• Published 5th Jan 2018
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Diamonds in bloom - Sunatta

Applebloom tries to help Diamond Tiara learn real friendship

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A happy ending?

Apple Bloom caught up to Diamond as she reached the door. "Hold up now, I know yer eager, but I've gotta unlock the door first,"

That broke Diamond out of her daze. "What on earth do you need a lock for way out here?" She was going to make a remark about not having anything worth stealing anyway, but she bit it back.

"Granny is a tad paranoid," Apple Bloom said as she pulled an old fashioned key from her pocket, and undid the locks.

As soon as the door opened Diamond Tiara's nose was greeted with a variety of savory smells, and she could hear popping and sizzling in the other room.

"Looks like we made it just in time," Apple Bloom said as she walked in passed Diamond, who was looking around the house, partly to keep from staring at Apple Bloom, and partly because she couldn't believe how clean it was, she'd expected to see hay and mud strewn on the floor, maybe some chickens running around, but it was spotless.

It didn't take long for Apple Bloom to notice. "I know it ain't much, but it's home," she said scratching the back of her head.

"It... it's nice," Diamond said, the words not wholly untrue. It was significantly less shabby than she'd been expecting.

"You gonna just stand there all day, or are you gonna come get something to eat?" Apple Bloom asked as she walked into the kitchen.

Diamond Tiara walked after her, not wanting to be separated. When she rounded the corner into the kitchen she saw Granny Smith making up plates. Apple Bloom and her siblings were already sitting at the table, hunger visible in their eyes.

Diamond looked down, not wanting to make eye contact. She had been regularly bullying Apple Bloom and her friends for years, there was no way they didn't all know that. Her inner panic was interrupted by the sound of chair legs grinding against the floor.

"Well don't just stand there, have a seat," Apple Bloom said as she took two plates from Granny and placed them down on the table.

Diamond Tiara blushed as she sat down, and looked at the plate of food in front of her. Everything was either starchy or fried, and made Diamond wonder how Apple Bloom had such a nice figure eating stuff like this on a regular basis.

"Not sure how they do it at your house, but round here we usually eat while the food is hot," Apple Bloom teases.

"I... Know how to eat, I'm just on a diet..." Diamond squeaked as she felt hands grabbing her belly.

"Doesn't feel like you need to be to me, besides, weren't you starving just a minute ago?" Apple Bloom remarked as she started eating her own food, slower and more carefully than she normally did.

Diamond blushed as she began poking at her food. It was delicious, but way too savory for her to eat more than a few bites at a time, which she followed with a big gulp of water.

The table was mostly quite, occasionally Diamond would see Applejack lean over and whisper something to Big Mac, but otherwise they ate in silence, which she was thankful for. She didn't even know how to begin to talk to these people without coming off rude.

"You can put your plate in the fridge if you would rather have it later," Apple Bloom said as she got up, and went to the sink to wash her plate.

"Ugh, yeah, that sounds good," Diamond hurried up, and made her way across the room to the fridge, placing her plate inside.

Apple Bloom grabbed Diamond's hand as she walked by. "We're headed to the clubhouse," she proclaimed as she left the room, practically dragging Diamond Tiara with her.

"Okay, so family dinner isn't exactly your strong suit," she giggled as she tried to make light of the situation, which if the blush on Diamond's face was anything to go by, she hadn't.

"Can I have my hand back?" Diamond asked, trying to keep things from getting awkward. The last thing she needed right now was a repeat of what happened with Silver Spoon.

Apple Bloom's cheeks darkened as she let go, she'd completely forgotten she was holding Diamond's hand. "Sorry bout that. I'm just excited to show you around, it's not every day I get to bring a new friend over."

"Yeah, friend," Diamond said with a faint smile. Haven't you been hurt enough for one week? she berated herself for her growing attraction. Don't go and make the same mistake again already.

"You okay Diamond Tiara?" Apple Bloom asks, studying the girl's face.

"I'm fine... Just never thought I'd hear you call me a friend." She was grateful for her ability to speak in half truths, because she was a terrible liar.

"You'd be surprised how many friends you can make when you aren't mean to everyone." Apple Bloom began walking, wanting to get to the clubhouse before the sun set.

"Yeah, I'm sorry for all of that. I've been a massive bitch to you and your friends for so many years..." She had planned to say more before Apple Bloom cut her off.

"Are you still goin' on about that? The past is the past. We could sit here all day talkin about it, and it wouldn' change a thing, or we can get in the clubhouse and I can show you something cool," she said as she took the last few steps to the door.

Diamond nodded. "Alright, but this better be really cool," she said with a genuine smile on her face. Maybe this is what I needed, a fresh start, she thought as she followed her new friend into the creaky, wooden shack that passed for a clubhouse in Apple Bloom's eyes.

It was cramped, hot, and smelled like apples, and sawdust, pretty much exactly what she was expecting. "So where's this cool thing?"

Apple Bloom shook her head as she made her way to the window. "You've got to learn a little patience." She pushed the curtains apart just in time to catch the sun setting over the apple orchard.

Diamond stood there, eyes wide as she watched the burning light dance across Apple Bloom's features, the falling sun behind her eclipsed by her silhouette.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Applebloom asked as she turned back around.

"Yes, you are," Diamond Tiara said without thinking.

"I...um, thanks?" Apple Bloom said, her face scarlett.

Diamond swallowed the lump in her throat. to hell with it, nothing ventured, nothing gained she crossed the room in a few quick strides and placed as kiss on Apple Bloom's lips. To Diamond's surprise, she didn't pull away, and she felt those strong arms around her again.
She felt her fear and pain melting away as the last of the sun's light slipped below the horizon.

Author's Note:

Wow, I actually finished one. I might do a sequel after I finish room for two. Be sure to let me know how you feel about that in the comments.

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Loved how you worded the whole chapter, and I loved the visual image you gave with Apple Bloom and the sunset. Beautifully done.

Nice story, I really hoped it would be a bit more longer, but still, cute and lovely.

This was mostly a short, sweet little fluff piece to give me a break from my other story. After I either finish it or decide I need another break I have every intention of making a sequel to this, I've grown too attached to the pairing not to.

Also, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, I feel like you did AppleBloom's accent perfectly, I could almost hear her speaking in my head. A sequel would be nice, I could see some first time smut, Diamond telling Silverspoon and her parents with Applebloom telling Sweetie and Scootaloo about their relationship, first time, etc...

I'm glad you liked it.

I actually started working on it already, not sure when it'll be done, but I've started it. I like these two too much to leave it as is.

That’s great news! I cant to read it once it’s out

I'm glad you're so enthused. I will hopefully have the first chapter done some time this month.

Hell yeah! I came here to say this was adorable and I do hope you write more diamond bloom 🥰

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