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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 17: Part 1: The Terrible Two


Earlier, while all that stuff was happening with Trixie,

Terra’s duel was going to take place inside The Tunnel of Love.

Of all the places to have a duel, Terra really didn’t seem so keen on it. Just standing there, looking at it and all the romantic couples getting off the ride, walking arm-in-arm and looking so happy.

She clutched her chest which ached on the inside as painful memories began to fly through her head.

Suddenly, there was an announcement made by the ride operator, “Attention please! This ride is temporarily closed for a tournament duel.

All riders please leave the line and report back here later.

The two duelists competing will board the craft at the ride entrance.

There were two boats side by side in the little canal at the starting point, and Terra wiped away any tears that were on her face, strengthening herself for the duel.

She boarded one of the craft, and her opponent was not far behind.

“Well, well, look what we’ve got here?” said a familiar voice that made Terra’s head snap upright, and she turned to see who it was-- a young woman about her age, with red hair and freckles, who gave her a very sour look.


This was someone Terra knew from not so long ago.

“So, the deserter returns.” Jackie sneered “I thought I’d seen the last of you when I left JC.”

Terra’s features hardened and she clenched her fist.

The operator started the boats, and took them deep into the tunnel.

The two girls passed by loads of beautiful scenery-- flowery meadows, with cute swans and dummy cupids, hearts pained all around.

Since the ride was partially shut off there were no sound effects and no motion of the robotic displays, but the lights were still on, and the duel would be viewed inside from the in-ride security cameras.

The boats then made it into the center of the ride, which was a display of a large cave with large beautiful gems lining the walls, and they sparkled in the lights making the place ever so romantic

Rarity saw it on the screen, and she honestly couldn’t tell what she admired morel the gems or the romantic scene.

She immediately imagined herself, in an elegant canoe with golden edgings. She herself was lying on a set of cushions, wearing an elegant sea-blue gown, and the boat was being rowed by Loki prince, in a dashing suit, and gazing down at her saying…

“All these gems can never amount to glittering loveliness that is you, Rarity.”

Rarity swooned, “Oh, darling.” And the two leaned forth for a kiss…

…In reality, Rarity was kissing her own hands, but then snapped her to her senses.

Rainbow shook her head pitifully,

The others decided to leave her with her thoughts, and concentrate more on the duel.

“Look!” cried Robin and he pointed at another screen, “Vic’s duel is about to start too.”

Vic’s duel was taking place by the old Strength-Tester carnival game-- where you grabbed the big hammer, pounded the little knob, and tried to make it ring the bell at the top.

His opponent was a girl with dark skin and black hair, named Jillian, and she too looked as rude as Jackie, and for good reason, she was her best friend, and knew who Vic was.

“Fancy seeing you here, Cy-Brat!” she growled rudely.

Vic felt most insulted, “Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you. I was hoping you’d have learned by now ever since you left JC, but I guess you haven’t.”

Jillian curled her hand into an O-shape, “You see this? This represents how much I care!”

Vic sighed angrily but softly.

“Who are those two girls?” asked Fluttershy “They don’t look very nice.”

“Jackie Amber and Jillian Dionne.” answered Kori, she paused a moment choosing her words carefully, “They once lived in Jump City, and they knew Terra before she joined our team, but those two girls had nasty attitudes towards things they didn’t like, and if they didn’t like it, they didn’t like you!”

The girls all gasped in shock, and could tell by the girls stern expressions on the screen that they were just as nasty as promised.

Spike growled at the images and barked softly.

Twilight hushed him, but she also didn’t take a good liking to the girls and their sneering. “Even the Crystal Prep students never looked that stern.”

“Meh, I bet their not as tough as they look.” said Rainbow.

Rarity wasn’t so sure, “Never judge something by just how it looks. After all, an ordinary stitch alone can seem stronger than it looks."

The other girls all looked at Twilight, and she nodded, “It’s true, I used to experiment with it myself.”

The duels were about to begin, and it was a good thing that while the gang could see the images, they couldn’t hear what was being transpire as the screens gave no audio.

…And a good thing too so they couldn’t hear all the trash talk.

