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Yu-Gi-Oh E-QUEST - DakariKingMykan

The Equestria Girls are going to participate in a dueling tournament.

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Episode 7: Part 2: A Couple of Bolts


Celery Stalk and Alizarain Bubblegum…

They had dated a full year since Pinkie Pie helped to pair them up at the Carhop Café.

At Crystal Prep, they would often partner up in science class, study after school together, they went to the movies, got ice-cream or just hung out in various locations.

But then, there was the next semester, and they didn’t have many of the same classes anymore, making it harder to hang out during school hours.

Aliz also had dance-classes to attend because she loved dancing.

Celery also had to work at his family grocery store to pay his intuition to go to college, which meant even less time the couple to see each other outside of school.

Even when they found a moment or two to get together, it wouldn’t last long. Their busy schedules kept getting in the way, and they found themselves becoming distracted that it was hard to concentrate on their curriculums.

So, they talked it over, and thought maybe it would best if they broke up.

It wasn’t official, they were very undecided and felt maybe they didn’t want to, but since then, they felt to awkward to approach each other.

In school, they would see each other in the hall, and maybe exchange a soft “Hello,” pause for a moment and then “See ya.”

The two both felt horrible, and really didn’t know if they wanted to break up or not, but as they felt too awkward to approach one another, it was beginning to look like it was final.

It gave them time to focus on their studies and their work, and they even found time to get into Duel Monsters as it was all the rage.

Both of them had taken interest in Thunder monsters due to their fond of science, and how electricity could be used in many ways to create great power.

Then they both found out that they were both entering the tournament, and they both dueled with identical styles, and it only brought on more awkwardness to them.

By this time, both Celery and Alizarin had said this story to their respective opponents.

Celery looked around again, hoping to see his girlfriend anywhere, and maybe he could show her how much he didn’t want to break up.

“Then you have to tell her!” said Sunset.

“What?” asked Celery.

“Tell her you don’t want to break up. No more awkwardness. No more being afraid of one another.”

Naturally, Celery looked nervous and sweated so badly his glasses fogged up. “I don’t know if I can, and what if it turns out she wants to breakup anyway?”

“That is a possibility.” said Sunset. She didn’t know how Alizarin felt as she was not there with her to comment on it.

So, Sunset proposed, “Look, we’ll let the duel decide.

If I win, you go to her. If you win, you do what you want.”

Celery couldn’t argue with that, and nodded in agreement.

So the duel continued…

Celery LP: 8000

Sunset LP: 4400

“It’s my draw…!” said Sunset and she drew her card giving her four in her hand.

Suddenly, her Extra Deck began to glow, but only she could see it, no one else could.

“What’s happening?” she wondered in thought, and then right before her eyes appeared images of a few of the blank cards she had been given in that mysterious note.

They transformed into new monsters, as if they were calling out to her to play them.

Sunset even remembered what the letter had said when she received the cards,

“They will help you rescue your friend.”

This put her in mind of the whole reason she joined the tournament; to save Princess Twilight, but she still couldn’t understand these cards and why they were suddenly activating.

“Well, then…” she thought “If they want me to play them, I will!”

“Now, I play POT OF GREED, so I can draw two more cards.”

She drew and readied to make her move with five cards she now held.

“Once again, I’ll set the Pendulum Scale, with Scale 1 DRAGONPULSE MAGICIAN and Scale 8 XIANGSHENG MAGICIAN!”

Her two magicians took their places in the light, and pendulum formed once again.

Sunset smiled “Now I can summon monsters from Level 2 through 7 at the same time!” and she called out to the Pendulum.

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

Three streaks of light shone out from the portal, and all of Sunset’s monsters appeared.




All three of Sunset’s monsters stood majestically bathing in the light, wowing the crowds.

“Now that’s a lineup,” whispered Spike “Sunset’s got a whole army on her field now.”

“It’s more than you think.” said Twilight “Just watch and you’ll see.

I use Dragonpulse Magician’s Pendulum Ability!” hollered Sunset “If I have another Magician monster in my other Pendulum Zone, I can discard one card from my hand, and destroy one card you control.”

She ditched a card from her hand, which was a Pendulum monster, and in a flash of exploding sparkles and electrical currents…

“My Batteryman Charger!” cried Celery.

Sunset chuckled, “And don’t forget, I still have my Pendulum Switch, so now, DragonPulse Magician leaves his Pendulum Zone, and joins us on the field!”

