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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 5: The Birds and the Trees.


The girls all regrouped as they prepared their decks, just like every other duelist.

“Hey!” someone called from the crowd; it was Twilight, with Spike on a leash.

Non-duelists were more than permitted to walk in the dueling areas, and watch any and all duels on the sidelines, as well as screens throughout the park.

“We wondered where you were.” said Sunset.

“I got stuck in line; I had to get a special pass for Spike so I can keep him in the park.”

Spike was wearing said badge on his collar with his dog license, “I kind of like it,” he said “Makes me look handsome, or rich.”

Rarity took a look at the badge, and she seemed unimpressed “Probably not. It doesn’t even bring out the color in your eyes.”

Spike sighed.

“So,” Twilight said changing the subject, and she made sure no one was listening in, “Any luck finding Princess Twilight yet?”

Sunset shook her head, “She’s got to be in this park somewhere, but I’m starting to think those two creeps, whoever they were, won’t give her back that easily.”

Rainbow grunted, “Ugh! If only we just use our magic and ransack this place. Then we’d find where Twilight is more easily.”

“Rainbow Dash, that wouldn’t be very nice.” said Fluttershy “We can’t just break down the theme park like that. Think of how all the people would feel if they saw us doing that.”

Rainbow did picture it, and the thought of she and the others smashing things to pieces wouldn’t do well for their image or their reputations.

“Looks like we’re stuck playing by their rules.” said Applejack “But let me just get my hands on ‘em and I’ll mash ‘em into applesauce.”

“With a cherry on top too.” added Pinkie.

Sunset gazed down at her duel disk, “There’s no other way but to duel it out and hope something comes up.”

The girls all agreed, and soon the fireworks were going off and time for the duels to begin.

Over the park speakers, Rubeus announce, “Attention, duelists. Prepare for your first matches.

Please look down at your duel disk screens.”

All the duelists did as they were told, and the slot-spinner showed them their opponents, and the places to head to for their duels to begin.

“What?” said Rainbow as she gawked down at her screen “I’m dueling against Tree Hugger? I didn’t know she could duel.”

“Of course she can,” said Fluttershy “But you may want to watch out. She’s not as easy as she looks.”

She would have told Rainbow what strategy Tree Hugger used, but she and the others had to head off to find their opponents.

“Good luck girls,” said Spike.

Sunset nodded and then headed off saying, “Time to work.”

Pinkie giggled as she bounced along to find her opponent, “This is going to be so much fun.”

Rainbow only had to head out to the front of the theme park, near the main entrance way, which had an area cleared off by the crowd control barriers.

There, Rainbow already found Tree Hugger, sitting on a yoga mat, and meditating softly-- just soaking in the sunlight and the warm breeze.

“Like, hey there, R.D.” she called to her.

Rainbow stopped and blinked once, “Um, how did you know I was here?”

Tree Hugger opened her eyes, “I could sense the vibrations of your aura, like a honey bee finds the flower’s groove.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes side-to-side, “Um… yeah, or you just knew I was coming.”

Tree Hugger remained sitting down, “So righteous. You’re my first opponent.

I know we have to fight it out, but we can be cool, calm, and collected right? Let the sonic waves bliss out in the wind.

I mean, sure, I entered the tournament because I could totally dig that million-bucks, but I want to put myself through the test. Get in the jive and groove, you know.”

Rainbow didn’t know how much more of his hippie-talk she could take.

“Well, get your groove in gear.” She said as she prepared her duel disk.

The spectators in the crowd were most excited that the duel was about to start, and watched in awe as the virtual system energized.

“Let’s Duel!” shouted Rainbow.

“You’re on!” agreed Tree Hugger.

Rainbow LP: 8000

Tree Hugger LP: 8000

Tree Hugger went first and drew her first five cards.

“I’ll just a monster on the def, and chill out.”

Rainbow gawked at the lone virtual image on the field. “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to do?”

Tree Hugger nodded and remained as smug as ever.

“Okay then,” said Rainbow “I draw…!”

She looked down at all six of her cards, and really smiled at them, having chosen them because of her love of flight and her dream to one day become an air force pilot.