“So, still hanging out with the wrong people I assume.” Jackie taunted Terra, referring to the Titans.

“They are NOT losers!” Terra growled “They’re my friends; the best friends I’ve ever had.”

Jackie only rolled her eyes in annoyance “Whatever. Let’s just duel so I don’t have to look at you anymore.”

“Fine by me!” sneered Terra.

The disks were ready, and cards were drawn.


Jackie LP: 8000

Terra LP: 8000

And at the very same time Jillian and Vic began to their duel as well.


Jillian LP: 8000

Vic LP: 8000

Looking between one screen and to the other, the gang could barely keep up with which duel to view at the most, but they all hoped their friends would win.

“I’m up first.” said Terra “And I summon GEM-ARMADILLO!”

(Atk: 1700)

“And when it’s summoned to the field, its special ability lets me add one Gem-Knight monster from my deck to my hand.


“Are you done yet?” Jackie asked rudely.

“No, I’m not!” snapped Terra “Now I activate GEM-KNIGHT FUSION, which allows me to fuse Gem-Knight Lazuil with Gem-Knight Lapis!”

She held up her two cards, and the images of the two monsters emerged and began to merge together.


(Atk: 2400)

Her new monster shimmered in the cavern lights, illuminating her dark robe and veil, almost as if she were made of a precious metal.

Rarity’s eyes shimmered at the sight of it on the screen.

“I’ve never seen such a creature and so elegantly dressed too.” she said “Why it’s almost as beautiful as any of my Melodious monsters.”

The others were inclined to agree, and Spike had to ask, “Let me guess: Terra chose those cards because their like her in some ways.”

Robin nodded, “The main monsters are Rock-Types, just like Terra has the power to control earth, and when used wisely, they can unleash many great or terrible things.”

Kori softly tapped his leg with her foot under the table, telling him not to go any further with the explanation.

The others noticed this however, and suspected there was still something they weren’t quite telling them yet.

Before any of them could ask,

“Look!” cried Fluttershy, pointing at Terra’s duel.

Terra’s graveyard was glowing softly.

“Now what?” snapped Jackie “Are you ever going to end your turn? I’d like to be kicking you sometime this century!”

Terra growled softly, “When Lazuli is sent from my hand to the graveyard. I can add Lapis back to my hand.”

“Fine, just end your turn!!”

“Not just yet!” snapped Terra “I have another card to play-- MISCHIEF OF THE TIME GODDESS!”

Jackie looked confused, and Terra called to her monster “Lady Lapis, attack now!”

“WHAT?!!” screamed Jackie, and before she knew it, the monster had bombarded her with a shadowy blast, dealing her a full 2400 points of damage.

Jackie LP: 8000 -----> 5600

“That was for insulting my friends!” sneered Terra.

“Whoa-Whoa-Whoa, back up here!” snapped Rainbow “How could she attack when it’s the first turn?”

“Because of the Time goddess card.” answered Twilight “It skips to the next turn instantly so Terra can conduct her battle phase right away.”

The others all watched with astonishment.

“I’m not through quite yet.” said Terra, "Armadillo, direct attack!"

Jackie braced herself as the monster rammed right into her, nearly knocking her out of the boat and dealing her 1700 more damage.

Jackie LP: 5600 -----> 4100

“Now I activate my lady’s special ability!”

“Not more!” whined Jackie.

“Yes, more!” thundered Terra, and she cleared her throat, and she reached for her deck “Once per turn, I can send a Gem-Knight from my Deck to the graveyard and deal you an instant 500 points of damage!”

“Ah!” cried Jackie.

Jackie LP: 4100 -----> 3600

Terra snuffed “Now I’ll place one card facedown and end my turn.”

Meanwhile, Jillian and Vic had drawn their first cards.

“Ladies first…” Jillian insisted “And I play GRACEFUL CHARITY, I draw three cards and discard two.”

When she finished her drawing and discarding, she still had five cards in her hand as from the start, but was grinning wickedly.

“Now I activate the spell NECROID SYNCHRO!”

“What’s that do?” asked Vic.

