We're both twins, yes! Now buzz off...

by Desperate Dawn

First published

Continuation of a certain story that is never completed, and it has been a long time. Thus, this happened.

First of all, you might want to know about this story.
Already know? Well, let us say that this is a Sequel for it. The current author for that story seems to be dead and I know that continuing the story without their permission is bad so... A SEQUEL but mostly a time-skip on their childhood. Basically, we're back to around the time before Nightmare Moon eventual escape and yada-yada-yada, you all know it already so... Here you go.
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What happened if you are destined to be a mirror of someone’s power, a mere copy of themselves? Both in power and intelligence, the only difference is that you lack that someone’s appearance and identity? You could literally say that they are different as the day and night.

Well, Twivine can relate to that.

Chapter 1

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I opened my eyes to see the same exact ceiling for the past couple years under the Princess teaching. Ever since my arrival and that means being magically sucked into my world into the magical world of Equestria, I found myself quite enjoying it actually. I still remember that I have a family there but other than that, it was blank. Like I have no more memory of them, as if that they simply vanished just like that. Thinking it for the first time make me cry and almost turned the house into a plunder vines death trap. It hurts to think about it that I have no more memory of my past life and what’s left of it slowly fading away, but overtime, I’ve grown to let go. And two years later, I have no longer remembers my family’s name. Even my own was lost long before I started to forget.

Yes, I already told Twilight and the rest of the family about my origin, including Celestia, well except for both Shining and Cadence since the two rarely visits after we moved. Twilight had to apologize a thousand times and perhaps a thousand more if I didn’t say it wasn’t her fault. The others in the otherhoof, all handled it pretty well.

And now here I am. It had been about err… fourteen years since that accident. And growing up is the only hard part of my new life, I still remember that a whole garrison of the guard got disciplined, demoted or both because they were chasing an innocent filly with draconic eyes who can summon plunderseeds just because they think she was dangerous. Yes, that filly was me and it is really was unpleasant. Of course, since Shining, my brother had quickly risen up to Captain of the Equestrian Royal Guard. He made sure that none of the guards will act harshly towards me, which is great actually.

My time in school however, was also unpleasant. Not only everypony was worried of me, but they are downright afraid of me. Well it was the colts fault for bullying Twilight. No one. Absolutely NO ONE! Hurt Twilight, my sister, when I’m around. Both everypony and particularly the group of colts that bullies her, learned not to piss me off after that, and even more so, the group doesn’t even think to bully Twilight nor do they mess around with her. The last one got himself ended up with a broken ribs and me getting detention for a month.

And a few weeks after, Princess Celestia personally changed my schedule that limits my time in classes and spends more time with her tutoring me personally. Of course, both Twilight and I was not the only student Princess Celestia tutored personally; there was Lyra, Moon Dancer, Twinkle Shine, Minuette, Lemon Hearts, Trixie although she dropped out because of something and there also Sunburst who dropped out too. Other than that, I couldn’t remember other classmates because it was them that I talked to the most.

I lazily got up, yawning while stretching my legs. Slowly I scooted out of bed and head to the bathroom. Once my morning routine done, I trotted out of my room. Oh heavens, not even a single step yet the smell of freshly made pancakes assaulted my nostril. Quickly trotting downstairs, I saw Spike placing a plate full of pancakes on the table before taking a seat between the two empty chairs at each edge of the table.

“Morning Spike!” I chirped happily.

“Hey, Twivine, good to see you’re up,” Spike gestured over to the pancakes that is ready at both edge of the table. “Help yourself out.”

I smiled and trotting over and takes a seat. “Where’s Twilight, thought you’ll wake her up by now.” Spike asked which was replied with a loud thump upstairs.

“Three, two, one-“ I counted and on cue, Twilight’s screamed on top of her lungs.


“And there you go Spike.” I smiled smugly, he simply shrugged.

“Works for me,” he proceeds to chomp his breakfast which consisted of ruby and other precious stone.

Three minutes later, Twilight came down, clearly pissed off from my earlier wake up call. She both glad and cursed my methods of waking her up, but by her expression alone I know I hit the jackpot.

As she saw me, she opened her mouth to protest before closing it again even more furious as she can’t came up with something. Grumpily, she took a seat opposite of me and starts on her breakfast. I summoned a plunder vines, carrying a mug of coffee and gently placing it on her side of the table. She thanked me although she’s still mad. I merely nodded and retracted the vines back to their pots.

Ever since my time here, I mastered my control over the vines that I occasionally bring out with, well I may be out of Twilight’s league of doing complex spells and skills on that side but at least I have some great assistance of my own while Twilight relied on Spike as her number one assistance. Well, having her intelligence didn’t actually helped me get a grasp on certain spells but Princess Celestia said it herself that I can be on par with Twilight if I tried harder, which I don’t. I never tried to be on level with Twilight, because I mostly skeptical of my own magical abilities. Even though the Princess said that I had the same power as her, I don’t want to be compared with Twilight and thankfully the Princess understands my reasoning and doesn’t press me on further on that department.

“So, Twivine, already got a present for Moon Dancer’s birthday?” Spike asked.

I answered while levitating a gift-wrapped box up to the table. “Yup, and also some more vials to better complete her chemistry set.”

Spike then turned to Twilight who is at the middle of drinking her coffee. “What about you, Twi, did you get anything for Moon Dancer’s birthday yet?”

Twilight simply replied by spurting out her coffee to Spike’s face. “WHAT!? Her birthday is today!?”

“This is why you shouldn’t go on with your late night sprees.” I deadpanned.

“Not only I forget about it, most importantly I didn’t finish up the research on Nightmare Moon!” Okay, now she’s both hyperventilating and panicking. Facehooving, I wrapped her with my magical aura, she yelped when I did so.

“Are you calm now?” I asked, she nodded thus I dropped her from my magical aura. I stared at her with my usual ‘are you kidding me’ face. “Seriously, you rather get your research finished first rather than your friends?”

“But this is even more important!” She retorted. “The fate of Equestria is at hoof if we don’t do something about it.”

“Isn’t she’s just an old pony’s tale?” Spike chimed in. “And aren’t you overthinking this too much? I mean, c’mon Twi, it’s just a tale. It wasn’t real.”

“I have to agree with Spike here and we both know when your mind goes when you're thinking of every possibility.” I sighed. “Again, just as Spike said, it’s just a tale that everypony doesn’t care about.”

“But… but, the fate of-“ I immediately cuts her off, getting annoyed by her antics.

“Twilight, take a deep breath and think this through.” Twilight did as she instructed to do. “Do you think the Princess will acknowledge this kind of story?” Twilight opened her mouth to respond before closing it, thinking the answer. She looked at me with a firm determined look of her and said.


I facehooved, while Spike simply sighed.

“Okay, let’s say that the Princess does acknowledge this threat, and then what do you do?”

Simple question really, I doubt she had answers for it.

“I…I don’t know.”

As I expected.

“See, even you don’t know what to do, warning the Princess may solve the problem, but right now it doesn’t important. It’s important for you to wish Moon Dancer a happy birthday. Now come on, I’ll help you pick something for her on the way.” I started to push her out of our tower, levitating both of our saddlebags with Spike on the tow with his gift of his own.

“Alright fine, but you and Spike will help me sending a message to Princess Celestia.”

“I highly doubt the Princess would do anything, but whatever. Now let’s go!”

Twilight choose to give Moon Dancer a book, which is expected of her. At Shining’s birthday, she even gave him a book all about the Royal Guard. Heck every time she will always gives a book to somepony as a gift. Quite understandable, she lacks the social skill to give anypony something they like, but both she and Moon Dancer have a lot in common so I won’t try to convince her to give Moon Dancer something else.

We eventually made it to the party, well a small party but it is enough to make Moon Dancer happy. Minuette, Twinkle Shine, Lemon Hearts and Lyra were there to congratulate her. We all chatted for a while before we make our leave.

Twilight is happy enough to chat with the rest although avoiding most of the conversation and often reads her book about... what was it, something about the Element of something, not really sure. Most of the girls discuss about the latest of gossip, I wasn’t fond of gossip myself but it’s amusing enough to relief some stress most of the time.

We finally get inside and immediately she levitates a scroll out of nowhere and proceeds to write about the threat of this, Nightmare Moon. I had some say regarding the matter but it wasn’t much actually. The letter reads:

Dear Princess Celestia,

It has come to my attention that something rather dangerous is about to happened in the longest day of the thousandth year and that is tomorrow, during summer sun celebration at its peak. If you remember about the myth of Mare in the Moon, and in fact she was actually known as Nightmare Moon, then you should know that she will make her escape at that time, it is imperative that we act now to prevent her return. Twivine is highly skeptical saying it is highly unlikely that Nightmare Moon would stand a chance against you, while I won’t doubt that you perhaps already know about her and planned ahead of her eventual return.

But it seems that I have the obligation to remind you of this threat as she can doom all of Equestria with her eternal night. While I don’t doubt of your abilities, it is rather crucial that we must do a counter-measure to ensure the rest of the populace does not realize Nightmare Moon’s return or there will be a mass panic.

Again, I don’t doubt you Princess, but I am worried about what will happened if she does indeed escape and managed to make the night eternal.

Your always faithful Student
Twilight Sparkle.

She finished her writings and immediately called out Spike. I shushed her, gesturing over to already sleeping figure of Spike, curled on his basket.

“You can send this to the Princess in the morning, I doubt she still awake at this point.” I climbed on the stairs, halting midway. “I still think you’re overreacting to this, but if you’re right, I owed you twenty bits.”

Twilight smiled as a small yawn escape her. “Alright then, it’s a deal, I wish that I have your skepticism Twivine.”

I smiled back, “Please Twilight, if you do have it, you wouldn’t as skilled in magic as you are right now.”

“I suppose it’s true,” She then blinked and smirked. “Wait, did you just admit that I’m better than you?”

“I don’t know what are you talking about, and good night Twilight, don’t get yourself glued to a book tonight.” I said as I retreated to my room. I can still hear her snickering as I retreated. It’s been a long day and I’m tired, I dropped myself to bed, burying my head onto the pillow. Just before I know it, sleep already comes.

Chapter 2 Part 1

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I gaze upon the night sky, it simply looked beautiful, the moon is shining brightly and the stars also tries to compete to shine the brightest amongst all others, determined to be brighter than the moon. I knew the night stars wouldn’t win against the beauty of the moon.

I leaned against my chair, looking high in the ceiling. Currently I’m at my tower and sitting near my study-desk trying to do something to pass on the time. I always loved studying and working on a spell accompanied with the view of the Everfree and the small growing city near it alongside the quiet night-sky. Suddenly, the door to my chambers was opened, a pale white unicorn mare with curly purple mane walked inside.

“The mistress wishes to see you now, Lady Twivine,” The unicorn said nervously.

Looking up-side down from my chair, I stared at the unicorn with a bored look. Smirking, I summoned my vines, slowly creeping up behind her. The vines poked her which made her froze in place. She slowly looked behind her just like in the movies and stared up to the abomination of a vine that closely resembled to a large bipedal wolf with its mouth open, a combination of a timber-wolves and werewolves made by my own vines.

Horrified, she let out a scream as it closing in with its mouth ready to clamp her down, she closed her eyes waiting for the vines-like teeth to bite at her. It didn’t come however, wondering why it didn’t. I let out a maniacal laughter which shook the unicorn out of her trance. She opened her eyes and blinked, staring as the bipedal vine-wolf smirked before slowly deforming and then retracted to their pots. I was still laughing, cackling madly of how funny to scare people to death. My laugh momentarily stopped as I fell out of my chair, rubbing my head and then stared at her before laughing again.

“That is not funny, Lady Twivine!” The unicorn snapped, although slightly afraid of unleashing my wrath.

“Y-you should’ve the look at your face,” I said between my laugh.

She huffed, puffing her cheeks. “While I have to say that you did give me a jump there, but you know the mistress wouldn’t be happy if you keep her waiting.”

My laughter finally died down as I stared at her with my usual bemused expression. “Very well, lead on then.”

I followed her out of my chamber and then led me into a large oak gate. She motioned inside as she opened the gate with her pale blue magic and I walked into the throne room expecting nothing else. The throne room is empty safe for four guards, standing at the opposite of each other on the side of the carpet. At the middle, a blue crystalline throne stood empty. I walked up to the center and waited for the eventual show of my mistress. And just like that, a black furred alicorn full on with its armor trotted out and stood in front of the throne.

“Good to see you, Queen Nightmare Moon.”

My eyes snapped open and I immediately sat up straight, sweating and breathing harshly. I looked at my own room, each walls always had large bookshelves safe for one corner where my study-desk is placed near the window. I sighed in relief.

It’s just a dream, I mentally assured myself. I got up from the bed and head to the bathroom and proceeds on my morning routine. I trotted out of my room just in time for Spike serving breakfast, “Morning Spike.” I greeted him wearily.

“Morning,” He replied cheerfully before frowning. “H-hey, Twivine, is everything alright?”

I force a smile although he can definitely tell that I’m slightly tired but whatever, “Yes, Spike, just one of those dreams.”

“Oh,” He said plainly before taking a seat and munched on his gems casually.

Rolling my eyes at his absent-minded reply, I took my seat and stared at the waffle that’s being served. My mouth waters momentarily before I dig in to my food, can’t believe how hungry I am.

“Um, Twivine?” Spike stared at me before quickly realizing that I haven’t woke Twilight up, kinda tempted to leave her alone, but I’m not that mean.



Eh, maybe. It’s good that we stick to the usual routine. It’s kinda hard to tease her when she buried herself on a book, so waking her up like that is enough. Don’t want to repeat the last one when I bother her when she’s at the middle of her reading or research. Let’s just avoid a fiery Twilight, no literally, she can spontaneously combust.

Minutes later as I finishing up what was left of the breakfast, Twilight finally come down from her room and as usual, she opened her mouth to say something before groaning and trot over to her end of the table and starts on her breakfast, and again I summoned my vines to serve her coffee. I always do this as a safety measure, grumpy Twilight is not a happy Twilight.

“Spike, send this to the Princess.” Twilight levitate the scroll she made yesterday over to Spike.

“You got it.” He then proceeds to use his magical dragon-fire, burning the letter. The letter drift to the palace, slowly disappearing as it seeped through the wall. And the replied came as quickly as Spike burned the letter. He burped a scroll which he catches it mid-air. Both Twilight and I waited for him eagerly.

“So, what does the Princess say?” Twilight asked impatiently.

Spike glanced up from the scrolls and smiled nervously. “She specifically says this for you, Twilight. She said-“He paused for a moment. “-to get a life.”

There was an awkward silence afterwards. I snorted and laughed as hard as I can Spike joining in moments later. Twilight right eye twitched as we keep on laughing our butt off. Spike’s laughter finally died down although I still laughing my flank off.

“There’s more,” Spike said while chuckling here and there which results of my laughter went to a small fit of giggles. Spike reads on the rest of the letter, “She says that both of you will supervise the Summer Sun Celebration, ensuring the small town of Ponyville to successfully prepares the celebration. There’s also another note, she says that she already dispatched a guard to escort you to Ponyville so you better prepare for departure. And again another note, she says to make some friends. Signed, Princess Celestia.”

Twilight sighed in disappointment. I trotted next to her and pat her in the back, “It’s alright Twilight, for now, let’s not overthink whether Equestria is doomed or not. We got a job to do.” Twilight nods, her mood slightly improving.

“I guess you’re right, I may overthink this a little too much.”

I smiled before grinning like a mad mare, “I guess you owe me twenty bits!”

Twilight groaned as I laughed again. As I laughed, there was a knock on the door which I immediately stop laughing and looked at the door. “I’ll get that.”

Humming a tune, I trotted to the door and opened it with my magic. A white Pegasus Guard stood absent-mindedly on the door; his gaze seems to be focused elsewhere, then he shifted his attention to me. From there I immediately saw a different expression rapidly, from shock to flustered and finally back to the usual stoic guard but struggling to stay flat faced.

“T-Twivine, g-good to see you, I was expecting Twilight there, and uhh.” The guard cleared his throat. I’m pretty sure that I saw him blushing there, but I can’t know for certain. “My partner and I will be taking you, Twilight, and also little Spike to Ponyville at the Princess order.”

“Silver Sky?” I tilted my head as I recognized that voice and as soon the name came out, he went to stuttering incoherent words in two second. I giggled at him which made his blush even more at the clear. “I thought you’ll be in Cloudsdale.”

“W-well,” he stammered for a bit. “I was stationed there for a bit before transferred back to Canterlot, so here I am,” He smiled. Rather glad that the conversation shifts into a friendlier topic.

“Twivine, who is it?” Twilight called from the inside.

“It’s the guard that will escort us to Ponyville,” I replied back. “Better prepare our stuff.”

“Actually, Twivine, there would be another guard that will bring your stuff to Ponyville, its best for you to carry things you wish for the journey and let us carry yours.”

“Huh, that’s actually great,” I thought out loud.

Before another word was spoken, both Twilight and Spike was carrying a wooden box, undoubtedly filled with book and other things. She had a saddle-bag on her, most likely filled with books or something relevant to that. She also carries my saddle-bag with her, that one who had a spare spot for a pot so I can use it without doing a collateral damage when I’m inside somepony’s house or building.

“That was quick,” Silver Sky commented. “But that is not necessary, miss Twilight. Just leave it there as there will be another guard who will carry your things.”

“Oh really?” Twilight asked which answered with a nod from the white Pegasus. “Okay then, when do we depart?”

“Sooner than you think, come, the chariot is right this way.” Silver Sky said leading us to a chariot already with a Pegasus that is waiting for us. He proceeds to hook himself to the chariot and nod to his partner before turning to us. “Just sit tight and enjoy the ride.”

