• Published 26th Feb 2019
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We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off... - Desperate Dawn

Continuation of a certain story that is never completed, and it has been a long time. Thus, this happened.

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

EY, Desperate Dawn here coming in with another story!
Yes, this is a Sequel from the story called We're...Twins...yes...twins by Questionable Brony, yes we didn't hear about them and assumed that they were dead thus I, Desperate Dawn, hereby present you the first Chapter of the story sequel that took place way ahead during the first Episode.

Now if you spot something wrong in the grammar or anything, point them out in the comments down below. I'll fix them in the morning, because its VERY LATE HERE.
Yes, I still doesn't have a ProofReader nor do I have an Editor, so please bear with me.
I swear if any of you say that I need an Editor in the comments without pointing out where it went wrong, I REEEEEEEEEEEEE'd my computer out of the nearest window.

Eh, that aside, hope ya enjoy this story and I hope I start writing again, because I'm so lazy at times. See ya guys later!

-Desperate Out

I opened my eyes to see the same exact ceiling for the past couple years under the Princess teaching. Ever since my arrival and that means being magically sucked into my world into the magical world of Equestria, I found myself quite enjoying it actually. I still remember that I have a family there but other than that, it was blank. Like I have no more memory of them, as if that they simply vanished just like that. Thinking it for the first time make me cry and almost turned the house into a plunder vines death trap. It hurts to think about it that I have no more memory of my past life and what’s left of it slowly fading away, but overtime, I’ve grown to let go. And two years later, I have no longer remembers my family’s name. Even my own was lost long before I started to forget.

Yes, I already told Twilight and the rest of the family about my origin, including Celestia, well except for both Shining and Cadence since the two rarely visits after we moved. Twilight had to apologize a thousand times and perhaps a thousand more if I didn’t say it wasn’t her fault. The others in the otherhoof, all handled it pretty well.

And now here I am. It had been about err… fourteen years since that accident. And growing up is the only hard part of my new life, I still remember that a whole garrison of the guard got disciplined, demoted or both because they were chasing an innocent filly with draconic eyes who can summon plunderseeds just because they think she was dangerous. Yes, that filly was me and it is really was unpleasant. Of course, since Shining, my brother had quickly risen up to Captain of the Equestrian Royal Guard. He made sure that none of the guards will act harshly towards me, which is great actually.

My time in school however, was also unpleasant. Not only everypony was worried of me, but they are downright afraid of me. Well it was the colts fault for bullying Twilight. No one. Absolutely NO ONE! Hurt Twilight, my sister, when I’m around. Both everypony and particularly the group of colts that bullies her, learned not to piss me off after that, and even more so, the group doesn’t even think to bully Twilight nor do they mess around with her. The last one got himself ended up with a broken ribs and me getting detention for a month.

And a few weeks after, Princess Celestia personally changed my schedule that limits my time in classes and spends more time with her tutoring me personally. Of course, both Twilight and I was not the only student Princess Celestia tutored personally; there was Lyra, Moon Dancer, Twinkle Shine, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, Trixie although she dropped out because of something and there also Sunburst who dropped out too. Other than that, I couldn’t remember other classmates because it was them that I talked to the most.

I lazily got up, yawning while stretching my legs. Slowly I scooted out of bed and head to the bathroom. Once my morning routine done, I trotted out of my room. Oh heavens, not even a single step yet the smell of freshly made pancakes assaulted my nostril. Quickly trotting downstairs, I saw Spike placing a plate full of pancakes on the table before taking a seat between the two empty chairs at each edge of the table.

“Morning Spike!” I chirped happily.

“Hey, Twivine, good to see you’re up,” Spike gestured over to the pancakes that is ready at both edge of the table. “Help yourself out.”

I smiled and trotting over and takes a seat. “Where’s Twilight, thought you’ll wake her up by now.” Spike asked which was replied with a loud thump upstairs.

“Three, two, one-“ I counted and on cue, Twilight’s screamed on top of her lungs.


“And there you go Spike.” I smiled smugly, he simply shrugged.

“Works for me,” he proceeds to chomp his breakfast which consisted of ruby and other precious stone.

Three minutes later, Twilight came down, clearly pissed off from my earlier wake up call. She both glad and cursed my methods of waking her up, but by her expression alone I know I hit the jackpot.

As she saw me, she opened her mouth to protest before closing it again even more furious as she can’t came up with something. Grumpily, she took a seat opposite of me and starts on her breakfast. I summoned a plunder vines, carrying a mug of coffee and gently placing it on her side of the table. She thanked me although she’s still mad. I merely nodded and retracted the vines back to their pots.

Ever since my time here, I mastered my control over the vines that I occasionally bring out with, well I may be out of Twilight’s league of doing complex spells and skills on that side but at least I have some great assistance of my own while Twilight relied on Spike as her number one assistance. Well, having her intelligence didn’t actually helped me get a grasp on certain spells but Princess Celestia said it herself that I can be on par with Twilight if I tried harder, which I don’t. I never tried to be on level with Twilight, because I mostly skeptical of my own magical abilities. Even though the Princess said that I had the same power as her, I don’t want to be compared with Twilight and thankfully the Princess understands my reasoning and doesn’t press me on further on that department.

