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Commissioned by Professor_Wizard
Pinkie goes to Vegas and plays at some casinos. She knows about the no cheating rules for the games, but the rules don't say "No Pinkie Sense," therefore, she's good then, right?...

Wrong. Very, horribly wrong.
Pink, random chaos ensues. And other ponies are there to help, or hurt, it depends on their motivation.

Meanwhile, before Pinkie ever left, the other Mane Five made a pact to watch her, because they knew where she was going. So they made a spell with Twilight's help, that made them into different ponies to monitor unknowing Pinkie and keep her safe. But along with the spell, their personalities permanently change, causing damage to their destinies and souls. Just how much do they change, and just how much do their intentions wander?

Pinkie is branded as Equestria's top criminal by the time she gets back to innocent little Ponyville.

And just who are the Mane Five when they return? Will they ever be the same again?

Surely it must be just a coincidence though, right?

Wrong again...

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One day Discord puts a little spell onA.J to help her come out to a certain pony... Yes the APPLEDASH hath returned!:pinkiecrazy:

Inspired by the Liar Liar comic posted by Pitch and Magpie productions on YouTube.:pinkiesmile:

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Edited: Wed. Jan. 3. 2018.

Fluttershy knows that she isn't pretty, not to anyone. Especially her stepdad. But as she thinks back to that night, will she change her mind?

Will she finally realize that she is indeed pretty?


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EDITED: Vampires in Ponyville. It seems that everypony likes long chapters for unknown reasons, so I'm going to split these chapters into several bigger ones. I'm also going to call them episodes, and make each separate story into a season. Ex: The next story would be season two of this.

ATTENTION: This is no longer a prequel, but the actual long story.

Throughout the story, Rainbow's story will be told. All of the main six will be added in at some point, as well as other characters, so you'll just have to see who is introduced next!

Vampires in Ponyville is about a small village in Equestria, overrun by vampires in plain sight. Their most important figures are vampires, and their best athletes are as well. Even their elements are not as they seem...

The vampires that dwell in this place have lived secretively for a long time. But when trouble happens, and ponies show up drained of blood, what is our little town to do? Retaliate of course. Fight of course. Plot of course. Corrupt of course. And above all, stick with your friends, even if you do unwittingly or unheedingly...

This is the story of Rainbow Dash, out for revenge with a vendetta against Twilight Sparkle. And the best way to get through to an old pal, is through her stomach. Because Twilight is gonna be sick once she's done with her...

However, this is also the story of Twilight's frantic balance between dark and light, and blood and water...

As this is an alternate universe, the characters have different roles and professions.

Rainbow Dash: A pony out for revenge, and she's gonna get it.

Vinyl Scratch: Rainbow's 'friend'

Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow's long time 'friend', who got kicked off the friends list the second they became enemies.

Midnight: The person who played Rainbow. And Twilight.

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Edited: Wed. Jan. 3. 2018.

Fluttershy asks Rainbow to help her with pick-up lines because she likes her. Of course Fluttershy's going on Pinkie's advice, so it's really very wrong. But neither of them know it, and ignorance is bliss.

What will happen? Will the pick-up lines become more than just practice? Will Rainbow actually like Fluttershy back?

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Rarity has been asking Rainbow for months to go to dinner with her. It is obviously a date, but being the classy unicorn she is, she beats around the bush, not being to blunt, and waiting until Rainbow accepts of her own will. But when that day finally comes, does Rainbow start to develop feelings for the unicorn as well?

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Something sad and slightly traumatizing happens to Rainbow Dash. Her Marefriend Pinkie Pie tries to cheer her up. But will it work? Tragedy tag is cause Scootaloo died. Pinkiedash galore! Alternate universe cause Scooltaoo hasn't kicked the bucket yet in the show. At least as far as I know... :fluttercry: THIS IS A ONE SHOT,

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Twilight hates Rainbow today. She is acting obnoxious, and egotistical, and Twilight is sick of it, or is she? Does Twilight really hate Rainbow, or is there a deeper reason...

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Pinkie explains shipping to the main six. It's when...

"... two ponies are paired together by these weird creatures called humans."

"... boats are made."

"... sad sacks of skin with no life push together fictional characters to satisfy their sad lack of emotional excitement."


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Rainbow makes a bet that she could take AJ on a better date than AJ's crush, Braeburn. However, is it just friendly competition, or is there more than meets the eye. Major AppleDash. CMC are in story.

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