanished out of sight and into the field card image.

“And now,” said Celestia “I am able to destroy one card you control!”

“Ah!” cried Robin, and he watched as his Performage Plushfire was blasted clear off the field.

“Why would you do that?” he asked “You know that by destroying Plushfire, I can summon another Performage monster…


(Def: 1400)

Celestia snickered, “The reason I did that is because now I can use Chaofeng’s ability!”

Her mighty Wyrm’s wings glowed brightly, and in one flap, a beam of light struck Celestia’s deck.

“Once per turn, when a monster you control is destroyed, I can summon one Wyrm from my deck, as long as its attribute is the same the monster that was destroyed.

Since your Plushfire was a Fire-Type, I’ll summon a Fire-Type of my own, MAGMA DRAGON!”

(Def: 1200)

“Oh, no, not another one!” cried Robin.

“I’m afraid so,” said Celestia “And since my Magma Dragom was special summoned one Wyrm gets summoned out of my graveyard, and it happens to be yet another copy of a monster…


(Def: 1900)

Her monster appeared alongside her first king in a burst of fire.

Robin began to cringe softly, not liking any of this at all.

“Now,” Celestia shouted “I overlay my two level 9 kings to build the Overlay Network!”

The girls all gasped in amazement.

“She can Xyz Summon as well?” asked Sunset.

“Looks like it.” said Rainbow.

The proceeding was completed and the new monster formed for all to see as Celestia called, “I Xyz Summon TRUE KING OF ALL CALAMITIES!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3300)

Such a dark and evil looking beast, Robin gawked up at in anger and worry.

“What a monster!” cried Terra “She sure can duel.”

“I hate to say it, but you have a point.” agreed Raven.

The girls were speechless, and Celestia still wasn’t through yet.

“Now I play the spell METAMORPHOSIS!

By tributing Magma Dragon, I can now summon a Fusion Monster whose level is identical to his.”

“What?!” snapped Robin “A Fusion Monster too?”

The gang watched in awe as Celestia sacrificed her dragon, and a big glow burst from her Extra Deck.


(Atk: 1900) -----> (Atk: 2200)

The three monsters stood side-by-side, and what a sight to behold they were. Synchro, Xyz, and Fusion, all summoned in one turn!

Sunset was especially impressed, and looked down at her own deck, remembering her initial goal: to try and unlock a perfect deck strategy to combine all four summoning methods.

“I wonder if Celestia can Pendulum Summon too?” she thought “Even if she can’t, I’m amazed at how well she’s dueling.”

Celestia entered her battle phase.

“Chaofeng, attack Wing Sandwichman!”

Her monster complied, and began to flap its huge wings, unleashing burning winds at Robin’s monster!”

“I don’t think so!” shouted Robin “I activate Mirror Conductor’s ability, which allows me to switch the attack and defense points with your monster!”

“Hmmm…” said Celestia and then she looked over at her Fusion Monster, which began to glow.

Robin’s mirror stood tall and proud and tried to reflect the image of the dragon, but the reflection of the monster suddenly disappeared, and the mirror went dark with nothing in it.

“What?!” snapped Robin “What’s happening?”

Celestia grinned “It’s Mudragon’s special ability; prevent you from targeting it or any other monster that has the same attribute as its own.”

Robin was confused, “But your Mudragon is a Water-Type, and the other is a Light-Type.”

Then suddenly he could see Mudragon was glowing brighter than ever, as if it were actually a Light-Attributed monster.

“No, don’t tell me…!”

“Mm-Hmm,” said Celestia “Once Per turn, Mudragon can change its attribute. Very resourceful if I do say myself.”

Robin growled, and watched as the dragon spit out a huge mud-ball barrage from its mouth, striking his monster hard.

(Atk: 3100) VS (Atk: 1800)

“I use Bubble Gardna’s Pendulum Effect!” he shouted “Now I only take half the damage from this battle, and your monsters can’t stop that!

Robin LP: 7000 -----> 5750

Celestia flicked her hair, and then called to her King of Calamities, “Attack and destroy Wind Drainer!”

Her king stretched out it’s huge claws, blasting the monster in a dark swirling vortex.

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 2100)

Robin took full damage from the attack, as his Bubble Garnda’s effect only worked once each turn.

Robin LP: 5750 -----> 4350

“Dick, No!!” cried Kori.

Celestia then called to her Mudragon, “Your turn! Destroy Cup Tricker!”

The dragon roared and belched out a barrage of mud-balls, destroying the monster in a mudslide!

(Atk: 2200) VS (Atk: 1200)

Robin LP: 4350 ------> 3350

“Ugh’ll!” groaned Rarity “How rude and grotesque!

Kori was trembling stressfully. “I can’t believe she did all that.”

“Poor Dick.” added Vic “He’s really got his work cut out for him.”

The girls were amazed with Celestia’s dueling, but just as worried and concerned with Robin as well.

“How can Robin possibly get himself out of this one?” asked Rainbow.

“Maybe… he can’t?” suggested Fluttershy.

Everyone turned to gawk at her-- some with stern expressions.

“She may have a point.” said Sunset “But then again, one draw can make all the difference.”

Robin just stood where he was staring at all three of Celestia’s monsters, and contemplating his situation in his mind.

“I can still Pendulum Summon my monsters back in defense-mode, and that would shield me, but I can’t win the duel just by defending alone.”

He looked at the King of Calamities, “I don’t even know what abilities that monster has.”

He then looked down at his deck, and placed his fingers over his next card, thinking deeply to the spirits of his family, “Please, help me. Guide me to picking something good that will work!”

He drew his card and gawked deeply at it.

“Ring of Destruction…”

He remembered playing it against Applejack which caused the duel to end in a draw, but even Celestia’s most powerful monster wasn’t nearly strong enough to deplete all her life points, or even his own.

He began to formulate a plan.

“The only chance I have is to weaken her life points just enough, and then use the Ring to blow up her King. That ought to reduce her life points to zero, and I’ll still have enough to win the duel!”

Celestia looked as if she was growing impatient, waiting for him to make a move, but she said nothing, almost as if she didn’t care what move he made, which only further worried Robin that if she had something else planned.

…Still, he had to at least try.

“Now,” he called “I’ll place one card facedown, and then… I Pendulum Summon!”

Rour shots of light beamed down, and his five monsters appeared.





All four of his monsters were back, and looking just as eager to perform in the circus act of a lifetime.

Pinkie was actually munching on popcorn which she pulled out of nowhere.

Robin paused a minute, thinking of his family, feeling they were guiding him through his turn.

“I Overlay level 4 Water Dancer, and level 4 Plushfire to build the Overlay Network!


(Atk: 2400)

Kori breathed a sigh of relief, “That should help. With his Trapeze Magician out, Dick won’t take any damage equal to 2400 or lower.”

“And don’t forget,” added Terra “He can Xyz Summon again.”

Indeed, that’s just what Robin did next.

“Now I overlay level 5 Wing Sandwichman and level 5 Cupt Tricker…


(Atk: 2700)

The two performers floated side-by-side on their swings, and nodded at one another.

Robin looked up at them both, thinking of his mother and father, and then he gawked over at Celestia’s field, preferably at Mudragon, her weakest monster.

“If I attack it,” he thought “Her life points will drop to 3300. That’s exactly the amount needed to wipe her out with Ring of Destruction.”

He stepped forth, “I use High Magician’s special ability! Now I’ll…


He looked up at his monsters, and noticed they were losing their colors, becoming dark and looking floppy.

“What’s happening to my magicians?”

Celestia answered, “My King of Calamities just used its special ability.

By using an overlay unit, I had changed all the attributes of every monster on the field into Dark-Types, the same as my King.”

Robin looked up at his monsters and growled, “But what good does doing that mean?”

Celestia grunted as answered, “You see, all your monsters with the same attribute cannot attack or activate their abilities!”

Robin stood where he was with his mouth hanging open.

Some of the gang looked the same, even Pinkie, letting the popcorn fall out of her mouth.

“Sakes, Pinkie, shut your mouth when it’s full!” groaned Applejack.

Kori felt the situation was really growing hopeless for her husband.

“If he can’t attack, and he can’t use special abilities…”

No one else said anything beyond that. It was beginning to seem obvious that Robin hadn’t a chance now.

“…I… end my turn.” Robin said shakily.

He seemed really down, much more down than he had been all duel long.

Before Celestia could ask anything, Robin looked up at her with a brave smile, “Go ahead… take your turn.”

Celestia nodded, “I draw…!

“And I activate my King’s ability once more, to change all the monsters into Dark-Types, which will prevent your monsters from activating their abilities.”

Robin cringed softly.

“I also play BURIAL FROM A DIFFERENT DIMENSION! Which shall return three banished monsters o my graveyard, only that I may banish them again and activate the effect of Celestia…

…Destroy Trapeze Magician!”

Robin’s first magician was blasted by a ray of light that shot out from the card, blowing it into space dust, much to his growing outrage and sadness.

“Dick…” Kori sobbed softly with tears in her eyes.

The other Titans all felt bad for him too, as did the girls.

“Why the long faces?” asked Luna.

Twilight sighed, and whispered to her about Robin’s connections with the cards to his family.

“Oh, my…!” Luna said.

Celestia then entered her battle phase. “You duel well,” she said to Robin, and he nodded at her, “But now it all ends here…

King of Calamities, attack Trapeze High Magician!”

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 2700)

Robin didn’t even bother to play his trap or Bubble Garnda’s ability to halve the damage—there was simply no point.

So his monster was destroyed, and his score dropped,

Robin LP: 3350 ------> 2950

…Leaving him wide open and powerless to stop the next attack!

“Go Chaofeng!” shouted Celestia “Wipe him out!”

Her monster complied, and sent it’s burning winds straight at Robin, knocking out the rest of his life points.

Robin LP: 2950 ------> 0

“Oh…!” cried Kori.

“He lost!” peeped Spike.

“He’s out of the tournament now.” added Terra.

Robin’s duel meter was empty, and Celestia had 40% now.

Robin stood where he was, with his arms at his side and the images of the duel faded away.

He looked deeply crushed-- the kind you only looked when your spirit was truly grieving and hurting, and not just because he had failed in the tournament, but having let his monsters down, and feeling he had let his family down too.

“Are you alright?” Celestia asked as she approached him, and she finally saw a small tear escape from his eye, making her stop dead in his tracks.

Her sister approached, and whispered to her what she had been told from Twilight.

Celestia gasped softly and put her hand to her mouth, feeling a bit of remorse for actually winning the duel.

“Robin… I…” she tried to find her words, but Robin then approached her, and held out his hand “That was a good duel. Well done.”

Celestia was surprised at first, but she managed to shake his hand softly.

The rest of the gang thought it to be sweet.

Rarity dabbed her eyes with a hankie, and Pinkie sniffled.

“It’s so friendly-like.” she sobbed.

Even Raven thought it was sweet, but she only showed a small smile.

As for Sunset, she looked at the others and decided, “I think we should tell her the truth.”

The others agreed.

Episode 20: Part 1: Familiar Faceless

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From their monitoring ops, the Prince Brothers were observing the gang as they all walked and talked together.

“Are you ready, Loki?” asked Rubeus.

“Yes, brother. The message has been sent, and knowing the girl she won’t hesitate to comply.”

Rubeus nodded, and he turned back to the monitor to look at the gang; preferably at Sunset. “Then the time has come to see just how far she has really come.”

Loki was really looking forward to this, “And who knows-- perhaps she’ll grant us what we need right now.”

Rubeus snickered, “Perhaps… and if not, well, let’s just say we’ll give fate a little push.”

The evil brothers snickered wickedly and walked off.

“What?!” snapped Celestia when she was told the truth.

“Shh! Keep it down!” hushed Sunset.

Thankfully no one else heard.

Celestia got a hold of herself, “Alright, one more time,” she said “What’s going on?”

“Well…” Pinkie said and she drew in a huge breath to spill the beans really quickly without stopping.

“It all started when we all had this dream, only we weren’t really dreaming, about these two evil figures that forced Sunset into a duel, and she lost to them, and then they captured Princess Twilight’s soul in a card, forcing us all to enter the tournament to try and win her soul back, and then the Titans came along and their trying to win the tournament prize money because their hometown is falling to bits and they need the money to fix it all up again.”

Celestia and Luna were flabbergasted, so were the Titans by Pinkie’s quick speech.

“How fast she actually talk?” Raven asked to Rainbow.

“That’s nothing. She was only going that slower that time to make her point.”

Raven’s eyes widened, “Sorry I asked.”

“My goodness,” said Luna “I can’t believe all this, even though I must.”

“Girls, why didn’t you tell me this form the start?” asked Celestia.

“Well how could we?” asked Sunset “The last thing we wanted was to throw everyone into a panic, and besides… it’s me those two creeps want, and I don’t know why.

I don’t want to put anyone else in danger.”

Celestia sighed, “Well, that’s understandable, but holding it back from others is no excuse, and then they can’t help you.”

The girls agreed with her.

“Sunset,” said Applejack “We’re all here because we want help you win the tournament and save Twilight’s soul, and nothing bad has happened to us.”

“Not yet anyway.” Sunset cut in.

“That’s not the point.” snapped Applejack “We all knew the danger in this tournament, but we didn’t let it stop us, did we?”

“She’s right,” said Rarity “Fluttershy and I have already been eliminated. Mind you, it was rather degrading, humiliating, and frustrating, but nothing all that bad has happened to us.”

Fluttershy nodded, though she felt a little nervous at the thought that something bad could happen any second.

Celestia felt really bad now for defeating Robin and knocking him out of the tournament.

“If I had known what you were fighting for--”

“It’s all right.” said Robin, and he smiled softly at her, “The rest of the Titans are still in it, and they can still do well.”

The other Titans nodded.

“Besides,” Kori added “We all knew the possibilities of losing. That’s why we’re all here.”

The other Titans agreed, while Raven just rolled her eyes.

Terra looked at Sunset, “We’ve only known each other for about a day, and now we’re friends. We’re trying to help each other.”

Sunset looked up, and smiled brightly, “You’re right, all of you.”

The Titans and the girls all smiled, even Raven.

The two sisters wiped their eyes of the tears of the sweet moment.

Celestia then cleared her throat, “Well, then, I’ll help you also; for both Princess Twilight and Jump City.”

Robin shook her hand softly, “Thank you, and if all works out, we’ll gladly give Canterlot High a few donations.”

Celestia smiled, “That would be wonderful for everyone.”

The moment was then interrupted when Shining Armor came along with his cart of trinkets, “Sunset…” he called “These were sent to you by a messenger.”

He handed her a bunch of black balloons on strings, and then he headed off on his route.

“Eww.” groaned Kori “Who would send you those?”

“I don’t know.” said Sunset.

Even Pinkie didn’t like the color of the balloons, all black and chalky. “They could’ve at least picked pink and blue.”

Vic scanned the balloons with his wrist-com, and gasped, “There’s exploding caps in them!”

“What?” cried Sunset, and suddenly!


The balloons just exploded with the small bombs inside of them, spilling confetti all over but frightening the gang.

“Oh, my goodness!” cried Rarity, and she panted heavily.

“Look!” cried Spike as he pointed to the ground where a small crumpled note lay.

Twilight picked it up, un-crumpled and read the note:

“Sunset Shimmer, if you want a chance to save your friend’s soul, come to the main gates at the park entrance. Come alone, or with your friends, it doesn’t matter.

…Refusal is no option!”

Everyone stood with wide eyes, and stunned expressions, and while they deduced it had to have been from those two evil creeps, as no one else outside the group knew…

“It’s a trap!” Sunset grumbled “Those two guys are trying to force me into another duel like they did the night before!”

Rainbow was infuriated as she grabbed the note from Twilight and read it again. “Let me get my hands on those two creeps, I’ll--” in her rage she would have damaged the paper had Vic not grabbed it.

“Whoa! Whoa! Don’t break this. Maybe we can use it for evidence.”

“He’s right,” agreed Robin “Maybe we can find fingerprints or DNA samples. We can find out who sent this.”

Vic scanned the note, but found no fingerprints, not even a single string of hair. He couldn’t even identify the material of the paper.

“This isn’t any ordinary paper. It’s made of stuff I’ve never seen before. Whatever it is, I can’t scan it.”

Sunset clenched her fists in frustration, wishing she could tell what that magical world was from before.

This also made her think of reconsidering the note.

She stood up tall and began to walk off.

“Sunset!” called Fluttershy “Where are you going?”

“Don’t tell you’re actually going!” cried Twilight.

“Yep, she’s going.” said Spike.

Sunset stopped in her tracks, “I’m going to go at this alone. Don’t any of you try to follow me!”

“But Sunset…!” protested Terra.

“No Buts!” sneered Sunset “I know it’s dangerous, but if it’s a chance to save Princess Twilight, I should take it, and I can also try to figure out what this is all about.

Remember, it’s me they want. I won’t risk putting you in danger.”

“But we just went all through that.” said Pinkie “We’re supposed to be sticking together.”

“Agreed,” said Celestia “While I may not be your principal while on holidays, I’m still telling you as your elder-- We are coming with you, and that is final!”

“I second that!” said Luna, “I may not be a duelist, but if my students and their friends are in danger, I cannot stand by and let things just go.”

All the others stood forth in agreement.

“Sunset…” said Robin “We’re coming whether you want it or not.”

Sunset cringed very hard and shut her eyes tightly trying to deal with the overbearing stress.

Until Twilight came up to her and placed her hands on her shoulder, “My friend to the end, remember?”

Sunset recalled the song she sang in her mind, as some of the lyrics passed by…

A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
With hearts so true I could take it,
A friend to the end,
A friend to the end,
I promised to her I would make it.
...My friend to the end.

She smiled and wiped a tear away.

No one said a thing after that, and they all proceeded to the main gates by the entrance, only to find no one there, not even the ticket vendors or the fairgoers.

“Anybody see anything?” asked Kori.

Everyone looked around, and Pinkie even checked over, under, around and even inside a garbage can, “Nope, nothing.”

Raven shut her eyes and concentrated, “I can’t sense anything either.”

Everyone was starting to feel a bit nervous.

Suddenly, little tiny sparkles of light began to shimmer around everyone, and they grew brighter and brighter.

“What’s happening?!” cried Terra.

“I was afraid of this!” wailed Sunset, and everything went white!

When everyone came to their senses, they found they were on the ground.

“What happened?” asked Vic “Where are we?”

The girls all cringed and growled as they looked around.

“I recognize this place…” said Rainbow “This is that weirdo dream world we were in.”

The other girls agreed, though they were frozen the entire time, they were actually conscious in their state, and witnessed everything, which was how they knew of the dream.

The Titans and the two sisters looked around at the eerie place-- the dark skies, the buildings with spatial colorings and swirling lights, and the feelings of chills and evil all around.

“What is this place?” asked Celestia.

“I’ve never seen anywhere like it before.” said Robin.

“This is that same realm we were trapped in my dream.” Sunset explained “I still can’t remember where it is, yet I know I’ve seen it somewhere before.”

Suddenly, someone called out, “You’ll plenty more of this soon enough, but that is all you’ll hear for now.”

“That voice!” cried Sunset, and she and the others turned round and saw the two shadowy figures, just as dark and unidentifiable as ever.

“I take it these are those “creeps” you talked about?” Raven asked to the girls, and they all nodded.

Sunset’s rage was flowing hard, “You two!” she growled “Where is Princess Twilight’s soul?”

The tall brother held up the very card, and there was Twilight, still pounding at the card’s edge begging “Help! Somebody get me out of here!”

The sisters and the Titans were shocked out of their minds-- the fact that Twilight was truly imprisoned within a card made them fully realize the seriousness in all this.

“Who are you?” Kori demanded “Why have you brought us here?”

The brothers snickered, and the shorter one stepped forth with a duel disk on his arm, “Who we are, and what we desire will all be made clear soon enough.”

He then pointed at Sunset, “But first thing’s first, you and I are going to duel once again, just like before.”

“Hey, you back off and leave her alone, you hear?!” thundered Rainbow.

“Yeah, and give us back our friend’s soul!” added Pinkie.

“Please…” peeped Fluttershy.

Robin stepped forth, “Don’t force us to use extreme measures!”

The older brother only chuckled at his threat, “For an earthling you talk pretty strong, but I’m afraid you’ll find there is very little you or your cohorts can do.”

“That’s it!” grumbled Raven “I’ll get us out of here…” and she stuck out her hands and concentrated “Azarath, Metrion, Zi--” she stopped just like that as she felt no power flowing through her at all.

“My powers, they aren’t working!”

Terra tried to move the ground beneath her feet. Nothing happened, not even a flicker or a small tremor.

Kori couldn’t even fly no matter how happy she tried to think.

“It’s no use,” called Sunset “Our magic and your powers don’t work here in this place.”

“Now you tell us?” scorned Vic.

The younger brother snickered, “As much as I enjoy seeing you all struggle, I suggest you prepare yourself Sunset Shimmer.”

Sunset glared furiously at the brothers. “What do you want with me?” she asked impatiently “Why is it so important you duel me, force me to enter the Friendship Cup and all that.”

Her whining only amused the brothers.

“If you want the answers as well as your friend’s soul back,” said the older brother “Then you just have to prove your worth and win the duel.”

His younger brother nodded, “Of course, we don’t really expect you to win. I’m not going to go as easy on you as I did on our last encounter.”

Sunset was really starting to lose her cool.

“Sunset, don’t give into them!” called Applejack.

“They’re just trying to psyche you out!” added Rainbow.

The Titans had decided enough was enough of this.

“Let’s get them!” shouted Robin “Powers or not, we can still fight!”

“Yeah!” agreed Vic, and he formed his sonic cannon, “Besides, You and me don’t have super powers, it’s all natural technology.”

The Titans were about to charge…!

“Sorry,” sneered the older brother “But I’m afraid we can’t allow this interference!” and he raised his hand, casting a small wave of invisible energy around the gang, like a force-field.

Robin picked up a small rock on the ground and tossed it forward, only for the energy field to bounce it back.

“Let’s see if I can blast it!” said Vic.

“No, don’t!” cried Kori “It won’t work, and you have to save your power. There’s no sunlight here to charge your solar-batteries.”

Vic complied and stood down.

Sunset looked back at her friends, and then turned back furiously to glare at the creeps.

“Let them go!” she demanded “It’s me you want, not them!”

The younger brother teasingly held his hand up where his ear would be shown, “Is that a “Yes, I will duel you” that I hear?”

Sunset was quivering, but she finally gave in. “Fine!” she said as she prepared her disk “I’ll duel you, and I’ll make you both sorry for messing with me, and my friends!”

The brothers snickered, and the younger brother was ready, but he still refused to give his name or any clues to who he really was.


Sunset LP: 8000

Opponent LP: 8000

Sunset drew her first hand rather forcefully, but she thought carefully, “If I know this guy, he’ll use that same Different Dimension strategy he used last time, but at least I’ve already had a good taste of it, so I know what to expect.”

She grabbed two cards in her hand, “I set the Pendulum Zones with Scale 1 DRAGONPULSE MAGICIAN and Scale 8 XIANGSHENG MAGICIAN!”

Her two monsters appeared and took their positions as the pendulum began to swing, and Sunset made her signature calling to it!

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

Two streaks of light shone down from above as her monsters appeared.



The two magicians stood side-by-side glaring at the dark figure ahead of them.

“Pendulum summoning already, huh?” he teased “That’s so like you, but rather impressive since our first match.”

Sunset wasn’t amused.

The others watching from where they stood didn’t feel so optimistic about Sunset’s opening move.

“Sunset may have two good monsters in play,” said Rainbow “But the duel’s only just started.”

“Maybe she’s just waiting to see what the other guy does,” suggested Twilight “Like a way of psyching him out to reveal his strategy.”

Spike was only trembling due to the darkness of the realm giving him chills and he ducked down deeper inside Twilight’s backpack just peeking over through the flap.

“Now,” said Sunset “I play CARD OF SANCTITY, forcing us both to draw until we each hold six cards, so I can refresh my hand.”

The older brother thought deeply, “How interesting.

First she plays all the cards in her hand, and then quickly refreshes herself while my brother’s hand is already full.

She may have improved her skills better than we thought, but we shall see.”

“Now I’ll throw two cards facedown and end my turn.” said Sunset. “Bring it on! I’m ready for anything you have!”

“Is that so…?” chuckled her opponent “Well we’ll just see then.

I draw!”

He now had seven cards in his hand.

“Let’s see how much you remember from our last duel.

I activate the special ability of my DOUBLE-D SWIRL SLIME, allowing me to send both it and DOUBLE-D BERFOMET from my hand to the graveyard, so that I may call on a Fusion Monster.”

“I knew it!” Sunset thought.

The two monsters merged together forming a familiar creature Sunset had faced before.


(Atk: 2000)

Sunset glared at the big brute…

…While Fluttershy whimpered “This is starting to be exactly the last time, only scarier.”

The other girls felt the same, while the Titans and the sisters were amazed.

“He Fusion Summoned on his first move,” said Robin “This guy must be tougher than he looks.”

“And to think,” said Celestia “He did it without the aid of any spell card.”

Only the girls knew things were about to get way worse!

“Now that he is here,” said the opponent “I’ll go ahead and summon DOUBLE-D NIGHTHOWL!”

(Atk: 300)

“His Tuner monster…!” cried Sunset.

“Yes indeed,” remarked the opponent “And you should remember that when Nighthowl is summoned, I am able to summon a Double-D monster from the graveyard, as long as it’s attack becomes zero.

Rise once again, DOUBLE D-BERFOMET!”

(Atk: 0)

Sunset knew what was coming now.

“Now I Tune level 3 Nighthowl with level 4 Berfomet.


(Atk: 2500)

“My word!” cried Rarity “A Fusion and a Synchro! This simply cannot be!”

“Of course it is!” snapped Applejack “We saw this the last time Sunset dueled, remember?”

Kori looked over to the girls, “Um… I’m afraid ask, but I don’t suppose he can--”

She stopped as the girls nodded their heads sadly, making the Titans and the sisters gasp softly.

“Indeed I can,” called the opponent “Especially since my King Alexander’s summoning allows my King Genghis to resurrect a Double-D from my graveyard.


(Atk: 200)

“And then, Gust King Alexander himself also lets me revive a Double-D. So Berfomet returns once more!”

(Atk: 1400)

Sunset was quivering with rage and horror!

Her opponent huffed, “Berfomet now uses his own special ability, which lets me change Swirl Slime’s level from 2 to 4!

And with that, I take both these level four beasts, and build the Overlay Network!”

The field rumbled and the sky light up with powerful energy making sunset and the gang quiver in fear as the opponent called, “Prepare yourself to face a third familiar force you tried to reckon with.


(Atk: 2400)

The three kings stood side-by-side, each looking strong, fierce, and ready for battle!

