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Celestia finds out Luna has depression, but instead of making her feel better, Luna ran off. But, when one draconequus finds her in the the garden, things change for the better.
T cuz there is references to cutting and wanting to die

I worked on this with Gianfar. I wouldn't have gotten this done without him. So if ya want, go check out his page:pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 12 )

hm this is a really nice little story
but you REALLY need to get a proof-reader to look over it
at some points its very hard to read cause the grammatic is that bad
so yeah it would be an awesome story if you correct everything to correct english
even though the wording could use some work to
maybe a pre-reader wouldnt be bad as well

7334895 can you give me a few examples cuz I read it over and didn't find anything else

I want a sequel.

7450501 I was thinking about doing one.

7450577 Please do! I'll be the first to read it!!!!!

I may not be that big of a fan of Lucord but I still like it and OMD this is soooooo good!

7859492 I might use that as the cover. Oml

PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!! (Take your time, I got ten years)

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