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A broken stallion, on the run from both the living, and the dead.

Cover art belongs to piecee01

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Hehahaha! Yes! I love it
Finally someone made it,
But I do hope you don't just do a scene by scene copy of the movie

6833579 If I continue it, I can assure you it will stand on its own. Besides, the site prohibits things like that anyway :)

This story as been witnessed!

6833645 It's not easy to write a story based closely on a movie either. I'm working on my third now (Coincidentally, also a Mad Mac story based on Fury Road). Best of luck to you, and I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

This story...So Shiny...So Chrome...I pray to the Mighty V8 for More! :pinkiecrazy:

It does not have to be Mad Max specifically; the game "Borderlands" has psycho's :pinkiecrazy:. If you plan on pursuing the Borderlands themed post-apocalyptic dystopia, you can start getting inspiration from a half psycho named "Krieg" or do your own research. In any case, interesting concept. Please do continue :twilightsmile:! This one-shot alone has left many questions than answers. Plus, one can never be certain how it might unfold! :raritystarry:

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