(Atk: 1800)

Now sunset had four monsters in play, and ready to play her new cards.

“Here goes something.” she said to herself.

“I play the spell HAMONIC WAVES, which lets me change Timebreaker Magician from Level 3 to Level 4!

Now that that’s done, I overlay Level 4 DragonPulse Magician and Timebreaker Magician.

With these two, I build the Overlay Network!


(Atk: 2400)

Everyone gazed in wonder at the sight of this new creature. It almost resembled Stargazer Magician, only darker and more mysterious-looking.

Twilight was confused. “When did Sunset get that monster?”

Sunset had told her and the rest of the gang about the mystery cards she received, and maybe it was all starting to make sense now.

“That’s a pretty neat monster.” said Celery.

“Oh, it gets even neater than that.” said Sunset “Now I use his special ability-- By using one overlay unit I get to put in my hand one Dark Spellcaster monster from my Deck, Graveyard, or even my Extra Deck.

…So I think I’ll go ahead and take the monster I discarded a moment ago.”

She grabbed her card and showed it to everyone, “Behold, XIANGKE MAGICIAN!”

Celery was starting to fret a little.

“Now that he’s in my hand,” said Sunset “I’ll go ahead and place him in the Pendulum Scale!”

Her new magician took his place and nodded over at his sister monster in the other Pendulum Zone, and she nodded back at him.

“Now I can really show off some Pendulum Power!” called Sunset.

“First: Xinagsheng Magician’s pendulum ability lets me target one Xyz monster and one monster that’s Leve 5 or higher, like my Odd-Eyes.”

The beautiful magician armed her magical bow and fired a lighting arrow straight at Sunset’s field; making a big burst of light that shrouded the two monsters.

“What are you doing?” asked Celery.

Sunset snickered and said “Take a good look…

Now my Timestar Magician’s Rank has become the same as Odd-Eyes’ level-- Seven!”

Celery was confused “That’s it? That’s all you did is increase your monster’s rank?”

Sunset shook her head “How very little you understand the concept of magic; it knows no bounds.”

Then she called up to her other monster “Xiangke Magician, do your thing-- use your Pendulum Ability to change my monster’s rank into a level!”

“Ah!” cried Celery, and he watched as the magic was formed from the glowing magician.

“Two level seven monsters!” cried Spike “This is awesome!”

Sunset’s eyes gave a small twinkle, “I now overlay my Odd-Eyes and my Timestar Magician!

I build the Overlay Netork, and Xyz Summon ODD-EYES ABSOLUTE DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2800)

Her mighty dragon roared and spread out its wings, much to Celery’s fright.

“Now go, Star Gazer Magician!” shouted Sunset, “Attack that Thunder Dragon!”

“What?!” snapped Celery “But my dragon’s stronger than your magician!”

(Atk: 1200) VS (Atk: 1600)

Stargazer was heading directly for what would be certain doom, but Sunset grinned, “Now, I use Odd-Eyes’ ability-- By using one overlay unit, I can stop any monster from attacking!”

With that, her magician skid to a halt, and returned to his normal position.

“And what’s more,” said Sunset “…My Pendulum Dragon returns from the graveyard.”

With that, her second dragon returned and roared!

(Atk: 2500)

“Welcome back, Odd-Eyes.” said Sunset, and then she looked over at Celery. “And remember, When Odd-Eyes attacks a monster; any battle damage you take is doubled!”

“Ah!” cried Celery.

Sunset then ordered her dragon to attack Celery’s Thunder Dragon!

(Atk: 2500) VS (Atk: 1600)

Celery braced himself as his last monster was destroyed, and he took a big 1800 points of damage instead of 900!

Celery LP: 8000 -----> 6200

“And don’t forget,” called Sunset “My other dragon still hasn’t attacked yet!”

Celery whimpered and watched as Sunset ordered her huge dragon to attack him.

KAPOW!! Celery was knocked back several paces in the explosion, and took a full 2800 points to his score!

Celery LP: 6200 -----> 3400

The spectators cheered for Sunset’s last move.

“Alright!” cheered Spike “Sunset just pulled way into the lead.”

Twilight agreed, “Maybe, but the duel’s not quite done yet. Celery Stalk could still pull off a lucky move.”

Sunset just ended her turn, and she thought to herself “That’s all I can do.”

