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This story is a sequel to Friendship is Sufficiently Advanced

A place for canonical side stories happening elsewhere in the Friendship is Sufficiently Advanced universe from our protagonists' main arc, along with deleted bits, snippetdrabbles, worldbuilding pieces, and maybe the occasional omake.

Chapters (5)
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Later she showed them, showed them all. But that's another story.

Any chance Featherbrain's roosting somewhere in Twilight's family tree?

Death by Rarity™: Both a fate for the enemies of Equestria and the planet's most fabulous PMC.

Wonderful to see the blog supplements collected in one convenient and much easier to search place. Thank you for collecting them.

Never change Pinkie. Never change. If we are ever attacked by sentient logical robots, you will be our Best and Most Powerful weapon. And you will defeat them.

Hurr hurr, Twilight's a unit.

I'm very fascinated by that story for another time. Will it be a time soon? :D

Also, self-duplicating checklist paper? I can't say I'm surprised, knowing the source. Just that it's taken her this long. :P

Why does just about every sci-fi work involve biological lasers, anyway? I have to say this is a new usage, though.
Have I said I love how absurd this planet's biology is?

I really like the Rarity segments. That first one reminded me just a tad of Schlock's reasoning behind the choice of his plasma cannon.
The second... I wholeheartedly agree. :rainbowdetermined2:

Also, I've been looking for that clip.

Poor yaks are the butt of every joke, aren't they...

Well, we still have the kilogram, so I can't say it's that horrible a standard.

I can really see this sort of atrocity to physics, magical or otherwise, occurring around her.
You have also outdone yourself with some really good names here.

...How many grad students do they go through, on average? And, for that matter, is the average rate of grad student loss below the minimum rate of grad student loss, just because Pinkie? :pinkiehappy:

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