“I can’t believe this!” cried Celestia “Fusion, Synchro and Xyz summoning all in one turn?”

Then she looked down at her own deck in her folded up duel disk thinking, “It took me ages to figure out ways to get my monsters to do all that, and he did it all in just one turn with little effort!”

The Titans were just as astonished.

“What is with this guy?” groaned Terra “Three summoning methods! This is just nuts.”

“Well, at least he didn’t Pendulum Summon as well.” said Robin.

“…But he can.” Sunset called over.

The girls all confirmed by nodded their heads, “He can Pendulum Summon too.” said Pinkie.

The Titans and the sisters stood shocked, astonished, and forgetting how to blink for a moment.

“My goodness!” said Luna “And I thought Celestia was impressive.”

Her sister pursed her lips grouchily.

“Now that my three kings are here,” shouted the opponent “Prepare to face their royal thundering rage!”

Sunset only chuckled, “…Don’t think so!”


“I suspected you’d try and bring out those three tough guys, and I was ready for them.



“It looks like your royal rage is about to get washed away along with every single monster that’s on the field!”

The tidal surge began to form and ready to splash onto the field.

“Say goodbye to your monsters!” shouted Sunset.

“Not so fast!” hissed the opponent, “From my hand I use the quick-play spell MISCHEIF OF THE TIME GODDESS!”

Sunset gasped.

“Hey, that’s one of Terra’s cards!” cried Applejack.

Terra agreed, “Now it skips right to the battle phase of the next turn, but why would he do that if his monsters are going to be destroyed?”

She got her answer as the opponent shouted; “Now I use King Caesar’s ability using an overlay unit!”

The unit vanished just in time as the surge washed over the field and wiped out all the monsters.

“She did it!” cried Raven “She wiped out all those monsters in one blast!”

The opponent agreed, “But from their destruction comes benefits.

Since Caesar was destroyed by an effect, I am permitted to add one Dark Contract Card to my hand, and I’m sure it looks familiar to you…


Sunset growled, “I remember that, it allows you to make Fusion summon.”

“Quite right.” said the opponent, “And now that my battle phase is over, here are some more familiar faces for you to see!”

The ground shook violently as three different colored lights burst up from the ground behind him!

“What’s happening?” cried Sunset.

Her friends all held on for dear life.

Then, all at once, they were back-- all three of the Triple-D Kings had returned to the field.

“No…!!” cried Sunset “I don’t believe this!”

“Believe it!” thundered her opponent “That’s King Caesar’s ability; when the battle phase ends, any and all monsters that were destroyed return to the field.

Of course there is a cost to this, on my next turn I’ll take 1000 points of damage for each one.”

Luna blinked twice “Then that means he shall lose 3000 life points instantly.”

“Dang,” said Vic “He’s really taking a huge risk by taking all that damage.”

The opponent only snickered, “Who said he I willing to take the damage? I have a way of avoiding that, thanks to my spell that I just received…


Sunset clenched her free hand, “I bet I know just which monster he’s planning to summon now.” she thought, and she was correct!

“With the power of my contract, I banish Nighthowl and Berfomet from the graveyard, so I may Fusion Summon another fine beast…


(Atk: 2800)

“Another one?!” wailed Rainbow “How many monsters can this guy summon at once?!”

Pinkie opened her mouth to answer, but Applejack stopped her and shook her head at her.

“Thanks to my new King, any effect that makes me take damage increases my life points instead.

Now I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn.”

Sunset was almost completely petrified, with only her thoughts going a-mile a minute.

“I can’t believe this! Just when I thought I actually outsmarted him, he managed to turn the tables and surprise me.

I’ve got to get these kings off the field!”

The older brother then called out to her, “What’s wrong, my dear; too frightening to make your move?”

Sunset growled.

“Well, perhaps I would be too if I were in your position.

We told you that we aren’t going easy. Our last duel was just a test of your, then, strength, and even then we didn’t pull out all the punches.”

His brother agreed, “A true duelist not only gains strength from experience, but they learn from it as well.

You dueled well in the tournament, and your skills have improved, but are you truly worthy of such earnings? Are you able to master the arts of the cards you wield?

From how you’re standing, I see only the opposite!”

Sunset couldn’t tell if the creeps were trying to motivate her or just plain taunting her like they had been before.

“Don’t listen to them, Sunset!” called Rainbow shouted.

“Come on, girl!” hollered Applejack “You got what it takes! You know it, and so do we!”

Sunset turned back to look at her friends, and they all looked right at her, giving her their confidence and hope, which made her smile bravely.

Then she turned back to her opponent.

“Alright, you creeps! You’ve messed with me, and you messed with my friends! Now I’m going to mess with you!

I draw!”

She had five cards in her hand, and considered her options, which helped her formulate a plan.

“I activate Dragonpulse Magician’s Pendulum ability-- by discarding one Pendulum monster to the graveyard I can destroy one card on the field, so say goodbye to your D’Arc!”

Her opponent growled, but his king was shattered just like that.

“Boo-Yah! That’s taking it to him!” cheered Vic.

“Now without D’Arc, he’ll still take damage at his next turn.” added Robin.

Pinkie was feeling rather giddy “Ooh, Sunset just might pull this off.”

“And now,” said Sunset “…I Pendulum Summon!”

Four Shots of light rained down from above as her monsters appeared.





Her four monsters all stood together, tall, proud, and Odd-Eyes roared!

The friends all cheered for the sight of the monsters.

“Sunset’s coming back from the brig now.” cheered Rainbow.

“Especially with her Dharma-Eyes Magician,” added Pinkie “Now none of Sunset’s magicians can be destroyed by card effects this turn.”

Sunset nodded back at her, “Which means the stage is set for me to really summon a swarm, especially when I use Harmonizing Magician’s ability.

Since she was Pendulum Summoned from my hand, I get to summon one Pendulum Magician monster form my deck to the field, as long as its effects are negated…


(Def: 1500)

Sunset had five whole monsters in play, and she was really starting to feel her confidence boiling up inside her, making her feel strong.

“I Tune level Harmonizing Magician with level 3 Timebreaker Magician!”

The two monsters transformed into orbs of light, and shot high up into the sky forming the monster.


(Atk: 400)

“And when he’s Synchro Summon, two spell counters light up on him, which I can then use to destroy two more of your cards, so say bye-bye to two more of your monsters.”

The magician poised his staff across the field, and fired the two shots, destroying King Alexander, and King Caesar.

“So much for them…!”

Her opponent scoffed, “You forget…? By destroying King Caesar, I am able to move a Dark contract card from my deck to my hand.”

Her searched through his selection screen and found the right card.


Sunset snuffed “Like that’ll make any difference, because I still have more to come.

I activate the trap PENDULUM SWITCH!

This continuous trap lets me call Dragonpulse Magician out of the Pendulum Zone and join the posse on the field.”

Her magician complied and leapt down onto the field.

(Atk: 1800)

“Glad you could join us…

Now I can use you and Wisdom-Eye Magician to build the Overlay Network!”

The magicians nodded and one another and vanished through the portal, followed by a burst of magical stars.


(Atk: 2400)

“Now I’ll use his special ability.

By using one overlay unit I can add to my hand Dark Spellcaster-Type monster from my Extra Deck, so I’ll take back Harmonizing Magician!

And now, I play POLYMERIZATION, fusing my Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and my Arcanite Magician!

Now get ready for a monster that’s really going to burn you!


(Atk: 3000)

The gang couldn’t help but gawk in awe and astonishment at Sunset’s field.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s kind of impressive.” said Raven.

“She really did it.” said Fluttershy “She Pendulum Summoned, Synchro, Xyz and Fusion summoned all in one turn.”

The older brother was most impressed as well, “She certainly has improved well since our last encounter.”

His brother felt the same, “Strong as she may be, she’ll have to do a lot better than this to beat me.”

Sunset gazed at all her monsters, and never had she felt such confidence, such power, such strength flowing through her.

“Hang on, Twilight!” she called out “I’ll save you yet!!”

To Be Continued…

Episode 21: Part 2: Blind Confidence

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Sunset was panting heavily but softly as her powerful monsters stood behind her and she glared at her opponent.

“I’ve never seen Sunset so pumped up like this before.” said Spike “It’s almost scary.”

“It’s a natural psychological occurrence,” said Twilight “When people suddenly feel they’re unstoppable or they great really excited or determined for something, it causes the blood to flow, and the pulse quicken at great rates.”

The others all blinked at her with wide eyes, and then just turned back to the duel.

“Consider yourselves busted!” Sunset thundered at her opponents, and she called out to her monsters. “Rune-Eyes, attack Flame King Genghis!”

Her dragon roared, and readied itself to attack!

“Fire!” shouted Sunset.

The blast was heading across the field, and crushed the king in a massive flame!

(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 2000)

Opponent: 8000 -----> 7000

“Way to go, Sunset!” cheered Rainbow.

Pinkie was bouncing up and down shaking pompons, which she also seemed to pull from out of nowhere, hollering, and cheering like a girl at a ball game.

“Now the dude’s wide open.” said Vic.

“You bet he is,” hissed Sunset “Just what I need to wipe him out!

Go, Timestar Magician, direct attack!”

Her magician complied and wielded its magical staff and blasted the opponent, dealing him another 2400 points!

Opponent: 7000 -----> 4600

“Wow! She’s really on fire now.” cried Terra.

“If she keeps this up, she’ll win for sure,” added Kori.

Sunset smirked cheekily, “Now, Dharma-Eye Magician, it’s your turn, direct attack!”

The Magician charged forth and stood ready to unleash its wrath!

“Hold on!” snapped the opponent “I play the trap REANIMATION WAVE!”


Her opponent snickered “With this card, when you declare a direct attack, I am able to select one Synchro monster in my graveyard, which reduces the damage I receive by only half this turn.”

The magician blasted him, costing him only 1000 life points.

Opponent: 4600 -----> 3600

Sunset growled angrily.

“But that’s not all,” hissed the opponent “Now that the damage is done, that monster I targeted is summoned straight to the field.”


A magical glow emitted from the graveyard, “Rise once more, TRIPLE-D GUST KING ALEXANDER!”

(Def: 2000)

Sunset gawked up in outrage at the re-summoned monster.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” shouted Pinkie, throwing down her pompons “You can’t summon that monster out again!”

Rainbow and Applejack calmed her down.

“Take it easy, Sugar-Cube.” said Applejack.

“Yeah, Sunset’s still got this in the bag.” added Rainbow “Remember, her Rune-Eyes can attack again.”

“Of course,” said Rarity “Since it was fused with Arcanite Magician that means Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon can attack three monsters in one turn.”

Sunset knew this as well and ordered her Rune-Eyes, “Wipe out that King again!”

Her dragon complied and toasted the nasty monster once again.

“But that didn’t help at all.” cried Fluttershy “He didn’t lose anymore life points, and Sunset has no more attacks this turn, because Rune-Eyes can’t attack directly.”

“Relax,” said Raven “I don’t think she even needs to attack.”

“She’s right.” said Robin, and he eyed over at the opponent, “On his next turn; he’ll have to take 4000 points of damage from playing all those card effects.”

The sisters observed this with glee.

“Which means, there’s no way he can win this now.” said Celestia.

Luna wanted to believe that, but the way the two brothers were looking so calm, so confident, she could only think silently, “I hope they’re all right, because I have a sneaky feeling it isn’t that simple.”

Her thoughts were also shared by Sunset, and her overloaded confidence was finally starting to wane.

“I’ll place one card facedown and end my turn.”

“And with that,” called her opponent “I activate my trap, CALL OF THE HAUNTED!”

Sunset narrowed her eyes, and the friends all gasped.

“With the power of this card, I shall revive my TRIPLE-D ORACLE KING D’ARC!”

(Atk: 2800)

“Oh, no!” cried Sunset.

“Oh, yes…” hissed the opponent “Now that my Oracle has returned, one my turn, rather than taking damage from my cards and their effects, my life points shall, instead, be increased!”

The gang felt outraged and worried for Sunset.

The older brother snickered, “You didn’t really think it would that easy for you to win this, did you? But we commend you for your attempt.”

Sunset didn’t like his taunted.

Then her opponent said, “It’s my draw…” and he took his card, “And now, as promised, the 4000 life points I would have lost are added to my power instead, thanks to my Oracle King.”

Opponent: 3600 ---à 7600

“I can’t believe it!” cried Rarity “He nearly recovered all his life points in one move!”

“Argh…! Can’t we ever get a break?!” groaned Rainbow.

The opponent chuckled, “It seems even your friends are losing hope for you. Perhaps I should just end your misery here and now.

I play POT OF GREED so I may draw 2 cards.”

After he drew, he really liked what he had

“I Set the Pendulum zone with Scale 6 DOUBLE-D SAVANT THOMAS!”

The monster appeared in the glowing light, but Sunset had never seen this card.

“Wait!” she called “Why put only one monster in the Pendulum Zone, don’t you need another?”

“Of course, and that’s exactly what intend to gain.

See, Thomas’ Pendulum Abbility permits me to add one Double-D Pendulum monster form my deck to my hand, so I can set it in the Pendulum Zone at once!”

Sunset cringed as her opponent took his card.

“Show yourself Scale 10 DOUBLE-D SAVANT KEPLER! Now my Pendulum Zone is all set up!”

The magic pendulum began to swing over his field, which worried Sunset and the others.

“But right now, I have another card to activate. It’s the very card you allowed me to snatch, DARK CONTRACT WITH THE GATE!

This spell, as you may recall, permits me to add a Double-D monster from my deck to my hand, and I pick DOUBLE-D NECROID SLIME.”

Sunset remembered that card.

“Oh, no!” she thought “That card allows him to Fusion summon monsters, I remember how he used it in our last match!”

“Now, the time has come!” shouted the opponent, “I now Pendulum Summon a great beast of incredible might!”

A single flash of light shot down from above, and his monster appeared!


(Atk: 2200)

Sunset remembered this creature, and it looked just as huge as ever-- far larger than even her Rune-Eyes, which was her largest creature in play.

The sisters and the Titans were astounded by the sight of the monster as well.

“Look at the size of that thing!” cried Terra.

“I’ve never seen such a creature!” added Celestia.

“But it is still weaker than most of Sunset’s creatures.” Luna pointed out.

Sunset knew better, “It’s worse than it looks!” she called out.

“Indeed so,” agreed the opponent “I’m glad to see you remember how my king works…!

When it is special summoned, I am permitted to summon forth one Triple-D creature from my graveyard, so rise once again TRIPLE-D WAVE KING CAESAR!”

(Atk: 2400)

“Not again!” groaned Sunset.

“Yes, again.” Growled the opponent “Don’t you see; the way my deck is perfectly calibrated, my kings are never gone for very long. I’ll always find a way to bring them out.

Speaking of which, I summon DOUBLE-D NECRO SLIME!”


“Now that that I have, I’ll activate King Ragnarok’s other ability, which lets me tribute my slime in order to banish one monster you control!”

“Ah!” cried Sunset.

The Necro slime disappeared, and Rune-Eyes roared as it glowed, and vanished out of sight.

“Rune-Eyes-- No!”

“That was Sunset’s most powerful monster!” cried Kori.

“I have a feeling this isn’t over yet.” said Robin.

The girls all felt tense, and the sisters were fretting for Sunset.

Her opponent then shouted, “I activate Necro Slime’s ability from the graveyard! By banishing it along with Swirl-Slime in my graveyard, I’ll Fusion Summon, once again, TRIPLE-D FLAME KING GENGHIS!”

(Atk: 2000)

Sunset was growing nervous, but impatient as well, “Are you finished yet or what?”

“Actually, I still have another monster to summon.” sneered her opponent, “I now activate my Dark Contract with the Swamp King’s effect, which allows me to banish Two Triple-Ds from my graveyard, so I may fusion summon the greatest monster you saw the last time we dueled!”

Sunset’s eyes winded, as did the rest of the girls’.

“You don’t mean…!” she whimpered, but the ground started to rumble, and dark swirling lights emitted on the other side of the field and the monster appeared.

“Behold…” shouted the opponent “... the monster that once again forced you into defeat--- TRIPLE-D SUPER DOOM KING PURPLE ARMAGEDDON!”

(Atk: 3500)

Sunset gawked up at the might beast, and nearly lost all feeling in her entire body, while all the others were stunned nearly beyond words.

“A Fusion and Pendulum monster!” cried Vic “What the heck is up with this guy?! Where does he get all these wild cards from?”

“I don’t know,” cried Terra “But I really don’t think Sunset can withstand the power against all those kings!

…Look at them all!”

The five super-strong kings all stood in a line and ready to finish Sunset off for good.

“Nice dueling, Brother!” called the older sibling.

“Thank you, Brother,” replied the opponent, “But observe now as I use King Armageddon’s ability, which will destroy one monster my opponent controls, and then deal her damage equal to half that monster’s attack-strength!”

The monster powered up, and gave a mighty roar, summoning strong lightning blasts from the sky which struck at Sunset’s Timestar Magician, blowing it to bits!”

“Oh, no…!” Sunset cried, and then she screamed as the lightning struck her and blasted away at her life points!

Sunset LP: 8000 -----> 6800

“SUNSET!!!” the others all shouted.

Sunset looked up from after the shock, growling furiously.

“And now, my dear!” shouted her opponent “…It’s been fun, but here comes the pain!

“King Armageddon, attack Dharma-Eye Magician!”

The mighty king powered up again and summoned more lightning from above!

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 2000)

Sunset’s only remaining monster was destroyed, and she moaned and groaned as the shockwaves zapped her.

Sunset LP: 6800 -----> 5300

“Sunset’s completely defenseless now!” cried Pinkie.

“She’s right!” Sunset cried in her thoughts, “The rest of those kings can wipe me out in one blast if I don’t do something and fast!”

“Now…” shouted her opponent Flame King Genghis, attack her directly!”

His second King made a leap over for Sunset’s field and ready to strike her.

“I activate the power of Pendulum Switch!” Sunset hollered “And it lets me call Xiangsheng Magician out of the Pendulum zone to defend me!”

Her magician leapt down onto the field right before.

(Def: 1500)

…and she intercepted the blast, sacrificing herself badly.

“Gone, and I hope soon forgotten!” hissed the opponent “Now it’s your turn King Caesar! Attack her directly!”

Sunset was blasted at hard, and knocked off her feet.

Sunset LP: 5300 -----> 2900

“No, Sunset!” cried Celestia.

“She can’t make it like this!” added Luna.

Then the opponent called to his Oracle King, “You’re up, attack her once again!”

Sunset sat upright, “…I think not!” she shouted “I activate the trap CONFUSION CHAFF!”


“This trap can only be used when you declare a second direct attack on me in the same battle phase. Now, instead of attacking me, your king attacks the first monster you hit me with!”


“Oh, no!” cried the older brother, and he and his sibling watched as King D’Arc vanquished King Caesar.

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 2400)

Opponent LP: 7600 -----> 7200

The opponent growled, “You do remember that when Caesar is destroyed, you permit me to add a Dark Contract to my hand!


Sunset clenched her fist.

“And remember,” said the opponent “I still have one other monster-- King Ragnarok!”

Sunset looked up at the huge, hulking monster, which her opponent ordered to attack her directly, and it did-- floating straight up to her, it raised its arms and unleashed a wave of energy at her making her scream as she was hit.

Sunset LP: 2900 -----> 700

“No-- Sunset!” shouted Twilight.

“She barely managed to hold on!” cried Spike.

The opponent snickered, “I’ll lay my contract card facedown and one other card, and end my turn. But tell me, do you really think you take any more of this punishment?

You’ve still barely managed to make a scratch on me, and my kings are all poised and ready to blast you to your knees.”

Sunset was looking and feeling woozy, like she was going to fall over any second, but she managed to stand up straight again.

“You’re still standing.” said the older brother “You’ve got more strength than we first believed.”

Sunset thought deeply to herself, “I may still be standing, but just barely.”

She looked down at her Harmonizing Magician; the only card in her hand.

“I can’t do anything with just this in my hand. All of those kings are still ready and willing to stomp me like a grape.”

She suddenly remembered Twilight’s soul, and could hear her calling to her in her mind.

Sunset clenched her fist, “No! I can’t give up, not while I have a chance to save my friend!

As long as I have life points, and cards, anything is possible!”

She placed her fingers on the top card and pulled it out.

“Awe!” she said as she gawked at her draw “I play POT OF GREED so I can draw twice more.”

She drew again, and gawked down at what she had, “I couldn’t have asked for any better cards!”

The brothers, the friends, all of them gazed with curiosity.

“I activate the spell AMAZING PENDULUM.

Since my Pendulum Zones are both empty, I get to add two Magician Pendulum monsters from my Extra Deck to my hand, and then I’ll use them to set the scales at once.


The two monsters took their places up in the Pendulum Zones again, once again forming the magic pendulum.

Sunset smirked, “Now I get to summon as many monsters from levels 3 through 7 all at once!”

She called up to the pendulum…

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

Three beams of light shot down into the field and her monsters appeared.




Her monsters all stood, looking fierce and willing to make a huge comeback.

“Alright, Sunset!” called Rainbow.

“Her field is loaded with monsters now!” added Fluttershy.

Sunset smirked, “And another is coming up too…

Since I summoned Harmonizing Magician out of my hand, I get to summon DRAGONCALLER MAGICIAN from my deck!”

In a bright flash of light, her magician appeared.

(Def: 1000)

“But that’s not all. Now, I activate the ability of NOBLEDRAGON MAGICIAN in my graveyard!”

She recalled how she discarded it when using Dragonpulse Magician’s Pendulum Ability last turn.

“All I have to do now is lower Odd-Eyes’ level by 3, making it 4, and then I can summon Nobledragon right onto the field!”

Her magician appeared in a burst of flames!

(Atk: 700)

Now she had five monsters on the field all at once.

“Impressive,” said her opponent “But you really think those creatures can serve you well?”

“Sure they can…” said Sunset “You just watch and learn.

First: I’ll tune level 3 Nobledragon Magician with my, now, level 4 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!


(Atk: 2500)

Her dragon roared, unleashing a flaming breath into the air.

“And when he’s summoned, his special ability lets me summon a monster from the Pendulum Zone!

Come on down, Timebreaker Magician!”

(Atk: 1400)

“And now that he’s here, I can activate his special ability, which banishes both himself, and one monster you control until my next turn!”

Sunset glared directly at King Armageddon.

“Now I banished your king from the field… BEGONE!”

The opponent growled, but watched as his strongest monster vanished in a quick flash of light along with the magician!

“BOOYAH!” cried Vic “There goes her worst problem!”

The others cheered for joy while the brothers only remained silent and still, but Sunset was far from through.

“Now I play a spell card, FALLING CURRENT, and it lets me change Dharma-High Magician’s level from 7 down to 3.”

“What in the hay would she do that for?” wondered Applejack.

Sunset then clenched her fists, and stood out big and strong, “Stand back!” she hollered “I’m about summon a monster like no other, by tuning Dharma-Eye Magician with Meteorburst Dragon!”

The two brothers looked shocked.

“Tuning?!” cried Celestia “But how? Neither of those monsters are Tuner monsters.”

Pinkie gazed in awe, “I think I know what she’s doing.”

Sunset nodded back at her, “That’s right; this new monster of mine can be summoned using a Pendulum Summoned Pendulum Monster as a Tuner, which is exactly why I lowered Dharma-Eye’s level.

Now, I Synchro Summon a monster known as NIRVANA HIGH PALADIN!”

(Atk: 3300)

This new monster was certainly impressive, not only was it both a Synchro and Pendulum monster, but it looked like a powerful warrior with an amazing outfit that made Rarity’s eyes sparkle, and her heart race.

“Why, that’s the most handsome monster I’ve ever seen!” she said in a half daze.

The others all agreed; even though it was just an image they saw.

“That’s one of Sunset’s new cards she unlocked.” said Pinkie “It happened after we talked to Trixie.”

“I thought Sunset only dealt in Magicians and Odd-Eyes monsters?” asked Luna.

Terra looked up at the new monster, “I guess those mystery cards of hers are unlike anything we know of.”

Robin agreed, “I just hope this monster is good enough to help her win the duel.”

Even the brothers were amazed.

“Amazing!” thought the older brother “Even after all she’s been through, she managed to pull together and summon an extremely powerful creature.

She hasn’t disappointed me, not too much.”

The younger brother thought a little differently, “I can’t believe she managed to summon that! True, it was expected, but not all that much.

I guess we were right to put her through this test.”

Sunset stood where she was, with her eyes shimmering with confidence and courage.

“I did it!” she thought “I can’t believe I really summoned this monster!

Okay, now let’s put it to good use!”

She glared at her opponent, “When Nirvana High Paladin in summoned using a Pendulum Summoned Pendulum Monster, I can get to add one card from the graveyard to my hand.”

The card popped out.

“Yeah, POT OF GREED, and I’ll use it right now to draw two more cards!”

She drew her next cards, “Perfect!

I play RE-XYZ!

With this, I can go into my graveyard, and take Dragonpulse Magician and Wisdom-Eye Magician, and use them to Xyz Summon the very monster that they made!”

The overlay network formed using the very monsters as they emerged from the graveyard, followed by the third creature that they created before.

“Welcome back, TIMESTAR MAGICIAN.”

(Atk: 2400)

The friends were all astounded beyond straight expressions.

“Sunset’s on a major summoning spree.” cried Kori.

“I’ve lost count of how many monsters she’s summoned.” said Rainbow “It’s making my headache!”

“I don’t think she’s done summoning yet.” whimpered Fluttershy.

Indeed, Sunset was not. The more she built up her forces, the more the confidence in her eyes burned brightly.

“I activate Timestar Magician’s ability! By using one overlay unit, I can add a Dark Spellcaster type monster to my hand from my deck.

Make was for XIANGKE MAGICIAN, and I’ll put him right in the Pendulum Zone!”

The Magician took his place inside the light, and looked over towards the other magician, and the two nodded at one another, which pleased Sunset greatly.

“Now, I’ll use Xiangsheng Magician’s Pendulum ability!”

The Magician armed her bow, and took aim at the field, firing the magical shot, making a bright flash, that made the brothers raise their arms at their faces.

Sunset smirked, “Now Timestar Magician’s Rank has become the same as Dragoncaller Magician’s level-- 7!

And next, Xiangke Magician’s ability allows me to change that Rank into a Level!”

The magical magician worked his power, and in a shining rain of sparkles and light, the deed was done!

“Two level 7 monsters?” snapped the opponent “Well, it’s obvious what’s coming now…”

Sunset nodded, “I use Timestar Magician and Dragoncaller to build the Overlay Network once again!


(Atk: 2800)

The mighty dragon roared fiercely.

This was it! Sunset stood ready to give the opponent the beating he deserved!

“It’s time!” she hollered as she engaged her Battle Phase.