She looked down at the single card in her hand which was a “Summoner’s Art” spell card.

“This card won’t help me at all, but I can’t let that bother me. My mystery cards revealed themselves to me for a reason, and I have to trust them.

Now I’ve already played one of them, but I still need to play the other! I can’t let it down.”

Celery brushed himself off from the last attack.

“I got to admit that was pretty near. Alizarin would have loved to have seen it too.”

He paused, thinking of her, and still wishing she were here.

He was beginning to think Win or Lose, he should go to her and tell her how he felt, but for now he continued with the duel.

“I draw!”

He looked down at what he drew, and then rolled his eyes back to Sunset.

“Now it’s time for me to show you what I can do.

First, I’ll set one card facedown!

And now, I banish Batteryman 9Volt and Batteryman charger from the graveyard, so I may summon my great power source, BATTERYMAN INDUSTRIALIST STRENGTH!”

(Atk: 2600)

Sunset gawked up at the strong monster, and its electrical energies flowing through it.

“Now I use his special ability.” said Celery “By banishing a Thunder Dragon from my graveyard, I can destroy one monster and one spell or trap that you control!”

Sunset gasped and watched in horror as her Absolute Dragon, as well as her Xiangke Magician were obliterated just like that.

“You just activate my dragon’s ability!” snapped Sunset “When it’s destroyed, I get to summon one Odd-Eyes monster out of my Extra Deck.”

Her Extra Deck glowed brightly and her new monster appeared in that meteor explosion.


(Atk: 2500)

The dragon stood with its flaming wings blazing, but Celery was far from deterred by it.

“Now I activate the card that I drew-- MONSTER RECOVERY!

“What?” snapped Sunset.

Celery snickered, “Now I take my Industrialist, and place him back in the deck. Then I reshuffle and draw five new cards to continue the onslaught.”

With his hand now refreshed, he looked down at his five new cards and really liked what they were.

“Now I play FUSION RECOVERY, which allows me to get back one of my other Thunder Dragons plus Polymerization from the graveyard.

And next I play MONSTER REINCARNATION, so I discard a Batteryman, and get back my other Thunder Dragon.”

Sunset didn’t like where this was going.

“And now,” said Celery “Time for GRACEFUL CHAIRTY, so I draw three cards and then throw two away.”

After performing his trick, he was very pleased with the cards he had drawn.

“Now that I have two Batteryman monsters in the graveyard again, I can once again banish them both to bring out and old friend I happened to have drawn-- BATTERYMAN INDUSTRIALIST STRENGTH.”

(Atk: 2600)

“And you know what that means!”

“Ah!” Sunset cried, and she watched in horror as her Meteorburst Dragon was destroyed, along with her Xiangsheng Magician.

Sunset was beginning to fret, which amused her opponeny.

“I told you,” said Celery “…Electricity can be used for many things.

Now I play POLYMERIZATION so I can fuse my two Thunder Dragons in my hand, and once again I can Fusion Summon TWIN-HEADED THUNDER DRAGON!”

(Atk: 2800)

Celery’s hand was completely empty, but he really didn’t seem too worried.

“Now then, who should I attack first?” Celery joked, and he eyed at the two monsters and then saw the magician monster, “Oh, but of course.”

“Stargazer Magician!” cried Sunset.

Celery snickered and ordered his Twin-Dragon, “Blow it away!”

The mighty dragon bellowed and spewed a thunderous blast…

“I activate my Pendulum Switch card!” shouted Sunset “It lets Stargazer jump back up into the Pendulum Zone and he can escape from harm.”

With that, her magician leapt out of the way and to safety.

“No matter.” said Celery, “I’ll just replay, so I can still destroy your Pendulum Dragon!

Go Thunder Dragon!”

In a strike of thunder, Sunset’s precious Odd-Eyes was destroyed!

(Atk: 2800) VS (Atk: 2500)

Sunset LP: 4400 -----> 4100

“Odd-Eyes-- No!!” she cried.

“And now that you’re defenseless…” said Celery “Go, Industrialist, and attack her directly!”

The monster charged up it’s powerful arms and wires, and unleash a wave of shocking energy at Sunset, making her scream and dealing her a full 2600 points of damage.

Sunset LP: 4100 -----> 1500

Now Sunset was in a really tough spot. She had no monsters, her Pendulum Zone was still broken, and with both monsters still ready to attack, there was very little she could do to stop them with what she had.