Jillian snickered, “It lets me banish the two monsters I just sent to the graveyard, GALAXY SERPENT and ALEXANDRITE DRAGON,

Now I get to Syncrho Summon a special kind of monster from my Extra Deck!”

Vic blinked once and narrowed his eyes in concern, and in a bright flash of light, the monster appeared.

“And there it is,” said Jillian “…STARDUST CHARGE WARRIOR!”

(Atk: 2000)

Vic was most astonished as he thought, “She summoned a Synchro Monster without even playing any regular monsters first.”

Jillian then snuffed, “What? Are you just going to stare at it like some geek?”

Vic growled.

“When my monster is summoned I also get draw one card. Then I’ll place two cards facedown, and end my turn, just for you.”

Vic was having a hard time maintaining his patience.

“You know if you don’t knock it off with that attitude of yours, some pretty bad things could happen to you.”

“Yeah right!” sneered Jillian “At least me and Jackie were smart enough to leave Jump City before it crashed and burned. So I don’t think anything too bad has happened.

Now make your move!””

“Gladly.” snapped Vic and he drew his card.

“Time for me and my bots to party I set the Pendulum Scale with Scale 1 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O SIX, and Scale 10 DESKBOT DOUBLE-O FIVE!”

Two cute little robot monsters appeared in the tubes of light, and the pendulum began to swing.

“You think those puny little brats will scare me?” taunted Jillian.

“They’re not brats; they’re bots.” corrected Vic “And just you wait, because I get to summon as many level 2-9 bots as I need… and here they come!!”

In three shots of light, three small bots appeared on the field.




The three playful robots stood armed and ready, but Jillian was far from impressed.

“So now you’ve summoned even more lame toys,” she mocked, and then laughed “Like I’m supposed to be scared?”

Vic only smirked and said, “Sure you are, once you get a gander at their abilities.

“Since Double-O Two was summoned, I get to add a Deskbot to my hand from the deck.”

He grabbed his card, “But there’s no need to wait, I’ll summon it right now!


(Atk: 500)

“And summoning him out lets me call out another Deskbot from the deck to join the party… so here comes another Double-O Two!”

(Def: 500)

…Five little robots, all standing in a line and glaring fiercely over at Jillian’s side of the field and looking ready to do some damage.

“Of course, since I summoned Double-O Two, that means I get to add a Deskbot to my hand again, and I choose DESKBOT DOUBLE-O SEVEN.

…But now comes the really fun bit, because some of these little guys get stronger for every machine monster I have in play-- 500 Attack and Defense Points to be exact.”

“Say what?!” snapped Jillian.

“That’s right, Double-O One here gains 500 attack points for every machine monster I have, but then again, both Double-O Twos grant all my machine cards 500 more points to all other machines except themselves, and since I got two of ‘em, that means all my machines gain 1000 extra points!”

Jillian tried to do the math in her head, but just left it up to the score counter for that, and surely enough, the little robots not only gained so much attack points, but they grew in massive size.

Double-O One gained 2500 attack points for its normal ability, plus an extra 1000 from the Double-O Twos, for a total of 3500 hundred extra points!

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 4000)

“…FOUR-THOUSAND POINTS?!!” shrieked Jillian.

The gang watching the duel on the screen were as shocked as she was.

“Holy Jetpacks!” cried Rainbow “That little guy just went for puny to mega-sized!”

“My goodness!” said Fluttershy “I can’t believe he did that.”

Kori and Robin smirked.

“That’s not all,” said Robin “The other two bots now gain attack-power too.”

He was right…

Double-O Nine and Double-O Three each gained 1000 attack points.

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 1500) x2

Jillian gawked so widely, you’d think her eyes would pop out from her head!

“Not so puny now, are they?” said Vic with a smirk “Machines may not look like much, but if handled by the fight kind of person, there’s nothing they can’t do. That’s why I use them.”

Jillian finally snapped herself out of her trance.

“Well, then, they won’t mind if I do this…

…Activate the trap ZERO GRAVITY!”

“Ah! No, way!” cried Vic.

“Yes way!” sneered Jillian “Now all monsters on the field change their battle positions.

(Def: 1300)

(Def: 3500) x3

(Atk: 500) x 2)

“Dang…!” Vic sneered in thought “My heavy hitters are all in defense-mode, and my Double-O Twos don’t get the power bonus!”

