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"I have a dream every night," Sunset Shimmer sobbed, "where I am the hero of my story." One night when her dream finally comes true, she finds that Princess Luna’s banishment from her story book might not be such a tall tale after all. In Sunset’s quest to find friends in Twilight Sparkle, her memories that she had lost from so long ago begin to come back to her. Who’s to blame for her anger issues? Twilight, her parents, society, or maybe even herself?

Do you want to audition for illustrations or vocals for the dub of this? Sign up here!

I’ll try to update this every few days, or when I possibly can! This is sort of an AU, so there are genderbends and relations in here that might seem odd at first.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 21 )

I love to bitch slap Artemis. hope he gets taken down a few pegs in the story,

This...is an interesting AU.

Lmao, it’s just something that seemed do-able in my head 😂😭

What a ass! Treats her and her family like Garbage, no wonder Sunset nearly suffering depression.

Chapter 3 might put your mind at ease over Artie :raritywink:

And while i glad Celestia's brother acted nicer...it also just plain confuse me. first he mean and the nice then he's what mean or nice or going cross eyed and blowing a rashberry while scratching his head like a monkey?

Look you made him a asshole now he a nice guy? Which is it? I hate these type of things in stories. Unlike Sour/Sweet, he not making it work.

Doing it for a reason, but I’m not going to give any spoilers as to why I’m doing it. :raritywink:

That's too mushy," she spat angrily, hastily stuffing the device back into her pocket. Then she stopped in her tracks right in front of the fountain of the town hall, which held two statues of horned pegasi that were encircling the fountain of water, one being higher than the other, with both looking at one another. Her brown journal finished blotting with black, and the sunshine had been replaced with a crescent moon. She quickly opened it to the first blank page and she stared at the sticky note.

Think you might be missing a paragraph between these two, that's a rather sudden jump with no connection.

Oh lord you’re right

I wrote half of this on my iPad and half on my phone so I’ll find the missing one 😭😭

Thanks for telling me!

I gotta say i wish someone had shut AppleJack for what she said to Sunset, hope she got chewed out as well as the rest fo the girls.
Yes Sunset overreacted but Twilight had no right to invade her privacy, and the other had no right to judge her as before.

Ok i'm getting super ULTRA CONFUSED! What the hell was that?! What happened? I thought this was about Nightmare moon and such and why was Celestia super grade A BITCH, and what the hell Twilight?! i think Sunset needs to look elsewhere for love and companionship!

Well, the story of Nightmare Moon was told in the perspective of Nightmare Moon, so I would expect Celestia to seem like the bad guy

hmmm that does make sense...thou Celestia is the master of self denial. So maybe half true and half not.

But for Sci Twi and her thoughts...that angers me. Seems she hold some hate for Sunset? I still upset for the Rainbooms to constantly remind Sunset of her mistakes and how they jumped her when Susnet got furious at Sci Twi.

Yes she went a little too far, but they went further accusing her and revealing they still see her as a monster.
i really love to see this come bite them in the end.

..............I really want to give this story a try but I'm losing faith now.

it just keeps getting more and more confusing, is fluttershy against Sunset as well? Are they trying to break her, is this the plan?

I really don’t see how you’re so confused, honestly. It’s pretty clear that Fluttershy is on Sunset’s side at this point. Do you need me to CliffsNotes the plot for you so far? I’d be happy to do so.

Maybe because the chapter was so short and rushed. but Felt Fluttershy set Sunset up.
Plus with how the others treated her, it just feels like Sunset getting shafted every turn she or moment that this started.

The entire point of the story is that she comes out on top and makes it all better, but it’s nowhere close to the end yet. We’re just getting started.

well i figured that, but i meant i feel like everyone else is giving her the shaft. Thou Artemis seems to gotten better, but everyone else.....
Glad to know she comes out on top.

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