“Here goes…


(Atk: 1700)

Tree Hugger looked up at the snarling bird, and her mood soured a bit.

“Whoa, someone needs to tone it down a skosh.”

Rainbow only scoffed, “Forget toning down, I’m toning it up!

See, when I have a Raidraptor on the field, I get to special summon another one out of my hand.


(Atk: 500)

The two large birds cawed and screeched together, while Tree Hugger only shut her eyes to keep calm and silent.

Rainbow took that as an insult, “Can’t bear to look, huh? Well, that doesn’t stop me from this!

I overlay these two Raid Raptors so I can build the Overlay Network!


(Atk: 100)

Much as the spectators were amazed that she performed an Xyz Summon, they all chattered about.

“Why summon that?”

“It’s barely got any attack points.”

“What’s she thinking?”

Rainbow only snickered, “Don’t be fooled, I can make it stronger, 500 points stronger for every other Winged Beast monster I control.

Though her eyes even open, Tree Hugger knew “Whoa, back up there, girl. That’s your only monster in play.”

“For now, maybe…” said Rainbow “But I still have Force Strix’s special ability.

By using one of its Overlay Units, I’m allowed to add one Raidraptor to my hand.


Then again, since I have an Xyz monster in play, I can summon Lanius right now, which boosts Strix’s attack up.”

(Atk: 100)

(Atk: 100) -----> (Atk: 600)

“Now I think I’ll play a Continuous Spell, RAIDRAPTOR - NEST

Once per turn, if I control 2 Raidraptors, this card lets me fetch another Raidraptor from my Deck or Graveyard, so I’ll take another Fuzzy Lanius!

Then again, since I control a Raidraptor monster, I get to summon it right from my hand! That gives Strix even more power!”

(Atk: 500)

(Atk: 600) -----> (Atk: 1100)

Now the spectators were amazed that Rainbow got three monsters on the field in just one turn.

Now Rainbow was ready for her Battle Phase!

“Raidraptor- Force Strix, attack!”

Her monster lunged forth and struck Tree Hugger’s monster, which was a Sylvan monster!

“Sorry to shake it R.D,” she said to Rainbow “But Sylvan Mikorange’s defense is 1100. It’s a total standoff.”

Rainbow only smirked “Think again!”

“Say what?”

“From my hand, I summon RAIDRAPTOR- LAST STRIX.”

(Atk: 100)

“I could summon it when a Raidraptor on my field enters battle, so long as I have a spell or trap card on the field or in the Graveyard.

Then, not only do I gain 100 life points for each card…”

Rainbow LP: 8000 -----> 8100)

“…But now that I’ve got yet another Raidraptor out, Force Strix just got even stronger!”

“Ah!” cried Tree Hugger, and she saw Rainbow was right.

(Atk: 1100) -----> (Atk: 1600)

Now that Rainbow’s monster was stronger, Mikorange went KAPOW just like that, and the shockwaves blew past Tree Hugger’s threads!

“Not cool, girl!” she said in a low tone, “Just for that, I’m using Mikorange’s special ability.

When it hits the dust, I take a look at the top card on my deck, and if it’s a monster, it goes right to the graveyard.”

She took her card, and it was a monster, so she ditched it.

“Are you done yet?” Rainbow asked impatiently.

“Chill out,” protested Tree Hugger “I like to keep it nice and easy, you dig?

I just discarded SYLVAN HERMITREE, and it lets me pick the top trio of cards on my deck, and put ‘em back in any order.”

After she finished, Rainbow still seemed unamused.

“Even still, you’ve got no monsters protecting you, and I still have three birds to attack with!”

She then ordered all her remaining monsters to attack directly! Each one flew straight past Tree Hugger, and together they dealt her 700 points of damage.

Tree Hugger LP: 8000 -----> 7300

“Major bumming me out here!” she groaned.

Rainbow rolled her eyes.

“I’ll set one card facedown, and end my turn. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Tree Hugger only thought calm and peacefully as she drew her next card, without even looking at it, as she already knew what it was from rearranging her cards.


“Monster Reborn?” cried Rainbow “Uh, oh!”

