• Published 2nd Dec 2016
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You're All Too Easy! - Dr Atlas

Twilight starts realizing her friend's minds are too easy to control.

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Second Lesson: Don't listen

“Did you try using the watch?”

Twilight continued trotting through Ponyville, Starlight and Spike following close behind while Fluttershy stayed in the back, her mind still focused on the swinging pocket watch. “Starlight, I want you to pay close attention to Fluttershy, because even she fell for the watch!”

Starlight raised an eye, looking at how Fluttershy was able to keep the books stacked on her head. “Wow, you even got her to keep her balance. That’s impressive.”

“It’s not about how impressive the trance is, it’s about how easy it is for her to get like this!”

Starlight had to ask. “How long did it take?”

Spike came in between them. “Seven seconds is her record, and her last attempt was four.”

“Really?” Starlight turned to Twilight, her eyes to the ground. “How can a pocket watch do that? Didn’t it take Discord even longer to corrupt her?”

“I don’t know, Starlight…” Twilight looked back at Fluttershy, her eyes still following the watch. “Either that spell you did made them worse, or their heads just can’t unwrap themselves from hypnosis.”

Starlight looked away the second she mentioned that. “Y-You’re not still disappointed in me, are you?”

“Starlight, you doing this to my friends is more of a wake up call for me than ‘me being disappointed’. Because if you can do this to them, think of what others could do. I don’t want my friends to be like this, Starlight.”

Starlight shrugged. “Maybe their minds are just too weak.” Starlight had an idea. “Why not use a spell on them so-”

“NO SPELLS!” Twilight yelled. “I’m not using a trick so they can’t get tricked. I know they can do this on their own. I just need to figure out a way before...b-before-”

“Before others use them as servants?” Spike asked, now sitting on top of the stack of books. “Cause if I start seeing them in maid outfits, then I think I’d lose all hope.”

“We’re not going that far, Spike. I just need them to stop doing what I say while their hypnotized. We can worry about dress codes later.”

“Speaking of dress, we’re here.” Spike pointed up, the boutique right in front of them.

Twilight took a breath, hoping all of this would work, Starlight noticed. “You’re okay doing this, right Twilight? I mean, when I did it, you felt pretty bad.”

“But this is for a good cause! It’s so they can prepare themselves for whatever evil we may face, not because I want them to be better friends with me. Besides, it’s not like I’ve hypnotized anyone because I wanted them to do what I say before. I can keep this under control.”

Knowing that was a downright lie, Spike got off the stack of books and pointed at Twilight, “What about that time you got almost everyone in Ponyville to fall for a doll?”

The gears in Starlight’s brain went off track for a second once she heard this. “She did what?”

Twilight was hoping that wouldn’t come up. “Let’s just say me trying to get a friendship report kinda made me get a little...desperate…”

Spike smirked. “So she thought that if she made a problem herself, then she can fix it.”

Starlight blinked. “Wow, the whole town?” She smirked. “I have to say, that’s impressive.”

Twilight frowned, but ended up chuckling. “To tell you the truth, you doing that to my friends kinda reminded me of what I did…That I was so desperate to do something for my teacher that I went to such great lengths just to do it, without even caring for anyone else...” Twilight then remembered what they were doing right now. “I might just try the want it need it spell on them too, it’s not that hard of a spell to fight, anyways.”

“S’long as it doesn’t involve a doll.” Spike said, crossing his arms.

Twilight ignored this and knocked on the door. It opened seconds later, Rarity now standing in front of them. “Oh, hello, Twilight.” She said, surprised to see four of her friends knocking at her door. “What brings you all here?”

Starlight waved. “Hey, Rarity, uh, a-are you feeling better after what happened?”

Rarity smiled. “I’m fine, Starlight. Don’t tell me you’re here to apologize again.”

Twilight shook her head. “It’s more than that, Rarity. Can we come in?”

