• Published 18th Jul 2012
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Alien vs. Pony - Scriber

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A different world, a different time

But not so different from yours or mine...

Ripley sighed, all of the anxiousness, the terror, the disbelief flooding out of her, like someone had pulled the cover of a drain. She felt her heartbeat calm down to its normal baseline rhythm, her breath becoming more steady as she started at the creature, suspended, lifeless in the void vacuum of space. When she had smashed the button that fires the shuttle’s rear engines in that final moment of fury, she practically relished in the inhuman screams and shrieks the monster had made as she burned the life out of it. Now it tumbled away, slowly but surely, its elongated head burnt to a crisp, the particularly horrific miniature set of teeth normally housed in its mouth severed and floating separate from it. Its barbed, curled tail lay coiled against its form as it spun in silence.

Still somewhat in a daze, she found her fingers undoing the clasps and locks that held the air-tight suit in place. When she found herself undressed down to the tank top and briefs she had been wearing before the alien made its final stand against her, the tears came. Fully enshrouded in the deafening loneliness for the very first time, now that her life was not in mortal peril, she finally felt the full force of it. She remembered how the creature came to be, first as a horrendous crab-like monstrosity that scuttled onto her crewmate’s face, laying eggs in his chest; she remembered the hatching, how his chest simply exploded outward. She remembered the creature’s maleficent snarl as it looked at each one of them, slick with fresh, red blood that glistened under the ship’s lights. She remembered Dallas succumbing to the creature in the vents, and how the disbelief really began to settle in after that. She remembered Ash, his horrible dismantling, spraying that white, inky liquid everywhere.

She remembered it all. She needed to forget.

Still wracked by the occasional sob, she took deep breaths until she was able to record some sort of message for the rescue beacon. She knew that if she were to remain awake for much longer, she would only further succumb to the horrors in her life recently passed. Fortunate that the escape vehicle for the Nostromo had its own set of stasis pods.

Some time later

Her eyes snapped open as her muscles tensed, already flighty and anxious. Through the foggy window of her stasis pod, she could just barely make out the main window that wrapped around the control panel. What she saw, she at first refused to believe.

There was the creature, hanging on for dear life, bashing its fists furiously against the fourteen inch thick glass that made up the ship’s windows. Its mouth was frozen open in a permanent snarl, thick, icy droplets of black blood beading and flying from the orifice as it thrashed its head back and forth. A bright, impossibly bright flash of light rang out, and then there was nothing.


Ripley came to with a start. Her eyes snapped open as her fingers shakily undid the buckles strapping her into the pod. She knew, immediately, that something was amiss - she shouldn’t be upside-down, for starters. For another, any interruption of a stasis cycle can either mean one of two things: rescue or emergency.

Trying not to take into account her recent luck, Ripley prayed for the former.

Her ears were filled with the sound of a rumbling, interspersed with a spastic sort of flailing, sharp retorts on hollow hull. As she finally freed herself from the pod, she dropped to the floor, only to be thrown aside by a massive impact. She gritted her teeth instinctively as the ship’s hull scraped on what could only be a very hard surface, hard enough to tear flakes of her ship’s exterior away with very little effort. She scrambled on her hands and knees as quickly as she could to the suit she had neglected to hang up, tearing the straps loose as she wriggled desperately into its protection. She made a mad leap for the helmet as it tumbled to and fro along the ship’s floor, her fingers just barely finding a grip on the visor. With an animalistic sense of survival driving her motions, she secured the helmet to the suit, sliding the tabs into place, allowing herself a brief moment of victory as the tell-tale hiss! of pressurization sounded off. Now that there was no danger of suffocating to death, time to survive the crash.

Her fingers wrapped around the rungs on the metal flooring as she winced and cried out with every rumbling impact that sent shockwaves throughout her bones. Without warning, she found herself suddenly jettisoned forward, the ship’s artificial gravity finally giving way. She flew toward a ragged tear in the ship’s hull, towards a strange, almost off-purple light that shimmered on the other side. Her limbs flailed about wildly as she managed to find a clean pass-through of the ragged hole, silently thanking fate that one of the sharp edges didn’t tear a hole in her suit. She landed with a sharp cry of pain as she went tumbling end-over-end on some sort of artificial flooring, her visor clanking on the surface with every roll. Her equilibrium completely thrown off for the moment, she allowed herself to come to rest in a supine position, her dizzy eyes struggling to find focus in her new environment. Cursing out loud, her hands struggled to find purchase on the floor, but she managed to come into in sitting position.

She appeared to be in...

“...the Nostromo?!” she said aloud, her eyes growing wide in disbelief.

Behind Ripley and to her left, something moved.

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Comments ( 14 )

I'm now extremely interested by this sudden revelation.

I hope you know what you're doing...but hey, judging by the excellent imagination implemented here, I have the upmost confidence that you'll execute this perfectly!:pinkiehappy:


This should be interesting...

i agree with Thoth :twilightsmile:

this is gonna be so awesome :rainbowkiss:

Yep, ponies meet Ripley, then shit hits the fan.

just discovered this fic, was wondering where you were going with it....and then you brought in ripley:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

ripley makes everything awsome:trollestia: faved:twilightsmile:

[img] http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/143/7/8/Ripley_Demotivational_by_Dead_Metal.jpg [/img]

That is now my new phone background.

I'M IN! Anywho, Scriber. When will you continue with "The Thing: An Antlertican Horror" again? I freakin' loved that story! And you didn't even get to the good parts!


Inspiration to work on certain stories comes and goes; I have a good bit written for TT:aAH that needs to go through a re-write and some edits, for the sole reason that I love "The Thing" so much that I'll be goddamned if I screw up an adaptation, regardless of the fact that it has ponies. Same rule applies to this fic - the crossover fics that I am writing happen to be set in the universes of my favourite films of all time.

While I do realize that it has been obscenely long since TT:aAH has updated (for which I do humbly apologize), spreading my creative juices out amongst several projects helps me get into a certain rhythm in which I can hop from one to the other with relative ease. I haven't forgotten it, trust me! :pinkiehappy:

965017 THANK GOD! I thought you were gonna say something like "Nah, Bro! It was too messy! I JUST COULDN'T HANDLE IT, MAN!" something like that. But thank GOD that you didn't bail on "us", scriber! It means a lot :twilightsheepish:

Yup. Totally worthy of a read. I wonder if this coincides in any way with "The Creatures That Came to Ponyville", another Alien/Pony fanfiction.:derpytongue2:

I never saw the Alien movies, so does she have a loaded gun she could use for emergencies?

Is this based of the game avp or alien isolation or nether of them or the move just for reasons

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