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Talon and Thorn


This story is a sequel to Why?

It's Hearth's Warming and Dash like most of the population of Equestria are preparing for a day of spending time with their loved ones. However a chance meeting with Wind Rider shows her that not everypony is as fortunate for some the holidays can be very lonely.

She tries to help her former enemy reconnect with his family for the holiday, even if her target doesn't seem to appreciate it and might not deserve it.

My second attempt at a story in the shows cannon and this years Christmas special.

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I feel kind of bad for Wind Rider. Yes, he did deserve to be kicked out of the Bolts for what he did. Heck, he probably should be in jail for what he did! But to erase all of the records he set and awards he won, earned, that's... that's kind of a low blow.


Well that's another story.

My feed must be too large because I missed 2 new stories. Rainbow Dash sure has a big heart deliver the fanmail to Wind Rider and help him reconnect with his family.

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