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"Hey guys, check out my new story! It has Alucard in the picture, has the crossover tag, has 'This year I’m celebrating with everyone’s favorite Vampire! Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate!!!', and mentions Alucard in the description!"

"Oh wow, for once there's a Hellsing crossover that's not actually a fusion? Is it the actual Alucard from the show, or once more the Abridged version instead?"

"Better than any of those choices! It's an SI pretending to be Alucard, so it's not actually Alucard at all!"


"Ah why are you all getting bothered? It's not like I did anything manipulative or deceptive to make you think the main character was anything but an SI, right?"

I get the feeling you’re mocking me. You read the description, and it said this is not Alucard. I specifically said it was “a smartass who uses Alucard’s powers.” There are stories already out there of the original, and the Abridged Alucard out there. This was just written by me to just have a bit of fun. I even said this wasn’t a story to be taken seriously.

I didn’t mean for anyone to feel deceived, and I’m sorry you feel that way. I hope you can enjoy the story for what it is though.

This oughta be fun! :pinkiecrazy:

Now I'll be honest, you're probably gonna get downvoted to hell and back just on concept alone. But, and this is important, don't let that take the fun out of this for you.

I LOVE this type of Displaced fic, the ones that are made just for the sake of having crazy awesome OP fun, just for shits and giggles, and especially when the story doesn't take itself too seriously! Why? Because quite often the author is writing it because THEY are having fun with it, and that bleeds over into the quality of the fic. If you let downvotes discourage you, or you start to do this because you feel obligated, then you aren't having fun writing this, and we can't have that. Not here.

In conclusion? Do this when you want, and do whatever the hell you want with it! If you're having a good time with it, chances are it'll show, and I'll keep on coming back for more!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for that! :pinkiehappy: I plan to have so much fun with this when I just need a break from actual serious projects. And I love how much attention it’s getting so soon after being posted! I hope I keep everyone entertained, which by your advice means keeping myself entertained.


My Nightmare Night Tribute for 2017, Happy Halloween y’all 🎃! This year I’m celebrating with everyone’s favorite Vampire! Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate!!!

Then you might want to change the short description, because it is incredibly misleading. When you say that you're celebrating with everyone's favorite vampire, that clearly implies the character is actually Alucard, because that is the character people enjoy. If the actual character in the story is an SI with Alucard's power then that means it is no longer a story about everyone's favorite vampire, Alucard, but instead a story of Alucard-in-name-only.

Sorry for being harsh in my comment, but do you see where I am coming from? I'm guessing quite a few people are going to see the line "Everyone's favorite Vampire, Alucard!" in the description, click the story, and then learn it isn't actually him. Do you see what I mean in how it feels a bit misleading?

A bit I suppose, I meant it to mean I was messing with the concept of the character. Though maybe it would be smarter to leave that bit of clickbait alone. They see the synopsis anyhow, and can decide if it’s a story worth reading at any point.

I'd like it if he had all of Alucard's powers number of souls and all

Me too, but I didn’t wanna make it too easy for him.

.....What if he finds out by "Accident"?

Eh, maybe. I’m not sure if I want him to be evil like Alucard from the actual anime, or evil like Ains from Overlord (great anime). I got a few different directions I could take this story, but until I decide on where I want to go with it I’m just using the hunting spree to fill in word count with tales of OP bloodshed. If he had all the souls then I couldn’t do that.

What if it was pest control?

That’s kind of what he’s doing now, but I mean stuff later. I got ideas in my head like maybe he decides to go work for Princess Luna, or makes a deal with her so he won’t go attacking ponies, or even just decides to be a general pain in both their asses since they can’t kill him. Even the Elements Of Harmony wouldn’t work since he can just leave a piece of himself behind to take the hit while he escapes (I assume, there’s a theory that they’re awful intuitive in their results. Given the Season 7 finale I’m not totally sure on that though).

That's what I meant by "pest control"

Any of them IE whatever he considers a "pest"!!!!!

Ah I see. Well here’s hoping I can get to this again soon.

I need more of this....

When are you gonna continue this story? Because I'm a huge fan of anything Alucard/Hellsing(including the abridged series for Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate, and even the christmas special).

You're a fan out for my own heart.:pinkiehappy: And truthfully I haven't been bored enough to touch on this story, I started it for giggles. I've got stuff like my Commissions I need to get back to first, and making good on my Patreon Rewards.

So long story short this story is pretty low on my priority list at the moment.

That's fine with me.👍😉✊

His soul count is actually 3.424.867

A friend who knows this kinda stuff.

Regarding this story? It's still on hiatus. I have a rather large project in the works at the moment. Making my mark on the Fallout Equestria fandom.

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