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In the years following her return, Princess Luna oversaw the revival of Equestria's Space Program. She, along with the mane six, are on a mission to construct a colony on a moon orbiting a neighbouring planet, Sigma-6.

What they don't know is that they are not alone in the vast reaches of space - and in space, nopony can hear you whinny.

[A story inspired by a picture. Credits to hereticofdune.]

Chapters (4)
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My my my!:raritystarry:

I'll admit, I had an idea like this a while ago. I realized, however, that universe-bending would likely be plentiful.

I'm interested, to say the least. I'm hoping you executed this well!

I'm certainly impressed!

Not only does it seem that you have in fact SEEN the Alien series and respect it, but the first part of this prologue is WONDERFUL. It perfectly pays homage to the original Alien film, in how we are not introduced to anything other than the ship and what is occurring. In fanfiction form, I haven't seen this executed. However, I love how it turned out, and the second part of the prologue is excellent exposition. It's short, sweet, but it gets everything done and set for the first chapter.

I admire how well you seem to be able to blend these two together so far! Being a huge "Alien" fan, I'd be happy to contribute as much as I can!

Good luck! I love it so far!


I literally squee'd out loud when I read the name of the ship was the Neightstromo. That's just genius, :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, a pony pun of the Nostromo. Alien. Fluttershy = Ripley. This shall be epic.

...I think I have a feeling I know what struck the Neighstromo...:rainbowderp:

If what I'm thinking is correct, you certainly know how to pull off a good crossover.

Can't wait to see more! I feel so much nostalgia from this, but at the same time I love the originality implemented! Keep it up and update quickly!

Lemme guess... They all die except for Fluttershy and Twilight is an android. :derpytongue2:

well im hooked :twilightsmile:

but wheres spike?:moustache:...

your doing great! but please do make it longer




I'm now extremely interested by this sudden revelation.

I hope you know what you're doing...but hey, judging by the excellent imagination implemented here, I have the upmost confidence that you'll execute this perfectly!:pinkiehappy:


This should be interesting...




i agree with Thoth :twilightsmile:

this is gonna be so awesome :rainbowkiss:

AH, we have Ripley in this. AWESOME!

Yep, ponies meet Ripley, then shit hits the fan.

just discovered this fic, was wondering where you were going with it....and then you brought in ripley:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

ripley makes everything awsome:trollestia: faved:twilightsmile:

[img] http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/143/7/8/Ripley_Demotivational_by_Dead_Metal.jpg [/img]


That is now my new phone background.

I'M IN! Anywho, Scriber. When will you continue with "The Thing: An Antlertican Horror" again? I freakin' loved that story! And you didn't even get to the good parts!


Inspiration to work on certain stories comes and goes; I have a good bit written for TT:aAH that needs to go through a re-write and some edits, for the sole reason that I love "The Thing" so much that I'll be goddamned if I screw up an adaptation, regardless of the fact that it has ponies. Same rule applies to this fic - the crossover fics that I am writing happen to be set in the universes of my favourite films of all time.

While I do realize that it has been obscenely long since TT:aAH has updated (for which I do humbly apologize), spreading my creative juices out amongst several projects helps me get into a certain rhythm in which I can hop from one to the other with relative ease. I haven't forgotten it, trust me! :pinkiehappy:

965017 THANK GOD! I thought you were gonna say something like "Nah, Bro! It was too messy! I JUST COULDN'T HANDLE IT, MAN!" something like that. But thank GOD that you didn't bail on "us", scriber! It means a lot :twilightsheepish:

Yup. Totally worthy of a read. I wonder if this coincides in any way with "The Creatures That Came to Ponyville", another Alien/Pony fanfiction.:derpytongue2:

I never saw the Alien movies, so does she have a loaded gun she could use for emergencies?

Is this based of the game avp or alien isolation or nether of them or the move just for reasons

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