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When a young research assistant at the Miskatonic University in Massachusetts accidentally stumbles upon a translation in an ancient, forgotten text, three worlds that were never supposed to have met become instantly intertwined.

Meanwhile, in Equestria: through a series of eerie and unexplainable events, the ever-studious Twilight Sparkle is invited to participate in a research team, whose goal is to decipher recently unearthed ancient Equestrian texts.

What she finds is indeed unexplainable. Sometimes, there are just no words for the old ones.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 11 )

I don't even need to read this to know that I like your premise.

And now I know for sure that this fic is worth reading.


You forgot a couple Ia!s there friend.:twilightsmile:

This is a truly incredible story, and one that transcends more than one plane of reality. What happens next, O great weaver of tales?

One of the best comments I've ever received on a fic. :yay:

1032743 No offense, but that doesn't exactly answer my question. Your welcome though.

Let's just say...expect new chapter within a few hours.

1032810 Few HOURS!? That's FAST! :pinkiehappy:
I'm happy!

Simply by reading the first chapter, I can tell that you are an amazing author. Not only that, but this level of imagination and creativity is absolutely astounding. If you are not already seeking out a profession as a writer, then I would strongly recommend it. If you are; godspeed.

uhm... there appears to be chunks of story missing.
the story jumps occasionally without warning or any discernible reason.

right after | It is a revelation all in of itself.” |
and after | that great of a cook,” Spike replied. |

the story seems to cut out and resume at a later point.

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