We hopped in the chariot and moments later, we’re already in the sky. Spike and Twilight was chatting of another scroll that he burp that consisted for the things the Celebration needs to check at, I didn’t listened to them as my mind wanders as the wind peacefully collides into me.

“Heads up, Ponyville ahead!” Silver Sky shouted which wake me up from the quick nap I took on the way. It’s just so refreshing, I can’t help it. Looking down, I saw the small town approaching rapidly.

“Brace yourself, we’re landing,” Silver Sky warned.

The Pegasus escorts landed the chariot smoothly in the open ground, if I looked more closely, I’ll say that we’re at the center of the town. The three of us hopped off the chariot. Silver turned his head to us. “Your belongings should arrive in the old library, ask the mayor for the key. She is already been notified of your arrival so there shouldn’t be any problem. If there is, notify the Princess immediately.”

“Thanks for the heads up, Silver,” I smiled.

He nodded, returning the smile. He then turned to his partner nodding; the two Pegasus quickly took up to the sky with the chariot in tow, returning to Canterlot.

“So Spike,” Twilight began. “Where should we go first?”

Said Drake looked at the scroll, “First, we should check on the food, it was prepared by somepony named Applejack.”

“Alright, the sooner we’ll finish this task, the sooner we may prevent Nightmare Moon’s return.” Twilight walked away, following the road. She halted and turned to Spike. “Do you know where she is? Does the Princess give us a map?”

Spike shook his head. “It says that she lives in a place called Sweet Apples Acres, but it didn’t say where.”

Twilight groaned, “Great.”

I saw a pink pony with a poofy mane, a mare presumably, bouncing on the road. No, I’m serious, she literally jumped up and down and every time she did it, a ‘boink’ sound can be heard, don’t know how the pony did that but she did.

“I guess we can ask her.” I pointed at the pink mare.

“I guess it won’t hurt to ask a passerby, let’s go.” Twilight said, approaching the pink mare with the two of us following after.

“Hello,” Twilight greeted. “I was just wondering if you can-“ Twilight didn’t get a chance to finish as the pink mare suddenly gasped mid-air, and just like that she was gone in a pink blur. “O-okay, that was weird.”

“Not only that, she also breaks physics and defied gravity,” I commented.

“And here I thought Twivine was weird.” Spike chimed in, I immediately smacked his head with my plunder vines. “Ow, what was that for?”

“It’s because of how true it is.” I said as the vines retracted back to its pot.

“Guys, can we focus?” Twilight said, slightly irritated. She turned her head at me, “And you’re not weird, Twivine. You’re just… different.”

I shrugged, “I know that.”

After asking a few of the more normal ponies, we already found ourselves in the entrance of Sweet Apple Acres, the home of Applejack. And dear heavens that is a lot of apples. I saw Spike’s mouth watered at such massive display of apples, I’m betting they would at least need twenty to thirty workers to harvest that many. We continued on deeper into the apple orchards with our jaw open, awed by the sheer size alone that we didn’t realize we ventured deeper.

There was a loud ‘twack’ nearby; the three of us looked around of where it came from. Turns out just a few meters in front of us, there was an orange mare with a blonde mane. She bucked the trees and manages to drop all the apples from the trees into the bucket below, she also wearing Stetson which completes the appearance of a typical cowpony.

I’m guessing that she’s Applejack if the cutiemark was any indication. We approached her which she immediately noticed.

“Howdy there, welcome tah Sweet Apple Acres where we provide tah finest apples in all of Equestria.” She greeted, lending out her legs to Twilight.

“Good Day, my name is Twilight Sparkle and we- Whoaaa,“ Twilight took Applejack’s legs on which the latter immediately shook it strongly.

“Well, nice ta meet yah, Twilight, a pleasure makin’ your acquaintance. Ah’m Applejack.” Applejack released her grip which Twilight silently thankful for.

“So what can Ah do for ya?” Applejack asked.

Twilight shook her head, trying to get the dizziness out of the way before clearing her throat. “Well, Applejack, it’s nice to see you. This is my sister, Twivine and this is Spike.” She gestured towards each of us.

“Nice to meet you, miss Applejack.”

“Hello there!”

“Well hello to both of yah, and Ah don’t think ya’ll have a talkin’ lizard as a pet,” Applejack said nonchalantly. Spike immediately pouted as I hold a snicker of my own.

“He’s actually a Dragon,” Twilight said. “And we’re here to supervise the preparation for the Summer Sun Celebration, you’re in charge of the food correct?”

“Well sure Ah do, would ya like to try tah food?” Before any of us can respond she immediately shouts, ringing a triangle, “Soup’s on everypony!”

And just like that we got stampeded to a table where she introduced each and every member of the family while placing associated food on the table. Spike’s mouth watered at the variety of food being served, literally. To be completely honest, each and every dish here is looking great and I’m impatient to try it out, of course I’m being a good guest and waited for the host.

“Well, this really great and all, but we should really get going.” Twilight said hastily, a little bit nervous on her side I guess. And each member sighed disappointedly, that one filly called Apple Bloom pouted adorably which makes Twilight feeling guilty.

“Actually, I won’t mind being here for a minute or two,” I say quickly.

“Yeah me too, l-look at all of this food,” Spike chimed in and his stomach actually growled. Oooh yeah, he’s getting impatient alright.

Twilight’s eyes twitched at our sudden betrayal, you don’t deny food Twilight. You really don’t. She groaned and sighed, “Fine, I’ll stay.” A chorus of ‘yay’ filled the air seconds afterward.

We started digging in on our food, chatting with Applejack’s family, many question either relate to me or Spike and both of us answered as best as we could. Twilight sulked near a tree nearby while eating a few pies, pouting.

Welp, all I can say the food is A-Okay.

“Uuugh, I eat way too much,” I groaned as my stomach growled of how full it had been filled.

“I have to admit that it’s a really good pie,” Twilight said as she cast a spell to ease my suffering. I think I learnt a lesson not to eat more no matter how good they are, guess I have to work on my self-restrained on Applejack’s pastries or any food as good as her.

“So Spike, who will we meet next?” I asked.

“The weather,” Spike said cheerfully. Don’t know why Spike can be so energetic after eating a lot of that pie, Dragon metabolism I suppose. “The pony in charge would be Rainbow Dash.”

Twilight looked up at the not cleared sky for the celebration, “Well who ever in charge definitely aren’t doing their job properly.”


I think I acted out of instinct, but the next thing I know is that I caught a cyan Pegasus with a rainbow mane on my vines just before she crashed into Twilight.

“H-hey, good catch, can you let me go now?” the cyan Pegasus said, slightly terrified and annoyed.

Blinking, the plunder vines slowly sink into the ground, releasing the cyan Pegasus although she’s somewhat slightly wary of me.

“I-I’m sorry, didn’t actually mean that,” I blurted out.

“Yeah, that is creepy although very cool.” The Pegasus shuddered. “Y-you’re eyes glowed green when I almost hit her… it was just really, really freaky. I thought something gonna happen there.”

“I’m guessing you’re Rainbow Dash,” Twilight said, hiding her scowl.

“The one and only,” Rainbow Dash stretch her wings, sounding a lot of confidence all of a sudden.

“Well, not only you’re not clearing the skies, but you tried to crash into somepony and accidentally make my sister unleashed her vines in order to protect me.” Twilight narrowed her eyes, clearly unhappy.

“Hey, it was all an accident. I was just practicing my tricks!” She then glared at me. “And what kind of magic is that!? Are you an evil enchantress trying to take over Ponyville!”

Oh when the last one I was just slightly irritated, now I’m pretty much mad and pissed off by her arrogant ass motherb- Okay, just calm down Twivine, everything’s fine. You don’t need attract unnecessary attention and also the possibility of getting kicked out of Ponyville.

Taking a deep breath, I spoke out as calmly as possible. “Actually, we’re both from Canterlot in order to supervise the preparation for the celebration and I don’t see you exactly ‘preparing’ by clearing off the sky.”

The arrogant motherbu- I mean Rainbow Dash scoffed, “Hah, that is a piece of cake. I can clear it in ten seconds flat!”

My eyes twitched. Not only had she boldly claimed that statement, which ticked me off even more. Twilight manage to calmed me down, she then turned to the rainbow maned Pegasus. “Well if you boldly claimed to be capable of doing such feat, then I would like you to prove it.”

“Fine then!” She took up to the sky, hovering a few feet off the ground. “Prepare to be amazed.” With a blur she took off, clearing the skies way faster than I anticipated. Clearly I underestimated her, but if she still on that arrogant side then she is anywhere but good at my first impression.

She flew past me as soon as she was done with the sky, which results on my mane being a mess. She hovered above ground before slowly descending, “See, what do I told you. Ten. Seconds. Flat.”

“That is really impressive, but does flying past Twivine actually really necessary?” Spike asked, sounding exactly not too happy.

“Well, that is just a reminder for her not to mess with the fastest flier in Equestria if she ever decides to take over Ponyville in my watch.” Okay, that’s it, I’ve had it.

Where everyone least expected it, my vines immediately grow out of the grounds and immediately wrapped her full with only her head sticking without giving her any chance to react nor counter-act it by flying away. I could feel my eyes glowing as I glared at her. She cowered as the vines moved her wrapped body closer to me until we meet face to face.

“Not only you boldly claimed to be the fastest which I perhaps can tolerate, but accusing me of doing something I would NEVER DO!?”I said all but shout at the last one, my eyes glowed brighter green and I felt my mane flows like a wild current all over which makes the cyan Pegasus whimpered.

“Twivine, please calm down!” Twilight shouts pleadingly. Hearing my sister plea, I quickly dropped Rainbow Dash to the ground which then my vines slowly retracted to the ground alongside me returning to normal although my mane is still a mess, but I don’t care. Twilight sighed in relief as I calmed down but I was not done with her.

“If you just assume and kept your thoughts to your head, this wouldn’t happen. Instead you immediately confront me and accuse me of doing something I would never intend of doing.” I scowled. “And for the record, that wasn’t an ordinary magic that you shouldn’t be messing with. Period.”

I ‘hmmph’ed as I left both Twilight and the arrogant-bitch called Rainbow Dash alone, muttering some curses along the way, Spike however waddled after me. “Stupid, sonnofa- Oh hi Spike,” I said nonchalantly.

“Twivine, I know you’re mad right now-“ I cut him off.

“Oh, I’m not mad, I’m furious!”

“Yeaaah, but do you have to go that far?”

I took a deep breath and exhaled, putting the earlier events in the back of my mind. “Look, let’s not talk about it. Whose next we should meet?”

Spike looked at the scroll, “The next one in charge of the decoration would be Rarity.”

Just as we about to head to where the pony in charge, Twilight galloped towards us in order to catch up. We stopped in order for her to reach us.

“She says *huff* that she’s extremely sorry about that *huff* she want to do anything to make it up.” Twilight said between her heavy breathing when she finally reached us.

I scowled, that incident suddenly reignited from the back of my mind. I huffed, “As long she keep up with that arrogance of her, she can kiss my flank!”

Twilight glared at the usage of the swear words I used, especially this close to Spike, but he thankfully understands the situation and let it aside. The two of my siblings finally remembers of why you shouldn’t piss me off.

I guess I can say that was cleared. Onto the next one then.

“Well here it is, the Carousel Boutique,” Spike said as we stood in front of what it seems like closely resembled to a circus tent, of course you don’t judge a book by its cover.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Twilight walked up and knocked on the door. I reluctantly walked up beside her with Spike riding on my back.

“Just a moment darling~” comes a sing-song voice from the inside.

Moments later, the door was opened revealing a white unicorn with a curled mane. I raised an eyebrow at her, Have I seen her before?

“Welcome to Carousel Boutique where-“She gasped as she looked at me. “-What in Equestria happen to your mane!”

“Oh this? Earlier I encountered something unpleasant which I don’t want to talk about it.” I replied nonchalantly, she just gasped again.

“I can’t simply ignore a crime of beauty goes unanswered,” She immediately dragged me inside.

For about twenty minutes the fashionasta drags me into whatever she was doing, there was a lot of quick movement and before I know it, I was standing in front of a mirror. I wore a very much elegant light bluish dress with star pattern all over it, and also my mane was styled.

I heard a snicker from beside me thus I turned to see both Twilight and Spike trying to hold off a laugh. They failed miserably.

“Oh my Celestia, that just suits you perfectly.” Rarity, I assumed, walked up beside me as she looked at me.

“Yeah, as much as I love what you did to me, can I get off from this?” I asked rather annoyed.

“Of course darling, I apologize for dragging you into my… sprees as you may say.” Rarity smiled sheepishly and teleported (?) the dress somewhere.

“So,” she began. “Whom do I have the pleasure becoming an acquaintance with?”

Twilight trotted over us, introducing each and every one of us. “Ah, my name is Twilight Sparkle, this is Spike and the one you’re dressing up is my sister, Twivine.”

“Wait, did you say, Twilight?” Rarity asked curiously.

Twilight nods then continued. “Yes, that is true. We came from Canterlot to supervise the preparation for the Summer Sun Celebration.”

And again Rarity gasped, “Wait, you are the Twilight Sparkle do you?”

Both Twilight and I blinked, how did she know Twilight?

“Yeaaah? W-why do you ask?” Twilight asked nervously.

“Oooh, the Princess best protégé, not only capable to hatch a dragon while simultaneously created an exact copy of herself, she also well renowned for her beauty and even my Prince Charming tried to court her only to be stopped by her new sister. How could I not know Twilight Sparkle?” Rarity replied with the most dramatic fashion ever.

I raised an eyebrow, this is sorta creepy and wait… did she just say her Prince Charming? I decide to ask her, “Wait, did you mean Prince Blueblood?”

“Well of course darling,” Rarity nods and continued on again. “He is not only the eligible bachelor of all of Equestria, he is the most charming, handsomest and-“ I stopped Rarity’s rambling because this is getting ridiculous.

“Ooookay, as much as I like to hear you fantasizing about your Prince Charming, but we’re kinda in a hurry, so how’s the decoration going?”

As much as she didn’t like getting cut off like that, she answered nonetheless. “Well, the decoration is doing well and I suspect it’ll finish early.”

“Great, if that’s the case we’re going to check on the other preparation, good day miss Rarity.” I said as I pushed both Twilight and Spike out of the Boutique without them having the chance to respond.

“You know Twivine, that was rather rude of you,” Twilight chided as we finally exited the building.

“Well why don’t you try to get yourself dragged and being dressed as a doll?” I snarked.

“Touché, but I still am flattered that she knows of me and also about our date.” Twilight rolled her eyes, she then turned to Spike. “Who’s next then Spike?”

Spike… strangely in a daze or something, he immediately shook his head and looked at the scroll. “Next up is Fluttershy, she’s in charge of the music.”

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” I say quickly, taking on the lead.

I just hope the next one won’t go as bad. I didn’t really invoke Murphy did I?

After a few asking here and there and also a quick visit to the Mayor to get the key for the library, we headed to the outskirts of Ponyville, just at the edge of the notorious forest of the Everfree.

“Sheesh, what kind of pony would making music near the edge of Everfree, aren’t it will attract any unwanted predators?” Spike shuddered at the thought.

“Well, why don’t you ask her?” I said as we neared just enough to hear somepony humming alongside the chirping of the birds.

“Umm, Mr. Cooth, could you please focus on the tone? You’re tiny bit went too high there.” The kind butter-yellow Pegasus said at the birds. She has pink mane and also a cutiemark of butterflies, and if I’m right, this should be the one called Fluttershy. And by her name alone, I’m kinda hoping her not that exactly shy, but depending on my past event, names could be the one to determined one’s personality.

“Excuse me,” Twilight stepped forward suddenly, I resisted the urge to actually facehoof but I stick it at my mind. The poor Pegasus jumped, turned around and immediately looks as if she just saw a ghost. She tried to hide behind her mane and sinks lower to the ground as Twilight walked closer, oblivious of her reaction.

“Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle,” She gestured for us to walk closer. I reluctantly stepped forward. “This is my sister, Twivine Sparkle.”

I don’t know if it was my eye that disturb her or she’s just really, really awkward when meeting somepony new. Kinda reminds me of Twilight without her confidence and her list of things to prepare.

“And your name would be?” Twilight asked.

“I’m…fluttershy,” the Pegasus whispered. Of course she would be shy. It’s already marked on her name. I was kinda hoping it wouldn’t the case but eehh, I’ve seen way worse so far.

“I’m sorry, but could you repeat that?” Twilight obliviously asked again. I rolled my eyes as I stepped in.

“I apologize for our sudden intrusion Miss Fluttershy, I see that the music is coming along well thus we’ll leave you alone.” I turned around, “Let’s go everypony.”

However, an audible gasp from behind stops me, “A baby dragon!” I craned my neck to see Fluttershy suddenly petting Spike who was riding me the whole time. He purred, yes he actually purred like a cat as Fluttershy keep on cooing at him. “Who’s a good baby dragon, oh yes you are.”

The three of us giggled at Spike as he seems to be enjoying himself and as much as I love the adorable sight we must continue on our task.

“Hello, Miss Fluttershy, it seems you have taken an interest on Spike, my brother.” I said formally, smiling.

She glanced towards me. Her eyes immediately went wide as she looked at me more clearly, more precisely at my draconic eye. Twilight was quick to calm her down. “It’s okay, she’s just my sister and yes she has the same eye as a dragon but I assure you that she’s fine.”

“Thank you, Twilight. As I was saying,” by this point Fluttershy relaxed although slightly worried but she kept herself busy with Spike. “We’ve come to check on the music for the Summer Sun Celebration,”

She suddenly lit up as she heard it. “O-oh yes, the music is coming along just fine, but I’m afraid we have to do a couple of adjustment in order for everybird to synched perfectly.”

Both Twilight and I raised an eyebrow, she used birds? Twilight was the first to ask regarding the matter. “Excuse me, but did you say birds?”

