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The Mane Five had a definite plan for revealing who was behind Mare Do Well: a surprise party! And just because Rainbow Dash forced the reveal a little early doesn't mean they can't all have cake!

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I don't know who the fuck voted this a 0.5 when it needs to be at least 4.5

#2 · Dec 1st, 2011 · · ·

This totally should have been the end to the episode. The way it was really aired, it just came off as Rainbow Dash being a jerk and then everyone else ostrocizing her because of it instead of trying to talk things out, which made them all come off as jerks too. This would've really cleared things up, and provided a totally cool lesson about friendship right along with it! Great writing, it really does sound like a real episode.


Absolutely no plot beyond being an extended version of Mare-Do-Well's ending. This is not story writing - this is a scene. Stories are not a single scene.

There's also no scene setting - the entire thing is just talking heads with boring interaction. I wasn't even aware that the opening scene had everypony in it because it for some reason assumes that you know it is literally exactly where the episode ends.

The talking heads doesn't really help either, because it ends up being purely dialog with no emotion or feel to it. The reflection is unnecessary because the episode already dealt with them, so there's no reason to mention them again. Anything talking about the episode feels incredibly padded.

They also weren't humiliating Dash the entire time - they were simply saving ponies that she wasn't saving. Especially when it comes to the dam. Fixing a dam that was going to flood Ponyville when Dash couldn't is not humiliating at all. That was Dash's fault, and not any reason they were doing anything explicitly - they were just there to save ponies and not take credit.


It's like this:

The first time I saw this episode, I hated it. It made me want to punch my furniture.
Then I went to the Internet hoping to find something that would make me okay with it. And after two days soaking up all the insights, rationalizations, clarifications, and guesses as to the characters' motives, I was ok with. Once I assumed that the Mane Cast was acting out of concern rather than out of annoyance, and noted that they never seemed to specifically do anything to embarrass Rainbow, and realized that they probably had no idea how she would react to their actions - suddenly the episode actually made some sense. I could watch it without feeling like everyone involved was acting like a jerk.

And so I decided to pull everything that made me okay with the episode together and put it into a single scene, hoping that it would make others okay with it too.

That's my motivation, and I'm sticking by it.

That's fine, there are obviously plenty of people who like it.

I just feel if I am going to rate it badly, I should put forth why I believe such.

Of course, I also feel that the entire episode presented enough information for me to like it on my first view. I simply didn't believe this really expanded anything that we had already seen.

this still doesn't explain what happened when the people at the parade saw rainbow dash later and not Mare do well as well as what they thought she did to the Mare

Thanks for uploading this, it makes me feel so much better about that episode

I just want to know one more detail. Did Twilight, Applejack and Pinkie Pie take off their costumes during the party? Did Rainbow Dash also take off her costume after displaying for her friends? I'm just trying to picture what Rainbow Dash's group hug looked like after she shared her feelings with her friends


Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack kept the full costume on (With the mask down, of course). Twilight ditched the hat. Fluttershy was already out of costume, and Rarity never had one.

How does one buck themselves in the face?

So... yeah... I dislike the episode, but at the same time, I can't find fault in others liking it, either. It's got problems, the message delivery was a tad skewed... but... it was relatively solid... kinda. Still sore about how they isolated Dash, even without intending to.

That said, I tire of all those fix-fics, ESPECIALLY the ones that go further by going ahead and making a super-villain or a rival hero. I even recently came from a fic starring a Mary-Sue with Green Lantern-based powers and not only villainizing, but outright bashing every member of the Mane Six aside from Rainbow Dash, and briefly Fluttershy, so that left a sour taste in my mouth, especially with every other character calling them 'monsters' for the precious Mary Sue being killed by a hydra attacking the town... Hydras aren't even THAT close to Ponyville... Darn fic.

Anyway, THIS fic... is not 5 out of 5. This fic... is 8 out of 5, at LEAST, in my book. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritystarry::ajsmug::yay:

Oh, this is such a breath of fresh air. :twilightsmile:

Pretty new to pony fanfiction, and I was a bit surprised at how much I found about people going on about how horrible the other ponies were in this episode. It seems that a lot of the stuff I've found so far is basically saying how wrong the others were, and although they have almost all ended up with the Mane 6 making up it still rubbed me the wrong way.

Your story approached both sides of the equation, and saw both their strengths and their flaws--and end the end, they all came together in even stronger bonds of friendship. This is the most masterful and true-to-character approach to this so far.

You're wonderful!

This is one of the only fics that I've added to my headcanon.

62948 Well, she would if she could.

1247771 This might be a little late, but what fanfic was that?

You just fixed the issue of Mare do Well perfectly!

Full review here, but in brief: a reasonable quick read, though inevitably very dated now.

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