“Harmonizing Magician, attack now…!”

Her Magician complied and dashed for the other side of the field.

“But that monster has no attack points!” cried Terra.

“Relax,” called Applejack “I see what she’s doing.”

She was right too, because Sunset then hollered “Now I use Odd-Eyes’ ability! By using one overlay unit, I can stop any monster that’s attacking!”

Harmonizing Magician came sliding to a halt, and rejoined her comrades.

“After that, I get to summon one Odd-Eyes from my graveyard, so welcome back Meteorburst Dragon!”

(Atk: 2500)

The dragon roared loudly, and now Sunset was really fired up, and she roared loudly herself!

The brothers growled softly.

Spike ducked into Twilight’s backpack, and Fluttershy hid behind Applejack, quivering. “Sunset’s gone mad!” she cried.

“No she hasn’t,” said Applejack “She’s reached the peak of her strength, and she’s going to use it to knock these two back to the shadows they crawled out of.”

“We hope.” said Pinkie, but then even she realized she had said the wrong thing, and decided to nudge her own self. “Ow!”

The girls rolled their eyes.

Sunset, panting fiercely, continued her battle phase.

“Nirvana High Paladin do your thing… destroy Oracle King D’Arc!”

Her monster bowed and leapt across to the other side of the field, and struck the king hard with his lance, making the shockwaves blast by the opponent.

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 2800)

Opponent LP: 7200 -----> 6700

The Paladin then began to glow brightly and pointed his lance at the opponent directly!

“Paladin’s special ability activates!” called Sunset “When he successfully destroys a monster in battle, your life points get chopped right in half!!”

KAPOW!! The Paladin fired a huge magical blast at the opponent knocking him off his feet!

Opponent LP: 6700 -----> 3350

“Brother!” cried his elder sibling.

Is brother got back to his feet and called to him “I’m fine!”

“Not for long you aren’t!” sneered Sunset “I still have my two Odd-Eyes, and they’re going to blow you down!

Meteorburst, destroy Flame King Genghis!”

The dragon complied, and in one fiery breath, it’s fire put out the King’s fire instantly!

(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 2000)


Opponent LP: 3350 -----> 2850

“Now, Odd-Eyes Absolute, your turn! Wipe out that King Ragnarok!”

With a fierce attack, her dragon wiped out the last monster.

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 2200)

Opponent LP: 2850 -----> 2250

“Way to go, Sunset!” cheered Rainbow.

“She’s wipped out all the monsters!” cried Celestia.

“I think we can see that.” said Raven, but she was impressed.

Sunset then stamped her foot, “Now, I activate my Pendulum Switch, and I’ll use to call Xiangke Magician down to wipe out the rest of your life points!”

That’s what she wanted to do, but her opponent laughed at her, “…You fool!”


“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten one of my facedown cards…


“Ah!” cried Sunset.

The opponent snickered, “Once per turn, as long as this contract is active, I can negate the effect of your trap card, and then transfer that effect to myself.”

Sunset’s trap card fired a blast at her opponent’s field, granting him the power she had tried to use.

“Now I’ll use Pendulum Switch to bring Savant Kepler to my field from the Pendulum Zone!”

(Def: 0)

“I can’t believe this!” groaned Sunset.

“Oh, but you have to.” hissed the opponent “Oh, and… when Kepler is special summoned, I am permitted to add a Dark Contract card to my hand, and I choose DARK CONTRACT WITH THE GATE.”

Sunset was feeling dizzy and woozy as her confidence finally began to take its toll on her.

“It’s okay, Sunset!” called Robin “You don’t need to attack. On his next turn he’ll lose 3000 life points for all those Contract cards.”

Sunset realized he was right, and her victory seemed most assured, but her opponent snickered again, “…Oh, really? Guess again!”

Sunset and the others gasped.

“Now I reveal the trap CONTRACT LAUNDERING! It allows me to destroy all three of my Dark Contract cards!”

“No way!” cried Sunset, but she saw before her eyes, the three cards were vanquished.

“And for each and every one that was destroyed,” said the opponent, “I get to draw that many cards, and my life points increase 1000 points for each one!”

“Oh, no!” shouted Sunset.

Opponent LP: 2250 -----> 5250

Her opponent was now safe form harm and had four cards in his hand.

“ARGH…!!” Rainbow wailed “I can’t believe this! Sunset had him! SHE HAD HIM!!”

Rarity picked her ear with her finger, “Yes, Rainbow, though the shouting doesn’t seem to help.”

The Titans were all wide-eyed with shock and worry.

The sisters were holding hands tightly, like they did only whenever they were both scared at what they were seeing.

All Sunset could do was lay her only card facedown, ending her turn.

She looked as if she was about to collapse from exhaustion. Who could blame her after blowing out all that steam like that?

The elder brother said, “I believe it is time to end this match.”

His sibling agreed, “My thoughts exactly.

…I draw!”

Now he had five cards, and no doubt, he was about to put them to good use.

“I now activate DARK CONTRACT WITH THE GATE, and you know how this works, it permits me to add a Double-D from my deck to my hand, and I choose DOUBLE-D SAVANT EINSTEIN!”

He still had five cards in his hand, and Sunset was really starting to fret and wonder what he would do next.

“I now set Scale 4 TRIPLE-D DOOM KING ARMAGEDDON into the Pendulum Zone.”

The mighty big king took his place up in the light, and the magical pendulum began to swing back and forth.

“I am now able to summon as many level 5 monsters as I need, but all I need is one…!”

One shot of light fired down as his monster appeared.


(Atk: 1900)

“I’ve never seen that monster.” Sunset thought “Whatever he got it for must be really worth the doing, but I don’t get why he wouldn’t summon a more powerful monster.”

She was about to get her answer as her opponent shouted, “I now play the spell PENDULUM STORM!”

“Huh?!” cried Sunset.

The opponent raised his arm up high, “With the power of this spell, I can wipe out every single monster in all of the Pendulum Zones…!”

With that, a huge hurricane of winds began to billow; blasting across the field, making Sunset braved herself as the winds struck her hard.

The friends could feel the strong gales too, and just as promised, all four Pendulum Zone cards were instantly shattered.

“And now,” the opponent hollered, “As an additional effect, I am able to obliterate one spell or trap card you control!”

Sunset’s Pendulum Switch trap was shattered instantly!

“No!" cried Sunset.

“What a shame… for you!” hissed the opponent “But a great benefit for me, because now I am to activate the spell TRIPLE-D XYZ!”

His Extra Deck pulsated with a strange glow.

“What’s happening now?” asked Sunset.

“Simple, really…” answered the opponent “This spell allows me to summon two Triple-D Pendulum monsters from my Extra Deck to the field, but their effects are negated, not that it matters to me.”

In a bright flash his monsters appeared…

“And as an added bonus, I am now able to Xyz Summon using both these monsters to create something extremely deadly!”

Sunset’s eyes widened.

“…Or, rather than using two, since I have Doom King Armageddon, I only need to use himself to build the Overlay Network—one less material required!”

“What?! You got to be kidding!” cried Sunset, but kidding the opponent was not as the portal appeared and only his one monster entered it.

“Behold,” he shouted “A monster of likes which you have never seen…!


(Atk: 3500)

Such a mighty creature!

Just looking at it and how huge it was sent shivers up Sunset’s and all her friends’ spines.

“…An Xyz-Pendulum Monster?!” cried Spike “Where do these cards come from?!”

“This is phenomenal!” Twilight said to herself “So many different cards, so many possibilities.”

“Uh, might I point out that Sunset is in huge trouble here!” called Vic.

“Indeed so,” called the older brother “Like we saw, we’re using more than we did the last time, and now you get a taste of our newest monster.

His younger brother agreed, “One of my King’s special abilities allows him to attach Oblivian King Abyss Ragnarok onto him as an overlay unit.

Then I shall use his other special ability, removing one overlay unit, allowing me to destroy as many monsters as you control equal to the number of Pendulum monsters I have in play, and I see three!”

Sunset watched in horror as all three of her strong monsters were instantly obliterated, leaving her only with Harmonizing Magician, which still had an attack of Zero

She was so shocked and nervous that she missed one crucial factor about one of her monsters-- she could summon her Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon from her Extra Deck, Then again, anyone in her position wouldn’t be thinking clearly.

All her hope had nearly ceased.

“Sunset!” cried Celestia.

“She’ll be wiped out!” yelled Luna.

The opponent entered his battle phase while eyeing at Sunset, “Farewell, again…” and he ordered his Dark King to attack Harmonizing Magician.

“Hold it!” shouted sunset “I activate the trap MIRROR FORCE, now all your monsters are about to be wiped out!”

That’s what she wanted, but as the magical blast struck the monsters, nothing happened to them!

“How can this be?” Sunset cried.

The opponent snickered, “Dark King Armageddon protects my Pendulum Monsters, so they cannot be destroyed by any card effect!”

Sunset’s arms flopped to her side as the attack continued straight at her and struck the magician hard, blowing her up in a big explosions so hard that it knocked Sunset onto her back.

“SUNSET!!!” the others all screamed.

Sunset LP: 700 -----> 0

“Oh, Sunset…!” wept Rarity.

The Titans were all quivering in shock and crushing feelings.

The sisters could barely hold their tears of fright and upset back.

Sunset just lay where she was, with her eyes wide open, and her body shaking ever so slightly, and she couldn’t find the strength to get up.

“I can’t believe… I lost… again!” she groaned “Even with… my newfound cards!”

The two brothers stood side-by-side.

“Look at her,” the younger brother scoffed “How pathetically pitiful.”

His brother was inclined to agreed, “You may have gained new powers, and abilities with your cards, but you’ve yet to understand and wield them properly instead of losing your cool and your focus on the alternative possibilities.”

“Hey! Leave her alone!” shouted Pinkie.

“Have you no shame?!” thundered Terra “…Kicking a girl when she’s already down.”

Spike growled and barked angrily at the brothers from afar.

The brothers only looked at each other and snickered.

“Perhaps you all you need to learn some better understanding.” Hissed the older brother and he reached down and pulled out a blank card-- like he did when Twilight was captured.

Sunset could see and just barely managed to sit up right, “NO… DON’T…!!”

The magical blast was already fired from the card, and headed straight at Twilight.

“RUN TWILIGHT…!!” but she couldn’t because of the force-field, and both she and spike were struck hard!

Everyone covered their eyes, and could only hear both Twilight and Spike screaming in horror!

When the light faded, Twilight opened her eyes, and felt herself all over. She was perfectly fine, but Spike was unconscious.

“Spike?” cried Twilight “Spike!”

The brothers laughed, and the elder one held up the card with Spike’s soul trapped in it.

“Twilight, help me!” he cried out.

“GIVE HIM BACK!!!” Twilight screeched at the top of her lungs.

“Oh, you want your little puppy-wuppy back?” taunted the younger brother.

“We’ll give him back and your princess as well, if you earn them back!” sneered the older brother “Until, and even if that occurs, we have no reason to continue this confrontation.

…Time to send you all back!”

“No, wait!” cried Sunset, but a wave of white light headed straight for her and the others, engulfing them all.

…They all woke up in an area on the far side of the parking lot, under the evening skies.

Slowly they all struggled as they began to regain strength, but rather than ask if anyone was alright, the first thing on everyone’s mind was Spike, and he was indeed out cold.

“No! Spike!!” cried Twilight.

“Quick, let’s get him to our camper!” shouted Robin.

Everyone agreed, bolting up onto their feet and dashing off, except Sunset who remained where she was, in shock, and extreme sadness at what had just happened.

“Sunset, come on!” shouted Rainbow.

Sunset snapped out of her trance and followed the gang.

Episode 22: Telling Time

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Inside the Titan’s high-tech RV, Spike was placed on a medical scan table, and Vic did all the scans he could.

“Is he alright?” Twilight asked tearfully, “Please say he is.”

Vic read over all the results many times, “It says he’s physically fine, but he just won’t wake up.

I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Raven approached the unconscious dog and placed her hand to his little head, trying to make a psychic connection to him, but it was no use.

“If I can’t make any connections, then he really did lose his soul.”

Twilight collapsed into a chair and began to weep.

“Oh, Twilight!” sobbed Fluttershy “I’m so sorry!”

“We all are,” added Rarity. She wasn’t being her usual overdramatic self, she loved Spike just as much as any of the girls did, and her heart was just as broken as the rest.

Applejack removed her hat and hung her head low, “Poor little guy.” she peeped over Spike’s body.

Then her sadness mixed with anger as she thought of those two creeps that defeated Sunset and took Spike’s soul, “They’re going to pay for this!”

Kori approached her and placed her hand on her shoulder, “We’ll help you all the more now!”

“Agreed.” said Robin “Messing with other people’s lives is one thing, but taking souls of innocent beings, even animals, that’s too much.

Whoever these guys are, we’ll find some way to beat them.”

Twilight still didn’t feel any better.

“Here,” Pinkie said passing her a box of tissues which they both used to dab their eyes.

Pinkie blew her nose really loud.

“Wow! She’s got a lot of air in her.” Raven said softly.

Since not everyone could fit into the RV at once, some of the others were outside.

Rainbow was furiously kicking a strong metal garbage can to cool off her outrage and heartache.

The garbage can wasn’t even dented by the time Rainbow had run out of steam, or rather Luna came to stop her, “As understandable as your outrage is, that is public property.”

Rainbow gave it one final kick, nearly tipping it over.

“Spike!” she cried softly “I can’t believe he’s been captured.”

“Neither can we,” said Luna “Now we truly see just how dangerous this dueling tournament really is.”

She then looked over her shoulder at Sunset.

She was sitting on a large rock on the grass, and her head was really hanging low.

Her head ached, her sides ached. She was all one big ache with grief and misery.

All she could think about was the duel and how she lost so badly.

She even thought of, having finally realized, a couple of other moves she could have made.

She could have used her Pendulum Switch card to spare one of her magicians from the Pendulum Storm, and strengthen her defenses, and when Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon was destroyed, she would have used its power to bring her Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon out from the Extra Deck to strengthen her even more.

…In the end it was just no use. Her Mirror Force card had failed her, and her Harmonizing Magician was a sitting duck!

“It’s all my fault that this happened!” she kept thinking to herself “I knew something like this would happen, and I told the others not to come with me!

Then I let my overconfidence blind me, and it cost me duel so badly!”

“ARGH!!” she yelled as she slammed her fists against the rock which hurt her hands, but she was too upset to feel all the pain.

Her cards slipped out of her duel disk and fell onto the grass by her feet.

Her tears splashed down just missing them.

“Spike,” she sobbed “I’m sorry; I let you down just like I let down Princess Twilight!”

She buried her face in her hands and sobbed ever so softly, you’d think she’d lost her voice.

Celestia and Terra saw her, and hated seeing her like this.

The softly approached her, and Celestia gathered up Sunset’s deck.

“It’ll be okay, Sunset.” Terra said “Don’t go beating yourself up.”

Sunset didn’t even lower her hands, “Please don’t talk to me right now, or even look at me. I’m a disgrace!”

“Now that’s enough, Sunset Shimmer!” snapped Celestia.

Sunset looked up at her.

“Do you think a disgrace can deal with all these magical powers? Do you think a disgrace can to our world an evil creature, and then see willing to mend her ways and succeed?”

She then held out her deck to her, with not a single card missing or damaged, “I certainly don’t think you could put together a deck like this to fight in a tournament this large and be a disgrace.”

Sunset stared at her deck, but made no attempt to reach for it. “I can’t!” she cried “I just can’t!”

Terra then held out her hand and clenched it into a fist, making the boulder Sunset stood on rumble and rise up, forcing her to get off and on her feet, and Terra then let the boulder slam down, making the ground shake softly.

“Hey!” snapped Sunset “What was that for?”

“Would prefer a slap to the cheek?” sneered Terra “Anyways, you’re on your feet and that’s a good start.”

Sunset still didn’t feel too much better.

Terra spoke calmly and softly to her. “I know how it feels to be so self-conscious, and feel like you can’t do anything right.”

She told Sunset a story she didn’t like reliving, about how she used to be alone, traveling the world, yet her powers were completely unstable.

“I couldn’t control them so well. I would cause small earthquakes, rockslides, even cause trouble for people around me, and the more I disbelieved in myself, the worse it got.

Then I met the Titans, and they saw that I had potential, especially Garfield. He was so cute and nervous around me, and he tried to act big and cool.”

She paused a minute, feeling her own sadness creeping up again, but she shook it off and continued with her story.

“Garfield knew that I was having trouble as we bonded, and I made him swear never to tell the others, fearing they wouldn’t accept me.

And when the Titans got called into action against our enemy, Slade, I really lost it!

I was so scared that I created a massive sand-twister, and I couldn’t bring myself to stop, but Garfield braved the danger and did all he could to comfort me, and he saved me from myself, and he made me feel like it would be nice to be on a team, have friends…

Maybe even something more…”

Terra began to sing a soft song about she and Beast Boy, followed by flashbacks of memories of all the great times they had, and how he was there for her to help her overcome her fears.


Sunset was already starting to relate to Terra’s story, and how she herself came to the human world feeling out of place, unwanted, and it filled her with evil and made her do terrible things.

“At least you didn’t go psychotic and do terrible things like I did.” she said, but Terra then looked strange and awkward.

Sunset and Celestia’s eyes widened.

“Terra…?” said Celestia “You didn’t…!”

Terra nodded with extreme guilt.

“I thought Gar had betrayed my secret when the other Titans found out about my instability, and I accused him of lying and I just ran off in a huff!”

She went on to explain that she had in fact aligned herself with Slade, who promised to help her gain the control she desired, but it would cost her.

To pay for his training, Slade made her his apprentice, and made her go back to the Titans and feign allegiance to them, gaining their trust to relay back to him the information to destroy them.

“Oh, Terra!” said Celestia “How could you?”

Terra felt guilty enough for tears to come to her face, “Believe me, I really didn’t want to do it, but I felt I had no choice, for fear of what Slade would do.”

So she betrayed the Titans, and broke Beast Boy’s heart, forcing her to return to Slade and really serve him.

Eventually, she and the Titans fought, and while all the other Titans were willing to blast Terra to oblivion, Beast Boy was the only one who still believed in her, and desperately tried to reach out to her and help her realize she didn’t have to be afraid, and she could fight Slade’s control!

…It worked! She regained her self-control, and turned against Slade, defeating him, but in order to stop a large underground volcano from erupting and wiping out Jump City, she was willing to sacrifice herself as a way of redeeming herself, by fully unleashing the full extent of her powers.

Just before she and Beast Boy parted ways, they embraced, and she tearfully told him, “You were the best friend I ever had!”

Then it happened, and Terra was turned to a stone statue.

…That’s where she stopped.

“You’re kidding!” cried Rainbow Dash, revealing she and Luna had eavesdropped in on the story.

“Are you certain that’s what happened?” asked Luna.

Terra, fighting her own sadness said “The Titans can vouch for it; it’s what really happened, but the point is… Garfield helped me, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know how I would’ve ended up-- most likely dead.”

She clenched her fists and shut her eyes tight, but a single tear still managed to creep its way out and roll down her cheek.

All four of the others were shocked beyond words, and this raised other questions.

-How did she turn back to normal?
-Why did she and Beast Boy break up?

Before any of them could ask, Terra then looked sternly at Sunset “If I could find my way out of the darkness, then so can you.

We’re all heroes, and we’ve got villains to stop, and friends to save.

…And we will, because I believe we will!”

Rainbow stepped forth, “You’re right, girl. We can’t sit here blubbering like babies.”

The two sisters agreed too, even though Luna wasn’t dueling in the tournament, she promised to give all the support she could.

“I’ll help you especially.” said Celestia “What you are all dueling for is a far more noble cause-- saving our friends, and revitalizing a fallen city.

I can always find another way to raise funders for the school.”

She then looked down at Sunset and once again held her deck out for her to take.

Now doubt, she had to take it and slipped it back into her disk.

The others all smiled proudly at her.

“Hey,” Twilight called as she came out. Her eyes looked awfully red from crying so much, and her nose sounded a little congested.

“Are you okay, Sunset? I saw you from the window.”

Sunset approached her and said very deeply, “Twilight, I’m sorry I let you and Spike down, but I promise I won’t rest until we get him back.

We all promise that.”

The others all nodded behind her.

“There’s no need to apologize.” said Twilight “It’s not really your fault, and you did your best, I’m just sorrier for you and all those guys are putting us through.

But I know we’ll get Spike back, somehow.”

Twilight paused a moment knowing the right words to say, “You all taught me to believe in myself, and show me that anything is possible, and you helped me change my life.

So I believe... especially in you, Sunset.”

Sunset felt like she was going to cry again, but in happiness, and the two friends shared a hug.

The others all smiled lovingly.

Suddenly, Rainbow realized, “What are your folks going to say about Spike?”

Twilight gasped, “And what about Shining Armor and Cadance too?”

“We know,” said a voice

Twilight stiffened, and she turned around and saw his brother and his wife standing at the end of the parking-lot, mainly because the Titans’ camper was parked near her brother’s car, and when they had come off their shift, they could overhear some of the conversations.

Both of them looked deeply concerned, heart broken and upset.

“Let us see him, Twilight.” said Cadance.

Twilight stuttered and stammered trying to come up with an excuse.

“Twily…” said her brother.

Twilight sighed and went back into the camper, coming back out with Spike’s unconscious body.

Cadance gasped softly, and her husband couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell us there was something freaky going on in this tournament?”

Sunset quickly stood up for Twilight, “It was my fault. I didn’t want anyone else to know. I was afraid people would fall into a panic or more danger would come forth.”

The couple couldn’t argue too much with that, but all the same they were devastated to learn now that both Spike and Princess Twilight were in great danger. For that matter, it seemed that everyone in the entire tournament, or even the theme park itself was in potential danger.

“I say we should warn everyone immediately.” suggested Cadance.

Rainbow shook her head, “I don’t think it would help.”

Sunset agreed, “The tournament is our only link to these guys behind all this, and it’s only possible hope we have of finding and saving the others from them, as well as figuring out what all this is about.”

“Besides,” Twilight said in a panic, “What if those two monsters strike again, they could take away somebody else’s soul-- maybe even yours.”

The couple now understood the seriousness, and Twilight began to have tears in her eyes again, “I’ve already lost Spike, I don’t want to lose any more.

Please, let the others try.”

Her brother hugged her softly, and Cadance joined in too, but the couple was still not feeling this was right to keep it a secret from everyone else.

The sisters weren’t so keen on it either, but Luna noted, “It seems they are more interested in Sunset’s dueling than any of the others.”

Sunset agreed, and again reflected on how it was noble that all her friends had only entered the tournament to help her in this quest.

“Still,” she said “Who are they, and what do they want from me?”

“Maybe they want those cool cards you have?” suggested Rainbow.

Sunset thought that was probable, and as she looked down at her Extra Deck Cards, a couple were still blank including the special blank one.

“If they wanted the cards they would have demanded them directly and probably taken them from me by now.

Maybe they’re just waiting for me to unlock them and then take them from me?”

They all walked back to the camper and asked the Titans if they could do some research on Sunset’s cards.

“Why didn’t we think of this in first place?” chirped Pinkie.

“Who knows?” Raven muttered in annoyance under her breath.

While they all did their research,

Some of the others were in the back of the camper, or out on the stoop looking at Spike’s body.

“Poor little guy,” said Applejack “I keep thinking he’s going to wake up any second.”

Kori hated seeing the little dog like this, “We’ll keep him here with us in our camper, so we can keep him on special life-support.”

“That’s a good idea,” agreed Fluttershy “I don’t think any veterinarian would be able to help anyway, or even believe in this.”

Twilight, Shining Armor and Cadance felt relieved that Spike would get help, and with Twilight’s parents out of town on a business trip for a week, it meant they wouldn’t be home, so she’d be fine there, at least for a while.

Meanwhile the others were at the computers, and Robin was researching into Sunset’s revealed cards.

“According to the Duel Monsters world game database, these cards aren’t even scheduled to be released yet for a six more months.”

The gang found that strange.

“Well aren’t you lucky,” Rainbow said to Sunset “You have these cards before they come out. Usually I get first dibs on new cards.”

Sunset still didn’t understand them. “How did whoever gave me them know how to get them, and why are they blank and only uncover at certain times.”

Vic was trying to run diagnostics on a blank card a scanner, to see if he could reveal what it was or what it was concealed to be, but the data showed nothing.

“Whatever this baby is, my scans can’t tell us anything.”

“Maybe it’s sealed off with some sort of magic.” suggested Raven “That would explain why they only reveal themselves at certain times.”

Sunset and the others agreed, but this also disproved the theory that those two creeps wanted the cards.

“If they wanted those cards so badly, they could’ve easily stolen them instead of hunting for Sunset.” said Pinkie.

“You’re right, Pinkie.” agreed Sunset “It’s all starting to make sense.”

She remembered the note that came with the cards the night she got them, “Whoever sent me them knows I can use them to defeat those goons, whoever they are; like a kind of test to unlock and wield them properly.”

A moment of silence followed as everyone pondered at the thought.

This still didn’t explain the other mysteries, including who those goons really were, and Sunset was still frustrated of not being able to figure out what that dark realm was.

She then turned to Raven, “Can you read my mind, and try to find what I can’t remember like that.”

Raven shook her head, “Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. I can’t view memories that are faded. You’ll have to figure it out yourself.”

Sunset sighed, “What is that world?”

Regardless, it was getting late and everyone else needed to head home and rest up for more of the tournament tomorrow.

Twilight still felt a bit bad having to leave Spike behind in the camper.

“You can stay with us if you want to.” Robin offered.

“Thanks, but I have things to work on at home.”

Terra assured her, “We’ll take good care of him, don’t worry.”

Twilight smiled thankfully.

Then she left with her brother and sister-in-law in her brother’s car.

The friends bid each other goodnight and parted ways, even though Vic gladly offered to drive them all home again, the girls all felt like getting some fresh air, and Sunset needed some time alone to think.

That night in her apartment, she looked over all her new cards, studying them and realizing how they really worked and all that.

Then she compared them to the rest of her deck trying to come up with new combinations to get them out faster and protect her monsters.

It was very hard to concentrate because she kept thinking back to the duel and all those Double-D and Triple-D monsters her opponent used, for the second time, and crushing her.

She tried to do some research on the cards using her cell-phone Wi-Fi, and much to her surprise; those cards were not yet released either.

“This is crazy.” Sunset said to herself, but it only further confirmed that those two evil figures were not after her special cards.

“Who are those guys, and what do they want with me?”

Her stress was about to get a major bombing when her magical message book began to quiver and glow as a message was being sent.

“Oh, no!” she groaned, but she couldn’t resist and had to answer.

The message read:

“Sunset Shimmer, this is Starlight Glimmer writing to you with a message from Princess Celestia…”

Sunset immediately gulped nervously.