“Oh yes,” she answered. “They were nice enough to help me organize a song for the celebration.”

“So, you can talk to animals?” Spike asked, genuinely curious.

“Oh, n-not exactly, they can understand me but I can’t understand them without any sort of body language, well, I can still make up what are they trying to say although vague.”

“Welp, I guess I can say that we have done our job well,” I said as I levitate Spike’s scroll and ticked the last box. “Let’s go back to the library and sort our things.”

“How many animals do you really have to look after?”

“Well, there is too many animals to count and most of them never stayed long, but the one that stayed… I’ll say around two hundred, but I can’t say for sure.”

Spike and Fluttershy’s conversation stretch on throughout the journey with Twilight occasionally commented on some topic, I too joined in for quite a while but stayed out most of the time. Spike’s interest and curiosity about something is a sight to behold, for whatever reason I expect him to behave…different than what I’m seeing as we grow up. It was no wonder he picked up Shining’s love for comics and the game ‘Ogres & Oubliettes’.

Eventually, we’ve reached the Golden Oaks Library and… our stuff is nowhere. Maybe they already put it inside, but why it’s so dark? I looked at to the sky, the sun’s setting in but it can’t be that dark. When Twilight about to open the door with the key, there’s something comes to mind.

“Wait, Fluttershy, do you know anypony that had poofy pink mare on this town?”

“Umm, the only pink poofy pony I know is Pinkie Pie, why?” As soon as she said that, her eyes widened. “Wait, don’t tell me you met her already?”

I shrugged, “If you count gasping in mid-air while defying gravity and then immediately ran off somewhere, then yes, I’ve met her.”

Fluttershy cringed, making me somewhat know about what happens next. “Well, let’s just say that she’s overly enthusiastic to the point she’ll throw you a party.”

“Well, that’s overly nice of her to throw us a party, but I think it’s time for us to-WAAAAAH!” Twilight jumped as a chorus of ‘Surprise’ mixed with balloons and streamer burst our ears simultaneously. I merely rolled my eyes as I glance up to Fluttershy.

“That is a really nice foreshadowing there, Fluttershy.”

“Sorry,” She squeaked timidly.

The expected pink party pony finally appears before us. “Hey, my name is Pinkie Pie and I just thrown you a ‘welcome to Ponyville’ surprise party at first I have this feeling that somepony had arrives to Ponyville and I start looking for them and when I see you I was *GAAASSP* and I immediately planned a party just only to welcome the both of you, so, so were you surprise, huh huh?”

Twilight, getting overwhelmed of how fast Pinkie can actually talks, couldn’t get her head around her thus her minds grinds a little bit more to process it, oh nevermind, Twilight.exe has stopped working guess I’ll go and help her reboot.

“While it is very nice of you to-“ Pinkie cut me short before I got the chance to finish.

“And you must be Twivine, Twilight’s twin little sister, well sister after she manages to magically create you out of thin air and somehow enlarged Spike here and also manage to turn her Parents to a cactus after a magical surge because of the sonic Rainboom ~which we all get our cutiemark afterwards~ but then the Princess stops it and so here you are as Twilight’s evil twin sister!”

I don’t know if my jaw dropping is a sign of awe because Pinkie somehow knew my origin or is it because of I’m too stunned to say anything because this is Pinkie we’re talking about. There is an unspoken rule which dictates that ‘if all methods of proving something failed from either logical or scientific means, then it’s because of magic, you just don’t question it’. On this case, Pinkie both magical and un-logical to able to explain things she’d done, this will save me from the headache I’ll get because of her.

Shaking my head, I finally regained my composure. “I’m not going to ask of how you knew but I’ll pretend I just told you my story.” I looked at Twilight who stills trying to reboot and all attempts failed. Walking over, I shook her body rapidly and slapped her, lightly mind you. That’ll it takes as Twilight blinked and looked at me. “Are you awake now?” I manage to ask.

Twilight looked back and forth between me and the pink demon, “How did she?”

“Rule number six Twilight, remember that and you’ll be okay.” I said as I turned to enjoy the party.

Just as I headed to the table where the punch was, Pinkie suddenly appeared above me. “Hey, Viney, what’s rule six?”

I flinched at the unexpected appearance but I manage to regain composure and answered, “It’s a little rule when both Twilight and I doing a study about something and Rule six is a rule when all else fails, its magical elements are too unpredictable and chaotic to the point it can’t be explained through normal means.”

“And that applies to me?” Pinkie curiously asked.

“Yes,” I said plainly.

Pinkie then makes ‘hmm’ sound, her face was all serious, and then she was smiling again. “Okie dokie lokey!” She disappeared to…I don’t know do I have to ask?

We’re at the Town hall, waiting for the Princess to begin the celebration. Twilight had run off… somewhere and Spike are with the foals and happily chatting with them. The Mayor does the opening act and yada-yada, I’m not really paying attention. I glanced up to the window and saw the moon and I immediately frowned in confusion. That is strange, since when the moon didn’t-

My thoughts were cut short as I heard a collective gasp from the crowd when Rarity said “She’s gone!”

Looking back to the stage where the Princess should’ve been, I trotted to the nearest guard who was also equally confused as everypony. “Hey, what’s going on, I thought the Princess should be here.”

The guard flinched as he looked at me, he said something incoherent and I groaned as I realized who this is. “Goddess damnit Silver, this is not the time!”

Silver Sky cleared his throat, his guard training finally returning him to his senses. Is he sick or something, his cheeks was all red and sweating. “I’m sorry earlier, but uhh, this never happened before.”

I rolled my eyes, “Well of course this never happen genius, but what happened? Does the Princess say something before her disappearance?”

“Well that just it, she never said anything,” Silver said plainly.

Groaning, I turned back to look at the stage just in time as purple mist started to emerged from who knows where. From the mist, an Alicorn walked out of it and smiled wickedly.

Oh my little subjects, it has been so long since I saw your sun-loving faces.

Rainbow Dash flies up and pointed her forelegs at the black Alicorn, “What have you done to the Princess?”

The Alicorn had that dejected mocking smile of her that gives me the creeps. “Am I truly that forgotten? Pity, here I thought many will recognize me as royalty as I have been imprisoned for a thousand years.

Twilight suddenly spoke up, “I know who you are, you’re Nightmare Moon! I have seen the signs of your return.”

The Alicorn turned to my sister, smiling. “Ah, so I am not truly forgotten, then you know why I am here?

This time, Twilight hesitated. “Y-you’re here to… bring an eternal night.”

The Alicorn chuckled, “You all will remember this day, as it was the last. From this moment forth, the night will last forever!” The Alicorn laughed which resulted many of the crowd to whimpered, frightened.

“Not if I can kick your flank first!” Rainbow Dash suddenly said, flying straight at her and my reaction was to immediately facehooved.

Well, a hero appeared, but you are far too late to rescue everypony as you will die.” The Alicorn’s summoned what appeared to be a solidified form of the mist and bashed Rainbow Dash across the Town Hall but before she could even hit the wall, a vines sprouted catching her midair.

Everypony inside was utterly confused safe from Spike, Twilight and Silver Sky as they know what my power is. I walked out to the open as my vines slowly descend the unconscious cyan mare and Fluttershy immediately flew over to check on her. “Well, as much is that really-really intriguing, but I’m afraid your plan will fail in three to four months.”

The Alicorn raised its eyebrows, “And who is this, another pony who dares to defy me?

I shook my head, “No, not defying… I’m stating facts. If you manage to make the night eternal, then surely the plants will wither and die because they have no sunlight to grow and please for the love of harmony, enough with the ignorance, everycreature knows that we need sunlight in order to survive. You need at least a hundred years or so for the creature to adapt and evolve of your precious night and by this point the land is already frozen over because of this stupid plan. I have the reason that you haven’t counsel this with your advisor or somepony to help you managing a nation, plus I’m sure the Royal Guards will attempt to resist because they have an oath to follow and a guard does not simply break them. I’m seeing no army to take the Royal Guards on, so this plan is already doomed from the start, so, well done.” I clapped my hooves sarcastically as I finished my speech.

Everyone stared at me which makes me nervous, “What?” I finally said. “It’ll make sense if you think about it.”

The Alicorn eyes twitched, anger and hatred seems to be directed right at me for spoiling her plan. “How dare you question me, you will pay for your insolence!

My eyes widened as the mist solidified to a spear-like and then it was launched at me. For a moment… I saw blood.

Chapter 2 Part 2

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My ears are ringing and my vision is dizzy, I could only hear a muffled scream and shouts. I’d look at the solidified mist that turned into spear, its tip is stained with blood, I don’t know who but I think it was mine. Strangely enough I didn’t feel anything but a wince from my face. I soon realized that something was on top of me, turning my snout was face to face to a white Pegasus snout that I recognized.

I think for a moment about what just happened, realization dawned as my eye went wide. “SILVER!”

Said Pegasus guard merely grinned goofily, but behind that grin was a pained expression. I looked at his forelegs, and I was horrified to see his injured foreleg, his injury was severe as something just tore through his skin effortlessly, but thankfully it was just a scratch on his leg not through.

I just stared with my mouth agape, too shocked to say anything. Silver Sky simply wave with his wing, “Don’t worry, it’s just a flesh wound I’ll live.”

“FLESH WOUND?!” I roared as he gets off me because of my sudden outcry. I stood up with rage boiling steam, “YOU JUST GOT YOUR LEGS ALMOST TORNED APART!”

“It wasn’t that bad,” He squeaked.

“IT WAS THAT BAD! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?” I felt my horn shimmered and my magical aura began enveloping his injured leg, sending wave of healing spell. This kind of spell is dangerous if you don’t know the anatomy and nerve system on a pony, but thankfully the lesson in biology comes in handy on this kind of situation cause I know what I’m doing…probably.

“Twivine, are you okay!?” Twilight comes barging in trying to slip through the panicked crowd.

I nodded as I wiped the sweat off my forehead, spell like that is quite taxing on my concentration but at least I manage to stop most of the bleeding. “Yeah, but this idiot almost got himself killed.” I summoned a bandage out of my pocket void and starts wrapping his wound. You know the kinda pocket you can teleport stuff in it and can be summoned whenever and wherever you like? Called aether or something, couldn’t recall.

“I’m fine geez, I think you should worry more about Nightmare Moon,” Silver Sky said with a roll of his eyes and attempt to stand back on all four.

“Exactly, we have to hurry and try to find a way to stop her. I’ll meet you back in the library!” Twilight immediately ran off, soon afterwards, the five ponies we met earlier followed after. I merely nodded and continue on bandaging Silver’s wound.

“There,” I said as I’m done wrapping his injury. “Don’t strain yourself and for the love of Celestia, do something with this crowd.” I gestured at the screaming masses of pony, running around the Town Hall while the guards tried desperately to calm them.

“I’ll take care of it, you go after your sister, now go!” Silver Sky commanded, I nodded and make my way out this blob of ponies but before I even took a step, Silver called out my name, I’d turn to see him smiling.

“Good luck.”

With his word, I galloped off to catch up with Twilight and the five ponies.

I panted as the Library finally on view, I switch from full on gallop to a slow canter, Celestia know that both of us physical exercise is almost non-existent and four minute of full gallop is enough to feel like I was walking for five miles without water.

I’ve regained my breath as I approached the Library’s door and just in time to hear the five ponies shouts, “The Everfree Forest!?”

Wrapping the handle with my magic, I opened the door to see Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie and Fluttershy and somehow I feel that ‘de ja vu’ vibe. I know that I’ve seen this before but where?

“Twivine, great timing, c’mon we’re going to chase after Nightmare Moon!” Twilight starts to drag me out of the Library. Literally just yank me off from the front door with her levitation.

“Whoa whoa, wait on a minute, can you brief me of what in the buck is going on?” I asked while upside down due to her levitation focused more on my rear, like come on my kink is not into that.

“Remember the letter I’ve sent the Princess and about the-“ I put a hoof on her mouth.

“I know that, but what’s with we going to the spooky forest?”

Twilight moved my hooves off her mouth with a simple levitation, “The Elements of Harmony! We need to find the Elements to defeat Nightmare Moon and bring back Princess Celestia.”

“Okay, do you have any idea where should we look then?” I asked, not too happy at her plan as I felt like it’ll go wrong somewhere along the way.

“In an old castle deep within the forest, now come on!” Twilight starts to drag me again, still in her levitation.

“Fine fine, hold your horses… and will you put me down already!”

Twilight chuckled sheepishly as she put me down not too subtly, I grumbled as I stood back in all four and starts following her.

The two of us followed along the path, walking cautiously for any traps or dangers that could put our lives at stake, except timber-wolves, they’ll just a piece of nuisance and stood no chance against my vines. Two dared to reveal themselves baring their teeth only to get wrecked by my vines that sprouted below their legs and wrapped them before crushing them to bits.

Twilight could stared with mouth hanging open as the vine retracted back to the ground, I maaaayy smiled too innocently there.

We continued on deeper to the forest, my ears perked up at a sudden noise of a broken branch. With a roar, manticore leapt out of the bush in front of us baring its teeth. We both screamed and huddled in together as the manticore swept its claw at us.

“YEEEHAAW!” Comes the familiar voice of Applejack, she throws her lasso right at the Manticore’s neck and pulled it back. The manticore roared as the claw barely scratch us, a sudden cyan blur hit the manticore right at the back of its head resulting it roared in anger.

“Come and get some you overgrown cat!” Rainbow Dash taunted with her hoof up.

The manticore growled at the newcomer and attempt to yank Rainbow off the sky but unable too since the combined effort of Applejack, Rarity, and strangely Pinkie pulling the manticore. Wait a second, did they want to fricking suffocate the manticore to death?! The manticore’s limb flailed in the sky as it tried to overpower the group of mares that tries to strangle him. Luckily enough for the manticore, it manage to released itself from the attempted strangling as it succeed at overpowering them, launching them to the sky before dropping down to the ground while taking Rainbow with them as well.

Before the manticore even thinks of swinging its claw or impaling the group of mares with its stinger, Twilight fired a bolt at the back of its head and once again the manticore roared. The manticore turned to face the two of us, growled maliciously as it stared at us.

“WAAAAIIT!!” Fluttershy suddenly cried out, launching herself between the manticore and the two of us.

All of us sans Pinkie ~whom the latter just giggled~ have our mouths agape when Fluttershy talked to it then pulling out a branch out of its feet before being licked. Fluttershy then patted the manticore who in returned nuzzled at the yellow Pegasus before it ran off somewhere, vanishing amidst the trees.

Twilight have the widest among all of us as she asks Fluttershy, “HOW!?”

Fluttershy just smiled weakly, “Oh, it doesn’t hurt if we show a little of kindness.”

All seven of us continued on our journey, much to Twilight displeasure. The five mares insisted to help us tackle whatever Nightmare Moon might throw at us just to stop us down. At first Twilight was stubborn and refused any help from the five, but then relented when I stepped in and side with them.

Grudges aside, I can’t help but to feel like…being avoided. Rarity, Pinkie, and Rainbow were chatting among themselves with Twilight yet again occasionally chimed in. Fluttershy just being Fluttershy and avoided any sort of interaction, Applejack however, she’s just obviously avoiding me. She kept her distance, avoiding all eye contact, and seemingly worried over something.

I really didn’t like that at all, with all the stuff that happened in the past, I can’t help but to ask her directly. Maybe if I talk to her and ask what was the problem with me then she might be more accepting.

“Hey, Applejack, you’re alright?” I asked suddenly.

Applejack flinched, “W-what do ya mean sugarcube?”

“Well,” I started. “The fact that you obviously tried to avoid me for no exact reason, I can’t help but to ask.” Applejack winced as soon as I finish.

Applejack sighed, “Look sugarcube, Ah know that Ah don’t had any reason ta avoid ya but Ah feel like to fer some reason.”

“You worried about nothing but avoid me anyway?” I repeated, raising a brow.

“Didn’t mean it like that, jus’…” She sighed. “Look, Ah’m sorry fer makin’ ya feel a bit out ta place, but Ah really didn’t mean it, it jus’ that feelin’ of danger especially that eye of yers.”

I rolled my eyes as I heard her statement, at this point it was already normal for ponies to think that I’m a ‘danger’ and how many times do I’ve heard it? Too b*cking much…

“It’s alright, AJ, thanks for being honest about it,” I smiled.

“Yer too kind, Twivine,” Applejack returned the smile.

“Hey, isn’t that a good friend would do?”

“Eeyup, yer very much right.”

The seven of us walked through the forest after a session of laugh from Pinkie when the forest somehow turned scary for some reason or another, I blame Nightmare Moon. But we’ve get past on that and returned to our journey, and not long until we have to stop because the River can’t be crossed due to the raging current.

“Now what do we do?” Twilight exclaimed. Rainbow Dash then flew up in front of her, clearing her throat. “Oh, right,” She smiled sheepishly.

“Alright, everypony gather around, I’m going to fly each of you.” Rainbow Dash commanded and immediately the others went into a line. “Flutters, why are you in the line, you can fly for Celestia sake.”

The yellow Pegasus timidly walked out of the line saying “Sorry” over and over. Just as Rainbow Dash lifted the first pony, Steven Magnet comes out the river crying. Whoa whoa, wait, where did that come from? Shaking my head from the incoming headache, I decide not to voice out this eerie feeling of familiarity, like I really, really feel like having known of this somewhere but I couldn’t get my hooves on it.

Rarity stepped in asking what seems to be the problem for the Sea Serpent and turns out his mustache had been cut from a passing purple mist, talk about Nightmare Moon trying to stop us but failed.

Rainbow Dash frowned, “Seriously, that was the problem?”

“Tah be honest though, Ah don’t see what’s wrong with ya’ll look like, it’s fine by me.” Applejack shrugged.

