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When Twilight takes Tempest Shadow to the dentist, Tempest is forced to face her greatest foe: her foalhood fears.

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The cover art :rainbowlaugh:

Shame you missed the Feghoot contest.



This is great! Not only is your Tempest Shadow realistically mature, sane, and just dark and edgy enough, but you do a great job getting across Twilight's distinctive mixture of personas: Princess, geek, and nervous wreck by turns. Nice job!

Thanks! It was a real challenge to balance the darker themes with the lighter feel of the story overall, but the characters helped carry me through. :twilightsmile:

At one point I had intended to submit this to the contest, but I didn't like the idea of adapting a story I'd had sitting nearly-completed on the shelf for years to the contest. Oh well. :unsuresweetie:


Haha, I threw that together from a bunch of stock pictures with the intention of commissioning some real art for it later. But there's something inherently funny about Tempest's expression in that picture.

Hey! I remember giving feedback on this. Glad to see it published. Love the cover, by the way.

R5h #7 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

Thanks for showing this to me! I'm a big fan of Tempest Shadow, and of puns, and you've created a story I can really sink my teeth into!

Groan. Yeah, that's a solid feghoot. A real story that sucks you in until you don't see the pun coming. Well played.

Tempest Shadow: Ponies fall at my feet when they see me coming.

Trixie: Even BEFORE they smell your breath?

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