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Chapter 2 - Learn


July 3rd 1013

Dusk settled on the crystallised metropolis, a cold breeze shook the ponies of the northern city. Winters bite clung to the armoured ponies forcing their bones into a melodic impulsing. In the distance 3 winged creatures were fluttered peacefully like butterflies in the autumn wind. The young, naive and beautiful princess approached her castle, still after 6 months, in awe of what she owned. Knowing that inside of that, every pony would be willing to set aside their own life and problems for her... it was truly inspiring to her. As the large castle grew larger and larger as they approached, Flurry took these moments to once again contemplate. Over the last few months of her being a Princess she has quickly become a deep thinker, finding her self being more analytical and mature when the time arises. Thinking on this, she pondered. How much has she changed in the last 6 months? She wrote a little diary entry on the day of her coronation but just has not had the time to update it, she's just been more busy then she ever had and even spending 5 minutes writing a small diary entry would take too long. On the other hoof, she still felt like the same pony, just more mature and important, but come a few years down the line... will she keep changing?

The Princess sighed as they landed at the bottom of the castle. 4 doors, 8 guards to the North, East, South and West. To a 'normal' pony which door used wouldn't seem like it mattered, but in reality (at least in her new reality) the difference was that between night and day.

The Northern door was only for servants, leading to the kitchen and changing rooms.
The Eastern door was only for guests, leading to the guest bedrooms.
The Southern door was only for royalty or high nobility (and accompanying escorts) leading to the banquet hall and royal quarters. The southern door was chosen due to it pointing towards Equestria, where a lot of The Princesses family lived.
Finally, the western door was only for guards, leading to the lockers and armoury, pointing west do to it being closer to the Changeling Lands.

Flurry ,naturally, entered the southern door with her silent escorts and proceeded to her royal quarters. The room was illustrious and large, a bed, mirror, oversized wardrobe, on suite bathroom, oversized chandelier and a portrait of family taken when she was a baby. They all went on a cruise together and since then then practically have never all gotten together like that. Not until Cadence's funeral. Every space was used but yet still felt empty. It used to be her mothers room. But not any more. Maybe that's what was missing.

The two guards stood outside the door at either side looking idly straight ahead to the seeming endless corridor. To either side there was an equal number of doors symmetrical facing each other, above each of the 6 rooms read 'Guest Room' and the two closest to the Princess room read 'VIP Guest' and 'Captain Shining Armour'. And finally, above the guards a beautiful and illustrious sign read.

Princess Flurry Heart

Her Royal Majesty

Of The Crystal Empire.

Armed with CPMAR Frostbites, like all Personal Guards to the princess, they stood at rest making quiet conversation to each other while the Princess Dressed and freshened her self up.

"You heard 'boot the Olenian crisis? Blooming massacre..." The shorter, younger and naive pony spoke with a whisper and air of curiosity, not moving his head but clearly speaking to his superior.

"You ask too much Corporal." The taller, older... well the opposite of the other pony practically, spoke with an air of authority and a complete lack of emotion.

"Knowledge is power." Was quickly retorted.

"And ignorance is bliss." The older one spoke with no change to his demeanour, articulation or posture. The Corporal sighed and almost accepted defeat, but that was the opposite of what he was indoctrinated to do.

"What happened in Olenia Sir?"

The older pony sighed and closed his eyes for a few seconds.

"You literally already said, a fucking massacre."

"Well, yeah but... how was it? What actually happened Sir... I heard so many awful stories 'boot it and... I don't believe 'em to be honest sir..." The younger guard seemed somewhat worried or curious, possible a mix of both.

"Well they are right. What happened in Olenia was an international disaster, but we had no right to intervene, we couldn't get the support of the Equestrian parliament, but it was enough to warrant Equestria and The Crystal Empire re militarising. Which is why you see the fortifications being built to the west of the city and the larger number of guards from conscription" The aged stallion stated completely matter of factually, not moving at all. This was unlike the Corporal, who has fidgeting, showing the clear divide in experience and professionalism that ponies of the same training but different experience posses.

The younger pony just nodded slowly, looking straight ahead again, slightly more deflated and maybe, just maybe if you were to look close enough into his eyes. The spark of pony ambition, the flame of darkness in the hearts of all creatures and the moral complexity of full sentience. All were now known to him. Maybe.

Flurry entered the room with a spring in her step as she stretched her wings, hooves and back. The door closed behind her with an aura emanating from the door that matched her the one from her horn as she hopped around the brightly lit apartment. Her face wore an unusual smile, not one of habit and respect, but one of relaxation and happiness. The young mare leapt onto her bed and expanded her silhouette into an X shape, letting out a long sigh of relief and let the tension seep into the luxurious mattress that embraced her like only her mother could.

A sudden knock immediately shook the young mare mere seconds after her laying down, sitting her self up she yet out a slightly audible " c'm'in " as all of a sudden felt weak and drowsy. A brief click from the door notified the Princess of the entry of someone, and after a few hoof steps and the clearing of the throat the princess sat up fully and gazed upon her new guest.