“Oh please darling don’t be so inconsiderate, just look at him, he’s hideous without his mustache when his scale, his mane and his manicure seemingly outdo those around him.” Rarity said, pointing out the following by order.

Steven Magnet sniffed as he wailed dramatically, “Oh please tell me about it, I can’t stand how hideous I am.”

“I cannot let this crime of fabulosity go unanswered.” Rarity trotted to the Sea Serpent and proceeds to tear off one of the Serpent’s scale.

“Ouwch, why did you do that for?” It was soon answered by Rarity cutting her own tail, then levitating it to where the cut was and attach it to the Serpent’s mustache. “Ohohoh, how wonderful!” Steven gleefully exclaimed at his new mustache.

Twilight trotted to Rarity, concerned, “Oh Rarity, your tail…”

“It’s alright darling, short tails are in season. Besides they’ll grow back to their original sizes,” Rarity said with a reassuring smile.

“And so did the mustache,” Rainbow Dash grumbled but her complaint fell in deaf ears.

And just like that, the river was no longer uncrossable as the current slowed down and calm once more. “Look girls, we can cross the river now.” Twilight exclaimed, immediately crossing the river but stopped by Steven.

“Allow me,” He lets himself to be a temporary bridge to the other side. We excitedly use the scaly bridge and crossed to the other side.

Just as we said our goodbyes to the kind Serpent, a thought crossed my mind and then my eyes widened as I’ve come to a realization. This is where Twilight and the others will get the elements and defeat Nightmare Moon and turning her back to Luna, but this where it comes complicated; what will happen if I was in there, does the Element suddenly come up with the seventh element? I started to panic but immediately calm myself. Even if it does happened, I reckon nothing would change because the more they change the more they stay the same or so as they say. Right? I mean, what would I represent as?

My internal struggle was cut short when Twilight was suddenly in front of me. I let out a yelp as I almost hit her muzzle. Twilight looked at me with a worry on her face, “Twivine, are you okay, you’ve just spaced out for at least three and a half minute. What happened?”

I just grinned nervously, “N-nothing, I just remembered something.” Twilight merely looked at me, unconvinced. Come on, find something to distract her. “Oh look, the bridge is out!” I pointed out to the bridge that had been cut off up ahead and it worked. Twilight snapped towards that direction and trotted there, with the six of us in tow.

All seven of us approached the broken down bridge that was supposedly connect between the castle and the forest. “That is a looooong way down!” Pinkie remarked as she casually look down to the bottom that is obstructed by a thick fog.

“Well either we could transport everypony there, or somepony get down there and attach the bridge back.” I say, half commanding. half suggesting.

“Don’t worry, I got this,” Rainbow Dash flew to the fog. Moments later, she reappeared with the remnant of the bridge on her mouth and after a brief wave at us she flew towards the other side. However, the fog seemingly thickens to the point we couldn’t see the brash rainbow Pegasus.

“Oh I hope Dash’s okay,” Fluttershy muttered timidly.

Rarity pats Fluttershy’s shoulder, “Oh don’t worry darling, I’m sure Rainbow Dash is just going to be-“ The bridge suddenly went down without a single trace of the Rainbow mane Pegasus, “-fine.”

We all blinked of what just happened and Applejack is the first to spoke up. “Uuh, what just happen?”

“DASH!” Fluttershy tried to fly after Rainbow Dash into the fog but was held by both Rarity and Twilight magic.

Fluttershy could only sob as her best friend fate went unknown, then suddenly a thought suddenly occurred that make me want to facehooved from not thinking about it earlier. I summoned my vines to create a makeshift bridge just beside the bridge itself, I make sure the thorns wouldn’t be in the way by making some sort of a platform for us to walk on.

“Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” I loudly mused, ignoring all of shocked stares and mouth agape and started to cross the bridge to the other side.

Okay to be frank, I didn’t expect Rainbow Dash actually being restrained by Nightmare Moon after Dash beat up the Shadow Bolt. Moreover, I also didn’t expect to be foalnapped by Nightmare Moon and guess who’s right beside me? Yes, Friking, Princess Celestia herself and currently we watched the event playing out from somewhere in a pocket dimension or other shit that Nightmare Moon put us into.

“So uh,” I coughed, trying to get some kind of conversation to pass the time. “How’s the plan coming along by the way?”

Wow, that sounded close to sarcasm. I swear it played out differently in my head.

10 Minutes earlier…

Ah, so Celestia protégé finally comes at last, tell me little filly. Where is the rest of your friend?” Nightmare Moon said coldly, firming her magic on Dash’s restrains on which made her grunt in pain.

I tilt my head, deadpanning. “The latter is on the other side with their mouth wide from my vine’s capabilities, but if you haven’t yet realized that I am nowhere near the same coloration of my twin, and also the fact that I had basically the same dragon slit eye like you. Then I guess you’re just either blind or worst.” Of course I have might be too snarky there but come on! Everypony knows twin could always be distinguished based on their coloration and/or personality, but I think I might be exaggerating on that.

Nightmare Moon blinked then frowned, “Our upmost of apology, but I really can’t tell nor distinguish between the two of you.

I facehooved, “Really, out of all ponies to…” I groaned as I put up a fighting stance, you know, that one stance that look like a mage or a spellcaster casting up spells like the one in Harry Potter? Except instead of a hands, you got yourselves a horn pointing at the- Okay I think you get the picture.

Nightmare, surprisingly, trotted to me till she leaned her head down to an eye level of me. I had to resist the urge to bite the horse and threw her off the cliff and be done with it, but then I yeet that out of the window since I know Nightmare Moon can turn into purple dust and flew off.

My little pony, tell me, why a nightmare force such as yourself sided with these sun-loving ponies when you can rule Equestria alongside my stead?” Nightmare Moon asked in a calm manner, not a single trace of hostility is found on the tone. Of course that made me wary but I stand firm and play her game for now.

“Because, one, it’s boring to rule an empire and lastly, it is because my friend you’re dealing with!” Nightmare Moon stepped back as my eye turned white as I channel my magic to my horn and also at the same time, summoning my vines that seemingly ready to back me up.

“Say hello to my little frie-“

I suddenly found myself somewhere in a starry filled void. At first I thought that I was teleported straight to the fricking Milky Way Galaxy, but then I noticed Celestia staring at me with some sort of a displaying view at the side.

I merely waved my hooves nervously.

Present time…

“To be honest, I do not expect you to follow along Twilight alongside the bearer to the forest in search of the Elements, but it seems that no matter where Twilight goes, you followed.” Princess Celestia calmly sips on her tea that somehow appeared out of nowhere while still watching through the viewing display.

“Well, I know Twilight could get a lot of trouble –and that includes me as well– but seriously why are you so calm about this, I know that you went into some kind of a fight with your sister that results you being severely drained or exhausted. Why though?” I asked, clearly confused by all this. Not mentioning of my knowledge on some fanfiction regarding how Celestia gets captured and/or imprisoned in the first place.

“Well, certainly I can’t deny of how much that you know about me and my sister,” Celestia calmly said. Even so, it’s enough for me to freeze completely at the statement. She then glances to me with a neutral expression, “Ah, so I was right then?”


I nervously rubbed the back of my neck, “It is kinda obvious really. The story said that when the two sisters ruled, the younger one blah-blah things like that, we know the story. And since you’re the only Alicorn besides Cadence who lived long enough, I got this feeling that you two might be related.”

Smooth Twivine, very smooth indeed.

The Solar Princess thought for a moment before finally speaking up, “That does... kinda obvious. Sharp as always I see,” Princess Celestia mused, half teasing.

I blushed at her praise. I cleared my throat in attempt to focus the topic elsewhere, “Well, if you ignore the slightest of detail in history, you might interpret them wrong.”

The Princess nodded sagely on my wisdom filled words, “Indeed, but I have my reasons for that part of history left falsely interpreted.”

Suddenly, I really have the urge to just smack some sense into the solar Princess, her self-doubt really irritate me. I sighed, “Whatever happens in the past, stays in the past.”

And that remark left us with an absolute silence as the two of us watched the events played out.

After the bright flash, Twilight and the others woke up with a pained groan after unleashing the Elements at Nightmare Moon. Twilight first instinct was to find her sister and so she did. Twilight frantically looked around the damaged throne room where she and Nightmare Moon went into a little skirmish. Even so, Twilight couldn’t find a trace of where Nightmare Moon would put her prisoner. The five companions looked at each other with a concern as Twilight continued her futile effort of finding her sister.

Twilight, realizing that she couldn’t find anything starts to slow down and finally, her dam burst and her tears flows freely out of her cheeks. The Throne room was silence but the sobbing of the lavender unicorn, the five ponies trotted next to Twilight and start comforting her.

“Ah’m mighty sorry fer yer loss, Twilight…” Applejack said, hugging the sobbing unicorn.

Rainbow Dash launched her hooves in the sky, shouting, “It’s entirely my fault!”

“But Rainbow Dash,” Fluttershy tries to interject but Rainbow Dash was stubborn and shook her head at Fluttershy.

“No, it was all my fault, if I was fast on defeating those guys and put the bridge up, maybe Twivine would be here.”

“It is not your fault, Bearer of Loyalty,” the voice interrupted, making itself known with a brilliant light as the moon was lowered also as the sun being raised. Every single pony in the room had to shield their eyes from the bright light, Twilight, manage to make two forms from the light. The Light dissipated revealing the Princess of the Sun and

“TWIVINE!” Twilight shouted, lunging towards her LSBFF and hugged her.

Twivine merely smiled as she return the embrace, stroking her BSBFF mane. “Hey, Twilight, I’m back.”

Twilight broke the hug, “Don’t you ever disappear like that again.” She then return to her little sister warm embrace.

“It is great to see you once again my students.” Princess Celestia makes herself known to Twilight which the latter immediately broke the hug and stared up at the Princess, smiling.

“It’s good to see you again, Princess.”

“Yer Highness,” Applejack was the first one to bow to their monarch, the rest followed suit soon after.

Princess Celestia turned towards the five bearers with her usual serene smile, “Raise, bearer of the Elements. You all had done well.” She then turned towards the twin sisters, “As of for the two of you, I cannot tell how proud I am. I just knew you two are the key to unlock the power of the Elements and defeat Nightmare Moon.”

“B-but, didn’t you said in your letters that Nightmare Moon was just an old tale?” Twilight asked.

“I only write to go and make some friends, and you accomplish more than just that,” Princess Celestia said with her motherly smile, she turned to Twivine but with an unreadable expression that Twilight nor did the rest of the five ponies could get a hold for. It is somewhere along curiosity or something else. She continued on nonetheless, “Despite so, it seems that your sister here that perhaps pushed you on letting the magic of friendship to finally unlock you the key to eventually defeat Nightmare Moon.” There was a pregnant pause before the wreckage where Nightmare Moon once stood shook.

“If some also let one through the hatred and anger of their heart,” Princess Celestia finally said as she trotted over to the wreckage.

All of the mares excluding Twivine let out a collective gasp, in the wreckage it wasn’t Nightmare Moon but instead a midnight bluish Alicorn with a light blue mane trapped in a large block of stone. The Alicorn gasped, as her conscious finally returning, her eyes whirled towards the towering Solar Princess, widening as she saw Princess Celestia lift the stone block with her magic and walked up to her.

“It has been a millennia sister and I know anything that had happened between us cannot be forgotten, but will you accept my friendship and return back to where we supposed to be?” Princess Celestia offered her hooves to the smaller Alicorn.

“You know it sort of had a double meaning if you put it that way, yes?” Twinvine suddenly said which earn her another collective gasp from the six mares.

“Twivine, you can’t say that!” Twilight said, a little bit of shouting on her part. She turned towards her mentor and grinned nervously, “Ehehe, you know how Twivine goes, Princess, she can throw her remark casually without even thinking.”

“Actually, Twivine does quite right on that one Twilight,” Princess Celestia said, helping the smaller Alicorn back on her hooves albeit struggling to do so.

Twilight turned pale, she then glanced back and forth between her mentor and Twivine, whom unusually calm regarding the matter. “B-but-“ Twilight tried to make a counter-argument but having none, left her stuttering.

The older Alicorn turned to the younger Alicorn, her head sunk low almost up level to the midnight Alicorn. “It is foolish of me to think that we may reconcile that easily but after what you have gone through, a simple hug wouldn’t make up of what I’ve done in the past. It is also foolish of me to even beg for your forgiveness, I know what I’ve done cannot be forgiven in your part, and-“

Whatever the Solar Princess was about to say, it was cut short by the midnight Alicorn hugging her. This left her stunned as the two hugged in absolute silence, the others haven’t had a clue of what to do with the Royals in front of them.

“Okay, as much as I don’t like ruining the moment, but don’t we have a celebration to attend to?” Twivine finally broke the awkward silence.

The two Alicorns reluctantly let go of their embrace, Celestia realized that her coat was slightly damped and a quick glance towards the younger Alicorn is enough for her to see how much her little sister was hurting and Celestia hated her past-self for letting herself blinded by the praise of others.

What happens in the past, stays in the past. That word swirled around the Princess’s mind repeatedly. Twivine is right, I shouldn’t stayed in the past any longer, Princess Celestia takes a deep breath to calm herself, completely unaware of the stares from all eight ponies in the room. Upon realizing it, Celestia cleared her throat as she return to her usual calm mask.

“Yes, we do have a celebration to attend.”

Chapter 3

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I opened my eyes to stare at the wooden ceiling of the tree library with a searing headache. I grunted as I sat up, feeling my mouth dry and my eyes struggling to stay up. Overall, I feel like shit... I don’t remember much of the celebration except when Princess Celestia decided that the two of us can stay in Ponyville and continue on our study with Spike as our message carrier. And after that, all I remember is having lots of fruit punch.

I yawned loudly, scooting out of the bed and head to the door. And, strangely enough, no scent of food or something that Spike usually make. A quick glance to the clock revealed that it was five o’clock in the morning. Well, yesterday is definitely hectic and if I remember correctly, it was somewhere in the afternoon after the return of Princess Luna. Speaking of Luna, she coped up quite well with the Ponyville populace, and in fact she was happy to be accepted again.

I head out to the bathroom downstairs, and one thing that I forgot about the tree library was it wasn’t small as I expected. Probably due to the fact that I haven’t went inside yet since I got yanked by Twilight before I got a chance to.

After doing the morning routine, and walking around on the library in the first floor, checking out the books contained in the shelves. Some of them I already read alongside Twilight or I just plainly uninterested at it. So here I am, awake at four o’clock in the morning with nothing to do. Oh and also with this headache. What a start of a very lovely day indeed.

I walked back to my room, the headache still pounding my head but at least its dulled somewhat. I scrunched my muzzle in attempt to remember what happened yesterday after the group teleported back to Ponyville – thanks to the Princess – and I know for certain that Pinkie manage to pull a party afterwards. The only problem is that I don’t remember anything after that, the memory was blurry and any attempt to try to pry out the memory only increases my headache.

With nothing to do, I head out back to the library, onto Section D, first column, third row of the shelves and grabbed a Daring Do book to pass the time. Of course I did read it a bunch of time myself or with Twilight, but hey, one’s need to pass time right?

Once I’ve opened the first page of the chapter, I was soon lost on my own world.


Twilight woke up with a yawn, stretching all of her limb like a cat would. The events that happened yesterday are enough to make Twilight exhausted enough. Briefly looking towards the clock, Twilight had to wonder why Twivine hadn’t woke her up yet as it was already past nine o’clock and her LSBFF didn’t even bother to wake her up. But Twilight isn’t complaining. Maybe Twivine is still asleep therefore doesn’t have time to wake her up, Twivine may have a different personality than Twilight, but she almost in every way similar in terms of habits.

Hopping off the bed, Twilight made her way out of the door when she smelt something burning. Twilight eyes widened as she quickly opened the door and rushed downstairs into the kitchen. Upon arriving there, she blinked and unsure of herself on what’s happening there in the kitchen. There was smoke coming out of the stove with a disheveled Twivine in front of it. Twivine’s coat was a little bit charred, and there are a few ashes on the floor but nothing major, a plate filled with ash and smokes were held by Twivine’s magic.

“Twivine…what are you doing?” Twilight finally asked after a few moments.

“Making breakfast?” Twivine answered with a nervous grin.

Twilight sighed, facehooving, “Okay, what exactly are you doing specifically?”

“I’m making pancakes, but I was so cope up with reading that I didn’t realize it was half past nine already, and with Spike’s still asleep, I decide to try to make one.” Twivine then levitates a cook book. “Followed the recipe and everything, but I think I may have overcompensate.”

“And that is?”

“I set the heat at 220 degrees Celsius, but then compensate it by setting it to 400 degrees so I can serve it before any of you woke up. But I suppose that was not the case.”

“Let me see the recipe,” Twilight approached, picking the cook book out of Twivine’s grasp and proceed to read it. Twilight frowned before looking up from the book, “Twivine, you should’ve multiply it by two and then adjust the temperature accordingly to have an optimal servings condition!”

“I did just that! I may have probably overcompensated somewhere.”

“Alright, let’s go back to the beginning and work our way towards-“

The sound of Spike clearing his throat broke them out of their debate, the two turned to see the little green dragon staring at them with his arms crossed, unamused. “This is why I’m cooking in the first place.”


With breakfast done, Twilight and I decides to rearrange the library while Spike cleans up the kitchen. Whoever organized the library before doesn’t know systematical arrangement by alphabets, so the two of us reorganized almost everything in the library. Of course they were no match against the Twin book-nerds, and soon the books are all organized back to where they supposed too.

Twilight levitate the list she was making and ticked the very first box, I looked around to see if there is any books I may have missed. I nodded to myself, satisfied. We’ve done our chores quite earlier than I thought, of course this library wasn’t exactly as big as we had back in Canterlot, but it is a nice set of pace for a new environment.

