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"Cause who needs a background?"

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i need more, this is good...

thankyou~ We might make more. I have to consolt Spider tho

This is amazing, please continue.

This has become a series. The next chapter will be released sometime soon. And thank you for the comment. I for some reason love responding to these!

This is very good I can't wait to read what happend next

You posted this comment on chapter two so check out our newest chapter: Flare
And thank you for the compliment and comment!

You're very welcome, and I will do that keep up the good work =^ ^=

A funny clop. I like it. Hope we can get Flare fine flank soon. Have a like👍

Welp, that got gross fast.

I had some inhibitions about this, but they quickly left as he waited for the dragon horse to make the first move.

Are you doing 2nd or 3rd person? Pick one!

In other news, I thrusted upwards into wordless as she bounces on me.

Pick a fucking tense!

hey, we all make mistakes. I mean Ledge probably didn't mean to set a house on fire or at-least I would like to believe he didn't mean to.

Well it seems some people aren’t as forgiving... 2 dislikes within the first hour of posting the chapter... oofs

So he has a member with dimensions of 2in by 7in. This is interesting because it happens to also be the dimensions of a bloody can of monster energy.

Lol true. Just remember that this is a cloppfic so sense doesn’t matter in his size lol.

Pretty good chapter

Thx. The story is on hold until I find someone willing to join me in co-writing it.

Hehe unrealistic is fun!

Interesting they can vocalize, just not talk...

How long? Hardly a few hours! 🎉

To be fair it's not like he actually got any kind of consent...

Crude but effective.

Seems you like the fic. I still have the co-author spot open.

Oh! Uh, we're not all that great at content generation, but if you want we can help, somewhat delayed. ☺ Got quite a bit of stuff in the queue.

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