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I'm a normal person. Totally not a evil force waiting to destroy the world... or anything like that.


My name is Starlight Glimmer. Yes, that one, the cutie-mark-hating monster that nearly destroyed Equestria in a bizarre time-travel spell. But I don't hate cutie marks. Really. I just hate...
My first story! Yay! :raritystarry: Probably not going to be great, to be completely honest. :fluttercry: Oh well. :derpytongue2:

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I agree with the brother/sister thing.

Also, nice story!

Okay, the Sunburst/Sunset sibling relationship... if Starlight is a bit older than Twilight, and Sunset was Celestia's student prior to Twilight... then this could work. Sunset might actually be the oldest of the four unicorns mentioned.

- Jarvy Jared
That makes sense. And we wouldn't see her in the flashback since she'd be off with Princess Celestia.

- DJ-Mad-3
Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

Sorry, I haven't quite learned how to reply properly yet. :applejackunsure:

Fuller review here, but in brief: some nice moments in here, such as Starlight's rant, and some fun-if-silly headcanon at the very end. Twilight seems much denser than her canon character, though, I'm not convinced by the Our Town origin story and the last line badly needs sharpening up.

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