Celery was most content with himself, and yet he sighed, still wishing Alizarin was there to see him, and the more he thought of her, the more he hurt inside-- so many good memories, which lead to the near breakup now.

He reached up and rubbed a tear from his eye.

Sunset could see this was getting way to serious, and the sooner the duel ended the better.

It was her turn now, since Celery had no more cards to play, but she stopped and thought deeply.

“I want the duel to end so I can try to help him, but I can’t lose it! If I do, then I won’t be able to save Princess Twilight, but what can I do?

My Pendulum Scale is broken, and worse than that, this Summoner’s Art spell won’t help me by itself.”

She looked down at her duel disk and looked at her Main Deck and then over to her Extra Deck, remembering that other card she had yet to summon, but she didn’t have the necessary card to do it.

She cautiously placed her finger over her next card, “Come on… Come on…!” she thought deeply, and she drew her card.

“Oh…!” she exclaimed.

“What? What is it?” asked Celery snapping out of his trance.

“Well, since you asked.” said Sunset “I play a little magic of my own! I activate DOUBLE SPELL!”

“Oh, no…! Not Double Spell!” cried Celery.

“Oh, yes.” said Sunset “But first, in response its activation, My Pendulum Switch forces Stargazer Magician to jump back onto the field again.”

Her magician did just so.

(Atk: 1200)

“And now, my Double spell kicks in!

All I do is ditch one spell from my hand, and it lets me use any spell that it’s your graveyard.

I think I go ahead and help myself to MONSTER RECOVERY!”

“No!” cried Celery, but his duel disk had shot a beam of light at Sunset’s field showing his own spell card from the graveyard.

Sunset smirked “Now I combine Stargazer Magician into my deck, shuffle, and draw five cards!”

She did just so, and she really loved what she had drawn!

“Perfect!” she said.

“First, I'll set the Pendulum Scale 2 OAFDRAGON MAGICIAN and Scale 8 HARMONIZING MAGICIAN!”

Celery watched as the Pendulum Scale was complete and the Pendulum began to swing.

“Now I can summon as many monsters from Levels 3 through 7 all at once” said Sunset, and she called up to the Pendulum once again…

“As the pendulum swings from forth to back
My monsters come forth… to launch an attack!

…Behold my monsters!”

Four blasts of light shone form her Extra Deck and her monsters appeared.





Celery didn’t like the looks of this at all.

“And finally, I play my own fusion card, POLYMERIZATION!”

“What? Oh no!” cried Celery.

Sunset nodded, “I fuse Odd Eyes with Dragonpit Magician, so now I can create a whole new monster!”

The two monsters rose up into the air and merged in swirling lights, and the new monster formed, and Sunset felt that peculiar urge to call out to it again.

“I summon a dragon of powerful might,
May its swirling force win me this fight!


(Atk: 2500)

The new dragon spread out its wings and let out a mighty roar.

A lot of the spectators were chattering about.

“What monster is that?”

“Is it even released yet?”

“Where I can get one?”

Celery gazed up in awe at the mighty beast, and then his Thunder Dragon began to glow, and vanished off the field, “Hey! What happened to my dragon?”

“That’s Vortex Dragon’s ability,” said Sunset “When he’s successfully been summoned, he can send one monster on your field back to your hand, but in your dragon’s case, he went straight back to the Extra Deck.”

Celery was sweating and shivering with fear. His Industrialist was his only monster left.

“Oh, and one other thing…” said Sunset “Harmonizing Magician’s Pendulum effect grants each of my monsters 100 attack points for every Magician I have in my Extra Deck!”

Celery whimpered as he gazed at the image of Dragonpit standing there, glaring at him, and Sunset’s monster’s powered up.

(Atk: 2500) -----> (Atk: 2600) x2

(Atk: 500) -----> (Atk: 600)

Sunset then called out, “Now then, Xiangsheng Magician, time for you to strut your stuff.”

I know-- she looks weak now, but her special ability let’s her take on the attack of any other monster I control!”

“Any monster?!” cried Celery, and he watched in horror as the Magician glowed and absorbed the power from the Vortex Dragon.

(Atk: 600) -----> (Atk: 2600)

Sunset snickered “Of course, she still gets an extra 200 point boost thanks to Harmonizing Magician!”

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2700)

Celery was panting heavily with fear and stress!

“Now…” Sunset called “Xiangsheng Magician, attack and destroy that Batteryman!”