Tree Hugger then folded her arms in a meditative pose, Sylvan Hermitree, dig yourself up, baby.”

The monster appeared in the form a humongous tree that actually shaded Tree Hugger.

(Atk: 2700)

Tree Hugger than called out to her monster “Hermitree, show me some love, baby. Use your sweet power.

I get to take the top card from my deck, and toss it into the grave, if it’s a monster mind you. Then I draw one card.”

Once again, as she knew exactly what the card was going to be, she pulled off the entire move without even looking-- she knew it was a monster. So she ditched it, and drew her third card, which she also knew what it was.

Rainbow did her best not to try and tremble.

“The monster I ditched was SYLVAN PRINCESSPROUT.” said Tree Hugger “And if she’s tossed like that, I can summon her right out, and upgrade her to the eighth level.”

Her monster appeared.

(Atk: 100) (LV: 8)

“Two Level Eight monsters!” cried Rainbow “But that can only mean--!”

“Right on, girl.” said Tree Hugger “I Overlay these two bodacious babes and build The Overlay Network.


(Atk: 2300)

Rainbow didn’t know if to be scared or laughing, “That has got to be the strangest monster I’ve ever seen.”

Tree Hugger didn’t seem offended much and held up one the card she just drew. “Let’s if you think this is weird.

I play the spell, CONVULSION OF NATURE!”

“Huh?” said Rainbow, and she watched as Tree Hugger went into a meditative like trance, singing,




As she kept singing, magical forces of rain, wind, sun—all kinds of weather struck both her and Rainbow’s decks, right on the disks.

“What’s going on?” asked Rainbow, and then she watched as her entire deck magically floated out from the slot, flipped over, and went right back in again, with the top card exposed.

Tree Hugger opened her eyes, “Yeah, man, I feel way chill now, knowing we both have to play with our decks like this now, so we can totally see what’s coming next.”

Rainbow didn’t like this one bit, and thought to herself, “With my deck flipped over like this, she’ll see every card I draw next, but just the same I can see her cards.

What’s with this girl?”

Tree Hugger then said, “Time for me to groove with my Alsei and his super specialty. Now I get to call the name of a card, and see if it’s my top card. I then either keep it if I’m right, or ditch it if I’m wrong.”

Rainbow’s eyes widened, knowing Tree Hugger could see what her top card was, but much to her surprise “I say “Fissure.” that was her guess.

“Fissure?” snapped Rainbow “But Fissure is a spell card, and that’s a monster card.”

“Chill, I know what I’m doing.” protested Tree Hugger, and she ditched her monster, only then to take it right back again.

“When SYLVAN BLADEFENDER is ditched, I can put her right back in my hand anyway.”

Rainbow could hardly believe this “So you deliberately guessed your card wrong knowing you’d get it back?”

“More than that,” answered Tree Hugger “Alsei now gets to use his other ability. If I ditch a monster out of my hand, he ditches an Overlay Unit, and another card on the field gets ditched!”

“Ah!” Rainbow cried and watched as her Force Strix was glowing and then sent back to her Extra Deck.

Rainbow was ever so angry, and Tree Hugger wasn’t finished yet.

“Now I summon my Bladefender!”

(Atk: 1900)

“Much as I’m not cool with all this battle stuff, I have no choice.”

“Actually, you do have a choice!” snapped Rainbow “I play my trap, RAIDRATOR READINESS!

This trap protects all my Raidraptors so they can’t be destroyed in battle this turn.”

All the Raidraptors glowed with protective shields, but Tree Hugger wasn’t deterred. “Well, sorry to hurt you, but I can still take your life points.”

“Wrong again!” snapped Rainbow “Since I have a Raidraptor in my graveyard, I can banish the Readiness trap so I won’t take damage this turn.”

Rainbow fluttered her eyebrows cheekily.

“Farout,” said Tree Hugger “You’ve protected your monsters from mine.

Okay then, I’ll just two cards down, and hold back a bit!”

She sat squarely on her mat and remained as calm as ever, much to Rainbow’s confusion.

“Whatever,” she said “My Draw…!”

