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I put way too much lore into my side projects.


Obscurus Noctis is a DJ from Mareami striving to be best in the world; unfortunately, it’s not really working out for her. Obscurus believes her well-deserved spotlight is being constantly stolen by overrated producers putting out songs that are carbon copies of each other with no originality. Her quest for ego intensified, and now she’s going at any length she can to get noticed.

She and her record label Clausula have been trying unconventional means of promoting her music, including most recently, trying to hypnotize everypony in attendance at a major music festival in Las Pegasus so that they'd be unable to escape her music, and believe that the night would never end. After being foiled by a mysterious mare who picked up on clues in her music, and realizing the limits of her reality projection powers, Obscurus began to plot a new plan, which will take her to the Gathering of Embers, a mysterious event in the Neighvada desert held in a city that only exists eight days a year (and is totally not a tribute to Burning Man, I promise!)

This story is a companion to the MLP-themed dance game project TrotMania, specifically TrotMania Euphorius.

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Care to tell me more about TrotMania?

stepmania pack. dance game stuff

Wait, Burning Man is real? I thought American Dad made that up.

yes it is :D

The Simpsons actually did an entire episode that culminated with it as a plot element

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