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Hi there! My name's Kevin. I'm just an average Changeling. I always get into all kinds of crazy adventures, which can range from trying to overtake a city, to getting sealed in a volcano for 1,000 years, to anything in-between. Shortly after I hatched, I decided to start keeping a journal. I don't know what jokester thought it would be funny to put that journal on the internet, but here we are. Take a read, if you feel especially compelled to violate my privacy.

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That was pretty nice. I like Kevin and his quirkiness, although some of his ideas were unnerving.

Kevin is best name for this Changeling Love him

Not only for changeling
I wish somebody make fanfic with 2 kevins xd

This is riddled with errors and despite your faith to the comics/show canon you do mistakes there as well.

Anyhoo, our kind don’t really have any need for names, but I kinda want one.

Nothing is said about that. Either in show or comics. So if you just wanted to put your headcanon here that's fine, but if this was meant to adhere by show-canon it's weird.

Second you use "Handwriting" in an equine species.

Dear Diary,
So, as an unfortunate side-effect of being in a volcano for a thousand years, we now have holes on all our extremities. ALL OF THEM. Yeah, you know what I mean. So I guess that’s a thing now.

The comics state that this was caused by Celestia.

Dear Diary,
I’m getting pretty bored with the hive. Chrysalis is hell bent on revenge or something, and it’s affecting all of us. I think I’ll go off and do my own thing for a while, maybe take a year off, if you know what I’m sayin’.

From this point on the fic gets boring as hell.

This might sound harsh to you, and I understand that you seem to be a novice writer by these stats but this is being entirely honest. For a Diary this fic is entirely honest to the style. But it sounds more like a child's diary and despite the fact that you say changelings grow fast this changeling, or "Kevin" still acts like a child. The whole fanfic is filled with contrivancies and the diary format is partly responsible for this.

At least you now know why I disliked this. You're welcome to debate me on it but please be calm.

This was downright pleasant. It was light-hearted and amusing, and I couldn't stop reading it until the very last word. Hell, I may read it again. Just for the lulz. That's how good it was. Wouldn't mind a sequel , to be perfectly honest...

I'll shut up now.

Neat ideas, and nicely written. My only critique is that it needs a bit more tension in the second half. The volcano was good.

Kevin I’m so glad your having a cool life

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