“So much for your so-called machines, Cy-Butt!” sneered Jillian.

Vic felt his head throbbing with rage at her rudeness.

“I warned you to knock it off with that, and now you’re going to pay for it!”

“You and what army…?”

“The one right in front of me!” snarled Vic “See, you may have caught me off-guard with that trap of yours, but you used it too quickly, and you’re not the only one that can Synchro Summon.”

Jillian growled.

“Now, I tune Level 1 Double-O One to Level 9 Double-O Nine!”

The two bots changed into orbs of light and began to spin round, and around, unleashing a new monster.

“Now I Synchro Summon, the top line of the bot-boys, DESKBOT JET!”

(Atk: 500)

Jillian gawked up at the huge ship in shock, “No fair! Who said you got to Synchro Summon?”

Vic shook his head pitifully at the ungrateful young lady, “Never you mind about that, and just worry about his ability.

For one thing, he gains 500 attack points for every Deskbot I’ve got still in play, and I count four.”

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 2500)

“But then again, thanks to my Double-O Twos, he gains another 1000 points.”

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 3500)

Jillian growled angrily.

“Oh, and I’m still not finished yet.” said Vic “Double-O Three has an ability as well, which lets me target one Deskbot I control and gain yet another 500 attack points for all the deskbots I control.

So my jet just got even stronger!”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 5500)

“But I also have another ability to use.”

Jillian groaned and rolled her eyes, “Are you ever going to finish?”

Vic ignored her whining and carried on his move, “One per turn, my jet can destroy one Deskbot I have in play.”

He looked over at Double-O Three.

“Sorry little guy, got to do what gotta do.”

The little bot nodded at him, and it exploded, which also weakened all the Deskbots by 500 points.

“And now,” said Vic “I can destroy one of your face-up cards, and I’ll give you two guesses who!”

Jillian didn’t have to guess.

Her Charge Warrior exploded right before her, and the flares sped past her, leaving her wide open.

“Now who has who?” Vic teased, and then he ordered his Jet to attack Jillian directly.

The Jet loomed over her and powered up its weapons to fire.

“Yeah right,” sneered Jillian “I play another trap-- DEFENSE DRAW!”

“Ah!” groaned Vic.

Jillian snickered, “Go ahead zap me; it won’t lay even a mark.”

The blast was fired, and she just stood there and took it as if it was nothing as promised.

“Ha!” she then scoffed “Now as an added bonus, I can draw one card.”

Vic was actually astounded, “Still, this duel ain’t over by a longshot. I’ll play one card facedown, and that’s all.

Now all my jet gets weaker, but it’s pretty tough.”

(Atk: 5000) -----> (Atk: 2000)

Jillian didn’t seem the least bit concerned. Now she was ready to strike back hard.

Jackie was ready to do the same thing to Terra.

“It’s my move,” she snarled “And I draw!”

She grinned at what she had, and sneered at Terra, “It’s time somebody put you in your place for siding with weirdos.”

Terra clenched her fist angrily, but then quickly calmed herself; not wanting to unleash her powers in the cave.

“Now,” shouted Jackie “I summon the Tuner Monster, RED RESONATOR!”

(Atk: 600)

“A tuner?” cried Terra.

“Oh, yeah,” hissed Jackie “And since I summoned it,

I get to summon Level 6 RED WARG, as long as I cut its attack power in half.”

(Atk: 1400) -----> (Atk: 700)

Terra groaned softly.

“And that’s not all,” growled Jackie “Now I activate form my hand INFERNO RECKLESS SUMMON!”

“Huh?” said Terra “But that card…!”

“That’s right,” cut in Jackie “It lets me summon two more Wargs to the field.”

Her two monsters appeared in a blazing flare.

(Atk: 1400) x2

“Yeah, well don’t forget,” said Terra “I get to summon monsters too. So, I’ll play two more Gem-Armadillos!”

(Atk: 1700) x2

Still, Terra was confused as she thought, “Why would she let me summon more monsters. I’ve got a bad feeling about this!”