“… We are growing concerned of Princess Twilight Sparkle and why she has not returned yet or told us what stalls her.

She is needed back here in Equestria, especially at her School of Friendship.

If she is there, kindly tell her to respond.”

Sunset was shaking up a storm. The book trembled in her hands!

Of course, she couldn’t come up with any other excuses, and she had to come clean. So she wrote back, and didn’t spare a single detail!

Starlight took a few moments to write back after she had read the entire story from start to finish.

Her first response: “…You’re not kidding are you?!”

Sunset wrote back: “No, I’m not, and you can’t believe how sorry I am for not telling you in the first place.”

Much as Starlight could understand her reasons for not telling, this did not excuse Sunset’s actions, and she wrote back saying, “I must inform Princess Celestia at once, but she’s going to flip her mane when she hears of this.”

Sunset was about to write about how nervous she was at the thought of Celestia finding out of her deception, but suddenly, the book began to glow brightly, forcing Sunset to drop it on the floor.

A bright beam of light shot straight up from the book cover, and all the lights in the apartment faded out as there, in the light, was a holographic image of Princess Celestia herself, and she did not seem too pleased.

Sunset gawked at her with extreme fear, “P-Pr-Pri… Princess…” she whimpered, and she got down on the floor to grovel “Please, forgive me! I tried my hardest! I couldn’t save Princess Twilight!”

“Calm yourself.” Celestia said in a deep but soft voice.

Sunset looked up at her, “How are you doing this? How are you communicating with me?”

“This is another function of the book, and any-pony that has a copy of it, which I do.”

Sunset blinked once, “There’s another copy of the messaging book?”

Celestia nodded, “I was about to write to you myself out of concern for Twilight, but I was able to zero in on your conversation with Starlight Glimmer as well, and now I have fused my magic into my own book so that I can communicate with you directly.”

Sunset groveled again, “Please forgive me! I know I should have told you sooner, but I just couldn’t.”

Celestia looked very disappointed, “As much as I understand your reasons, if there was evil lurking, and Twilight was placed in danger, you really should have informed me at once. Then we could have been able to help you sooner.

That’s what friends do.”

Sunset felt really disappointed in herself now.

Of course, having heard the story already, even Celestia knew there wasn’t much that she, or Starlight, or any of the ponies in Equestria could do.

They couldn’t just come to the Human World, not while Equestria needed them more for their duties, not to mention their very presence would alert the enemy, and they would take possible revenge on Twilight and Spike’s souls.

Not to mention that none of them knew how to play Duel Monsters, which was the only key-link they had to tracking these guys down.

“I only wish I knew what that dark real was.” said Sunset.

“Well that’s something I believe I can help you with.” said Celestia “But I’ll need as many details as you can provide. Then I’ll comb through the Equestrian archives, and I’m certain I’ll find the answer you seek.”

Sunset was a little surprised, but non-too much.

So, she explained everything that she could in full details about the strange realm…

-The darkness and eeriness.
-The buildings and landscapes with spatial images
-The shadowy figures and they’re ability to capture and entrap souls.

“I will consider this as I research.” said Celestia “The moment I discover the answer I shall let you know, but it may take a while.

Equestria has seen many great evils, and fought many wars.”

Sunset agreed.

“And one final thing,” said Celestia “If anything else happens, I urge you to inform me immediately. Holding back will only make things far worse.”

“Believe me, I know that, and I will.” agreed Sunset.

Celestia nodded proudly at her.

“I must go now, I have much to do.”

Then the image vanished. The book stopped glowing, and all the lights came back on again.

Sunset picked up the book and clutched it close to her, remembering how Princess Twilight gave it to her.

“No more letting my friends down,” she thought to herself “I’m going to duel smarter, stronger, and better than ever, and I won’t rest until everything is right again.

…No matter what!”

Episode 23: Let's go Virtual

View Online


Next morning, the other girls, except Twilight, were gathered at Sunset’s apartment, and Pinkie knocked at the door.

“Sunset,” Pinkie called “Sunset, are you ready? You haven’t been answering our phone-calls.”

Sunset finally opened the door, and the girls all gasped, Sunset looked terrible. Her eyes were baggy, her hair was frazzled, and she smelled as if she hadn’t taken a shower, which she hadn’t due to sleeping in late.

“Oh, my…!” Rarity groaned as she held her nose, “Sunset, I strongly suggest you bathe at once.”

“For once, I agree with Rarity.” said Applejack “You don’t want to be stinking up the tournament.”

Sunset yawned, “I was just about to when you knocked.”

She invited her friends in while she showered, but her apartment was in a big mess!

Dishes and takeout bags and boxes lay all over. The kitchen sink was full of dirty dishes that needed serious attention. Sunset’s clothes lay all about, and the coffee table in the living room was loaded with papers of notes, cards, and game strategies to improve her deck, and other notes trying to figure out what that dark realm was.

“Sunset should really quit letting herself go like this.” said Rainbow, but she saw the other girls were already helping to straighten up the apartment, again!

Rainbow sighed, “… I saw that coming.” and she helped out too.

By the time they were all finished, the apartment was looking clean again, and Sunset came out of the bathroom all clear and wearing fresh clothes.

She noticed her clean apartment. “Oh, you girls didn’t have to do that?”

“Of course we did.” chirped Pinkie “What are friends for?”

“Next time we’re billing her.” groaned Rainbow.

Sunset threw her wet towel in the overflowing hamper, “Sorry, I was up all night again.”

She showed the girls her notes that related to her last duel, and how she had studied the Different Dimension monsters.

“If I duel those goons again, this time I’m going to be better prepared.”

She also told the girls about her chat with Princess Celestia the other night.

“Was she mad at you?” asked Fluttershy.

“More or less.” replied Sunset “But she’s researching, and she says she’ll help us identify what that world was and who those creeps are.”

“That’s it?” Rainbow asked in shock “She’s just researching? She could send like a whole pony army to help us.”

“Really, Rainbow Dash!” snapped Rarity “We’ve already discussed this, and it would possibly make things worse than they already are.” She paused and took a huge breath in “Just the very thought of such consideration makes me feel weak.”

The others all felt the same, but Rainbow was still anxious to find these brutes and make them sorry for taking Spike and Princess Twilight’s souls.

“Take it easy, R.D.” said Applejack “We’ll get those guys, somehow.”

Rainbow still looked edging to get her game on!

Still, the girls all headed out, and after getting takeout breakfast wraps from the local fast-food joint, they hopped on the bus which was bound for Magical Land and the tournament.

“Shouldn’t we have picked up Twilight, or the sisters?” asked Sunset.

“Twilight said she’d meet us there.” said Pinkie “The sisters are probably already there too. Remember, Luna works at the park.”

When they got to the park, instead of heading straight in, the girls headed for The Titans’ camper, and Robin poked his head out the door.

“…‘Morning girls.”

“Is Twilight here?” asked Sunset.

“She’s been here since early morning.” answered Kori “She wanted to see spike so badly.”

Twilight then came out and greeted her friends.

“How is he?” asked Fluttershy.

Twilight’s lips twisted into a sad frown, “He’s stable. The Titans kept him on life-support, but he’s not any better.”

The girls all felt sorry.

Sunset then realized, “I never visited the hospital to see Princess Twilight.”

The others all realized this, but they all knew there was no time to go there now. The next round of the tournament was going to start, and they all had to get inside the park, which meant leaving Spike all on his own.

“I’ll stay behind,” said Robin “After all I’m not in the tournament anymore.”

Rarity and Fluttershy offered to stay as well, since they were also eliminated, and Fluttershy’s expertise with animals would help a great deal.

Twilight smiled thankfully.

“Come on, let’s go.” Rainbow said rather impatiently.

Much as the others were growing concerned with her obvious and growing attitude, they realized they had to get going.

Twilight was going with them.

“Shouldn’t you stay here with Spike?” asked Terra.

“Um… yeah, I should, but first I should see if… if Shining Armor and Cadance are here. Yeah, that’s it.”

Then she dashed for the park entrance.

“But Twilight,” shouted Rarity “Why not simply call him on your cellphone?”

Twilight pretended she hadn’t heard and kept right on running.

“Okay, what’s with her?” wondered Raven.

The others all wondered the same thing. Twilight had been acting rather weird the past couple of days; the way she’d always run off and then come back without much of a care.

Now they were really concerned, because just yesterday she looked sad enough to cry a canal of tears for Spike, and now she just ran off.

“Well, she said she’d be back.” said Fluttershy.

Rarity still found it a bit odd with Twilight’s behaviour.

Nonetheless, the duelists still had to head off.

Robin hugged Kori.

“I’ll be rooting for you.” he whispered into her ear.

His wife smiled, “I’ll do my best.”

They shared a soft kiss which melted everyone’s hearts.

Rarity wiped a tear from her eye.

After that, the duelists headed for the park while Rarity and Fluttershy went into the camper with Robin.

Spike’s body was lying on a soft cushion and was hooked into life-support to keep him stable.

“Oh, my poor Spikey-Wikey.” cried Rarity.

“He looks so peaceful, but not in a good way.” said Fluttershy

Robin sighed and hung his head low.

There weren’t that many duelists left. The tournament started with over a-hundred, and then it was halved, and now it was halved again-- no more than thirty players left.

This made the girls and the Titans feel a little more confident, because it was starting to look like some of them would probably be going to the finals for sure.

The duelists were announced by the park intercom to report to the backside of the park near the rear exit that lead to the open fields for today’s round.

“What do you suppose they’re making us do today?” wondered Pinkie.

“We’ll soon find out.” said Sunset.

As the duelists made their way to the back of the park, they ran into Celestia.

“Good morning everyone,”

“Good morning!” they all replied.

“Hey, look at that.” cried Terra.

Everyone looked out into the field and saw a small, square building with steel sidings and no windows at all, and lots and lots of cables running through it from the park.

“Where in the hotel-bills did this come from?” wondered Applejack.

“It sure wasn’t here yesterday, or we would have seen it anywhere from within the park.” said Kori.

“Attention Duelists!” shouted a familiar voice, followed by a large TV screen folding out over the top of the building showing the images of The Prince Brothers.

“Good morning,” called Rubeus “And welcome to Round Three of the Friendship Cup tournament.”

Loki then spoke, “Today’s round promises to be quite different than the previous ones.

First, let us explain.”

Rubeus cleared his throat, “There are thirty of you duelists left, and as was mentioned before, only the top eight will proceed to the finals, so today’s round is going to help select some possible finalists today.”

The brothers then explained that the building before them was a new attraction to their theme park that had just opened-- The Virtual Reality Land.

The screen images then showed inside the building was all one room, and along the walls were virtual reality pods.

Each duelist was to enter and then climb into a pod, whereas their minds would be digitized and uploaded into an authentic virtual world created by the finest of computer engendering ever, like being in a life sized video game.

“Wicked!” cried Rainbow “I never thought such tech like this existed. This is going to be AWESOME!!”

“Yay, real fun…” Raven groaned.

Vic was incredibly enamored about this, being a cyber-tech guy, and a game lover himself. “But what are we supposed to do once we get uploaded?”

He got his answer immediately as the brother continued to explain.

Each and every duelists would be uploaded into a different environment of their virtual realm; everything from mountains, to meadows, to castles, or caverns-- things like that.

Within each environment was a series of yellow cards to grab, each one had a different amount of Duel Points for the duel meters on them. Some were high, some were low, and there were also some trap-cards that would take duel points away!

Applejack, Kori and Vic gasped! All three of them had low points.

“So, if we find one of those cards, it might knock us out just like that?” exclaimed Kori.

Vic and Applejack gawked at one another realizing how serious this was.

Rubeus then had an extra special announcement.

“Each environment has a certain number of cards, but each duelist is only permitted to grab one. After you have taken a card, you will be automatically released from the Virtual World, and you will be reloaded back here, where you can exit safely…

…assuming of course you don’t fall victim to the virtual hazards.”

Every duelist gasped, and were shown on the screen all the many typical things there were, like in a video game, that could be lethal-- lava pits, avalanches, rockslides, booby-traps!

They were informed, however, by the brothers that these were only virtual, and that nothing inside the realm would physically harm them, but if they fell to any of the hazards, it would be like getting an automatic “Game Over” and they would be automatically reloaded to the real world.

“And don’t think we left dueling out of this.” said Rubeus. “If you come across a duelist along the way, you must duel one another, even if it should happen to be someone you have already faced.

Walking away is not-optional, as virtual electronic fences shall close the two opponents in when a duel disk comes within twenty feet of one another, and they shall not disperse until the duel is concluded.

And just as before, points are given to the winners, 20% to be precise, and losing duelists shall lose 10%, and if your duel meter reaches zero, you will automatically be ejected from the virtual world.”

All the duelists looked concerned and worried. This meant that a lot of duelists were likely to be eliminated.

Sunset felt more concerned about splitting up. It meant that she and her friends couldn’t possibly hang out together to help one another, and would possibly be dueling each other.

“There is however something you should know.” said Rubeus “Hidden somewhere within this virtual realm is a special card worth an automatic 100%. Whoever should come across that card shall be instantly qualified for the finals, and is not required to have dueled.”

Now every duelist was highly intrigued! It meant that those who were on the verge of striking out still had a chance to make it to the top, not to mention with many duelists still available, it was possible to rack up the necessary numbers of duel points required.

“And also…” called Loki “If you are thinking that you can simply rack up points by challenging multiple duelists, I’m afraid that is not possible.

After your duels have concluded a special lockdown code shall be engaged, preventing you from engaging in duels. You cannot target other duelists and they cannot target you.”

Rubeus agreed and explained the final catch “This simulation will last for two hours. A timer will be shown on the avatar of your virtual duel disk.

After time has expired, all players will be ejected from the simulators, no questions, or protests.

This entire simulation is designed to show you what a game can truly be, and how it will force you to rely not just on your wits, but your actual skills in coordination and athletics.”

Rainbow was very intrigued now. All this sounded right up her alley, and she felt assured that she’d make it big in this realm.

Just then, the big doors to the building opened wide and the brothers instructed the duelists to step inside where their park hands were waiting for them all.

Inside the one room where all these pods with all the natural gizmos, and gadgets,

“Do you think we’ll end up dueling each other?” Kori asked.

“I don’t know, and frankly I don’t know if I care.” grumbled Raven “I’m really not into games like this.”

“Aw, lighten up.” chirped Pinkie “This is a whole new adventure. We get to be like heroes of our own video-game adventure!”

Raven still didn’t feel any different.

Rainbow couldn’t wait to get her game on, and she was glaring at the other side of the room, at Masquerade.

She clenched her fists furiously, and wanted nothing more than to have a rematch with him since their last duel.

“Don’t even think about it!” sneered a voice behind her.

Rainbow looked behind her and saw none other than Karle, glaring at her furiously.

“He’s mine. You got that!”

“Says who?” sneered Rainbow.

The two girls glared at one another with such fury.

“Who are you?” asked Vic.

“This is Karle,” answered Sunset, and she explained how she was the one who knocked Rarity out of the tournament, and how she had some obsession with Masquerade.

“That’s me all right.” Karle gloated “…Karle “Wits” Plight, and all of you better back off from Masquerade! I’m the only who gets to duel him and that’s that!”

The Titans didn’t like her tone of voice at all.

“What’s your problem?” asked Terra “If you want to duel him, that’s fine, but why are you acting so mean?”

Karle gave her an angry stare, “That’s none of your business, blondie!”

Terra growled, and just as it looked as if a huge fight would break out, the park workers insisted they break it up and enter virtual pods.

“I’ll see you kids later!” sneered Karle, and she went off to find a pod away from them all.

“Now that was a jerk.” said Raven.

Even Celestia was mystified by Karle’s attitude, but she looked over at Masquerade. “Who is he?” she asked.

“He’s big trouble.” Applejack warned her “Best to steer clear of him.”

As the friends all climbed into pods, Terra looked over at Masquerade deeply.

She couldn’t see under his mask, but he rolled his eyes glaring at her, and he clenched his fists with such fury.

Nevertheless, all the duelists were strapped into their pods, and their duel disks were linked into the systems in order to read the cards from their Decks and Extra Decks so they’d be able to use their cards in the virtual world.

“Good luck, duelists.” Rubeus announced over the intercom, and the pods were then sealed, and strong helmets were lowered onto the head of each and every duelist to help link their brainwaves into the computer system.

However, both Masquerade’s pod suddenly developed an error as his brainwaves couldn’t be detected.

“Okay, don’t panic. I know what it is.” he called out, and he very slowly and carefully lifted up his mask enough to reach his hand inside.

Most everyone looked towards his pod hoping to get a slight glimpse of his face, or any exposed part, but the slick dude held his mask carefully so he still could not be properly viewed.

He then reached back out again, pinching something very tiny in his fingers, and placed it in his jacket pocket.

“Okay, I’m good now.” he called to the people.

This time the computer was able to probe his mind.

Vic took note of this, but before he could question anything else, he felt himself starting to slip away, like all the others, as swirling lights seemed to be flashing before their eyes making the world before them disappear.

Their bodies then all fell into a deep, deep blackout, while their minds were all going wild!

Each and every single duelist felt as if they were falling through some sort of long light tunnel, which curved and dived in all directions, like some sort of wild park slide!

…Then all flashed white before their eyes!

Back at the camper, Robin was doing some research and work, trying to help in the quest to find those two evil creeps, while Rarity and Fluttershy remained by Spike’s side.

Fluttershy brought her animal med-bag that was given to her by the animal shelter where she worked part-time.

She was listening to Spike’s heartbeat with her stethoscope.

“How is he?” Rarity asked.

Fluttershy looked up, “His heart is beating a teensy, meensy, eensy bit slower than usual, and his temperature is a little lower, but he seems physically fine. He’s just not awake.

There’s not much that can be done right now but keep watch over him.”

The two girls sighed.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

It was Twilight.

Robin let her in.

“What happened?” he asked “Why were you gone for so long?”

“Sorry, but I couldn’t resist seeing the tournament.”

She explained about the announcement she overheard, about the virtual world and all that.

“Virtual Reality?” said Robin “Wish I could’ve seen it.”

Rarity and Fluttershy were intrigued too, but they were too much involved with staying with Spike to go into the park and watch it all on the big screens.

“Say no more,” said Twilight, and she got out her laptop from her backpack and logged in to the park’s main site, where she was able to view the tournament.

She could even view the virtual world battle, but only screen at a time.

She placed the computer on the table and sat with her friends to watch, taking a moment to feel Spike’s body, which made her look upset.

Strangely though, she didn’t seem to shed any tears, nor did her eyes get the least bit soggy, which Rarity seemed to notice.

Still, Fluttershy and Robin seemed mesmerised by what they saw on the screen.

Not nearly as mesmerised as the duelists, especially Sunset.

She awoke to find herself by a forest edge near a lovely lake with swans and bullfrogs.

“Wow!” she exclaimed softly as she looked around at the gorgeous scenery. It all looked so real, and it sounded so real-- the sound of the swans honking, the frogs croaking, even the sounds of the win rustling in the leaves of the trees behind her.

It even felt real enough too.

Sunset felt the water, and it felt cool and wet to her, and the soft warm breeze.

“It’s hard to believe that all of this is virtual and unreal.” she said to herself.

She then noticed that her duel disk with her as well as her deck, and the timer was counting down the minutes and seconds to the end of the game.

“I guess I better look around.” she decided, though she hadn’t a single idea where to even start looking for any point cards.

There were no clues as to where they were hidden, and not even anything to track them or tell if they were near.

The Prince Brothers had obviously spared no expense into making the players fend for themselves and rely so heavily on natural skill.

Sunset knew she wouldn’t find anything just by keeping still, so she started looking all around the trees by the forest edge, and along the water and lily pads.

Suddenly, there was a soft rumbling in the ground beneath her feet, prompting her to jump out of the way, just as the ground crumpled away into a big hole.

Sunset realized that was no ordinary hole, it was TRAP HOLE, like the very trap card from the game.

If she had fallen into it, who knew what could have happened.

That’s when sunset remembered the brothers announcing “Hazards” as in traps from the game, not just the environments around them.

Now she really had to be extra careful.

She just wondered how any of the others were handling things, wherever they were.

In the meantime, she just kept on searching for point cards.

Meanwhile, the Prince Brothers were monitoring everything from their master computer ops where the systems were all being run for the simulator.

“Look at them,” said Rubeus “They’re all finally starting to realize what a game can really be like.”

Loki agreed, “Of course in the end, there’s only going to be one winner in this game, and that’s us.”

Then he suddenly realized, “Wait… that doesn’t sound right, it can’t be one.”

“Never mind,” said Rubeus “Just sit back and watch them.

We shall see who has the skills to make it out.”

But really, he and his brother were more interested in Sunset’s performance than anyone else’s.

Not even Rainbow Dash…

Her environment was a series of cliffs, high up with clouds all around. There were pillars, boulders, mud-pits, and slops for sliding down, which Rainbow took an instant joy to as she surfed, down the slopes on a large flat rock like a boogie-board.

“WAAA-HOOO!! SURF’S UP!!” she shouted “YAA-HAA!”

She jumped over bumps, curved and swerved around pillars; she even made a huge leap across a large gorge to another clifftop.

Applejack was riding a horse through a prairie field like the cowgirl she seemed. It seemed so amazing she was about to ride it though it was virtual.

“Virtual world or not, this is the only way to ride!


Pinkie Pie wasn’t really having much fun! She was cold and shivering in an icy environment with freezing winds and snow falling all around her.

“If this is v-v-v-virtual…” she shivered “It f-f-f-feels real t-t-t-to me!

How am I supposed to find any cards in all this?”

She was standing atop a hill overlooking a large factory, and she sighed softly as she looked down at her hands, and right at her ring. “Thank goodness it still works, even in here.”

Then she looked down at the large factory.

“I’ll just bet Masquerade is somewhere in there.” she deduced.

Then, she spotted him from way up there, standing on the roof of the building far below!

She snickered wickedly, “You’re going down, dude! It’s time for you to answer what you did to me!”

Episode 24: Castle Rituals

View Online


Raven was walking along the halls of a spooky, dark castle.

Lightning, thunder, eerie winds and creaky shutters, mixed with cobwebs, old rusted armor suits, and stone hallways.

Much as Raven felt this was more like her own type of background, it felt a little creepy to her.

“Hello?” she called out, but the only answer was her own voice echoing along the walls, and a few bats flying past her, making her jump softly.

“Nice.” she groaned.

Her foot sunk down on a stone slab in the floor, and instantly, the floor began to rumble.

“Uh, oh…!” she murmured as the rumbling got louder, and she looked ahead to see a huge iron ball with spikes sticking out of all ends coming right at her.

She tried to use her powers to halt the ball, only to find they wouldn’t work-- obviously her super powers wouldn’t function in the virtual realm, and so she was forced to start running!

The ball was getting closer, and closer, until final Raven saw a doorway in a siding, and slipped through it letting the ball fly right past and falling down a pit at the end of the hall.

Raven sighed in relief, “I don’t want to even think how close that was.”

Then, she looked down the long spiraling staircase and could see a slight shimmering one the floor below.

She made her way to the bottom of the stairs, realizing she had entered some creepy laboratory, like something out of books she liked to read-- chemistry sets, machinery, rather like Frankenstein.

“Hmm, maybe this game isn’t so bad after all.”

Then she noticed the shimmering on the floor was small glowing card; one of those point cards she was told of, and while she remembered the warning that some cards were traps that would take duel points… she just couldn’t resist.

She wouldn’t know unless she tried anyway.

She cautiously bent down and picked it up, and the card face glowed revealing “+40.”

Raven’s eyes widened with of joy, and her duel disk began to glow along with the card.

All at once her duel meter went from 40% to 80!

“Cool.” she said “Now all I have to do is win one duel, and I’m out of here.”

“I doubt very much you will!” called a voice from in the lab.

Raven’s features stiffened, “Who’s here?”

She got her answer as a guy with pale skin, black hair, and wearing a T-shirt with a death skull on it, leapt down from above, and instantly, a duel barrier surrounded the two, meaning they would now face one another.

“Who are you?” Raven asked.

Her opponent snickered, “My friends call me, “Goth Guy” Or at least they would if had any, but I don’t want any or need any.

My only friends exist in the shadows, and I communicate with them through the ritual arts.”

Then he hissed like some sort of zombie or demon, but Raven was far from impressed.

“Uh-huh, so can we just duel now and get this over with?”

Goth Guy snickered “I thought you’d never ask.” and he revealed his duel meter which was at 50%.

“I had my sights set on that card, and you just come along and swipe it. I’m afraid the spirits are angry, and so am I.

We’re going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget!”

Thunder and lightning shook the palace, but Raven still seemed unimpressed. “Just duel already!”

Goth Guy really hated her guts now, but he was ready as was she.


Raven LP: 8000

Goth Guy LP: 8000

“First turn honors are mine.” hissed Goth Guy, and he drew his first five cards.

“I shall place one card facedown first, and then I summon BARRIER STATUE OF THE ABYSS in defense-mode.”

(Def: 1000)

His eerie looking statue’s eyes began to glow and cast a dreadful dark wave that spread across the field that blew past Raven forcing her to raise her arm in front of her face.

“What’s happened?” she asked.

Goth Guy snickered “My statue has rather dark and devious ability. As long as he remains in play, the field remains cursed so that the only type of Special Summons can be that of a Dark monster.”

Raven gasped, and whimpered in her mind, “Only Dark-Types?! But all of my PSY-Frames are creatures of Light, and most of them need to be Special Summoned or I can’t use them!”

Goth Guy snickered “I’ve seen your duels as I’ve studied the competition, trying to discover all weaknesses of my opponents, and I believe I have just darkened your strategy.”

Raven growled in annoyance, but Goth Guy ended his turn.

“It’s my draw!” thundered Raven, but she was truly in a spot.

She couldn’t play a single monster she had, not without being able to Special Summon, so she had no other choice.

“I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn.”

Goth guy only felt amused.

He shut his eyes and hummed softly in a small trance, “By the powers of the darkness, I beseech thee to grant me a powerful weapon to vanquish my enemy.”

Raven raised an eyebrow wonder if this guy was for real, but she watched as he drew his card, and he grinned wickedly.

“Firstly, I activate the continuous trap, TOWER OF BABEL!”

“Tower of what?” snapped Raven, and right there, behind her opponent, a set of four large solid stone slabs piled up into a tall tower behind her opponent.”

“What are those things?” Raven asked.

“You shall know soon enough.” replied Goth Guy, “For now, I now invoke the spell PRE-PREPARATION RITES!

With the darkness of this spell, I shall add to the hand from my deck one Ritual spell card, and the corresponding monster it summons.”

As he chose his two cards, one of the slabs on the tower behind him shone brightly, but Raven was more intrigued with the cards he was choosing.