She took her card, which everyone could see was a quick-play spell, thanks to Convulsion of Nature card.

“Since I control at least two Raidraptors, my Nest card activates, letting me take a Raidraptor from my deck and put it my hand.

I choose, RAIDRAPTOR BOSTER STRIX but don’t bother waiting for him because I summon him right now.”

(Atk: 100)

Rainbow had quite a lineup-- four Raidraptors were on her field at once.

“Now I overlay Booster Strix with Fuzzy Lanius and Singing Lanius, to build The Overlay Network!

I Xyz Summon something even worse than before…


(Atk: 100)

The new monster spread its shining wings out and let out such a roar, that Tree Hugger covered her ears.

Rainbow snickered, “And now, he’s going to attack all the monsters you control at once, but first he needs to use his special ability.

By using one Overlay Unit, I can target one special summoned monster you control and then his attack goes up by the attack of your monster!”

Tree Hugger watched as her Alsei glowed along with the Rise Falcon, and Rainbow’s monster got much stronger.

(Atk: 100) -----> (Atk: 2400)

“Not cool.” groaned Tree Hugger.

“Oh, it’s cool, alright.” said Rainbow “Rise Falcon, attack her Alsei!”

The mighty bird swooped down to attack…

…But Tree Hugger smirked “Sorry, R.D, but you set off a trap, PLANT FOOD CHAIN!”


Tree Hugger flicked her threads, “Now my big plant, soak in the peace and get yourself 500 extra points, baby!”

(Atk: 2300) -----> (Atk: 2800)

Now Rainbow’s monster was the one in trouble!

“Think again!” snapped Rainbow, and she grabbed a card in her hand and raised it up high, “I activate the quick-play card, RANK-UP-MAGIC REVOLUTION FORCE!”

Tree Hugger’s eyes narrowed!

“I’ll take my Rise Falcon and rebuild the Overlay Network so I can summon a monster one Rank higher that his own!” Rainbow shouted as her monsters rose up into the sky. “Go Rank-Up Xyz-Evolution!


(Atk: 2000)

With the summoning of her new monster, her attack was canceled out.

“Pretty slick, huh?” she asked cheekily.

Tree Hugger simply shut her eyes.

“Yeah, you better shut them.” Rainbow taunted “Because now I get fresh new attack!”

With that she ordered her Falcon to attack Bladefender!

(Atk: 2000) VS (Atk: 1900)

Tree Hugger LP: 7300 -----> 7200

Tree Hugger felt the shockwaves going past her, but she remained as still as ever.

Rainbow couldn’t believe after all this, she was still acting so calm and cool.

“Well, let’s see you try this!” she called to her “I use Strager Falcon’s special ability! By Using an Overlay Unit, I get to destroy one monster you control and deal you damage equal to its original attack points!”

Tree Hugger still didn’t open her eyes, not wanting to watch her monster blow up, but she just reached up and touched a switch on her duel disk.

KAPOW!! Her Alsei was terminated, but Rainbow gawked down at the score as her own life points decreased by 2300.

Rainbow LP: 8100 -----> 5800

“What gives?” cried Rainbow “Why did my life points take the hit?”

Then she could see why as the smoke from the explosion settled. “You played a trap!” she balked, and Tree Hugger nodded and finally opened her eyes, “Thanks to my BARREL BEHIND THE DOOR you took all the damage instead of me.”

Rainbow growled in outrage and humiliation.

“That’s what you get for being mean to the plants.” said Tree Hugger “Karma, R.D. Karma!”

Rainbow clenched her fists, but vowed Tree Hugger wouldn’t get away with this.

“I’ll place one card facedown, and then I’ll switch Last Strix to defense mode.”

(Def: 700)

“Now go!”

Tree Hugger winced at her outburst, “What is happening to you? You’re like, seriously bumming me out. This isn’t the R.D Fluttershy jives on saying is cool.”

A lot of the spectators noticed this as well.

Rainbow was deeply in thought.

The humiliation of her last move just brought on flashes from the other night, when Masquerade completely crushed her, and how some of the spectators taunted her or laughed at her.

Whether this was the case or not, it was how she felt and remembered it.

