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Forces of Darkness

I'm a normal person. Totally not a evil force waiting to destroy the world... or anything like that.


Hi · 2:06pm Aug 25th, 2016

So... after my most recent story, The Cold, Unfeeling Moon, I got a few new followers. I now have eight followers!

I should be happy, but it makes me kinda nervous.

That's all, I guess. I just wanted to say hi.

... I'm gonna go now.

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So This Happened... · 2:59am Jul 7th, 2016

A text conversation with my sister.
(Me) -Did you check out my story yet?
(My sister) -Yes. It was pretty good. Even made me almost not hate Shining Armour.
-What do you mean made you not hate Shining Armor???
-What story are you referring to?
-I said "almost." The truth behind Shining Armour.
-You're trolling.

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I Did Things! Yay! · 1:55am Jul 4th, 2016

Chapter 4 of How to Reform Your Changeling is up, as well as The Truth About Flash Sentry.
Chapter 5 and a bonus chapter for TTAFS should be coming soon.

Thank you everyone for all the positive comments I have received!

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Sorry I Disappeared... · 1:31pm Jun 30th, 2016

I've been very busy for the past few weeks and likely will be for the next few. Here's what I'm working on, which you should hopefully see by Tuesday, July 5th (I said that so people expect it and now I will be motivated to do it).

How To Reform Your Changeling, chapter 4 and possibly 5
The Truth About Flash Sentry - a one-shot explaining his bizarre line at the end of the movie.

Also, thank you to all the people who are following me! (These are links. You should click on them.)

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Testing... Testing... · 10:32pm Apr 10th, 2016

This is a test. :twilightsmile:
I'm not sure what this does... hopefully it changes the color..
So... do I write in here to have it in the spoiler box?
Okay... I think I understand the basics.

I believe this should put it in the gray box. See? I kind of understand what I'm doing...

Alright then, I guess that's it. Hello world! My name is Forces of Darkness!

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