Jackie snickered and then held up her hand, “I tune level 2 Red Resonator with one level 6 Red Warg!”

The two monsters burst into flames that rose up into the air and merged together.


(Atk: 3000)

The mighty, blazing beast, it flexed its searing claws, flapped its burning wings and gave a might burning roar that echoed along the cave!

Terra gawked up at it shuddering softly, which amused Jackie.

“Yeah, I’d be scared of him too, especially considering what kind of special power he has.

Once per turn, he can destroy all special summoned monsters with an attack less than his own, and for each one destroyed, you’ll take a 500 point smack to your life points.”

“Each one!” cried Terra, and she finally realized the danger she was in!

The dragon gave a huge flap of its wings, sending a burning wave to her side of the field, which destroyed her Fusion monster as well as the other four special summoned monsters, and the flames pelted at her life points-- 2500!

Terra LP: 8000 -----> 5500

Terra looked up and was cross, but at least she still had one Armadillo on the field.

“You won’t have that one monster for long!” Jackie called, and she entered her battle phase “Scarlight, attack Gem-Armadillo!”

The dragon opened its huge mouth, and unleashed a blazing flame straight for Terra’s monster, and it was toasted!

(Atk: 3000) VS (Atk: 1700)

…and poor Terra braced herself as the flames shot past her again!

Terra LP: 5500 -----> 4200

Jackie laughed, rather manically, “Too hot to handle, huh?”

Terra was not amused.

Jackie then placed two cards facedown, ending her turn threatening, “Soon I’ll roast the rest of your life points away, and it’ll serve you right for what you’ve become: a good-for nothing hero-wannabe of a lousy town and betraying me and Jillian!”

Terra’s eyes widened “Jillian’s here too?”

Jillian roared at Vic as she made her move,

“Now, I play DRAGON SHRINE! It lets me send once dragon monster from my deck to the graveyard, but if I happen to send a Normal Monster to my graveyard, I can send another dragon monster.”

She flipped through her selection. “I’ll send LABRADORITE DRAGON and TROOP DRAGON.”

Vic gawked at her wondering what she was up to now.

Jillian snickered, “Now I have another spell to play; SOUL RELEASE, and with it, I’ll banish all three monsters that are in my graveyard.”

“What?” snapped Vic “Why would you do that?”

Jillian’s features hardened, “Wow! You’re stupider than I thought, and I thought you were “The brains” being the Titans.”

Vic felt most insulted. “Watch it, girl! You really don’t want to push me!”

“Too bad,” snapped Jillian “That’s exactly what I’m going to do, starting with this… HA!!



Jillian snapped her teeth together viciously, “Now by paying 2000 life points…”

Jillian LP: 8000 -----> 6000

“…I can summon all the banished monsters I need, and you don’t summon any becuase you haven’t got any!”

Vic felt his inner systems starting to go crazy as a dimensional portal appeared, and in five flashes, all the monsters appeared.

“And there they were,” hissed Jillian.

“GALAXY SERPENT…” (Atk: 1000)



“TROOP DRAGON…” (Atk: 700)


Vic clenched his fists softly, fearing what was coming next.

“Still think you can teach me?” sneered Jillian “Well, I’m about to teach you!

I tune level 2 Galaxy Serpent with level 2 Troop Dragon!


(Atk: 1900)

Vic gawked at the monster, “Hey, that’s both a Synchro and a Tuner monster.”

“That’s right,” sneered Jillian “Now can you find your nose?!”

Vic growled.

Jillian snuffed, “Now I’m going to unleash a creature of such fury, I’ll send you crying for your mama!

I tune level 4 Phonon with my level 6 Charge Warrior!”

Even the spectators watching the duel nearby were astonished that she was tuning a Synchro Monster with another Synchro Monster.

Even the gang watching the duel on the screen were feeling nervous as the monster appeared in a flash of light and dust!


(Atk: 3000)

The mighty dragon was glowing in golden light shimmering so bright, Vic covered his eyes.

“That’s one bright brute.”

Jillian snickered, “I’m still not done yet.

Now I activate CARD OF DEMISE, so I draw until I hold five cards, but in five turns I have to discard my entire hand.