The Magician aimed her bow and fired her arrow straight for her target.

“I won’t let you!” shouted Celery “I activate the trap card MIRROR FORCE.”

Sunset gasped.

“That’s right,” said Celery “This trap will harness the power of your attack and electrically send it back to all your monsters, and wiping them out!”

“Wrong!” shouted Sunset.


“I use Vortex Dragon’s second ability! When you activate a card effect, all I have to do is send one Pendulum monster in my Extra Deck back to my Main Deck, and that canceled out the effect of your card and destroys it!”

“No!!” cried Celery.

All of Sunset’s monsters now lost 100 attack points as she had one fewer magicians in her Extra Deck, but it didn’t matter because her attack continued.

(Atk: 2600) VS (Atk: 2600)

The Batteryman was destroyed, and so was the Magician, which made him fret and Sunset smirk.

“Now that I have another Magician in the Extra Deck, my two remaining monster’s get even stronger, and just in time to finish you off!”

(Atk: 2600) -----> (Atk: 2700) x2

She ordered her Dragon and Magician to attack directly, and with an attack of 2600 each, poor Celery screamed and yowled as the flames enveloped him.”

Celery LP: 3400 -----> 0

Sunset’s “Winner” shot was shone in the images before they all faded away, and the crowds were cheering like crazy.

Sunset’s duel meter increased to 15% while Celery was all tapped out.

Spike howled triumphantly, and his loud howl didn’t seem to bother Twilight at all. If anything, she was clapping rather awkwardly-- slowly, but then she headed over to Sunset.

Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack came along too, having watched the entire duel from afar as they waited for their own duel times.

“Well, done, darling!” said Rarity.

“You go girl.” added Applejack.

“…Yay” peeped Fluttershy.

Sunset was glad it was over, but she was still rather amazed that her new cards pulled through for her.

Still, there many other blank cards she had to uncover, especially the completely blank one.

“Celery!” she then called and she went over to him, to help him up off the ground.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” answered Celery. “That was an awesome duel.”

She smiled at him, “And…” she said “Remember our deal?”

Celery nodded, “I may be out of the tournament, but that doesn’t matter to me now. You’ve opened my eyes.

Alizarin and I have something special. I don’t want to lose that, and I know we can work it out… together!

I’m going to check every last inch of this theme park until I find her!”

“You don’t have to.” called a familiar voice.

Celery turned round and there she was standing behind him.


“You had me at “Sparks.”

Celery was confused. “I didn’t say “Sparks.”

His girlfriend looked up at him, “Well I’m seeing them, because you light up my day.”

The two smiled lovingly, and embraced each other in a huge hug, which wooed the crowds.

Then Pinkie came along dabbing her eyes with a hankie, “It’s just so beautiful!” she sobbed, and she blew her nose.

“Where’d you come from?” asked Applejack.

“She came along with me.” answered Rainbow “I just watched her kick Alizarin right of the duel, and then encourage her to come down here.”

“Pinkie, you won?” asked Sunset.

Pinkie nodded and showed her duel meter which was at 15%.

“What a duel it was…” she said, and her mind flashed back to it all…

Alizarin LP: 7100

Pinkie LP: 1900

Aliz had just finished telling Pinkie the story about her and Celery and their potential breakup.

Pinkie thought it was just heartbreaking, but it was Aliz that finally broke in, fell to her knees, and began to bawl softly into her hands.

“I don’t wanna break up with Celery!” she bawled “I like him so much!”

Pinkie clenched her fists, “That’s all I can stand I can’t stands no more! I’m going to end this duel, make you smile, and then we’re both going to find your boyfriend and set things right with you!”

Aliz looked up, “But--”

“No buts!” snapped Pinkie “I’ll put my very reputation on the line. If I can’t make this work out, why I, myself, may never smile again.

Now wipe those eyes, get up on your feet, and finish your move!”

Aliz could see Pinkie was being extremely serious, so she completely-- wiping her eyes, and stood back up again to finish her move.

“Right, it’s my move, and I’ll set two cards facedown, and that ends my turn!”

Pinkie nodded, “Now it’s my draw…” and she took her card which gave a hand of eight, and she really liked what she drew, and once again took stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please…

We have now reached the grand Finale of this show, and I promised you that smiles will shine at the end of it all, and it all begins with I place this monster in my Pendulum Scale, and that’s Scale 4 PERFORMAPAL TRUMP WITCH.”

