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A Brony who tries to write stories about Ponies for Bronies. What else is there to say?


Two centuries in the future, Equestria undergoes a technological renaissance. Buildings grow to unimaginable heights. Technology improves daily. The average pony is smarter and healthier. The quality of living is vastly improved. And most incredible of all, Ponykind finally realizes the dream of trotting among the stars. The boundaries of Arcane Technology are being pushed further and further every day. Equestria is on a path to a bright and wondrous future.

Until They come.

They come in vast fleets, ripping across the landscape, destroying towns and cities and lives, consuming the world in fire and glowing plasma.

The Princesses Celestia and Luna are dead.

Civilization has crumbled.

The only thing left is the Resistance, with their one creed:

Nopony gets left behind.
This is my first attempt at a fic, so any feedback/constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

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Interesting idea and very well written. Good job :moustache:

IT'S FINALLY HERE! :yay: :yay: :yay:

Yeah, it took a while. Lost the Word Doc, found it, lost it, found it. Really kind of sucks.

BUT, it's back! Located and finally completed it. HOPEFULLY Chapter Two will be up before too long.

In the meantime, Enjoy!

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