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(Written for 2019 Writing Contest for Equestria At War)

When the Deer Republic deposed the corrupt King Johan Jelzek, and heir to the throne Velvet Fairantlers renounced all of her royal titles, Chairstag Kullervo Sirola knew that war with the Changelings was inevitable. However, after the Changeling Blitz smashed through the original Manntlerhim Line, the Deer's Liberation Army knew that they could not hold back Queen Chrysalis' hordes without... drastic measures.

The Deer Republic has all but abandoned most of Olenia to dig in entrenchments only a few kilometers north of the capital city of Hjortland. It is hoped that the more concentrated entrenchments and artillery can hold back the Changeling's infantry waves and panzers. So far, the Sito Line has held fast for several years, but even the toughest of defensive lines need resupplies, and the task to deliver more ammo and other vitally needed equipment falls to members of the Hjortland Garrison.

For Katri Kolkka, a deer who has just joined the Deer's Liberation Army, her squad's delivery of needed supplies will have her trapped on the front, as a Changeling charge forces everydeer to stand and fight against them. There, she will face the horrors of modern warfare, and be forced to fight for her very survival.

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Well this was a pleasantly adorable little read. Ill admit if i didn't know diddly squat about equestria at war id be rather confused but if i didnt how would i have found this in the first place then :rainbowlaugh:

Have a like and a fave

A well written story that was very nice to read. As a finn, the random finnish words were kind of a weird thing to see, but they did not detract from the experience.

The Finnish was a nice touch, even though I didn't understand any of it. However, after the first scene it became too exposition-heavy for me. Referencing events and equipment from the mod is alright, but it'd be better if you could find an organic means of integrating them.

Was quite nuce story but there is 2 issues that caught my eyes. The excessive use of gun names such as Oleni kp/-10. And the poor finnish in some cases such as Heera which should be Herra.


this one is a good example. I have no idea what youre trying to say here.

Im offering to do better translations for you.
Message me in discord Suola#8624

Olenia is probably my favorite nation in EaW so it was awesome to read this fic. Especially the counter-attack phase, as in the game most of the time Olenia has to just hold out for Equestria.

Great story!

And here I was, about to write a fic about Olenia based on my entrenchment tactics from my most recent game, until I came across this story about similar circumstances. I'm around 2 years too late, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this story

Don't let that stop you from writing the story, there are always different perspectives to work from. More EaW is always appreciated! :raritywink:

Looking at this from a strategic perspective, the Changeling lands must have had pretty terrible leadership considering they lost to an otherwise inferior enemy that was presumably still recovering from a civil war. Or perhaps they didn't have enough artillery. As I personally discovered the hard way, artillery is very important for disorientating enemies and achieving breakthroughs, and the tale seldom mentioned the Changelings using artillery.

I wonder what the Arcturian Order and the Dread League were up to...

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