“Okay that’s everything,” Twilight said as she’d ticked the second and the third box on the scroll. “What else should we do, hmm..?” She placed a hoof on her chin, pondering.

“Twilight, I’m heading out!” I shouted, heading to the door.

Twilight whirled her head towards me with a confused frown, “Huh, where are you going?”

“I’m going to check out what’s in the town; you can come if you want to. Besides, there isn’t exactly anything to do other than that magical research you’ve been going on about.”

“Hey Twivine, can I come with you?” Spike called out. Moments later, he walked out of the kitchen. He has this hopeful and pleading look of his as he stare up to me, and I just can’t say no when he’s like that. I suppose I’ll have Spike to mark out the landmarks the town had to offer.

“Okay yeah, sure Spike, you can come with me,” I replied with a smile.

“But I need Spike to-“

Whatever Twilight were about to say, it was abruptly cut off by me loudly slamming the door with Spike on my magic. “Thanks Twivine,” Spike said, smiling.

“You helped us a lot,” I said with a smile. “Don’t you think it’s the time for you to have a little break?”

Spike shrugs, “To be honest, I’m just curious with the town that’s all.”

“And so do I,” I replied.

The two of us trot/walk towards the town center because it’ll be easier for us to pinpoint places from there and other landmarks, basically getting to know the road first before heading anywhere else. We passed through Sugarcube Corner and I still haven’t got used of how literal the place is. It probably because of their unique way of telling out ‘Hey, we bake pastries and cakes here’, and of course that if the cupcake sign isn’t of any indication whatsoever.

“Hey, what’s that? It looked delicious,” Spike said, drooling at the sight of the ginger-house.

“I believe that’s Sugarcube Corner, I think they made pastries and stuff,” I explained, refraining myself to state that it where one particular hyper active pink party pony.

“Do you think they sell with gem sprinkles on?” Spike asked with a hopeful look.

I chuckled, patting his head, “No Spike, I don’t think so, but we can grab a bite or two on our way back to the library.”

Spike looked a little saddened for a moment, but quickly cheered after the mention of food, “Really? Okay then.”

The two of us continue our way towards the town center, exchanging greeting and wave from the local ponies. I already seen them from the earlier welcome party and the celebration, but I didn’t catch their names unfortunately. Approaching the town center, I saw a lot of activity; it seems like the town center acted as a market area too. I saw Applejack’s stand selling apples, as to be expected though. I think I saw Fluttershy flying out with a bag of some sort, probably food bags for her pets.

“Well howdy do there, Twivine!” Applejack called out, waving towards us. Spike waved back as the two of us approach her stand.

“Hey there Applejack, how are you,” I greeted casually.

“Mite fine mahself, and hello ta ya too, Spike.”

“Hey there Applejack, what are you selling?” Spike said as he leaned forward to see what Applejack stand has in store.

While Applejack is left explaining to Spike what type of Apple she had, I looked around the market, just observing on what other ponies has in their stalls. I heard a gust of wind above me, looking up I saw a rainbow trail and of course I know the only Pegasus with a rainbow trail around here.

“Heya Twivy!” Pinkie suddenly popped in front of me, which of course had me jumped out of fright.

“Pinkiee!” I scolded after I manage to compose myself, which thankfully my vines aren’t coming out or that will cause a lot of problem.

Pinkie playfully sticks out her tongue, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof while apologizing. “Sorry Twivy, I’m just excited that you actually go out to town instead of staying in the library for the whole day!”

I’m just going to disregard what Pinkie had just said because she had no reason why of how she knows all that. Applejack trots over me and pat me on the back, “Dun worry sugarcube, its just Pinkie bein’ Pinkie.”

“And if that doesn’t make enough sense already,” I snarked, rolling my eyes.

Then Rainbow Dash decides to fly in and chimes in, “Hey, its Pinkie Pie, what do you expect. Everything around her is completely random.”

“Its best not ta question what Pinkie does sugarcube, and ya’ll spare yerself a headache,” Applejack added.

“Yepperonie!” Pinkie clarified. She then perked up as if something had her attention, “Oooh~ somepony’s forgot to water their plants.”

“Wha-“ There was a scream, all of us turned towards a trio of earth pony mares their coat colors in order are pale magenta, pale yellow and pale raspberry. The second one are looking down on a group of flowers that seems to be withered, the other two wonders what’s going on.

“Noooo, rosy!” She wailed.

“What is it?” The first one asked, trotting over the second one. She took a quick look to the withered flowers and cracked up tears of her own.

“No! The horror!” The third one chimes in, wailing with the two before they all faints simultaneously.

“Wuh?” I manage to speak out.

Spike frowned as he looked back and forth between the trio and Applejack, “What just happened to them?” Spike asks, clearly confused.

Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash rolled their respective eyes, “Nah, dun worry ‘bout them, they’re jus’ bein’ dramatic,” Applejack said with a wave of her hoof.

“Over little things too,” Rainbow Dash added.

“Ooookay then…” I spoke out, didn’t really have anything to say about these three.

“Ah Twivine, darling, it’s good to see you again,” I heard a posh accent behind me, turning around to see Rarity trotting over us.

“Hey Rares!” The three ponies called out at the same time.

“Oh darlings, what’s going on, anything I miss out on?” She asked, but was answered with the three shaking their heads.

“Ya dun have anythin’ missed out ‘cept that the trio’s being dramatic again.”

“Oh really, is it over a stallion they’re fawning on?” Rarity said with a playful smile.

Rainbow Dash burst out chuckling, “Heheh, yeah, there they are.” She gestured over to the withered flowers in front of the unconscious trio.

“Oh har har, Rainbow Dash, very funny,” Rarity said, unamused but then joined in with the three giggling.

Spike suddenly belch out a scroll, I quickly grabbed it with my magic and unfurled it. It was the last thing I want to do because four golden tickets dropped down to the ground as soon as I open the scroll. The four ponies present gasped as I blinked, staring at the golden tickets and then shifting towards what was written on the scroll, and no doubt it was Celestia. Well I expect them to be written by her, but instead, it was written in the following:

Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria, is pleased to announce the Grand Galloping Gala to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot, on the 21st Day of May 1001 ANM.

You are amongst one of the luckiest selected individual the Royal Highness has chosen to participate in the Grand Galloping Gala. Her Royal Highness herself cordially extends two invitations to Twilight and Twivine Sparkle plus one guest, to be given the ‘Golden Ticket’ for the Grand Galloping Gala.

We are honored to have you and your guest to be present on the Gala.

-Chancellor White Dawn

Please do not lose the Ticket as it is imperative to be shown upon attending the Gala.

I blinked again, and then levitate the four tickets with my magic. It was a mistake however, as every SINGLE pony in the area looked towards us with a wide eyed expression. There was a few gasp here and there too but who cares, I JUST SHOWED TO EVERYPONY THAT I HAVE FOUR TICKETS FOR THE GALA.

And we all know what happened when someone had the ticket to the Gala, especially in a lovely little town like these.

“Aw, great…” I manage to spoke out before every single pony in the market decides to swarm us, asking me if that what they think it is. I turned towards the four ponies I knew in town, and they have the same hopeful and dreamy expression the crowd had. I just know that I had to get out of there.

“Spike, come here for a second,” I called out and said baby dragon comes waddling over.

“Y-yes Twivine?” He asked, slightly disoriented by the amount of ponies swarming all over us.

“Let’s get the hell out of here shall we?” I said smiling while grabbing him with my magic and immediately teleported out of there. I can faintly heard somepony -probably Pinkie- shouting “She’s getting away!”

Good thing I was out of there.


Twilight is not a happy pony. Why? Because all of her schedules are late by fifteen minutes each, without Spike, she did not have the optimal time to complete said task. If her little sister doesn’t just yank off Spike like that, this wouldn’t happen. Still grumbling, Twilight was startled by somepony suddenly teleporting right in front of her. Twilight shrieked from the abrupt teleport from none other but Twivine and Spike.

“Twivine!” Twilight shouted, a bit annoyed.

“Oh hey sis! Look, no time to explain. Grab a plank and form a three times three size barrier over at the balcony on top, hurry!” Twivine insisted, worried expression written on her face.

“Okay, what’s going on?” Twilight’s frustration from earlier disappeared as she asked with a concerned look.

“No time! I make a mistake and now they’re coming for this!” Twivine levitates four golden tickets on her magic, showing it to Twilight. “Spike, are the second floor all boarded up?” Twivine called out.

“Yes ma’am,” Come the answer from the baby dragon.

Twivine put the golden ticket to a nearby table and grabbing a plank out of nowhere and started to barricade the doors and windows. Spike comes down from the second floor, also with a few planks on his embrace as he make his way to Twivine in order to help her.

Twilight however simply asks with the most innocent face Twivine ever seen.

“What’s wrong with it?”

Twilight question were answered with a respective facehoof/claw.

Chapter 4

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After explaining how much of a trouble the Golden Ticket to Twilight, I continued on barricading the wooden plank Spike gave me, and by the time I glance back at her she was still frowning.

“I still don’t get it why is it such a bad thing. I mean, wouldn’t that be great to attend one of the BIGGEST party of the year?” Twilight exclaimed, I once again facehooved.

“Twilight, I told you. The party is not what you expected them to be,” I reaffirm my argument. I’m certain that there is a better way to say it, but eh whatever. “Besides, you have to meet the stuck up nobles in there, and trust me on this one Twilight. You don’t want to meet them.”

“Maybe, but I don’t want to spend my night with the nobles but with the Princess! There can be so much we can talk about!” Twilight is giddy of having the thought spending the time with our Mentor, Princess Celestia.

Spike passes by with more wooden plank and a box of nails, most likely finishing where I left at, ignoring Spike a bit, I continued. “I’m telling you Twilight, but that most likely isn’t going to happen.”

“Why not?” Twilight tilted her head, a confused frown adored her face and my heart, for whatever reason, decides to skip a beat.

I sighed, my hoof covering my face, unprepared on the unexpected adorkable face she sometimes makes. I’ll admit I have a fair share of my adorkable moments –or terrifying one if you decide to look at the slitted eyes and other things– but I am determined to convince my sister not to go to the Gala, not because of the stuck up nobles –even though it was one of the reasons– but for some reason that I think it’ll be…uhh...chaotic. Yes, that’s one way to put it.

“Twilight, please keep in mind that the Princess have duty like, greeting guests and a bunch of other stuff that I rather not talk about.”

Then Twilight’s eyes started to water, her lips quivered as she looked at me pleadingly, “A-are you saying that I can’t go?”

Hrk. The sight is too much! I can’t handle it!

“Fiiineeee…” I finally conceded. “Just, stop doing that please!” I plead with her desperately.

Twilight eyes lost all of its sadness and replaced with starry and hopeful eyes, “Okay! Thanks Twivy!” She then hugged me. I reluctantly hugged back. I know how much strong that move is and fighting it proved futile. We do it all the time to both Mom and Dad, sometimes Shining and Cadence too, and rarely Celestia.

Now though, now I know what they are feeling. I can’t imagine facing two of that faces at the same time. Now I feel bad for anypony that got caught on our adorkableness.

Oh well, it's worth it.

Just as Twilight made her way upstairs, there was a loud murmurs coming from the outside. Edging close to the nearby window confirms my suspicion, everypony, no EVERYPONY gathered around the Library, presumably for a chance on getting the Golden Ticket.

“Everypony please, we should know that Twivine and Twilight wouldn’t appreciate a large crowd surrounding them.” Mayor Mare stepped up to a nearby rock, gaining the attention from everypony present.

At least Mayor Mare is kind enough to handle this situation. I should give her something for-

“Therefore, I volunteered as the representative of Ponyville to go to the Grand Galloping Gala.”


I sighed as I turn back towards the kitchen, I saw Spike humming a tune as he worked on sealing the window, crude but doable. I summoned the Golden Ticket from my pocket dimension, and I pondered what should I do with it. It’s obvious that Twilight going to take one, me and Spike probably aren’t going to the Gala thus that left Twilight with three tickets to give.
I turned and head upstairs, carrying the ticket on my magic. I opened the door to Twilight’s room; she’s in the middle of reshelving her books.

I called out to her, “Twilight.” She then turned her head towards me.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“I’ve been thinking,” I begin. “Since Spike and I probably aren’t going to the Gala. I’ll be giving the rest of the ticket to you, so you can choose two more ponies to come with you.”

“Wait, you really aren’t going?” Twilight asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yeaah, I’m not really looking forward to it. So, I’ll be giving it to you,” I answered simply. “I’m sure whoever you pick would appreciate it,” I finish with a smile, a smile of relief knowing that the burden would be off my shoulders.

“You really are serious, aren't you? Well alright then, but you’ll be missing out the best night ever!”

I giggled in response, “I may be missing out, but you can tell me about what’s happening in the Gala afterwards.” My ears flicked up as I remembered something, “Oh yeah, I’m heading back to Canterlot.”

Twilight frowned, her ears flattened. She isn’t happy that I’m leaving her is she? “Oh, why is that? Isn’t Princess Celestia said that we should continue our study in Ponyville?”

I rolled my eyes; out of all the things I remembered about the party yesterday was Princess Celestia speech. Of course I’m not exactly happy with that since I just left Moondancer and others like that, I’m not too certain if Twilight is happy or not though. Knowing Twilight however, I’m pretty sure she’ll follow what the Princess says anyway, she probably would go up to the Frozen North to prove herself to our mentor.

I mentally laugh at that, surely she wouldn’t. She may be loyal, but not suicidal.

“I know that, it’ll be a quick visit to the tower, grabbed things I forgot, then say goodbye to our friend, afterwards I’ll go visit Mom and Dad. At best, I’ll be back before the last train.”

Twilight sighed dejectedly but then she smiled, “Alright then Twivine, tell Mom and Dad I said hello.”

I smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll send them your regard.” I turned back to the door, but before I left I turned back to Twilight, “I’ll be back somewhere before dinner, don’t let Spike go eat up all the leftovers.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him, but be quick though. I don’t know how much I can hold Spike off.”

I chuckled, after a final wave I head downstairs. Hopefully Spike is still at the kitchen, I had to tell the Princess ahead of time. Grabbing an empty scroll on my way down, I head back to the kitchen and thankfully Spike is still working on barricading the place.

“Spike,” I called out. “Can you stop for a minute?”

Spike turned his head at me and replied, “Sure, just give me a sec.” Spike hammered the last nail on the plank before putting it down on the floor. I unrolled the scroll and write the Princess a quick letter about my arrival to Canterlot. After I’m done, I gave Spike the letter for him to send.

“What was that all about?” Spike asked after sending the scroll.

“I was just telling Princess Celestia that I’ll be coming over to the castle to pick up something. I’ll be back though,” I finish with a pat on Spike’s head.

“Alright then, be back before dinner you hear?”

I rolled my eyes at him, “Yeah yeah, just don't go ahead of yourself and eat up all the leftovers.”

“Hey, no promises!” He simply grinned.

I shook my head at him before heading over to the door where the crowd still murmuring to themselves. I took the barricade off and opened the door, and before long I was assaulted with question of whom do I pick to go to the Gala.

“Please, everypony settle down,” After I said that, the crowd goes quiet. They really anticipating this aren’t they? “Okay so, I have decided that-“ Dramatic pause, aaaannnnd reveal. “-Twilight will be the one picking the one that goes with her, as I myself aren’t going to the Gala, and therefore she is the one you should be asking about it. Good day!”

And with that, I teleported to the train station, I still could hear the crowd disappointed ‘aww’ from here.

I stretch out my limbs like a cat as the train whistled to a stop at Canterlot station. I hopped off from my seat and head out of the car and immediately went for the street. Once I’m on the street of Canterlot, I quickly make my way towards the Palace, passing by various shops along the way. I took a scenic route towards my old High School, which is located not far from Princess Celestia School for Gifted Unicorns, about two blocks away.

It may be strange since I did as a matter of fact, under tutelage from Princess Celestia, however I never were accepted by the school since I didn’t exactly attend their entrance exam. So, after some paperwork’s done by my parents, I manage to enroll at the local school while at the same time gaining lessons from the Princess, and it just goes on until I graduated on Canterlot High School when I’m 16 which then I enrolled at School for Gifted Unicorn for real.

I chuckled to myself, remembering all the stuff that happened at CHS before enrolling to SfGU. I made friends here and there, and I still kept contact on a few of them. Unlike SfGU however, that place is filled with rivalry.

“Twivine?” I heard somepony called my name, so I turned my head to see one of my old friends back at CHS.

“Blaze!” I exclaimed, smiling as I approached the light red Pegasus mare. She too returned the smile. We both embraced each other before finally departing from the hug.

“It’s so good to see you, Twivine! Still studying under the Princess I suppose?” Blaze asked, chuckling.

“You know it, hey where’s Lightning? Thought the two of you are together by now,” I say with curiosity.

“Ah, Lightning went with his family to Los Pegasus to celebrate his brother’s wedding, he’ll be back before Hearts and Hooves day though.” Blaze explained, she then looked away hiding her blush.

I grinned mischievously, “He promised you something isn’t he?”

“Umm, maybe…?” She nervously laughs.

I bumped her shoulder with my hoof, “Ahaha, don’t be embarrassed, he proposed to you isn’t he?”

Blaze looked down, still trying to hide her embarrassment but she answered nonetheless, “Y-yeah, he promised me when he gets back.”

I giddily hugged her, barely holding the scream of excitement that threatened to burst, “Ahh I’m so happy for you, congrats!”
“Thanks Twivine, I’m really looking forward to it.” She simply smiles, I let go of the hug.

“Well, now I gotta go, good luck with Lightning!”

“It’s good to see you again, Twivine, oh and thank you.” Blaze waved at me, which I replied with a wave of my own as I turn back.

Trotting back towards the direction of the Palace, I chuckled to myself.

