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Some time ago, before the return of the Elements of Harmony, Princess Celestia needed other heroes who could protect Equestria. She formed Equestrian Intelligence Department 6, or EI:6 for short, to hunt down and imprison dangerous monsters before peaceful folk even knew they were in danger; in time, this mandate extended to dangerous ponies as well, those who had the potential to become villains and threaten the kingdom's peace. But when they allowed a dangerous monster to escape into Equestria, Celestia shut them down.

Ten years later, Agent Sweetie Drops has found a new life in the sleepy town of Ponyville. As the innocent "Bon-Bon", she makes candies and sweets in her own little confectionery shop, living with her marefriend Lyra Heartstrings in the flat above. But only days after a bugbear attack forces her to reveal her secret, Lyra is kidnapped - by Pinkie Pie of all ponies! Finding the most special pony in her life will take a journey for Bon-Bon - and it may mean giving up her peaceful retirement forever.

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i feel like the name EI:6 is a reference to SI:7

It's more a direct reference to MI:6, the UK equivalent to America's CIA.

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Well, ya can't deny the similarities between the 3 names.


Oh my. This seems like quite a mystery. Why would Pinkie (or fake Pinkie) do all this?

OK, author you have my follow. Procede.

Guessing clone pinkie, and also waiting for the line from Taken.

I love me a good Taken reference.

Sweet, now you know the target you can get her to talk to her best friend and you'll have one of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria on your side! And Starlight Glimmer. :trixieshiftleft:

I'm glad I'm not the only Trixie fan, lol. Just do remember that this does take place in Season 5, so Starlight Glimmer is currently busy stalking Twilight.

Was really happy to see this story. I kinda wanted to write something of the sort myself a while back but never ended up doing it. Keep it up, I like what you have so far.

Poor Ditzy/Derpy/Muffins. Doomed to have too many names.

I think this is actually my favorite chapter. Well done.


Thank you for that. I love Luna encounters in the show proper because of the insights they can give us about a character, and I'd wanted to give that same opportunity for Sweetie Drops. Luna will always be "best princess" to me because she always knows exactly what a pony needs to hear.

Well, I personally enjoyed the lesson that Sweetie learned. She needs to combine her two lives in order to save Lyra.

Also, The Rose Quartz character has me very intrigued as well.

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