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Snails turns out to be amazing at buckball, and helps the Ponyville team win against Appleloosa, with no apparent effort. Cheerilee wants to know how such a seemingly slow colt can have such an unnatural gift.

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Because he's cheating there's a reason ponies can only compete in one event at the eQuestria games and why twilight sparkle can't compete in. Anything

Snails is the Wild Stallion. And still as terrible at schoolwork as ever.

He wasn't cheating during buckball, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that. His gift for time magic (slowing time specifically) enables him to see things in slow motion even without magic. It might be why he moves so slowly - to him, he's moving fast relative to his surroundings.

I think Cherilee doesn't mind as long as he makes an effort. :pinkiehappy:

MAN, I LOVE IT. I really like it this fiction, good job.

This was my personal headcanon even before this most recent episode. Well one potential outcome anyway. You have nice characterization and interactions between both Cheerilee and Snails. The way its presented here felt very natural.

This was an enjoyable read! Thanks! Snails being able to perceive time slower than normal actually makes a lot of sense. After seeing him float multiple buckets around himself while apparently meditating with no strain, I guess I got the headcanon that he's not just a natural at buckball, he's a natural at focusing. When someone focuses well enough in real life, they often experience the sensation that everything is moving slower, because they're just able to react quicker and with less distractions.

'Empty mind' is actually one of the founding principles of some forms of meditation or sought-after 'states of enlightenment'. Snails being able to achieve that at such a young age is really impressive.

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