‘If only Celestia’s School have something like that.’

After running into a few more old friends and exchanging greetings, I finally arrived at the Palace gate. They expected me so when they spotted me, they opened the gate. I simply wave at the Guards up at the Gatehouse as a token of thanks before heading straight to the tower where Twilight, Spike and I live before all that Nightmare Moon stuff.

Passing through the courtyard, I spotted my brother distinguishable purple armor and the only pink Alicorn that I know off. Without hesitation I just gallop towards them, calling out their name.

“Heeey, Shiny! Cadence!”

The two of them looked at me with a wide eyed expression, and without Shining’s consent I lunge at him, tackling him on the ground.

“Heey, Twivy, good to see you!” Shining said, ruffling my hair. I got up to him and onto the smiling pink Alicorn.

Sunshine sunshine, ladybugs awake
Clap your hooves and do a little shake!

We chanted our usual greetings and laughed afterwards, and then the two of us exchanged hugs.

“It’s great to see you again, Twivine!” Cadence said after departing from the hugs.

“It’s good to see you too, Cadence,” I replied.

“So, Twivy, what brings you here all of a sudden?” Shining asked, standing up on all four again.

“Yeah, it is unusual of you to go back so soon without your sister,” Cadence added. “Speaking of Twilight, is she okay? She didn’t do any of those late nights studying again is she?”

“Twilight’s okay, she still studying late at night but I always had the means to wake her up,” I replied with a grin before turning to Shining. “What, you don’t like me being around?” I frowned.

“Don’t get me wrong here sis, I like having you around just as much with Cadence here. It’s just unusual to see the two of you separated that’s all,” Shining explained.

Cadence nods at his statement, “Yeah, is everything alright?”

I dismiss their worries with a wave of my hoof, “Everything’s great, don’t worry about it. Besides, Ponyville is kinda crowded for a moment after I showed them that I have spare tickets for the Gala.”

The couple would look at each other worryingly before turning back at me, “Then what happened?” Shining asked.

I shrugged, “Long story short, I gave the rest of the ticket to Twilight so I don’t have to deal with the crowd.” I finished lamely. “Besides, it’s about time Twilight actually had to make some kind of decision on her own.”

Both Shining and Cadence rolled their respective eyes, “You and me both sis.” Shining simply says.

“Hey, isn’t it a little bit mean for you to leave her like that?” Cadence asked with raised brows. “I admit Twilight isn’t the best for solving social problems, but to leave her?”

“Relax Cadence, I’m certain Twily are capable of solving them, why would Twivy left her for?” Shining nudged his fillyfriend, reassuring her.

“Actually, I’m here just to grab something I left back at the tower. But knowing Twilight, she probably ask Princess Celestia for advice or straight up refuse the ticket,” I simply said.

Shining and Cadence looks at me as if I’ve grown additional head for a moment, then Cadence decided to ask, “Why do you think she refused the ticket for? Everypony will do anything to get their hooves on the ticket.”

“Well, she had five close friends and she had four tickets, thus she can only choose three out of five. I believe she would send the ticket back to Princess Celestia knowing that all of her friends couldn’t be in the Gala with her.

Besides, I don’t think she would just give out the ticket to a random pony, therefore the possibility of her rejecting the ticket is three to one, although I won’t dismiss the fact that she may give the ticket to another group of pony completely.” I finally finish explaining.

“Wow, Twivine that is… umm.” Cadence had a hard time processing what I just said.

“That’s…uhh, very thorough of you, Twivy.” Shining said lamely.

“Thank you,” I smiled, tilting my head while I’m at it. “Anyway, I should head to the tower now. It’s great to see the two of you, bye!” I waved and turned over to the tower, leaving the dumbfounded couple on the courtyard.

After trotting for a while, I finally spotted my tower not far, but the door was opened, strangely enough. Approaching the door, I barely hear a faint hoofsteps inside; somepony is definitely inside snooping around.

Slowly opening the door, I entered the tower. I noticed that nothing really changed from where we left off. I followed where the faint hoofsteps are coming from. I stopped in front of my bedroom door, I could something being moved. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I decide to barge in shouting.

“Hey, what are you doing in…my…room…” My voice trailed off as the culprit in the armor turned his head at me. I immediately recognize the face of Silver Sky, and he was holding a small Twilight plushie on his hoof.

The two of us looked at each other in awkward silence. After a while, he finally broke the awkward silence.
“Uhh…I can explain?”

Chapter 5

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“Look, t-this isn’t what you think!” Silver Sky quickly says a sheer panic on his voice, his eyes darted around the room possibly trying to find something that he could use as an excuse. I gave him a deadpan stare, unconvinced.

“Oh, I suppose you care to elaborate?” Raising my eyebrow a bit, Silver Sky chuckles nervously.

“It’s…uhh,” Silver stammered, unable to come up with a reason and knowing this he sighed. “I admit, I have no reason really,” He looked down, staring at the Twilight plushie on his hoof. I followed his gaze, connecting the dots together for a moment before grinning at him.

“Aaaah I get it,” I said. Silver looks up from the plushie, confused. “It’s okay to talk about it Silver, I don’t know why I didn’t see it after all this time, but you are kind of obvious.”

A faint blush appeared on Silver’s cheeks from his otherwise white pristine coat. Silver decides to play dumb, averting his gaze, “I-I don’t know what are you talking about.”

I trot up to him and patted his shoulder, “You’re just too shy to tell her, but you gain my full support.” I smiled reassuringly, Silver turn back at me with a bewildered expression trying to process what I just said.

“Umm, what?”

I playfully punched his shoulder, “Come on, I know you had a crush on Twilight. This is the reason you’re here because you miss her!”

Silver lets out a long “Uhh”, and before he could form any replies I continued on.

“Well, I can only say good luck to you, as you may know her, she’s too invested on her books. But you’re a determined guy, so I know that wouldn’t really get in the way.”

Silver were speechless, that means I hit home on the mark! Haha, nice try on hiding it but a sibling always know when somepony got their eyes on one of their own.

“Anyway, I’m just here picking up something that I left, feel free to look around as I’m sure you get a memento or something,” I eyed the plushie one last time before turning back to the door. “I’ll see you around Silver!”

I could faintly hear Silver muttering something as I closed the door behind me, but it’s probably nothing to worry about. The only thing to worry about right now is whether or not ‘it’ still there or not.

I head upstairs onto the second story library (even though the tower itself could be called a library). Approaching small wooden desk placed at the edge of the mezzanine. I walked around the table and opened its drawers. I rummaged each drawer until I found what I’m looking for.

“There you are!” I exclaimed, smiling down at a plain purple trinket shaped like a diamond with arches of the trinket colored indigo. I levitate it and draped the trinket around my neck. Once I’m sure it was there, I head back downstairs.

I noticed the door to my bedroom were still closed, I trot over to the door and pushing it gently to peek inside. Silver Sky is nowhere to be found, maybe he already left. I noticed Twilight’s plushie are placed on my study desk, back to where it originally was. Closing the doors, I sighed before continuing to the exit.

I looked back, it clearly had been cleaned recently but otherwise it remained the same where we left off. I smiled at the fond memories that are flooding back to my mind as I head out, closing the door behind me as I make my way to exit the palace.

“Thanks gentlecolts!” I waved goodbye from the guards at the gatehouse, they replied back with a simple nod. I head over to the upper district with the intention of surprising Mom and Dad, with my saddlebag firmly placed on my flank, I continued on.

The upper district is far more maintained and clean, white porcelain color of each building showing off their elegance. Passing by a few of the shop, I pondered for a moment before bumping into somepony, letting out a quiet yelp as I fell on my haunches.

Rubbing my muzzle, I took a moment to recognize who I bumped into. Looking up onto a white unicorn stallion with a neatly combed blond mane, wearing the usual black vest of typical noble-ponies, one thing that I recognize the most is his compass cutiemark.

Oh yeah, the Prince we all know, Blueblood.

“Watch where you—“ Blueblood stopped mid sentence as he looked at me, blinking once or twice before sneering at me with his usual attitude. “Ah, isn’t it Princess Celestia personal protégé.”

I stood up on all fours with a calm, neutral expression, “Greetings to you, Prince Blueblood, I did not expect to bump into you here.” I forced a smile, just like how Princess Celestia absentmindedly does on the ridiculous offer the nobility sometimes proposed.

“And so am I, dear. However, if I may indulge on the rumors, I heard that you moved to that filthy little town called Ponyville, are these true?” He asked using the same demanding and arrogant tone all I too familiar with.

The way Blueblood bluntly said filthy is making my blood boils, but after months of practice I tend to ignore it most of the time. He really is a royal tender of the flank.

I avoid answering directly by redirecting the conversation, “Well I do not know where these rumors came from, but looking for a new outfit I presume?” I answered with my best ‘noble’ speech.

“Why yes!” Blueblood exclaimed rather dramatically, “I was hoping for somepony that would notice, but as you can see, my suit no longer fit the standard of a Prince.”

I tried my hardest not to roll my eyes, “If you try to look for an opinion, Prince, perhaps I can be of assistance?” I offered with the same forced smile, it is after all the matter on the game of intrigue nobles usually played.

“I’m afraid I must decline my dear, I prefer my own style of suits that I myself deemed suitable. I thank you for the offer however.” Blueblood smiled proudly which in all honesty, made me want to puke out of disgust.

“Ah, very well then, I suppose a Prince such as you do not need my opinion,” I said simply. “However, I must cut our conversation short as I need to visit my parents, good day to you Prince Blueblood.” I bowed my head just slightly.

“Of course M’lady,” Blueblood unexpectedly took my right hoof and lightly kisses it. “I shall be always looking forward to meeting you again.”

I reeled my hoof away as soon as he let go, forcing yet another smile, “That you do not need to do.” I mentally added ‘ever’ while at the same time wondering since when he started making a move on me.

After a brief exchange of goodbyes, I quickly made my way to the local fountain in the middle district, taking quite a wide berth towards the Sparkle manor. I immediately wash my right hoof, chanting ‘nope’ repeatedly at the fountain.

My mood of buying my parent a gift all ruined thanks to that guy. I know Blueblood since I moved to the tower to live with Twilight after taking the entrance exam and he is already known for his arrogance, and cocky attitude of his. Heck, at one time, he even fired three of his maids in a single month. I know Twilight and I got privileges and all because we have direct connection to Princess Celestia, but I barely even use it, even so to force my will on somepony. Blueblood however, uses it to his full extends to gain anything he wants at any time he wishes.

I myself have a fair share of encountering him, most predominantly at the Gala in the previous years, and heavens above I do not want to think about it or to even remember it. Blueblood, a Royal-flankhole if one wishes to put it bluntly.

Putting aside that line thought, I simply head on towards the Sparkle manor and before I knew it, I was already in front of it. Iron bar fences stretched across the front yards with the two story manor behind it. At the center of the front gate, the symbols of the Sparkle household are proudly shown. I sighed as I stared at the gate for a moment before opening it, entering the yard and heading over to the porch. Knocking on the door, I pondered myself I really need to bring them gifts but my thoughts were stopped when I heard the door clicks and swung open.

I leapt at Dad just as he opened the door, “Surprise!” I giggled as Dad suddenly being embraced out of nowhere.

“Twivine?” He asked, shocked and confused on his voice.

I nodded, “I’m back. It’s been awhile Dad since I last saw you.” I hugged him tighter, which all he soon returned lovingly.

“I missed you too, Twivine,” Dad replied.

“Honey, who is it?” I hear Mom says, she soon came to view from the living room. The two of us broke our hugs as I trot over to Mom, she too has the same expression Dad had earlier.

“Hey Mom,” I smiled at her, bracing myself for what’s to come.

“My baby!” Mom quickly hugs me with her notorious bear hug. I could feel her tears staining my coat, “It’s so good to see you.”

“It’s great to see you too Mom,” I replied with a smile.

Mom lets me go and lead me to the living room with Dad following closely. Mom looked over to me, “Twivine dear, how your sister is doing? Spike hadn’t yet done too much trouble, has he?”

I chuckled, “Oh you know how Twilight is Mom, always had her head on a book. Spike though, he’s been a great assistant on multiple occasion.” The three of us sat down on the couch once we arrived to the living room. The place is a mess, books stacked high and papers scattered all around.

Mom notices my wandering gaze, realizing of how messy the place is, “Oh my goodness, if we know you’re coming then we would’ve cleaned way earlier.”

“It’s fine, besides both Twilight and I are used to it,” I dismissed it with a simple wave.

“Are you staying for the night? We received a letter from the Princess herself that she had moved the two of you to Ponyville,” Dad says as he levitates a set of tea on the coffee-table.

“As much as I wanted to but I have to go back before dinner, I can’t leave Spike and Twilight quite yet.”

“We see,” Mom simply said, slightly disappointed. “Anyway, how is Ponyville? I’ve heard it is a quiet little place.”

I nodded, “Yeah, Ponyville so far is great, the people there are nice, while it is a bit weird for a town built so close to the Everfree, so I would expect many interesting things to come.” I sipped on the tea that Dad poured us, savoring the taste of jasmine I liked so much. “You should come down there sometimes, we both lived at the town local Library.”

Both Mom and Dad chuckled at the mention of both Twilight and living on a library. The three of us then went silent, simply just enjoying the company with the occasional sips from our tea. The crackle of fire from the fireplace accompanied us in the otherwise silence. Glancing over to the nearest clock, I placed the tea cup back on its tray, “I should get going before I missed the train.” I stood up, Mom and Dad following soon after.

“Couldn’t you stay for dinner?” Mom asked a glint of hope in her eyes, it turned to sadness as I slowly shook my head.

“No, I made a promise to be back before dinner but next time, when Ponyville is too crazy,” I assured her on which her eyes returned to a hopeful look. The three of us made our way to the front porch, and as I’m about to leave, Mom called out to me. I turned back to see both Mom and Dad smiling at me.

“Just remember that we are always here for you, Twivine,” Dad said.

“Don’t forget to write us letters from time to time, I know you two always forgets sometimes,” Mom added.

I smiled at them as I replied, “Yeah, I will!”

I exited the train onto the streets of Ponyville, ponies are still doing daily task but only a few of them. Looking up to the sky, I noticed that it was almost time for the sun to set hence why the reduced number of activities.

I head over to the general direction of the library, exchanging hello with other ponies. I passed through Sugar Cube Corner, the giant gingerbread house has a closed sign which really pertaining to the end of the day.

I look up to the clear sky, clearly the weather ponies had done what they can for the day. The town started to get quiet, it is after all a small town. Unlike Canterlot or any other big cities, the feeling of peacefulness is... relaxing.

Just the occasional breeze of the wind and quiet made my mind wanders, glancing down over to the purple trinket that hangs on my neck. I ran a hoof on the trinket, my expression darkened as I held the small jewelry. I let out a sigh as I continue towards the Golden Oaks Library, it stands out from most of the buildings around as it is the only house made of literal tree.

I opened the door to the library and I could hear the smells of food freshly being made on the kitchen, I immediately walked over there. I saw Twilight, looking up from her book, staring at me with her dinner left untouched. Spike in the other hoof, is in the middle of eating one, stopping just to avert his eyes to me.

“Hey everypony, I’m home.”

Chapter 6

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I yawned, staring the cloudless blue sky. I used my hooves as pillows, thinking back how much that had happened for the past weeks in Ponyville, I don’t expect it to be so hectic. If you’re from a city and looking for a vacation, somewhere nice and quiet like Ponyville, then you have a lot of things coming at you. And I stand corrected.

Not only that, the common occurrence of weird things happening here probably made the entire population of Ponyville to have a safe bunker somewhere in their house. I can probably safe to assume that Everfree forest is the one that causing all these weird things due the town close proximity to the forest edge.

I recalled when Applejack doing all the applebucking while Macintosh was injured. Knowing Sweet Apple Acres vast apple trees, Applejack insisted that she can harvest all of them alone. Applejack is stubborn however, out rightly refusing our help on helping her despite her exhaustion and sleep deprivation. This also causes a few problems on the town, such as causing town-scale diseases, invasion from a rabbit and other things.

We got her to stop after Twilight put her to sleep, afterwards we helped Applejack on harvesting all that apples, took us a couple of days but we finally harvested all of them.

I also recalled that griffon Gilda, I didn’t know what happened between Dash and her in the past but they were once good pals. I guess Gilda just doesn’t like Rainbow Dash having another friend, I know griffon culture is quite harsh when a griffon is ‘coming of age’.

It’s just my assumptions, but I think Gilda just wanted to hang out with Dash and relieve some of their past while at the same time forgetting that she needed to do what griffon had to do at their teenage years.

I know she’s a predator by nature, sharp claws and everything, but roaring at Fluttershy is uncool.

Few days ago, a showmare showed up to Town and create quite the spectacle. The showmare called herself, ‘Great and Powerful’ Trixie while showing off a medium-tier up to high-tier illusion with minimum amount of equipment.

I must say that I’m impressed myself, but I can’t say the same for Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash though. They thought the showmare was too boastful, and arrogant. I don’t know, but that’s kind of what a showmare does. Thankfully, I can stop them from embarrassing themselves, explaining to them that it is their job to show off. Spike’s still unhappy though, calling both Twilight and I far greater and powerful than the showmare.

Still, somepony had to do something dumb. At night, Snips and Snail actually brought an angry Ursa Minor to town. The rampage not only damages a few properties, but it destroyed Trixie’s wagon as well of a few things she had inside that wagon. Twilight manage to make the Ursa Minor asleep by using a spell that turns the wind into a calming tune, once it fallen asleep, she took the large star-like creature back to their caves in the Everfree.

I still don’t know why there isn’t any angry Ursa Major coming to town, but I guess that’s good news.