“Uh, of course.” Rarity opened the door wider, the four of them walking inside. As Rarity shut the door, she noticed the state Fluttershy was in. “Fluttershy? Are you alright?” Rarity waved a hoof in front of her face, but no response came other than her swirling eyes and hung open jaw. “What’s the matter with her? And what’s with the watch?”

Twilight noticed this and cringed. “Well, Rarity, that’s kinda why I’m here. You see, after what Starlight did, I realized that maybe you guys are a little too easy to mind control. So, I’m here to make sure all of you can control your minds before others do.”

“Too easy?” Rarity wasn’t sure if she should feel offended or concerned.

Twilight tried thinking of a way to rephrase that. “I-It’s just that some spells may be too powerful for you to handle, so I’m here to make sure you can handle any kind of hypnosis that comes your way.”

“Hypnosis?” Rarity laughed. “Darling, what makes you think anyone will try to hypnotize us?”

“It’s happened two times already, Rarity. Three times for me and Spike. I just wanna make sure all of us are ready for whatever comes our way! And the only way to do that is to practice!” Twilight lit up her horn and levitated a book off of Fluttershy’s head, opening it. “Now, the first kind of mind control I’ll go over is one of the most well known.”

Unlike Twilight, Rarity wasn’t so prepared for this. “Um, Twilight, perhaps another time would be-”

“This can’t wait any longer, Rarity. What if a villain comes here and tries to brainwash everypony in Ponyville! All of us need to prepare.”

Rarity was still skeptical. “What kind of horrid creatures can do that, Twilight?”

Twilight held up the book. “Roughly a book full of creatures can. One of those creatures that we’ll go over is a lamia.”

“A lama?” Spike asked.

“No, a lamia. Half snake; half pony; all monster. These creatures can control minds by just looking into the victim's eyes.”

Starlight tried to think of an example. “So, kinda like what Discord did to you?”

“Kind of.” Twilight held up the book. “But the lamia uses vibrant and colorful eyes to leave them in a state of fatigue while Discord used more pale and bland eyes to turn us against each other.”

Hearing this gave Spike an idea. “Uh, should we go get Discord for this or-”

Twilight shivered at the thought of someone like him helping. “No offence Spike, but I’d rather not have someone who wields chaos more than Starswirl wields magic help in this. Maybe later if things get a little bit tough.” She turned back to Rarity, reading the book. “Now, one of the main reasons why ponies continue staying in a trance is because of the swirling colors that go through their heads. Some cases have the victim practically beg for them to keep going, and that’s not something I want my friends...wanting…”

“Why would a creature do that?” Rarity asked.

“It’s a trick they do in order for their prey to stop struggling. Either that or they do it for fun...” Twilight shivered in disgust, unable to even fathom how someone would want that.

Despite hearing all of this, Rarity still wasn’t so sure. “Twilight, are you sure you want to do this, I mean, what’s the point if we ca-”

“I don’t want to see my friends look at their demise while they have a dopey smile on their face, Rarity!” Twilight yelled, causing some silence in the room and making Fluttershy fall on her side, the books tumbling soon afterwards. With some composure, Twilight took a breath and continued. “Please, Rarity. This is for our own good.”

Knowing she had a point, Rarity nodded and said, “Alright Twilight, what’s the first step?”

Twilight looked at the pages. “Well, first I gotta know what to do…”

“You haven’t done this yet?” Starlight asked.

“There’s many different ways you can trick a pony, Starlight. This is just a way I’m not too familiar with…” After skimming through the book for a bit, Twilight shut it and smiled. “Alright, I think I got it.” She looked right into Rarity’s eyes. “Okay Rarity, my eyes are going to change into many different colors, kinda like what Discord did, but more colorful.”

Rarity held her head high, having complete confidence. “Twilight, I’ve dealt with it before, and I’m very certain I won't get fooled again.”

Spike nudged Starlight. “I bet ten bits that she’ll crash a rock in a building again.”

“A rock?” Starlight asked. “What does a rock have to do with-”

“I told you not to speak of it!” Rarity yelled, Twilight coming in between her and Spike.