The new playful little monster leapt right up and into the Pendulum Zone, making the magic pendulum swing once again.

“And while I’m at it,” said Pinke “I’ll now sacrifice two of my Hippo Tokens, in order to summon a new member of our performing party!

…Please give a big welcome to, Ta-da, PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES DISOLVER!”

(Atk: 2000)

This new monster seemed rather dark and eerie looking, not much of a thing to make you want to smile.

“Now that that’s done,” said Pinkie “Watch as I… Pendulum Summon all the Level 5 monsters I need!”

The portal opened wide and she summoned two monsters from her hand!



Now Pinkie had four monsters in play.

“Now then,” said Pinkie “I draw your attention to Dissolver as he uses his Pendulum ability that allows me to fuse monsters I control without the need of Polymerization or any fusion card.”

“What?!” snapped Alziran.

“I fuse Dissolver himself with Gum Gummouton!

Now making its debut on our stage…


(Atk: 2900)

Her dragon stomped on the field, and pointed a huge bazooka gun, which gave Aliz a bit of r a fright.

Pinkie grinned cheekily, “And now come the real fireworks.” she announced “My newest monster has a special power that when he’s summoned, I get to deal Aliz 200 points of damage for every card that’s out!”

“What?!” snapped Aliz “Every card?!”

“That’s what I said.” Answered Pinkie “And unless I’m mistaken, there happens to be, eight cards in play, which deals you, how many points is that…?”

Aliz whimpered and said “Sixteen hundred…?”

Pinkie looked up at her new monster and chuckled warmly at his appearance, figuring Sunset would’ve loved to have seen this creature.

“But that’s not all,” Pinkie announced “Next: My Trump witch, uses her Pendulum ability, so not only can I fusion summon again without a fusion card,

“What?” cried Aliz “But you can’t-- That’s not--” but too bad for her, it actually worked, and

Alizarin LP: 7100 -----> 5500

“But wait, we’re not through yet, folks.” said Pinkie “My monster’s got another special power.

Since he was summoned using a Pendulum Monster, I can now destroy one monster my opponent controls, and then she takes damage equal to that monster’s attack power!”

Aliz gasped! Her Chimera was her only monster!

POW!! Pinkie’s monster fired it’s bazooka at it, and it was destroyed instantly, and the shockwaves flew past her dealing her another 1400 points of damage.

Alizarin LP: 5500 -----> 4100

“I won’t let this happen!” growled Aliz “I activate my face-down, WATTKEEPER.

This trap lets me revive one Watt monster in my graveyard, and I choose, Watt Giraffe!”

(Atk: 1200)

“Since I summoned a Thunder Monster, you now take another 600 points of damage from my Wattcannon!”

ZAP! Pinkie got jolted once again

Pinkie LP: 1900 -----> 1300

“And now I can use my other facedown card, “shouted Alize “Activate INFERNO RECKLESS SUMMON!

Since I summoned my Giraffe, I now can summon two more, and you get to summon any replicas of yours monsters.”

Her two Giraffes appeared,

(Def: 100) x2

But Pinkie didn’t have any replicas of her monsters to summon. She had only one of each card in her deck, as it was her way of keeping all her cards so they’d feel special to her.

“Well then,” called Aliz “Now you get shocked with another 600 points!”

And indeed, Pinkie got zapped again!

Pinkie LP: 1300 -----> 700

Aliz was most confident with herself, as she looked down at the last card in her hand, which was an Honest, just like Celery had played.

“This should work.” she thought to herself “Pinkie won’t be able to resist attacking my Giraffe in attack mode, and when she does I’ll use Honest’s effect to increase his attack, and that’ll make it 1200 attack points stronger, which will wipe out the rest of Pinkie’s life points.”

Pinkie brushed the smoke out of her hair, but remained as smiling as ever, “Sorry about the delay folks. Now, on with the show!

Now I use Performapal Trump Witch’s Pendulum Abbility, which also allows me to fuse my monsters without using a fusion card!”

“Again?!” cried Aliz.

“Oh, yes!” cheered Pinkie “Now I fuse my Light Phoenix with my Gatlinghoul!

I Fusion Summon a monster to take the stage like no other!

Introducing, the one and only… PERFORMAPAL ODD-EYES METAL CLAW!”

(Atk: 3000)

Her new dragon stomped on the field and let out a mighty roar.

