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Author's Note:

Soooo! This is finished! Was a blast to write and I hope you enjoyed it! I wrote this for the Equestria At War Fanfic competition which is based on the Hearts Of Iron 4 mod under the same name. Go check the group out for more war stories! Anyway, hope this epilogue brings some closure, and if it doesn't well you aren't thinking deep enough ;P.

Enjoy the final final 289 words!

I might write a sequel if people would like I suppose, maybe what happened between the epilogue and the final chapter? Maybe, who knows!?


Commander In Chief Princess Flurry Heart of The Crystal Empire,

It has been 1 Years on 6 months since I last wrote a diary entry, and as childish as it seems to me now I remember how it made me feel secure and calm. And now, in my darkest hour I write to you diary. The war did not end by Hearth's Warming. We did not save lives. I am a murderer, diary. 143,045 casualties from the Crystal Empire is what the latest report say. And I am to blame. I find it hard to live with that fact, but after a promising start I don't see how this happened. No pony was prepared for this, we made it 30 miles into the land, easy. And then we stopped, and were pushed back... and back... and back... Now, I fear for my life here in the Crystal City. Fighting happens not 20 miles from the city, and for that I fear for the innocent children, which I am not. I am a child still, but I am not innocent. I have seen death in front of me and nothing will ever let me forget that. The crying, pain and suffering before it, death was the sweetest embrace possible for him. My personal guard of 10 years... yet, I never knew his name...

I never should have wrote this, apologies diary, as all it has done is remind me of why life is hard and the darkness in the heart of all sentience. Every sentient being can be evil, for everything can see evil.

Goodbye diary, I fear it may be my last. It's time to cry over the past. And see how long I last.

See you soon, Mother.

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Really well written fanfic i hope you make a sequal.

It's definitely something that I'd like to do, just write busy at the moment, but definitely an option!

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