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Emily the espeon

So, yeah, you guys are gonna see mostly crossovers here, and most of those crossovers will be, Pokemon,persona 4, and Danganropa douo


Note: takes place 5 years after the original Black and White. When N was defeated by Rosa in his own castle,he rode zekrom in search of White. He wakes up the next day, a pony, and confused. Can his new friends help him find White, or will he never see White ever again?

another note: cover art not mine, I don't own mlp, hasbro, or Pokemon and blah blah blah despair blah blah

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I dare you guys to show me a video or pic about komeda from Danganropa 2 and it has to involve bagles I call it

the Komeda challenge

I'll start


Comment posted by Emily the espeon deleted Sep 1st, 2015

First, hail the bagel hope that is Nagito!

Second, you have some problems with adding periods, in which you don't use them. However, its not a bad start, I'll give you an upvote.

Good story so far!

By starclan and Sithis, it`s better than my first story was!:twilightsmile:

well, I for one like the story!
Ideal... I already know whom that is:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
Now we just need truth to come by:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Is this Stallion X Stallion?, or is white a Mare in this story? I understood that N is the main Char right?

Please try to have at least 1500 words evey chapter, 2000 - 3500 words are even better.

However i am interessted, and i am going to read it later.

Not sure why it is that way, but i hope those two ponys aren´t really Reshiram, and Zekrom, since they have their own life in Equestria.
Hhhhmmmm i honestly just don´t want that Twilight is trying to anatomize his Pokemon, and him again, but i am actually curious if N would maybe able to speak with Fluttershy´s Animals, i know they are no Pokemon, but well Pokemon are somehow animals too.

I hope he isn´t going to be to much out of Character, and maybe he would be able to amaze Celestia too, with his calm personality.
Suddenly i even want to go that far, that i am interesst at how Cadance would react to his pure love for White, maybe it is only rivaled by the bond they have?

Well not bad, but i really want it to be longer, if it is that short, then there is probably something missing, either some potential conversation, his own thought´s, the description of the situation, or his surroundings.

I give you a thumb up.

oh wait.

I forgot, truth is in this story.
But, Ideal is... But... Wut?

there not resheriam and zekrom, i based them off of them


white is a mare, and trixie might be in some later chapters, ye be warned..........:pinkiecrazy:

i'm kinda supprised no one has responded to my question

good so far!
I`m a bit confused, or i`m interested in what the heck`ll happen to Zekrom`s Poke`ball considering ideal.

Well the story feels nice, and I like what you write, just the end of the chapter felt odd, and ended rather sudden.
Not surehow you meant it, but i can just suggest to take your time to write longer chapters, i really believe, or it is often enough not as good as it would be, if there would be more words.

Why was everyone panting? I know he screamed, but i honestly don´t know why N is exhausted, because of the things he did befor?

sorry this was pretty short, once again, my curfew was in like, 2 minuets, i'll revise this when i have the time i promise

my computer must be glitching cause it says no ones read this chapter :\

just a note guys, i'll post updates through comments on my user page

Then iciruss, nothing, route ten, zip, driftveil, zilch, chargestone cave, not a trace.

Capitalize name of places plz?

Erm... You may want to reread your chapters to proof it.

Its a cute story, and N and White shipping wasn't something I never knew I wanted until I found out it existed.

But not to put too fine a point on it, you need an editor, someone who can help you with gramma and sentence structure, and maybe some pacing as well.

I'm not the best proofreader, but if you like I wouldn't mind giving you a hand, I also recommend reading your work out-loud after you finish writing, its a great way of proofreading and finding problems.

I would like to have a new chapter please.

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