“I’m not going to be humiliated like that again!” Rainbow thought to herself “Nobody’s going to get in my way! Not Tree Hugger, not Masquerade-- No one!!”

She had already seemed to have forgotten the real reason she was fighting-- to save Princess Twilight.

Tree Hugger drew her next card, which everyone could see was a monster.

“Maybe this little dude I just drew will help keep the peace.


(Atk: 400)

“When this little guy is planted on the field, I take a card off the top of the deck again, and if it’s a monster, I ditch it.”

She could plainly see her next card was indeed a monster, “SYLVAN CHERUBSPROUT. Sorry little guy, I got to throw you out, but in exchange, I summon one little seedling of the first level from my deck.

…So I’ll summon another Cherubsprout.”

(Atk: 100)

Rainbow was growing impatient, “Are you about done yet?”

Tree Hugger maintained her cool, but it was starting to get much harder for her to do so.

“So not through,” she said “Now that my main sprout was dug up, I can take two cards off the deck, and if they’re monsters, they go away.”

Rainbow could see the next two cards were monsters, two of the same kind of monster.

“Righteous!” cried Tree Hugger “Two SYLVAN SAGEQUOIA.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” she groaned.

“I kid you not.” Tree Hugger said as she tossed her monster cards “Just as I fine-tune myself with nature, and animals, I give the same thing with my deck, which is why I know how to work it. It’s like my soul becomes part of them, you know.

Speaking of which, let’s play a little magic called SOUL CHARGE.

Now I get to call up as many of my gang from the grave as I need, as long as I pay 500 life points for each one, and they don’t attack this turn.”

She struck a meditative pose and hummed deeply, and then she called out her monsters, “Grow Sagequoia. Bliss it out, and you join them Mikorange!”

The two giant tree monsters sprouted along with Bladefender.”

(Atk: 2600) x2

(Atk: 1900)

…And Tree Hugger payed her life points for each one, totalling 1500.

Tree Hugger LP: 7200 -----> 5700

The spectators were all amazed.

“Look at her field!”

“She summoned five monsters all in one turn.”

Rainbow folded her arms and sulked.

“See what I mean?” she said to Rainbow “Fine tune yourself with nature and it just goes right with you.

Rainbow could tell what she really meant; she was going to summon even stronger monsters now.

“I overlay my Level 1 Peaskeeper and Level 1 Cherubsprout to build the Overlay Network!”

The two little seedlings vanished into the ground and out popped the new creature,


(Atk: 1800)

“But she won’t be alone. I can’t do that thin, so I now overlay my two Level 7 Tree guys over there.”

The Overlay Network was built once again, this time, in the air, and Tree Hugger’s newest monster appeared in a glowing sunlight.


(Atk: 2800)

This new monsters was stunningly beautiful, the way it spread out its flower-covered wings, and hummed in the light of the sun.

Rainbow covered her eyes with her duel disk.

Tree Hugger only felt light and warm as she soaked in the sun herself.

“Now Princessprite, shake your groove and you use your powers!”

Her monster nodded at her and held out her arms, making herself glow in the sunlight.

“By using an Overlay Unit, she lets me take the top card from my deck, and if it’s a spell or a trap, I get to keep it.”

Rainbow could see, it was a trap, “Wall of Thorns?!” cried Rainbow “That’s not good.”

She knew all about that trap card, if she tried to attack any of Tree Hugger’s Plant monsters, all her attack monsters would be destroyed!

“Now then, Orea, do me your special power.” said Tree Hugger “I use an Overlay Unit from her, and she lets me take a card from the top of my deck, and ditch any Plants I pull.”

Once again, thanks to her Convulsion card, she could see it was a monster, “Cool, it’s SYLVAN KOMOSHROOMO.”

So she tossed it into the graveyard, “And since that just happened, now I can destroy one spell or trap in play.”

Rainbow watch in horror as her trap card was destroyed before she got a chance to use it. “This is not happening!” she cried.

“Sorry, I know it blows.” Said Tree Hugger, “Oh, and I can’t forget, I now have to recall Bladefender back in my hand, but just what I need so my Princesssprite uses her other ability.”