“Focus, Rarity, and listen.” She went eye to eye with her. “Whatever I say, whatever I tell you to do, don’t do it. Okay?”

Rarity decided to ignore the past and focus on the present. “Alright, go ahead Twilight.”

Twilight turned to Starlight and Spike. “Guys, I want you two to see if she’ll do anything. I have to have constant eye contact while I do this.”

Starlight nodded while Spike pulled out a quill and parchment. “Ready when you are.” Spike said.

Twilight faced Rarity again, closing her eyes and concentrating. After a bit of muttering, Twilight slowly opened her eyes again; everything from her cornea to her pupil to her iris was instantly swirling with different colors. Rarity watching in confusion at first, only to suddenly have the same colors going through her eyes. “Rarity?” Twilight said. “You still with me?”

Rarity slowly nodded. “Y-Yes mas..mis...T-Twi…” She tried keeping it together, but those eyes were far too colorful for her to concentrate.

Twilight didn’t want to give up, so she kept going. “Okay, Rarity, I command you to slowly lift your front right leg up to your head.” Twilight continued keeping her eyes on Rarity. “Spike, Starlight. Is she doing anything?”

Spike tilted his head, seeing Rarity’s right hoof shaking. “She’s having...some control over it. What do you think, Starlight?”

Starlight was about to say she was doing good, but that sentence went away when Rarity smacked her head with her hoof, no response of pain coming from her. “Uh, it’s...progress?”

Twilight drew a sharp breath, not wanting to lose hope in this. “Rarity, behave like a dog.” The white unicorn brought her back leg up to her ear, scratching it just like a dog would. “Is she doing it?”

Spike and Starlight were too concerned to answer. “Uh, I-It’s kinda more like a cat than a dog…” Spike pointed out, writing it down.

Twilight narrowed her eyes, trying to think of something she wouldn’t do while under control. “Rarity, lick the hoof you used to hit your head.”

Spike and Starlight’s eyes widened as Rarity shoved her entire hoof in her mouth. “Uh...Twilight, it’s not working.” Starlight admitted.

Hearing this, Twilight shut her eyes and groaned. “For Celestia’s sake, how can it be so easy for you?”

The second the colors went away, Rarity shook her head and looked around. “W-Wait, w-why did you stop? T-Those colors were beautiful, you can’t-”

Twilight back-hoofed Rarity in hopes that she wouldn’t ask it again. “Rare, you’re not getting the colors back, understand?”

Rarity didn’t seem to care about the pain her face had, her mind needing those sweet swirling colors in her eyes again. “C-Come on, Twilight! Please?” She put on a pleading face, but unlike her, Twilight could withstand the look.

Twilight would’ve tried another hypnotic spell, but she knew she had more friends to teach. “You know what, maybe this is a great way to learn, if you can control your urge to not get sucked into those colors, maybe you won’t lose control.” She turned to Starlight and Spike. “Spike, get Shy back on her hooves.” Spike nodded and grabbed the watch, bringing it up to Shy’s eyes again. “Starlight, let's go get Dash, maybe her head won't be so easy.” Twilight walked out the door, her friends following close behind.

While they continued walking, Rarity stood closer to Starlight. “Um, Starlight.” She whispered. “Uh….y-you wouldn’t happen to know that spell too, would you?”

Starlight knew where this was going. “Are you asking what I think you’re asking, Rarity?”

Rarity pulled her closer. “I-It’s just for a little bit, Starlight. Besides, you do kinda...owe me after what you did.”

“All I made you do was make a dress.”

“Not A dress, Glimmer…” Rarity pointed out.

Spike raised his claw in the air while his other one continued swinging the watch in front of Fluttershy. “I can help, Rarity!”

Hearing this made Rarity step away from Starlight. “Um...t-that’s fine, Spike...M-Maybe it’s best to just...let me get over it...heh…” Rarity looked down at the ground, her mind begging for those colorful colors again.

“This is going to be a long day…”

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