“A Ritual Card…?”

“Yes,” hissed Goth Guy, “Unlike most of you, I prefer the old over-looked ways of summoning powerful monsters.

“Now observe as I activate the spell LITMIST DOOM RITUAL,”

A magical, and eerie looking urn appeared on the field before him, and at the same time, a another stone slab on the tower behind him started glowing.

“To initiate this ritual, I shall sacrifice two monsters from my hand into the darkness itself…



…And I’ll throw in my own Statue of the Abyss as well!”

“What?!” snapped Raven, and she watched as the three monsters vanished into the magical urn that was placed on the field, followed by a large puff of dark smoke and light that burst from the urn.

“Behold the monster I have unleashed from the darkness,” shouted Goth Guy “…I Ritual Summon LITMIST DOOM SWORDSMAN!”

(Atk: 0)

Now Raven was really confused. “You got rid of your statue just to summon a monster with no attack points?”

Goth Guy felt insulted, “Never underestimate the dark; it houses many secrets that can jump out and scare you.

Those are not properly prepared to face it are doomed to vanish within its shadows.”

More lightning and thunder struck from outside, but all Raven did was narrow her eyes, “I’ve actually lived through creepier stuff than this.”

Goth Guy growled.

“Besides,” said Raven “Now that your Stone is gone I can special summon my monsters now!”

That’s what she wanted, but as she touched her cards to play them, her duel disk screen flashed with a Red-X, meaning she couldn’t perform the move. “What? I still can’t special summon?”

Goth Guy snickered, “Weren’t you listening to what I just said? I told you, the darkness holds secrets.”

Raven gawked at him as he explained.

“You see, by using my Releaser of Rituals to Ritual Summon, my Swordsman is now empowered with the dark magic. As long as my Swordsman remains in play, you are still forbidden from Special Summoning.”

Raven’s mouth dropped open, “So that’s why he sacrificed his stone.” she thought “He still managed to keep me from calling my monsters.”

“And that’s not all…” hissed Goth Guy, “Using the Demolisher to Ritual Summon prevent my monster form being targeted by effects of other cards as well.”

Also, since there happens to be a trap in play, my Swordsman’s attack instantly jumps to 3000!”

“Ah!” Raven gasped.

(Atk: 0) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“And further more…” said Goth Guy, “Not only can my monster not be destroyed in battle, but trap cards are ineffective on him.”

Raven’s eyes narrowed angrily. She couldn’t believe such a monster was facing her down like this.

“Her opponent then entered his battle-phase, “Swordsman, by the power of the darkness, I command you to attack her directly!”

The monster complied, and drew out his huge swords, lunging straight at Raven, and she couldn’t protect herself at all and got slashed hard as more lightning and thunder struck.

Raven LP: 8000 -----> 5000

Raven growled softly, while her opponent acted smug.

“As I told you: the darkness holds many surprises.

Now, I shall lay one card facedown, and end my turn.”

“Fine,” said Raven “I draw…!”

She liked what she had drawn.

“I may not be able to special summon monsters, but there’s much that I can do.”

Her opponent looked intrigued, “I activate the spell COST DOWN!

All I do now is discard one card from my hand, and I can lower the levels of all the monsters in my hand by two stars.”

She discarded her card, but she also noticed that the stone tower behind her opponent-- its third slab was now glowing, leaving only one left.

Goth Guy was smirking softly, which Raven noticed.

“What is with that tower?” she asked “Every time a spell got played, another light shone on it.”

“Naturally,” replied Goth Guy “That’s what happens while this card is in play. Every time a spell is played, its columns light up, and at the moment there are three…

Once the fourth one is lit, the tower shall be destroyed, and whoever was responsible for it shall take 3000 points of damage.”

Raven’s eyes widened, “So… if one more spell card is played…?”

Goth Guy nodded “Do you want to take that risk?”

Raven thought this over deeply, and then she realized something.

“Yes, I will go for it!”


Raven cleared her throat, “Thanks to my Cost Down card, this 6-Star monster is now a 4-Star, and it’s one that I don’t need to special summon…


(Atk: 2500)

Her opponent was stunned by the shining glow of that monster, “Argh! The Light!” he groaned, “I can’t believe you summoned that!”

“Oh, there’s more,” said Raven with a smirk, “I activate my facedown card BATTLE TUNED!”

“What?!” snapped Goth Guy, but you just activated another spell.

He looked behind him and his tower’s fourth and final slab was glowing.

The ground rumbled as the tower rose up off the ground, and the four slabs separated and spun around above Raven, and blasted her with their glowing lights, killing 3000 more of her life-points.

Raven LP: 5000 -----> 2000

Raven shook herself clean from the effects of the blast. “It was worth it, especially since there’s no trap card on the field now, which means your Swordsman’s attack goes back down to nothing.”

Goth Guy growled, but his monster’s attack had indeed reverted back to zero.

“A miner set back.” hissed Goth Guy “Since my monster’s attack has dropped to zero, I can activate the trap CARD OF LAST WILL, which enables me to draw five cards.

A gift from the dark forces if you will,”

“Doesn’t matter to me.” said Raven “My Battle Tuned card lets me banish PSY-FRAME EPSILON from the graveyard, and its attack power gets transferred to my Driver, all 1500 of them!”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 4000)

Goth Guy looked worried while Raven seemed delighted.

“Even though your monster can’t be destroyed, you’ll still take a lot of damage from my attack.”

She then entered her battle phase and ordered her Driver to attack, and with zero attack points, her opponent got struck extremely hard.

(Atk: 4000) VS (Atk: 0)

He roared and shouted as he covered his eyes from the blinding light of the attack, Raven herself couldn’t stand much of it herself, but it all worked out for her.

Goth Guy LP: 8000 -----> 4000

Goth Guy stood there, still and silent. It was almost scary, like he had become petrified.

“Are you okay?” asked Raven.

“Yes, I am.

As long as I have the darkness, there is nothing I can’t accomplish.”

Raven blinked once, and Goth Guy explained,

“I was always the odd-ball out, just because I was more into the darkness, and gothic rituals. I was regarded as a freak, and creepy.”


“I had no friends at all, and even those who were like me thought I was too much for them.

That’s why I stick to the darkness. It’s always there when I need it. It comforts me, it inspires me, and it hasn’t betrayed me in ways that people have.”

This guy was reminding Raven a lot about her own self, and how she preferred to be alone, isolating herself in her room back at Titan’s Tower, and how she wasn’t much a fun girl, and often got called “Creepy” though she tried to deny it as just being “Different” it still hurt her, and she wasn’t without feeling lonely.

“Look,” she told him “You can’t go beating yourself up like this.”

He looked up at her, and she went on saying “I know how it feels to be like you, but I actually have friends who helped me open up.”

She thought of the other Titans, and then one memory flashed by her that she hadn’t thought of in years.


She was feeling broken-hearted and staying cooped up in her room.

“Creepy or not, that doesn’t mean you have to stay locked in your room.

You think you’re alone, Raven, but you’re not.”

…And she opened her door, and hugged him, for the first time ever.

Raven felt a tear of hurt and shame coming to her eye-- even as a virtual avatar, emotions could still be expressed.

“My friends taught me there’s more than just keeping to yourself all the time.

If you prefer dark and creepy things, that’s fine, but you can’t always run and hide from things.

We can’t change the truth, no matter how much we dislike it.”

Goth Guy only clenched his fists, “I don’t know whether to believe you or not, but the darkness still hasn’t let me down, and I’m not about to let it down either.”

Raven sighed, “Then prove it and see if you can actually beat me.”

“Very well,” said Goth Guy “I draw…!”

“Firstly, I shall change my Swordsman into defense-mode…”

(Def: 0)

“And now, brace yourself, for the time has come to conjure the darkness in the spell known as, CONTRACT WITH THE ABYSS!”

The field began to rumble and in the center appeared a large swirling vortex.

“What is that?” asked Raven.

Goth Guy only snickered and said, “This Ritual permits me to summon any Dark Monster I choose, but I must make proper offerings to the darkness itself.

So from my hand I shall offer up the PATRICIAN OF DARKNESS…

And now, from the graveyard, I activate the special ability of Djinn Releaser of Rituals!

When I Ritual Summon, I am able to banish it and use it as one of the offerings.”

Raven gasped and realized as she thought “That means whatever monster he’s summoning will prevent me from special summoning. This can’t be good!”

The two monsters appeared and vanished into the abyss below, followed by an earthquake and a powerful burst of dark light.

“Behold,” shouted Goth Guy as his monster began to take shape, “From the depths of the deepest darkness, I summon a creature like no other; one that will guarantee my victory.


Raven gawked up in near-horrors at the huge hulking dragon as it spread out its wings, and gave a mighty roar that shook the castle as more thunder struck!

(Atk: 4000)

“It’s got 4000 attack points!” cried Raven.

Goth Guy nodded, “There’s more, my Blue-Eyes cannot be targeted or destroyed by card effects.”

Raven growled, “Big deal! Our monsters are equal in strength.”

“Perhaps,” hissed Goth Guy “Then again, I have a spell that can change that. Go, BLOCK ATTACK!”


Goth Guy laughed wickedly, “Now your monster is forced to change into defense-mode.”

(Def: 0)

“I’m afraid it’s all over for you, because when my dragon attacks a monster in defense-mode, you still take damage… Double the damage to be exact!”

Raven gasped! With her monster’s defense at zero, she’d be wiped out!

“Let the darkness consume you!” shouted Goth Guy, and he called out to his monster, “Blue-Eyes, attack now!”

The dragon powered up, and opened its huge jaws, preparing to fire dark flames.

KAPOW!! The attack struck hard destroying Raven’s monster, and Raven was knocked back hard.

Goth Guy stood tall and proud believing he had actually one the duel, but when he looked on ahead as the smoke cleared, he saw Raven getting back onto her feet, and her monster was still standing!

“What? How could you have survived?”

“Simple,” sneered Raven “I used my trap, WABOKU. It prevented my monster from being destroyed this turn, and I took no damage.”


Raven snickered softly, “This trap affected my own monster, not any of yours, and it spared me from destruction.

The darkness holds surprises after all.”

Goth Guy felt humiliated, but impressed all the same time. “You really do know a thing or two about the darkness, I’ll give you that.

But you haven’t won yet, and you won’t the way I see it.

I shall place two cards facedown, and that ends my turn.”

Raven nodded, “It’s my draw…!”

She took her card, and liked what it was.

“First I’ll switch my Driver back into attack-mode…”

(Atk: 4000)

“And then I’ll equip it with this little spell; PSYCHIC SWORD!”

The magical sword appeared, and the six-fingered monster grabbed it, grinning wickedly.

“Since my life points are lower than yours, this sword grants my monster an additional 2000 attack points.

(Atk: 4000) -----> (Atk: 6000)

Goth Guy gawked up at the glowing sword, and then looked away from it. “That light!” he groaned “Those attack-points!”

Raven rubbed her mouth with her knuckles.

“Time for your dragon to fall into the darkness from whence it came, and half of your life points are going to go with it too!

…Go Driver, attack now!”

Her monster charged forth and leapt up high, ready to strike the dragon down.

“Hold on!” snapped Goth Guy “I activate CALL OF THE HAUNTED!”

“What?” cried Raven.

“With this card I shall revive a monster from the darkness of the graveyard, and who better than PATRICIAN OF DARKNESS!”

(Atk: 2000)

Raven couldn’t understand this. “You realize now I can get a replay, which allows me to change my attack to your new monster!

Go Driver!”

Her monster obeyed and headed straight for the Patrician, ready to slice it to bits and wipe the opponent out.

Goth Guy folded his hands together, and began to hum in a trance, and at the same time the Patrician did the same.

“What are you doing now?” asked Raven.

“Just chanting, for you see my Patrician has the power that allows me to decide where your monster will attack.”

“What?” cried Raven, and she watched as dark aura emitted from the Patrician’s eyes, possessing Driver, and it changed its course and, instead, attacked the Swordsman.

“Since I have a continuous trap in play,” said Goth Guy “My Swordsman’s defense is 3000, but it won’t matter anyhow, because it isn’t destroyed in battle.”

Raven could hardly believe this as she lowered her arm.

“What am I going to do now?” she thought “I can’t special summon, I can’t destroy those monsters with card effects, and my attacks don’t work either.”

Goth Guy thought too, “She seems on the verge of giving up. Perhaps now she’s finally realized the true power the darkness can give.

It’s a shame I have to defeat her, but I’d do anything to satisfy the darkness that supports me.”

Raven breathed in deeply but softly trying to think this out. Even though her monster was still stronger, she didn’t trust her opponent one bit, and suspected he would try and pull something off, most likely with that other facedown card of his.

Then suddenly, an idea came to her.

“Wait a minute, the way he’s been playing this duel…”

Then she looked down at the facedown card on the field.

“…I bet that’s it, but I’d better be right, and I need the right card to do it with too.”

“I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

“Is that all?” teased Goth Guy “What a pity. Now it’s my draw!”

He grinned wickedly, “The time has come for me to unleash another devastating creature.”

Raven clenched her fist, hopefully ready for what was coming.

“I activate the ritual CONTRACT WITH THE DARK MASTER!”

The ground rumbled as the image of a large, and nasty looking creature appeared, which made Raven shudder.

“Now that is creepy.”

“Oh, you’ve seen nothing yet.” hissed Goth Guy, “I now offer from my Patrician of Darkness. He has served me well.

I’ll also banish from the graveyard my Demolisher of Rituals as the second part!”

The monsters vanished and were absorbed into the dark being, which then vanished in a puff of dark smog. The smog swirled and flowed, and as the lightning and thunder struck again.

“Behold my third Ritual monster; DARK MASTER - ZORC!”

(Atk: 2700)

Raven had never seen such an evil and creepy looking monster before, and while she noted that even it couldn’t defeat her Driver, she asked “…Does it have some sort of super special power?”

Goth Guy’s eyes shimmered wickedly, “Naturally.”

He pointed up to the centre of the field, up in the air as a dice block appeared and began spinning round and around like a top, and it stopped on “4”

“Perfect!” hissed Goth Guy “Since I have rolled a four on that die, one monster on your field is instantly destroyed!”

“Ah!” cried Raven, and she watched as her monster was swallowed up by dark mists, and leaving her defenseless.

“Now that that’s settled,” said Goth Guy “I’ll switch my Swordsman into attack mode.”

(Atk: 3000)

“My Patrician of Darkness is gone, but Call of the Haunted is still here, which lets my Swordsman keep its 3000 attack points.

Now, all three of my Ritual summoned beasts are ready, and prepared to vanquish you into the shadows!”

The three powerful monsters glared at Raven, growling, roaring, and looking ready to finish her.

“Now, who should destroy you?” wondered Goth Guy “I’ve got it, since my Swordsman is impervious to traps anyway, I’ll use him to destroy you.”

The swordsman stood ready with its blades poised and a serious expression on his face.

Raven narrowed her eyes up at the horrible monster.

“Attack now!” shouted Goth Guy, and his monster lunged forth, leaping up high and coming down at Raven with great speed.

“I activate my facedown…!” shouted Raven, and the card was revealed.

“What? That’s not a trap!” cried Goth Guy.


By discarding one card in my hand, I can destroy up to two spells or traps on your field.”


Raven ditched her only card, which was revealed to be a trap card…!

“Go Twin Twisters!”

The powerful winds struck both Call of the Haunted, and the facedown card, which was revealed to be yet another Call of the Haunted.

“I knew it!” snapped Raven “You played another continuous trap so you’d try and keep your swordsman strong, like you’ve been playing all duel long, but now that there are no traps in play, your monster has no attack points to hit me with!”

Goth Guy growled most angrily, and surely enough his monster finished its attack, but Raven felt nothing but a slight tickle and didn’t lose a point.

“So you avoided that attack,” sneered Goth Guy “I still have two other monsters to get you with.”

Zorc and Blue-Eyes still looked fierce and ready for assault.

“Maybe and maybe not.” said Raven “Now I activate the effect of my trap HYPER QUICK.

When it’s sent to the graveyard I get to draw one card, and if I happen to draw a spell card, I can play that card immediately.”

“What?!” snapped Goth Guy “You’re risking this entire outcome on a single draw? Talk about a long shot. How do you even know the card you draw will save you?”

“I don’t.” replied Raven “But I have to hope, believe, and feel that it will.”

She shut her eyes and placed her fingers over her card, concentrating and hoping as hard as she could. “Ha!” she shouted as she drew the card.

She looked at her card, and then stared her opponent down, making him gasp.

“I activate GRACEFUL CHARITY, so I draw three cards and then discard two!”

She did so, and really liked what she had drawn, and she knew just which cards to discard.

“Aw, I guess your move failed.” teased Goth Guy “Like I told you, the darkness is on my side, and speaking of my side,” he looked up at his Blue Eyes, “It’s time! Attack and finish her off!”

The might dragon roared and prepared to unleash its dark blazes.

“I don’t think so!” snapped Raven.



The image of a spell card she had discarded appeared.

“When you declare an attack while this is in my graveyard, I can banish five cards from my graveyard, and that ends the battle phase!”

The dragon powered down, and remained still, thus sparing Raven from any damage.

Goth Guy clenched his fist, unable to believe he had been outsmarted, but then his smirked, “Impressive… you bought yourself a moment of grace, but I’m afraid on my next turn you won’t be so lucky.”

Raven didn’t seem a bit discouraged “We’ll, see about that. Now it’s my draw!”

She now had two cards in her hand.

“And now, I activate the effect of CARD FROM A DIFFERENT DIMENSION!”

I removed it from play last turn, and now that it activates, it returns to my hand and goes straight into the graveyard. Then we both get to draw two cards.”

Goth Guy stiffened as he and Raven drew, but he didn’t like what he had drawn.

“Let me guess,” Raven said “They’re both cards that could have helped you, but it isn’t your turn.”

Goth Guy looked up, growling, which confirmed Raven’s thought.

“Your strategies are pretty neat, I’ll give you that, but once you understand it, it’s all predictable, like when you set a trap to keep your swordsman safe, and that you use Ritual Monsters.”

Goth Guy was starting to tremble, either angrily or nervously, “Like there’s anything you can actually do.

Remember, you still can’t special summon, and all of my monsters are impervious to card effects.”

“True,” admitted Raven “But you said you’ve seen my duels, and while you have managed to stop most of my strategies, there one that I have that you can’t stop.

And it starts with this, I play STAR BLAST.

This spell lets me pay 1500 life points…”

Raven LP: 2000 -----> 500

Raven then held up a card, “…And for every 500 points that I paid, one level is taken off of this monster card, which changes it from 6 to 3, so I can summon it normally without tributing.


(Atk: 0)

Goth Guy was most confused, “That monster has no attack points, and why would you weaken it so hard to summon it?”

Suddenly he gasped, and Raven grinned “That’s right, you’ve seen me do this before…

I equip my monster with the BLACK PENDANT!

It’ll give my monster 500 attack points, but it won’t matter to me, because I have one last card to play!”

Goth Guy sweated a small bullet, figuring what it was.

“I now play REVERSAL QUIZ!

So I now send all the cards on my field to the graveyard, and then I guess what this top card on my deck is, and if I’m right we switch life point scores.”

“No!” cried Goth Guy “The darkness is depending on me!”

“And that is why you’re about to lose,” sneered Raven “Now I’m guessing that this top card is a monster.”

She flipped it over, and it was indeed a monster, which meant the scores switched like magic!

Raven LP: 500 -----> 4000

Goth Guy LP: 4000 -----> 500

“No!!!” shouted Goth Guy.

Raven scoffed, “And since my Black Pendant card was sent from the field to the graveyard, you instantly lose 500 of your life points, and that’s all you’ve got!”

Goth Guy LP: 500 -----> 0

Goth Guy fell to his knees, “No…!” he peeped softly “…But I… I…!”

He looked up at all his monsters, and they all looked down at him, almost as if they were horribly disappointed in him, and they vanished along with all the other images.


As for Raven, she gained 20% of duel points, which rose her meter all the way to a full 100, and with that her disk screen glowed brightly playing a small victory theme and flashed the word “FINALIST” several times.

“I did it!” she said to herself, “I’m going to head for the finals now!”

She also couldn’t believe she actually pulled it off-- winning the duel without having to rely on her usual strategies or even Synchro Summoning.

Then she looked on ahead and saw Goth Guy slumped on the ground. He truly seemed crushed.

“I lost. I let the darkness down, and after all that it’s done for me. I am nothing, nothing but a disgrace.”

Raven approached him, “Stop it.” she sneered “So you lost a duel, that doesn’t make you a disgrace, especially because you fought well.”

He looked up at her.

“I told you, it’s okay to love the darkness, but you can’t always keep to yourself.

The darkness is sometimes unforgiving and hurtful. It’s not the kind of thing you want to be stuck in all the time.

Much as I like my Me-Time, there are times I do interact with my friends, and it actually helps to fill me.”

Goth Guy looked down, “But… unlike yourself, I haven’t any friends to interact with. They always pushed me away, and left me with no place to turn to but the dark.”

Raven couldn’t argue with that, but she lifted his chin, and just smiled at him “You think you’re alone, but you’re not.”

She implied, and more than meant she could be a friend to him, if he was willing to.

Goth Guy smiled up at her and she helped him get back onto his feet.

However, because was at 100%, she no longer needed to be in the virtual world, and she began to vanish into thin air.

“Wait!” cried Goth Guy “Don’t go yet!”

“I can’t stop it!” cried Raven, and then she was gone, and he was alone again.

Still, rather than feeling completely bummed, Goth Guy looked at his now 40%.

“I have failed today, but I can still play.

The darkness holds many secrets and surprises, and I will be there to make or discover them.”

Just his way of saying “thanks” to Raven for giving him new inspiration.

Episode 25: Part 1: Freezer Burn

View Online


Raven’s mind was re-uploaded, and she snapped wide awake in the real world as her pod was opened, and the workers began to help her up.

“Congratulations.” they said to her “You’re the first finalist.”

Although Raven was a little proud by this, she was still less than enthusiastic about the whole thing and just walked off without saying much, but it least it meant she didn’t have to duel anymore.

Still, many other players were still in their pods, including all her friends, while a few other pods were empty, as those duelists had either lost all their duel points-- either lost in a duel, or found bad point-cards-- or they just succumbed to a hazard in the virtual world.

For now, there was no reason for her to hang around here, and as she wasn’t much of a fairgoer or a fun girl, she decided to just head back to the camper in the parking lot.

She couldn’t help wonder how the others were getting on.

Rainbow Dash was still surfing on her makeshift rock board.

“Make way for the queen of the leaps!” she shouted to no one in particular, and she leapt way up high over a huge gap in the mountains, and slide down a large slope heading for the factory, and there she caught a glimpse of Masquerade entering the building.

“There you are you punk!” she growled.

Masquerade, of course hadn’t noticed her and he walked right through the front doors and into the building.

But someone else did notice her-- Karle, who had slipped down form the slop to follow Masquerade into the factory.

She saw Rainbow coming down on her rock-board, and knew what she was thinking.

“Oh, no you don’t!” she sneered softly “Nobody’s facing Masquerade but me!”

She then grabbed a small rock by her foot and picked it up in her hand, and she looked very carefully at the angle where Rainbow was coming from, as if she was calculating the perfect trajectory to throw the rock and make her wipe out to slow her down.

Even though she knew that since this was all virtual, Rainbow wouldn’t get hurt Karle started to seem a tad remorseful of even thinking of doing it!

Still, Masquerade was getting away, and she had no time to be sentimental.

“Sorry, Rainbow,” she muttered, and she threw the rock in a huge baseball pitch, sending it zooming along.

The rock flew in a perfect distance and angle landing at the perfect spot—right in front of Rainbows rock-board, causing her to crash!

“WHOA… WIPEOUT…!!” Rainbow screamed as she catapulted off her board and went sailing through the air.

Karle looked most content and then headed for the factory entrance to find Masquerade.

Little did she realize, that she hadn’t compensated for the trajectory Rainbow was soaring at.

Rainbow flew down, down, down, heading straight for an open chute right on the factory rooftop.

“Uh, oh…!” cried Rainbow, and she screamed and wailed as she fell straight in.

Crashing and clanging along the metal sidings and bumping round the bends.

Then she found herself sliding down, down, down a steep drop, and she could hear grinding sounds coming up fast.

“Oh, no!” she cried as she popped out from a side panel, and she would have plunged into a serious of metal grinding gears had she not quickly grabbed onto a large strong pipe by the panel.

“I do not want to think how close that was!” she panted.

It was a good thing her athletic skills and keeping in shape helped her to swing herself up onto the pipe, and then climb it into the rafters where there were a series of grate bridges on chains hanging off the ceiling.

Once on the bridges, she felt content that she had at least made it inside the factory.

“Now, where’s Masquerade?” she wondered. She didn’t care if she had to search the entire factory, “I’m going to find you, duel you, and really let you have it!”

Meanwhile, in the Ice Plains,

Pinkie Pie didn’t know how much more of the freezing winds she could take.

“Ah… Ah… AH------ CHOO!!” she sneezed and her voice echoed along the landscapes.

“Ooo-oo-ooh, if I don’t warm up soon, I’m going to turn into an ice-cream cake!” she groaned. “Hmm, that actually may be delicious…”

Suddenly, she could see a large cave entrance up ahead in a huge snowy cliff up ahead, and figuring it would be better than standing outside in the winds, she dashed for it as fast as she could, just plowing through the snow and she made it inside.


She sighed heavily, feeling only a little better without the winds blasting at her, but the cavern itself was just as snow-filed and icy as outside, with long icicles and blue gem-stalactites on the walls and ceilings.

“What is this place?” she wondered.

Then she slipped on the icy floor and began sliding out of control down a long tunnel leading deeper into the cave.

And she flew straight out a hole at the end of the tunnel and splashed down in a pool of water!

“AAAAH!! That’s very, very…

…Warm?” she paused and then realized she had fallen into a small hot-spring.

It felt so soothing and lovely, that she just sat down into it, up to her neck in the warm water, and drowsed.

“Ahh… this is nice!”

She was really starting to feel better now.

There was just one problem. The longer she stayed in, the hotter it seemed to get, Pinkie was starting to feel tipsy like she wanted to pass out, but the second she bolted upright to get out, the freezing returned to her, twice as strong due to her being soaked, and forced her back into the water.

“It’s too hot to stay in, but it’s too cold to get out!” she whined “Now what’ll I do? I can’t gain any duel points like this.”

Suddenly, she remembered a trick she was once taught by her sister, Maud Pie, when hunting for rocks in cold caves.

The cold never seemed to bother Maud at all, and her secret was. “I just don’t think about the cold. I think of hot things.

The less I think about the cold, the less it bothers me.”

Pinkie bolted upright, “Yeah, that’s what I’ll try!”

Then she began to shiver because of the cold.