“So, Twivine, already got a present for Moon Dancer’s birthday?” Spike asked.

I answered while levitating a gift-wrapped box up to the table. “Yup, and also some more vials to better complete her chemistry set.”

Spike then turned to Twilight who is at the middle of drinking her coffee. “What about you, Twi, did you get anything for Moon Dancer’s birthday yet?”

Twilight simply replied by spurting out her coffee to Spike’s face. “WHAT!? Her birthday is today!?”

“This is why you shouldn’t go on with your late night sprees.” I deadpanned.

“Not only I forget about it, most importantly I didn’t finish up the research on Nightmare Moon!” Okay, now she’s both hyperventilating and panicking. Facehooving, I wrapped her with my magical aura, she yelped when I did so.

“Are you calm now?” I asked, she nodded thus I dropped her from my magical aura. I stared at her with my usual ‘are you kidding me’ face. “Seriously, you rather get your research finished first rather than your friends?”

“But this is even more important!” She retorted. “The fate of Equestria is at hoof if we don’t do something about it.”

“Isn’t she’s just an old pony’s tale?” Spike chimed in. “And aren’t you overthinking this too much? I mean, c’mon Twi, it’s just a tale. It wasn’t real.”

“I have to agree with Spike here and we both know when your mind goes when you're thinking of every possibility.” I sighed. “Again, just as Spike said, it’s just a tale that everypony doesn’t care about.”

“But… but, the fate of-“ I immediately cuts her off, getting annoyed by her antics.

“Twilight, take a deep breath and think this through.” Twilight did as she instructed to do. “Do you think the Princess will acknowledge this kind of story?” Twilight opened her mouth to respond before closing it, thinking the answer. She looked at me with a firm determined look of her and said.


I facehooved, while Spike simply sighed.

“Okay, let’s say that the Princess does acknowledge this threat, and then what do you do?”

Simple question really, I doubt she had answers for it.

“I…I don’t know.”

As I expected.

“See, even you don’t know what to do, warning the Princess may solve the problem, but right now it doesn’t important. It’s important for you to wish Moon Dancer a happy birthday. Now come on, I’ll help you pick something for her on the way.” I started to push her out of our tower, levitating both of our saddlebags with Spike on the tow with his gift of his own.

“Alright fine, but you and Spike will help me sending a message to Princess Celestia.”

“I highly doubt the Princess would do anything, but whatever. Now let’s go!”

Twilight choose to give Moon Dancer a book, which is expected of her. At Shining’s birthday, she even gave him a book all about the Royal Guard. Heck every time she will always gives a book to somepony as a gift. Quite understandable, she lacks the social skill to give anypony something they like, but both she and Moon Dancer have a lot in common so I won’t try to convince her to give Moon Dancer something else.

We eventually made it to the party, well a small party but it is enough to make Moon Dancer happy. Minuette, Twinkle Shine, Lemon Hearts and Lyra were there to congratulate her. We all chatted for a while before we make our leave.

Twilight is happy enough to chat with the rest although avoiding most of the conversation and often reads her book about... what was it, something about the Element of something, not really sure. Most of the girls discuss about the latest of gossip, I wasn’t fond of gossip myself but it’s amusing enough to relief some stress most of the time.

We finally get inside and immediately she levitates a scroll out of nowhere and proceeds to write about the threat of this, Nightmare Moon. I had some say regarding the matter but it wasn’t much actually. The letter reads:

Dear Princess Celestia,

It has come to my attention that something rather dangerous is about to happened in the longest day of the thousandth year and that is tomorrow, during summer sun celebration at its peak. If you remember about the myth of Mare in the Moon, and in fact she was actually known as Nightmare Moon, then you should know that she will make her escape at that time, it is imperative that we act now to prevent her return. Twivine is highly skeptical saying it is highly unlikely that Nightmare Moon would stand a chance against you, while I won’t doubt that you perhaps already know about her and planned ahead of her eventual return.

But it seems that I have the obligation to remind you of this threat as she can doom all of Equestria with her eternal night. While I don’t doubt of your abilities, it is rather crucial that we must do a counter-measure to ensure the rest of the populace does not realize Nightmare Moon’s return or there will be a mass panic.

Again, I don’t doubt you Princess, but I am worried about what will happened if she does indeed escape and managed to make the night eternal.

Your always faithful Student
Twilight Sparkle.

She finished her writings and immediately called out Spike. I shushed her, gesturing over to already sleeping figure of Spike, curled on his basket.

“You can send this to the Princess in the morning, I doubt she still awake at this point.” I climbed on the stairs, halting midway. “I still think you’re overreacting to this, but if you’re right, I owed you twenty bits.”

Twilight smiled as a small yawn escape her. “Alright then, it’s a deal, I wish that I have your skepticism Twivine.”

I smiled back, “Please Twilight, if you do have it, you wouldn’t as skilled in magic as you are right now.”

“I suppose it’s true,” She then blinked and smirked. “Wait, did you just admit that I’m better than you?”

“I don’t know what are you talking about, and good night Twilight, don’t get yourself glued to a book tonight.” I said as I retreated to my room. I can still hear her snickering as I retreated. It’s been a long day and I’m tired, I dropped myself to bed, burying my head onto the pillow. Just before I know it, sleep already comes.

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