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Chapter 1 - Preserve


July 3rd 1013

The soft wind whistled to natures divine symphony. Silence echoed throughout the cold fields bordering the Crystal City, that were completely empty except an alicorn solemnly sitting alone, white to off pink resonated outwards slowly growing deeper in colour from her torso, swaying her body to each side slowly to the pace of natures breath. A soft in take of breath broke the silence, followed by the inevitable exhalation. But that did not come until after the alicorn raised her hoof to her chest and pushed it outward with her breath. The tension of her body slowly eased as her muscles relaxed along with her mind. She raised her head and looked onto the rolling snowy hills before her. These were her hills now, they had been for over a year now and the concept still fascinated her, that an entire Empire was hers... It was surreal to her, now 16 years she has endured on the world, only 16 and she was in control over how ponies lived their lives? In control of how much money they paid? If she asked for too much she would be responsible for ponies dying, but ask for too little and it makes her seem weak and the state would have no money. If the state has no money then schools would have to close stopping ponies getting jobs which would then stop them paying taxes, which repeats the cycle. Or maybe she wouldn't be able to maintain an army? She doubted she needed it, the Changelings had taken Olenia but the chances of them attacking Equestria and the Crystal Empire? Unlikely, but possible.

Everything that she did had a consequence and a reward. There is nothing she can do anymore that does not negatively effect someone, she had read that somewhere in her lessons with her mother... something like "For one pony to gain something another must lose something. For every profit there is a loss."

Her mind was again clouded as she was filled with solicitude for those who have lost something because of what she did. Flurry Heart did the only thing she knew, took a slow breath, pull her hoof in... and out with her breath. It helped her focus and clear her mind... but really it reminded her of her mother, what would she have done in this situation? Her mind pondered again, but this time was halted by a the sound of air breaking between flapping wings. Her own wings extended and stretched along with her back as she arched it inwards to ease all of her muscles from the tension yet again. She pushed on the floor with her hooves and raised her self up, and turned her head behind her to see 2 armoured ponies gliding slowly downwards toward her.

The Princess smiled gently and waited for the two guards to land.

"Princess?" A stern voice stated bluntly from the taller guard.

"Hm? Where?" Flurry teased looking around and giggling playfully. Before settling and jovially smiling at the guards, the shorter noticeably biting his lip with a hint of a smile. The taller one just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"You've been gone a while, you're expected back at the castle for dinner in an hour." The probably more confident and taller pony again spoke with only the slightest hint of emotion.

Flurry heart settled to a ever so slightly calmer and more serious face and after a deep breathe nodded, looking around and at the sky. Only now realising the sun has moved a significant amount since the last time she checked, and even a hue of orange as sunset began to envelop the peaceful world. She looked at the snowy mountains before her and admired her tranquil, peaceful and happy land, after a year of her reign the country was not failing, which was an accomplishment, at least to her. Her land was safe and hopefully it would be for time to come, but doubt filled her mind. The recent invasion of Olenia, the numerous military exercises near their border and the assassination of her mother. Preservation of the peace and preservation of her land were goals according to her advisors. But to Princess Flurry Heart, the safety of the ponies in her land was her primary concern, knowing somepony was hurt or even killed because of her actions? She could not dream of the thought and feelings she would have, so tried not to for now...

With a sudden feeling of flesh on her shoulder she jolted back into reality, the shorter guard having tapped her shoulder, who was now moving back into his military ease. She sighed and looked up slightly embarrassed and disappointed, but put a smile on. Like her mother would have.

"Oh..? It's been that long already? Sorry... I'm not really used to leading any pony never mind an entire country of ponies... We can go back now anyway I'm just about done!" her mopey demeanour begins at the start of the sentence and ends at the end, smiling apologetically at the two guards who both just nod and turn on the about, and fly towards the castle.

Author's Note:

Chapter 1!
Story is written for the Equestria At War Competition and hence is set in such universe. Some liberties have been taken on the EaW universe and the MLP:FIM universe regarding time. The start of the war for EaW and Flurry's age is a few years ahead from FIM in regards to when EaW is set.

Aside from that I hope you enjoy!