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What happens when a certain pink pony inexplicably pays a visit to your dimension?

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It certainly has potential. I will follow this to see where it leads. It's been a while since I've read something from the second-person point of view. :twilightsmile:

i have 5 bags filled with stars, you can have them all!! also, SECOND :trollestia: :moustache:

TOO SHORT :facehoof:

Me: Stay back demon!
Makes sign of the cross and starts muttering in latin.
Pinkie:Don't be such a silly filly, you need a part, and a hug.
Pinkie jumps on me.
ME:Nooooo!!!, I don't want to be turned into suger fillled treats.
Confused, pinkie releases her grip on me, I run inside my house, grab my crossbow and a knife nd use the crossbow to launch a knife at her.

Good day.:moustache:

Reading this from "my" point of view is going to be fun. I'm keeping an eye on this story good sir. :moustache:

I wish it was longer though.

When I read second person "you" stories and can't identify with the character, I feel like I live an extraordinary life. Maybe I do! :pinkiegasp:

I like the Idea. I'd definatly like to see where you go with this:pinkiehappy:

Tracking, I'll rate later.

Some other dude wrote a Pinkie on Earth story. Do you know what happened to it? DO YOU? I'm not sure either.
It was about some dude at school, who sees pinkie there, and threatens a group of people with a knife to get them all away from her, and he goes home, and he tells his parents, and the chapter ended with the sentence "Mom, dad, this is Pinkamina Diane Pie" or something like that.
Does anyone know what happened to it, or what it's called? I could have sworn I tracked it.

i like the whole 'you' thing, but it distracts me too much and makes me want to actually look left and right and stuff of that nature.:applejackunsure: this would be awesome though if it was read aloud!!!:raritywink:

Despite it being second person fic, this is surprisingly readable, and I wouldn't mind seeing where it goes.


I read this, then looked at picture, not really gotten that paranoid looking at pinkie pie before, this looks to be a promising read

The wacky adventures me and Pinkie are bound to have will be unfathomable. :rainbowderp:

'My' point of view? But i don't smoke! Or drink soda!

short! :unsuresweetie:

needs moar pinkie breaking the 4th wall and bringing her freinds THAT would be scary for the human, rainbow dash
would attack him as soon as he sees him.

Too short!
It was a pretty hilarious read, though I'm still holding my rating.


5 Stars!
Has potential, as well as making me want to read MOAR. I hope pinkie doesn't get all :pinkiecrazy: :P
Haven't read many second person stories, so not much to compare this too.

Although I'm just about mild on the concept of ponies in the human world, I think this is a really good start.


Waaaah I NEED MOAR waaaaaah

All right, new chapter is a go! Question for the readers: do you like the short (~500 word) chapter format, or should I start lengthening the installments?

Longer! And faster!
(that's what she said)

Very funny, but I don't get it. If Pinkie Pie says something that mentions "The author", she broke the fourth wall, not "you", right?

This is what happens when Pinkie uses math and breaks the fourth wall at the same time.:pinkiehappy:

I wish I got a visit from Pinkie Pie.

Still wishing for that visit from Pinkie. :(

woudlent mroe pony come out of teh fourth wall

Honestly, I'm having difficulty imagining the sensation of a warm, furry, breathing marshmallow. But now I know that my one goal in life is to poke the Pinkie Pie.

*reads last line*

I like this so far. I'd lengthen things though.

I don't know if it makes you feel happy or not (I hope it does!), but I pattered part of my own story using some of your portrayal of Pinkie.

See: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/7739/14/Nightmare-Date/Derpy-Saves-The-Day-%28Ending-II%29 (comedy/random/troll ending for a longer story)

Okay, i liked the previous chapters, but this is just bad.

Moar ponies in your house... I don't know whether I should be envious or grateful.:applejackunsure:


I'm gonna nail that dimensional portal shut, I swear to God.
Ponies are proven to drag down real-estate value.

Something about "High risk situations every episode"...

Constructive criticism! :trollestia:

I was skeptical with the length of your chapters, but surprisingly this doesn't sound rushed. It progresses fine and retains an enjoyable read! Also, you've got a track. :rainbowkiss:

WEEEEEEEEEE! More ponies!:pinkiehappy:

First muahahaahaha nobody can have it its all MINE :flutterrage:

-feels forehead-

Dammit, I wanted to be a unicorn!

"You look dejectedly down at your hooves, a lone, lonely row boat amidst a sea of fanboy giddiness and just plain incredulity. You feel your tail twitch spasmodically."

This. I like this. :pinkiehappy:

[INSERT NAME HERE] is best pony...


...I LIKE it

D. Hermy! XD

A: colt



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