Long story short, Trixie’s homeless and low in bits and currently residing on Cloudchaser’s house. Snips and Snails got the punishment they deserved, they were on the blacklist on every sweet-shop for six months, for leading the Ursa Minor to the town, indirectly involved on destroying the town’s property; I think that’s an appropriate punishment.

“Twivine?” I heard somepony calls out softly on my right. “Are you okay?” I glanced over and saw Fluttershy looking at me concern with her hooves holding a teacup.

“Yeah, just remembering all the hectic week here in Ponyville,” I said lazily. I forgot that I was having a picnic with Fluttershy.

Fluttershy lets out a soft “Oh” and stared at her teacup before looking up again, “I hope your time here is pleasant,” Fluttershy smiled which I return gladly.

“Of course, Ponyville’s great. Not only that, the ponies here are friendlier than that of Canterlot.”
Fluttershy’s ear perked up, “Oh, how so?”

“I wouldn’t go into details, but Canterlot has less…pleasant company in the presence of other pony than their respective nobles,” I explained bitterly.

Fluttershy frowned, “That isn’t very nice of them.”

“Perhaps,” I got up to a sitting position. “It’s been nice spending time with you Fluttershy, but I gotta check on Twi, and making sure Spike isn’t tied up in the closet. Again…”

Fluttershy giggled, “Spike is persistent isn’t he?”

I merely shrugged as I got up to all fours, “Usually it’s my job on reminding her to eat or do anything besides reading. Spike can really be annoying though, but that’s what I like from my little brother to do if one of us is too engrossed in something.”

Fluttershy puts her teacup down, “Should we do this again next week with Spike?”
“I’ll think about it,” My eyes glance over to a thick pile of black cloud that came from a nearby mountain. “And what in the world is that?”

Fluttershy stood up, her face was etched into a worried one, “S-should we do something?”
I narrowed my eyes and pointed over to the direction of Canterlot, “That smoke could be seen from Canterlot, and if I’m correct, Princess Celestia has already sent a letter through Spike.”

The two of us looked at each other, nodding in silent understanding before heading over to the town’s only library.

A pair set of blue eyes gaze down over the clearings of the Everfree. It had curved horn, black wings, black fur with a few green marks on its face running along the length of its neck, green splotches on its hooves with a few of the same markings on its face, and lastly, green fiery mane and tail whips. It passed through the unpredictable weather of the forest. It slowly descent down but its gaze never faltered for any sort of danger that may lurk in the dangerous forest.

As its hooves touched the ground, it makes sure that nothing is currently up close to see what it’s about to do. Green flame engulfs its entire body, it appearance didn’t changes significantly with the exception of the horn and the splotches around its hooves.

It took a double take around before sighing, relieved that nopony is there to see it changed.

For a changeling like Zepher himself, it is crucial to have one transform as discreet as possible or risk being discovered before hunted down. To some changeling, it may be taxing to stay in one form for an extended period of time, Zepher however, is not. He is a Hybrid, and he based his disguise on his original form, thus less magic needed to change.

He is much more comfortable on concealing the horn than the wing as he is after all, a part of Pegasus. Admittedly, he didn’t like taking somepony’s else form, hence why he created his own to begin with.

He walked deeper into the forest until he found a pathway on which he gladly follows. He then soon found what he was looking for, a tree with a wooden door amidst vast array of trees of the Everfree. He walked over to the door, raising a hoof to knock, but then he hesitated.

‘Should I really seek her? What if she isn’t home?’ Zepher’s mind racked through every possibility, including his first impression. What if she saw him through the disguise and out rightly called out that he was a changeling?

Zepher shook his head, ‘There is no way that she could know. It is best for me to play it out as best as I can.’

He knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. Silence greeted him, Zepher is adamant that whoever inside must be busy so he waited, yet no answer came. Zepher knock on the door again, slightly harder this time, yet no answers.

Zepher is starting to get frustrated, he knocks on the door again, a little bit harder this time in hope of whomever inside answered. Zepher sighed as he was greeted with another silence, as he was about to turn back, there was a click then the door opens revealing very tired zebra. Her eyes had bags underneath and bloodshot eyes, she barely closed her eyes when there is knocks on her door.

“Who dare ventured far to disturb me from my nap, if one were to show themselves then I may forgive them for this mishaps,” The zebra irritated, yet tiredly said.

“That would be me, Miss Zecora,” Zepher raises his hoof hesitantly. “I was told that you are capable of creating a potion to see the past.”

THAT could’ve gone better, but I’m more or less proud of the results. Fluttershy manages to intimidate a full-grown dragon and gets away with it! The look on the dragon’s face is utterly priceless thanks to Fluttershy’s Stare. Man I did not expected that at all. The dragon left a considerable amount of its hoard, perhaps only taking a clawful of them as much as he can before flying off from the mountain.

I admit that I am impressed. Fluttershy is capable of actually doing something whenever her friend is in need, in this case that they were hurt by far larger foe. I wouldn’t say hurt, since the dragon only swipe Rainbow Dash with its tail, knocking her out of the cave barreling outside. This somehow triggers the inner bravery within Fluttershy and scolds the dragon on leaving the cave.

If you are to forget that she has quite the self-doubt and can be scared from the littlest of things. Eeehh, but I digress.

“Well I’m glad that’s over with, but what do we do with the hoard it left?” Twilight asked, earning quite confused expression from the others.

“Ah don’t know about ya’ll, but Ah ain’t gunna take somethin’ that valuable,” Applejack truthfully said.

“Maybe we could bring them back to town to give it out to everypony?” Rarity suggested, quite reasonable but it’ll take time for us to take everything down to town.

I spotted a glint of gold in the distance from the direction of Canterlot, narrowing my eyes just to make out a group of Pegasi Royal Guard before turning to the girls pointing at their direction. “Don’t worry girls. I don’t think it would be our problem anymore.”

The girls whipped their heads towards where I’m pointing, and with those, eight Royal Guards all touched down near us. One I can recognize among the almost exact same identical Royal Guard is that of Silver Sky. He landed in front of both me and Twilight.

“Miss Twivine, Miss Twilight,” He nods at us respectively. “Princess Celestia had sent us to overview of your progress in case of…unwanted casualties,” He trailed off but he was quick to compose himself. ”I assume everything went well?”

The both of us nodded, I opened my mouth to speak but Twilight beat me up to it. “It went smooth unexpectedly, albeit rather shaky at first. But that is the least of your concern, the dragon left the majority of its hoard here and we don’t know what to do with it.”

Silver Sky turned his head at one of the guards, flattening one of his ears and points the other towards the cave. The latter quickly nods and quickly went to check on the caves. Turning back at me, Silver Sky says, “Is everypony hurt?”

I shook my head, “We aren’t injured in anyway, but Rainbow Dash perhaps has a minor bruise.”

I swear I saw Silver’s mouth curled to a faint smile before turning back to other guards, I don’t know if that was my imagination or not.

“Kriegsler, Avalon, return back and request two sky-chariots for transporting valuables. Most preferably the wagon variants,” Silver Sky ordered which quickly earned him a quick salute from them before they took off the skies once again. Silver Sky sighed, turning back to the seven of us, “We have this under control, and therefore it is best for the seven of you to return back home before nightfall.”

All of us nodded and quickly headed back on the same path we climb the mountain. At that point, I felt something or somepony watching me. I ignored it of course, but midway, I had that same exact feeling of being watched. No, stalked probably a more correct term.

“Girls, do you feel like something’s watching?” I asked the group, earning a confused look from everypony as they looked at each other.

“Not me,” Said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack simply shook her head, Pinkie and Fluttershy doing the same.

Rarity quickly follows suit, “Neither do I dear. Are you sure that you’re not just imagining it?”

I looked around me, narrowing my eyes at the surroundings. Subconsciously, I could feel my vines trying to seek whoever stalking me right now. I felt a tug on my brain, indicating something had been found by my vines. I frowned, usually if my vines found something; it will relay the details that it found.

This time however, I found nothing. The vine’s only description was that it was a shadow, and once it spotted my vines it disappeared off completely without a trace. I found it strange however, my vines also sensitive to magical output near them, but they didn’t.

Whatever it is, it knows about my abilities, and most likely wouldn’t try to show their presence anytime soon. All I could do was to prepare for the worst case scenario.

“Twivine?” Twilight called out, now concerned as I seemed like spaced out just like that. “Are you okay, it’s something isn’t it?”

I simply smiled, “No, it was nothing. Let’s just go back shall we?”

Nightclaw shook his head, stopping his projection just in time before he was spotted. Well, he thought he is anyway.

“Whoo~ an unfortunate timing to have her found me that swiftly…” Nightclaw stated, wiping the sweat on his forehead. The black coated Unicorn stood up from his lying on belly position, rubbing his silver armored boots on his silver breastplate to calm himself.

He trots through the white porcelain halls, passing by carpets and curtains made out of purple silk with starry constellation. Two lavender clad armored ponies with leathery wings stood in front of silver door.

“I’ve come to address an important matter with the Royal Highness, hence you may perhaps let me enter?” Nightclaw asked, earning a questioning look from both guards. The ear of the guard on the right perked up, then nodding at him.

“You are her Highness proxy, correct?” He earned a nod from the Unicorn. “You may proceed. The Princess is expecting you.”

The doors opened, Nightclaw stepping inside with the door closing behind him. He walked up a few paces before kneeling down, “Your Highness, I’ve come to report you of my findings.”

“Good work Nightclaw,” Nightclaw felt a hoof on his right shoulder. He stared up to see a pair of cyan eyes staring at him, “Tis better for Us to remain cautious as we doth not knoweth what she is capable of.”

Princess Luna turned her head towards to the window at her side, "We feared the worst, a feeling that Nightmare wast not truly vanquished."

Chapter 7

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I yawned loudly, rubbing a few tears on my eyes, glancing towards the owl-clock hanging on the wall. It already half past eight, and knowing this I sat upright, stretching my forehooves as I let out another yawn. I threw the blanket that covered me, hopping off the bed tiredly as I stumble my way towards the bathroom.

It took me a couple of minutes to refreshed up and took a quick shower, I stared at my own reflection, a pale lavender unicorn with a black mane and tail with two stripes of teal and purple streak at the center. The reflection stared back with its dark purplish slited eye and teal sclera.

I sighed, the clear difference between Twilight and I is as bright as day, but it didn’t deterred me in the slightest.

I felt something soft touching my cheek, I didn’t notice the vines were there and it was seemingly comforting me. Smiling, I rubbed the vines as a token of gratitude for the attempts. The vines quickly retreated back to a part of the tree, I didn’t notice it before but it looked like it came out from the tree itself.

I walked out of the bathroom, heading downstairs to the kitchen but then halted halfway down. Quickly turning around, I head towards Twilight’s room. I gently opened the door, peeking inside I found Twilight still asleep with a book on her face.

I smiled mischievously, and with it my horn illuminates with the usual pale magenta colors. Once I’m sure that my magic enveloping the mattress, I flipped it causing Twilight to tumble off the bed with a loud yelp.

“Wake up Twilight, time for breakfast!” I yelled out. Twilight in return, groans and levitates up a pillow to cover her face.

“Just five more minutes,” came the muffled reply.

“Alright then, I’ll have Spike know that he can finish off your part of breakfast,” I answered nonchalantly, walking out of the room. Mentally, I counted to three before hearing Twilight’s frustrated shout.


Yep, I really like to mess with Twilight in the morning. Habits are hard to break it seems.

Walking onto the dining room, I saw Spike already finishing up on preparing us breakfast, the smell of freshly cooked pancakes assaulted my nostrils and I found myself drooling a bit. Spike looked up, noticing me and greeted me with a smile.

“Morning, Twivine.”

“Good Morning, Spike,” I replied, taking a seat.

“Is Twilight up yet?” Spike asked, placing the last batch of pancakes near his plate.

I nodded, picking up a few slices onto my plate. “Yep, I could hear her grumbling on the bathroom,” I smeared my pancakes with syrup on top and started eating.

Spike chuckled as he climbs to his chair, grabbing a forkful of pancakes and ate it. For a moment, the two of us ate in silence, only the sound of our utensils clanking on the plates that breaks the total silence that no doubt falls once we started eating. Twilight and I rarely talks when eating, and Spikes seems to pick it up after a while.

Twilight finally came downstairs, slightly irritated from my earlier quirks but didn’t complain. She sat down beside me, levitating a slice or two before eating in silence.

We eventually finished breakfast, Spike cleaned up the table while I levitate the empty dishes on the kitchen sink, Twilight already left to organize the library. It was our usual routine at this point; Spike would get up early and prepare breakfast, the one who wakes up afterwards would wake up the other and so on.

Interesting things only happened in a single day, so most of the time, I am bored to death with the only thing to pass time were the books that I’ve read for too many times. That’s why I usually wander around Ponyville if the library became too boring.

After helping Spike with his chores, we both head over to the library, Twilight already waiting for us. Spike already with a quill and scroll ready on his hand, ready to write the list Twilight has in store.

Twilight opened her mouth but closed it again. She looked around the library noticing that the library isn’t that much of a mess anymore. The library looked very thoroughly cleaned; every shelf looked new and sparkly thanks to Spike waxing the wooden frame. Not much dust is left on the corners, even the books. Sure some of them looked old, but at least it wasn’t dusty.

“Well, I guess we’ve done so much in the past weeks that there isn’t much of a dust left…” Twilight trailed off. “I guess that only left on reorganizing the books.”

Spike raised a claw, “Uhh, Twi, we already done that yesterday.”

“Well, this should say the Golden Oaks Library is back for a Grand Reopening!” I exclaimed, my voice filled with pride.

“Yeah, we can get Pinkie to organize that, it’ll be a blast!” Spike added with his own enthusiasm.

Twilight chuckled, patting Spike’s head, “Let’s not go too far ahead, we’ll cross that bridge someday but not today.”

“Well, since there is nothing for us to do. Why don't we explore Ponyville more? It’ll be a fun experience.”

“Twivy already beat you to it,” Spike simply said which earns me a glare from my counterpart.

Twilight huffed, “Well I haven’t, but since you already went around Ponyville I guess you could show me what’s interesting and whatnot.”

“Okay then,” I answered with a shrug, smiling. “Besides, it’s about time for you to know the place you live.”

Twilight sighed, “There isn’t that much of a choice anyway, what’s so bad about today anyway?”

I think Twilight will soon learn that fate shouldn’t be tempted.

Ponyville is…quiet, for some reason or another. I looked around the empty street, not even the local vendors are open. I turned to Twilight. She looked concerned as I am. The two of us nodded, a silent understanding between us on figuring this out later as of for now, we’ll have to find somepony to talk to and explained what’s going on.

“Where is everypony?” Spike asked, anxiously looking around for any sign of life.

“We don’t know, Spike. I hope everything is okay.” Twilight answered, looking at me for confirmation. I nodded firmly.

“We’ll get the bottom of this.”

We’ve finally reached Sugar Cube Corner, the ginger house generally has a cheerful atmosphere, but now it looked dull and empty. I motion Twilight to stay behind with Spike, she nodded and motioned for Spike to get closer. I took a deep breath and knock on the door.

Silence greeted us. My anxiety grew and knocked again, resulted in the sound of a lock being opened. Before any of us react, a pink blur quickly yanked us out of the front door and into the darkness of the building.

“What the hay is going on!?” I exclaimed in the dark, somepony shushed me. A candle light, revealed Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Mr. and Mrs Cake, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle behind the counter.

“Why are you all hiding in the dark?” Twilight asked, only for Applejack to point out to the nearby window, more precisely a hooded figure of a pony outside.

“We’re hiding from her!” As if on cue, the hooded figure revealed herself, she has stripes and appears to be wearing golden rings on her neck, a piece each on her ear and striped Mohawk. Realization dawned on me and I really have to resist the urge to facehoof.

“Did ya see her?” Applebloom steps forward, only to be grabbed back by Applejack. Applebloom glares at her older sister, but ends up getting shushed.

“Girls…it’s just a zebra.” I said flatly.

Everypony present except me, Twilight and Spike, all gasped. “A what?!”

“B-but look at her coat, so garish!” Rarity remarked with the same level of drama she usually had.

“Rarity, a zebra’s stripe isn’t a fashion choice because they were born that way,” explained Twilight. She really hoped to clear a misunderstanding from all of them, because don’t get me wrong, but it seems like many of Ponyvilians, errr… ill-informed about the existence of other species.

Rarity then lets out her dramatic faint, and I still to this day, I NEVER KNEW WHERE DID THAT COUCH CAME FROM!

Ah well, the only logical reason would be Rarity’s personal aether, not to undermine her ability but Rarity doesn’t look to be magically strong to have their own pocket dimension nor teleport an object from out of view. I can be wrong. I mean, she does have quite the focus on regards of doing her work.

“Born from where? We’ve never seen a pony like that before, ‘cept her!” Applejack exclaimed.

“Applejack,” I called out, but drowned out as the orange pony continued.

“And most importantly, not only she lives inside the Everfree, Ah’ve also seen her with somepony suspicious near her home!”

“Applejack!” I finally shouted. “Can we all stop this nonsense, this is getting ridiculous.”

“You don’t get it, Twivine, but she’s mysterious!” Rainbow Dash piped in.

“And creepy…” Fluttershy added quietly.

“And spoooooky!” Pinkie adds with a horrible imitation of a ghost, but still frightened poor Fluttershy.

“Well, how exactly do you know if you never asked her about it,” I retorted. This is seriously getting ridiculous by the second. But knowing Rainbow Dash, it usually fell on deaf ear on her side.

“That just it, Twivine, she lives inside the Everfree!”

Applejack nodded, “Not only that, but the plant grows…”

“The animals all care for themselves…” Fluttershy added.

“And the clouds move…” Rainbow piped in.

All on their own!” The three finished in unison. Rarity, who just woke up from her earlier faint, fainted again.

