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Edited: Wed. Jan. 3. 2018.

Fluttershy knows that she isn't pretty, not to anyone. Especially her stepdad. But as she thinks back to that night, will she change her mind?

Will she finally realize that she is indeed pretty?


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7480790 thx good sir! I hope you'll check out more of my stories!:pinkiehappy:

7480806 yayeeeeee! My best stories are A Love Hate Relationship and Sometimes Pickup Lines Do Work.:pinkiesmile:

7480829 okay! And one more, if you like dark comedies with frying pans, check out Rainbow Scratch.

7480847 why it's called comedy XD

7480994 well when u read it you'll see...:rainbowdetermined2:

Although I was hoping to find a clip from the Sammy Kershaw song when I saw the discription, this will have to do.

Poor fluttershy (hugs her) :fluttershysad:

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