Pinkie smiled as she looked up at him, thinking that Sunset would love this monster.

“But hold your applause folks, because there’s more!

Now, hold onto your seats people, because I’m going to play my absolute, number one, favorite card in the entire dueling world.”

She held that very card up, and shouted, “Da-Da-Da-Dun… it’s SMILE WORLD!”

Aliz was confused, and even more so when happy, smiling colorful pictures began to appear and floated around all over the place!

“What’s going on?” asked Aliz, but then she couldn’t help but smile a little as the faces floated past her, and tickled her “What is this?”

Pinkie smiled widely, “See, I told you I’d get you to smile, just like the card says, but then again, all of our monsters are smiling too, because now their attack power increases by 100 points for every creature that’s in play.

“Huh?!” cried Aliz, and she realized there were five monsters in play-- her three Giraffe’s, Pinkie’s dragon and her remaining Hippo Token.

This meant that all monsters gained 500 extra attack points.

(Atk: 3000) -----> (Atk: 3500)

(Atk: 1200) -----> (Atk: 1700)

Her Hippo Token didn’t matter as it was still in Defense-Mode.

“But wait!” said Alize “Why power up all the monsters?”

Pinkie shrugged “It’s just how the card works, but then again, I can power-up Odd-Eyes even more.

All I have to do is banish SKILL SUCCESSOR out of my graveyard, and he’ll gain 800 extra attack points!”

(Atk: 3500) -----> (Atk: 4300)

“Skill Successor?” snapped Aliz “But you never had that in your graveyard.”

Pinkie giggled “Sure I did. Remember when you played Heavy Storm? You sent it blowing away.”

Aliz growled, but she was still confident deep down that her Honest strategy would still prevail.

“Now then,” said Pinkie “I have one final magic trick to pull.

For the Grand Finale; I reach up my sleeve and activate the spell THAT WACKY MAGIC!”

“Wacky what?” asked Aliz.

“Wacky Magic.” answered Pinkie “It forces me to banish all the cards out of my graveyard, but it gets worse for you! You see, for each one I banish, each one equals 300 defense points, which equals 600 points.”

“So?” asked Aliz, but then she watched as her three Giraffes began to glow, and they shattered away just like that.

“My monsters…! What happened to them?”

“Oh, didn’t I mention?” Pinkie cheekily asked, “Since your monsters all had less than 600 defense points, they all had to go bye-bye.”

Aliz gasped, and realized her entire strategy was squashed, and she was wide open to Pinkie’s dragon now.

“Oh, and one last thing…” Pinkie called “When my Odd-Eyes attacks, all monsters I control gain 300 more attack points.”

(Atk: 4300) -----> (Atk: 4600)

Aliz looked up, and lowered her arm. She knew she was finished, and yet… she couldn’t help but smile, much to Pinkie’s delight.

Aliz then nodded at her, telling her to go on with it.

Pinkie agreed and called up to her monster, “Odd-Eyes… bring this show to a close, with a direct attack!”

Her monster complied, and gave a huge stomp before charging at Aliz, and swiping her hard with its huge metal claw, and wiping her out.

Alizarin LP: 4100 -----> 0

Aliz then looked over at Pinkie, and Pinkie bowed to her and winked “Show’s over. Smiles win.”

That was the end of the flashback.

“After that, we talked for a moment,” said Pinkie “Alizarin said she knew had to find Celery Stalk and tell him she didn’t want to break up.”

Rainbow nodded, “I saw the duel happening on the TV screen, and led them both here.”

Everyone then stopped and gazed at the happy couple as they were gazing into each other’s eyes, and embraced again.

The rest of the crowds had already parted and gone about their business, but the girls were all enamoured with what they saw.

“It’s so beautiful.” said Rarity.

Sunset agreed “They may be out of the tournament now, but they’re still in love, and that’s important.”

The girls all smiled and agreed.

“…How pathetic!” called a deep voice from behind.

The girls turned, and the couple looked and saw none other than Masquerade.

Author's Note:

According to the ANIME effect of Hippo Carnival, the Tokens CAN be tributes, whatever the case may be... it saves the duel.

Then again, Yugioh often screws with the rules, especially in season 1.

-Mystical Elf transferred her power to Yugi's Blue Eyes
-Mammoth Graveyard rotted Ultimate Dragon from within
-Machine monsters being immune to magic


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