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Luna calls Pinkie Pie to Canterlot, hoping to... clear some things up. Especially after Nightmare Night. But what happens when the invitation goes astray, and somepony who looks a LOT like Pinkie* shows up instead?

*Not an OC... technically

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Absolutely delightful story about living in someone's shadow and dealing with it. Luna and Peachy's conversation was delightful and I love that Celestia was behind the whole letter mix-up.

Also a delight seeing Lemon Treat. ;) Hello, Candy Cane pony!

Damn it Tia stop trolling:trollestia:

60681 Thank you. You have no clue how good hearing that feels.

Fantastic! I loved it. This should really have more views and comments!

Is it weird if I could have seen this turning into a Luna/Peachy Pie thing? Not saying you should or anything.
(Even though that would be cute) :derpytongue2:

loved it and I think you should do a second chapter of the gala with pinkie pie style:heart::heart::heart:

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Is it weird that I know exactly where Peachy Pie comes from? No? Good, cause I love your interpretation!
For those who don't know, Hasbro continues to delay the release of blind bags here in the good ol' U.S. of A., and instead has released two sets to Meijer and Toys R' Us, respectively. The Meijer one has four figurines: Rainbow, Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie. The Toys R' Us one, which I bought, has the Mane 6, plus 6 others: Coconut Cream, Beachberry, Peachy Pie, Skywishes, Sweetsong, and Gardenia Glow.
And now you know!

60776 I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows about Peachy! My blindbag Peachy is my favorite non-mane 6 pony for the moment.

Such a pleasant, nice story :3 However you should put each characters' dialogue in separate sentences, not the same sentence :3

hahaha recolor pinkie! :pinkiehappy: i cant believe dudes would propose to pinkie :derpytongue2: cant imagine what that would be like :rainbowlaugh: loved the story dude!:rainbowkiss:

61697 I know this sounds either incredibly nerdy, know-it-all, or snobbish, but I think it is interesting to know anyway. Peachy Pie isn't just a re-color Pinkie. Pinkie and Peachy both debuted as G3 ponies, but Pinkie was the mane character of the G3 show, and Peachy only showed up in one episode. The more you know.

I really enjoyed this story and thank you for the read. :twilightsmile: Also thank you for introducing me to Peachy Pie who now I feel like I would want to watch that one episode of her just to see how the real one was like. :pinkiesmile:
I don't know if you will add another chapter to this or f it is the end but could you tell me which kind of one-shot this is? The kind that has one chapter or two?


62657 It's more of a lead-in to my next project(s). Which I am currently working on. Peachy isn't that huge in it, but she may make an appearance or two. I am, after all, quite fond of her.

62657 It's more of a lead-in to my next project(s). Which I am currently working on. Peachy isn't that huge in it, but she may make an appearance or two. I am, after all, quite fond of her. Oh, yeah, one chapter, oneshot. Or at least, that is what I understood a oneshot to be...?

Agh! Computer fail. Sorry about the comment double post.

Thank you for answering back, well I am also becoming fond of Peachy Pie or well your Peachy Pie that you have written. I am rather excited to hear of your next project so I will have to watch you. And it is alright to double post since well I almost did too lol :rainbowlaugh: Do you mind of telling me what this next project is or is it still in the planning process?

62857 I've begun, but it's a bit different than Peachy Pie, though I did lay some foundation for the project in this fic. There will be a story for each of the mane 6, and there will be various characters introduced in each of the stories, which will all link together, albeit lightly. Right now, I'm working on the Applejack fic. I hope that when it is finished, I do not disappoint. :pinkiesmile:

63783 Okay thank you and god luck with it. Careful not to burnout and Happy Holidays. :moustache:


Well, I found that delightful!

so basically celestia ment for the letter to go to peachy?? what a sneaky devil...knowing pinky would just make the gala a living nightmare it would of been crazy.. but peachy has a more refined and homely feel to her character, unlike the rambunctious pinky.


Yes... and no. What you caught onto probably has more to do with my ongoing project, but you are partly right. She did do a bit of what I like to call 'twiddling' in the background to get these two together. Nice catch!

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Grammar (out of 10) 7

1) Wonderful insights into Luna’s personality. I particularly like that she has a weakness for sweets. It matches Celestia’s love of cake.
2) Learning about the origins of the Grand Galloping Gala was interesting. It reminded me of the old philosophers clubs that used to be held during the renaissance.
3) Peachy Pie is an interesting OC that fits well into the established world.

1) The dialog, while good, seemed to be obtuse in spots. The grammatical structure could be jolting, to me anyway. However, take this with a large grain of salt. My trouble with comma usage may be shading my perceptions.
2) “Trying her hand,” jumped out at me as needing a ‘hoof’ instead of a ‘hand’.
3) While the story is well written, and reveals a good bit about Luna, there does not seem to be any real difficulty that any character has to overcome. I see Peachy’s problem of not having a job, and Luna’s need to integrate back into pony society, as being in the background of the story instead of a main focus.
I don’t know how to really help beyond pointing it out as a possible area for you to look at. My story “Catharsis and Hash Browns for Breakfast” suffers from the same kind of issue. I have tried to iron it out, but it remains an elusive fix. I would recommend trying to get another review from a more established author than I am. They may be able to help. I’m afraid I lack the skills to give any real pointers.

A good story that shows Luna’s personality, Celestia’s mischievousness, and that you have a touch with OC’s. I will be keeping an eye out for more of your works.

Thank you for taking the time to review “Sticks and Magical Mysteries.” You’re review pointed out a couple of things that I had not thought about, such as Fluttershy’s bravery comment being out of place. I love getting good, constructive feedback. It improves my writing so much. I hope that my review serves you as well.

2137318 thank you Random_User. No one else bothered to point out the hand's bit, and when I was going through, I corrected some mistakes I missed with grammar.
Overall, the 'problem' is supposed to be solved by the end of the story, since it's a one-shot. It's a bit of a characterization piece, mainly for Peachy and Luna. Mainly the focus of the story overall is this accidental relationship, which grows into one of Luna's first friendships since she has returned, and Peachy being in a position for a cameo in another project that I haven't started yet.

Thank you. I, too, adore constructive criticism. Hence my membership in Authors helping Authors
I hope you, too, enjoy membership and support this wonderful community.

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