She shut her eyes tight and began to think of hot things.

-Hot cakes fresh from the oven.

-Hot cocoa pouring into a mug

-Hot sunlight beaming into her outdoor bakery, combined with the heat of the ovens and the kettles around her.

She began to actually feel better, and felt she could keep on going to explore the cave even more.

A place like this was bound to have point cards, somewhere.

She slid deeper into the cave, and then emerged into a wide open room where at the back, atop a frozen staircase, a point card sat on an ice pillar.

“It’s mine!” cried Pinkie, but as she slid over to head up the stairs, she was blocked off by a dueling field that suddenly appeared all around her.

“Wrong!” snapped a voice “I’ve got it, sucker!”

Pinkie turned, and saw none-other than Jackie standing there and looking fueled up for a duel!

“Hey, I know you.” said Pinkie “Terra beat you already.”

Jackie looked madder than ever, and her eyes seemed to be blazing. It was such an insult to be reminded of how Terra beat her with just that single draw and playing “Change of Heart.”

“Just for that,” Jackie said “I’m going to make this quick and easy… and painful as painful can be!”

Pinkie had hardly seen the duel of Jackie VS Terra, but she hadn’t forgotten that this girls was a mean one, and now she could see just why.

“Come on… there’s no need to be mean-spirited. Let’s try and have a good, honest duel and have fun while we’re doing it.”

Jackie just gave her a rude scowl, which made Pinkie shiver, in fear, not because of the cold.

“Don’t try and get all friendly with me!” snapped Jackie “I’m fed up with you kids putting ideas in Terra’s head and making her act weird!”

“Huh?” said Pinkie “What are you talking about?”

Jackie didn’t bother to explain and just prepared for the duel, “Just move it already! The sooner I beat you, the sooner I can port out of here!

Hopefully I can still make the finals.”

Pinkie clenched her fist. “I’m usually calm, cool, and friends, but only to those who deserve it! Let’s do this!”

She stood ready, and Jackie looked ready to crush her.


Pinkie LP: 8000

Jackie LP: 8000

“Why don’t you go first.” offered Jackie.

“Awfully decent of you.” said Pinkie, but Jackie then thought “I’ve seen how this twit duels, but I don’t she’s seen how all my cards work.

Letting her go first means I’ll clock her out all the faster.”

“Here goes,” cried Pinkie.

She then stood tall and proud and announced, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, I shall now perform for you--”

“JUST MOVE!!” shouted Jackie, making Pinkie nearly slip on the ice, and the large icicles overhead began to quiver.

“Wow! You’re a bigger party pooper than I thought.” said Pinkie. “Well, maybe this can help to start off…

I’ll play the spell ONE DAY OF PEACE!”

“What?” snapped Jackie.

“I think we both need to keep it calm, and this card helps us do just that-- IE: We each draw one card, and then, until my next turn, neither of us takes any damage of any kind.

I can’t hurt you, and you can’t hurt me.”

Jackie growled as she drew a sixth card and thought, “Great, now I have to wait even longer to crush this smiling dork!”

“Now then,” called Pinkie “I ready to take the stage are Scale 2 PERFORMAPAL PARROTTRIO and Scale 2 PERFORMAPAL BALLAD!”

The two monsters took their places in the Pendulum Zones, but the pendulum didn’t appear between them as both monsters had the same Pendulum Scales.

“I know what you’re thinking,” teased Pinkie “How can I Pendulum Summon if both my monsters have the same scale?”

“No, I wasn’t.” grouched Jackie “I already know what you’re up to. It’s so obvious that even a five year-old can see you’re going to change the scale somehow.”

Pinkie’s lips curled sourly, “Yes, that’s just what I’m going to do.” she grumbled.

She was really starting to have a hard time trying to maintain her cool and get her positive attitude going.

She cleared her throat, “But yes. I activate Parrotrio’s Pendulum Ability, which lets me change its scale right to 7.”

Once the scale had changed, the pendulum finally formed and began to swing between the two monsters.

Pinkie smiled, “Now I can summon monsters from levels 3 through 6 all at once.

…I Pendulum Summon!”

Two shots of light rained down from the sky, and her monsters appeared.



The two monsters jumped and waved like being in a circus show, which made Jackie shudder in disgust.

“You call those freaks “monsters?” she mocked.

Pinkie did not seem a bit amused, “I prefer to think of them as Stars than monsters, because they always are my lead performers and can always make everyone smile.”

Jackie didn’t look the least bit like smiling, and her scowl became grumpier than ever.

“Or almost everyone…!” Pinkie grumbled. “I’ll place one card facedown, and end my turn.”

“About time!” grumbled Jackie as she drew a seventh card.

“Now let me show you how a real duelist works, unlike your 5 year-old kiddie show there.”

Pinkie held her breath for a couple of seconds, and then let it out slowly, managing to contain her rage that was building up, which only seemed to amuse Jackie.

“Now then, I’ll start by playing my own spell card, COLD WAVE!”

Hearing the word “Cold” already gave Pinkie a few chills from the cave, but even more so when frozen winds came billowing all across the field.

“What are you doing?!” she shouted “This… is getting… cold!”

Jackie snickered, “I’m not all about Fire and Heart, you know.

It helps to cool off once in a while, so I used this spell to freeze all spell and trap cards, so none can be set or played until my next turn.”

Pinkie’s eyes widened, and as she looked at her field, her Pendulum Zones, and her facedown card were all encased in solid ice and rendered useless.

Jackie smirked.

“Now that that’s taken care of, I’ll special summon RED GARGOYLE!”

(Atk: 1200)

“I can special summon it when I have no monsters in play, which means I’m also allowed to summon my Tuner Monster, RED RESONATOR!”

(Atk: 600)

“Tuner monster?” cried Pinkie

“That’s right.” replied Jackie “And since I summoned it, Red Gargoyle’s special ability allows me to make Resonator’s level double up to 4!”

Pinkie would have sweat if it weren’t so cold in the cave.

Jackie then raised up her hand, “I Tune level 4 Resonator with level 4 Gargoyle. It’s time to turn up the heat!”

The two monsters turned into flaming orbs, and made a huge burst of fire as they joined together, and the monster appeared-- bursting through the flames.


(Atk: 3000)

The mighty dragon spread out its flaming wings and let out a red-hot roar, which seemed to shake the cave even more.

Thankfully the monster was just an image, or the heat of its wings was likely to melt all the ice and cause serious damage to the interior of the cave.

Nevertheless, Jackie continued her move.

“I activate my dragon’s special ability.

Once per turn I can destroy all your special summoned monsters, and then you’ll take 500 points of damage for each monster that goes up!”

Pinkie growled, and watched as the dragon gave a flap of its wings, sending burning waves to her side of the field, wiping out all her monsters, just like that.

“You forget!” shouted Pinkie “One Day of Peace is still active, so I won’t take any damage this turn.”

Jackie grumbled, “Oh, well, I still managed to destroy all your monster-- if you can call them “monsters.”

Pinkie bit her lip softly to contain herself.

“Oh, did I strike a nerve?” hissed Jackie “Well, it serves you right.

Girls like you are nothing but wannabes.


-Trying to be all big and cool, when you couldn’t be any lamer!”

“ENOUGH!!!” Pinkie shouted, and her voice echoed back several times.

Her shout was so loud; a couple of large icicles outside the duel field fell from the ceiling and shattered on the ground.

“What is with you?” snarled Pinkie “What gives you the right to be like this-- so pushy, rude, and… just-- Ugh!!”

Jackie looked crosser than ever.

“What can I say? I just think you’re lame… period.”

“You mean “different?” snapped Pinkie “Just because I’m different than you and I like and prefer different things, doesn’t give you the right to push me or anyone around this way.”

Jackie only laughed “Actually, I have every right to give you all the verbal bashing you deserve for being so lame and uncool.

Maybe if you actually did something cool and acted better for once, I wouldn’t have to.

Truth is, your tastes are garbage, your dueling style is garbage, and everything you and your garbage friends do is pure, grade-a TRASH!!”

Never in Pinkie’s life had she met such an infuriating individual, who would pick on people for being different and not wanting to be like Jackie-- rude, pushy, having to only like what she liked and do the things she does to be acceptable.

There was no way she’d stand for this.

“Sorry, but I still prefer to duel for smiles and have fun.

Now it’s my turn…

…I draw!”

“Don’t forget,” snapped Jackie “You still can’t use any spells or traps.”

“No, I can’t,” agreed Pinkie “But I can summon this, PERFORMAPAL SKULLCROBAT JOKER in defense-mode.”

(Def: 100)

“And when he’s summoned, I can add a Performapal from my deck straight to my hand.”

She flicked through her screen and chose just what she wanted, “I’ll take “Odd-eyes Synchron.” And that’ll do for now.”

Her turn was over, but Pinkie thought carefully, “Since I didn’t special summon my monster, she can’t use her dragon’s special ability on me this time.”

“I draw…!” growled Jackie.

She had five cards in her hand

“I activate the spell, RED REBORN, which allows me to summon Red Resonator from the graveyard!”

(Atk: 600)

“And when its special summoned, I one face-up monster in play, and then I gain life points equal to that monster’s attack power, and it should be obvious…

…I chose my Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend, which means I gain 3000 life points!”

Jackie LP: 8000 -----> 11000

Pinkie could hardly believe her eyes.


“Right, that’s very good,” teased Jackie “Now guess what’s coming next when I do this…

I tune level 2 Red Resonator to my level 8 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!”

Pinkie’s eyes widened, she hadn’t seen anything like this in the last duel-- especially since she wasn’t there for most of it.

Nevertheless, the monsters merged together as dark orbs, and created a whole new monster.

“Out of the darkness it comes for you!” shouted Jackie “I Synchro Summon HOT RED DRAGON ARCHFIEND BANE!”

(Atk: 3500)

This new dragon seemed much darker and less hot than the other one, but just as big and ferocious-looking as ever!

“I don’t think I like this!” groaned Pinkie.

“No?” teased Jackie “Well let’s see if you like this…!

I summon one monster face-down in defense-mode, so now I can use Bane’s special ability!

By Tributing one monster, I get to summon on “Red Dragon Archfiend” in my graveyard and special summon it to the field.”

Pinkie gasped, and watched as a burst of flames emitted from the center of the field, and Scarlight reappeared, and looked just as ferocious as ever.

Pinkie was shivering again, and definitely not out of the chills.

Jackie laughed and cackled like the nasty girl she was.

“Take a good long look, kid, because they’ve got their sights set on you… in a bad way!”

The two nasty dragons glared and fumed at Pinkie.

“Now,” shouted Jackie “Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend, attack! Crush that pathetic excuse of a monster of hers!”

The dragon complied, and with its huge fiery breath, it blew Pinkie’s joker clear off the field.

“At least I didn’t take any damage.” Pinkie said.

“But you will now.” hissed Jackie “Archfiend Bane, you’re up! Attack this wimp directly!”

Her second dragon growled and opened its huge mouth to unleash dark flames at Pinkie.

“I don’t think so!” snapped Pinkie “I play the trap PERFORMAPAL PINCH HELPER!

It lets me negate your direct attack, and then I get to summon a “Performapal” from my deck, as long as its effects are negated.”

Jackie growled, and Pinkie snatched the card she needed.


(Def: 1800)

“Hold your ‘plause, because this show’s just getting starting.”

Jackie sighed, “Do you, like, sit up in bed creating these lame references?”

Pinkie felt insulted.

“You may have gotten a monster on the field, but I still have Scarlight’s ability.

Once per turn I can destroy any special summoned monster, and deal you 500 points of damage!”

Pinkie clenched her fist, and Jackie called to her Scarlight, “…Do your stuff!”

Her dragon complied, and wiped out Pinkie’s camel with one flap of its burning wings, and the heat of the blast burned Pinkie to the touch.

Pinkie LP: 8000 -----> 7500

“I was hoping she’d do that.” Pinkie thought silently.

“So there!” sneered Jackie “Your little hump-boy is out of my sight.

Now I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn.”

Pinkie smirked, “Now it’s my turn.

…I draw!”

She liked what she had.

“Now, just liked before, I’ll change Parrotrio’s Pendulum Scale from 2 to 7.

Now… I get to Pendulum Summon!”

Five shots of light rained down as her monsters appeared.






Her five monsters all stood together, bowing, tipping hats, or growling at Jackie and her dragons.

“As you can see, the gang is all here.” Pinkie announced “And now, ladies and gentlemen, our fantastic showdown bonanza shall begin!”

Jackie only rolled her eyes while thinking, “This kid is really getting on my nerves.”

Pinkie then pointed at her Gold Fang, “Since he was special summoned this turn, all “Performapal” monsters I control gain 200 attack points for this turn!”

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2000) x3

(Atk: 800) -----> (Atk: 1000)

(Atk: 1200) -----> (Atk: 1400)

“It’s show time!” Pinkie hollered as she entered her battle phase, “Performapal Camelump, you’re up! Attack that Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane!”

“What?!” snapped Jackie “You got to be kidding me.”

“No, I’m not,” said Pinkie, and her weak camel began to rush straight for the mighty dragon.

“Now I activate the Pendulum Effect of Performapal Ballad!

Whenever a “Performapal” on my field attacks your monster, I can make that target lose 600 attack points!”

Jackie growled, and her dragon indeed got weaker.

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 2900)

“Big deal!” she then scoffed “My dragon’s still stronger than your puny little runt! Your monster will only destroy itself.”

Pinkie smirked, “That’s what I’m hoping for.”


“Now I activate the effect of “Performapal Pinch helper."

When a “Performapal” attacks or is attacked, I can send this trap to the graveyard, and I take no damage from the battle!”

Jackie growled, and the little camel collided into her dragon’s huge chest, destroying itself upon impact.

“Yeah, well so what?” snarled Jackie “Why sacrifice your monster like that?”

Then she gasped, “Wait…!”

Pinkie pointed to her nose while winking cheekily, “My Camelump’s special ability activates when it’s destroyed in battle.

Now your overgrown hot-head there loses 800 attack points!”

“Ah!” cried Jackie.

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 2100)

“But that’s not all…” called Pinkie “Now I can get use Lizardraw’s ability.

Since my monster was destroyed, I get to draw cards equal to the number of “Performapal” monsters I have in play, and I’ve got four.”

With that she drew four cards instantly, giving her five in hand.

One of which she grinned at.

“Now I play the quick-play spell, ILLUSION BALLOONS!”

At the play of her card, lots of magical and colorful balloons spilled out onto the field.

“What is this, a first-grader’s birthday party?” grouched Jackie.

Pinkie giggled, “No, silly… but you can’t have any party without balloons, especially these kinds, because since my Came lump was destroyed this turn, they’re going to grant me a special power.”

The balloons began to burst and spread glittering sparkles over Pinkie’s side of the field.

“Now I can Excavate the top five cards in my deck, and if I happen to get a “Performapal” I can summon it straight to the field, but all other cards go back into my deck.”

She picked up her cards as promised, and her eyes shot down at one of those cards, which made her grin wide with joy.

“Alright!” she cheered “I play PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES UNICORN!”

(Atk: 100)

The giddy little horse bucked and neighed playfully, making Pinkie laugh, but Jackie’s head throbbed with impatience and embarrassment.

“First it’s a circus, then a birthday party, and now a petting zoo? How mentally retarded are you! These are things kids should be giving up at the age of 10!”

Pinkie only smiled proudly “Funny, I don’t recall there being any law that does that.

If you love all this stuff, that’s all that matters, and I especially love it because of all the neat things I can do.”

She grabbed a card in her hand, “Like this… I play SUPER POLYMERIZATION!”

“What?!” snapped Jackie.

“Now I discard one card from my hand, and I can now perform a special Fusion Summon, using my Lizardraw and your Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!”

“No!!” shouted Jackie “Now you’re taking control of my dragon?!”

“Oh, I’m not taking control of it,” teased Pinkie “I just need a volunteer for the next act, and your dragon is it.”

Both monsters rose high into the air and merged together to form Pinkie’s monster.

“I Fusion Summon everybody’s favorite mystery of malice-- PERFORMAPAL GAITLINGHOUL!”

(Atk: 2900)

Jackie gawked up at the new monster, and noted how ghastly and fierce it looked, but she kept up her grouchy features.

“Am I supposed to be scared of that?”

Pinkie smirked, “You will be, when he activates his special ability.

When he’s Fusion Summoned you get dealt 200 points of damage for every single card on the field.

Can anyone from the audience tell me how many that is?”

“It’s Ten!” sneered Jackie “Which means I would take 2000 points of damage, but I won’t!”


“I activate the trap PREVENT AND DRAW!

This activates whenever I’m about to take damage from a card effect, I can halve that damage and then draw one card.”

With that, she drew a card and only lost 1000 points.

Jackie LP: 11000 -----> 10000

Pinkie didn’t seem too deterred.

“Now I’ll use my Ghoul’s other ability.

Since it was Fusion Summoned using a Pendulum monster, I can destroy one monster you control, and then deal you damage equal to its attack power.”

Jackie grunted and looked up at her only monster, her Hot Red Dragon.

“Do your stuff, Ghoul!” hollered Pinkie, and her monster tipped his top-hat, and pointed his big bazooka straight at the opposing side of the field.



“…Hold your fire!” snarled Jackie.


“Now I activate another trap, RED GEM, and it prevents any of my “Red” monsters from being destroyed by battle or card effects, so your puny little guy there shove that pea-shooter of his someplace else!”

Pinkie was starting to look red herself-- with anger.

“Well, I’m not worried, because I still attack, and I’ve got tons of monsters to strike you with.”

Her massive lineup of Performapals all stood together, shimmering in the spotlight.

“Silver Claw, you’re up first! Attack that dragon!”

Her wolf gave a huge howl and began to rush straight at Jackie’s monster.

“And by the way, when Silver Claw attacks, he grants himself and all over “Performapals” I control 300 extra attack points!”

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 2300) x3

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 1700)

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 3200)

Jackie growled!

“Like you said,” Pinkie called to her “Your dragon won’t be destroyed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hit your life points!”

Her Silver Claw then leapt high up, and sank its huge fangs into the dragon’s neck.

(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 2100)

Jackie LP: 10000 -----> 9800

Pinkie then ordered Gold Fang and Joker to attack, and with a double whammy of 2300 attack points, Jackie lost another 400 points.

Jackie LP: 9800 -----> 9400

“Now, it’s your turn, Gatlinghoul…


Her monster tipped his hat, and fired his huge bazooka at the dragon, blasting it hard, and forcing Jackie to brace herself as the force of the explosion billowed past her!

(Atk: 3200) VS (Atk: 2100)

Jackie LP: 9400 -----> 8300

Jackie looked ready to explode in outrage while Pinkie just stood where she was, smirking so cockily, but she couldn’t attack with her Lizardraw as it wasn’t strong enough.

Still, she felt content with what she had done.

“Take a bow everyone, for such a grand performance.”

Her monsters actually did bow, but what a pity there was no crowd to cheer for them.

“Are you finished yet?!” snarled Jackie.

“Why no, I’m not…” teased Pinkie “First I’ll lay one card facedown, and now I’m finished, which means all my monsters attack points return to normal.”

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 1800) x3

(Atk: 1700) -----> (Atk: 1200)

(Atk: 3200) -----> (Atk: 2900)

Pinkie felt really satisfied with herself now, but Jackie finally let out a huge scream making the cave shake once more,

…And loosening the icicles overhead all the more!

Pinkie picked her ear from the reverb.

“Take it easy.”

Jackie only looked more furious than ever.

“You think just because you managed to hit me a couple of times that you’ve got this duel won? You’re not only uncool and lame, you’re the reason why people like me exist—to show the world what’s really cool and who really matters!”

Pinkie sighed, “Not this again!”

Jackie shouted out really clear, “Terra may have gotten taken in by your lame friends, but I won’t be! I prefer to be cool and respectable, instead of acting like the garbage you’ve thrown at me with all this kid’s stuff!”

Now Pinkie looked cross, hating it when people insulted her deck, her dueling style, or her friends.

Jackie could only shout t her again, “You’re going down, you hear me?! DOWN…!!!”

To Be Continued…

Episode 26: Part 2: Flash Freeze

View Online


Raven made it back to the camper.

“Hey.” she called.

“Hey, way to go, Rae.” said Robin “At least you’re in the finals now.”

“…Yay.” Raven groaned softly and she removed her duel disk, setting it on the table, “At least I can take a break now from all the noise and hustling.”

She then looked over at Rarity, Fluttershy and Twilight while they were watching over Spike.

“How is he?”

The girls all looked up and gave her a straight look, which told her enough.

“It’s so strange.” said Fluttershy “His heartbeat is fine, his blood flow is slow but normal, and his breathing is okay.”

“He most-certainly does not seem okay.” said Rarity.

Even Twilight was flabbergasted by this. To her it just rewrote all scientific facts about death or medical conditions.

“I just hope we can reverse it.” she said sounding a bit tearful, but shed not a tear from her eyes. Her eyes still didn’t even look a bit wet.

“Oh, Twilight,” cried Fluttershy, embracing her in a small hug.

Raven could only sigh and walk away, over to Robin who was monitoring the duels in the virtual world.

“Did anyone else win yet?”

“Hard to say.” answered Robin “I can only track a few spots in the virtual world at one time. It is what it is.”

He then flipped through the many images, obviously looking for Kori.

…He found her!

Kori was in a jungle scene, and because her powers and her ability to fly didn’t work in the virtual world, she was forced to swinging through the trees on vines, and yelling like a Tarzan Lady.

She was actually enjoying herself, flying through the foliage, but so far she hadn’t come across a point card or an opponent to duel.

Frankly, she was more concerned in finding a point card first due to her score being low and she needed the points.

She was so distracted in her search that she didn’t look at what was coming…!

CRASH!! Right into a tree, and she slid down the trunk and fell flat on the ground. She wasn’t hurt-- it was all virtual.

She got up and brushed the dirt off her clothes.

“Swell.” she groaned as she looked all around her.

Then, as luck would have it, she spotted a point card; sitting on a lone rock in the middle of a large pit of bubbling quicksand.

“Ugh! If only I could fly!”

Then things got worse as she could hear the sound of growling behind her.

She slowly turned round, and saw a huge lion that roared at her.

Normally, she wouldn’t be too afraid because she had her powers, but without them, she in a bit of a spot, but she knew that showing fear wouldn’t help, even if this lion wasn’t real.

She stood her ground glaring at the beast.

The lion growled, and flexed its claws.

It then leapt while roaring and Kori dodged causing the critter to miss and land in the sinking sand, and it sank down, down, and vanished in a pixelating shatter.

“Whew!” Kori sighed “That takes care of that, but how am I going to get that card?”

She couldn’t swing on the vines as none of them could reach the rock the card was on.

Suddenly, looking all around her, Kori had an idea, and ran off into the jungle.

Meanwhile, in the Ice Cavern, Pinkie Pie was still livid with Jackie’s attitude.

Pinkie LP: 7500

Jackie LP: 8300

“You can yak until you turn blue in the face, twerp,” jeered Jackie “If I think you and your friends are pathetic, that’s just the way it is.”

Pinkie clenched her fists, and her eyes were shut tight, “Normally, I’m pretty upbeat and optimistic about everything, but for once… I’m willing to forgo it all.”

She looked up and shouted sharply, “You’re going down! You hear me?”

Her army of Performapals all roared and hooted with her.

“Ha!” huffed Jackie “In a pig’s eye.”

She drew he next card.

“Now I summon one monster face-down in defense-mode. Bet you know what’s going to happen now.”

Pinkie growled.

“That’s right, I’m using Hot Red Dragon’s ability, by tributing my monster, I get to summon back… you guessed it… SCARLIGHT RED DRAGON ARCHFIEND!”

In a fiery blaze, her fiery dragon reappeared and spread out its flaming wings.

(Atk: 3000)

Pinkie looked up at it nervously.

“This isn’t good!” she groaned in thought “Now she can destroy every single monster I have in play, and I’ll take 500 points of damage for each one.”

“Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend, lend me your power!” Jackie shouted, and just as Pinkie predicted, “Now I destroy all the monsters that were special summoned whose attack is lower than my dragon’s attack!

Then for each monster destroyed, you’ll take 500 points of damage.”

Pinkie growled nervously,

“Think fast, Pinkie Pie!” Pinkie cried to herself as her monsters began to explode…

…Except for her Gatlinghoul!

“What happened?!” snapped Jackie “Why wasn’t that freak destroyed?”

Pinkie smirked, “One: He’s not a freak, and the reason he wasn’t beaten was because I played a card!”

The smoke cleared, and Jackie gawked, “I don’t believe it!”

Pinkie chuckled, “Thanks to my REINFORCMENTS trap, my Gatlinghoul gained 500 attack points, putting his strength at 3400, and making him too strong for your dragon to roast away.”

Jackie growled angrily, but her anger then faded into a scoff, “No matter, I still destroyed four of your monsters, and for that you still take 2000 points of damage!”

Pinkie LP: 7500 -----> 5500

Pinkie was not impressed.

“And even though you powered your monster up,” Jackie pointed out “I still have enough power to blow it off the field.

…Hot Red Dragon Archfiend, attack!”

Her dragon roared, and unleashed its dark flames at Pinkie’s last monster, blowing it off the field, and making the cavern rattle once again.

(Atk: 3500) VS (Atk: 3400)

Pinkie LP: 5500 -----> 5400

Then, two spaces by Jackie’s dragons began to glow.

“What’s happening?” asked Pinkie.

Jackie snickered, “What’s happening is I’ve activated my dragon’s other special ability.

When it deals you damage from an attack, I get to summon two tuners of the same level-- one from my deck, and one from my graveyard.”

Pinkie cringed as the two monsters appeared.

“I summon two DOUBLE RESONATOR(s)!”

(Def: 0) x2

Pinkie figured Jackie had tribute one of the resonators on her last turn, which was how she was able to summon two of them.

“But never mind them, and start worrying about what he’s going to do.” Jackie pointed up at her Scarlight Dragon.

“Direct attack…!”

The might dragon unleashed its fiery wrath on Pinkie, blowing her down, and sending her skidding along the ice, right into the barrier of the duel field.

Pinkie LP: 5400 -----> 2400

“Now I’ll tune both my level 1 resonators to level 8 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend!”

“Both Tuners!” cried Pinkie, and then she remembered catching the end of Terra’s duel against Jackie. “…Uh-Oh!”

“Uh-oh is right… for you that is!” sneered Jackie, and her three monsters all combined together as orbs of fire, creating a huge burst of flames, and the monster appeared from the embers.

“I Synchro Summon the hottest and nastiest of burns of all-- TYRANT RED DRAGON ARCHFIEND!”

(Atk: 3500)

The huge, flaming dragon spread out its wings, and roared greatly, spreading embers about, and rattling the cave again!