I stared at them blankly, “You’re all ridiculous.” I turned and head for the door only to be stopped by Pinkie hopping in front of me. “Pinkieee…what are you doing?”

“Stopping you before my song, silly!” She simply said.

“As much as I would like to, but you all are accusing her something that she may or may not do. In order to stop this nonsense, I’ve decided that I should go out there and ask her myself!” I stomped my hoof as confirmation of my intent.

Twilight nodded, backing me up. “Twivine is right, I think this is all a misunderstanding and it is best for us to go out there, and welcomed her like you all welcomed me and Twivine.”

All ponies present went silent, looking down.

“Umm, I hate to interrupt, but isn’t Applebloom supposed to be with me?” Sweetie Belle’s voice echoed from the silence. All of us then glance over to an opened door on the back.

“She went outside!” Rarity exclaimed.

Applejack grumbled to herself, “That silly filly! I've told her to stay put!”

Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack all rushed towards the door, only to be stopped by a familiar vine stopping them on the door. “Hey, what the hay!?” Rainbow Dash tried to get the vine moved out of the way, I could feel her attempts but it remained firm.

“I have to stop you there before you girls do something stupid.” I said, receiving a shocked stare from everypony.

“Spike,” I called out to him. “Stay here with them and can try to burn anypony with your fire if they decided to do something stupid.”

Spike saluted, “Ma’am, yes ma’am!”

“Twilight you’re with me,” After receiving a nod from her I turn to the rest of the girls. “And girls, for Celestia sake, don’t do anything stupid…”

Twilight and I teleported, appearing at the empty street at the same time and for a good precaution, I ordered my vine to block the second door. Bad luck for us, the zebra had already left and that left us with the option on following her to the forest.

“I didn’t know you pay attention to Shiny,” Twilight suddenly said as we both galloped to the edge of the forest.

“Sometimes, I feel like it’ll be useful someday, and it does now,” I smiled cheekily.

“I’ve noticed,” Twilight rolled her eyes. “Right, you go look for the zebra and I’ll look for Applebloom.”

“Wait,” I halted just outside of the forest edge. “Why are we going into a forest on which said forest is full of creatures and other stuff that could potentially kill us if we’re not careful? And why are we separating, we don’t even know the path around the forest.”

Twilight skidded to a halt. She looked at me with a sheepish smile, “Ehehe, I-I guess I didn’t think of that.”

I sighed, “I think I regret locking up the girls, Applejack may know the way.”


I heard Pinkie shouts from the distance, I look over to confirm that it is indeed five ponies are coming right at us, and with one particular drake that is riding along. Rainbow Dash, for whatever reason, is flying right towards me. In response, I erect a barrier around myself and Rainbow Dash slammed right on it. Rainbow Dash bounced off backwards and landed with an ‘oomph’.

“What the hay is that, Twivine!?”

I had to give it to her, I flinched at the impact. I shook my head as I lowered the barrier, just in time as the others catch up. “What, you expect me to just grab you again in mid-air?”

“No! The freaky eye thing!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. I raised a brow, not understanding what she meant by that.

“What Rainbow’s tryin’ to say, is that your eye glow when ya did that.” Applejack explained, I turned to her with the same confused expression.

“Did what?”

Pinkie gasped loudly as she is suddenly in my face somehow, “You mean you don’t know!?”

“What are you guys talking about? And how did you guys escape?!” I turned to Spike who was eating a cupcake on Pinkie’s back, glaring at him. “Spike…”

Spike looked up to me, shrugging. “Hey, it’s either that I don’t get to eat Pinkie’s cupcake ever, or let them do whatever they had to do. Besides, not ever having Pinkie’s cupcake is just the same as you throw away a birthday gift.”

I groaned, “Okay then, how did you get yourself out if I blocked the door with my vine?”

“You didn’t block the window silly!” Pinkie answered cheerfully. I suddenly have to urge to facehoof. Before any other words were spoken, Applejack reminds us of why we’re here in the first place.

“But now that isn't the problem, the problem is that my sister is in there somewhere followin’ that Zebra. We hav’ta find her!”

Twilight nodded, “Applejack is right, we have to find Applebloom before anything happen to her.” She turned to Applejack, “Applejack do you perhaps have an idea where this zebra lived?”

Applejack nodded, taking on the lead. “Eeyup, Ah know the way, everypony follow me!”

“Come on everypony, nothing bad is going to happen if we stick together.”

That is the second time Twilight tempts fate today…

“Now, it should be around here somewhere,” Applejack looks around for… I don’t know a landmark or something? To be honest, I can’t really find anything in particular except that the whole forest looked the same. And I had the feeling of being watched again, not only one but two now. Things just get even creepier by the second.

My ears flicked up as the bush couple of meters behind me rustled. I’d look behind me, frowning for a bit. I’m sure that I just saw a cloak of sorts, but it’s rather be safe than sorry, I’ve sent out my vines underground to check it out.

I waited for a moment, once I’m sure that my vine suddenly grabbed onto something, I galloped to the bush. My horn glowed, yanking out the bush with my magic to reveal a cloaked pony. It flinched and quickly turned around to escape, only to trip as my vine had a firm grip on one of its legs.

“Gotcha!” I pulled off its hood, revealing a black furred Pegasus with weird marks on its face and hooves, a visible white splotch on its muzzle. He almost looked like a half zebra or some sort. Based on its feature alone, I quickly concluded that it was a male.

“Please don’t hurt me!” He pleaded, attempting to crawl away but with my vine firmly restricting his movement, he wouldn’t go anywhere.

“Now why are you spying on me? Who are you?” I stared at him, tightening the grip on the vine and simultaneously summoning two additional vines for added intimidation.

“M-my name is Zepher, I-I swear that I didn’t mean to spy on you!” He stammered for a bit, clearly scared as my gaze seemingly bore through his skull.

I frowned at him, my gaze softening but kept my guard up. “Okay then, Zepher, what are you doing in this part?”

“I-I was heading to Zecora, and saw you and your group, I-I was curious of why there are ponies in this forest since Zecora never really had visitors.” Zepher answered quickly. I loosened the grip, letting the vines to sink back to the ground.

“Alright then, I thought I was being spied on for a moment…” I trailed off. I shook my head, narrowing my eyes at him. “Well then, can I trust you?”

“W-well, I don’t expect you to trust me since I’m not exactly ‘trustable’ on a place like this.” He replied nervously. I sighed, apologizing.

“I’m sorry for scaring you, Zepher; this just forest gives me the creeps so forgive my paranoia. Okay let’s start over, my name is Twivine, it’s nice to meet you.”

I lent him my hoof which he took gladly, “Nice to meet you, Twivine. I’m sorry for spying on you earlier.”

I waved dismissively, “Nah, it’s alright, I really don’t like this forest anyway…”

“So, what exactly are you doing in the Everfree?” He asked.

I explained to him briefly about what happened in the town, he is not really all that surprised about what happened. “Well, I can’t really say I blame the ponies for acting that way, but isn’t a bit careless of you ponies for letting a foal go out like that?”

“Well, we’re in the middle of an argument and I thought somepony already watched over her,” I sighed. “I hope she’s okay.”

“Is it by any chance that said foal is a light olive filly with a large red ribbon on her head?” He inquired, my ear perked up as precisely describe Applebloom’s appearance.

“Yeah, that’s the one, where did you see her?”

Zepher placed a hoof on his chin, “Well, I saw her near Zecora’s hut before you ponies arrived.”

I sighed in relief, turning around. “Well that’s good enough for me, I guess. I should head back to the others now, thanks for the help Zepher!” I waved at him.

“I don’t exactly do much help, but you’re welcome anyway.” He waved back.

I made my way back towards the girls were, I just realized that I left the group and nopony noticed. Lovely... After walking a few meters I saw the girls, Spike and Applebloom is heading back towards me. I waved at them as they went near.

“Hey girls!”

“Twivine? I thought you-“ Twilight stopped herself, shaking her head rapidly. “You know what, I won’t ask. There is so much going on I rather not have another headache.”

I nodded absentmindedly, joining the group back to Ponyville. “So, anything happen going on when I’m gone?”

“Oh, nothin’, just that Zecora seems to curse us or somethin’ and that all thanks to somepony.” Applejack said, annoyed. Her irritated tone is more or less directed towards her sister who was following along behind her.

“I told you already, curse isn’t a thing!” Twilight interjected, but it seems to fall on deaf ears.

“So, everything’s fine?” I asked Spike who was riding on the back of Twilight.

He nodded, “Seems so, that blue flower is weird though…”

“Blue Flower?” I asked with a raised brow.

“Yeah, we were standing on it earlier, I don’t know why but I feel weird when I’m around it. Don’t worry, its gone though.” He reassured me. “Oh, and Zecora seems to be warning about it too, if we could get the fact that she rhymes about it too.”

“I see,” I replied thoughtfully. Blue flower and it was on Everfree. I seem to know about it but I can’t, I know it’s on the tip of my tongue. Oh well, at least Applebloom is safe and we’re about to get out of this creepy forest.

I really hope Twilight didn’t jinx fate too badly.

“Twilight calm down, it’ll be fine.”


Yeah, when we woke up, Twilight’s horn just…flopped like that like a rubber. I know for certain that this isn’t a curse, I ran a spell-test on her and it showed up fine. As if her horn were like that in the first place. Strangely enough, I’ve had this feeling of familiarity. Somehow.

“Twilight, calm down, we may have something in this library that could explain this sort of thing.”

That does the trick, Twilight immediately do the calming technique Cadence taught us. “You’re right, Twivine, there has to be something on the books that can cure this…SPIKE!”

“Way ahead of you!” Spike called out.

Twilight sighed in relief, just before I turned to help Spike looking for a book regarding Twilight’s condition, the door slammed open and five familiar ponies rushed inside. Pinkie with her swollen tongue, Rainbow Dash with an inverted wing, Rarity with an overflowing mane and tail, Fluttershy looks…normal, and so does Applebloom.

Wait…Applebloom? Where’s Applejack, I thought she-

“Ah told ya that curses are the real thing!” I heard a very high pitched voice of Applejack. I look over to Applebloom where the voice came from, and soon enough Applejack came out of her hair.

“Yeah, that Zecora pony-zebra-whatever, she curse us! I mean look at my wings, I can barely fly with these.” Rainbow Dash chimed in. Pinkie tries to say something, but everything just came out a spit. Twilight shook her head in resolution.

“No, there is no such thing as a curse! I mean look at Fluttershy, she’s all fine.”

Fluttershy replied in a very...manly, deep voice, “Actually, I’m… not exactly fine…”

“I’m afraid I have to go with everypony here, Twilight,” Rarity added, I really want to say that her hair looked ridiculous but I think she already gets it.

Twilight’s eyes twitched. Oh oh, major breakdown is imminent; protocol ‘calm-the-magic-storm-before-we’ve-gone-to-shit-paste’ has been initiated. All emotions please stand by for possible fallout.

“Everypony, settle down, we don’t know what exactly happened. Spike, Twilight and I are looking for a possible cure for all of you,” I calmed everypony down. “Besides, Spike is fine, he was with you girls at that time.”

“Spike ain’t cursed cuz that Zecora said it only to ponies!” Applejack insisted stubbornly.

“For the last time, curses are not a thing!” Twilight shouted in frustration. I calmed her down as much as best as I can.

“Calm down, Twilight. Do you remember that Spike is a dragon?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t he be?” Twilight said with a roll of her eyes.

“No, you don’t get it, Dragon are naturally known for their high resistant to magic. If he isn’t affected, then this is surely a magic effect.” I explained, Twilight looked at me, frowning.

“But, curses aren’t magic…”

I shook my head, “No, they are lower form of magic, but these effects, all seems to be linked as a magical transformation, which somehow applied as if they were a part of you from the beginning. And that is a very high tiered magic if you ask me.”

“If your scans say that I am fine, then that means…”

I smirked, “Precisely…what we’re dealing with is magic created by something else entirely and strong enough to affect ponies in general but not strong enough for a dragon.”

I swear I saw a glint of sparkling star on her eyes when I said that. She turned around, smiling proudly to the girls whom standing there with utmost of confusion. Twilight’s smile fade as realization dawns on her, “Oh, you girls don’t understand, do you?”

“Not a thing…”

“Twivineeee!” Spike called out, I went ahead to approach him. “I didn’t find a book for this sort of thing, but this one maybe could help,” Spike handed me a book titled ‘Supernaturals’. Without hesitation I opened it and skimmed through the pages.

“But how does that explain that curses or hexes aren’t a thing? Doesn’t that basically the same thing?” I heard Rainbow’s confused exclamation. I quickly head back to salvage this stupid thing curse/hex thing.

“There is a difference between hex, curse, and magic.” I began, gaining the attention of everypony in the room. “Indeed that they are the same, which includes some sort of magical properties, but curses or hexes can be easily identified and/or detected as they are a lower form of magic. This type of magic is undetectable and very powerful therefore I can only assume two things.”

“One, Zecora’s is very powerful with magic to cast that type of magic, but I don’t see her being as powerful as Princess Celestia or an ancient being with great magical abilities. Number two is simple and it all because something that you tripped, or touched did that to you.”

There was silence for a moment… then Rainbow spoke up.

“Yeaaah, I lost you on that one…”

Twilight sighed, “Basically what my sister trying to say is, something that near us must have caused the problem.”

“B-but what about-“ I quickly interrupts Applejack.

“Applejack, she is a zebra, and if I remember my lessons in foreign culture, it is kind of a tradition for a zebra to speak in rhymes. And here is our cure!” I showed the pages that I found, it was about a blue flower that glows and only lived on Everfree.

“Poison joke?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yep, poison joke is basically a plant that emits magical effect that could do something to somepony as a form of a joke, oh and it was made during Discord’s era by the way.” I explained cheerfully. “And here, look, there is a cure how to undo the effects.”

“A bubble bath?” Everypony said in unison.

“Wait, so this whole thing is a joke?” Rainbow Dash looked at me.

“Apparently, you know Discord is known as a trickster during ancient times, a literal one too…” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Twivine, how do you know all of that? And regarding Spike too, I didn’t know Dragon is highly resistant to magic!” Twilight exclaim with utter confusion.

“Sometimes, if you’re not burying your head on one specific type of books, then you would’ve known.” I answered simply.

“B-but how could you possibly know about that? It could be false information.”

I shook my head, chuckling, “Twilight, I asked Princess Celestia.”

Silence for a moment, before Twilight loudly exclaimed. “HOW?”

“Eh, it’s easy, I just ask for confirmation if Dragon is susceptible to magic or not.”

“B-but, she doesn't always tell us the answer,” Twilight replied timidly.

I put a hoof on her shoulder, “Twilight, here’s some advice when asking Princess Celestia, always asks for an indirect answer than a direct one.”

“Well, I suppose we should all head to the spa and have this ridiculous ‘joke’ off us, ooohhh Fluttershy, didn’t we miss our weekly spa visit, maybe this is a good time to catch up?”

Fluttershy smiled, “Yeah, let’s do that.”

“And maybe, after that, ya could apologize to Zecora for all the trouble ya’ll cause!” Applebloom cheerfully exclaimed.

Pinkie tries to speak but once again, only spits that came out, but hey she sounded happy otherwise. Spike came with a quill and scroll, ready to write.

“So, do you have a report to send, Twilight?” Spike mouthed an ‘Oh’ when he realized that the girls had already left. “Well, would you like to write it then, Twivine?”

I shook my head, “Nah, Twilight should do it, since she is the one that learns a valuable lesson after all…” I slightly glance over to the nearest window, barely spotting a figure that slips away at the last moment.

“Maybe I have to write other things with the Princess…”

Princess Celestia hold the urge to yawn openly, it was court session and the pony before her proposing things that she already forgot, considering that it had almost been three hours since he first came in. Thankfully, she has Raven to rely on writing every key point that the stallion makes. Her posture may look like she was listening in, but her mind wandered elsewhere. It is a trick that she picks over the course of her rule, and it does its job flawlessly.

Suddenly, a familiar trail of green flame comes by her and almost immediately as the fire dissipated a scroll appeared. Before it could hit the ground, she picked it up with her magic, smiling due to the fact that she had an excuse to hold the stallion’s speech for a moment.

She held one of her wings to the stallion, signifying that he should stop for a moment. However, the stallion continued on blabbing about the importance of how Stalliongrad industrial potential.

She sighed as she lowered her wing and opened the letter.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I apologize if this wasn’t the friendship report that you would usually waited for, and I also apologize if I’m interrupting your court. I know how important court is to somepony, but if it was noble complaining again, then my hooves are crossed.

Anyway, for the past few weeks here in Ponyville, it seems somepony are stalking and/or spying on me. I don’t know who or what they want, but I feel that you should know of this. Ignoring them would be unwise and so does confronting them directly. Therefore, I seek your guidance regarding on this matter as I have no idea what course should I take.

For now though, they didn’t really do anything that’s really threatening the life of me or others, but I really hope that you could do something to put an end to this stalker-y.

I shall wait for your response.

Sincerely, your faithful Student
Twivine Sparkle.

Princess Celestia stared at the letter, reading it twice to confirm the content of the letter. She frowned, tapping her chin as if she was in deep thought. A concerned call from the stallion that made her realize that she was in the middle of court.

“I apologize, my little pony, but it seems that an important matter has come to my attention, your proposals will be further discussed with the Council.”

“But-“ The stallion tried to give an excuse only for Princess Celestia to raise her wings.

“Court is adjourned for today,” Princess Celestia declared, turning to Raven. “Raven, please tell the other attendees that they should return tomorrow.”

Raven nodded, “Right away Princess.”

“Oh, and Raven,” she called out, Raven turned to her. “Please inform the Intelligence High Command as I wish to have a word with them. Tell them that it is priority Alpha-One, codename ‘Nightmare’.”