“Ugh, is her turn ever going to end?” Rainbow groaned in her thoughts.

“I send Bladefender to the grave, sorry to do so, but it lets me call up another Sylvan monster, and I know just the guy for it.”

With that, her Alsei had returned to the field and looked ready to get revenge on Rainbow for destroying it last turn.

(Atk: 2300)

Rainbow gawked nervously at the three Xyz monsters that glared at her!

“Like I said,” called Tree Hugger “This Karma.”

She then drew in a huge breath as she entered her Battle Phase. Much as she hated fighting, she still had no choice in this game.

“Alsei, take your revenge. Strike down Stanger Falcon!”

Alsei roared, and rushed forth, stomping down on Rainbow’s falcon hard.

(Atk: 2300) VS (Atk: 2000)

Rainbow LP: 5800 -----> 5500

Rainbow growled miserably at the sight of her fallen falcon.

“I know it hurts, but it’ll better soon.” said Tree Hugger. “Now, Princessprite, attack’s your Last Strix.”

Since Rainbow’s monster was in defense-mode, She didn’t lose life points, but now she was wide open for Tree Hugger’s third monster.

“Let her have it, Orea. Show her what it means to dis the plants.

…Attack her directly!”

The might beast swopped in and bashed Rainbow hard knocking her down and dealt her a full 2800 points!

Rainbow LP: 5500 -----> 2700

Rainbow’s eyes were flaring with rage!

“That does it!” she thundered as she stood “I don’t care what it takes, I’ll find some way to blow you down!”

Some of the spectators were mystified at her sudden rage and growing poor-sportsmanship, but none as deeply as Tree Hugger.

“What is with you?” she asked “You and I are just fighting a nice duel? Why can’t you just chill out and relax about.”

Normally, Rainbow would probably had listened, but she was so lost in her rage at being humiliated, and wanting so bad to prove herself, she remained as focused and as stressed as ever.

Tree Hugger rolled her eyes, “Whatever.

I’ll end my turn with one card facedown.”

Rainbow thought deeply as she gawked at the facedown card, “I’m just betting that’s the Wall of Thorns.

She may think she’s got me where she wants me, but I’ve got a nasty surprise for her!”

She saw the next card she would draw, and took it.

“First I’ll use my Raidraptor-Nest, and snatch a Raidraptor out of my deck.


But I think I’ll go ahead and play him in defense-mode!”

(Def: 1600)

“And by summoning him, you automatically lose 600 life points.”

Tree Hugger LP: 5700 -----> 5100

Tree Hugger just sat calmly on her mat, which Rainbow took as insulting.

“Now I activate the spell, RANK-UP-MAGIC SOUL SHAVE FORCE!

You say I have no soul, huh? Well think again. It’s time I showed you that I do.”

“Whoa, back up,” said Tree Hugger “I never said you had none.”

“Well, whatever!” sneered Rainbow “I’m going to use plenty of soul in this move.

This spell allows me bring back Stranger Falcon, then I’m allowed to Xyz Summon a Raidraptor that’s 2 Ranks higher using it to build the Overlay Network!”

Her newly revived monster appeared and then vanished up into the sky, forming the huge portal.


(Atk: 2500)

Her new monster roared and screeched, blowing wind past Tree Huger and blowing her threads about, forcing her to actually hold her ground, and hold her bandana on her head.

“She thinks she’s going to outsmart me,” thought Rainbow “But I’m going outsmart her!

I’ll attack with my monster, and she’ll use her Wall of Thorns which will destroy it, and that lets me use its special ability to summon an even stronger Raidraptor from my Extra Deck, and once that happens, she’ll have nothing to protect herself with.

I’ll win this duel in a heartbeat, and then everyone will see how great I am.

I actually wish Masqerarde was watching this.”

Tree Hugger gazed at Rainbow for a moment, and then shut her eyes again, keeping herself calm and easy.

Rainbow entered her Battle Phase, “Say goodbye, Tree Hugger, your plants are about to be clipped!

Arsenal Falcon, attack Princessprite!”

Suddenly, there was a huge roaring sound that sent shockwaves all over Rainbow’s field.