Now that that’s all clear, I’ll tune my last two monsters-- Alexandrite Dragon… Labradorite Dragon… Go!”

“Not again!” groaned Vic, but it was…!


(Atk: ?)

The second dragon growled and hovered alongside the first dragon.

Both dragons glared at Vic’s monsters.

“This can’t be good.” whimpered Vic.

“Oh, it’s very good-- for me anyway.” and she held out the cards in her hand “You see my new dragon gains 800 attack points for every card that I’m holding and stays that way.”

(Atk: ?) -----> (Atk: 4000)

Vic growled, and thought softly, “So that’s why she refreshed her hand. Now look at that thing; it’s way strong!”

“What’s wrong?” Jillian taunted “No longer the big brave hero?”

Vic gnashed his teeth, and before he could protest, Jillian called out “Well, let me put you out of your miserable misery like you should be!

I play MONSTER REBORN, which I use to get back my Stardust Charge Warrior!”

(Atk: 2000)

Vic looked between the three strong Synchros, and felt he was in big trouble.

“And BTW,” said Jillian “My Charge Warrior can attack all special summoned monsters on your field!”

“Ah!” cried Vic and he gawked at the Double-O Twos-- his weakest monsters in play!

“That’s right! You’re going down!” sneered Jillian, and she entered her battle phase.

“Charge warrior, attack the first Deskbot Double-O Two!”

The warrior charged forth, and the poor little Deskbot was destroyed.

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 500)

Vic braced himself as the bits of scrap flew past him. “Oh, yeah, well I activate the trap REDUCTION BARRIER!”

“You what?” snapped Jillian.

Vic smirked “Now, any and all battle damage I take this turn is reduced to one-tenth of what it was, so I only take 150 points of damage from that attack!”

Vic LP: 8000 -----> 7850

“Think I care?” scoffed Jillian, then she called to her monster, “Stardust, attack the other Double-O Two!”

With one swing of its fist, the warrior pounded the Deskbot into scraps!

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 500)

…and Vic took another 150 points!

Vic LP: 7850 -----> 7700

Vic growled as he clenched his fist, while Jillian only laughed, “So much for those Tin-Twerps, and now that they’re gone your overgrown plane there loses some serious attack points!”

(Atk: 2000) -----> (Atk: 500)

“Ah, man!” cried Vic.

Jillian snickered and ordered her warrior to destroy it, which it did with such ease!

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 500)

Vic LP: 7700 -----> 7550

Now Vic was wide open, and the two large dragons were still glaring down at him, and growling fervidly.

“Get him boys!” Jillian thundered, and her two dragons let out fierce blazes of flames straight at him.

Vic yelled as the brightness and the shockwaves struck him, but thanks to his Reduction Barrier, he didn’t take too much damage.

From 4000 became only 40, and 3000 became 30, for a total of 70 points of damage.

Vic LP: 7550 -----> 7480

“Whew!” he sighed “Talk about a close call!”

Jillian was furious that all three of her monster, strong as they were, hardly left a mark.

She roared as she put two cards facedown, ending her turn.

“Yo’, girl, chill out.” said Vic.

“Shut up!” balked Jillian “You think this is over? It’s just beginning! My three big boys here will roast you to ashes, like you and the rest of that dork-fest team of yours deserve.”

“Don’t go insulting my friends!” growled Vic.

“Why shouldn’t I?” snarled Jillian “Because of you and your team twats, you cost us our friend, and you brainwashed her into becoming something she didn’t want to be.

You know what I’m talking about don’t you?”

Vic knew exactly what she was talking about…

To Be Continued…

Author's Note:

The Teen Titan Wiki may call those two AMBER and DIONNE, but the actual THINGS CHANGE episode didn't name them, and even so, I saw the Wiki many times before, those two had those names added years later by an anon-editor.

Like I keep telling people: Wiki's are not enough to give you ALL the information (Especially consdiering how some is made up.

I had been calling them Jackie and Jillian (The Js) for years, and years, and I refuse to go back and change it all.

Also, What I'm trying to do now is prevent the girls from learning about Terra's secret until later in the fic.

They must not know of it right now. It's not TIME yet.

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