Pinkie finally noticed this.

“Stop!” she called “All these hot flames are weakening the ice in the cave!”

“Yeah, right...” chuckled Jackie. She obviously hadn’t noticed or even felt the danger, “I summon my strongest creature, and you try to back out like a little baby.”

It was in vain that Pinkie could try to get through to this meanie!

“Now that my Tyrant is here, I’ll go ahead and use his special ability, which lets me destroy all other cards on the field!

“No!!” cried Pinkie, but it happened right before her eyes, the dragon spread out its wings, and with a single flap, spread a billowing blaze across the field, and destroyed nearly every single other card off the field, including Pinkie’s pendulum zone cards.

Strangely, however, Jackie’s other dragon had survived and was still standing.

Pinkie gawked with confusion.

Jackie grinned, “I know what you’re thinking, “Why wasn’t my Hot Dragon destroyed?”

She then pointed to the image of a trap card that was next to her.

“…A trap?” cried Pinkie “But how-- You didn’t have any cards like that on the field.”

Jackie snickered, “Remember that monster I tribute at the start of my turn…?” she then pulled the very card from her graveyard “It’s MAKYURA THE DESTRUCTOR, and during the turn it gets sent to the graveyard, I can activate any trap card from my hand!”

Pinkie’s eyes widened.

“And with that I was able to activate RED GEM, thus sparing my Hot Red Dragon from destruction and leaving your field completely bare, just like your brain!”

Pinkie growled angrily.

“Aw, did I hurt your little feelings?

…I’ll place one card facedown, and that ends my turn!”

Pinkie was really in a tough spot now.

“What can I do?” she thought “She’s got two huge dragons on the field and ready to wipe me out on her next turn, and I just bet that whatever that facedown is she played is to protect her dragons from being destroyed.

How can I stop them?”

She gazed at the only card in her hand; Odd-Eyes Synchron, and then she looked over at the two dragons on Jackie’s side of the field.

“Are you just going to stare all day or give up already?” Jackie jeered “You can’t win this duel, so just quit already, and get out of my sight.”

Pinkie looked up at her sternly, finding it really hard to control her anger.

She wasn’t willing to let this nasty person win, especially since she, herself, had a lot of duel points.

Winning the duel and grabbing that point card would probably get her into the finals, which would go a long way towards helping her friends.

“My friends…” she thought softly, and she could see images of them all.

-The girls…

-The adults-- Celestia, Luna, Shining Armor and Cadance…

-The Titans…

-Princess Twilight and Spike…

“They’re all counting on me, just as I count on them, and besides maybe what I draw next may be just the card I need.”

She looked at the facedown card on Jackie’s side of the field, and still clung to her theory about it being something to protect the two dragons from being destroyed.

“Well, there’s only way to get this on…”

She laid her fingers on her top card, “I draw…!”

Jackie couldn’t believe this.

“How can this kid still want to keep going?” she thought “Doesn’t she realize she’s just setting herself up?”

Pinkie Pie looked down at what she had drawn, and grinned wickedly over the edges of both cards.

Jackie blinked once, and then the Pinkie took the stage.

“Ladies and gentleman, you’re attention please. You are about to witness the comeback of the century!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Jackie.

Pinkie’s eye gave a shine, “Watch and bedazzled, as I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 1 PERFORMAPAL MONKEYBOARD and Scale 6 PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES SYNCHRON!”

“You what…?”

The two monsters rose up high in the lights, and the pendulum started swinging.

Pinkie smiled proudly at her creatures and then raised her arm up.

“Now I use the Pendulum Effect of my Monkeyboard, which lets me PERFORMAPAL CHEERMOLE in my deck and put her in my hand.”

Jackie growled.

“And now folks,” Pinkie announced “Raise your eyes to the sky, because now I Pendulum Summon all kinds of monsters from levels 2 through 5!”

Five blazes of light shot down form above, and her monsters appeared.






All five of her monsters stood together, hooting, and leaping about or growling, but all of them were bowing like the circus performers they resembled.

“So you summoned a whole freak-show, big deal!” scoffed Jackie

“Oh, it’s more than a big deal.” teased Pinkie “After all, Performapal Gold Fang’s ability grants all “Performapal” monsters an extra 200 attack points.”

(Atk: 1800) -----> (Atk: 2000) x2

(Atk: 1200) -----> (Atk: 1400)

(Atk 500) -----> (Atk: 700)

(Atk: 600) -----> (Atk: 800)

“And now, folks, allow my Cheermole to do her thing and cheer up a storm.”

The little mole began to hop, prance, and shake her pompons around, creating a big burst of confetti onto Silver Claw.

“What’s with that?” asked Jackie “If you expect me to be amused by that little powder-puff, think again.”

Pinkie snickered, “I wouldn’t gloat if I were you, because Cheermole’s ability allows me to raise Silver Claw’s attack power by 1000 points!”

“Ah!” cried Jackie.

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 3000)

“And now…” Pinkie announced, “Watch carefully as I enter my Battle Phase!

Silver Claw, attack Hot Red Dragon Archfiend!”

“What?!” snapped Jackie “But he’s weaker than my dragon is! What are you thinking?”

Pinkie winked “What I’m thinking is, since Silver Claw is attacking, all my Performapals now gain a 300 attack point boost, including himself!”

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3300)

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 2300)

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 1700)

(Atk 700) -----> (Atk: 1000)

(Atk: 800) -----> (Atk: 1100)

Her attack continued…

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 3500)

…And her wolf slashed at the huge, hulking dragon, only to get ricocheted right off of it and exploded into nothing!

Pinkie LP: 2400 -----> 2200

“Ha!” Jackie laughed “Even with all that power, your little mongrel still bit the dust, you loser!”

Pinkie was only smiling wider, “The only loser around here is your dragon.”


“See, when Silver Claw attacked, I got to use the special ability of my Ballad, which causes your monster to lose attack points equal to the attack power that Silver Claw had!”

Jackie gasped, “…But that monster had 3300 points!”

Then she watched in horror as he mighty dragon become deathly weaker.

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 200)

Jackie shuddered, while Ballad took a bow to the sounds of cheering, even though there were no people around.

“Now I use Lizardraw’s power,” said Pinkie “Since I lost a Performapal, that means I get to draw cards equal to the number of Performapals I have, and that’s four!”

With that she drew four cards into her hand.

“And now, time for this show to turn up a notch, because, as I said, I still have four more monsters to attack with.”

Jackie growled.

“Go, Perfromapal Ballad, destroy Hot Red Dragon!”

“No!” thundered Jackie “I play my trap, RED ARMOR, and it’ll protect my “Red” monsters from being destroyed by effect, and then I banish the card from the graveyard so that Hot Dragon can’t be beaten in battle.”

Pinkie only waved her finger at the nasty girl, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

Jackie blinked once.

“What do you mean? Don’t me how to duel!”

“But that’s just it,” hissed Pinkie “I knew you’d try and protect your dragons somehow, and the fact that you were so desperate to do so is what will now cost you everything.

…Especially since I can still take away your life points as all my Performapals attack!


Jackie screamed as the swarm of monsters attacked her weakened dragon, causing Jackie to take a whopping 5900 points of damage!

Jackie LP: 8300 -----> 2400

By now, Jackie was screaming like a roaring monster, “THAT’S IT!! NEXT TURN, YOU’RE HISTORY!! HEAR ME!!!”

Her shouting caused the, already, weakened cavern to tremble a bit, and it felt as if it was getting ready to cave in!

Pinkie realized she had to move fast.

“There’s not going to be a next turn for you!” she spat.

“What do you mean?” asked Jackie.

“This is what I mean,” said Pinkie and she took a grandstand holding her arms out declaring, “It’s time one-and-all for the Grand Finale!

It all starts as I use Odd-Eyes Synchron’s pendulum ability. Now I can turn Performapal Gold Fang into a Tuner Monster, but his level becomes 1.”

Jackie winced in shock and watched as the monsters did their magic.

“And now,” Pinkie called “I tune level 1 Gold Fang with level 2 Cheermole and level 3 Lizardraw, to bring out our star-which allows me to bring out our star-performer!


(Atk: 2200)

Jackie was most surprised. “Since when did you have a monster like that in your deck?”

“Since always,” chirped Pinkie “I just hardly ever had to use it, but now seems the perfect time, and after all, every circus has a magician in it.”

The magician bowed to her public, and then to Pinkie.

“And now,” Pinkie shouted “Watch as my Magician performs her first trick-- when she’s Synchro Summoned, she gets one spell counter.”

With that, a small glowing orb appeared at the end of the magician’s magical scythe.

“You wasted all that time to get a blade with a glowing ball on it?” Jackie mocked “How pathetic can you get?”

Pinkie only snickered as her eyes glowed, “How can you think I’m finished yet?”


“Now, I send my entire hand to the graveyard and for each card I threw away, my magician gains another spell counter for each one, giving me a total of five!”

Now her magician’s scythe had so many counters glowing on it, the entire thing was bathed in a golden light.

“And now folks,” Pinkie announced “My magician shall bring the curtain down with her incredible magic.

Once per turn, I can remove all the spell counters on my field, and for each and every one of them, you take a big 500 smack-a-roos to your life points!”

“WHAT?!!” Jackie screamed.

Pinkie nodded, “And unless my math is off, 5 times 500 is 2500!”

The magician powered up her scythe and fired the five powerful blasts past the two dragons at Jackie, making big explosions and tremors, and Jackie screamed!

Jackie LP: 2400 -----> 0

Jackie was on the ground, and her duel meter was empty, while Pinkie received her 20%, bringing her own meter to 75%.

“Show’s over! Smiles win.” Pinkie declared, but suddenly the entire cave began to rumble without stopping, and large icicles and rocks began to crash down from above.

Pinkie jumped out of the way as a huge icicle fell from above and nearly crushed her, while Jackie sat upright and screamed as she was buried in an avalanche of ice and snow, and she vanished in a pixelated explosion.

Not that it really mattered as her duel meter was empty, and she would have been ported out anyway.

But Pinkie was still trapped in the cave.

“Oh!” she cried as she gazed up the ice stairway, “…I still have to get that point-card!”

She covered her head with her arms as she scaled up the slippery slope as more shards and rocks crashed all around her.

A very large one was starting to fall right above her as she took a big leap for the ice-pillar and snatched the card.

She was ported out just before the rock crushed her!

She awoke in the real world and was panting in shock.

“That was… FRIGHTENEING!!” she shouted, making the workers jump in fright.

Still, they got hold of themselves and helped her out of the virtual-pod.

“Congratulations.” one of them said “You have just qualified for the tournament finals.”

Pinkie blinked once.

“I did?” and she checked down at her duel disk.


She had a full 100, and with that her disk screen playing that victory theme and flashed the word “FINALIST” several times.

“That point card you found was worth 25%.” said a helper, “So you qualify.”

Pinkie was wide-eyed and dazed as she walked out of the building almost like a zombie in a trance.

It wasn’t until she got outside, did she jump for joy like fireworks and shouted “I’M A FINALIST!! WHEE-HOOOOO…!!”

Her voice echoed all over the park making the patrons all turn to face her direction…

…The friends in the camper could hear.

“Sounds like Pinkie Pie did it.” said Fluttershy.

Episode 27: Raging in the Jungle

View Online


Kori had gathered up some vines and branches, and remembering her survival skills, she had constructed a kind of scoop to get the card.

The sticks were all tied together super tight to make a large and strong pole, and more vines and moss were weaved together to make a large spoon.

Ever so carefully, Kori maneuvered the scoop across the pit.

“Come on…


Closer and closer the scoop made it to the card, and there was not a split second that Kori felt her idea wouldn’t work-- either the pole would snap or she’d accidently knock the card into the quicksand.

Thankfully, neither of those things happened as she managed to safely tap the card so it slid from the rock, and she quickly moved the scoop and caught it safely.


All she had to do now was bring it in, and hopefully it would boost her points up high.

Suddenly, she could hear the sound of rustling behind her, it sounded like footsteps.

“Who’s there?” she called.

Who should come into view then-- none other than Jillian, and she was looking just as mean-spirited and rude as ever.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Star-Fool!”

Kori’s features hardened.

“It’s “Starfire” and I have a name you know, “Kori.”

“Whatever,” snuffed Jillian, and that’s when the duel field formed around the ladies.

“Well, look at that.” chuckled Jillian “Looks like you’re going to have the honor of being my next victim, just like I did you stupid Cyber-Freak.”

Kori had already lost whatever patience she had. “How dare you insult me and my friends. You’ll pay for that!”

“Bring it!”

The two ladies prepped their disks and were ready to go.


Jillian LP: 8000

Kori LP: 8000

“This is going to be sweet.” said Jillian “First I’ll get rid of you, and then I’ll take that card you tried to fish out of the quicksand, maybe it’ll be all the points I need to go to the finals.”

“Just go!” snapped Kori “I’m getting really fed up with all of your gloating.”

Jillian’s head throbbed, “Fine, I’m not exactly fond of your company anyway.”

She drew her first five cards and Kori did the same.

Jillian grinned wickedly at her cards and thought, “Crushing this twit will be easier than I thought.”

“Here goes, and I play the spell CARD DESTRUCTION! Now both of us ditch all our cards to the graveyard and draw the same amount.”

Kori could only suspect in her thoughts, “I bet I know what she’s trying to do. She tried a move like this when she dueled against Vic.”

She discarded her five cards while Jillian ditched four.

Jillian snickered again.

“Since I sent a KIDMODO DRAGON to the graveyard, I get to special summon one dragon from my hand.”

Kori blinked once and thought, “I didn’t see that card when she dueled against Vic.”

“Now I summon, the Tuner monster LABRADORITE DRAGON!”

(Def: 2400)

“Now I summon TROOP DRAGON!”

(Atk: 700)

“Just in time, because I tune both these guys together, to Synchro Summon quite the monster!


(Atk: 2500)

“And now I’ll play a spell I think you know too well, NECROID SYNCHRO!”

Kori growled.

“With this, I can banish Labradorite Dragon and Troop Dragon out of the graveyard, and Synchro Summon a “Stardust” monster!”

The images of the two monsters appeared, and then vanished, causing a big blast of light to blaze, making Kori shield her eyes.

“I Synchro Summon, STARDUST DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2500)

The dragon roared and hovered alongside the other dragon.

“Two Synchro Dragons in one turn?!” cried Kori.

Jillian snickered “Who said I was done yet?

Now I play CARD OF SANCTITY, so the both of us have to draw until we each hold six cards.

So draw already!”

Kori growled as she drew a single card, while Jillian drew a full six, and grinned at them wickedly.


This baby lets me summon two monsters right to the field from my hand.


(Def: 2000)

(Def: 100)

“You’re going to Synchro Summon again?!” cried Kori

“On, the nosey,” teased Jillian “I tune these two kids together, and together their levels make 4!”

The two dragons merged together summoning yet another monster.

“I Synchro Summon the Synchro-Tuner monster, PHONON PULSE DRAGON!”

(Atk: 1900)

“And now I have another spell to play; LEVEL LIFTER.

All I do now is send this four star dragon from my hand to the graveyard, and both my Stardust dragons’ levels become the same as its level!”

Now all three dragons on the field were level 4.

Kori remembered something from when Jillian dueled against Vic, and she was starting to sweat in fear, which rather amused Jillian.

“Yeah, I’d be sweating now if I were you, Kukey!”

“It’s “Kori!”


At least now I have all that I need to really take this duel up a notch and wipe you out like your freak-friend.”

Kori growled, but watched…

“I tune all these dragons together, and their levels make 12!”

The three dragons roared, transforming into orbs of light, and they merged together creating a huge flash of bright light that seemed to illuminate the entire jungle, and Kori covered her eyes, but she could still hear Jillian shouting…

“I Synchro Summon the ultimate scourge of the universe-- SHOOTING QUASAR DRAGON!”

The light began to subside as the great beast unveiled itself.

Our spread its wings and the mighty dragon gave a big roar that made all the trees shake and the ground tremble.

(Atk: 4000)

Kori gawked up at the huge dragon, with her nerves quaking!

Jillian snickered, “I used this baby to crush your dweeby friend, and using it to crush you will be just as sweet!

But before I finish my turn, I’ll play this last card, SOUL CHARGE!”

“Ah!” cried Kori.

“Ah, yeah, for a cost of 500 points, this baby lets me summon four monsters from my graveyard. They can’t attack this turn, but it doesn’t matter to me.”

Jillian LP: 8000 -----> 6000

As soon as her points were paid, her graveyard began to glow on her duel disk, and a large hole appeared in the middle of the field, shooting four shots of light out, revealing the monsters.


“STARDUST DRAGON…” (Atk: 2500)


“TROOP DRAGON…” (Def: 800)

Kori held in the urge to scream as all those dragons glared and growled at her.

Jillian laughed like an insane lady, “You’re going down, twit, especially since I’m going to Synchro Summon one last time!

“Labradorite Dragon…

Troop Dragon…

…I tune you both to summon another STARDUST SPARK DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2500)

This was it, Jillian had used up so many cards, and yet she summoned so many monsters all in one turn, and all of them were extremely powerful.

“It’s your move.” she taunted “But of course, your only option is to throw in the towel.

Your friend couldn’t stand up to me and my dragons and neither will you!”

Kori clenched her fist furiously.

“Silence!” she shouted “All you’ve been doing is insulting me and my friends, and brag like you’re some sort of glory-deserving public avenger, but the truth is…

…You couldn’t be any more ridiculous.”

“Say what?!” growled Jillian “Don’t you make me come over there!”

“My point proven…

You and Jackie are nothing but a pair of bullies that need to be taught a thing or two about respect in other people’s differences.

…And it’s up to me to deliver it to you now!”

Jillian was losing her patience.

“Will you just make your move!” she shouted “I’d like to kick you sooner than later, and thanks to my four dragons, it won’t be that long!”

“We’ll see,” snapped Kori “…I draw!”

While she did have seven cards in her hand, she looked up at the four fearsome dragons, knowing how strong they really were.

“I’m really in a tough spot.” she thought, “All of those dragons have super special powers.

The Spark Dragons can shield Jillian’s monsters from being destroyed, and the others can negate my card effects.”

Just then, she noted one of the cards she was holding.

She pondered a moment, and then realized maybe there was something she could do after all, but it would also require Jillian to do exactly as she needed.

“Here goes…” she shouted.


(Atk: 1200)

“And when it’s summoned, I’m allowed to summon another “Tellarknight” from my hand.”

She waited a moment to see if Jillian would react and try to stop her with her dragons, thankfully she didn’t.

“I’ll use my dragon’s power if I absolutely have to.” Jillian thought “I’m not going to let this twit psyche me out.”

Kori grabbed another card from her hand, “...I play SATELLARKNIGHT ALTAIR!”

(Atk: 1700)

“And when it gets summoned, I’m allowed to summon another “Tellarknight” from my graveyard, and thanks to your Card Destruction, I know just who to summon…”

Her graveyard glowed and her monster shot straight out of it and onto the field.


(Def: 1800)

She now had three monsters in play, and Jillian still didn’t make a move to try and stop her, which was exactly what she was hoping for.

“Since my Alsahm was summoned, she instantly deals you 1000 points of damage. Surely you want to block that…?”

Jillian still didn’t budge, and she got blasted by the bright lights.

Jillian LP: 6000 -----> 5000

“Perfect!” Kori thought “She’s doing exactly as I need her to do.”

“Before I go any further, I’ll put this spell into play; GALAXY WAVE!”

“Huh?” said Jillian “And just what does that card do? Tell me!”

Kori snickered “It’s serious I’m afraid.

As long as this spell remains in play, every time I Xyz Summon, you’ll lose 500 life points just like that!”

“Ah!” cried Jillian, but then her features straightened “Big deal, I can take it.”

“Really?” hissed Kori “Well, let’s see if you really can.

Now, I use all three of my Tellarknights to build the Overlay Network!”

The three knights jumped in, and out from the portal appeared Kori’s new monster.


(Atk: 2500)

“Remember, I Xyz Summoned, which means Galaxy Wave will blast you 500 points.”

Jillian didn’t seem concerned at all and just took the damage.

Jillian LP: 5000 -----> 4500

“And now I activate Delteros’ ability! By using an overlay unit, I can target one monster on your field and destroy it!”

Finally, Jillian decided to act, “I don’t think so, because I use Stardust Dragon’s ability. All I do is tribute it when any effect that would destroy cards is activated, so now it negates your monsters effect and destroys it!”

Stardust left the field, and Kori’s monster stopped glowing and was shattered off the field.

“Ha!” snapped Kori “You just activated my monster’s other ability; when it’s sent from the field to the graveyard, I get to summon a “Tellarknight” from my deck!”

A beam of light shot straight out form her duel disk and onto the field.


(Def: 2000)

Jillian was far from impressed.

“Big Deal!” she scoffed “You still don’t have a chance.”

“Oh, we’ll see,” said Kori “Especially after I play this card; DOUBLE SPELL!”

“What?!” snapped Jillian

Kori smirked, “All I have to do now is discard a spell card, and that lets me play one spell card in your graveyard as if it were mine.

…I choose SOUL CHARGE!”

“Hey!” snapped Jillian, but the image of her own card appeared on Kori’s side of the field, and as much as Jillian wanted to negate it, she didn’t want to take the risk.

“Now,” shouted Kori “I’ll pay 2000 life points, and summon four monsters!”

Kori LP: 8000 -----> 6000

In four bright flashed, her monsters reappeared.





Kori now have five monsters in play all gleaming in the light.

The two duelists glared at each other with great fury!

“Now,” shouted Kori “Since I have a lot of monsters on the field, I’ll use Vega, Altair, and Alsahm to rebuild the Overlay Network!”

Her three knights vanished, and a big flash of light emitted from the portal.

Kori smiled proudly, “You managed to Synchro Summon a lot, but I have the power to Xyz Summon multiple times, like this one!


(Atk: 2100)

“Looks like you just lost another 500 life points.”

Jillian growled, and her score dropped again.

Jillian LP: 4500 -----> 4000

The ground began to rumble and the monsters all growled.

“What’s happening?” cried Jillian.

Kori snickered, “It’s my Triverr’s special ability. When it’s Xyz Summoned, every single card on the field, except for itself gets sent back to our hands.”

Jillian gasped, and realized in how much danger her dragons were in. She had to stop it and right now!

“I use Quasar Dragon’s ability!

Once per turn, I can negate a card’s effect, and then send it away!”

“Got’cha!” Kori murmured.

The Quasar Dragon let out a huge sonic roar, straight at her monster, which stopped the ground rumbling, and sent the creature right to the graveyard.

“So there!” barked Jillian “Got any other tricks to try and throw at me?”

Kori snickered, which made Jillian gasp.

“First of all, when you sent my Triverr to the graveyard, you activated its ability which lets me summon it right back onto the field!”

(Atk: 2100)

“Just this…” said Kori, and she grabbed her card “Now, I play the field spell known as, XYZ COLOSSEUM!”

Jillian looked all about as the jungle area around the two players warped into an unusual yet eerie looking battle arena.

Kori’s grin became wider, “It was a good thing I got you to use up your dragons’ powers, which let me play this card safely.”

“You wasted all those good moves just to play one lousy card?!” whined Jillian.

Kori’s feature’s hardened “This card isn’t lousy-- not to me anyway, and the reason for that is because now the attack power of all Xyz Monsters goes up by 200.”

Jillian growled and watching as the two Xyz monsters got stronger.

(Atk: 2100) -----> (Atk: 2300)

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 2700)

“But that’s not all,” Kori called “This Colosseum has a sacred tradition; only Xyz Monsters can attack here.”

“AAAHHH!!!” Jillian shrieked “You got to be kidding me?”

Kori just stood there with a big smirk on her face.

“I can’t believe this!” Jillian thought “I summon out all these powerful dragons, and now, with just that one care she’s immobilized them!”

Kori thought at the same time “Jillian played her cards far too recklessly, and now because of her carelessness those dragons won’t be able to attack me, which should give me an upper-hand.

But I still have to figure a way to get them off the field, and I’ve already used up a lot of my cards too.”

She growled and thrust her arm forth. “Now that my monster’s stronger, I’ll attack your Stardust Spark Dragon with Delteros!


Her monster complied, and unleashed a huge beam of starlight towards the dragon.

“I use Spark Dragon’s ability!” shouted Jillian “It prevents it from being destroyed this turn.”

“Go ahead,” said Kori “But you’ll still take damage from my attack!”

The attack continued…

(Atk: 2700) VS (Atk: 2500)

Jillian LP: 4000 -----> 3800

“Are you finished yet!” thundered Jillian.

“NO!!” shouted Kori, and then she cleared her throat and calmed down.

“No, I’m not.

You see, I can now use my Triverr to Xyz Summon another monster.”

Jillian gawked with her mouth hanging open as Kori performed the summoning.


(Atk: 2700) -----> (Atk: 2900)

“And there goes another 500 of your life points!”

Jillian LP: 3800 -----> 3300

Jillian gnashed her teeth.

“Finally, I place one card facedown, and end my turn.” said Kori.

Her hand was now empty, but she really seemed to have the advantage now.

“You see,” Kori sneered at Jillian “You may have summoned strong dragons, which is a pretty amazing feat, but just because you have them doesn’t guarantee your victory.”

Jillian growled and was now more than determined to break Kori down.

“Well, let’s see how you like this, twerp…

I get my Stardust Dragon back now that the turn is over.”

In a bright flash of light, her dragon was back in play.

(Atk: 2500)

“Now that I’ve got you back,” she thought to herself “It’s only a matter of time before I can blow this freak of nature.”

She drew her next card.

“I play POT OF GREED so I can draw two other cards.”

After she drew, she grinned wickedly, “…It’s all over for you now.”

Kori was confused, “Might I remind you that thanks to my Xyz Colosseum, all Non-Xyz monster can’t attack.”

Jillian snickered, “Yeah, whatever, but that’s all about to change.

I’ll play one card facedown, and then… I activate the continuous card, ECTOPLASMER!”

Kori’s eyes widened as did Jillian’s grin.

“Now, I’ll use it to tribute one of my dragons, and then you’ll take damage equal to half of that dragon’s attack strength.”

She then looked up at her Shooting Quasar Dragon and didn’t bother to think twice, “Get lost!”

Her dragon roared as it vanished into the image of the spell card, and then the card itself fired a huge blast that flew past Kori’s monsters, and struck her hard dealing her 2000 points of damage.

Kori LP: 6000 -----> 4000

Kori was more outraged than concerned.

“How could you do that?” she spat “That was your most powerful monster, and you just destroy it like that?!”

Jillian’s features hardened, “Yeah, and it was worth it, because not only did I deal you well-deserved damage, I activated Quasar Dragon’s ability, which lets me summon SHOOTING STAR DRAGON right from my Extra Deck!”

