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Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Princess of love and ruler of the Integrated Puppet state known as the Crystal Empire had only to deal with King Sombra. And with the help of the Elements of Harmony was as a breeze. But on the 23rd of October 1012 the Princess Of Love was assassinated by a changeling infiltrator disguised as Thorax, another Changeling collaborating with the Crystal Empire. Now a teenage Flurry Heart who is just of age to rule must lead the Country through turmoil, pain and war.

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Everyone loves having an older Flurry Heart in their stories, which is cool. 😄 Although in my story, she's still a baby XD

Anyway, neat story. 😊

Thanks! The deadline for the competition it is apart of is soon, so expect more chapters soon! :)
Glad you enjoy, and hope you enjoy it more!:)

Okay, and I like it, your welcome. 🙂

This is well written story i'm waiting for more chapters :yay:

Thanks! I appreciate i! Next chapter in the coming days ;)

What does EAW stand for?

EAW stands for Equestria at war

"Fear not my fellow ponies, the war shall be fast, simple and safe. Our stallions will be home by Hearth's Warming Eve!"

Kind of reminds me of ww1 thas war shall be fast and end before chirstan and on the way i shall see some europe and kill some french/germans/brits/ruskies or austro hungaries depending on what side i'm on. But instead of christmas it took over 4 years.

Really well written fanfic i hope you make a sequal.

It's definitely something that I'd like to do, just write busy at the moment, but definitely an option!

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