“Hey!” shouted Rainbow, and she along with many of the spectators covered their ears, “What’s going on?!”

She then looked on ahead at Tree Hugger’s field and could see the trap she had played.

“That’s not Wall of Thorns!”

Tree Hugger giggled, “Nuh-uhn, it’s THREATENING ROAR. You actually thought I put a card you saw on the field? You’re even less chilled than I thought.

Still, you can’t make any attacks this turn. I’m not letting you crush my plants that easy.”

The spectators sighed at Rainbow’s blunder.

“She fell for one of the classic bluffs.”

“And to think, I actually thought it’d be cool to duel her.”

“She’s no queen of games!”

Rainbow held her head, groaning and moaning as the taunts and laughter really hurt her! “I can’t lose like this!” she thought painfully “I just can’t! I won’t!”

But really there was nothing more she could do, so he had no choice but to end her turn.

Tree Hugger could see now; that’s what was upsetting Rainbow so much, and she felt rather sorry for her, and angry at how the people were laughing at her.

Now it was her turn, and she drew her card, but really, even though it was clear she had a real to win this all, and even after all the bad attitude Rainbow had shown her-- though it was clear to her why now.

She raised her hand and placed it squarely over her deck.

“What are you doing?” asked Rainbow.

The spectators were all shocked and astonished.

“She’s surrendering the duel!”

“Why, she could’ve won!”

It was official, the duel was surrendered. The images on the field vanished, and the points were transferred. Rainbow Dash now had 15% on her duel meter, and Tree Hugger was out.

“But… why?” asked Rainbow.

Tree Hugger only smiled “I’m chill, that’s why.

See, I came here to play, and chill with others-- I want to have fun, you know, but I can see that’s now what’s shaking here. You’re playing for something more than just a game aren’t you?

I don’t think I can stay in a tournament if things get all drag and woe like this.”

Rainbow then suddenly remembered about Princess Twilight, and felt ready to kick herself for daring to forget it.

She wanted to tell Tree Hugger she didn’t have to surrender-- especially because she had a backup plan all along that still could have won her the match on her own, but it didn’t matter now.

“Tree Hugger, I--” she paused “I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, I do…” said Tree Hugger “Good Luck, R.D, and try to chill out. Don’t let the game rule you.”

Rainbow fell silent, and reflected upon her bad attitude, and how it caused her to duel a bit recklessly.

Maybe the game was starting to get a hold over her in a bad way.

“Tree Hugger…”

But Tree Hugger only smiled, and then picked up her yoga mat; “Blessings.” and then she went off, and while the crowds broke up, Rainbow still couldn’t believe her victory.

She was really thinking of reconsidering her attitude and her focus…

…That is until she could see on a TV monitor, there was already another victory recorded from a while back, Flash Sentry had been knocked out of the tournament already…

…Because he dueled against Masquerade!

Because it was a video replay, it was obvious that Flash got schooled very quickly by him too, but Masquerade refused to stick around and receive any comment, but he did look back to Flash, who looked up at him, but Masquerade simply jerked his head at him, and Flash looked a little made, which led Rainbow to think Masquerade said something horrible, and then he just left like a sore winner.

“He is so going down!” Rainbow grumbled to herself.

Author's Note:

-I know it seems cheap to have the duel end like that, but I think Tree Hugger would do just all that anyway. She's too chill to push too much pressure on someone, besides, those of you familiar with Raidraptors, you can tell Rainbow had a backup move, and could still have won the duel herself.

-I know it seems just as cheap to knock Flash out without even showing his duel style. Then again, like most of you, I don't really like Flash Sentry, and this is supposed to focus more on the girls rather than him. Besides, what dueling theme would he have anyway? (I already gave Rarity a musical theme)

-As for Rainbow's sore loser attitdue, I'm not wrong you know. She's Rainbow Dash... if she does bad at sports/games or is outmatched, she would throw a bit of a fit, and also This is Yu-Gi-Oh... it can change people while they're dueling, and just like any game, you can have a few rage fits.

We all know what happened when Sunset played that game with Fluttershy, don't we?

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