(Atk: 3300)

In a bright flash of light emitting from the Extra Deck, a whole new dragon appeared and roared loudly.

Despite the skill of the summoning, Kori still felt Jillian had treated her cards too poorly.

“You would just throw away all your monsters to get them to get a little ahead?”

“Duh!” sneered Jillian “And I’ve done it many times, it’s how I roll-- how I get ahead.

Whenever I’ve used something all up or I just can’t use it anymore, I toss it and get a new one.

Same applies to dresses, handbags, accessories, even people.”

Kori had heard enough!

“You’re a sick girl!” she spat “That’s all humans and things are to you-- things you can just throw away at will? It astounds me that someone like you even gets to play this game, or even have many privileges.”

Jillian yawned, “Are you, like, going to move, or continue to annoy me more than you do just by existing at all.”

Now Kori was fully enraged, and if she were able to use her powers, she’d be glowing brightly with rage.

Nothing would make her more than pleased to shut this nasty girl out, and show her up for the shallow jerk she was!

“My draw!” she thundered as she took her card.

She looked up over the rim of her card while thinking, “I better be careful. These dragons of hers have really strong abilities to block my card effects.”

She paused, and looked down at her own facedown card, “But then again, I have my own ways.”

She then made her move.


(Atk: 1600)

“And during the turn it’s summoned, I can shuffle five “Tellarknight” monsters into my deck from my graveyard, and then I draw one card.”

She shuffled her monsters in, and the deck was automatically shuffled, and then she drew one card, and grinned at the sight of it.

“Now I play MONSTER REBORN, and I’ll use it to revive a monster form my own graveyard.


(Atk: 1400)

“What?!” snapped Jillian, “But I thought you just shuffled all your monsters into your deck?”

Kori rolled her eyes, “You never pay attention do you? You sent loads of monsters out of my hand when you played “Card Destruction” remember?”

Jillian growled, “And now that your monster is out, I lose 1000 life points!”

Jillian LP: 3800 -----> 2800

“Well, maybe you do pay attention after all.” teased Kori “Now see if you know what’s coming as I use my two Tellarknights to build the Overlay Network!”

Her two knights leapt up, and her new monster was created from the glowing.


(Atk: 2600)

The second her monster appeared, all the monsters on the field were shrouded in dark aura.

“What’s going on?” asked Jillian “What’s happening to all the monsters?”

Kori snickered, “As long as my Batlamyus is in play, all face-up monsters on the field become Dark-Type.

Plus, my Colosseum boosts its own attack by 200.”

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2800)

“And don’t forget about my “Galaxy Wave” spell! Since I Xyz Summoned you lose another 500 of your life points.”

Jillian growled as her score dropped yet again.

Jillian LP: 2800 -----> 2300

Kori smirked, and then entered her battle phase, and all the dragons roared down at her, but she stood strong and called her attack.

“Now, Batlamyus, attack Stardust Dragon and destroy it!”

Her monster complied and unleashed its waves of darkness.

“Think again!” snapped Jillian “Remember my Stardust Spark Dragon, it can protect my Stardust Dragon from being destroyed.”

That’s what she wanted to do, but much to her surprise, her dragon was bound by dark electrical binds.

“What…?! What’s happening?”

Kori laughed, “I just used Constellar Diamond’s ability. When a Dark monster you have uses its effect, I can use one overlay unit which negates that effect and destroys your monster.”

“Ha! Go ahead and Try, but you forget Stardust Dragon’s ability, which lets me send it to the graveyard, so I can negate your own monster’s ability and destroy it.”

Her plot worked, not only had her monster left the field, but Kori’s Constellar Diamond was destroyed instantly, and her attack was stopped now that her target was gone.

Kori didn’t seem to mind.

“Then I’ll just have to use Delteros!

…Attack, Stardust Spark Dragon”

Her monster agreed, and went for it!

Jillian shouted at her, “You twerp, I can just use my dragon’s effect to protect it from being destroyed!”

Her dragon started glowing in its own aura, shielding it from destruction.

(Atk: 2700) VS (Atk: 2500)

“…You’ll still take damage!” Kori pointed out, and her opponent did lose another 200 points.

Jillian LP: 2300 -----> 2100

“My battle phase is over, but I’m still not through with you yet.”

Jillian narrowed her eyes in confusion.

“My Batlamyus has a special ability that will make you freak.

I can use one of its overlay units, and then Xyz Summon a monster one rank higher, using it!”

“Say what?!”

Jillian watched as the overlay network was formed, and Kori shouted “Go Rank-Up Xyz Evolution!


(Atk: 2700) -----> (Atk: 2900)

“That’s another Xyz Summoning, and another 500 points lost for you!

Go, Galaxy Wave!”

Jillian LP: 2100 -----> 1600

Jillian was shaking with rage. “You twit! You’re starting to piss me off!!”

“You bring it on yourself!

…Just like you’ve brought defeat upon yourself as well, thanks to your Ectoplasmer card.”

Jillian gawked at the image of her card.

“Its effects work on BOTH sides of the field, which means, I get to use it as well!”

“…No! You can’t!” shouted Jillian.

“I can… and I will!”

“But you won’t!” snapped Jillian “Not when I activate my face-down card.



“That’s right. Now by destroying my own spell card, I’ll gain 1000 life points back, and I’m well entitled to it as well.”

With that, her Ectoplasmer card was gone, and she regained the promised life points.

Jillian LP: 1600 -----> 2600

“Like I told you, when I’ve used up something and don’t need it anymore, I just toss it.”

Kori growled.

“…I end my turn.”

Jillian snickered, “Now I get my Startdust Dragon back.”

Her dragon appeared.

(Atk: 2500)

Then she drew a card.

“Ah, perfect!” she cried “I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter draw.”

Kori blinked once.

“I activate DE-SPELL!”

“Oh, no, not “De-Spell!” cried Kori.

“Afraid so… So say “Adios” to your pathetic stadium!”

The entire coliseum began to crumple away into clouds of dust. And of course without it, all of Kori’s monsters returned to their normal attack strengths.

(Atk: 2900) -----> (Atk: 2700)

(Atk: 2700) -----> (Atk: 2500)

Jillian laughed, “Aw, too bad, looks like your plan just flopped, just like your brain.”

Kori growled at the insult.

“Well now,” said Jillian “Now that my monsters can attack, I think I will, right after I use Shooting Star’s special ability.”

The dragon gave a huge roar, and Jillian reached for her deck.

“Now I get to excavate the top five cards from my deck, and then shuffle them back in, and for every single Tuner Monster I get, my dragon gets an extra attack!”

Kori winced in shock, and Jillian took her cards.

“Nice, I got three Tuners, which means, I my dragon can attack three times this turn, so I can wipe out all your monsters right now!”

Kori sweat softly while gawking up at the huge dragon.

“Go, Shooting Star; blow that overgrown diamond guy of hers away.”

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 2700)

“My Constellar Diamond!” cried Kori.

Kori LP: 4000 -----> 3400

“That’s one loser down.” sneered Jillian, and she called to her dragon “…Attack her worthless Delteros!”

Her dragon complied and began to lunge for Kori’s field to attack her again.

(Atk: 3300) VS (Atk: 2500)

Kori LP: 3400 -----> 2600

Kori looked up after bracing herself from the shock of the attack.

“You forget-- you send Delteros to the graveyard, and I get to summon a “Tellarknight” from my deck.

I choose… “Alsahm!”

(Def: 1800)

“And remember, it gets summoned you take 1000 points of damage!”

Jillian growled as her score dropped…

Jillian LP: 2600 -----> 1600

“So? I still have three more dragons, and they can destroy your pathetic wimp!”

She then ordered her Stardust Dragon to attack and destroy Kori’s last monster, which it did with a blazing light flare.

Now Kori was left wide-open, and Jillian gave her a big thumb-down.

“This is it! You’re going down with a butt-kicking, and it serves you right for being so lame!”

Kori growled, and Jillian then ordered one of her Spark Dragons to attack Kori directly.

“You’re finished!” Jillian shouted.

“Think again!” snapped Kori “I activate XYZ-REBORN!”


“This trap lets me revive an Xyz Monster from my graveyard and then this card is becomes and Overlay Unit.


(Def: 2500)

Jillian didn’t seem to worried,

“Fine, I’ll just attack it instead! Go, Shooting Star!”

Kori narrowed her eyes, rather sinisterly, and her monster was destroyed.

“Thanks, that’s just what I needed.”

Jillian blinked once.

“…You forgot about Triverr’s ability; when it’s sent to the graveyard while it has overlay units, I get to summon one “Tellarknight” from the graveyard.”


Kori’s graveyard began to glow, and she called out, “Return to me, DARKTELLARKNIGHT BATLAMYUS!”

(Atk: 2600)

“Oh, no!” cried Jillian “That ugly thing is too strong for my other dragons to take down!”

Kori nodded, “This is what happens when you disrespect your cards and think lightly of them.

You won’t be able to finish me off this turn!”

Jillian was livid, but she had no choice but to end her turn.

“I’m not worried. You can’t destroy my monsters anyway.”

Kori drew her card…

“We’ll see about that.”


“I activate RE-XYZ! It lets me Target an Xyz-Monster in my graveyard, and then I can use correct monsters in my graveyard to Xyz-Summon it just like that.”

Jillian growled.

“I overlay three Level 4 Tellarknights,

…now I can Xyz-Summon SATELLARKNIGHT DELTEROS once again!”

(Atk: 2500)

“Now, the Galaxy Wave card will blast you another 500 life points!”

Jillian got shot hard, and growled most angrily.

Jillian LP: 1600 -----> 1100

“You’re going to pay for this!” she warned Kori.

“No, you are!” Kori thundered back at her. “It’s time for you to answer for being such a rude little sneak, and it all starts here.

I use one overlay unit for Delteros to use its ability. So I can destroy your Shooting Star Dragon!”

“Oh, no you don’t!” thundered Jillian “Shooting Star Dragon uses its own ability, so I negate your monster’s effect and destroy it!”

With that, both monsters were destroyed once again!

But then Jillian gasped, “Oh, wait!”

Kori snickered, “You forgot again, but I’m not surprised…

Now I get to summon another “Tellarknight Aslahm!”

(Atk: 1600)

“No! I lose another 1000 points!” cried Jillian, and she did!

Jillian LP: 1100 -----> 100

“I demand a do-over!”

“Too late!” sneered Kori “You got yourself into this, and now I’m going to knock you out, by entering my Battle Phase, but then not even attacking!”

“What? You’re not going to attack?”

“No, because I just need to use my Main Phase 2.

Now I use my Batlymus to Xyz-summon one last time!”

“Ah!” cried Jillian, and there, right before her eyes, it appeared again as Kori called.


(Atk: 2700)

“And with that, my Galaxy Wave will clean out the rest of your life points!!”

“No!!” cried Jillian, but she got blasted hard by the card. “NOOOOOOOOOO…!!!”

Jillian LP: 100 -----> 0

Kori sighed in relief that she had won, and the duel barrier disappeared.

Kori now had 25% on her meter, while Jillian was down to 30%, and she wasn’t taking it well as she quivered with shock, rage, and then bolted upright.

“YOU!!!” and she began to charge towards her ready for a huge fight “I MAY NOT HAVE WON, BUT I CAN STILL BEAT YOU!!!”

Seeing how hopelessly pathetic and wild this nutty girl was, Kori could only think of one thing.

Jillian jumped for her, and she just took a simple step back, causing the girl to miss and fall into the pit of quicksand.

Jillian flailed and roared like crazy, which only made her sink faster, and she was coded—teleported out.

Kori could only sigh and shake her head with pity.

“Now, to get that point card…”

She reset her make-shift scoop and finally managed ot drag the card from the rock in the middle of the pit towards.

“Yes!” she cried as she took the card, only then to realize, “No…!!” it was a trap-card, which read “-25” which was all she had, and she was knocked instantly to Zero!

Poor Kori fell to her knees feeling crushed and defeated.

“Oh, Dick…” she muttered softly. “…I’m sorry!”

Her husband had seen everything from the computer, and he and the others were most upset for Kori.

Episode 28: Trouble in the Old West

View Online


Applejack had been riding her horse clear across the plains and coming up on what looked like an old western town.

“Reckon I might find me a challenge there.”

She galloped over, and finally dismounted.

Place seemed rather plain like in all Western Sets you’d expect to see-- Bank, Saloon, Inns, Stables, cookhouse, and even a church with a big bell tower.

There were all kinds of folks in town, all dressed up like cowhands, country ladies, and there were more horses and cows in corals and tied up in sidings.

The people all just walked past Applejack, not even looking at her or stopping to say “Howdy.”

Applejack wondered, and waved her arm, passing it right through a cowhand standing next to her.

Not surprisingly, her hand passed right through him like an optical, or rather, virtual illusion.

Applejack found this all strange. If her horse felt real and she rode it all the way here, why was everything else virtual?

She decided not to bother worrying and thought it best to go looking for a point card, and maybe she’d run into an opponent.

The town, though small, was still big to Applejack, and hard to see anything with all the folks around.

She thought she’d start in the saloon, and just walked right in gently.

There were men playing cards, ladies serving them drinks, a man at the piano playing regular cowboy music, and a bartender at the pub.

Applejack looked around the pub, and by the bar stools.

Then she spotted a point card, right at the end of the counter, and was about to go for it, when suddenly, something had just missed her, and shattered a bottle on the counter, which made all the virtual people look up in shock.

…It was a shuriken.

Applejack turned to face the front of the saloon and saw someone standing there holding another shuriken, and a katana sheathed on his waist.

The virtual patrons actually began to cower as if they could see and hear what was happening-- like they were programmed to.

This guy, however, wasn’t revealed to be a cowboy, but more like a Japanese boy wearing a samurai kimono.

“You touch that card, and I shall shoot you next.” he humbly called to her.

Applejack lowered the tip of her hat down, and glared at him.

“…Go ahead, make my day.”

The two stood at opposite ends, as if they were ready to draw.

The samurai stepped forth, “I am Yosei, Samurai in training.

Of all the places to wind up in a virtual realm, I end up in a western town. Why could I not be in the mountains, or a riverbank?”

Applejack didn’t know to feel confused or offended by his complaining.

“There’s nothing wrong with this place. In fact I almost wish it were real.”

Yosei scoffed, “Being an obvious country girl, I would not expect you to understand.”

Now Applejack was getting mad.

“Seems to me that you’re a bit uncultured or misunderstanding.”

“Whatever you may think of me, let us just duel, and get it over with.”

Applejack agreed, and moved in closer to him, making the duel barrier appear, and all the virtual patrons seemed to vanish leaving only the tables and chairs behind.

Rather than shout off to begin the match, the duelists simply prepared their disks, and Applejack called, “…Draw!”

The two drew their cards.

Applejack LP: 8000

Yosei LP: 8000

“Ladies first…” Yosei insisted “You will see I am not so uncultured.”

“Much obliged,” said Applejack.

“I summon BUJINGI FOX in defense-mode!”

(Def: 2100)

“Then I end my turn with a face-down. So, you’re up, Ninja Boy.”

Yosei felt insulted, “I am Samurai, not a ninja!”

He drew his card anyway.


(Atk: 800)

“Hey, that’s a Level 5 monster!” cried Applejack “How were able to bring that thing out on your first turn?”

Yosei snickered, “It is because of my monster’s special ability.

If there are no spell or trap cards in my graveyard, I am able to special summon this mighty warrior from my hand… even though it is actually Machine-Type.”

However, my creature has another special ability, one that permits me to tribute it and now I am able to summon a far stronger monster.”

His monster vanished, and Yosei drew out his Katana and wailed like a strong warrior in battle while wielding it, “I call forth SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI BIG BENKEI!”

(Atk: 1000)

The huge samurai loomed over Applejack and growled most fiercely, and then it instantly went into defense-mode.

(Atk: 3500)

“When my monster is summoned, it able to switch its battle position.” said Yosei “… And now I shall enhance him with another card…


“What? You’re equipping a monster onto a monster?” asked Applejack.

“Yes, I am. For you see, this card allows to inflict damage on you even if attacks a defending monster!”

Applejack was most confused, “Uh, that’s fine and all, but your monster’s in defense-mode, not attack-mode.”

Yosei snickered, “I am quite aware of that, but you seem to be unaware of my samurai’s special ability; one that allows him attack even though it is defending me.”

Applejack’s eyes bugled, “What did you say? It can attack even in defense-mode?”

Yosei nodded, and then called to his monster, “Attack now!”

(Def/Atk: 3500) VS (Def: 2100)

Applejack’s poor little fox didn’t have a chance, and was crushed.

Applejack LP: 8000 -----> 6600

“I can’t believe it!” Applejack thought “I never heard of monsters that can attack like this, and now I’ve lost a great deal of my life points too.”

Yosei bowed in honor, “The next card I shall play two continuous spells of the same kind, known as, SUPPLY SQUAD!

So long as these remains active, once each turn, should my monsters be destroyed, I shall draw one card for each.

My turn is complete.”

Applejack nodded.

“I draw…!”

She took her next card, and thought carefully. “I’ve got to stop that big boy from blowing up my points anymore, and I think I know just how to do it.”

“Now, I summon a monster face-down in defense-mode.”

That was all. She did nothing else.

“Go ahead, it’s your move.”

Yosei thought deeply, “She seems rather confident, and she just made a move without hesitation. What is she planning?”

He drew his next card.

“I must not let her intimidate me. A true samurai knows boundless courage and rarely shows fear.”

Applejack continued to glare at him.

“I will not be taken in by your intimidation. I shall now strike you with my monster!


His Samurai leapt up and struck Applejack’s monster, which revealed to be a “Bujingi Crow”

Applejack smirked, “Got’cha!”


“First I activate Bujingi Fox’s ability in the graveyard. I just banish it, and discard one “Bujin” monster from my hand to the graveyard, so I take no damage from the attack,

And also, when you destroyed my monster I get to use this one, “BUJINGI RAVEN.” I just send it out of my hand, and your monster will instantly be destroyed!”


The Raven image emerged from the graveyard as soon as Applejack had discarded it, and it flew towards the Samurai and shattered it to bits.

Yosei was most shocked, and hung his head low.

Applejack noted this. “Hey, it’s no big deal. You just made one bad move. No need to look all down like a wet weekend.”

Yosei hissed very softly, “To have my treasured monsters meet defeat by my lack of judgement is one thing, but to be defeated by a cow-person is another.”

Applejack clenched her fists, “Okay, first of all, I’m not that kind of a cow-girl, I’m your average farm girl.

And Second: What do you have against folk like me?”

Yosei looked up at her and gave her a deathly stare which sent shivers up her spine.

“My family’s ancestry has a tragic chapter.

We samurai had always lived in peace, no matter where we resided. Be it the mountains, the countryside, or in the newly forming cities.

But there were always those who dared to move in on our territory.

My great-great grandfather had a farm in the west, which was peaceful and tranquil, until a band of western desperados, fleeing from the law for crimes committed.

My grandfather tried to use reason with the intruders, but the cruel western men refused, and demanded to use the farm as a hideout, forcing my grandfather to do battle.

He fought valiantly and repelled some of the men, but overestimating the men and their dirty fighting, my grandfather was shot and wounded.

Stricken, he was forced to flee with his family, and the men had won and taken their land.

They had been captured when the law had arrived, but the ruthless cowhands had laid waste to the farm-- slaughtering the cattle, destroying the crops, and damaging the home and the barn far beyond repair.

From that point on, my family no longer trusted anyone of western cultures, or those who resembled them.

We had rebuilt our family legacy, living in the mountains, safe from most civilization where we would not be harmed.

…But our anger and mistrust stayed the same.”

Applejack thought that awful and felt sorry for the guy.

Yosei clenched his sword tightly.

“I entered this tournament to see if I could really test my honor, and see if the time has come to break tradition and venture forth once more, but I can see that is not possible, for my anger remains steady.”

Applejack snapped out of her trance.

“You can’t just keep bearing some sort of grudge that happened generations ago, and you sure can’t blame me or folks like me for it.

Folks have changed over the years. It’s all good now.”

Yosei chuckled softly, “Those are very powerful words. I can almost believe you, but unfortunately emotions are something we have no real control over. We cannot ask them disappear or change simply because we desire it too.”

Applejack sighed, and didn’t know what else to say. “Just my luck,” she muttered “Why do I always get stuck with the stubborn ones?”

Yosei bid her no mind.

“It is still my turn, and because you destroyed my monster, Supply Squad cards let’s me draw a card each.

And also, since Soulpiercer was sent to the graveyard, it permits me to add a “Superheavy Samurai” to my hand.

…but I shall not keep you in suspense of what it is; since I have no spells or traps in the graveyard, I special summon SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI TRUMPETER!”

(Atk: 300)

Applejack gasped, “That’s a Tuner monster!”

Yosei nodded, “And I am not through, next I shall summon SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI SCALES.”

(Atk: 800)

“When it is summoned, I am permitted to call forth a “Superheavy Samurai” from my graveyard.

…Return to me, “Soulpiercer!”

(Atk: 1200)

Applejack couldn’t believe he had just summoned three monsters all at once, and she knew what was coming now.

Yosei drew out his sword again, and pointed it straight up at the sky.

“I now Tune my level 2 Trumpeter, with my two Samurai who are level 4, to summon a monster with honor and great strength!”

The three monster changed into light orbs and synched together, forming a huge and massive creature.


(Def: 3800)

“…3800 defense-points!” cried Applejack “I don’t know if that’s impressive or frightening.”

Yosei scoffed softly, “Think what you will, but for now I set one card facedown, and my turn is complete.”

He sheathed his sword and stood tall and still.

“My draw!” cried Applejack, but she was deathly concerned now.

“This guy sure is good. He keeps summoning monsters with high defense-power, and this big bad-boy is even stronger than the last one, and I just know it can attack me even while in defense, just like the rest.

The only chance I have is to get my own front liners up here, but I need to get loads of monsters on the field first.

And I think I know just how.”

“All right now,” she hollered “I play the spell BUJINCARNATION!

Since you got a monster, and I don’t have any, I get to summon one Banished “Bujin” and one in my graveyard.

I choose to summon my Fox, and my Raven.”

(Atk: 200)

(Atk: 1600)

“Now I overlay these two level 4 critters, so I can build the Overlay Network!”

The portal appeared and the two monsters vanished right into it, much to Yosei’s concern.

Applejack then called out as her monster appeared, “I Xyz Summon BUJINTEI SUSANOWO!”

(Atk: 2400)

Yosei gripped his sword tightly.

“Interesting… you also have a creature named “Susanowo.”

Applejack nodded at him, “Maybe Westerns and Samurai are closer to each other than you think.”

Yosei still didn’t budge with the thought.

“Regardless of what you might say, you monster is no match for that of my own.”

“That’s what you think.” said Applejack “Now I use one overlay unit to activate Susanowo’s special ability.

It lets me add BUJINGI CRANE from my deck to my hand… and just in time too, because now I send it to the graveyard which doubles the attack of Susanowo!”


(Atk: 2400) -----> (Atk: 4800)

“Now it is even stronger than my Samurai!”

Applejack tipped her hat, and ordered her monster to attack.

“And what’s more…” she called to Yosei “Now I send BUJINGI IBIS from my hand to the graveyard, so even though your monster’s in defense-mode, you’re still taking damage… just like you did to me.”

Yosei cried out, and braved himself as the attack struck!

(Atk: 4800) VS (Def: 3800)

Yosei LP: 8000 -----> 7000

Yosei seemed despondent again at the loss of his monster, only then to angrily declare, “You will disgrace me and my monsters no more, western girl!

I discard SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI SOULDBEADS, which allows me to restore the monster you had just vanquished to the field!”


Surely enough, the samurai had reappeared.

(Atk: 2400)

“I can’t believe this!” groaned Applejack.

“Believe it!” snapped Yosei “And do not forget, Supply Squad cards now lets me draw a card each.

A samurai never gives in unless he truly must, and I refuse to give in.

My grandfather may have given in when he was wounded and left his land, but I refuse to repeat that mistake.”

Applejack sighed at his pride, “There you go again; refusing to let go of your grudge.”

She said nothing else, knowing he wouldn’t listen, and just ended her turn, and her monster’s attack returned to normal.

“Very well,” said Yosei “It is my draw…!”

He had only three cards in his hand, but he felt they would serve him well, especially with what he had planned.

“Since I still have no spells or traps in my graveyard, I shall special summon SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI TRASPORTER!”

(Atk: 1200)

“And I shall now invoke his special ability, which allows me to tribute him so that I may summon two “Superheavy Samurai” monsters in my hand to your side of the field!”

Applejack blinked once, “What… to my side?”

Two spaces on her field began to glow and the two monsters appeared right before her.


(Atk: 500)

(Atk: 300)

Applejack gazed back and forth at the two monsters on her field.

“Why in the hotel-bills would you give me your own monsters?”

“Patience!” shouted Yosei, and he waved his sword around hollering and posing,

“I am now permitted to draw another two cards from my deck; one for each monster.”

Applejack narrowed her eyes as her opponent drew his card.

Yosei grinned at what he drew.

“Next, I shall use POT OF GREED, enabling me to draw twice more.”

And now, I shall summon a Ten-star monster to the field.”


“Yes… because my graveyard lacks of spells and traps, I am permitted to call out SUPERHEAVY SAMURAI THEIF!”

(Atk: 1000)

Despite having little attack strength, Applejack gawked at the sight of the huge creature.

Yosei then began to look down again.

“This monster, though it is a samurai, its name of “Thief” further enforces the sad tale of my ancestry and the loss of their lands.”

Applejack didn’t know to feel either sorry for him, or annoyed of his constant complaining, knowing that it wasn’t going to do him any good to remember it every single second.

“I keep telling, you, guy… you gotta take a look and realize how different things are now.

You can’t change the past, but you can live for the future. That’s what humanity is all about.

Think of it like this…

One part of humanity has the apples, another part has the crust, and yet another has the oven.

Apart, none of them can get pretty far, but only when they come together and learn to appreciate one another and get along well can they make a delicious apple pie that everyone will want to eat.”

Yosei looked up at her almost in a daze.

Never had he heard such profound wisdom before, from a person like Applejack whom he initially despised.

“How is it that you know things like this?” he asked.

Applejack smirked and tipped her hat, “Folks like me have our ways of learning and teaching, almost like you samurai folk do.”

Yosei felt very deep in thought for a moment, but then he snapped himself back to the duel.

“I do not know whether to believe you, but I shall not let you stall me to distract me.”

Applejack felt she was really getting to him now.

“He said he doesn’t know what to think now.” she thought “There’s hope for him yet, but I just can’t get over why he would give me two of his own monsters.”

A sudden thought made her gasp!


Yosei snickered and pointed his sword to his facedown card, “Behold my trap, SYNCRHO MATERIAL!

The power of this trap p