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Chapter 4 - Act


July 3rd 1013

After an hour of standing outside the room, the guards outside were finally greeted by a click of the door and a high hum, notably the usage of magic. The door opened.

Garnished in a rose red dress that reflected a small amount of light giving it a light glimmer to it, upon her head a slightly darker, more blood red, homburg rested perfectly central but tilted to her right ever so gently that was embraced by a beautiful flower the guards could not discern. Upon her hooves, perfectly shined black shoes that spiked out from the centre like a petite firework, centred with a golden star. Under all the beautiful clothing stood a shivering pale pink pretty princess.

Flurry tried her best to smile, butterflies dancing in her stomach were the cause of her nerve. Nothing else. She had asked Twilight about the rise of the Changeling Lands and now, she was as afraid as she ever had been and with no one to turn hug at night. She didn't want to think about it for now, she'd get to that at the meal.

Twilight, adorned in a beautiful gold, purple and white dress, stepped from the room and put a wing onto Flurry's back as a sign to reassure the fragile child. But after Flurry took a look at Twilight's own smile, she wasn't sure who was comforting who.

The two mares and their loyal guards paced towards the royal dining area that awaited their arrival. To Flurry, it felt too long and as cliché as it seemed to her, the corridor felt as endless as a carnival maze. Twilight had noticed the other princesses faster breathing rate and put her wing out to stop her. The 4 stopped, Flurry met Twilight's warm, comforting and peaceful eyes that eased her slightly but Twilight raised her hoof to chest. Flurry knew what was next, and together they raised pushed their hooves from chest, outstretched in front of them moving with their exhalation never breaking the comforting eye contact. The two nervous, fragile and young Princesses proceeded and the now not so endless corridor ended and with that, the two guards pushed open the doors.

Around the sides of the large room tables full of flowers, cutlery, wine and decorations made the room feel less empty, as no pony sat there. Directly on the other side of the room a table faced them, flanked by a large line of tables stretched to look like on gigantic table ran from one end of the room to the other and ponies stood looking towards the two mares. The seats only empty were that across the room from them. All the tables had evenly spaced flowers, candles and all kinds of cutlery and under them was a perfectly straight and ironed white cloth that went down to the gold coloured chairs that rested a red pillow each. The room looked like a very long white 'n', Flurry thought to her self.

The audience of dignitaries, officials and general staff stood facing inwards to their tables as the two Princesses walked along the each side of the room both accompanied by a guard each. Eventually after the long walk, the two Princesses sat down next to each other at the only two chairs at the table that was wearing a beautiful, long bouquet. The audience remained standing as flurry took a deep breath and pulled out a large script with her magic from a little slit in her dress. With another sigh she smiled and looked straight up and put on the loudest, strongest and most powerful voice she could articulate.

"My dear subjects of the Crystal Empire and ambassadors from foreign fields. I welcome you all to the annual Crystal Meal that celebrates the liberation of our nation from tyranny and despair. This meal today is little from celebration unfortunately. I have decided to announce my foreign policy in regards to the imperialism and expansion on the Changeling Lands today. The Changelings have made unprovoked aggression upon the country of Olenia a few years ago and after the civil war and uprisings saw a time of peace and somewhat prosperity even at such great a cost in Olenian life.

But that peace seems to be leading to more war. Last year the Polar Bear Kingdom was invaded and all Polar Bears were stripped from citizenship rights. Early this year, Olenian and Polar Bears have been placed into confined, deadly and morbid conditions that can only be described as a prison. Now, these Olenian and Polar Bears are being executed randomly and communities who do not accept complete servitude are being literally decimated. One in every 10 of a community are publicly executed.

So to this I call upon my ally of Equestria, ask them to join the Crystal Empire in a coalition war against the Changeling Lands. For the past 3 months Equestrian and Crystal armies have laid defences and prepared at the border and called upon volunteers from Stalliongrad and the West Griffonian Empire to help contain and protect the peace of Equestria. So. By Royal Decree, I, Princess Flurry Heart of The Crystal Empire, with the support of Equestria. Hereby Declare War on the Changeling Lands.

Fear not my fellow ponies, the war shall be fast, simple and safe. Our stallions will be home by Hearth's Warming Eve! Now, I called upon you. Ponies of The Crystal Empire and beyond to fear not and enlist into the army or help in the industrial effort. Peace must be fought for and that is what we shall do.

Thank you.

Flurry sat down. Out of breath. Sweating. Panting. Crying. She quickly put her head down as to not be seen, and as she sat down after a few moments of stunned silence the audience sat down. Silent. To Flurry's joy ponies began speaking, breaking the silence and once they did and everypony got settled Twilight wrapped a wing around Flurry Heart and hugged her tightly.

"I'm proud of you Flurry, you're doing what is right. I told you that Equestria didn't need you, but doing this has gave us numbers and will save more Equestrian lives. I am so proud of you, it was hard for me to write, hard for Celestia so say. But nothing we did was as hard as what you have done now." She'd plant a kiss on the sobbing mares forehead hugging her tighter, rubbing her hoof on her back as comfort and consolation.

"B-but now my ponies will... die..." Flurry blabbered out barely.

"But with more trained ponies our forces will be stronger, letting us overwhelm them causing less ponies overall to die Flurry, think of it that way." Twilight spoke softly, but even she was unsure with her words. Luckily Flurry trusted her.

"I-I guess..." The two mares smiled at each other and hugged once more. And finally. They put their hooves to their chests, and pushed it out with the air. Like her mother would have.

Like her mother would have.

Author's Note:

The story at an end, the tale is told,
Peace to defend, with death in the fold,
The final chapter, of story and life,
The end of laughter, as life dissipates,
And Flurry the Fighter? The prologue awaits.